Can Stupid Be Fixed?


Today is All Mississippi Day……..I just couldn’t resist.

I recently did a post on some gun nut that shot himself to death while displaying his new gun…..can’t fix stupid…..I have that sign above my desk and it reminds me just how stupid the human race can be.

And that brings us to Mississippi, my state…….there are many things that my fellow Mississippians do that just amazes me on how stupid they can be… 2010 in an election the Congressman from my district was beat by a Tea Party fave…..even though he was a Dem, he was a Blue Dog Dem which made him more conserv than 80% of self described conservs……his Congressional rating was an A….he was a pro-lifer, NRA supporter, senior issues, and middle class issues….all the issues that my district is concerned with………..his only ‘sin’ was he was a registered Dem and for that sin he was beaten by a do nothing like Palazzo.

Former U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor on Friday told the Sun Herald he will run for the District 4 U.S. House seat he lost to Rep. Steven Palazzo in 2010.

Taylor said he was on his way to Jackson to file to run as a Republican.

The primary is June 3.

In the upcoming election Mississippians have a chance to “fix stupid”……Taylor is running against Palazzo but this time as a Repub…….with his sterling record and on the right side of the argument (not something I believe but what the Hell)……he has a good chance of unseating Palazzo…but the question will be….will Mississippi keep a do nothing or replace him a proven track record of voting on the issues that Mississippians hold dear?

Is it possible that Stupid can be fixed?

What’s That Sound?


While I was otherwise distracted with gathering my wits for the legal battle I had yesterday……there was a story blowing in the wind…….

Sounds like a heavy sigh to me…….after many months of speculation on the approaching debt limit….there were all too many opinions on how it would play out……and Tuesday it played out in a way that few could have foreseen…….

House Republicans backed away from a battle over the government’s debt cap today and permitted Democrats to drive quick passage of a measure to increase the government’s borrowing cap without any concessions from the White House. The 221-201 vote came hours after Speaker John Boehner announced that his fractured party would relent and not seek to add other items to the must-pass legislation. Twenty-eight Republicans voted yes. The bill would permit Treasury to borrow normally for another 13 months; the Senate is expected to pass it tomorrow.

Here’s a look at how it’s being played:

  • New York Times: “It effectively ended a three-year, Tea Party-fueled era when a series of budget showdowns raised the threat of debt defaults and government shutdowns, rattled economic confidence and brought serious scrutiny from an international community questioning Washington’s ability to govern.”
  • Wall Street Journal: It’s “a tactical retreat by Republicans stymied by their internal divisions.”
  • The Hill: “Boehner’s decision drew heavy criticism from conservative groups, many of whom said Boehner needs to be replaced. Many noted that the so-called ‘Boehner rule’ now appears dead—that was the informal name for Boehner’s effort to extract spending cuts in exchange for debt ceiling hikes.”
  • Politico: “It’s also a clear sign of the House Republican Conference’s inability to move beyond fiscal fights and lays in plain view the leadership’s inability—or unwillingness—to corral votes for their priorities.”

Step back and think about what happened Tuesday……could this be a dawn of a new day in DC?  Or was this just a momentary lull…..time to decide on the next fight to pursue?

John Boehner ended the debt ceiling wars, but his fellow Republicans didn’t exactly throw him a parade. The Washington Post today has an excruciatingly awkward account of how Boehner broke the news to his caucus at a private breakfast yesterday morning. “Listen—we’re going to move forward,” he said, standing before a room of drowsy Republicans. “We’re going to get this done.” He said he wouldn’t even consider floating another proposal—he had made up his mind to go with a clean bill. The Republicans sat up, stunned, and silently stared at him. No one booed. No one cheered. Boehner stood waiting for any reaction at all, then finally shook his head and walked to his seat. “I’m getting this monkey off your back, and you’re not going to even clap?” he said as he went, after which one House veteran says there was “how do I say it, a polite golf clap.” Meanwhile, at a private lunch yesterday, Senate Republican leaders were urging their members to drop any filibuster attempts and let a vote take place today, Politico reports. One GOP senator said that most at the lunch were more concerned about “getting the hell out of town” before the coming snowstorm arrived. The response from the right has mostly been muted. The Wall Street Journal today ran an editorial urging Republicans to repeal the debt ceiling entirely and “finally end this periodic self-torture.”


