Bizarre Things Spotted on Mars: Ball, Traffic Lights, Faces, Finger and Huge Penis

The weekend and abreak from the newest war that we all approve of ……..but I will talk about Mars today……

There have been a wealth of movies about Mars…..but some of the coolest stuff has come from the rovers that are trekking around the planet….

Take a look see and tell me what you think…..


Bizarre Things Spotted on Mars: Ball, Traffic Lights, Faces, Finger and Huge Penis.

Could He Be A Pessimist?

My last dog of mental calmness so I want to talk about my fave subject…..DOGS.  It is no secret that I am a dog person…….I have had their friendship all my life……my two best friends today made it possible for me to come to grips with my injuries and the toll it took……

You have to admit that dogs can have some of the greatest facial expressions ever.  But are they capable of the feeling of say pessimism?

A great question we know they can surely appear to be so……but can they really?

Certain dogs apparently feel like they’re perpetually in the doghouse, according to a University of Sydney study that says some dogs are pessimists, getting demoralized more easily than other dogs and just giving up on tasks when they’ve had enough. The research, published this week in the Plos One journal, isn’t saying that pessimistic dogs are necessarily sad: It’s just that they’re more risk-averse because they expect the worst after experiencing setbacks and are more likely than their more “optimistic” canine counterparts to just accept the way things are rather than try to change them.

The 40 dogs in the study had to touch a target upon hearing two tones two octaves apart; one tone would reward them with milk, the other with water, the Washington Post reports. It’s when the researchers sandwiched “ambiguous” tones in between the two main ones that some dogs’ moods started going south: Certain dogs kept hitting the targets no matter what reward resulted, while “pessimistic” dogs stopped touching the target altogether after not receiving the coveted milk. The Post notes that perhaps the dogs aren’t pessimists at all, but realists—one University of Colorado professor says he’s curious if they’re actually pessimistic or just got tired of waiting. But the results could have useful training applications: Dogs that take risks could be used for tasks that require more persistence, such as searching for explosives, while wary pups could serve as more careful guide dogs.

Dogs rule!

Wassup South of The Border?

Saturday and my mind is free of the manure left in it by the mainstream media….all the crap that they want us to believe blindly……..oh well, today and tomorrow I can post on things that interest me…….

I like history and archeology helps to make history more alive…….I have always found the Maya to be extraordinary people….the pyramids, the astronomy……..the cities that are some of the greatest features of the New World…..scientists say that a very small percentage of the Mayan culture has bee uncovered and from time to time a new find is discovered…….

Archaeologists have long known of a “lost” Mayan city boasting an incredible “earth monster” facade—and now someone has found it. Slovenian explorer Ivan Sprajc came out of the Yucatan jungle in Mexico with photos of the city, Lagunita, and a second, previously unknown city he’s calling Tamchen, the Washington Post reports. Both were apparently abandoned around 1,000 AD along with other cities in the area. But only Lagunita has the “profusely decorated facade with a monster-mouth doorway,” as the Slovenia Academy of Sciences and Arts puts it. The facade depicts “the gaping maws of the earth and fertility diety.”

Which diety is that, again? “A Maya earth deity related with fertility,” Sprajc tells Discovery News. “These doorways symbolize the entrance to a cave and, in general, to the watery underworld, place of mythologized origin of maize and abode of ancestors.” An American explorer spotted the city (and its famous mouth) in the 1970s, but no one had been able to retrace his steps in the dense jungle. Now we have Lagunita, with its “monumental buildings,” game court for Maya ball, and roughly 65-foot-high pyramid, the Yucatan Times reports. Judging by its buildings and inscriptions on monuments, “Lagunita must have been the seat of a relatively powerful polity,” says an expert on the project

That is just cool….but let’s continue South….to the magical land of the Inca….Peru.

Ever heard of the Nazca lines?  Lines etched in the top of a mountain that cannot be identified until one is up in the air and then there are spiders, whales, birds, etc…..some people say that aliens made these as beacons for other space travelers….it seems that the ones discovered back in the 20th century are not the only ones….

Sandstorms in Peru have revealed mysterious designs believed to have been etched into the desert thousands of years ago. The newly exposed geoglyphs, discovered last week by a pilot flying over the region, include a snake nearly 200 feet long as well as a bird and some llama-like creatures, reports the Independent. Other designs, known as the Nazca Lines, were first spotted in the desert region from the air in 1939, the Daily Mail notes, and archaeologists are now working to confirm that the new lines are genuine.

The Nazca Lines—described by UNESCO as “a unique and magnificent artistic achievement that is unrivaled” elsewhere in the prehistoric world—are thought to have been etched into the desert by the Nazca people sometime before 500AD, and they include long lines and geometric shapes as well the shapes of animals and plants. Many scholars believe they were used for astronomic rituals, but one of Peru’s top experts tells El Comercio that the new finds confirm the relationship between “the ancient people who occupied this arid desert with rain and worship of water.”

There is the round-up of recent archeological discoveries…..

Anyone got anything to add?

Mars, The Magical Place

Today begins my traditional two days of rest and mental cleansing…… usual I try to find a subject that will take my mind as far away from the insanity of the world and give me something cool to think about……..

MARS!  It has been a fascination of us earthlings for a long time….and since the 70’s we have been studying the planet, fist hand…….we have seen the ‘pyramids”, the shiny lights mystery and of course there is the famous “face”….now that one thing cause so much controversy that at times it got humorous…….and now we have yet another mystery for us to contemplate…….

First, Mars was thought to be invaded by jelly doughnuts. Now, some are claiming the latest photos from NASA’s Curiosity rover show proof of human or animal life on the Red Planet. UFO Blogger first discovered what it calls a “fossilized thigh bone” in a photo snapped by the rover’s MastCam on Aug. 14, and truly, the object looks like one. So what does NASA have to say of the find? So far, nothing. This is just the latest of many, um, interesting finds on Mars, including what some claim as an iguana, cat, two dinosaurs, a toy boat, and a mysterious light, the Houston Chronicle reports.


Okay, check out the pic and you tell me what you see…..time to get creative people!

Commies Are Coming And They’re Carrying Fluoride!

I’m an old fart so I remember the days when there were those people that were convinced that the commies were coming and they were poisoning us Americans with the fluoride that was being added to our water supply….there were books about it, protests about it and probably a movie or two about it……and so far fluoride is still added to our water and the commies have yet to take over because of it……a big sigh of relief….that is untoil I read a piece the other day and it all came rushing back……..

(Newser) – The CDC applauds the adding of fluoride to our water supply as one of the biggest public health triumphs of the 20th century. But it seems too much fluoride can do a lot of damage. Not only can it actually damage our teeth and weaken our bones—studies in China and Iran appear to link excessive fluoride to a seven-point reduction in children’s IQs, Scientific American reports. Those studies may not control for other health risks, but they could signal a problem—one which is particularly worrying in states like Maine. Much of the state gets its drinking water from private wells, and that water isn’t held to federal or state standards.

In a voluntary study that included about a quarter of Maine’s towns, wells in about 10 communities were shown to contain risky amounts of fluoride—sometimes more than twice the EPA’s limit. Fluoride’s presence is boosted by the granite under the state, which is packed with the chemical; there’s plenty of granite in other New England states as well. An expert tells the Portland Press-Herald that residents should have their water tested, but people only do it “when they buy a house or if they get sick.” If there’s too much fluoride, reverse osmosis systems can help, but they cost between $1,000 and $2,000.

I have been saying that Americans seem to be getting dumber by the generation and now could there be proof that they are?