Syria: How Complex Could It Possibly Be?

I have tried in the past on many occasions to try and explain the complexities of what is happening in Syria……I am not sure that I have made it clear just how absurdly complex it really is……I saw this cartoon and decided to try it more more time…..

This is a fine example of what the war in Syria looks like……


This Cartoon by Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

Is it clear now?

What could possibly go wrong?

Fly The Crowded Skies Of Syria

Last Friday I wrote a post about the crowded skies over Syria and the possibility of something that could gone wrong… case you did not bother to read the post I offer it up here……

Source: The Crowded Skies Of Syria | In Saner Thought

I got some blow back on the post……nothing derogatory or insulting but since the post……. the news this morning was…..

Turkey shot down a Russian warplane Tuesday, claiming it had violated Turkish airspace and ignored repeated warnings. Russia denied that the plane crossed the Syrian border into Turkish skies. “We are looking into the circumstances of the crash of the Russian jet,” Russia’s Defense Ministry said. “The Ministry of Defense would like to stress that the plane was over the Syrian territory throughout the flight.” Russia said the Su-24 was downed by artillery fire, but Turkey claimed that its F-16s fired on the Russian plane after it ignored several warnings. The ministry said the pilots parachuted, but it added that Moscow had no further contact with them. More:

  • Video footage of the incident showed a warplane on fire before crashing on a hill and two crew members apparently parachuting safely. According to Turkey’s Dogan news agency, a Russian helicopter flew low over the Bayirbucak Turkmen region in northern Syria, searching for the two pilots.
  • A Turkish military statement said the plane entered Turkish airspace over the town of Yayladagi, in Hatay province. “Two F-16 planes on aerial patrol duty in the area intervened against the plane in question in accordance with the rules of engagement at 9:24am,” the statement said, adding that the plane had been warned 10 times in the space of five minutes.
  • Russian authorities say the plane was one of dozens flying sorties as part of the country’s bombing campaign in Syria, reports the Washington Post, which notes that since Turkey is a NATO member, the downing of the jet is bound to increase friction between Moscow and the West.
  • Reuters reports that activists say the plane crashed in a mountainous part of Syria’s Latakia province, where government forces have been fighting insurgents. A Syrian rebel group has sent Reuters video of what it says is the body of one of the Russian pilots.


But what about the crew men of the plane shot down?

The two crew ejected from the stricken plane, the Russian defence ministry said, but the fate of the pilots was not known.

A leader of Turkmen forces in the north of Syria said his men had fired on the pilots as they parachuted, killing one.

Jahed Ahmad, of the Free Syrian Army’s 10th Brigade in the Coast, told the AP news agency that the pilots had attempted to land in a Syrian government-held area.

The group published graphic video showing gunmen standing around a bruised and bloodied pilot who appeared dead.

The Turkmens in northern Syria are allied with rebel groups seeking the overthrow of Syrian president and Russian ally Bashar al-Assad.

If true this incident could be problematic on its own……

This is an incident and I believe that more could come…..there are so many players doing the same thing……it will be interesting to see how the US government spins this incident…..

I closing……. the four most beautiful words in the English language……I TOLD YOU SO!

A Peace For All Peace

Yep we Americans know everything that is happening in Syria…..let me break it down a bit…Assad is fighting the rebels and ISIS, the Kurds are fighting Assad and ISIS and now Turkey, Turkey wants Assad gone but they want to end their conflict with the Kurds that has plagued them for decades……and then there are the rebels that are fighting….the rebels….is it clear now?


In all that confusion there is a peace talk going on in Vienna……and this conference has reps from US, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran other a few others thrown in to make it look like a real negotiation… case you would like to read more about this try at a settlement…..

Source: Negotiating a “Peace” in Syria: Between Whom and for What? | Center for Strategic and International Studies

My first question is….who is speaking for Syria and the Syrian people?

Let’s say that for some reason a deal is met…..granted it is a bit of a stretch but for the sake of argument…….what about ISIS…….where does this leave the whole ISIS bad scenario?