House Un-American Activities Committee, August 18, 1955

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Ever hear of HUAC?  That is the House Un-American Activities Committee…….that witch hunt perpetrated by one Sen. Joe McCarthy.  This hunt ruined many lives in the process….everyone was guilty until proven innocent and many were never proven innocent…..

Folk Singer Pete Seeger was called to testify before this committee…..his testimony is recorded below….read and enjoy……

House Un-American Activities Committee, August 18, 1955.

Seeger was black balled by this group and was sentenced to prison for contempt of Congress…he fought it and eventually won his acquittal in 1962 (I believe)…..

The Virtuoso

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The Virtuoso

Send In The Clowns

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I have been calling our crackerjack Congress a pack of clowns…..well some other names that I prefer not to repeat…….and the recent farm bill vote is just an illustration of the antics of this circus……

In case you have been online with your bros and missed the voting on said bill….let me help out……the speaker of the House brought a farm bill up for a vote without having a guaranteed vote count and it failed….62 Repubs deserted Boehner and voted against the bill… seems they may have grown a conscience before the vote…..the bill in question would have cut SNAP funding drastically….SNAP that is bureaucratic speak for food stamps…….one of my favorite players in this bill was a rep named Fincher and Mr. Fincher has a vested interest in the farm bill……

You see, Representative Fincher happens to be the second largest recipient of farm subsidies in the United States Congress—which might explain why Mr. Fincher would like to decimate the food stamp budget in order to do the Lord’s work when “supporting a proposal to expand crop insurance by $9 billion over the next 10 years.”

While Fincher may only come in second amongst his congressional peers when it comes to pocketing huge sums of taxpayer money, he has the distinction of being one of the largest recipients of subsidies in the history of the great State of Tennessee.

Kinda like insider trading…..he is profiting off his membership of a committee in the House……is it legal?  Probably.  But it is NOT ethical and this is where the douche bag Issa needs to be looking for his investigations…..

The vote is a blow to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and other Republican leaders who for two years have failed to move farm policy forward. The issue has badly divided Republicans.

Immediately after the vote, Republicans were apoplectic at what they characterized as a betrayal by Democratic leaders, who did not deliver the votes they promised.   Yep it is the Dems fault because Boehner and the leadership did not have the votes before bringing it up……the farm bill could not pass the House…..what do you think the chances of the immigration bill?

Say what you want about Pelosi, I will probably agree on some of it, but the lady knew her stand and where her votes were……something Boehner and Cantor have yet to learn………the Repubs are looking more and more like the clowns, bad ones at that, that I have been accusing them of being……..

There are 4 of the most beautiful words in the English language that I will use anytime……..“I Told You So”!

Give Holder The Boot!


I am a Lefty and we have been accused of coming to the rescue of Eric Holder…..I want to put all that crap to bed!

Holder should either resign or be fired!  Why?  He has become the story and a diversion that is not needed in DC.  If he is guilty and yes I said if that would be the up to the courts to decide….not the word of some megalomaniac in the House, who is all mouth and NO action, like so many of his colleagues……the whole affair has gone from newsworthy to a pathetic circus…..anything to keep from doing the country’s business…….

Sorry, I digress……I despise theatrics no matter which side is playing….it is too disgusting for words……okay, I may have found a few words to use…….

(Newser) – Eric Holder is reaching out to news executives over allegations that he and his Justice Department were too aggressive in going after reporters’ email and phone records. And Holder himself is reportedly feeling a “creeping sense of personal remorse” about his actions, particularly in regard to Fox reporter James Rosen, reports the Daily Beast. It’s way too little, way too late, writes Jonathan Turley at USA Today. “I am neither a Republican nor conservative, and I believe Holder should be fired.”

