Thank You, Anonymous

All eyes are on Ferguson, Missouri……..the daily news is not too good…….protestors are being bold and SWAT is being vicious…… since the shooting death of Mike Brown the police in Ferguson have been tight lipped about the series of events that lead to the death of the young man……the collective known as Anonymous have released the police communications call which so far the city has not wanted to release….

So if you are asking how this situation came to this….then you may want to read this…….

(Newser) – St. Louis County police haven’t released audio regarding the shooting of black teenager Michael Brown, but the hacker collective Anonymous took care of that today, reports Mashable. The lengthy file released on YouTube shows the progression of events after an officer shot the unarmed teen in the suburb of Ferguson. As Mother Jones notes, the first hint of trouble comes more than nine minutes into the recording, with the dispatcher making a request for crowd control. But the circumstances were still unclear as to why at that point. Some excerpts, with the bold referring to the time of the audio recording:

  • 9:35: “Ferguson is asking for assistance with crowd control …”
  • 10:58: “Now they have a large group gathering there, she doesn’t know any further …”
  • 11:20: “We just got another call stating it was an officer-involved shooting. … Be advised, this information came from the news ,,,
  • 21:55: “They are requesting more cars. Do you want me to send more of your cars?”
  • 43:55: “Attention all cars, be advised that in reference to the call 2947 Canfield Drive, we are switching over to the riot channel at this time …”

Police say they are aware of the audio and are investigating how it became public. Anonymous is also trying to identify the officer involved, reports the New York Daily News. Ferguson’s police chief has balked at doing that so far because the six-year veteran has gotten death threats. (The FBI has launched an investigation into the shooting.)

In case you are interested there is a Livestream of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri………


I have one question…..why do cops need camo?

A Win In Mississippi?

From time to time I will write about situations in my state, Mississippi…….it has always been a poor state and in my opinion it is poor for one reason and one reason only……conservative politics.

Awhile back Mississippians voted down the personhood BS of the GOP….that was a win and then the ultra-conservs set about making it impossible for any abortion clinics to remain open by using a tactic of “emitting privileges”……it worked along with some “standards” that are not required by any other medical clinic….again trying desperately to close the one remaining abortion clinic in the state……but with all this effort by the conservs someone crapped on their parade…….

(Newser) – A law that would have forced the only abortion clinic in Mississippi to close appears doomed after a federal court ruled against it once again. An appeals court panel decided 2-1 that State House Bill 1390, which requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges at local hospitals, would shift Mississippi’s constitutional obligations onto other states by forcing the Jackson clinic to close, CNN reports. “Pre-viability, a woman has the constitutional right to end her pregnancy by abortion,” but the law “effectively extinguishes that right within Mississippi’s borders,” the judges wrote.

The court didn’t strike down the law itself, but “I think the way they ruled on those arguments essentially dooms the law,” a constitutional law expert tells Jackson’s Clarion-Ledger. He describes the ruling as a huge victory for the Jackson clinic, where doctors had been denied admitting privileges by all seven hospitals within a 30-minute drive. Gov. Phil Bryant—who said he wanted the state to be “abortion-free” when he signed the bill into law—says he’s disappointed by the ruling and wants the case to go in front of the entire court instead of a “divided panel of judges.” A similar law goes into effect in Louisiana on Sept. 1, and legal experts believe it won’t face the same issues as the Mississippi law because at least one of the state’s five abortion clinics will be able to remain open, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports.

But never fear…..the Right is NOT finished…..I am sure they will find yet another BS issue to use to try and close that one remaining clinic…..but for now… is a victory for choice.

Just Like A Novel

As most of my readers know I live in Mississippi….on the Coast which is a bit more progressive than the rest of the most conservative state in the country……I seldom write about the political life of the state because it is just too predictable to be interesting……but recently it became a nationwide story……..I am talking about the runn0off election for us Senator between the incumbent Cochran and the Tea Party brainless McDaniel…..

