Only In The Land Of The Tree Hugger

First it was the masked owl that is attacking passer bys……..the first victim was a surgeon that lost a cap and was mistaken for a wholly beast because of his hair……and then there was an escalation to include 3 other victims……as humorous as this all is….it is not what the best part is about……

Nope…it is the governor and his wife that is the big story……does not get any better than this situation………

First, Oregon’s first lady admitted to an “illegal” previous marriage, then to planning a marijuana grow operation and running a consulting business out of the governor’s mansion. Now, Gov. John Kitzhaber’s fiancee Cylvia Hayes faces claims that she was paid consulting fees to influence her future husband. The Oregonian finds two Kitzhaber associates, who later joined his administration, connected Hayes with jobs that landed her $143,000, including $118,000 from a clean-energy group from 2011 to 2012, while she served as an unpaid energy adviser to Kitzhaber. She allegedly failed to report the income on tax forms, nor did Kitzhaber account for the money on his ethics filings, the Los Angeles Times reports. While Kitzhaber has said Hayes “will have no policy role and no political role in the administration” for the rest of his term, “Kitzhaber is already enacting policies Hayes was paid to promote,” the Oregonian reports.

Dan Carol, the man who got Hayes the gig with group Clean Economy Development Center, was soon after hired by Kitzhaber. He now makes $165,720 a year, almost twice as much as Kitzhaber himself and significantly more than anyone else on his staff, the Willamette Week reports. “No one in the governor’s office or the governor ever asked me to do anything for Cylvia,” Carol says. “When it fits and the work makes sense, I connect good people, groups and projects together.” He adds he was hired because he had previously worked with Kitzhaber and “had the right skills and national connections.” The Oregon Government Ethics Commission will vote March 13 on whether to launch an investigation, but the Oregonian has already called on Kitzhaber to resign, noting his “credibility has evaporated.” Last week, Kitzhaber said he wouldn’t even consider resigning from his post. He added he had “no regrets” about his relationship with Hayes and “the marriage is still on.”

Has there been another state with as much drama as Oregon?  Not even Virginia can top this ….

GOD I love this stuff!


Just Dying To Vote

Remember a couple of years ago there was a huge push for voter ID, especially in Red States …..of course there were added parts to the bills that went a long way to limiting the votes by poor people….there was the normal political babble about all the dead people that were voting in large numbers………

Then there is the red state of Indiana……that has made it official…the dead can vote……..

Just because your heart’s not beating shouldn’t mean your vote doesn’t count, according to lawmakers in Indiana. The House Elections Committee in the state is considering changing a law that nullifies absentee ballots cast by voters who die before Election Day, reports the AP. Rep. Matt Pierce told the committee he was moved by the situation of former US Rep. Frank McCloskey, who made a point of casting an absentee ballot while battling cancer but died days before Election Day in 2003. McCloskey knew the value of a vote: After a recount following the 1984 election, the Democrat was declared the winner by just four votes.

But while the proposal might sound odd, it would actually give dead Hoosiers the same voting rights as most other dead Americans. According to the Bloomington Herald-Times, Indiana is one of only three states with a “dead voter” law, which requires county clerks to check absentee ballots for recent deaths and has been blamed for election night delays. At a legislative forum last month, state Rep. Peggy Mayfield, a Republican, recalls that when she was serving as a county clerk, a man woke up from a coma and wanted to vote. He was given an absentee ballot but died the day before Election Day. “It’s sad,” says Mayfield, who isn’t opposed to changing the law.

Whatcha think?  Thumbs up…..or thumbs down?

The Fascination With Sex

I am beginning to think that the GOP can only talk about sex when they are trying to define it for the rest of us…….like what Florida is trying to do……

What does “sexual intercourse” mean in Florida? The state’s Supreme Court justices are pondering the question in a case that threatens to weaken a 1986 law requiring HIV-positive people to reveal their infection before having “sexual intercourse.” A defense lawyer told the court yesterday that Florida’s laws have always used the term to describe traditional sex between a man and a woman, and not any other sexual activity by either gender. The case involves a man charged with a felony after failing to tell his male sex partner he was HIV-positive. The record shows that Gary Debaun’s partner asked him to take an HIV test, and that Debaun, who knew that he was infected, gave him fake test results showing he was free of the virus that causes AIDS.

“In the history of Florida law, the specific term ‘sexual intercourse’ has always been interpreted to mean reproductive sexual conduct,” said Debaun’s public defender, who’s trying to get the charge dropped. “It’s not the way that I’d want to define it, maybe—maybe not the way you’d want to define it—but that’s the way it’s always been in Florida law.” Most states legally require people with HIV to disclose the infection to sex partners, but the public defender told the justices that other states’ laws use the term “sexual activity” or specifically spell out sexual acts, rather than use Florida’s narrow language. Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Geldens argued that it was clear that the statute was enacted with the intent to protect people who engaged in any kind of sexual activity.

This from the party that thinks the government has no business telling people what to do….as long it is what they, the GOP,  believe…..

But hold on!  Utah had to be part of the conversation……..

A Utah bill stating that unconscious people cannot consent to sex proved to be more controversial than expected when it came before a legislative committee earlier this week. Rep. Brian Greene wondered if it meant that somebody who had sex with an unconscious spouse could be charged with rape, saying a rape charge “makes sense in a first date scenario, but to me, not where people have a history of years of sexual activity,” the Salt Lake Tribune reports. After at least one other Republican voiced similar concerns, an attorney from the Utah Prosecution Council explained that under the bill, “consent is a decision that has to be made at the time of the act” and you “cannot give consent to sexual activity if you’re unconscious.”