The attorney general “has done little in his tenure to protect civil liberties or the free press,” writes Turley. “Rather, Holder has supervised a comprehensive erosion of privacy rights, press freedom and due process.” Holder has long served as what DC insiders refer to as the president’s “sin eater”—a high-ranking official who shields his boss from responsibility in the grand tradition of HR Haldeman, Oliver North, and even Dick Cheney. But “these sins should be fatal for any attorney general.” Click for Turley’s full column.

I have put my name in the hat for Holder to go….and I have put my name in with those that think Issa is a self-absorbed clown that is doing all he can to keep the House from tackling important issues….he is a sad sad little person to be in charge of so-called ethics violations…..

Could One Be Better Than Two?


College of Political Knowledge

Subject: Government/Federalism

I have been watching the actions of our Congress both Senate and House, since the Clinton days and have seen just how dysfunctional the institution really is, at least in the near past…….the partisanship has made the organization a non-workable endeavor……its approval rating is dismal…..its bill success rate is in the toilet…….and most of the players appear to be nothing short of clowns in a circus……..

The next question should be….how can we as a nation find a way for our legislative branch to function more efficiently?  Or is it possible at all to make it an institution worth saving?

One idea that was floated during the founding era, especially by Franklin, was a unicameral legislative system as opposed to what we have now, bicameral……

Franklin wrote Queries and Remarks Respecting Alterations in the Constitution of Pennsylvania to record his opposition to bicameralism.

The Combinations of Civil Society are not like those of a Set of Merchants, who club [combine] their Property in different Proportions for Building and Freighting a Ship, and may therefore have some Right to vote in the Disposition of the Voyage in greater or less Degree according to their respective Contributions; but the important ends of Civil Society, and the personal Securities of Life and Liberty, these remain the same in every Member of the society; and the poorest continues to have an equal Claim to them with the most opulent [wealthy], whatever Difference Time, Chance, or Industry may occasion in their Circumstances. On these Considerations, I am sorry to See the Signs this Paper I have been considering [the proposed Pennsylvania Constitution] affords, of a Disposition among some of our People to commence an Aristocracy, by giving the Rich a predominancy [superior power] in Government, a Choice peculiar to themselves in one half the Legislature to be proudly called the UPPER House, and the other Branch, chosen by the Majority of the People, degraded by the denomination [name] of the LOWER; and giving to this Upper a Permanency of four Years, and but two to the lower.

Franklin felt that every member of society should have an equal say in the legislative branch of government. He disagreed with the theory of bicameralism that favored one chamber for the wealthy and another chamber for the rest of society.  (version can be found on Yahoo Answers)……….

There are benefits to unicameralism…..can almost hear the butts slamming shut!

1. No Duplication of Work-

Law making is done through a process. If there is one house the process is followed once only. There is no repetition of the same process. So time is saved, money is saved and energy as well.

2. No Hindrance-

The people’s will is reflected in the single chamber and there is no check on progressive legislation by any reactionary or conservative second chamber. If the legislature is bicameral in nature there will be differences in the outlook of the two houses.

3. Singleness of Purpose-

When the legislature consists of only one house, singleness of purpose will be maintained. Hence, there will be no confusion in the law making process. Benjamin Franklin said: “Legislative body divided into two branches is like a carriage drawn by one horse in front and one behind pulling in opposite direction.”

4. No Divided Responsibility-

It adds to the quality and dignity of the legislators by avoiding conflict between two chambers. The single chamber is responsible for all legislative matters. There is no divided responsibility as is found in a bicameral legislature.

5. More Representative and less Expensive-

The unicameral legislature can be composed of members who are the true representatives of the people. The composition can be simple. Because it is unicameral, double expenditure for maintenance of two houses is not necessary.

The benefits sound too good to be true…….it would streamline the process and as stated it would be less expensive, something we all should aspire to in these days of looming austerity……so I return to the beginning question……Could one house be better than two?

Input please……….

Boehner’s Plan B Also Cuts Taxes on Rich, Raises Them on Poor | FDL News Desk

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All the hoopla about the big super duper “Plan B”……it is a waste of time and yet the House has spent 3 days and a vote on something that will NEVER make it into law……money well spent?