In case you missed it….it was about as nasty as two rednecks can get…….accusations, blackmail, break-ins, and voter fraud (well this one is just McDaniel whining over a lost to Cochran)….but there has been a development that would be perfect for a novel…….

Mark Mayfield, a Tea Party official and member of the board of directors for the Central Mississippi Tea Party, was found dead in an apparent suicide Friday morning, TPM reports.

Mayfield was arrested in May and charged with conspiracy after he allegedly directed a political blogger to break into a nursing home in order to photograph Cochran’s ailing wife. The photo was apparently planned to be used in an anti-Cochran video.

Mayfield’s case was scheduled to be held before a grand jury in July.

- - 

Just like a true pundit I first thought of a conspiracy…..he was killed to make sure he did not testify about who ordered the break-in at the hospital where Cochran’s wife is being treated…….I find it hard to believe that this guy was so upset with a McDaniel loss that he had of oft himself……..his day in court he would have been asked pertinent questions and he would have had to place his hand on a Bible and “to tell the truth nothing but the truth so help you god”.  Mississippi is also the most religious state in the country and maybe Mayfield could not lie after his ‘swearing in”…….

Or could another operative have made sure that this person would keep his mouth shut…..shame this will not start a trend….we could be so much better off…..

You guys reading the news…..whatcha you think?

Something To Look Forward To!

There are many things things that we voters have to look forward to… all the gun laws that allow guns in bars and churches and………but there are some things that are just to moronic for words…….speaking of moronic……Oklahoma comes to mind……..

They have a couple of laws being considered that even the moronic would find moronic……

In response to a federal court ruling that Oklahoma’s same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional discrimination, a state lawmaker says he wants to skirt the equal protection argument by banning all marriages in the state.

“[My constituents are] willing to have that discussion about whether marriage needs to be regulated by the state at all,” Rep. Mike Turner (R) told News 9. He said the idea has the backing of other conservative lawmakers, and could be achieved through a shell bill he filed in the state legislature, intended to adapt to any court rulings on same-sex marriage.

Oklahoma tried a similar tactic in November to avoid granting military benefits to same-sex spouses, by stopping spousal benefits for all married couples at state National Guard facilities. But the state remained in technical compliance because couples could obtain National Guard IDs from federal facilities in the state.

But wait!  Would that not make couples living together for procreation be living in sin?

It’s not over…..if you live in Oklahoma and are considering trying to lower your electric bill…..the state has a deal for you……..

“Paul Monies reports at NewsOK that Oklahoma’s legislature has passed a bill that allows regulated utilities to apply to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to charge a higher base rate to customers who generate solar and wind energy and send their excess power back into the grid reversing a 1977 law that forbade utilities to charge extra to solar users. ‘Renewable energy fed back into the grid is ultimately doing utility companies a service,’ says John Aziz. ‘Solar generates in the daytime, when demand for electricity is highest, thereby alleviating pressure during peak demand.’

The bill was staunchly opposed by renewable energy advocates, environmental groups and the conservative group TUSK, but had the support of Oklahoma’s major utilities. “Representatives of Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. and Public Service Co. of Oklahoma said the surcharge is needed to recover some of the infrastructure costs to send excess electricity safely from distributed generation back to the grid,” the Oklahoman reported.

“We’re not anti-solar or anti-wind or trying to slow this down, we’re just trying to keep it fair,” Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. spokeswoman Kathleen O’Shea told the Oklahoman. “We’ve been studying this trend. We know it’s coming, and we want to get ahead of it.”

Gee….our society is just getting so………..PETTY!

What Can I Say? It’s Mississippi!

I am a long time resident of Mississippi and I have written many articles about the state of the state and the state of the government……Mississippi is the most obese state, the most religious, the most conservative, and a whole list of other factors…….most of them have nothing to do with prosperity…..and the legislature is seldom concerned with the betterment of the citizens….most of it is all about keeping the people down and out… easy force to control……..

Now the 2014 legislature has ended its run for the roses……and here is what some think of the session……………..

