Breaking News: Say Good-bye To Stupid!

I have been bitching about how stupid the plan was that has been proposed by the likes of McCain and Graham…..the plan is the one that would train “moderate” rebels to fight in Syria……the first two graduated classes were a joke at best…..the first lost all but 4 of its original members in days after returning to Syria….and the second class did not fight when they returned they simply gave their weapons to others and went home, whatever is left of their home…..

So what will be the future of this most unimpressive solution to the fight against Assad and ISIS?

I am so glad you asked……

The United States is dropping a $500 million Pentagon program to train Syrian rebels fighting the administration of President Bashar al-Assad, the New York Times reported on Oct. 9, citing unidentified Obama administration officials.

The newspaper said Pentagon officials were expected to announce the end of the program on Oct. 9.

Finally, someone has shown that they are capable of rational logical thinking……

Now I wait for the next great plan for Syria…..

Maybe they read all the criticism on In Saner Thought……yeah….let’s go with that answer!

Same Song…….Different Dance

As usual when it comes to foreign policy our politicians are notoriously ignorant….since the 1950’s and the Cold War the US has always fought a proxy war with first the Soviet Union and then Putin….we fought these proxy wars because no one wanted to get their hands dirty… is easier to let someone else do the fighting and the dying…..

Funny how world leaders (?) fall for the same geopolitical crap time and time again.  You would think that somewhere they would see that it has been tried before and it was a failure and back off the old stand by exercise of trying to block one political ideology or the other.

Think back to the early days of the Cold War……USSR would make a move and the US would attempt to counter it……then the US would make a move and the Russian would react……and each of these moves did little but waste time and lots of money.

Then in 1979 the USSR decided that the invasion of Afghanistan would be an excellent idea……..10 years of war and death and destruction they decided to call it a draw and go home…..wasting lives and money to no avail.  We spent millions arming the rebels that fought Russia…..Afghanistan was a proxy war….but most seem to conveniently forget that fact……after Russia departed we left Afghanistan and cut all ties and the Taleban and AQ were our rewards for stupidity…..

Now we go to Syria….you remember that corner of the world, right?

Source: Obama Lost the Middle East While Putin is Building His Own Trap There | Middle East Briefing

And now the GOP has woken up to what a lot of us have been saying for 15 years…but as usual…NO One Was Listening!

Now McCain, a Senator points to ‘abdication of American leadership’ by White House and says Putin is ‘treating US with disdain and contempt’….interesting….how long have we treated Russia with disdain and contempt?

Source: John McCain says US is engaged in proxy war with Russia in Syria | US news | The Guardian

Now it is a proxy war…before it was just keeping the peace of the world…..

God I love these guys!

But with all that said and laughed at….there is still more to the story……

Source: Defining Imperialism Down: Yes, the US Has Waged War on Syria | Rogue Nation

You see Syria has been in the cross hairs of American politicos for decades……only difference is….someone finally pulled the trigger!

Will There Be A New Plan?

I have been writing for months if not years about the ineptitude of the US plan for Syria…..others have joined in that criticism…..this whole plan of airstrikes and the training and arming ‘moderate’ rebels was just a short-sighted band-aid that would, never be successful…..

Recent events have shown that my prediction was accurate….the massive airstrikes in Syria has produced nothing that could be pointed to and called a success….then there is the ‘moderate’ rebel thing…..rebels trained and returned to Syria are either captured immediately or the cut and run at the first sign of opposition….not the success that the war party and Obama had predicted…..

The big wheels have retired to their lairs and licked their wounds and tried to think of the next big plan to fight ISIS and save Syria…..

The news these days is an old reliable tactic of a “no fly zone” over Syria… seems that Assad has his air force drop barrel bombs on the population and now Russia has entered the fray and attacked the rebels fighting Assad (not a good idea to the US)… appears that Turkey has decided to join the air campaign against their enemies….the Kurds…..

So basically the major players are all fighting a different foe….and in all that confusion the best idea they have is a no fly zone…..seriously?

What is a “no fly zone”?

