ISIS Coalition SITREP #82

The war against ISIS has fallen victim to the normal media tactic……make it mundane and the viewer will stop tuning in and they can move on top less important issues……this is still a WAR!

The battle against ISIS continues…..although the situation in Yemen has suck the life out of news from Iraq and Syria…….but the battle continues.

The battle for Tikrit went well……the combined forces of Iraqi army and Shi’a militias and airstrikes helped the enemy to be driven from the town……

1–ISIS is now attacking on several fronts in Anbar province…….

In a surprise assault, Islamic State fighters captured three villages outside Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province 100 miles south of Tikrit, and pushed to within 500 yards of a key government center in the northeastern section of the city, one of the few population centers in Anbar still under government control.

2–A week ago ISIS attacked and overran the refugee camp of Yarmouk in Syria……

The ISIS takeover of the Yarmouk Refugee Camp in metro Damascus lasted only a little over a week. They are now said to have lost most of the camp, withdrawing to neighboring Hajar al-Aswad, amid repeated skirmishes with Aknaf al-Maqdis, a Hamas ally.

However the camp is not out of danger yet…..ISIS has been replaced by an AQ ally and may be just as harsh as ISIS.

3–There are reports that the success against ISIS are all true and they may be losing the war……….

Since the US airstrikes started last August, ISIS’s territorial ambitions have been significantly disrupted. The Iraqi army, the Kurdish peshmerga, and Shia militias (which are often sponsored by Iran) have been pushing them back. This is why many analysts are confident ISIS will soon lose it territory in Iraq and once again end up where it started a year ago, a delusional group of hardened warriors festering in the chaos of a Syrian civil war.

4–Off again……On again…….The Saudis ended airstrikes in Yemen on 22 April and restarted it on 23 April……while they pounded the Houthis in the West of the country…..thge US is drone attacking AQ and ISIS in the East…….

5–The battle with ISIS rages in the North and the West of Iraq…….and the bombs still blow up civilians in Baghdad center…….daily death and destruction…..

6–Suicide bombers and IEDs are still the rule of the day across Iraq…..but indications point to a stalemate with ISIS….push here….retreat there…..not much is being accomplished other than the waste of resources…….

Sadly this is the best I can do with the battle against ISIS…..hopefully the focus will once again be on the death and destruction in the Middle East……

Thanx for your time and attention…..I will return when more news is available…..

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Syria: The Next Stroke Out For The GOP

This past week the news has been all about the trade agreement, Loretta is confirmed and a hostage was killed in Pakistan by a drone attack……plus a wealth of political theater for 2016……with all that to confuse the public a small story was reported and few if any noticed…….

The world has been watching the USA and the game that its politicians are playing with the nuke deal that the P5+1 negotiated with Iran.  However it was not a surprise to us political analyst….if anything it was predictable.

Hyper-partisan thinking has eliminated any real progress coming from the Congress….so if the Obama team got a good deal from the Iranians it would not matter for the deal would not be acceptable to the Republicans in Congress and especially not for the conservative media.

While the War Hawks are dashing to cameras to diss the deal and in some cases threaten Iran with military force…..there is another bit of news that has not quite made it to the ears of politicians……that news is that there possibly be some cooperation between the US and Iran on a plan for Syria.


Reuters is reporting that there is a possibility of some form of cooperation in the works…..the US State Department has not ruled out this work for the “stability of the region”…….

The State Department still surprised many, saying they were open to the possibility of talking to Iran about “regional stability” centering on Syria, saying they would allow Iran to participate in Syrian peace talks if they made unnamed policy changes.

The UN already announced last week that they intend to invite Iran to the next round of peace talks, with or without the American imprimatur. That the State Department is willing to countenance this at all, instead of just railing at it, suggests some progress.

I waited after hearing the news…….waited for the proverbial outcry of disapproval……..and waited and still nothing……to say I was disappointed would be an understatement……but then I realized that it was only a comment or a suggestion and no real meetings have occurred……and that is where they are silent.

Now if and when a solution after meeting with Iran for Syria then the kooks from the War Hawk party will come out of the woodwork and once again be on the attack.

From the sidelines the Gulf Nations and Israel will exert all their influence to stop any solution that will include Iran.  I expect them to use the conflict in Yemen to help sell their points.  Since according to the Saudis the Houthi rebels are being supplied and trained by Iran and they will of course want to point out that Iran is responsible for much of the instability in the Middle East……..that is their story they will stick to it!

The US needs to be honest……..they have NO unearthly idea how to handle Syria.  Their plan seems to be to throw lots of manure4 at the wall and see what sticks.