As the state continues to prepare for a myriad of new laws and reforms, legislators are taking the time to reflect on the 2014 legislative session. Republican Representative Andy Gipson of Braxton says he believes Mississippi made great strides this session.
“We passed some phenomenal legislation.” said Gipson. The criminal justice reforms, the 20-week abortion ban, Religious Freedom Restoration Act– that’s not discriminatory. It does protect people’s religious freedom Mississippi. Plus, we refilled the rainy day fund.”
Landmark decisions huh?  Does any of the “monumental” laws say that the people will be better off?  A typical Mississippi law making session…..nothing to improve the quality of life within the state.
Although the majority of Americans errantly believe the United States Constitution is the unchallenged law of the land, a substantial number of Christian fundamentalists still adhere to, and are enforcing, their firm belief that their almighty god directed the Founding Fathers to create a Christian nation and wrote a set of laws they would call “The Constitution of the United States.” In the Christian version of god’s Constitution, equal rights are an abomination on par with biblical god’s abhorrence of homosexuality, and religious freedom is Christian’s biblical right to subjugate the population under a Christian theocracy. Over the past five years, Americans have learned that, along with Republicans and teabaggers, the religious right hates the U.S. Constitution as much as they despise America’s African American President, gays, women, and Americans rejecting the Christian bible as law of the land, and the proof is another Republican-controlled state passing and the Republican governor signing into law, a religious edict voiding the 14th and 1st Amendment to make the Christian bible the law of the land in Mississippi.
Last week while Americans deluded that the religious right anti-gay movement is in its death throes celebrated the country’s entrance into the 21st Century as an all-inclusive nation, Mississippi Republicans passed an anti-gay “religious freedom” law. Religious right activists celebrated Mississippi’s biblical law as empowering businesses to reject the Constitution and enforce biblical law discriminating against same-sex couples in the name of Christianity, and shortly after Governor Phil Bryant signed the scriptural edict into law, head of the Family Research Center, Tony Perkins, issued a statement saying as much. The leading prospect to head a Supreme Christian Council to rule theocratic America said, “Whether it’s someone like Pastor Telsa DeBerry who was hindered by the Holly Springs city government from building a new church in the downtown area, or a wedding vendor, whose orthodox Christian faith will not allow her to affirm same-sex marriage,” the religious edict will “prevent government from discriminating against religious exercise.”
Yeah, all that concern for religious freedom and Mississippians are still living in the 19th century…….as long as they keep letting these types run the state there s NO way forward for the state……we will forever be stuck in the 19th century.
And then there are the elections in Mississippi…..still the worst………

In 2012, life in Mississippi might have gotten better, but it’s still the worst state in the country for elections, according to a new survey from Pew Charitable Trusts.

Pew creates a composite “Elections Performance Index” based on 17 factors (some of which include voting-wait time, turnout, registration rate, the robustness of the state’s election data, availability of online voting information, and use of provisional ballots). Read the full list of criteria here. Taken together, they provide a ground to compare states, which have varying election laws and practices.

Check out Pew’s complete interactive comparing the states here.


We can pretend that Mississippi has changed but reality is….not much since the 1950’s…….it is still, in my mind, a cultural wasteland………


Could Mississippi Be In Play?

I see that NO one is really interested in the goings on in the state of Mississippi–I thought they might find something of interest…..I was gravely mistaken… last test of your boring reflex and I shall move on…….

In my long and somewhat illustrious life (HA HA) there have been only 5 US senators……Stennis, Eastland, Lott, Cochran and now Wicker……I am old and I mean OLD….5, once you get elected you are there until you either drop dead or decide to retire…..that is why so many want the job and so few actually get it…..

Anyway it seems that a Dem, Travis Childers, a super conserv Dem is running against Thad Cochran, a Republican…….

Former Democratic Rep. Travis Childers, who represented the state’s deeply conservative 1st congressional district from May 2008 to January 2011, jumped in the race on Friday.

“Today I am filing to run for the U.S. Senate to make sure that all Mississippians have a Senator in Washington looking out for them,” he said in a statement. “Regular people and small businesses across Mississippi are still hurting in this economy, but Washington is more partisan and dysfunctional than ever. That has got to change.”

