The Cowards In The Halls

Remember back when we started our attacks in the Middle East, most notably Syria there was a outpouring of condemnation in Congress because the president had acted without their permission….a vote for the War Powers Act.

The president gave in and sent his authorization to Congress for their approval…..then there was a lull and the vote went No where….why?  Elections!  These toads were afraid their vote one way of the other would come back and bite them in the ass…..they did what they do best….wimp out!

I bring this up because the question of the War Powers Act seems to be sneaking into the conversation……

Under the War Powers Act, Congress is supposed to vote on any war within 60 days of its launch. The ISIS war began in 2014, and because of mid-term elections looming large, Congress just never voted on it, meaning the war was never authorized.

There’ve been a few pushes for Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) against ISIS, but they’ve never gotten far. beyond their respective committees.  The administration has simply ignored the lack of authorization for the war so far, but deploying ground troops into Syria is likely to bring the question some new attention.

This is doubly true because, back when those AUMF proposals were making the rounds, endorsed by the White House, they almost all explicitly banned sending ground troops into Syria, meaning even if the administration had gotten their requested authorization, they’d be violating it now.

That also means even if, as some Congressmen hope, the deployment obliges the Congressional leadership to finally see the AUMF brought to a vote, they’re likely going to have to pen a brand new version of the authorization that’s even broader, in keeping with the various ways the war has expanded in recent weeks.


This will be yet another wimp out…after all their are many in Congress looking at an election next year and these people do not want something hung around their neck in front of the voters… way or the other.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R – TN) suggested today that he is open to the idea of a vote on an Authorization for the Use of Military Forces (AUMF) against ISIS, and has scheduled a briefing later this week with the Obama Administration on the possibility.

His comments suggested this was unlikely, however, saying he believes there is “no urgency” for such an authorization unless the administrations says they need additional authority for the war, saying it “feels like they have the authority they need” without a Congressional vote.

“No urgency”?  We are about to send more US troops into the Lion’s den and there is “no urgency”?

Told you so……cowards!

Those Pesky Congressional Hearings

The Benghazi debacle has been drawn out to last 72 weeks and it still has little to report…..wasting money instead of doing the country’s business is the norm these days…..trying for political dominance is the goal….and that is just sad on so many levels.

I am not saying that there should be NO hearings on situations that the government is involved with…..I am saying that there should be some things investigated that have been somehow overlooked…..

Juan Cole has a list that I completely agree with………

The fruitless carnival barking that was the GOP Benghazi inquisition did the nation the disservice of taking focus off the things really wrong with US policies, and places there really was wrongdoing. So here are some suggestions for real investigations:

1. We still don’t know why Bush-Cheney launched a groundless war of aggression on Iraq in 2003 and tore up the United Nations Charter that post-Nazi diplomats hoped would forestall further such wars of mere aggrandizement. Shouldn’t Congress, which was kept in the dark and actively lied to, look into how it and the country got snookered into destabilizing the Middle East?  (please read on…..)

Source: Top Five Things Congress Should investigate instead of Benghazi | Informed Comment


Another Tea Party Assault on Democracy

The Tea Party is always around to throw cold water on anything that reeks of progress…..and the members in Congress have renamed their little Caucus….they are now the “Freedom Caucus”….clever little name for a group that wants everything but more democracy…….their cutesy slogans say one thing and their actions tell the real story…….anti-woman, anti-black, anti-progress and anti-freedom…….

Americans have fallen victim to the paranoia of the Radical Right……their fake situations are leading this country down the drain wrapped in that stupid yellow flag with the snake……

Source: Another Tea Party Assault on Democracy

Why Am I Not Surprised?

We all have heard the horror stories of our vets and their ordeal to get into the program to get treatment for the diseases they encountered while in service to the country….or the needed rehab work to learn to use artificial limbs…..we know the Congress is a do nothing pack of whores that work the hardest for those with the most cash……

But there is another group that Congress is turning its back on….yet again……the 9/11 first responders…….

A law that provides medical monitoring and treatment for Sept. 11 first responders expired at midnight Wednesday due to the failure of Congress to act. For now, first responders who rushed to the World Trade Center after the 2001 terrorist attacks, worked for weeks, and now suffer from illnesses like pulmonary disease and cancers will still be able to get their health care. But in a letter to the Senate, CDC Director Tom Frieden said if the law isn’t extended, the WTC Health Program “will begin to face significant operational challenges” by February. By next summer, the program’s 72,000 enrolled beneficiaries will have to be notified that they may not receive health care beyond September 2016 and the program will have to start to shut down, a process Frieden says could cause patients additional stress.

