What About The Use Of Force?

HEY!  America please tear yourself away from the Tube and the wondering what gender the Royal will squirt out!  If this is your concern then I weep for my country.

The ink is barely dry on the Iranian compromise and there are some on the Right that are in a panic…..some aka Sen. Cotton are already calling for a limited airstrike at Iran’s nuke facility……I am sure if I kept up with Neocon think tanks they would be all over the use of this type of force…..like Heritage.

I bring all this up because of the “Authorization for the Use of Military Force” (AUMF)……remember?  That is that request the president has sent to Congress for them to do their duty and either approve the use of force or not….the process is that simple.

When Pres. Obama decided to go after ISIS with airstrikes the GOP went batcrap crazy…….demanding that he stop because he did not have the authorization to use force……all that made for great TV and great e-mails to supporters……Obama then decided that he would play their game and he sent an AUMF to Congress for approval…….and that is where it went to die.

To this day it is still waiting for some sort of action from the Congress…..and while we are waiting the Speaker of the House has brought up a good point…….

Speaker John A. Boehner said Tuesday that American troops in Iraq should move beyond training Iraqi forces to take a more direct role in fighting against the Islamic State.

After returning from a spring trip to the Middle East, Mr. Boehner told a group of reporters that the Obama administration has placed “artificial constraints” on military commanders responsible for 4,500 members of the American military there rather than allowing conditions on the ground to dictate strategy.

Let see……want to expand the use of military force but do not want to go on record authorizing it…is that about it?  The politicians are running scared….it is an election and they do not want something on record that could be used against them in an election.

This brings me back full circle……..without the AUMF how could dickhead Cotton use military force?  All this person is doing is throwing red meat at the base.  A typical American response to a problem….run from it and let someone else do the hard stuff.

Does everyone see why I feel I must keep pounding these people…..at best they are HYPOCRITICAL…….and at worse…….DANGEROUS!

American lives are at stake…….and NO one seems to care!

Espionage, Treason, and the Congressional Fifth Column by Justin Raimondo — Antiwar.com

The Congress is ignoring the Constitution in its efforts to undermine the negotiations of this president…..not only is it unheard of but it is the lack of respect for the Constitution…..a document that they pretend to want to protect from destruction…but in reality all the document means to them is a political prop that they can roll out when things are going tough for them and claim that it is under attack……..

There is a time for the Congress to be involved in the treaty process….and it is NOT in the negotiations……it is the authorizing or not…….

So, just what is the Congress doing, you may ask……


Espionage, Treason, and the Congressional Fifth Column by Justin Raimondo — Antiwar.com.

The (Rep.) Schock Of It All

Friends have asked me why I no longer write on politics and political theory…..the easy answer is why?  It is a waste of time and effort on my part when we have NO true politicians left…..just ego-centric twats that are in it for themselves……they are worse than clowns…..for clowns can be entertaining….politicians are not………but they are pathetic and disgusting………….as this post will attest……

Remember back, my friends……in 2008, I believe, this Dem. Rep from Louisiana was found with lots of cash in his home freeze…….and the right wing media went batcrap crazy.  Then there was the Repub senator from Nevada that was bumping his employee’s wife while in DC…..and who can forget Weiner’s weenie?  Let’s not forget the Repub Rep that threatened a journalist in the Capitol Building and was then caught with his winkie in the till.

My point is that the clowns we elect are not something to be proud of…….and now the most recent ego centric little prick has resigned……that Rep. from Illinois…..Rep. Schock…..the one that decorated his DC office like Downton Abbey, the one that was using campaign funds for joy rides in planes and the one that claim 175,000 miles of travel on his expense account when his SUV only shows 80,000 miles……does that refresh your memory?

Now that he is resigning he will continue to stick it to the American taxpayer even after he leaves DC……..

Schock, a Republican from Illinois, could eventually collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded retirement benefits, depending on how long he lives.

Starting at age 62, he will be eligible for just under $18,500 annually, according to estimates by the National Taxpayers Union, a conservative nonprofit organization.

According to a June report from the Congressional Research Service, members of Congress who have completed at least five years of service are eligible for taxpayer-funded pensions beginning at age 62.

The amount of a former congressional member’s pension varies, but the payout is based on the number of years of service and an average of the member’s three highest years of salary.

Is it not about time that the US takes perks away from the morons that act in an unprofessional way?  There should be NO benefits for being a disgrace to the American people…..PERIOD!

Ten reasons to vote against the use of military force | Fox News

We are waiting to see how the AUMF vote will go….the problem is that the Congress in their limited mental capacity can only do one thing at a time and right now they are all twitchy about Clinton’s e-mails……maybe after that investigation they will actually worry about something that matters…..the e-mails are just a diversion from doing real Congressional work.

