Deconstructing Senator Chuck Schumer’s Pro-War Statement About the Iran Nuclear Deal by Muhammad Sahimi —

Nowadays there is an opinion on the Iran deal everywhere.  Most of they are not based in reality but rather emotional ramblings about some mythical problem.

Few people that oppose the deal have not taken the time to acquaint themselves with the agreement……they had rather jump on that silly bandwagon of hatred stemming from actions in 1979……basically holding a grudge.

Sen. Schumer is a Dem and opposed to the deal….I expected him to be in opposition after all he is owed by AIPAC and Israel cash…….but is his opposition real or made up to appease those paying him to be in Congress (not talking about the voters here)…….


Deconstructing Senator Chuck Schumer’s Pro-War Statement About the Iran Nuclear Deal by Muhammad Sahimi —

5 Reasons AIPAC Is Dead Wrong about the Iran Deal | The National Interest

Thanx to the cash that Israel and its lackey AIPAC have spread around the media outlets the American people are losing confidence in the Iranian nuke deal……

As usual their disapproval is not based on any fact but rather on misinformation and lots of cash is available for just that purpose…………

Even retired generals see the benefit of approving this deal…….

In a new open letter, three dozen retired US generals and admirals have endorsed the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran as the “most effective means” to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, and called on Congress to vote in favor of the pact.

The letter echoes sentiment from current Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, who said that resolving the dispute with Iran diplomatically “is superior than trying to do that militarily.”

But what do generals know about the situation?  Their rationale does not take in consideration 35 years of hatred……or the cash used to spread misinformation.

At least these people have taken the time to educate themselves on the deal before issuing a statement……something the American people are too knowledgeable to do……..


5 Reasons AIPAC Is Dead Wrong about the Iran Deal | The National Interest.

Iran Deal: What Price Opposition?

Since the announcement of the deal come to by US (P5+1) and Iran…..there has been a concerted effort to kill the deal and move the country to a more war footing…….neocons and their handlers, Israel are working overtime……and the cash is being spread around like peanut butter……

The Senator next in line for the leadership of the Dems is earning the cash advance from Israel……..

In a move seen as a major blow to the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D – NY), one of the most influential “undecided” votes in the Senate, has announced that he has decided to oppose the deal, and will encourage other Democrats to do the same.

Sen. Schumer had been a major target of Israel Lobby pressure in recent days to vote against the deal, and his broad influence was seen as a potential inducement to other Democrats to go along. Schumer insisted his position was the result of “considerable soul-searching.”

“Soul searching”?  Is that code for checking to see if the money is in his account yet?

Sorry this should disqualify him from a leadership roll….if he can be manipulated by foreign powers this easily….do you really want him in control?

You know there is an election coming……..and that could be the deciding factor………

With powerful lobbying groups threatening to make hay of the issue in the next election, many in Congress are facing a tough decision on how to vote, knowing that there is big money that is likely to be turned against them if they don’t go along in trying to block the pact.

Once again it comes down to cash and re-election………the backbone of what was once an American democracy.

Here’s an idea…..why not get these types to register as paid agents for a foreign government…..since AIPAC gets cash from the “homeland” to fight these fight……

Flash!  Democracy in America is DEAD!  God has been replaced by money!  All this is becoming more and more disgusting with every election!


“What They Do Not Know…….”

After 14 years I am sure that most Americans have an opinion on what actually happened on 9/11…….there is a wealth of conspiracies on who was behind it all…….from someone in the government to some world order trying to incite chaos……to the UN……to …..well you have your opinion and I have mine.