The Zadroga Act, named for a responder who died after working at Ground Zero, first became law in 2010 after a debate over the cost. Proponents seek the law’s permanent extension in part because some illnesses may not manifest until years later, after the statute of limitations for worker’s comp or certain state laws may have run out. House Republicans have been supportive of the program but oppose its permanent extension because they want to be able to periodically review it and make sure it’s operating soundly; the Senate hasn’t moved a bill. Letting the program expire creates “enormous anxieties and fears in the minds of very sick people,” says Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, who’s been lobbying to make the program permanent and recently was joined by comedian Jon Stewart. “People are dying and suffering, and Congress can easily close this wound,” says one leading advocate. “But they continue to add salt to it.”

Why am I surprised that the pigs in DC let this benefit expire?

They use these people as political props but refuse to do anything that would compensate them for the work they did on that faithful day…..these people did their part now it is time for Congress to do theirs……

It does not surprise me that the American people turn their back on these brave souls…..if they would do it to our valiant vets…..these guys/gals were not safe.

Drop A Bomb On Me

I am battling a internet connection that will not cooperate……please bear with me……..

Great reference to an old funk song from the 70’s…..

There have been times when I have been caught with my brain in neutral and today has been one of those days……

I got the news from my friend over at “The John Liming Report”……the weeping angle (Dr. Who reference) of thew Congress will step down from his leadership roll in October…..

John Boehner dropped a political bombshell this morning, announcing that he’s not only resigning as House speaker but as a congressman as well. Boehner will leave at the end of October, reports the New York Times. Boehner himself told House Republicans in a closed-door session today, reports Politico. The surprise move comes as Boehner faces another revolt from conservative House members about a potential government shutdown, this time over Planned Parenthood funding.

“The Speaker believes putting members through prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable damage to the institution,” an aide tells the Hill. “Speaker Boehner believes that the first job of any Speaker is to protect this institution and, as we saw yesterday with the Holy Father, it is the one thing that unites and inspires us all.” (Boehner was seen crying during the pope’s address, though he tends to cry a lot.) The same aide says Boehner, 65, actually intended to quit last year and stuck around only because of Eric Cantor’s stunning election defeat.

Now in October who will emerge as the top dog for the GOP in the House?

It seems that many GOPers are dancing on Boehner’s grave… more…..

Source: Conservatives Rush To Dance On John Boehner’s Grave

Where will the process of choosing the next Speaker take the country?  Will we be subjected to a lengthy partisan battle between the GOP and the Tea Party upstarts?  Where does that leave the shutdown?

Lots of questions and few good answers……


Shortchanging National Security | Center for American Progress

Soon the budgetary debate will begin and as usual domestic programs will take it in the ass and more money will be sought to fund the US and its constant interventions….

Of course a selling point for all covert funding will be the usual culprit…National Security.

Source: Shortchanging National Security | Center for American Progress

What will be on the menu for the sloths in Congress?  ISIS?  Russia?  Iraq?  Syria?  What will be the winner….we know that domestic programs will be the loser… we need to work on the big winner.

We need those big guns and airplanes that are nothing but an expensive paper weight…….we don’t need to feed children or educate them and we damn sure do not need to protect the environment (all sarcasm, in case you were unsure)…..

F*ck Israel! (Can You Hear Me Now?)

The deal with Iran over nukes is going to go further….and  as predicted the GOP will not go silently into the night…..they have just got to keep playing games with nukes and conflict…..there newest attempt to throw a monkey wrench into the work is…….

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R – KY) is facing yet another losing vote this week on the bill aiming to block the Iran nuclear deal, with the exact same vote that failed to end the filibuster last week expected to come along again with the same results.

Sen. McConnell is trying to force the Democrats to back off the filibuster and allow the vote, even though there again, he would face a defeat for falling well short of a veto-proof majority on killing the deal in the face of a promised presidential veto. He insists he’s going to get it “or else.”

The or else part is that if he doesn’t get this vote, McConnell says he intends to force a vote on an amendment to the upcoming vote on the Iran sanctions bill that would require any easing of sanctions (which the US is required to do under the deal) to Iran agreeing to formally recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.”

A Jewish State?  Right to exist….okay….but who in Hell does not know that Israel is a Jewish state?  This is pathetic!

Again….I reiterate…..F*CK ISRAEL!

Can Israel do anything on their own that does not involve killing innocents?  If Israel wants international recognition then maybe acting like a civilized government would do the trick for them.  Why does the US have to do it for them?

Israel…the only country in the Middle East with a nuke capability needs the help of its paid agents in Washington to do the work for them in the world of diplomacy.

Here’s a crazy idea….they want recognition then how about they recognize the state of Palestine on the West bank?

Sounds pretty simple to me.  But then I am NOT paid by Israel now am I?