NBC’s Conduct in Engel Kidnapping Story is More Troubling than the Brian Williams Scandal – The Intercept

As one who spends a lot of time with the Middle East and events that occur I like Richard Engel….he knows the region and he speaks Arabic so he can interview people without using a go between….

I heard some rumblings about his kidnapping last summer…..some of them were disturbing……….

I recall when I saw the news that he and his team had been kidnapped in Syria I was concerned….journalist have not been too fortunate in Syria and Iraq…..and then he was “rescued”……

Now a story has come out about that kidnapping and NBC… is a disturbing story at that……..while Engel still has my respect and confidence I cannot say the same for NBC……..they are starting to show the same lack of professional journalism as CNN has shown…….


NBC’s Conduct in Engel Kidnapping Story is More Troubling than the Brian Williams Scandal – The Intercept.

ISIS Coalition SITREP #81

Events in the battle against ISIS have been overshadowed by other situations… a plane crash…..religious intolerance……you know menial crap!

I want to keep my readers ahead of the game as far as the Middle East goes…….

Item 1–The battle for the Northern Iraqi city of Tikirt is over….at least that is what the Iraqis are saying…..but is it?

Iraqi officials are bragging about a “magnificent victory” over ISIS in Tikrit, and the “liberation” of the Sunni city from foreign Islamists. The liberation looks an awful lot like another ugly occupation.

Shi’ite militias that led the offensive against Tikrit are now carrying out lynchings, insisting the people they are summarily executing are ISIS sympathizers, dragging their bodies through the streets on parade.

Then there’s the looting. The militias are gleefully running amok in Tikrit, ransacking stores and private residences, and burning homes seemingly for the run of it.

It is getting uglier by the week in Iraq….

Item 2–The Iraqis are getting cocky thanx to the ‘win’ in Tikrit…….

Iraqi officials are brimming with confidence after the capture of the city of Tikrit from ISIS. Don’t let the ugly round of lynchings and looting fool you, they’re seeing it as a trend.

Now, Iraq is ordering their military to wipe out ISIS nationwide by the end of the year, with military sources saying the aim was to have them in full retreat “within a few months.

Me thinks that these people have gotten a bit over-confident……

Item 3–ISIS has entered into a Palestinian refugee camp and fighting is heavy in Syria…….

A surprise Wednesday offensive by ISIS saw them taking a large portion of the Yarmouk refugee camp in metro Damascus, and on Thursday they’d lost most of it back in the face of opposition from Palestinian fighters.

Within hours, ISIS launched a counter-counteroffensive, and had regained portions of the camp that they’d lost, leaving them in control of an unspecified, but significant, percentage of it.

The PLO is doing the fighting and doing the dying……..

Could the PLO and Hamas become willing partners in the fight against ISIS?

Item 4–The big plan for combating ISIS is the arming and training of Syrian rebels….but just how effect will this be?

U.S. military officials had been vetting the first unit of Syrian fighters slated to join a new force to be trained by the United States and allied nations. But when violence flared up in the unit’s home area, the fighters made a decision to stay home and defend their communities, forcing U.S military officials to line up an alternate unit.

That last-minute scramble delayed the launch of the training program by several weeks to sometime in May, military officials said. It is also a sign of the obstacles the United States and its allies face as they try to build a rebel force, from a distance, in the midst of Syria’s civil war.

A senior military official said that training preparations had been held up “due to the fluid environment in Syria” but were now moving ahead. Training sites will eventually be opened in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan.

Maybe it is time to re-evaluate this whole damn plan….it is met with delay after delay…….a substantially well trained force looks to be further away than when the situation began.

Item 5–The next great battle, according to the Iraqi officials, is Mosul, the largest city that ISIS has taken in its run up to today……..but there is a problem brewing in the plan for Mosul…….

TIKRIT, Iraq – Mosul’s exiled governor Atheel Nujaifi ruled out any role for the Hashd al-Shaabi Shiite militia in the battle for Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city and ISIS’ Iraq stronghold since the militants captured it 10 months ago.

After a crucial role in liberating Tikrit from ISIS, fighting alongside the Iraqi Army, the militia’s leaders have been eyeing the bigger anticipated battle for Mosul.

The presence of Hashd al-Shaabi in Mosul will cause sectarian tensions. The Iraqi government already agreed to exclude the group in the Mosul operation,” Nujaifi told Rudaw.

Sectarian in-fighting can be as harmful to Iraq as ISIS……..

Item 6–With the relative success of the Iraqi Army and militias the world seems to think that it will be Mosul as the next ‘big’ action…..but is it?

The success in liberating Tikrit presents Iraqi leaders with their next choice — determining when to begin operations to retake Mosul and Anbar. According to most predictions, the next battle will be in Anbar, because that confrontation does not require the degree of political consensus that will be necessary before the battle for Mosul can get underway.