Since that faithful day there have been rumblings that Saudi Arabia is somehow behind the attack in one manner or another……many articles have been published on this subject…..but the one publication that has not been allowed for release was a report issued by the government……..28 pages to be exact……

Several people in the Congress have NOT read these pages for what they say will influence policy… ignorance is bliss…..if that is the case then the US Congress is the most blissful place on earth……

Please read and join the call for the release of these 28 pages…….the American people have a right to the truth about the attack of 9/11…

Lindsey Graham’s Admission: “I Have Not Read the 28 Pages” |

Israel’s $100 Million Gamble – The Unz Review

The US sends multi-billions to Israel in the form of aid……and now with the upcoming vote on the Iranian nuke deal Israel is going into full opposition mode…….the lobby will be spending millions to political ‘friends’ to try and defeat the deal…..I ask of all the money spent to try and defeat the deal… much of that cash will be supplied by the American taxpayer?

The American people need to realize that they nor Israel are the center of the universe…..this deal effects more than the neocons in either country…..keep on mind…..if the deal goes South there will be NO one to blame but Israel and its lackeys……..whatever happens after that is on their heads and their heads alone!

The world sees the benefit of this deal, the positive benefits, everyone but the whores that Israel pays to do their bidding…….

Time for Israel to man up and join the human race…….


Israel’s $100 Million Gamble – The Unz Review.

Hawks hate the Iran nuclear deal – Vox

Does anyone remember Nixon’s trip to China in 1972?  Let me refresh your memory…..when it was announced that he would make the trip the Congress went batcrap crazy…..condemning the trip because the US would be doomed and that the Commies had won the Cold War……doom and gloom…….reminds me of the hoopla coming from the GOP today over the Iran Deal……The GOP was wrong then…..they are wrong today!

Since the announcement, to be honest from the beginning, of the Iranian deal the war hawks have been against the thing…….they predict doom and gloom if it is passed.  I was expecting that from that dweeb in Israel but I would think that there would be some back slapping (I know I was being delusional).

Every hawk in Congress has been in front of the cameras and crapped on the deal…….and at the same time few I have even read the document….I mean it is 159 pages….cannot be that hard to acquaint oneself with it………I understand that most of them have the reading capability of a 10 year old…..but seriously.

They hate the deal……which is okay but why do they hate the deal?  Not one has made a cogent argument against it.

Can we ever get the honest story of why the hate?


Hawks hate the Iran nuclear deal and can’t be honest about why – Vox.

How Long, GOP, How Long?

How many years has it been since the Benghazi attack that killed 4 Americans?  Something like 3 years.  And how many committee investigations since then?  50…..100…..who knows for sure.  Congress gets paid and paid well to waste time and money….especially by fiscal conservatives……..

My point is that the GOP needs to move on.  They have wasted enough money and time.  But I do like what Chairman Gowdy said about his investigation……..“I pledged an investigation worthy of the sacrifice made by these men and worthy of the trust of my fellow citizens,” Gowdy wrote. “That remains my pledge.”

That one statement is the biggest pile of steaming bovine fecal matter that has been uttered in 50 years by a worthless toad in Congress.  Why 50 years?

48 years ago the nation of Israel (our friend)…….attacked the USS Liberty, a naval sigint ship killing 34 American sailors…..did you read that?  34 Americans were murdered by Israel and there is NO outcry for someone to be held accountable.  That is right sports fans…Israel murdered 34 Americans in 1967 and none of you right wing a/holes care….not then….not now!

Why are American politicians afraid to hold Israel responsible?  If they are going to hold everyone that kills Americans up to ridicule and scrutiny then Israel should be at the top of the list.

I am disgusted by people like Gowdy that try to sound so noble and so concerned about the truth…..when in reality it is a LIE!

It is pathetic that a country that we support completely can commit murder and we just go about business……..It is pathetic that for some reason Israel can do nothing wrong…..NO matter how many they kill and maim including Americans…..

The murdered Americans in Benghazi are NO more important nor less than the 34 American sailors……….

Congress is populated with COWARDS……as is the nation of Israel.

Then there is the American people………to give blind support to some group simply because of a common non-historic myth is plain IGNORANT!

Just as the terrorists murdered 4 Americans 3 years ago…..Israel murdered 34 Americans 48 years ago….if someone is to be held responsible in government for the deaths then the same should be applied to Israel.

I am sick of all the blind lame ass support Israel gets…..and for what?