Scientists try to replicate climate denier findings and fail | Grist

If a blogger writes anything about climate warming then there is a plethora of people that fly into a rage and start posting those damn links that would take a insane person from sanity to sitting in a corner baffled………Everyone has an opinion but especially those the are what we are calling “deniers”

But all there links and their knowledge….the equation is can any of their opposition be scientifically tested?  It can….but can it be verified?

That is a different question with a different answer……

Read on my friends read on!


Source: Scientists try to replicate climate denier findings and fail | Grist

Ever Get “That Sinking Feeling”?

I know let’s lighten up the mood……God knows I would not want anyone to stroke out….well not before they comment that is……

Once again I made through another week without threatening to kill some dough head that has the mental capacity of pond scum…… to celebrate I will find some of my world famous unusual stuff to amuse my loyal readers……..

Ever use “that sinking feeling” when you are confronted with something that is uncomfortable?

If you live in DC you may be feeling an actual event……

It sounds like a metaphor but is geological reality: Washington, DC, is sinking. In fact, researchers led by a team at the University of Vermont predict that the ground will drop another six inches by the end of the century, reports UPI. The cause isn’t man-made: It’s the result of an age-old geologic process that will continue to unfold for thousands of years. But it’s presenting the DC region with a dangerous double-whammy—the ground is sinking at the same time that sea levels are rising because of warming temperatures, say the UV researchers. The study confirms a long-held theory on why sea levels around DC are rising faster than any other stretch along the coast, reports the Washington Post.

“Right now is the time to start making preparations,” says lead study author Ben DeJong. “Six extra inches of water really matters in this part of the world.” He and his team drilled dozens of boreholes around the Chesapeake Bay to figure out what’s happening. The culprit is an ancient ice sheet that covered much of North America, then retreated, and the land is oh-so-slowly settling back into place. DC was actually in an area just outside the sheet and “bulged upward,” as the Post puts it. “It’s a bit like sitting on one side of a water bed filled with very thick honey,” says DeJong. “Then the other side goes up. But when you stand, the bulge comes down again.”

About here we could debate whether this is a good thing or not…..some would say “good riddance”…..I would be one of them.  With any luck when it goes it will take all the lobbyists with it… can hope.

It was an unusual story and I thought it would make good fun of our nation’s capitol….then I read another piece……..

Researchers say that while there’s no need for residents of Phoenix to panic, parts of their city are slowly and unstoppably sinking into the ground. Land subsidence caused by the extraction of huge quantities of groundwater over the decades is to blame, and the Arizona State University researchers say it’s causing some parts of the metropolitan area to sink by roughly 0.75 inches a year, Sonoran News reports. Residents may not notice much change year to year, the researchers say, but over time, the problem will affect things like canals, utility lines, and sewers and, eventually, the foundations of buildings. The depletion of groundwater has changed the sediment under the area, so the drop is irreversible.

The lead researcher tells the Arizona Republic that the subsidence has “the potential to cause costly structural damages, and is something to keep an eye on.” The sinking is happening at an uneven rate—with some areas actually rising a little—meaning floodwaters could cause major problems in affected areas. Another problem, the lead researcher warns, is that the sediment changes have left the ground unable to store as much water as it used to. “We live in a desert, and our underground canteen is getting smaller,” she tells the News. The Republic notes that the problem is widespread across the US, with Denver, parts of California, and the New Jersey coast among the many areas starting to sink.

Interesting…….parts of the country are sinking…..but wait….it gets better.

After I saved this in draft for the weekend I ran upon yet another sinking story……..

Vast areas of California’s Central Valley are sinking faster than in the past as massive amounts of groundwater are pumped during the historic drought, state officials say, citing new research by NASA scientists. The data shows the ground is sinking nearly 2 inches each month in some places, putting roads, bridges, and vital canals that deliver water throughout the state at growing risk of damage. Sinking land has occurred for decades in California—and in cities like Phoenix—because of excessive groundwater pumping during dry years, but the new data shows it’s happening faster as the state endures its fourth year of drought.

