Iraq: ISIS Coalition Operational Briefing #4

My briefings are aimed at keeping the American people abreast of the background noise that will lead the armed conflict….the noise from the candy ass politicians is a diversion……the real story is platyed out in the shadows……

Good Morning.

Item 1–The House and the Senate have given their approval to part of the plan that will defeat ISIS……so now it is official…Congress has given its permission to return to a war footing……

273-156 vote the House of Representatives approved President Obama’s plan to train, fund, and arm “moderate” Syrian rebels. The bill included a handful of limitations aimed at placating disturbed rank-and-file Democrats and Republicans.

The measure passed easily, 78-22, but the Hill notes that some potential presidential candidates were in the “no” camp,

Let the fun begin.

Item 2–Now that we have a way forward to war the stepping on toes will,.begin….every agency will have its fave tactic and the battling will begin….as a matter of fact is has already begun…..

the CIA has already been covertly equipping Syrian rebels at the instruction of the White House, but has come to find the fighters increasingly disorganized and radicalized as the conflict goes on, with U.S.-supplied arms winding up in the hands of more radical fighters.

Meanwhile, some turf issues are at play. While officials in the CIA are skeptical of the broader strategy to arm and train the rebels, they are also wary of a plan that would give the Pentagon a responsibility that has so far rested with their agency.

I can understand the CIA’s skepticism…..they have been dealing with the situation in Syria for a long time even while the country was worried about how many children were going to invade from the South.  Now they will have to compete with others for resources.

Item 3–The big concern in the hearings I watched was the pressing question….troops on the ground?  Of course the admin people echoed the prez…..American forces “do not and will not have a combat mission,” he said. “They will support Iraqi forces on the ground as they fight for their own country against these terrorists.”  That is a good thing, yes?  But that does not answer the question of WHO will be the unfortunate SOBs to be the ‘troops on the ground”?

Item 4–ISIS is preparing for the coming war……..they seem to be consolidating their forces…….

Jihadists in a Syrian stronghold near Iraq have abandoned some bases and redeployed their forces and armour from other positions, with the US military poised to strike, activists said Wednesday.

The Islamic State group (IS) has “started to empty out many of their bases and positions in Deir Ezzor province,” said Abu Osama, an activist from the eastern region mostly under jihadist control.

Speaking to AFP via the Internet, Abu Osama said all of IS’s known positions in Eshara, a town about 60 kilometres (45 miles) east of Deir Ezzor’s provincial capital, had been “shut down”.

They are making all the necessary precautions to be ready for the onslaught…, is Iraq doing the same?

Item 5–Have the Iraqis learned anything from America’s two invasions of their country?  The answer is that they may have…….part of the problem with the last invasion was the presence of US soldiers in every town and city…….the Iraqi people felt like they were being occupied……

In a new interview with the Associated Press, Iraqi Prime Minister Hayder Abadi ruled out any move to send ground troops to Iraq to engage in combat, insisting they would be unwelcome.

We don’t want them. We won’t allow them,” declared Abadi, who said he was fine with the ongoing US airstrikes against ISIS but found it “puzzling” that the US had excluded Iran from the Paris summit on ISIS Monday.

Abadi’s comments come just days after Iraqi President Massoum had commented that the US recruitment of Saudi Arabia and the UAE to join the air war were likewise unwelcome.

Item 6–The Kurds in Iraq are not the only ones being pressed by ISIS……..

Despite the indications that ISIS forces in Raqqa were moving underground in anticipation of US attacks, the group continues to remain on the offensive across Northern Syria, and is once again pressing Kurdish territory.

ISIS has reportedly taken 21 Kurdish villages in the past 24 hours and is once again mounting an offensive against the oft-threatened Kurdish border city of Ayn al-Arab.

I include this in the briefing because it involves Syria and Turkey and also may help to weaken Kurdish forces as they try to protect all Kurds….something that needs watching…

Item 7–France has joined the US in carrying out airstrikes against ISIS targets…….

Less than 24 hours after President François Hollande announced he had approved a request from the government in Baghdad for air support, at least two French Rafale planes attacked the insurgents’ positions.

A statement from Hollande’s office read: “This morning, at 9.40am, our Rafale aircraft carried out a first attack against a logistics centre of the terrorist organisation Daesh [Isis] in the north-east of Iraq. The target was hit and entirely destroyed. Other operations will be carried out in the days to come.”