Although the tribes in Anbar will partner with Iraqi forces, Mosul’s situation is more complex because of an overlapping of Kurdish peshmerga forces with units being trained by Atheel al-Nujaifi, the Mosul governor, with the help of Turkey and the United States. The participation of the PMU at Tikrit required taking a number of factors into consideration. It was difficult to devise an arrangement for coordinating the popular forces and the international support being provided. Developing an effective configuration of forces in Anbar will necessitate reaching understandings with the various tribes in the province.

Since Anbar is mostly Sunni region and the militias are mostly Shi’a then this could turn into a massive sectarian problem…..we will watch!
THat ends today’s briefing……more to come as the battles heat up…..right now people in US as well as the media, do not care about the events unfolding in Iraq or Syria……but that could change tomorrow…..
THanx for your time and attention……..
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Palestinians In The News Again

This time it is not Israel trying to bomb them out of existence…..nope….this time it is those savages of ISIS that brings Palestinians to the news……

ISIS in its battle for Syria has attacked a Palestinian refugee camp outside of Damascus…..the Yarmouk Camp.  The battle for the camp is just as confusing as any other battle we are having with ISIS……

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) said on Tuesday that Islamic State (IS) militants have retreated from parts of Yarmouk, the largest camp for Palestinian refugees in Syria.

“IS now controls only 60 percent of Yarmouk camp after they had seized 90 percent of it,” Anwar Abdel-Hadi, who oversees the PLO’s affairs in Syria, told Palestine’s official radio station on Tuesday.

Abdel-Hadi said that clashes are still ongoing between IS militants and Palestinian fighters inside Yarmouk camp.

“[IS] militants are firing at anyone who tries to enter or exit the camp,” he said.

Thousands of Palestinians live in Yarmouk, the descendants of Palestinians who fled Israel upon the establishment of the state in 1948.

They are now caught between a rock and a hard place: on the one hand Bashar Assad’s air force is launching barrel bombs in the area in an attempt to eliminate his opponents, and on the other side is fierce fighting between rebel groups – the brutal Islamic State and the Al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s arm in the country. The PLO reported Sunday that 2,000 people have been evacuated from Yarmouk – but thousands of others refuse to leave

This situation could be a good thing…..not that killing of innocents is a good thing……but rather a chance to reach out to Hamas and other Palestinian organizations…….we need people we can turn to to fight ISIS and the massacre of civilians in a refugee camp could be a opening that could lead to much broader situations in the Middle East……..the support for Palestiians now could very well be a turning point for the conflict with ISIS and an in-road to some sort of peace negotiations that could very well be successful……

The Syrian Palestinians need help……we need reliable help fighting ISIS……sounds like the perfect time to talk……

ISIS Wants a Truce – The Daily Beast

The war against ISIS seems to be going in the right direction…….there have been successes by the Coalition and also by ISIS to a smaller degree……but let’s say that we continue to make headway in the battle against this extremism…..could there be a possibility of a truce with ISIS?

I say NO…..but I have heard some suggest that there should be a consideration of a truce to stop the carnage…….not too damn likely….but a helluva idea to float in these days of little reliable info coming out of the Middle East……

You read this?  Then what say you?


ISIS Wants a Truce – The Daily Beast.

Train The Syrian Rebels……Then What?

All the canker sores in the Congress think that the answer to the problems in Syrian is the training of the rebels so they can effectively take on Assad and his troops…….they have the problem of trying to sort out which group of rebels will be the best and most effective…….(be honest….they have NO idea which ones to train)……but let’s say that they come up with a proper algorithm to pick the most deserving of the rebellious Syrians and we set about train them in the proper use of weapons and military tactics……eventually we turn them lose on the Syrian countryside to do battle with the Assad forces……what is the US position once the training is over and we have a full blown war going on?

I am so glad that you asked that one simple question..,……

During a Senate hearing when asked but the Syrian situation…..Gen. Austin let the truth be known…….

Testifying at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing today, Centcom commander Gen. Lloyd Austin warned that while the US had decided to go ahead with creating and training a new rebel force in Syria, they as yet have no plans to actually support those rebels after they’re trained and returned to Syria.

Gen. Austin said it was expected the rebels would need help with logistics, intelligence and air support, but that there was no policy in place to provide any of those things yet.

So basically the US will do what it did in Afghanistan in the 80’s…….we will train you but then you are on your own…….

It is a constant amazement to me the depth of the stupidity of our foreign policy…..I cannot blame it all on Obama…..we have been international morons for decades…..only it has gotten much worse in the last 20 years…….and Americans keep show surprise when our foreign policy blows up in our faces……spend less time on Reality TV and more learning about the world and your surprises will be lessened.