I am opposed to the AUMF because I feel that a lot more thought ought to go into sending Americans to die than politicians are willing to give it…..

This article list some pretty good reasons for voting against the AUMF…..some I agree with and others not so much…..read for yourself and say what you think……


Ten reasons to vote against the use of military force | Fox News.

Lindsey Graham………..Comedian

Before I start I want to say that Lindsey Graham is a douche!  (I feel better!)

We have all heard about that letter that 47 d/bag Congresspeople decided to sign then send to Iran…..and now with all the backlash staffers are saying that it was a “light-hearted” attempt to amuse……may I please see the hands of the pea brains that buy this excuse?

Continuing on the comedy tact….Graham, who has an eye on running for president,  has made a funny….at least according to staffers………

Lindsey Graham is still talking. His latest headline-worthy quote: If he becomes our next president, the very first thing he will do is deploy the military. Against … Congress. “I wouldn’t let Congress leave town until we fix this,” he said yesterday at New Hampshire’s “politics and pies” forum, referring to the budget. “I would literally use the military to keep them in if I had to. We’re not leaving town until we restore these defense cuts. We are not leaving town until we restore the intel cuts.”

As Vox notes, the quote implies Graham would use the military to force Congress to actually pass a bill, not simply to vote on one, since his stated goal is to “restore” the cuts. Sounds like a “coup” if taken literally, writes Amanda Taub. And though Graham did, indeed, use the word “literally,” his office later clarified to Mediaite that the senator “was employing over-the-top humor to win over his audience.”

BTW, some are calling Rep. Cotton a traitor for his letter…….but Graham’s tongue is more traitorous than anything Cotton did.

All these funny guys in Congress should maybe QUIT their day jobs and start on the stand-up circuit.

Sorry this is not something humorous that a possible presidential candidate should be saying in public…….am I wrong?  At every turn Graham shows there is NO way he can be “A Man of the People”.  After that comment would you trust this a/hole to safeguard the Constitution?

How long do I need to keep pointing out that these d/bags in Congress are unworthy of calling themselves Americans, much less a representative of the people?

This also illustrates that NONE of these morons are capable of governing….they are in it for the ego rush…..PERIOD!

Congress: The Clueless Leading The Gutless

I know some think I am a bit hard on Congress….I have called them gutless, mental midgets, morons, worthless and wealth of other derogatory adjectives…….and just about everyday these people prove just how stupid they really can be…..take for instance the recent letter that 47 Congress clowns sent to Iran……they cannot grasp what went so wrong……..MORONS!

Some of the 47 Republican senators who signed a controversial letter to Iran’s leaders seem a little surprised that people are making a big deal out of their bypassing of President Obama during nuclear negotiations. Sen. John McCain, who signed the letter warning that any deal could be canceled when Obama is out office, now says it probably should have been given more consideration. “Everybody was looking forward to getting out of town because of the snowstorm,” he tells Politico. “I think we probably should have had more discussion about it, given the blowback that there is.” But none of the senators have withdrawn their support for the letter, which was circulated by Sen. Tom Cotton at a weekly lunch, the Wall Street Journal reports.

“I think it’s a way in which Congress can express the serious concerns that we have about the direction this is headed,” Sen. John Thune tells the Journal, calling the angry reaction “a little over the top.” Sen. Bob Corker, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was one of the seven Republican senators not to sign it. A Corker aide tells the Washington Post that the senator is focusing on getting support for a bipartisan bill for congressional review of any nuclear deal with Iran. Other top Senate aides tell the Daily Beast they are surprised by the reaction to what they describe as a “cheeky” reminder to Iran and the public of the role Congress should play in the talks.

This proves that they are idiots…….they have set about trying to do damage control for their stupidity…..if we elected people that understood how to employ logic and reason they may not have to explain their stupidity.

Prime example of what can happen when we elect people without policy making knowledge………when all they have are a few slogans and a bit of cash.

These 47 are idiots….some are seasoned legislators……but that only shows that they seasoned idiots.

Iran: My Baby Wrote Me A Letter

That was the first thing that popped into my head after the news of this moron and his moronic cronies send a letter to Iran…..the old Boxtops song…..(damn I feel old)

Between a letter written by a pack of mental midgets to the emails of Clinton….the Twitter machine is been on fire…….and of course the “usual suspects” have been having a field day with the letter especially the MSM….it seems we all have an opinion…….

Originally I asked what would the purpose of this letter be…..and now I think we will get the “rest of the story” (a Paul Harvey quote)……..


Immediately After Launching Effort to Scuttle Iran Deal, Senator Tom Cotton to Meet with Defense Contractors – The Intercept.


Okay that is enough about these morons and their letter…..moving on!