Coalition ISIS ‘successes’ show no signs of halting terrorist group — RT News

WE Americans hear on occasion the successes of our air campaign against the brutality of ISIS……we hear about the bad guys killed or the number of vehicles destroyed or thew locations that are hit with C&C support for the group……

So according to the reports in our media we are holding our own against the savagery of ISIS…….

Hate to tell my readers this but we as news consumers are not always given the whole story…..just the parts that are positive……I know you are shocked right?

So really how are we doing against ISIS?


Coalition ISIS ‘successes’ show no signs of halting terrorist group — RT News.

“Will Wipe ISIS Out”!

Just recently Turkey has gone all in in the fight against ISIS……their military has started launching missions inside Syria……..

Turkey’s nascent fight against ISIS appears to be rapidly intensifying. The country has settled on the broad strokes of a plan with the US that would see the two countries come together to create an ISIS-free zone, with the US supplying warplanes and Turkey contributing troops who wouldn’t actually enter the zone but may use long-range artillery from their side of the border. That zone would stretch along 68 miles of the Syria-Turkey border, reports the Washington Post; the Guardian notes the countries share a 500-mile-long border. Syrian sources suggest the zone could stretch 25 miles into Syria. An unnamed senior US official, one of four the New York Times spoke with, says the intention is to “support partners on the ground in northern Syria”—elsewhere referred to in the Times article as “relatively moderate Syrian insurgents”—who would seize the zone from the ground.

There are a few sticky points: Which Syrian rebels will participate? (The Times points out the US had as of earlier this month trained only 60 vetted Syrian fighters.) And how exactly will the respective players’ goals sync up? For Turkey and Syria, taking out Bashar al-Assad has long been the chief priority, and both have desired the creation of a no-fly zone. The US says the zone will not be a no-fly one. And while the Post points out that the US has said its warplanes will focus only on ISIS, the plan “would also bring American planes in regular, close proximity to bases, aircraft, and air defenses operated by the Syrian government, and directly benefit opposition rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.”

The US is smiling from ear to ear to get Turkey to commit to the fight is a major coup in foreign policy……is this truly good news for the US……but while they we patting themselves on the back and having a celebratory drink Turkey did what it intended to do all along…… a piece released by CSIS Think Tank………

The fact that the Turkish change on ISIS was accompanied by a renewal of sustained airstrikes against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraq for the first time in three years makes it apparent that Turkey’s priority is the fight against the PKK rather than ISIS even though Turkish leaders have now identified them as equal threats. The Turkish bombing in Iraq further complicates the already difficult situation in that country and raises serious doubts about the future of the implicit alliance between the U.S.-led coalition and Kurdish militias –particularly the PYD in Syria which is tied to the PKK and as such perceived as a threat by Turkey immediately beyond its southern border– in the struggle against ISIS. At the same time, the bombing of PKK targets effectively ends the peace process designed to end long-standing Turkish-Kurdish tensions within Turkey and threatens to usher in the kind of violence in the Kurdish southeast not seen since the 1990’s.

OOPS!  You mean that Turkey decided to go all in to finish off the enemy of decades gone past…..the Kurds?  What happen to the ultimate evil that Is ISIS?

How will this shake out with the US?  After all the Kurds are the most successful fighters against ISIS that the US is sponsoring……..

Is Turkey truly fighting ISIS or using it as cover to exact revenge on the Kurds for decades of attacks?

An ‘Isis-free zone’ is nothing but a road to US mission creep | Emma Ashford | Comment is free | The Guardian

A new slogan has entered into the war on ISIS…….”ISIS-Free Zone”………supposedly this is an area on the Turkish border with Syria that is going to be purged of all ISIS fighters…….sounds good right?

Could this new slogan have more top do with geopolitics than Turkey’s security?  To me it does and here is why……………


An ‘Isis-free zone’ is nothing but a road to US mission creep | Emma Ashford | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Who’s Fighting ISIL in Northern Syria | Al Jazeera America

Syria is a mess…..there are more plot twists than a Guy Ritchie movie……..there are so many players and fighters that few can keep them all straight.

Just who are the players in the fight in Northern Syria…..keep in mind that these may not be the same ones as fighting in the South…….

Now you have a scorecard to keep the players straight…………..This may confuse my reader even more……but at least you will have a better idea than you have now……good luck.


Who’s Fighting ISIL in Northern Syria | Al Jazeera America.

ISIS Child Soldiers

I have been a radical mt whole life……I can sympathize with any movement and any tactic to bring about change……and that includes some violent tactics……..but there is one tactic that goes beyond the pail……the use of children.

But when ANY group uses children to do their dirty work then I have a problem and they do to…..ME!  Only COWARDS use children in war!

ISIS is in the process of training and using child soldiers…….that makes them ALL cowards!

Just like the child soldiers used in Africa…….we watched children forced to commit horrendous crimes…………people would say it was a shame but NO one cared!  NOW The same is happening in the Middle East and as usual……… we all look the other way…….now I ask which is more the COWARD?


ISIS Trains Child Soldiers at Camps for ‘Cubs of the Islamic State’ – NBC News.


ISIS Child Soldiers: Over 50 Children Fighting For Militant Group In Syria Died In 2015.

The US Hand in the Syrian Mess | Consortiumnews

There is a mounting evidence that the troubles in Syria has American hands all over it……

Is it possible that all the suffering that is being lived by the Syrian people could be on the hands of the US?

Of course this is something that will never make it to the MSM………for that would be actually reporting the news instead they prefer to regurgitate whatever the government tells them to do…..

Americans will not ever know the truth of things unless they are willing to do some searching for that truth…….and truth should be our only concern… matter what it reveals……


The US Hand in the Syrian Mess | Consortiumnews.