The US Hand in the Syrian Mess | Consortiumnews

There is a mounting evidence that the troubles in Syria has American hands all over it……

Is it possible that all the suffering that is being lived by the Syrian people could be on the hands of the US?

Of course this is something that will never make it to the MSM………for that would be actually reporting the news instead they prefer to regurgitate whatever the government tells them to do…..

Americans will not ever know the truth of things unless they are willing to do some searching for that truth…….and truth should be our only concern… matter what it reveals……


The US Hand in the Syrian Mess | Consortiumnews.

Cut The Head Off The Snake!

Once the Us started its attacks within the borders of Syria we were told that AQ had a super group of terrorists called the “Khorasan Group”…..the Seal Team 6 of AQ……we were told all about their activities and their possible future actions……..

The only problem is in an interview of a commander of al-Nusra, an AQ affiliate in Syria he told the world that there was NO such group within their organization….from, the beginning I wrote that I doubted their existence that this was just a piece of propaganda to build support for the indiscriminate bombing of Syria……

Even though there are few people that believe the existence of “Khorasan” news leaked out yesterday……..

Pentagon officials are claiming that Muhsin al-Fadhli, an al-Qaeda figure who they accuse of being a leader of the “Khorasan” faction, was killed in a US airstrike earlier this month in the Aleppo Province of northern Syria.

US officials have claimed Fadhli was the target of several previous airstrikes against al-Qaeda, and had speculated in the past that he was killed. Al-Qaeda’s Syria faction, Jabhat al-Nusra, has not indicated whether or not the Kuwaiti-borned Fadhli was targeted or killed.

Like so many other “terrorist” leaders we have killed him for the second time……there is no confirmation that the man is dead and definitely NO confirmation of the group called “Khorasan”….but that does not stop the Pentagon from spreading false information….

We will have to wait and see if this person is truly dead or just another ghost in the wind like so many others have been in the past.  But the best part is that the Pentagon continues to push a lie on the American public……..

Training Day

Nope not that movie that was popular about a decade ago…..this is about the plan to train “moderate” rebels to fight in Syria against ISIS and Assad……

The original plan was to train about 5000 rebels to act as the hammer against our enemies in the Middle East……..everybody in Washington is on board with this plan of the grand strategy…… began in May of this year and is not the answer to our problem in Syria…….

The United States has only trained approximately 60 Syrian rebel fighters as of July 3, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, saying the number is “much smaller” than the administration hoped to train at this point.

The low numbers are blamed on a strict vetting process that includes ensuring the fighters are committed to combat ISIS, as opposed to the Assad regime, and passing a counter-intelligence screening.

“We make sure that they, for example, aren’t going to pose a green-on-blue threat to their trainers; that they don’t have any history of atrocities,” Carter said.

The military is currently vetting 7,000 volunteers. The goal of the program is to train 3,000 to 5,000 fighters per year, a far cry away from 60 being trained now.

At this rate my 12 year old granddaughter will be having to deal with this war when she is grown…… have said that this is not the best idea to “defeat” ISIS……

The problem is there seems to be NO good idea to defeat ISIS……everything proposed has built in a degree of failure……

While I was putting the finishing touches on this post I got word about the rebels that we have been training in Turkey to fight in Syria……..

New reports out of Turkey are that the struggling US training mission, aimed at creating a new Syrian rebel faction, has borne its first fruit, and the first US-trained rebels have entered Syria, awash in US weapons.

A convoy of vehicles crossed into Syria from neighboring Turkey, and are being called the “New Syrian Force” by Pentagon officials. 30 vehicles strong, the force amounts to 54 fighters with some rudimentary training and some pricey US aid.

Glad to see the program is starting to show some results…..but…..54 rebels?  I do not think that 54 fighters will make much difference against ISIS and/or Assad

Our “plan” to fight in Syria gets more pathetic as the weeks pass…….if we are to do what Obama has promised….that is to “degrade and defeat ISIS”……I believe that 54 fighters may not be the best way to do that…….


Influential tribal leaders hold secret talks

I am of the mind that if there is an answer for the problems in Iraq and Syria then it should be the locals that solve the problem……

The West has been reaching out to tribal leaders in an attempt to find common ground for the fight………my problem is I do not think that the Gulf States can be trusted……they do not have a success track record….their intentions are not for the security of the region but rather their self interests……..

I would warn the tribal leaders to be wary of the Gulf States intentions……


Isis in Syria: Influential tribal leaders hold secret talks with Western powers and Gulf states over possibility of mobilising against militants.

Institutionalization Of Conflict–Page 2

An alternate title could be…..”Time To Re-Think Dictators?”

A few years ago I wrote a piece on the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis entitled “Institutionalization Of Conflict”……now that the battle for the hearts and minds in the Middle East by ISIS I feel I need to expand on my assumptions…….

The US has a long history of siding with dictators until it is inconvenient to do so……think Iran, Guatemala, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Syria and others that have escaped my memory……once we turn our backs on them then the whole region comes tumbling down…..kinda like the walls of Jericho, well actually there is NO historical evidence that ever happened.  Once we withdraw our support then violence and destruction is the rewards for our inaction…….civilians always pay the price for our geopolitical maneuvering….

Our constant interventions have cost the country dearly……and that interventionism has cost the people of the countries we deal with even more in deaths and destruction.

Our ‘war’ on dictators has accomplished little over the years…..Saddam was our friend, Mubarak was our friend and threw them under the bus at the first signs of conflict……then there is Qaddafi never was a friend but at the first signs of conflict the CIA trots out their agent in Gen. Haftar to take over the control of rebel factions in the early days of the Libyan revolt… there is Syria and Assad, a scenario still in motion.