The general term no-fly zone means different things in different countries. Broadly speaking, a no-fly zone is an airspace in which aircraft are forbidden. Acknowledged as a step towards war, the declaration of a no-fly zone is quite similar to a demilitarized zone in that encroaching on the territory could justify military retaliation.

That sounds like a good idea, right?

Check out a detailed report on the “no-fly zone” scenario…….

Source: A Syrian No Fly Zone: Options and Constraints | United States Institute of Peace

There is one draw back……..No-fly zones don’t have to apply to military engagements.  Take a moment and think about that statement……(pause here for reflection)……

How would that work in Syria?  Since all planes flying are conducting a military engagement in one form or another.  What happens if no one lives by the no-fly ruling?  Could this be the start of something big?  Nerves will be on the ragged edge…….in a short amount of time things are already tense……

A Russian military aircraft was too close for comfort in the skies above Syria, forcing two US F-16s to move out of the way and scuttling their mission, CNN reports. The Pentagon made the announcement Wednesday but would only say the incident occurred in the past few days. All US pilots have been warned to keep 20 nautical miles away from any Russian plane over Syria. With Russia beginning airstrikes in country Wednesday, NBC News states there is “the greatest threat of an accidental clash between Russian and Western forces since the Cold War.” According to the network, it’s the first time Russian and US military aircraft are flying combat missions over the same country since WWII.

CNN reports the F-16s were on their way from Turkey to a location near an ISIS stronghold, but the mission had to be called off after the Russian plane forced them to divert. The US and Russia are still working on coming up with mutual rules for flight safety over Syria. According to USA Today, the Pentagon met with Russia about flight rules last Thursday but are still waiting on a second meeting. “We will keep the channel open because it’s a matter of safety and security for our pilots,” Pentagon spokesperson Jeff Davis says. CNN reports Russia has a history of intercepting US aircraft, and the Pentagon wants to be extra cautious until mutual rules are in place.

The War Party is a big proponent of this tactic….from McCain to Rubio to Trump (God who knows what this douche thinks)  and now Hillary Clinton (that should be very telling of her foreign policy in the future).

The big plus of this is to protect the population from death and destruction……if true how will it protect them from the ground forces of ISIS?

Personally, this sounds like another band-aid for a sucking chest wound……..or the worst case scenario is a beginning of another “Cuban” stand-off……..and finally the unthinkable……

Any thoughts?

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Don’t Underestimate Free Syrian Army

Well I awoke breathing so that “end of days” prediction was about as worthless as the morons that predicted it……

Shall we move on to real news and real situations?

We all have heard of the Free Syrian Army (FSA)… the beginning of the US interests on the Syrian situation the FSA was what would become known as the “moderate” rebels…….that was in the beginning…..then it morphed into some moronic debate on who was the purist of intentions……and that dialog was load by the war hawks and their constant barrage of “moderate” rebel BS.

There then was a massive debate on just who were we going to suppoprt in this fight….but first the confusion of who to fight was it Assad, AQ, ISIS or a whole wealth of random entities….just who was the true enemy?

There is a story in the HuffPo that sorta covers this big foreign policy mystery….the true moderate rebels……read on…..

Source: Syria, the Times and the Mystery of the “Moderate Rebels” | David Bromwich

My regular readers will know that I follow war, almost ALL wars very closely…..and that the western media seldom covers the conflicts properly….they give the American people just enough information to call it news…..details are seldom part of the report……

In other words the media is used as a tool to tamp down any information that could lead to a strong anti-war movement….without information the protesters have very little to go on to tailor their protests… is a brilliant piece of propaganda……apparently the government learned a valuable lesson from Vietnam and the free access to the war…….

Any way with that little rant out of the way I can get back to the main thought of this post……

I spend a lot of time reading Middle East news sources and getting information we seldom hear or read in this country……and the story I am getting is that the FSA is not the bumbling pack of incompetents they they have been portrayed as here in the US………

This is a report written by Al-Monitor, a Middle East news site……

What is more, the state-owned media have ignored the revolution throughout its four years, and have failed to acknowledge that army soldiers are defecting. These soldiers have become the pillars of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the revolution’s military wing. The regime says only that it is fighting against extremist groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra and IS. It is as though these groups control all Syrian territories, and the Syrian army is battling against them day and night.

