Fly The Crowded Skies Of Syria

Last Friday I wrote a post about the crowded skies over Syria and the possibility of something that could gone wrong… case you did not bother to read the post I offer it up here……

Source: The Crowded Skies Of Syria | In Saner Thought

I got some blow back on the post……nothing derogatory or insulting but since the post……. the news this morning was…..

Turkey shot down a Russian warplane Tuesday, claiming it had violated Turkish airspace and ignored repeated warnings. Russia denied that the plane crossed the Syrian border into Turkish skies. “We are looking into the circumstances of the crash of the Russian jet,” Russia’s Defense Ministry said. “The Ministry of Defense would like to stress that the plane was over the Syrian territory throughout the flight.” Russia said the Su-24 was downed by artillery fire, but Turkey claimed that its F-16s fired on the Russian plane after it ignored several warnings. The ministry said the pilots parachuted, but it added that Moscow had no further contact with them. More:

  • Video footage of the incident showed a warplane on fire before crashing on a hill and two crew members apparently parachuting safely. According to Turkey’s Dogan news agency, a Russian helicopter flew low over the Bayirbucak Turkmen region in northern Syria, searching for the two pilots.
  • A Turkish military statement said the plane entered Turkish airspace over the town of Yayladagi, in Hatay province. “Two F-16 planes on aerial patrol duty in the area intervened against the plane in question in accordance with the rules of engagement at 9:24am,” the statement said, adding that the plane had been warned 10 times in the space of five minutes.
  • Russian authorities say the plane was one of dozens flying sorties as part of the country’s bombing campaign in Syria, reports the Washington Post, which notes that since Turkey is a NATO member, the downing of the jet is bound to increase friction between Moscow and the West.
  • Reuters reports that activists say the plane crashed in a mountainous part of Syria’s Latakia province, where government forces have been fighting insurgents. A Syrian rebel group has sent Reuters video of what it says is the body of one of the Russian pilots.


But what about the crew men of the plane shot down?

The two crew ejected from the stricken plane, the Russian defence ministry said, but the fate of the pilots was not known.

A leader of Turkmen forces in the north of Syria said his men had fired on the pilots as they parachuted, killing one.

Jahed Ahmad, of the Free Syrian Army’s 10th Brigade in the Coast, told the AP news agency that the pilots had attempted to land in a Syrian government-held area.

The group published graphic video showing gunmen standing around a bruised and bloodied pilot who appeared dead.

The Turkmens in northern Syria are allied with rebel groups seeking the overthrow of Syrian president and Russian ally Bashar al-Assad.

If true this incident could be problematic on its own……

This is an incident and I believe that more could come…..there are so many players doing the same thing……it will be interesting to see how the US government spins this incident…..

I closing……. the four most beautiful words in the English language……I TOLD YOU SO!

Will Syria become a ‘new Afghanistan’?

Russia has jumped into the fray in Syria with both feet….the last time they did such a thing was 1979……in a magical land called……Afghanistan.

For you youngsters that have NO idea what I am speaking about……a little historical perspective……..

On December 27, 1979, under cover of an ongoing Soviet military buildup, heavily-armed elements of a Soviet airborne brigade were airlifted into Kabul, Afghanistan, to violently overthrow the regime of President Hafizollah Amin. Within hours after the beginning of this Trojan Horse-type operation, Soviet troops had overwhelmed the elite presidential guard, captured Amin, executed him along with several members of his family for crimes against the people and seized control of the capital.

After about 10 years of sporadic fighting and a major draw on Russian resources troops began a withdrawal and on 15 February 1989 the last of the troops crossed the border into the USSR.

Russia is once again flexing its international muscle by coming to the aid of Syrian president Assad…….the thoughts of Afghanistan return to the minds of the Russian people.

As Russia escalates Syria bombing, the 1980s war that killed 15,000 Soviet soldiers weighs heavy on the minds of many.

Source: Russian fears of Syria becoming a ‘new Afghanistan’ – Al Jazeera English

Now hope will this end?  Will Russia overextend itself yet again?  Is this yet another confrontation with the US using surrogates as was Afghanistan in the 8o’s?

The New McCarthyism

I apologize for the lack of content today…..but it is my day in the barrel with doctors……I should be back to form a little later…..

It appears that the McCarthyism from the 1950’s is making a comeback……

As I write this I realize that there may be some of my younger readers that do not remember what McCarthyism was all about……


1.the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, especially of pro-Communist activity, in many instances unsupported by proof or based on slight, doubtful, or irrelevant evidence.

2.the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism.

It was so named for “Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin ans staunch anti-communist in the US Senate…..a vociferous campaign against alleged communists in the US government and other institutions carried out under Senator Joseph McCarthy in the period 1950-54. Many of the accused were blacklisted or lost their jobs, although most did not in fact belong to the Communist Party.
The effort pretty much ended when the USSR ended in the 1990’s…..but there seems to be a move to resurrect the concept…….especially among the GOPers that are trying to win the party nomination…..