The NASA data shows land near the city of Corcoran sank 13 inches in eight months, and part of the California Aqueduct dropped 8 inches in four months last year. The aqueduct spans hundreds of miles and provides water to millions of people and vast areas of farmland. “We are pumping at historic levels,” says Mark Cowin, the head of the California Department of Water Resources. He adds that groundwater levels are dropping to record levels—up to 100 feet lower than previously recorded. Gov. Jerry Brown signed historic legislation last year that requires monitoring of groundwater pumping, but local officials have until 2020 to write their management plans, so it could take another decade or two before California has a handle on groundwater use, Cowin says

Okay, what the hell is going on?  Can we somehow blame this phenomena on climate change? Maybe fracking?   All this is just a little unsettling don’t you think?  East coast, West Coast and middle America… the whole country slowly sinking?

Any explanations you would like to share?

The scientific guide to napping – Vox

The weekend has finally arrived!  Now I can post one thing and go about my daily stuff and enjoy the day away from the insanity of this world.

As usual I want to give my readers something that will make their day a little better…..and I chose a subject that is near and dear to my Id……A NAP!

The older I get the more I appreciate the daily nap……and now I learn that it is a scientific good thing…..which deep down I knew already…..

Read it and then go enjoy a well deserved NAP!


The scientific guide to napping – Vox.

Cows With Gas

Yipee!  The weekend has finally come over the horizon and I can post some weird and unusual stuff…….

I am sure that you have heard some of the debate on global warming or climate change…..whichever suits your sensibilities…….some of the deniers put the blame not on the human factor but squarely on the backs of…..COWS.

Say what?  yep, some are saying that the reason we are suffering through climate change is that cows fart too much… read it right……fart too much.

In today’s world there has got to be a way to help cows with their gas problem…….short of a gallon of Bean-o…….

Cows are notorious methane gas producers, belching somewhere between 132 and 264 gallons of gas produced by food fermenting in the rumen (one of the four parts of their stomachs) every day. As the Washington Post reports, that’s so significant that ruminant animals—including sheep and goats—actually contribute a quarter of the country’s total methane emissions, which is a top greenhouse gas. So the Dutch life sciences and materials company DSM has partnered with Penn State to develop a powder to add to cow feed that it reports in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences produces a 30% reduction in methane emissions.

DSM says it’s achieved this without harming the animal, its performance (i.e., milk production), or how much food it eats. Here’s how it works. By feeding 3-nitrooxypropanol (a small molecule referred to as 3NOP) to dairy cows, it inhibits an enzyme called methyl-coenzyme M reductase that’s used by cow gut bacteria to digest grass but produces methane in the process, reports Scientific American. It’s not the first to help reduce this methane production, but it’s the first that appears safe for the animal and the environment. It also helps the cows gain weight, since 7% of the energy in their food goes toward methane alone. Whether this weight gain improves milk production needs further study.

There you have it..,..problem solved!

Now will someone please work on a cure for killer farts from my dogs………they could wake the dead!

Ice, Ice, Baby

It is Summertime in the South…….in my neighborhood it has been over 100 for 10 days……last week it hit 112 and just yesterday it was 107…….so to say that it is hot is a bit of an understatement……all this heat makes one yearn for some coolness…… My ass I want it cold!

And speaking of cold…..I read an article the other day that made me think I could get my wish……and soon……..

In the words of the Starks, winter is coming—and it’s going to be bad. Using a new model to forecast the sun’s activity, scientists predict solar activity will fall by 60% in the 2030s to conditions not seen since a “mini ice age” in 1645. For almost two centuries, scientists have known that the sun’s activity changes on a 10- to 12-year cycle. Each cycle is slightly different, and predicting the sun’s activity has proven difficult thanks to a dynamo caused by fluid deep within the sun. However, after reviewing magnetic field activity over three solar cycles, researchers say they’ve found a second dynamo close to the sun’s surface. “They both have a frequency of approximately 11 years, although this frequency is slightly different,” researcher Valentina Zharkova explains. The new model based on the pair has allowed for “unprecedentedly accurate predictions,” per Science Daily. As if to crush all hope of warmth, Zharkova notes they’re 97% accurate.

That doesn’t mean we’re all going to freeze solid. Zharkova explains that, according to the “double dynamo” theory, two sets of magnetic waves, “originating in two different layers in the sun’s interior,” sway between the sun’s Northern and Southern hemispheres. When they are “in phase … we have strong solar activity.” But when the “two waves exactly mirror each other, peaking at the same time but in opposite hemispheres of the sun,” as is predicted for 2030 to 2040, “their interaction will be disruptive, or they will nearly cancel each other. We predict that this will lead to the properties of a ‘Maunder minimum.'” The Maunder minimum, also known as the Little Ice Age, brought significant temperature drops to the Northern Hemisphere from 1645 to 1715, causing England’s River Thames to freeze during the winter of 1683-84, reports the Telegraph. Haaretz, which puts the dates at 1300 to 1870, reports some countries suffered crop failure and famine. (The sun is already partly to blame for our shortening spring.)