Boehner’s Plan B Also Cuts Taxes on Rich, Raises Them on Poor | FDL News Desk.

The New Ryan Budget (Again)


It is that time again….the House repubs think they have ammo that they can use with this new budget offered up by Paul Ryan……it reads a lot like the budget he offered up last year or so…..and of course they (the Repubs) will offer up the excuse that Obama has not giving a budget in over 400 days, I believe or maybe it is 4000 days, who knows….no matter what it is lame, but it will be the defense…..

When I started writing this I wanted to give my readers a synopsis of the plan….but thereis no way to summarize it without leaving something important out… I turned to a bloggers best friend….the internet and found this from…….

On Spending – The Path to Prosperity spends $3.53 Trillion in FY 2013, a number that grows to $4.88 Trillion by the end of the decade.  It restores full military funding to pre-Budget Control Act sequestration levels, off-setting those dollars elsewhere and preventing a harmful gutting of our national defense.   It reduces spending by $5 Trillion over the next ten years, compared to Obama’s budget.  It restores federal spending to the historical norm of 20 percent of GDP by 2015.

On Deficits – Ryan’s blueprint reduces budget deficits by $3 Trillion over the coming decade, relative to Obama’s budget.  Although it doesn’t happen immediately, and unlike Obama’s plan, this budget balances.  Within the current decade window, it comes closest to primary balance by achieving a $166 Billion annual deficit in 2018 (to put that into perspective, 2010′s deficit under this president was $1.6 Trillion).  The closest Obama’s budget comes to primary balance is a $617 Billion shortfall in 2017, which is still roughly double the size of President Bush’s average deficit.

On Debt – Unlike President Obama’s unflinching debt express, the GOP budget’s lowers spending and enacts crucial reforms to chart a more sustainable debt course, allowing the United States to gradually begin paying down the national debt.  The plan would retire the publicly-held debt by the 2050′s.  Gross debt reached 100 percent of US GDP this year, an alarming tipping point — yet President Obama’s new budget offers ever higher debt in perpetuity:

On Taxes – This proposal aims to stabilize revenues at the historical average of 18 to 19 percent of GDP.  It adopts a concept endorsed by the president’s fiscal commission by drastically simplifying the tax code, reducing the complex series of income brackets to just two: 10 and 25 percent.  (A large majority of Americans support a single flat tax rate; this is slightly more progressive, but is still a vast improvement).  While the highest tax bracket would be 25 percent of income — a level that a healthy majority of Americans view as “fair” — the plan would also phase out and eliminate special tax loopholes and spending in the tax code.  This would disproportionally affect higher-income earners.  Slightly revising President Obama’s recently-introduced plan, the Ryan budget would also cut US corporate tax rates from the current sky-high 35 percent to 25 percent.  (Obama’s preferred reduction would be three percentage points higher, at 28 percent).  In exchange for a lower, pro-growth rate, corporations would also lose various write-offs, loopholes, and corporate welfare.  In sum, the tax code would be made far flatter, more predictable, and simpler for everyone.

On Medicaid and Social Security – Like last year’s budget, Paul Ryan’s 2013 iteration would block grant federal Medicaid contributions to the states, allowing state governments the flexibility to better meet their citizens’ needs.  The new Ryan budget also steers clear of committing to any specific Social Security fixes, instead requiring the president and Congress to advance bipartisan solutions.  Attempting to simultaneously reform two popular but unsustainable entitlement programs is a massive political risk.  Conservatives would likely prefer to see a bold plan on Social Security, too, but Ryan is picking his battles wisely.  The longevity of Social Security can at least be enhanced with a few basic changes, including means-testing for income and slowly raising the retirement age to keep pace with life expectancy.  By comparison, Medicare is the far bigger problem with much more red ink attached to it.

