Scientists Say the Ozone Layer Is Recovering – ABC News

There are lots of opinions out there about climate change and most of the news recently has been overshadowed by the ISIS thing and God forbid the NFL story (somethings are just more important than others)…….

Whether you are a believer or a denier….this is good news.


Scientists Say the Ozone Layer Is Recovering – ABC News.

Mars, The Magical Place

Today begins my traditional two days of rest and mental cleansing…… usual I try to find a subject that will take my mind as far away from the insanity of the world and give me something cool to think about……..

MARS!  It has been a fascination of us earthlings for a long time….and since the 70’s we have been studying the planet, fist hand…….we have seen the ‘pyramids”, the shiny lights mystery and of course there is the famous “face”….now that one thing cause so much controversy that at times it got humorous…….and now we have yet another mystery for us to contemplate…….

First, Mars was thought to be invaded by jelly doughnuts. Now, some are claiming the latest photos from NASA’s Curiosity rover show proof of human or animal life on the Red Planet. UFO Blogger first discovered what it calls a “fossilized thigh bone” in a photo snapped by the rover’s MastCam on Aug. 14, and truly, the object looks like one. So what does NASA have to say of the find? So far, nothing. This is just the latest of many, um, interesting finds on Mars, including what some claim as an iguana, cat, two dinosaurs, a toy boat, and a mysterious light, the Houston Chronicle reports.


Okay, check out the pic and you tell me what you see…..time to get creative people!

Commies Are Coming And They’re Carrying Fluoride!

I’m an old fart so I remember the days when there were those people that were convinced that the commies were coming and they were poisoning us Americans with the fluoride that was being added to our water supply….there were books about it, protests about it and probably a movie or two about it……and so far fluoride is still added to our water and the commies have yet to take over because of it……a big sigh of relief….that is untoil I read a piece the other day and it all came rushing back……..

(Newser) – The CDC applauds the adding of fluoride to our water supply as one of the biggest public health triumphs of the 20th century. But it seems too much fluoride can do a lot of damage. Not only can it actually damage our teeth and weaken our bones—studies in China and Iran appear to link excessive fluoride to a seven-point reduction in children’s IQs, Scientific American reports. Those studies may not control for other health risks, but they could signal a problem—one which is particularly worrying in states like Maine. Much of the state gets its drinking water from private wells, and that water isn’t held to federal or state standards.

In a voluntary study that included about a quarter of Maine’s towns, wells in about 10 communities were shown to contain risky amounts of fluoride—sometimes more than twice the EPA’s limit. Fluoride’s presence is boosted by the granite under the state, which is packed with the chemical; there’s plenty of granite in other New England states as well. An expert tells the Portland Press-Herald that residents should have their water tested, but people only do it “when they buy a house or if they get sick.” If there’s too much fluoride, reverse osmosis systems can help, but they cost between $1,000 and $2,000.

I have been saying that Americans seem to be getting dumber by the generation and now could there be proof that they are?

Earth: What The Hell Is Happening?

we all have an opinion on climate change/global warming……either you think that we humans are screwing up everything and are worried about the future of our beloved planet or you are one of those morons that ignores all science in the name of ….well who knows?

Now that I have said that let me interject……that is not why I am writing today….I just thought I would throw that in to stir the pot….did it work?

I am always looking for subjects to write about on weekends that has little to do with the chaos we humans are perpetrating on the planet….I do this with the hope that my readers will find something of interests no when they visit…..and I have found something that is….well…..just weird!

For decades sink holes have been appearing all over the globe but it does seem like Florida does have more than its fair share.  These sink holes seem to be getting bigger as the years go by……swallowing everything from fire hydrants to cars to houses……so far there has not been an adequate explanation for these occurrences.

About a month ago I wrote about this large sinkhole that appeared in Siberia…….

A mysterious giant hole and crater have suddenly appeared in Siberia, Russia. There are not many details right now, but the video captured from a helicopter shows a weird configuration with debris and signs of combustion around it. What the hell is this?Update: New pictures and video show the interior of the hole in detail.

The hole is about 262 feet (80 meters) in diameter and it certainly doesn’t look like a sinkhole, although you can see a large cavern under it.

Of course there as many opinions about the formation of this hole as there are hairs on a persons butt……but so far few ‘real’ answers.  I of course had to equate it with the old belief of the Hollow Earth, where there is a whole other civilization under the crust of the Earth.  (Only because I watched an Ancient Alien marathon on the History Channel)…….