My point is that the dictators that were our friends and then they weren’t……… the countries are in constant turmoil…..the loss of life and property is enormous.

Staring in 2001 with the attacks on the Twin Towers…..the US made it official….they were going to institutionalize conflict.  There is a case to be made that the attacks in Afghanistan were legit and warranted….but in 2003 the US decided that Saddam had to go and every possible angle was used to justify the invasion….chem weapons, AQM, on and on……there has never been any proof of any of the allegations to justify the attack.

Of course some could use the Cold War as the beginning of the institutionalization of conflict…..the US had proxies back in those days that would glad do the fighting for the US……those days are gone.  The Military-Industrial Complex (M-IC) had to find away to keep their fingers in foreign policy and the rise of AQ was such an opportunity.

Under the guise of democracy these influential companies made more war possible and to the point that it will be continuous.  The best problem with fighting terrorism is that the planners look to the past for answers in the future…..the same can be said about the Israel-Palestine conflict……there will never be a solution as long as the past is used as a model.  And so it is with the fight against terror.  The reason there a few good answers in this fight is that the people making the plans have NO idea what the enemy is like or capable of doing.

Back to the premise…….

The area known as The :Levant has been a hot bed of violence, rebellion and chaos for centuries…..from many peoples and various empires to the Abbasids to the Ottomans to Mandates of early 20th century to the US and its 2 invasions…….all that history that is too extensive to chronicle here ……… (suggestion…if intersected the Google machine will help)………

The point being that the only times of relative calm and quiet is when a strong man was in charge…..i e a dictator.

We have seen what happens when the US aides in the demise of a dictator in the Middle East and/or North Africa…….

As evidence that a dictatorship isn’t the worst scenario, Ken Roth cites the case of Syria, where autocracy’s ostensible calm has given way to mass slaughter. Yet Roth’s answer is for the west to get tough on Assad, perhaps with military action, which would only extend and deepen the war. I draw a different conclusion while applying the same there-are-things-worse-than-dictatorship lesson. The answer to the war in Syria is peace in Syria, a negotiated settlement under which Assad or a successor remains in power. This appears to be the approach favored by a strong majority of Syrians, who back Assad according to all available information. Data compiled last year by Western activists (and given to NATO) found that 70% of Syrians support Assad over foreign-backed rebels. That is, they’ve chosen dictatorship over war.

I’m not suggesting that dictatorships are acceptable. People need governments much better than corrupt, torturing (and great-power appeasing) autocracies. But they won’t get them through western imperialism masquerading as revolution, or through “solidarity” that comes in the form of hellfire missiles. “We” must help those under attack by the dictator, says the humanitarian hawk, but the “we” in question is the US government, and the US government — bent on division, destruction, and domination — is never the friend of democratic movements. In both Libya and Syria, we can see all too vividly what results when relatively weak uprisings get assistance from (are hijacked by) imperial forces, and, yes, it’s worse than what existed before. People living in repression need indigenous movements powerful enough both to dislodge regimes and to reject the insidious help of western countries. There are no shortcuts.  (thanx to Rogue Nation and David Mizner)……

We may not want to admit it…..because of our love for democracy and the belief it can cure all ills……but in a society that has NO experience in the functions of a democratic society a dictator may be the only thing that stands between violence and relative calm…..

Middle East – Are there any ‘moderate’ rebel groups left in Syria? – France 24

It is the beginning of another election cycle and because of that we will hear hour upon hour of GOP chest thumping about ISIS and the defeat of extremism……none of which will be accurate but it does make for some wonderful applause moments……

Of course their answer is that we, the US, must support the “moderate” rebels in their fight against Assad and ISIS…..the problem with their argument is just which rebel faction is the “moderates” that we need to support…….

This article may have the answer we all are searching for in our research to find an answer to the ISIS problem…….


Middle East – Are there any ‘moderate’ rebel groups left in Syria? – France 24.

AQ’s SEAL Team 6

I do not know if many Americans remember 6 months ago when the news on every channel was the Al-Qaeda had its own version of the “best if the best” soldiers…….in case you do not….they were called Khorasan.

All the news for about 2 weeks was what this group was and what we could expect from them as far as tactics go…….many many hours of coverage was given to this group and many experts were trotted out to tell the American people what this group was capable of accomplishing…….this effort by the media and the government convinced many Americans that another 9/11 style attack was being planned……

For my part I was dubious of this report…..there was NOTHING any where in any media that would lead me to believe that there was such a group….to me it sounded like propaganda to get the American people of the side of more intervention in the Middle East…….

Over the weekend I found someone who would talk on the record about this group……..

the head of al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria gave the clearest indication yet that the group is a fabrication. In an interview conducted with Al Jazeera Arabic, Abu Muhammad al Jolani, the head of Jabhat al Nusra, said the following:

“The so-called Khorasan group, supposedly active within our ranks, doesn’t exist. We first heard about it via the media after the U.S.-led coalition bombed us. It is merely a Western invention to justify the bombings on us. There are some brothers from Khorasan who joined our strife though.”

That just confirmed my suspicion that the whole story was made up…..a lame attempt at propaganda……

Every attempt will be made to continue the people’s support of a war that is going NOWHERE!

We need to be vigilant…..check every accusation……check every “fact”…….the government has NO problem lying to the people…….it matters not the party that is in power…….

If they lied about this situation…….what else are they lying about?