Remember The Authorization For Use Of Military Force (AUMF)?

When Obama committed US assets for use against ISIS the Congress went batcrap crazy saying that it was NOT his place to authorize military force without involving Congress…it was unconstitutional (there is that word again) ……….Obama decide to do the right thing so he sent the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) to the Congress in January of this year and so far the cowards have refused to act on the request… being an election coming up and they do not want to crap on their chances…… brave Congressman, Rep. McGovern, has decides that the Congress needs to act on the request and is shaming the cowards into action (trying to at least)…….this is his speech before the Congress….

Mr. Speaker, President Obama needs to turn this interminable conflict over to the Afghans. As of yesterday, 2,153 members of our Armed Forces have died in Afghanistan since 2001; another 19,526 have been wounded; and every Member of this Chamber knows that tens of thousands of our troops have returned home with invisible wounds to their minds and spirits. Suicide rates among our veterans are among the highest ever, and they continue to climb. For many, the care required to help heal these wounds will last a lifetime.

It is estimated that health care and veteran benefits for the men and women deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost trillions of dollars. In both human and fiscal terms, we simply cannot afford to waste more lives and dollars in Afghanistan.

The President has not made a case about how any number of troops remaining in Afghanistan after 2014 can improve the confidence of Afghan forces when our current greater and more intensive engagement over the past decade has not been able to do so. It is completely unclear whether the April elections will improve the Afghan Government, given its ingrown corruption, sectarian divisions, and Taliban insurgency. There are no compelling reasons to remain.

We need to turn Afghanistan over to the Afghans now, not 10 years from now. We need to bring our troops home by no later than the end of 2014, just as President Obama promised. If this is the so-called “zero option,” then it is the best option. We do not need to keep another 10,000 to 12,000 American troops in Afghanistan for another 10 years at the cost of about $80 billion or more each year. They will continue to be in harm’s way; they will continue to be carrying out dangerous operations; they will continue to be wounded body and soul; and they will continue to be killed.

For what? So one of the most corrupt governments in the world can continue living off of our blood and treasure? So military contractors can continue lining their pockets? We are cutting programs right and left in the budget, but we are supposed to keep pouring tens of billions of dollars into Afghanistan for another decade? All of it is borrowed money charged to our national credit card. I say enough is enough.

In June, 305 Members of this House voted in support of an amendment that I offered along with Congressmen Walter Jones and Adam Smith to bring our troops home by the end of 2014 and to accelerate that process if possible. It clearly stated that if the President determined to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan after 2014, then Congress should vote on authorizing that mission. Senators Merkley and Lee were ready to offer a similar amendment in the Senate when the defense bill was to be taken up over there. They had more than a dozen bipartisan cosponsors on their amendment.

Instead, the FY14 NDAA went into conference negotiations without debate by the full Senate. In those negotiations, the principal Senate conferees demanded that the House amendment be completely watered down. The conference language only requires the President to “consult” with Congress about any post-2014 deployment of troops. That is worthless. It is absolutely worthless, Mr. Speaker. We don’t need consultation. What we need is a vote. I call on Speaker Boehner and Leader Pelosi to take seriously the call of 305 Members of this House and schedule a vote next year on keeping thousands of U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Whether or not you support such a decision, the House needs to vote on it.

It is time for us in Congress to do our job. It is time we stop asking our troops and their families to sacrifice their lives in a war that has outlived its purpose. It is time to bring our troops home. It is time to get out of Afghanistan.

Now read his bill linked below and if you like it lets help him shame the elected cowards in the Congress to do the right thing…..what say you?

Text – H.Con.Res.105 – 113th Congress (2013-2014): Prohibiting the President from deploying or maintaining United States Armed Forces in a sustained combat role in Iraq without specific, subsequent statutory authorization. | | Library of Congress.

Patriot Act: The Renewal?

Since the Act was signed into being the American people have lost civil rights and liberties….and the sad thing is we know it.  We are so afraid that we allowed the government to look into all aspects of our lives for the sake of national security.

The Act is about to run its course and the Congress has tried to amend the Act with a new version called the USA Freedom Act, a cute little name that has NOTHING to do with freedom.

While most of America was laser focused on a train wreck….with more twists than a Guy Richie movie, the House took up this new act…….

In a 338-88 vote the House of Representatives today voted to pass the USA Freedom Act, a bill which extends the soon-to-expire provisions of the Patriot Act and offers some nominal reforms in the name of privacy.

Starting as a relatively weak reform bill from Sen. Patrick Leahy (D – VT) last year, the USA Freedom Act was further watered down, to the point that many are complaining it doesn’t really do anything meaningful in reform at this point.

Let me translate that for you…..very little has changed….you will still not have the privacy that we have come to expect living in a free country……the only saving grace is that it now must go to the Senate and there it will face some actual opposition.  Both Sens. Rand Paul (R – KY) and Ron Wyden (D – OR) promising to organize a filibuster against the bill if it does not keep Americans stuff private.