That concludes today’s briefing……not much to report….that should change in the coming days and weeks as the plan flies into a full court press……please stay informed.

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The McKeon Amendment – A Lend-Lease Act for Terrorists by Justin Raimondo —

House has voted to fund the training of ‘moderate’ rebels… soon as we decide just who those rebels are with ‘vetting’…..ah humor……this whole arming ‘moderates’ is not a good plan, in my opinion……

Your thoughts?


The McKeon Amendment – A Lend-Lease Act for Terrorists by Justin Raimondo —

Iraq: Is There A GOP Plan?

I have written often that it is a shame that the GOP has not got a clue……on every issue they are scratching their heads trying to find something the American people can get on board with…….so far they got NOTHING!

Seeing that most of the WAR HAWKS are in the GOP you would think that they would have at least a stupid idea of how to handle the Islamic State……..they have their fair hair boys and among these is the Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio…….

But first let us look at the plan that Obama mapped out during his speech……..

First, we will conduct a systematic campaign of airstrikes against these terrorists.  Working with the Iraqi government, we will expand our efforts beyond protecting our own people and humanitarian missions, so that we’re hitting ISIL targets as Iraqi forces go on offense.  Moreover, I have made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are.  That means I will not hesitate to take action against ISIL in Syria, as well as Iraq.  This is a core principle of my presidency:  If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven.

Second, we will increase our support to forces fighting these terrorists on the ground.  In June, I deployed several hundred American servicemembers to Iraq to assess how we can best support Iraqi security forces.  Now that those teams have completed their work –- and Iraq has formed a government –- we will send an additional 475 servicemembers to Iraq.  As I have said before, these American forces will not have a combat mission –- we will not get dragged into another ground war in Iraq.  But they are needed to support Iraqi and Kurdish forces with training, intelligence and equipment.  We’ll also support Iraq’s efforts to stand up National Guard Units to help Sunni communities secure their own freedom from ISIL’s control.

Third, we will continue to draw on our substantial counterterrorism capabilities to prevent ISIL attacks.  Working with our partners, we will redouble our efforts to cut off its funding; improve our intelligence; strengthen our defenses; counter its warped ideology; and stem the flow of foreign fighters into and out of the Middle East.  And in two weeks, I will chair a meeting of the U.N. Security Council to further mobilize the international community around this effort.

Fourth, we will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to innocent civilians who have been displaced by this terrorist organization.  This includes Sunni and Shia Muslims who are at grave risk, as well as tens of thousands of Christians and other religious minorities.  We cannot allow these communities to be driven from their ancient homelands.

There you have Obama’s plan………

Now back to Rubio… a recent interview he critiqued Obama’s plan thusly…….

. In an Op-Ed for the Washington Post, Rubio writes that Obama’s speech offered the “potential to begin a departure from the isolationism that he and former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton have advocated during their years in office,” but there is a “risk” that Obama’s “focus on a counterterrorism campaign akin to those waged in Yemen and Somalia, and his reliance on regional partners to deal with the challenge posed by the Islamic State, could lead to the continuation of what has been the most disengaged presidential foreign policy in modern American history.”

Okay Rubio is not happy with Obama’s plan….he sees it as leading to failure.

Then when asked just what his plan would be if it were up to him…….

To confront the Islamic State terrorists, we need a sustained air campaign targeting their leadership, sources of income and supply routes, wherever they exist. We must increase our efforts to equip and capacitate non-jihadists in Syria to fight the terrorist group. And we must arm and support forces in Iraq confronting it, including responsible Iraqi partners and the Kurds. In addition, we must persuade nations in the region threatened by the Islamic State to participate in real efforts to defeat it.

There you have it….a GOP plan for the handling of the situation in Iraq and Syria……..

You know I think I have heard that plan somewhere else recently…..can you think of where that would be?

Is There A Plan For Syria?

From the US….there is nothing.  From the rest of the Western world….they are waiting to see what the US is going to do.  So the question is still there….is there a plan for Syria?

Most Americans just want to bomb Syria back into the Dark Ages…..why?  They are not really sure why the hate Syria….they just know they do and the sooner something is done the better…..

It seems the Egypt has a plan……I believe the the Saudis have signed onto it also…….

