Oh Goody….The Torture Report!

Yesterday the all powerful torture report came out……and it even kicked the Royals to page two….go figure.

What was anticipated from this report?

the long-awaited Senate Intelligence Committee report on its use of torture—which one lawmaker on Sunday warned could bring “violence and deaths” overseas. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Who authored the report? Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee; Republicans opted not to participate. Though it was compiled between 2009 and 2013 and runs 6,000 pages, just the executive summary—at roughly 10% the length of the report—will be released.
  • How detailed is it? The New York Times describes it as “by far the most thorough study of the program to date,” and the result of a $40 million review of more than 6 million CIA cables, memos, and other records. It boasts 35,000 footnotes, reports the Washington Post.
  • What’s omitted from the executive summary: The identities of some CIA workers and the locations and host countries of secret prisons abroad will be redacted. The Daily Beast reports that about 15 staffers ran the CIA program, and that some fear their names could potentially be determined using contextual details. An unnamed intelligence official says the agency has offered to assess potential exposure of those who factor into the report, along with any security concerns potential exposure could bring. The CIA is not, however, providing security.
  • Is what’s left all new news? Nope. As the Times notes, we have leaks and Freedom of Information Act requests, among other avenues, to thank for some details that have surfaced over the years about the CIA’s interrogation program. For instance, we know about this Polish “black site” prison.
  • So what will we learn? The Guardian reports that the summary details the cases of 20 post-9/11 detainees who were tortured. Reuters talked to sources yesterday who say the details get fairly graphic: One detainee was reportedly threatened in a sexual manner with a broomstick; another detainee was intimidated with a power drill (neither instrument was used).
  • How does the CIA feel about its conclusions? Earlier this year, director John Brennan said the agency agrees with some findings but disputes others. The executive summary that the CIA approved for the public in August was slammed by Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein as overly blacked out; what’s emerging today is a compromise.
  • We’ll learn more about what the CIA thinks: The executive summary will be joined by a CIA rebuttal and a Republican minority report, NBC News reports.
  • What does Dick Cheney think? He’s the latest Bush administration official to defend the CIA program. “What I keep hearing out there is they portray this as a rogue operation, and the agency was way out of bounds and then they lied about it,” he tells the New York Times. “I think that’s all a bunch of hooey. The program was authorized.”

It was released in the AM……and the MSM is all lit up with endless analysis and total BS….but what did it all say?

But first one of the best findings these dudes found….I got this via Twitter after the report was released……

Among the many abuses the Senate Intelligence Committee found in its report on the CIA’s torture program, perhaps one of the more embarrassing for the CIA is that the agency actually tortured its own informants at one point.

Now for the rest of the story…….survey sez!

In short, the CIA shackled two detainees for approximately 24 hours in a standing position to deprive them of sleep — only to find out that the detainees were former CIA contacts who tried to let the agency know of their activities so they could provide intelligence. So the CIA tortured two people who not only were not terrorists, but had been trying to help the CIA fight actual terrorists.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has dropped its long-awaited report on the CIA’s use of torture, and it pulls no punches in its 528 pages, detailing a “brutal and far worse than the CIA represented” program that ultimately was “not an effective means of acquiring intelligence,” reports the Washington Post. The report unveils tactics such as “rectal hydration” that were designed to gain “total control over the detainee,” notes the New York Times, as well as waterboarding that was really a “series of near drownings.” Some key details:

  • The CIA lied: The agency “provided inaccurate information to the White House, Congress, the Justice Department, the CIA inspector general, the media, and the American public,” as per NPR. The Post notes that one memo ordered the program be hidden from Colin Powell, because he would “blow his stack if he were to be briefed on what’s going on.”
  • The brutality: Detainees were subjected to “slaps and ‘wallings’ (slamming detainees against a wall) … frequently concurrent with sleep deprivation” for up to 180 hours, nudity, and ice baths. One interrogator told a detainee he could never go to court because “we can never let the world know what I have done to you.” Detainees exhibited “hallucinations, paranoia, insomnia, and attempts at self-harm and self-mutilation.”
  • The fallout: The program “damaged the United States’ standing in the world,” “created tensions with US partners and allies,” and cost America its “longstanding global leadership on human rights in general and torture in particular,” the report says.
  • The CIA’s response: In a statement, Director John Brennan admits the program “had shortcomings and that the Agency made mistakes,” but contends that it “did produce intelligence that helped thwart attack plans, capture terrorists, and save lives.”
  • President Obama’s response: He hopes we can now leave the tactics “where they belong—in the past,” he says, per the AP. They “were not only inconsistent with our values as nation, they did not serve our broader counterterrorism efforts or our national security interests.”

The Washington Post highlights 20 key findings.

We mere mortals will only see less than 10% of the 6000 page report………..And the world is braced for the massive amounts of violence and deaths that some have predicted…….and the wait goes on…….

Will the world end or will it just be another sub[par day?

Why Is McCain A Douche?

John McCain in some eyes is a hero…..and that title is a bit vague…..his survival in a POW camo is not heroic….it was an amazing feat to survive…..any way you remember the prisoner deal that brought a US soldier, Bergdahl?

Like everything McCain has to weight in, especially if it is about foreign policy and world affairs……90% of the time he is DEAD wrong…….now that he is a shoo in for the Foreign affairs committee he being more vocal than normal…..