Yep the whole thing is just weird, right?

Hold on!  It is getting even more weird!

(Newser) – Scientists are scratching their heads over a crack in the Earth that’s more than half a mile long, Sky News reports. A drone last week captured video footage of the 16-foot-wide, 26-foot-deep crack, which cuts across highway 26 between the coast and Hermosillo in northwest Mexico. Officials say a San Andreas Fault earthquake may have caused it, but experts at the University of Sonora are eying an underground stream as the possible culprit, Australia’s News Network reports. They say a farmer-built levee started leaking, creating an underground stream that weakened the earth and caused it to crumble. (Another geological marvel: water “missing for decades” is found 400 miles below the US.)

Check the video out…….freaky!

Okay people….what the Hell is going on?

Is the Earth starting to come apart like some cheap SyFy movie?

Has anyone got a good explanation?

If so then NOW is the time to share it with my readers.

Silent But Healthy

The last day of mental clarity and I would like to talk about a thing that we all do…..most of us pretend we don’t but….we do.

To What function do you think I refer?

The breaking of wind….the passing of gas…….flatulence……yes….that is right!………. a FART!

There seems to be some new scientific evidence has been discovered….

To put it one way, small doses of hydrogen sulfide help keep cells healthy and thus help ward off maladies such as dementia, diabetes, and even cancer. To put it another way, “smelling farts could be the best thing you do today,” as per CNET. As the Independent explains, researchers at the University of Exeter discovered that while hydrogen sulfide—the stuff produced in the gut that causes gas—is toxic in large doses, it’s actually quite beneficial in smaller ones. Specifically, it preserves mitochondria, which are vital to cell life.

“Although hydrogen sulfide is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence, it is naturally produced in the body and could in fact be a health care hero with significant implications for future therapies for a variety of diseases,” say the Exeter scientists. They’re not asking people to sniff appropriately. Rather, they’ve developed a compound called AP39 designed to deliver just the right dose of the stuff to cells. Studies on actual humans come next, but in the meantime, it might pay to thank that guy in the elevator for saving your life, writes Laura Stamper at Time. “Or not.” (In related news, an opera singer’s ill-timed flatulence led to a lawsuit.)

Okay, I want to know….how do you convince people to give you money to do a scientific study on farting?  I gotta get my name on that damn list.

Any feed back from my millions of readers?

Scientists Are Beginning to Figure Out Why Conservatives Are…Conservative | Mother Jones

Both Left and Right have over time thought there was seriously wrong with the thinking of their opponents……but is there a scientific way to determine who will be a conservative?

Glad you asked.


Scientists Are Beginning to Figure Out Why Conservatives Are…Conservative | Mother Jones.

Can You Dig It?

It is the weekend and as usual I have found a few things that have NOTHING to do with the mindless dribble of politics……

Yes, I admit it…I like archeology………I am always finding a few things that I think would stir the imagination……

Stonehenge….some say it is an ancient astrological observation site…..while others seem to think that it is a religious site…..and then there are those that think some mysterious alien race used it as a landing site…….and then there are weird ones that are too out there to mention….and then I found this article…….

The ancient monument of Stonehenge dates back to between 2500 BC and 3000 BC—but when it was built, people had already been living in the area for millennia, researchers found after a dig. Artifacts from what is now Amesbury, the nearest settlement to Stonehenge, dated to 8820 BC. It’s been inhabited ever since, the BBC notes, making it Britain’s oldest settlement, something the Guinness Book of Records has now officially recognized. (As such, Thatcham has lost the honor.) The year was established after burnt flints and large animal bones were unearthed; they point to feasts held there, Smithsonian reports. “The site blows the lid off the Neolithic Revolution in a number of ways,” says researcher David Jacques, who notes that it provides evidence of “people staying put, clearing land, building, and presumably worshiping, monuments.”

Experts had believed the stones were erected by European immigrants, notes Culture24, but in fact the area was a hub for people in the region, says Jacques. It “was a forerunner for what later went on at Stonehenge itself,” he says. “The first monuments at Stonehenge were built by these people. For years, people have been asking why is Stonehenge where it is; now at last, we have found the answers.” Giant pine posts were placed in the area long before Stonehenge was there, sometime before 6590 BC, reports the Guardian; the study offers a “missing link” between the posts and the stone monuments. (Click to read about Stonehenge’s sonic secret.)

So anyone else have an idea or maybe a theory on this site?  please share with the world……..