The Democrat is vying for the seat of Sen. Thad Cochran (R), which he has held since 1978. Cochran, 76, is duking it out with GOP primary challenger Chris McDaniel, a state senator who has support from tea party organizations like the Club For Growth and Senate Conservatives Fund.

The deep-red state is a long shot for Democrats in any event. The last time Mississippi had a Democratic senator was 1989 — John Stennis. But operatives believe they have a better chance if McDaniel wins the primary. The Republican state senator has made some missteps such as retweeting a neo-Nazi account and blaming gun violence on hip-hop music.

“This is a huge get for Democrats,” said a Democratic strategist involved in the 2014 Senate races. “Mississippi is now in play.”

I say great but I do not think that he can get past the title of Democrat.  Regardless of his stands and his beliefs…..that would put him in the same party as Harry Reid, who is detested in the state…….as an Mississippian I think he is well qualified but he is also delusional……he may present a good show but if Cochran is to be beat for the seat it will be from someone to his, (Cochran’s) extreme right….sorry to pee on the parade.

Gov. Bryant remains noncommital on religious freedom bill now drawing scrutiny | The Clarion-Ledger |

Continuing my post on a boring issue….my state of Mississippi……..BTW, Mississippi has been voted the most religious and the most conservative state in the union…..just FYI….

Gov. Bryant remains noncommital on religious freedom bill now drawing scrutiny | The Clarion-Ledger |

Can Stupid Be Fixed?

Today is All Mississippi Day……..I just couldn’t resist.

I recently did a post on some gun nut that shot himself to death while displaying his new gun…..can’t fix stupid…..I have that sign above my desk and it reminds me just how stupid the human race can be.

And that brings us to Mississippi, my state…….there are many things that my fellow Mississippians do that just amazes me on how stupid they can be… 2010 in an election the Congressman from my district was beat by a Tea Party fave…..even though he was a Dem, he was a Blue Dog Dem which made him more conserv than 80% of self described conservs……his Congressional rating was an A….he was a pro-lifer, NRA supporter, senior issues, and middle class issues….all the issues that my district is concerned with………..his only ‘sin’ was he was a registered Dem and for that sin he was beaten by a do nothing like Palazzo.

Former U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor on Friday told the Sun Herald he will run for the District 4 U.S. House seat he lost to Rep. Steven Palazzo in 2010.

Taylor said he was on his way to Jackson to file to run as a Republican.

The primary is June 3.

In the upcoming election Mississippians have a chance to “fix stupid”……Taylor is running against Palazzo but this time as a Repub…….with his sterling record and on the right side of the argument (not something I believe but what the Hell)……he has a good chance of unseating Palazzo…but the question will be….will Mississippi keep a do nothing or replace him a proven track record of voting on the issues that Mississippians hold dear?

Is it possible that Stupid can be fixed?

Mississippi–Onward And Downwrd

From time to time I like to post on stuff happening in my state…..Mississippi.  Recently I commented on another blog about their post of the “under God” slogan passed by the legislature….my comment was more like….”Great!  But maybe they should spend more time trying to improve the quality of life of their fellow Mississippians.  We are at the bottom of most good list and the top of most bad list.”  The retort was that Mississippi is not at the bottom of unemployed list we are 44th.  My response was….”Great!  There is something to be proud of….no doubt.”

Mississippi has lousy health care, education, employment,  the highest rates for diabetes and obesity….like I said…all things to be proud of………for instance…here is the agenda for our governor as published in the Clarion-Ledger………

ACT testing

The House passed a pilot program to study using the ACT as a high school exit exam. Bryant said the move would save the state an estimated $3.5 million a year. He said the move has support from parents, school superintendents and others. “After you graduate, people want to know your ACT score, not your score on subject-area tests,” Bryant said. “I call this ‘wheels on luggage’ — why did it take so long to figure out, after we’ve been toting luggage around all those years. This will save that money, and they’ll be using a test that students are going to need.”