Source: The New McCarthyism by —

Echoes of Afghanistan in Syria | The National Interest Blog

Today will be a short day of posting….I have my doctor’s visits and you know how reliable those are, huh?

Syria is smelling a lot like Afghanistan in the ’80’S… know that famous proxy war between USSR and the US in the mountains of Afghanistan…..

The long we stay in the Middle East the more the situation will demand that we stay……

The only winner in this newest situation…….is the Military-Industrial Complex and in the end… is always about the profit.

Source: Echoes of Afghanistan in Syria | The National Interest Blog

Same Song…….Different Dance

As usual when it comes to foreign policy our politicians are notoriously ignorant….since the 1950’s and the Cold War the US has always fought a proxy war with first the Soviet Union and then Putin….we fought these proxy wars because no one wanted to get their hands dirty… is easier to let someone else do the fighting and the dying…..

Funny how world leaders (?) fall for the same geopolitical crap time and time again.  You would think that somewhere they would see that it has been tried before and it was a failure and back off the old stand by exercise of trying to block one political ideology or the other.

Think back to the early days of the Cold War……USSR would make a move and the US would attempt to counter it……then the US would make a move and the Russian would react……and each of these moves did little but waste time and lots of money.

Then in 1979 the USSR decided that the invasion of Afghanistan would be an excellent idea……..10 years of war and death and destruction they decided to call it a draw and go home…..wasting lives and money to no avail.  We spent millions arming the rebels that fought Russia…..Afghanistan was a proxy war….but most seem to conveniently forget that fact……after Russia departed we left Afghanistan and cut all ties and the Taleban and AQ were our rewards for stupidity…..

Now we go to Syria….you remember that corner of the world, right?

Source: Obama Lost the Middle East While Putin is Building His Own Trap There | Middle East Briefing

And now the GOP has woken up to what a lot of us have been saying for 15 years…but as usual…NO One Was Listening!

Now McCain, a Senator points to ‘abdication of American leadership’ by White House and says Putin is ‘treating US with disdain and contempt’….interesting….how long have we treated Russia with disdain and contempt?

Source: John McCain says US is engaged in proxy war with Russia in Syria | US news | The Guardian

Now it is a proxy war…before it was just keeping the peace of the world…..

God I love these guys!

But with all that said and laughed at….there is still more to the story……

Source: Defining Imperialism Down: Yes, the US Has Waged War on Syria | Rogue Nation

You see Syria has been in the cross hairs of American politicos for decades……only difference is….someone finally pulled the trigger!

One Door Closes And Another One Opens

I have waited for a couple of days before I posted this……I wanted see how many pundits made the connection… far not many.

I realize that I may watch international situations more than most but after all the slogans, accusations and innuendos you would think more would be said about the Russian thing in the Middle East……

The media covered the Russian primary airstrikes against targets in Syria and there was some debate on whether they were fighting ISIS or the anti-Assad rebels……all that is just ducky….but what about their other conflict that was all the news 6 months ago……Ukraine.

You remember Ukraine, right?

That “square” country just South of Russia……you know where pro-Russian rebels have been fighting the Ukrainian army in the East of the country…..ring any bells?

At least I can depend on the UK press (the Guardian) for some info….may not always be as accurate as I would like… least it reports stuff……

As Russia ratchets up military action in Syria, the fighting in east Ukraine is winding down. The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany will meet in Paris on Friday for talks on Ukraine, and while a lasting political solution still seems some way off, there is confidence on all sides that the military action could finally be over, a year after the first ill-fated, and largely ignored, ceasefire agreement was signed in Minsk, Belarus.

With all sides tired of military conflict, the most likely outcome appears to be Moscow pushing the territories back to Ukraine legally, with an ensuing period of uncertain peace as both Moscow and Kiev decide how far they are ready to compromise on their goals.

Putin is weary of the conflict in the Donetsk region and is looking for a way out of the situation……it is costing him lots of cash and he needs to spread the wealth around……but there is the possibility of a settlement in Ukraine……

“If Ukraine gives the regions special status, a full amnesty, recognises the rebel forces as a ‘people’s militia’ and gives the regions the right to its own cultural policy and special economic relations with Russian regions, then we would give the Ukrainians back control of the border.”

With this incident winding down….he, Putin, looks West… Syria.

In Syria Putin can openly use his military instead of the covert ops he was pulling in Ukraine…..basically, he can flex his military muscle and reshape the Middle East if he is successful.

If he, Putin, is successful in Syria then he can always return to Ukraine at a later date and commence his muscle flexing exercises.  His opportunities are almost limitless.

The Vlad and Yuri Show

Kinda early for a stroll down memory lane, right?………but what the Hell…..I am going to feed you history until it comes out your ears…..and you will thank me at a later date……

A historical perspective of what Putin is trying to do within Syria……it appears that Putin is using some of the same techniques that his mentor in the KGB years ago in Afghanistan…..

The whole world is wondering just what Putin is really up to in Syria and his pledge to fight ISIS……this should give all a good look at his intentions…..

Source: Vlad and Yuri: How Putin is applying the lessons of Afghanistan to Syria – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Old habits die a hard death!