As it so happens there is a plan and it reads something like this………
1- تنحي بشار الاسد عن السلطة وعدم ملاحقته قانونية وأخذ 200 شخصية مدنيةاو عسكرية يختارها
2- تكليف المعارضة بتشكيل حكومة انتقالية بصلاحيات كاملة توكل رئاستها الى شخصية معارضة غير مسلمة ( والارجح جورج صبرة )
3- تتعهد الحكومة الجديدة بحماية كافة الاقليات
4- سحب الجيش السوري واعادته تمركزه في المنطقة الوسطى ودمج كتائب الجيش الحر المعتدلة بصفوفه وعودة الضباط المنشقين
5- الافراج عن كل المعتقلين في سجون النظام
6- تتعهد الدول العربية(الخليجية ) باعادة اعمار سوريا خلال مدة لاتتجاوز 4 سنوات بتكلفة 100 مليار دولار
7- تلتزم الجامعة العربية بارسال قوات سلام عربية لمدة عامين تنتشر في المنطقة الوسطى والساحلية
وقد اعترضت ايران على البند رقم /1/ وطلبت تعديله حيث يتولى الاسد المرحلة الانتقالية للدخول في تحالف دولي ضد الارهاب ومن ثم يتنحى وذلك خلال زيارة عبد اللهيان نائب وزير خارجية ايران الى السعودية وقوبل الطلب بالرفض من السعودية.

Just in case you do not read Arabic….translation to follow………
1- Bashar al-Assad step down from power and lack of legal prosecution and took 200 personal Mdnahao military chooses
2-mandated opposition to form a transitional government with full authority delegated to the presidency personal opposition to a non-Muslim (and probably George Sabra)
3 new government undertakes to protect all minorities
4 withdraw the Syrian army and stationed him back in the central region and the integration of the free army battalions moderate ranks and the return of the officers dissidents
5. the release of all detainees in the prisons system
6 undertake the Arab States (GCC), the reconstruction of Syria during the period not to exceed 4 years at a cost of 100 billion dollars
7 is committed to the Arab League to send troops Arab peace for two years spread in the central region and coastal
Iran has objected to the item number / 1 / and amended where he is asked Assad to enter the transitional phase in the international coalition against terrorism and then step down during a visit Abdul Allahaan Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran to Saudi Arabia and met with demand rejected by Saudi Arabia.

Now we have a working idea for Syria….the problem is………..NO one is listening.

I hope that the powers that be will give this a look-see….we do not need to have the same problems that we had when we eliminated Saddam……the Syrian people have suffered enough….don’t you think?

Obama’s No-Win War on ISIS by Shamus Cooke —

I have been watching and analyzing the Middle East for a long time……and there has never been a time, when we were involved in the region, that I could ever see a clear cut victory….sadly I am NOT seeing one with our newest enemy….ISIS…..

A well thought out article that my readers need to see and understand…..


Obama’s No-Win War on ISIS by Shamus Cooke —

If Only We Had………

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


The Islamic State is once again in the headlines…….they have beheaded an American journalist in retaliation for the US airstrikes…….and the narrative goes on…….if only we had……..

How many time have you heard one gutless politician use that statement?  Such as if only we had cut the budget……or if only we had closed the borders……or if only we had used airstrikes in Syria all would be different.  This is the one I want to talk about today.

That “what if” is a constant criticism of the president……and the loveable ones we call Neocons have been using it profusely in their criticism of Obama especially with the rise of ISIS, the violence in Iraq and the civil war in Syria.

Their constant whipping up the insanity with the notion that if Obama had acted quicker and with airstrikes then the situation in Iraq and the rise of ISIS would have been a thing that we would not be facing today…..

I do not think that any reputable international analyst sees that our involvement early on would have changed anything…….

…………the idea that more U.S. support for the FSA would have prevented the emergence of the Islamic State isn’t even remotely plausible. The open battlefield and nature of the struggle ensured that jihadists would find Syria’s war appealing. The Islamic State recovered steam inside of Iraq as part of a broad Sunni insurgency driven by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s bloody, ham-fisted crackdowns in Hawija and Fallujah, and more broadly because of the disaffection of key Sunni actors over Maliki’s sectarian authoritarianism. It is difficult to see how this would have been affected in the slightest by a U.S.-backed FSA (or, for that matter, by a residual U.S. military presence in Iraq, but that’s another debate for another day). There is certainly no reason to believe that the Islamic State and other extremist groups would have stayed away from such an ideal zone for jihad simply because Western-backed groups had additional guns and money.