However, the reality is much different. Anyone who follows what is actually happening on the ground knows that there are no battles between the Syrian army and IS. The areas IS controls were won through short battles for wide spaces and large warehouses. This was the case in Palmyra, where IS confiscated the second-largest ammunition warehouse in Syria.

Meanwhile, the FSA is completely dismissed when it comes to media coverage. It was formed early in the revolution and developed into an army defending civilians in regions outside the regime’s control. From a defense group, it grew to become an attack force and took over areas previously controlled by the regime.

Source: Don’t underestimate Free Syrian Army – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

The FSA will be playing a roll in any settlement of the Syrian conflict….to ignore them and dismiss them outright is doing a grave injustice to the Syrian opposition and the Syrian people.

You now have information at your finger tips….do with it as you see fit……and I fear as usual NOTHING will be done with the information.

The readers of IST are the best informed people in the blogosphere….if it is international you will find it here!

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One Door Closes And Another One Opens

I have waited for a couple of days before I posted this……I wanted see how many pundits made the connection… far not many.

I realize that I may watch international situations more than most but after all the slogans, accusations and innuendos you would think more would be said about the Russian thing in the Middle East……

The media covered the Russian primary airstrikes against targets in Syria and there was some debate on whether they were fighting ISIS or the anti-Assad rebels……all that is just ducky….but what about their other conflict that was all the news 6 months ago……Ukraine.

You remember Ukraine, right?

That “square” country just South of Russia……you know where pro-Russian rebels have been fighting the Ukrainian army in the East of the country…..ring any bells?

At least I can depend on the UK press (the Guardian) for some info….may not always be as accurate as I would like… least it reports stuff……

As Russia ratchets up military action in Syria, the fighting in east Ukraine is winding down. The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany will meet in Paris on Friday for talks on Ukraine, and while a lasting political solution still seems some way off, there is confidence on all sides that the military action could finally be over, a year after the first ill-fated, and largely ignored, ceasefire agreement was signed in Minsk, Belarus.

With all sides tired of military conflict, the most likely outcome appears to be Moscow pushing the territories back to Ukraine legally, with an ensuing period of uncertain peace as both Moscow and Kiev decide how far they are ready to compromise on their goals.

Putin is weary of the conflict in the Donetsk region and is looking for a way out of the situation……it is costing him lots of cash and he needs to spread the wealth around……but there is the possibility of a settlement in Ukraine……

“If Ukraine gives the regions special status, a full amnesty, recognises the rebel forces as a ‘people’s militia’ and gives the regions the right to its own cultural policy and special economic relations with Russian regions, then we would give the Ukrainians back control of the border.”

With this incident winding down….he, Putin, looks West… Syria.

In Syria Putin can openly use his military instead of the covert ops he was pulling in Ukraine…..basically, he can flex his military muscle and reshape the Middle East if he is successful.

If he, Putin, is successful in Syria then he can always return to Ukraine at a later date and commence his muscle flexing exercises.  His opportunities are almost limitless.

The Vlad and Yuri Show

Kinda early for a stroll down memory lane, right?………but what the Hell…..I am going to feed you history until it comes out your ears…..and you will thank me at a later date……

A historical perspective of what Putin is trying to do within Syria……it appears that Putin is using some of the same techniques that his mentor in the KGB years ago in Afghanistan…..

The whole world is wondering just what Putin is really up to in Syria and his pledge to fight ISIS……this should give all a good look at his intentions…..

Source: Vlad and Yuri: How Putin is applying the lessons of Afghanistan to Syria – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Old habits die a hard death!

Conflict News #1

The US is up to its butt in conflicts….yet the media has no time to report the news from these battlefields…..nope they had rather give the public mind numbing bullsh*t……like Brady’s balls or some hi-speed chase in Stupidville……or what dilettante musician is doing with his/her time……worthless info that Americans crave…..