On Medicare – This was the source of so much Left-wing hysteria last year, and will again be a major focus in this election year.  Democrats, buoyed by their success in upstate New York last year, have been salivating over the chance to employ “Mediscare” against Republicans in the fall.  To mitigate these attacks, Paul Ryan has done something very clever.  He’s significantly tweaked his previous premium support model to incorporate a bipartisan solution he co-authored with liberal Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon.  Like Mitt Romney’s plan, which Ryan has all but endorsed, this revised approach maintains last year’s responsible and generous plan, but adds traditional fee-for-service Medicare as an option for future seniors.  When younger workers retire, they’ll choose from among a host of private plans, plus the current Medicare model, and will be offered Medicare premiums from the government support to pay for these plans.   The plans will compete for future seniors’ business.  Richer and healthier future seniors will receive lower levels of support; less wealthy and less healthy future seniors will receive significantly higher support.  The benchmark for premium assistance levels would be the cost of the second-lowest private plan or the current fee-for-service model, whichever is lower.  (The increase in total program spending would be indexed to GDP growth, plus 0.5 percent)  All plans would be required to provide the range of coverage that today’s seniors enjoy.  As was the case last year, these reforms would not affect anyone over the age of 55.  At all.  As Democrats prepare to reprise their 2011 lie of the year by cynically claiming that Ryan’s budget “ends Medicare as we know it,” let’s recall that basic math ends Medicare, period, within the next 12 years.  That’s the issue that must be addressed to save the program.  Republicans are offering their solution, which is now partially based on a new bipartisan compromise proposal.  Most Democrats’ position on the matter can best be summed up by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, who offered this brave commentary on entitlement reform at a budget hearing last month:

Other notable items – The 2013 Ryan budget also repeals Obamacare (most Americans cheer) and the Medicare rationing board known as IPAB, offering a market-based alternative to take its place.  It calls for a reduction of executive regulations flowing from entities such as the EPA and NLRB, and suggests an end to counterproductive moratoriums that limit safe domestic energy production.  The plan ends bailouts and winds down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  The plan seeks to curb the explosion of food stamps usage, which has shot up from 28 million to nearly 47 million over the last four years alone.  The Path to Prosperity would ensure that those in need would continue to receive help, but would also replicate successful welfare reform tactics such as work requirements, time limits, and aggressive anti-fraud efforts.

There you have it…read it and decide for yourself…… me it is the same lame policies that the GOP has been throwing about for the last 4 years, probably longer……I know…A lot of info to digest but before you can make a valid judgment you need facts….whether you like them or not…….

They’re So Proud!


All the debate, name calling, insults and BS around Washington….the deficit, debt, DADT, abortion, public radio and the issues that divide and conquer…..the people that talk about the gridlock and all the hyper-partisanship and they inevitably think back to the mid and late 90′s….people like Mark Sanford (although he has been pretty quiet since is hiking debacle), Steve Largent, Tom Coburn and especially Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, has been the most proud of his time in the House and their accomplishments…..

To listen to these guys we would assume that they saved the world from a fiery end…..they point to welfare reform, tax cuts, balanced budget, repeal of Glass-Steagall,  etc……….I will admit that the balanced budget was pretty cool….but that is where any pride in their accomplishments ends.

Sorry guys, but nothing you did helped.  Your pride in welfare reform did NOTHING to help out with poverty….NAFTA ruin our economy sent millions of jobs overseas……tax cuts helped put the budget into a deficit…..and the repeal of Glass-Steagall allow the gambling by banks that have ruined the US economy….so please, tell us again just how damn proud you are of your time in Congress and the accomplishments that you have given the people.

The sad part is that there are many Americans that buy into this reactionary look at history…..the GOP revolt of the 90′s did nothing to help this country in the future ….anything they accomplished was NOTHING more that the typical short term fix and watching that damn can roll done that dismal road……PERIOD!

These people love to point to the “amnesia” by the Dems on the Iraq War and totally ignore their “amnesia” when it comes to the economy….by them I am talking about those “PROUD” Repubs from the so-called “revolution” in the House in the 1990′s…..

This is why we have a f*cked up system… is everybody’s fault but theirs….they were doing the people’s work…..I think that should be changed to….”We were doing the people”……..

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