Is this conference thing just a feel good attempt to make the world think that there is more diplomacy than there really is?

I will not pretend that I am not a supporter of trying to find a negotiated settlement…..but I do not think that this is a serious commitment to a peaceful end…..

Source: The Sham Syrian Peace Conference – Original by —

This is just what we do……pretend to end conflicts with fake peace accords… this will do nothing to solve the ISIS problem even it was a real negotiation….

Just another waste of time while people continue to die……

But these meetings in Vienna will help decide who will be a good guy and who will be a bad guy……

With some 20 countries sending representatives to Vienna for weekend talks on Syria, one of the main focuses will be on a global list of “terrorist groups” active within Syria, aimed at settling which groups will be allowed into future unity talks and which are to be excluded.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond predicted a lot of “horse trading” in the compilation of the list, but said virtually everyone, including the US, was likely to end up with some allies on the list who they have to sever ties with.

Though details on who is likely to end up on the terror list weren’t released, Hammond predicted major Saudi pushback for the inclusion of some of the more overt Sunni Islamist factions, like Ansar al-Sham, who they’ve been bankrolling for years.

The list’s primary use will be in deciding who to eventually invite to the talks by process of elimination, but inclusion on the terror list could also turn some currently fashionable allies for some countries into virtual pariahs, and turn some of the less significant groups that manage to avoid the list into more important players.

There the games begin!

Side note:  Minutes before this post was to publish I got word about the negotiations….Kerry says Syria could be ‘weeks away’ from transition

I will remain suspicious until there is more …….

France Retaliates

The whole world is reeling from the latest terrorist attacks in Paris that has killed at least 120 people….do I need to capsulize the attacks or were you caring enough to follow the news?

I will assume that you have seen all the news pertaining to this attack….. (sadly I have been mistaken before)……

How many presidential wannabes ran for a camera to make a statement?  That is disgusting….but then I expect nothing less than disgusting from Republicans……

Moving on…….

France decided to respond after the attacks…..(and the peasants danced)…….

Two days after coordinated terror attacks killed 129 people in Paris, France is said to be conducting “massive” airstrikes against two jihadi sites in Raqqa, Syria. A French defense official tells CNN that twelve aircraft dropped 20 bombs on Raqqa—which ISIS considers the capital of its caliphate—targeting a training camp, recruitment center, ammunition storage base, and command center. He described the attacks as successful. Meanwhile, as police launched an international manhunt for a key suspect in the Paris attacks, French officials say police had already found him near the border, but released him after an ID check. French police broadcast the name and image of Salah Abdeslam, a 26-year-old born in Brussels, across Europe, warning that he is very dangerous.

The retaliation begs two questions to be asked……

One, France attacked a training camp, recruitment center, ammunition storage base, and command center…….now the question is….if they knew these targets existed before then why were they not eliminated prior to the attacks?

Two, what is going on in Belgium?  If I recall correctly the “Hebdo” attackers were traced back to Belgium and now the latest Paris attackers are linked to Belgium…..WTF?  Is it possible that more attention should be given to the doings in Belgium?

Could this tragedy have been prevented if they had acted earlier to destroy known ISIS targets?

Two excellent questions…..that NO one is asking….why?

Personally, I want to know why if intel had these targets identified then why were they still in operation?  First rule of war….take out command and control…..pretty simple…..unless there is a reason to keep these targets working…..

All the leaders are offering platitudes and excuses for the attacks…..but if you look at ALL info then…….recriminations make the news and all the idiots that will not see stupid in their words…..but few are thinking the situation through to a happy conclusion.

And there are the entertainers like Madonna…..personally do not care what this bitch thinks…..they all see an opportunity to pad their PR portfolio……it is NOT newsworthy!

To me……there is only one thought…….something smells fishy in Syria?

This War on Terror is starting to look like some sort of geopolitical game!

Syria: “No Fly, Schmo Fly”

Guess what idea is making the rounds with the people that have failed to contain ISIS?  (I’m waiting…..the title can help if you are suffering from brain farts)….