So when the president called the idea as Horsesh*t…I believe he was accurate…..

(Newser) – President Obama has faced some tough criticism lately over his reluctance to get more involved in Syria; not least among his vocal critics is Hillary Clinton. But it seems he’s tired of the complaints from both parties. When Republican Sen. Bob Corker asked a wide-ranging and critical question about foreign policy, including Syria, at a July 31 meeting, Obama provided a detailed answer—before slapping the notion that arming the rebels could have improved the Syria situation. That idea is “horses—-,” he said, according to a lawmaker who attended the meeting and spilled the beans to the Daily Beast.

The White House noted that such an exchange had taken place, though neither it nor any lawmakers have acknowledged any coarse language, the Daily Beast and Politico note. “The president still feels very strongly that we are deluding ourselves if we think American intervention in Syria early on by assisting these rebels would have made a difference,” says Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel. “I disagree, respectfully. They were not looking for US troops, they were looking for help, and the Syria civil war started with the most noblest of causes.”

Let’s be honest….the rise of ISIS or what it called these days, IS….was inevitable…..the very nature of war especially a bloody civil war helps groups like this come to the forefront……too many people are calling for too much US intervention……will IS be stopped?  A great question and the best answer is ….YES.  But not by the US and its buddies….but rather the people that they are terrorizing at this time.

In Iraq it will be the Sunni tribes that hold the key to the defeat of IS……a new government could go a long way in securing their, the tribes, support in their fight with IS.  IS will be stopped…..sadly many lives will be lost and much more violence is to come…..

Good Money After Bad?

Think back a year or more ago…..Syria had just used CWs on its population and the Neo-cons went bat crap crazy……..they demanded that the US do something……none were really too clear on what….but something must be done!

We have sent some humanitarian aid and various amounts of small arms….but neocons demanded more that we were killing the resistance to Assad by not sending bigger and better weapons and of course….we needed to do what we do best….airstrikes.

Well the Pentagon is set to pour more money into the Syrian civil war….they are seeking something like an extra $500 million for training of the Syrian rebels…….first we should ask….which rebels?  There are moderates and there are the fringe lunatics like ISIS……and how would we guarantee that the “proper” rebels would get the training?

The next question should be…..would this money be a waste?  Why ask that?

For one, it seems that Assad could be winning this war…….


Territorial Control: Syrian government troops have managed to hold on to most major urban centers, but large parts of the countryside are either in rebel hands, or a heavily contested no-man zone. The pro-Assad forces have a strong grip on the capital Damascus in the south, central Syria with the Homs province, and the Mediterranean coast in the west. The government controls key strategic routes connecting the capital with the coastline and with the Jordanian border in the south, ensuring the survival of the regime.
Military Power: Syria’s regular armed forces have been stretched thin by the widespread rebellion, suffering heavy casualties from daily ambushes and bomb attacks. However, the elite units numbering about 50 000 men are well-equipped, manned by Alawite loyalists from Assad’s home region, and backed by air support and heavy artillery. Plus, the regime has organized tens of thousands of supporters into paramilitary units that could continue the fight even if Assad himself were to lose control of the capital.

Even Syria’s dire enemy Israel does not see the rebels as winning the war……..this from a piece in the Times of Israel…….

“Assad has secured 70-80 percent of essential Syria,” the official said, sketching a line from Aleppo in the north down through Hama, Homs, Damascus and the southern areas near Jordan and the city of Dara’a – a Syrian city where the war began and, currently, a channel through which Sunni extremists enter Syria from Jordan.

The official’s depiction of the situation in Syria contradicts an assessment given by a top defense official, who in May told several journalists that Assad’s forces have lost the entire Golan Heights, aside from Quneitra and one enclave, and that, “In Aleppo, in Damascus, in the north near the Turkish border, in the Golan Heights – in all of these places he is losing.”

If Assad is truly winning the civil war….what will extra training for the rebels actually accomplish?

And we can ask…..If we had listened to John McCain would the outcome be different?  Would airstrikes in the early part of the war have made a difference?

I am sure that the GOP will make hay out of any defeat of the rebels as ….”Obama’s fault”……..The argument could be made that we could have made a difference……it could be made….but not be me.