I am sure that there will be a few d/bags that will deny any of this…….there is always a denier hide in the weeds waiting to pop out and spout their crap…….

Personally I look forward to some cold weather…..even if it last for longer than a couple of months….I can not take off enough clothes to be cool ……but I can put enough on to be warm…..

Enjoy the rest of your weekend……..,

Dracula Has Risen

The weekend and I try to find some weird stuff on which to start a conversation……and what better subject to do this than……VAMPIRES?

This surely ranks among the more unexpected studies: Vampires are real, and they have a fear—”of Coming out of the Coffin to Social Workers and Helping Professionals,” as the study’s title reads in part. The study, published in the journal Critical Social Work, isn’t talking about “lifestyle” vampires, who might wear fake fangs or don a black cape, but rather true vampirism, which “centers on claims of needing extra energy”—that would be blood—”regularly in order to sustain health.” DJ Williams, who’s studied self-identified vampires for almost a decade, interviewed 11 individuals from the US and South Africa who say they need to drink others’ blood for this reason, reports Reuters. After quizzing them about their psychiatric backgrounds, careers, and social lives, he found them much like everyone else. Though some have a habit of cutting into the chests of willing donors to ingest a small amount of blood—a non-fatal procedure—they also “work regular jobs and participate in the broader communities in which they live.”

One standout point, Williams says: they’re generally unwilling to visit a therapist or doctor though they may face “stress, various health issues, relationship difficulties,” and other struggles just like the rest of us. Many so-called vampires worry they’ll be labeled a psychopath, or “perhaps wicked, and not competent to perform in typical social roles, such as parenting,” the study notes. Real vampires feel they had no choice about their identity, with some saying they wish they were free of their condition. “Most vampires believe they were born that way; they don’t choose this,” Williams tells Reuters, and his study encourages “helping professionals … to become more aware of their own social and cultural positioning so that these do not unintentionally harm clients whose backgrounds and beliefs differ.” Curious how many vampires walk among us? Williams suspects there are thousands.

How’s that for some weird shit?

Repent! The End Is Near!

Remember back in 2012, December to be exact, when the Maya told us that all would change and you woke up the next day and VIOLA!  Nothing had changed, remember that?

Since some hairy dude living in a cave looked up and saw a comet and knew that the world was ending and it was only a matter of time…….well that prediction has been made over and over and over…..and we are still hear…..waiting.

There have been movie after movie about the “End of Life Event” on Earth….some were better than others…..but in the end…..we are still here…….now ask… much longer will we still be here?

Feeling upbeat? Enough of that: Planet Earth is undergoing a sixth mass extinction that will likely annihilate the human race unless we can curb the trend, scientists say. According to a new paper, the current rate of species extinction outpaces the natural rate far more than anyone knew, NBC News reports. The analysis “employed better knowledge” of Earth’s natural extinction rate, the Guardian reports, upping the number from one extinction per million species annually to two extinctions. It then compared that to a current extinction rate that study authors consider conservative. Presto, they got a rate since 1900 that’s eight to 100 times worse than the natural one. “We were very surprised to see how bad it is,” says study leader Gerardo Ceballos. “This is very depressing.”

“If it is allowed to continue, life would take millions of years to recover, and our species itself would disappear early on,” says Ceballos. But nations can reverse the crisis—which has been linked to deforestation, industrialization, and other human factors—by conserving threatened species and lowering pressures on their populations, the paper says. So far critics seem to buy the paper’s basic math but doubt that species extinction will continue at this high rate for centuries. “It is likely the problem will decline rapidly because most countries will be rich and care much for the natural world,” writes one environmentalist. Earth has seen five other mass extinctions, including one 443 million years ago that killed off 83% of sea life, and the most recent, which wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago, the Telegraph notes.

This planet is slowly dying and whether you blame climate change or Obama……makes no difference……when it is gone it will be gone and it will matter not how we got there……