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) says a Senate Armed Services Committee under his leadership would try to uncover more details about President Obama’s decision to exchange Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s for five Taliban prisoners.

“Oh yeah, we’re going to find out about that,” McCain told reporters on Thursday.

“Absolutely. Absolutely. You can count on that one,” he added.

Bergdahl’s release became a flash point earlier this year, after the White House went around Congress to secure his release by swapping five Taliban detainees from Guantánamo Bay.

The trade for Bergdahl angered Capitol Hill Democrats and Republicans, as the administration kept the prisoner exchange secret until after it was completed, ignoring a law requiring 30 days advance notice to members of Congress before any detainee release from Guantánamo.


Is he such a douche that he cannot be happy that an American is returned to his country and home…..after all it is what happened to him.  Does he somehow he think he was important deserving of freedom than Bergdahl?

After all the back deals that the Nixon people did with the North Vietnamese would he want an investigation of his release?

Personally, I am sick of the sanctimonious assholes…..how about you?

FiveThirtyEight Senate Forecast: GOP Is Slight Favorite in Race for Senate Control | FiveThirtyEight

As promised in my previous post….this is the prediction that Nate Silver is making for the 2014 midterms…..read it and weep for the nation.

Solution?  You can either get off your butt and vote or wait for the results and do what you do so well….WHINE!


FiveThirtyEight Senate Forecast: GOP Is Slight Favorite in Race for Senate Control | FiveThirtyEight.

Bend Over And Grab Your Ankles

The title is self explanatory for Democrats…….I have been saying that the Dems have not done a very good job of framing their positions for the upcoming midterms……I have also stated that with the increase pressure from the GOP on Obamacare failures and the run up to making it more difficult for normally Dem voters…… the likelihood that the Senate could be lost to the GOP come November.

Imagine the screwing that the American people will take with the legislative branch and the judicial in the hands of conservs…….NOTHING will be accomplished for the next two year…..all of which is what the GOP would like….it will make it a little easier for them to take the White House if they can show how badly the Dems govern……..the sad part is that Dems are giving this scenario to the GOP because they are just too good to bother to vote in the midterms…..

But do not take my word for it…….Nate Silver, a political calculus dude, has been very successful in his predictions of political races…..he was spot on in 2012 and now he speaks on his calculations for the mid-terms……

From his blog “FiveThirtyEight.com”……………

When FiveThirtyEight last issued a U.S. Senate forecast — way back in July — we concluded the race for Senate control was a toss-up. That was a little ahead of the conventional wisdom at the time, which characterized the Democrats as vulnerable but more likely than not to retain the chamber.

Our new forecast goes a half-step further: We think the Republicans are now slight favorites to win at least six seats and capture the chamber. The Democrats’ position has deteriorated somewhat since last summer, with President Obama’s approval ratings down to 42 or 43 percent from an average of about 45 percent before. Furthermore, as compared with 2010 or 2012, the GOP has done a better job of recruiting credible candidates, with some exceptions.

Note:  I will press the whole post so that you may see just what and how he is predicting this

Only person to blame when this occurs is oneself….if you did not vote because it was not interesting enough for you to waste your time……

Could Mississippi Be In Play?

I see that NO one is really interested in the goings on in the state of Mississippi–I thought they might find something of interest…..I was gravely mistaken…..one last test of your boring reflex and I shall move on…….

In my long and somewhat illustrious life (HA HA) there have been only 5 US senators……Stennis, Eastland, Lott, Cochran and now Wicker……I am old and I mean OLD….5, once you get elected you are there until you either drop dead or decide to retire…..that is why so many want the job and so few actually get it…..

Anyway it seems that a Dem, Travis Childers, a super conserv Dem is running against Thad Cochran, a Republican…….

Former Democratic Rep. Travis Childers, who represented the state’s deeply conservative 1st congressional district from May 2008 to January 2011, jumped in the race on Friday.

“Today I am filing to run for the U.S. Senate to make sure that all Mississippians have a Senator in Washington looking out for them,” he said in a statement. “Regular people and small businesses across Mississippi are still hurting in this economy, but Washington is more partisan and dysfunctional than ever. That has got to change.”

The Democrat is vying for the seat of Sen. Thad Cochran (R), which he has held since 1978. Cochran, 76, is duking it out with GOP primary challenger Chris McDaniel, a state senator who has support from tea party organizations like the Club For Growth and Senate Conservatives Fund.

The deep-red state is a long shot for Democrats in any event. The last time Mississippi had a Democratic senator was 1989 — John Stennis. But operatives believe they have a better chance if McDaniel wins the primary. The Republican state senator has made some missteps such as retweeting a neo-Nazi account and blaming gun violence on hip-hop music.

“This is a huge get for Democrats,” said a Democratic strategist involved in the 2014 Senate races. “Mississippi is now in play.”

I say great but I do not think that he can get past the title of Democrat.  Regardless of his stands and his beliefs…..that would put him in the same party as Harry Reid, who is detested in the state…….as an Mississippian I think he is well qualified but he is also delusional……he may present a good show but if Cochran is to be beat for the seat it will be from someone to his, (Cochran’s) extreme right….sorry to pee on the parade.