I guess it is up to me to give the public the news the MSM never has the nuts to deliver…..all the Conflict News you can use……

1–Pentagon has made a momentous decision that should have been made months ago…..

Though an official announcement on the matter has not been made yet, reports are emerging that the Pentagon has suspended the “train and equip” program intended to create a new faction of “pro-US” Syrian rebels, which has been dubbed the New Syrian Forces (NSF).

If the first class was a failure, the second class was embarrassingly so, with the group almost immediately surrendering its weapons and vehicles to al-Qaeda. Centcom today released further details about the chain of events leading to this surrender.

Better late than never….or so they say.

2–Our war in Libya is not going as well as we had anticipated in the beginning…..Libya has sunk into a deep civil war……but after over 2 years of fighting the combatants have possibly found a way to work together…..

The Western-backed Libyan government in Tobruk and the Tripoli-based government are moving closer to some sort of power-sharing agreement, according to UN officials familiar with the ongoing talks, and have reached a basic “consensus” on the main points of how it will work.

Details aren’t being released on this framework agreement, but both sides are to submit a list of names for possible candidates in key positions in the unity government, including a list of prime ministers who would be agreeable to them.

Is it possible that they found a way to end their conflict without the US?  Would be a new trend if they have…….

3–Now Yemen……Saudis and their Gulf monarch buddies have been pounding Yemen for months and NO one cares…..

The Coalition is meant to be the first exercise of a GCC ‘rapid deployment force’ advised discreetly by Israeli and American officers. Such coordination in the attack of an Arab country is novel. How has this been marketed? The rage provoked by the deaths of the invading GCC forces in Mar`ib suggests that Yemen was dreamt of as a training programme for wars modelled on recent Israeli ones – a war to be determined by aerial bombardment, but without the international outrage at war crimes that Israel suffers.

But the real answer for the silence can be put a better way…….”the GCC can buy a lot of media, weapons, and people.”

4–Remember the “Sunni Awakening” in Iraq……we shortened it to the Surge….a way for the US to deal with the expansion of radicals in Anbar province…..but could such a program succeed in Afghanistan?

Source: Is an ‘Afghan Awakening’ the solution? – Al Jazeera English

5–It seems that ISIS is the number enemy at least for now, of the US….if that is true why has this news not been reported more widely……..

Early reports of ISIS trying to establish an affiliate in Afghanistan were mostly downplayed by the US and other Western powers, who believed the group to be little more than a handful of disaffected Taliban commanders trying to get international attention. That the rare ISIS activity was all fighting against Taliban rivals seemed to support that.

………the latest reports suggest that only about 10% of the ISIS force inside Afghanistan is Taliban defectors, and that the group’s parent organization in Iraq and Syria has sent roughly 70 seasoned commanders to serve as the leadership core of this growing branch.

The ability to recruit Taliban defectors might be growing with the latest leadership disputes in that group, but ISIS’ ability to form an almost entirely new group with so little cross-over with a Taliban insurgency that’s been in place for decades suggests they are resonating with a whole new group of peoples, and could be a hugely complicating matter in the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan

6–Finally…..We are failing against ISIS….could it be that our tactics are well known in advance?

Abu Omar al-Shishani, the red-bearded face of ISIS terror lately described in such headlines as ‘Star pupil’: Pied piper of ISIS recruits was trained by U.S. for the fact that he received American military training as part of an elite Georgian army unit in 2006 and after, did not stop playing for “team America” once he left his home country in the Caucuses. He actually enjoyed US backing and American taxpayer largesse as late as 2013, soon after entering Syria with his band of Chechen jihadists.

7–We have conflicts on top of conflicts…..and that is not the bad news…..

#AceNewsReport – Oct.01: The continuing financing of all US military operations by continuing resolution and not through a proper budget is generating a $38 billion deficit, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said in a press briefing on Wednesday.

How many more conflicts can the US afford?


You are welcome……

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