There are those in the US and elsewhere that are pushing the idea of a “no fly zone” or a “buffer zone”….the excuse is that it will help protect innocent civilians from the ravaging of war……(I have my doubts on the validity of the promise)…..

During an interview with Maddow on MSNBC Clinton joined the club calling for a “no fly zone”……

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reiterated to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Friday that she completely supports a No Fly Zone in Syria – but that it wouldn’t necessarily lead to conflict with Russia.

How’s that?

After getting a long and rambling answer to the question of shooting down Russian aircraft, Maddow cut Clinton off by pointing out that “ultimately a no-fly zone is an anti-aircraft proposition.” But Clinton responded, “It is, but that doesn’t mean you shoot at every aircraft that might violate it the first or second time.”

Sorry Hil but that is exactly what it means…..if not then what purpose will it serve?

Those in favor of this point to the Iraqi “no fly zones” after the first Gulf War as to just how successful these can be……first of all (laugh my ass off at the stupidity of that statement)…….

This zone strikes me as a way to try and control ISIS not defeat it….the more I read the more I am sure that this is about the most asinine idea yet for this conflict.

Granted that ISIS has been getting their butts handed to them in recent months but that does not mean that it is being defeated…..

I read a piece in the “New Eastern Outlook” that made some excellent points……….( read on if you would like to see where this may not be this best idea to come out)….

Source: US-Turkey “Buffer Zone” to Save ISIS, Not Stop Them | New Eastern Outlook

The Institute for the Study of War has an analysis of what people will call a “no fly” scenario…..the proposed plan has many facets than the simplistic title…..before such a situation is installed there are many parts to the whole and all parts need to be considered seriously not out of hand…..

Source: U.S. Options For A Syrian No-Fly Zone | Institute for the Study of War

The tactics being used in our conflict against ISIS are tactics used in the past….some worked out beautifully and others not so much…..instead of recycling techniques from the past there needs to be a new way of thinking…..a new way to handle international conflicts….I dunno like……war is NOT the only answer ( after the latest attacks this one line ought get the mental midgets fired up).

Syria and Iraq Will Define the Future of the Middle East

Most of the news these days about how the US and its “buds” are going to handle the bad guys in the Middle East…..we hear all about the airstrikes, aboiut Russia, about ISIS and then there is Turkey, the Kurds and the ‘moderate’ rebels……all in all a confusing mess.

But with all this  back and forth, chest thumping…..there is one thing that few have considered…..

Source: Syria and Iraq Will Define the Future of the Middle East | Middle East Briefing

Syria: Who Are Those Masked Men?

Today is yet another time for doctors and hospitals…..I will be depending on drafts that I have for my posts today……I apologize if some of this is not as fresh as you are use to…..but getting old does have its draw backs……

Syria is a fascinating region to research….and since we are ass deep in a rebellion against Assad while simultaneously fighting the terror group ISIS…in the beginning 2011 give or take a couple of months……it all started with people rising up in opposition to the Assad regime and then BAM!….enter the group ISIS and all Hell broke lose…..

In the beginning we constantly told the world that we were working with the Syrian Arab Alliance ….but who is this SAA?

the US announced plans to dramatically increase aid to a group calling itself the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a heretofore unmentioned which itself was presented as having just been formed out of a similarly unknown faction called the Syrian Arab Coalition, which was nominally the recipient of large airdrops of US arms.

The group didn’t form out of nowhere, of course, and in many ways it didn’t form at all, as the indications are that the Democratic Forces exist in name only, and were largely an invention of the US for branding’s sake after the last failed rebel-creation plan.

The “Arab groups” involved are all but non-existent, meaning the Democratic Forces boil down to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), simply relabeled in hopes that the US can start pouring aid into them more rapidly without infuriating Turkey for arming the YPG.

There you are….an invention……..a rouse to keep Turkey in the fold….so to speak.

You see Turkey has been fighting the Kurds for decades….most of it began in the 1970’s with the PKK fighting for separation of the Kurds from Turkey.