Sex with an unconscious person “is rape. Period. End of story,” Democratic Rep. Brian King told the committee, according to the Tribune. Greene ended up voting for the bill and apologized for his comments yesterday, saying he abhors “sexual assault under any circumstances, including within marriage.” The director of the Rape Recovery Center tells USA Today she hadn’t expected a debate and was shocked by Greene’s comments. “He’s a lawyer, you think he would know better,” she says. “But with the kind of work we do, we realize that so many people don’t understand this issue.” The bill was introduced after a 2013 case where a man claimed he had sex with an unconscious neighbor on her porch to keep her warm and “save her life,” Politico reports.

See…..the GOP is a prudish bunch of sex addicts……..I know that sounds like an oxymoron……but the GOP still thinks it has a right to intervene in the bedroom……..


Red states suffered higher rate of federal budget cuts between 2009-2013: report

Red state voters loathe the president and anything Democratic…….they vote for people that promise to slice federal spending and will be a better day for everyone…..

The problem is in their haste to send mental midgets to DC they are systematically screwing themselves……does that speak to civic illiteracy?


Red states suffered higher rate of federal budget cuts between 2009-2013: report.

Sad Indictment Of Society

I live in the South, Mississippi to be accurate, and Alabama the sister state to my state has some disturbing stats for our region…..

Source: Yellow Hammer

The correlation between the two programs is not necessarily meaningful, other than to illustrate that any state having to give more food assistance to adults — justifiably or not — than education assistance to children should perhaps at least consider the reasons why.

Alabama is actually one of 27 states around the country in which the number of SNAP enrollees outpaces public school enrollment, and nationally the number of enrollees for the two programs is roughly the same.

Unsurprisingly, “States with higher poverty rates tend to have higher ratios of SNAP-to-schoolkids,” writes the Washington Post’s Philip Bump.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, between the years of 2009 and 2013, an average of 18.6 percent of Alabama’s roughly 4.8 million population was living below the poverty line. That makes Alabama the sixth poorest state in the nation per capita over that time period.

But while there are undoubtedly many Alabamians in need who are helped by the SNAP program, fraud and abuse have also been found to be widespread.

The Alabama Department of Human Resources issues more than $109 million in benefits every year, and recovered $4.5 million dollars in food stamp fraud in 2013 alone.

In an effort to cut down on fraud an abuse, the Alabama Legislature in 2014 pushed through a package of bills that drastically reformed the state’s taxpayer-funded public assistance programs.

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Do not know about you….but this is just a damn shame…….your ass backwards neo-liberal policies are the blame.  This country will NEVER obtain its true calling as long as stats like these persist…..IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?  No need to answer that was rhetorical…..your actions say it all!

Keep on this path and we will truly slide down the scale of “First World”……

Your Average Mississippi Voter

Tomorrow all of America will go to the polls………and that includes the lucky residents of my state….Mississippi.

This video would be humorous if it were not so damn accurate!

My readers know that I have been pretty tough on the voters of my state…..that because they will vote against their best interests the state is in a perpetual state of sadness……..the voters do not vote top make the state better but instead to keep the state down……to the point of  sad economy…..massive poverty…..terrible health care……poor education and massive poverty….but yet they will not vote to make things better

So you ask……just what are the voters like?

Glad you asked….this is your typical Mississippi voter……



Perfect example of what conservative policies will do for you….Mississippi is a prime example of what conservative policies can do to a state.  After saw the vid I felt compelled to apologize for the morons……

Any questions?

Enough said?

Mississippi Is Number 1!

A change of pace today…….

Everybody should be proud of their state when it reaches the top of the lists that tell the tale of what it is like to live in that state…….unfortunately Mississippi is NOT one of those states.

It is my state and I have been writing about the damage that conserv politics has done to the state…..even under a Democratic governor and legislature…….for many long decades the voters of Mississippi have bought into the conserv talking point of small government and lower taxes and the world will be a brighter place…….

After decades of these failed policies Mississippi is number 1 in diabetes, obesity, poverty, etc…..and number 50 in things like education, health care, etc……and the voters keep believing that these lower taxes and small government will change things……..the only change it has brought about is the Mississippi is at the top of another list…….dependent on the federal government for its existence……..

1. Mississippi

  • Return on Taxpayer Investment: $3.07
  • Funding as Percentage of Revenue: 45.8 percent
  • Federal Employees Per Capita: 8.67

Along with its neighbors Louisiana and Alabama, Mississippi is heavily assisted with federal dollars. So much so, that WalletHub’s calculations place them at the top of the list for the most dependent on Washington for subsistence. Mississippi suffers from some serious socio-economic issues, including having the highest poverty rate and one of the lowest income rates in the country.

These are issues that have plagued the state for a long time, and there doesn’t appear to be any hope for change in the near future. There are a few things that capture federal funding that add to the state’s total, including several military bases, but the major issue appears to be the lack of jobs and opportunity suffered by the state’s citizens.

This is what I am always going on about…..Mississippi depends heavily on the Fed government for ots existence and yet the voters want to destroy the “Big Government” in DC…….at what point do these morons realize they would be cutting off their nose in spite of their face?