Federally qualified health centers

The Senate has passed a bill that would create or expand federally qualified health centers through state grants of $3.2 million. A House-passed bill would provide $4.8 million in grants for more services at the centers. He said, “They serve over 300,000 Mississippians now, some that don’t have insurance, some that do and some on Medicaid. If we could expand that to another 100,000 to 150,000 Mississippians receiving preventative and primary care, it would be a great benefit to us.”

Criminal justice reform

Bryant supports an omnibus House bill, the result of a bipartisan task force and the Pew Charitable Trusts, aimed at reducing prison population and costs, standardizing sentencing and parole and reducing recidivism. Bryant calls it “being tough but also smart on crime.” Bryant pledged last fall his focus this session would be on public safety. Bryant’s proposal to add a special veterans’ court was also added to the bill.

TANF drug screening

The House passed a bill Bryant backs to require Temporary Assistance for Needy Families recipients to complete a drug questionnaire and take drug tests if the screening deems them a high risk for substance abuse. “I know how controversial this is, and people saying we are targeting TANF recipients,” Bryant said. “… But if someone’s abusing drugs, we need to try to get them treatment … get them clean and sober, get you to work and in a program.”

Teen pregnancy

The Senate passed a measure Bryant supports that requires public colleges and universities to develop plans for addressing teen pregnancy among students. Bryant said, “Since I became governor, I made it a priority to confront and combat teen pregnancy in this state. We are already making progress and have seen (the rate) decline by 10.3 percent.”

DPS/Highway Patrol

Bryant wants to increase DPS funding, including $6.9 million for a trooper school to add 60 more troopers to the Highway Patrol. He has support in the House and with Speaker Philip Gunn. Its fate with Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and the Senate is less certain. Bryant has indicated he might call lawmakers into special session if they fail to add troopers.

DNA testing

Bills Bryant supports passed the House and Senate and would mandate collection of DNA samples from people arrested for violent crimes. Bryant said similar legislation in New Mexico has helped solve hundreds of crimes. “I understand there is some concern about personal privacy, but I would say if there is probable cause you have committed a violent felony, then it’s no different than taking your photograph or fingerprint — a noninvasive swab,” Bryant said. “If we did nothing else this year but begin that DNA testing, it would solve some violent crimes, rapes and homicides that are cold files, and it would be a remarkable year if we did nothing more than that.”

The House approved a bill to create state law enforcement strike teams to help local agencies with high crime areas. Bryant said there are areas in the state “where gang involvement is to the point that they are overpowering law enforcement.” The teams would be under the attorney general’s office. “This is meeting a powerful criminal force that exists in this state,” Bryant said.

In God We Trust

Bryant is pushing for “In God We Trust” to be added to the state seal. The Senate killed the specific bill Bryant backed but added it as an amendment to another. Bryant said he was inspired to add it to the seal during a trip to Florida, which has the phrase on its state seal. “It’s something that means a great deal to me,” Bryant said.

Agencies, boards and commissions

This one appears to have failed. Bryant has vowed to reduce the state’s 204 agencies, boards and commissions, which have 1,826 appointees. Bryant had proposed that any that hadn’t met in 24 months be abolished, that four year terms be imposed, with a term limit of eight years consecutively. He also proposed that they be audited at least every two years and that they publicly publish their travel polices and expenses. Bryant’s proposals either died in committee or were not brought up. He said he had doubts about lawmakers passing such reforms because the boards all have large constituencies.

Mississippi is the most conservative state and the most religious….with that said it is NOT one of the happiest……..a recent survey, a well being if you will found the following….

Here’s a look at how other states fared according to their Well-Being Index score, which follows a scale of 0 to 100:

At the bottom:

  1. West Virginia: 61.4 (on the bottom for the 5th year running)
  2. Kentucky: 63
  3. Mississippi: 63.7
  4. Alabama: 64.1
  5. Ohio: 64.2

Check out the full list here.

The Gov ran on a platform of low taxes, education and jobs………Check out the list….now pick the ones that create jobs or improve the quality of life for Mississippians………  Could anyone offer a conclusion on why Mississippi is in sad shape?

I will wait.