Americans fall the diversion offered them by the media working as the agent of the government and because of the fear we experience we will allow our civil rights to be stomped on yet again.

Since most Americans are not willing to get involved…..then maybe now would be a good time to shut up and learn to live without the privacy you were promised in the Constitution…….you have NOT earned them!

The (Rep.) Schock Of It All

Friends have asked me why I no longer write on politics and political theory…..the easy answer is why?  It is a waste of time and effort on my part when we have NO true politicians left…..just ego-centric twats that are in it for themselves……they are worse than clowns…..for clowns can be entertaining….politicians are not………but they are pathetic and disgusting………….as this post will attest……

Remember back, my friends……in 2008, I believe, this Dem. Rep from Louisiana was found with lots of cash in his home freeze…….and the right wing media went batcrap crazy.  Then there was the Repub senator from Nevada that was bumping his employee’s wife while in DC…..and who can forget Weiner’s weenie?  Let’s not forget the Repub Rep that threatened a journalist in the Capitol Building and was then caught with his winkie in the till.

My point is that the clowns we elect are not something to be proud of…….and now the most recent ego centric little prick has resigned……that Rep. from Illinois…..Rep. Schock…..the one that decorated his DC office like Downton Abbey, the one that was using campaign funds for joy rides in planes and the one that claim 175,000 miles of travel on his expense account when his SUV only shows 80,000 miles……does that refresh your memory?

Now that he is resigning he will continue to stick it to the American taxpayer even after he leaves DC……..

Schock, a Republican from Illinois, could eventually collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded retirement benefits, depending on how long he lives.

Starting at age 62, he will be eligible for just under $18,500 annually, according to estimates by the National Taxpayers Union, a conservative nonprofit organization.

According to a June report from the Congressional Research Service, members of Congress who have completed at least five years of service are eligible for taxpayer-funded pensions beginning at age 62.

The amount of a former congressional member’s pension varies, but the payout is based on the number of years of service and an average of the member’s three highest years of salary.

Is it not about time that the US takes perks away from the morons that act in an unprofessional way?  There should be NO benefits for being a disgrace to the American people…..PERIOD!

Take That You Soul-less SOBs!

By now you have heard all about the mini revolt in the House GOP……some wanted to overthrow Boehner from his Speaker position….people like Gohmert (bat crap crazy) and Yoho (sounds like an awful drink)……

In case you were otherwise occupied and missed the tension……

In winning a third term as House speaker today, John Boehner had to fend off a defection from within his own party that was the biggest such revolt in more than 150 years, reports the Washington Post. In all, 25 conservative Republicans voted against Boehner, though that wasn’t enough to force the humiliation of a second vote. House rules allow members to vote for any US citizen, which is why Rand Paul and Jeff Sessions—who happen to be senators—each got a vote, reports the Hill. (On the Democratic side, Tennessee’s Jim Cooper voted for Colin Powell, notes CNN.)

A dozen GOP members voted for Rep. Daniel Webster of Florida, but today’s opposition was largely symbolic. It shows the “the clear limits” of Boehner’s clout in the GOP conference, observes Politico, while Chris Cillizza at the Post writes that it doesn’t bode well in terms of avoiding the logjams of the previous Congress. “If more than two dozen House Republicans are willing to stand up and voice their discontent with him in a vote that is almost certain to go his way, what will the prognosis be for Boehner when the legislative outcomes are less certain?” Here’s the full list of those who voted against him.

Okay the idiots on the Right did not succeed……but what will Boehner do?

Glad you asked!

John Boehner struck a magnanimous tone after fighting off the biggest anti-speaker rebellion in 150 years yesterday—”May the fruits of our labors be ladders our children can use to climb to the stars,” he told the House—but payback has been swift for some of the 25 conservatives who voted against him. Florida Reps. Dan Webster and Richard Nugent been kicked off the powerful House Rules Committee, which is appointed directly by the speaker, in apparent retaliation, the Hill reports. Webster ran against Boehner for House speaker yesterday and received 12 votes, including Nugent’s.

The move to kick the rebels off the Rules Committee could be just the beginning of Boehner’s revenge, according to Politico, which notes that some of the speaker’s allies say he has been too much of a pushover and will welcome this kind of action. In a process that GOP sources say could take months, the conservative insurgents may also lose perks including subcommittee chairmanships. With the increased GOP majority in the House, “we don’t need these fringe guys as much as we did anymore,” one Republican leadership aide says.

Revenge is sweet……and quick!

House Report: Benghazi Is Just Benghazi | Mother Jones

We have had a long time to think about Benghazi…..all the hoopla…..all the accusations….all the lies…. and all the drama.  Some have held onto the BS for so long now they just cannot let it go…..for they have invested so much in such into the conspiracy.  Well the House set up their little drama trying to help Issa out of his moronic position and the report is due out shortly……here is some of what people think the report will say…..


House Report: Benghazi Is Just Benghazi | Mother Jones.