Should We Go Or Should We Stay?

I can hear the tune by the Clash playing in my head…love Combat rock!  But in this case I am referring to our return to action in Iraq…….there are lots of opinions on the Hill….some pro, some con…..

There is a growing cause that we should let the prez handle this in his way……Congress is waiting and watching….

The bipartisan consensus emerging among leadership on the Hill is that the President has leeway to act in Iraq as long as the mission remains narrowly defined.

It’s a hands-off approach that has afforded the White House a bit more flexibility when it comes to making strategic decisions. On Monday, the administration announced that it would be sending an additional 200 troops to Baghdad to protect the airport and American Embassy there. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told The Huffington Post that the administration continued to believe that it did not need a new congressional authorization even in light of that new troop movement.

That a little piece was reported in the HufPo.  But is it up to the prez to make that decision?  Well, if the truth be known….it is NOT up to him to make that decision…….

As the US debates its future in Iraq, all eyes are on President Obama—but where we should be looking is Capitol Hill. Yes, congressional leaders recently said Obama needed no new authorization for further military action in Iraq. “But they’re wrong,” writes Rachel Maddow in the Washington Post. The Founding Fathers gave “the responsibility for war and peace to the clamorous Congress.” The War Powers Act puts power in Obama’s hands for 60 days; after that, it’s up to lawmakers to decide whether to authorize additional troops.

The Constitution puts Congress in charge “so that decisions about war and peace would be made not on one person’s say-so but only after vigorous national debate,” and we need that debate on Iraq. There is a precedent here: A year and a half after the US departure from Vietnam, North Vietnam planned a new offensive, and President Ford sought $700 million “to stabilize the military situation.” Lawmakers’ views on the matter were clear: “Congress knew that it was in its power to say no, and it said no. There would be no second coming of America’s war in Vietnam.” Click for Maddow’s full piece.

So which is it?  Keep in mind that an election is only months away and the biggie in 2016….so of course the Congress wants someone else to make that decision so they cannot be held responsible when the next election rolls around……

As I have said before… opinion is watch but stay out……the region will sort this out without our interference….we may not like it but it is their region to control….any action by the US will only make more enemies…..something this country does NOT need.

With that said….I may be a dreamer… the end the US may have no other choice but to act.  It is going to be a balancing act something the US has NEVER been any good at doing.

Time For A Much Deserved Holiday

Yep the title was intended to be sarcastic.

Can you believe that Congress is going to take a 5 week break?  Break?  From what?  It will give the American people a holiday from their babbling and lying….about the only positive thing I can say about the parasites.

I guess it is fairly tiring running from one TV interview to another…..that has got to be it for if they are the most useless unproductive Congress that this country has ever had in its history.

They, the Congress, has delayed their much needed hiatus to work on important issues….HA HA HA sorry I could not write that with a straight face……

Newser) – The House today abandoned a vote on $659 million legislation to address the immigration crisis after another Tea Party revolt. John Boehner pulled the measure from the floor at the last minute, knowing he didn’t have enough votes. The speaker, however, then took the unusual step of delaying Congress’ summer recess, which had been scheduled to begin tomorrow. House Republicans agreed to meet again in the morning to see if they could find a bill that could pass. And all of this transpired on day one for Boehner’s new leadership team, sans Eric Cantor.

Conservatives such as Ted Cruz balked at the House plan because they say it didn’t deal with the problem of kids from Central America showing up at the border, reports the Washington Post. They’re also reluctant to give President Obama any money for a problem they believed to be of his own making. Politico‘s take: “The political impact of this decision is not clear, but if the House doesn’t vote, Democrats will be able to say that the GOP left Washington for an entire month without passing legislation to address the influx of migrants.” (Click for more on Cantor’s final address to the House.)

Still they have done NOTHING that would warrant them deserving a 5 week vacation and even less to  benefit the people…….they need five weeks to go back to their districts and prostitute themselves for favors from the special interests….hopefully they packed their knee pads and mouth wash……

When will the country wake up and give these toads their walking papers?

Time For Congress To Sack Up!

Opinion from the desk of the Editor

It is NO secret that I think that most of Congress is a bunch of lying cowards….for one the “pro-life” tag…….these cretins are no more pro life than I am a Mother Superior and they are COWARDS because of the latest Gaza War…..they all have an opinion based on nothing more than hand picked info for their little pressers…….if they want to have an opinion then try going on a fact finding mission to the region….I am not talking about the vacations they usually have…..but a real fact finding mission.

The blind OBEDIENCE to Israel is a sure sign of COWARDICE.  Not one of them has any first hand knowledge all they have is a big mouth,  and as I have witnessed over the years,  a sure sign of cowardice……these people, if I may use that extremely subjective term, operate on all levels without first hand knowledge.

Then we have the morons that like to cite historical references….like the cowardly moron, Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IN)…,..he recently made a complete ass of himself and showe just how ignorant these people are………

“Hamas is like Nazis,” Kirk told Fox 32 after speaking at a pro-Israel rally in Chicago. “The more Nazis you got, the more Hamas you get, the more death you get.

“The only way to secure peace in the Middle East is to wipe out those who would bring terror to the Middle East,” Kirk added.

Kirk, a friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, estimated fighting in Gaza could last a couple more months. The Associated Press has reported that 1,000 Palestinians, 53 Israeli soldiers and three Israeli civilians have been killed in the fighting so far.

First of all, good work as an leader of the free world……he is an idiot!  And then there is the Nazi analogy……is he referring to the group that made war on a people without a standing army, or maybe he is referring to the placing of people in Ghettos or camps… it possible that this bozo has NO idea what being a Nazi means?………would that be what he is talking about?  If so, then this coward has shown that he has zero knowledge of history…..and just posturing for the cameras.
Congress then did what cowards do…….duck and run…….after all there is an election in a couple of months and cash will be needed……….as reported by Jason Ditz for…….
Efforts to negotiate a ceasefire in Israel’s ongoing invasion of the Gaza Strip aren’t sitting well with Israeli hawks, and by extension that means they aren’t sitting well with the US Congress.
That’s got Congressional officials up in arms, pushing President Obama to stop trying to negotiate a ceasefire in the conflict, and instead to endorse Israel’s war unconditionally, and irrespective of how bad it gets.
All this just illustrates that Congress is cowardly and not capable of standing up for anything that they are not told to………I do despise a COWARD and Washington seems to be full of them.  They disregard any info that does not fit in the narrative that their handlers want…….NOTHING more disgusting than a spineless politician!

America prepares to reelect the Congress it loathes – The Washington Post

I saw this article awhile back and made me stop and think about the upcoming election……it is true….we hate Congress but most will be re-elected…..where is the logic in that?  What is it that Einstein had to say about insanity?

If you cannot see the stupidity in this then you are the perfect person to sign up for the new Palin Channel………


America prepares to reelect the Congress it loathes – The Washington Post.

Why Do We Have A Congress?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor

A question I hear asked from all branches of the political spectrum…….there seems to be NO one that has anything good to say about the government and especially the Congress….

The original intent was for there to be three branches of government and that would keep the political process honest….The Congress was suppose to be the representatives of the people, chosen by the people…..and now it is a worthless political appendage and what do we do with a worthless appendage?  We get rid of it before it turns gangrenous….

Maybe it is time to re-think the system……because the Congress no longer functions as an integral part of government…..

Meanwhile back to the point.

Shall we take a few minutes and review the case against our beloved Congress?

1–the Congress approval rating is about 7-10%…a recent survey by the Gallup, I believe, ran a recent survey and the Congress is loathed by almost everyone in the country.

2-the Congress works less than 4 total months a session……the rest of the time they are out fondling the wallets of fat cats….

3-when the Congress is actually in town they spend most of their time on hearings that accomplish nothing but wasting the taxpayers money.

4-the Congress has passed less than 25 bills since the session began and most of the ones passed are such pressing problems as naming bridges and post offices with a highway thrown in ever so often to break up the monotony…….

5-then there is the billions wasted on paying people that are basically nothing more than wards of the state……

Now there is SCOTUS or the Supreme Court of the US…….the branch that is suppose to act as the referee between the prez and the Congress but instead it is unraveling the rights that were supposedly guaranteed to the citizens and assisting the takeover of the government by big business……

Now that leaves the prez who is virtually impotent in executing his duties as the leader of the country….his hands are being partially tied by a worthless Congress and a Court that cares nothing for the rights of the citizens of this country.

So far we have had NO government in 6 years…..we have a bunch of overpaid worthless parasites that do nothing they were “hired” to do…..especially the Congress.

It is time for the people to take a good hard and rational look at the Congress and the way we do business….in other words, it is time for a change……not reform.  Reform is as worthless as the Congress we elect.  We can either change or sit back and let the Congress totally destroy our way of governance.

There is the rub….depending on the very people that cannot vote the parasites out of office……..we have an election is coming soon and these people will re-elect the very people they bitch about….so is change ever gonna come?  Not in my lifetime.

Your choice……..

They Don’t Need No Stinking Law

I have told the world what I think of our worthless politicians……most are do-nothing turds…..or cowards in political clothing……..or felons…….Awhile back there was an investigation into the Congress and their staffs might be diddling in insider trading…….and now they have made sure that they can continue to commit felonies without having to pay the price……

The U.S. House Ways and Means Committee is refusing to cooperate with an insider trading investigation, saying its employees are “absolutely immune” from having to comply with subpoenas from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

U.S. District Court Judge Paul Gardephe ordered the committee last week to explain why it hadn’t responded to the SEC’s year-long request for documents, phone records and the testimony of staff director Brian Sutter, as part of a probe into whether he or other House members leaked private information about health care policy to insurance companies.

The SEC began its investigation after a series of red flags in April 2013, a year after Congress adopted the STOCK Act. According to the filings, Sutter spoke with a lobbyist for law firm Greenberg Traurig just minutes before the lobbyist emailed a brokerage firm with information from “very credible sources” about a change in Medicare policy. The firm then sent out an alert about the upcoming change to clients, including large insurance companies like Humana, and share prices of several immediately jumped.

At the time, Sutter told federal investigators that he did not recall speaking with the lobbyist, but a few days later, a House lawyer said that “time for reflection” may have helped stir Sutter’s memory.

But the committee has since refused to answer the SEC’s requests for information. The closest it has come is asking the commission for a “substantial narrowing” of its demands and a “firm commitment that the Committee’s making available to [the] agency of certain documents would end the Committee’s and Mr. Sutter’s involvement in this matter.”

If the investigation goes to court, it will be the first securities violation case since Congress adopted the STOCK Act.

My guess is that the Congress will slither out from under this in some way…..we know it is more important to keep the “scandals” than obeying the law…..

Sad part is this is nothing new…..we have been electing crooks since this whole experiment began…….we NEVER learn!

Protect Those Freebies

The US Congress has a 7% approval rating…..most Americans think our elected officials are pathetic do nothing parasites…….I mean they get paid for doing nothing and then on top of that they get all kinds of freebies….gym, haircuts, mail, and how about those trips that they call “fact finding” mission when in reality are just a free trip sometimes with the family…….and the final stupidity is that they get re-elected…how’s that for moronic?

Apparently Congress will do whatever they can to protect and keep as secret as possible their “freebies”……

The things that happen behind closed doors: In the case of the House, a quiet move that removed the requirement that lawmakers spell out free trips they’ve taken on annual financial-disclosure forms. The House Ethics Committee made no public announcement of the change, which the National Journal discovered in its review of the most recent crop of filings and which it notes “reverses more than three decades of precedent” stretching back to post-Watergate days. The head of an ethics-minded watchdog group calls it “an obvious effort to avoid accountability.”

But the AP points out that the freebie trips will still have to be reported to the publicly available House clerk’s website, and notes that the information logged there is far more specific than what lawmakers have had to provide on their financial disclosure forms (for instance, those forms didn’t require the lawmaker to share lodging and transportation costs). But the National Journal calls those forms the “chief document” the media and watchdogs have long reviewed in relation to lawmakers’ finances. As a lobbyist for a consumer group that tracks the Ethics Committee’s moves puts it, the change “just seems a little odd.” (Click to read about how lawmakers and lobbyists vacation together … legally.)

Personally, I think these SLACKERS should get NOTHING for free until they go back to work……..and since the American people are NOT capable of replacing these parasites through the election process then they should get NOTHING for free…….NO WORK NO PAY!

Send In The Clowns–2014

Our Congress is a study on how NOT to govern a country…….and when they do something it is “send in the clowns” because no matter what it is, the issue that is, it will degrade into a political circus…….

Now in the center ring of the DC circus, the greatest show on earth…..we have our latest act and as usual it is not even a professional act in any stretch of the imagination…….the actors are set and we can now begin……BENGHAZI!

After weeks of internal debate, reluctant House Democrats chose Wednesday to engage in the GOP-led Benghazi select committee and seat a full roster on the 12-member panel.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said it was the only way to ensure that the latest congressional investigation — the ninth — into the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission was not a one-sided review of what transpired. Four Americans died in the attack, including including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.

The panel has a 7-5 split in favor of the GOP. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, has already tapped the seven Republicans who will serve on the panel. It will be chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C.

Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland will act as ranking member. He is also the ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Relations Committee, which has spearheaded contentious Benghazi inquiries under chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif. Adam Smith of Washington, Adam Schiff and Linda Sanchez of California, and Tammy Duckworth of Illinois were also tapped to serve on the panel.

There you have it….the last of the players have signed on……

Let the comedy begin!