Should We Or Should We Not…..Arm Ukraine?

There is a debate raging in the halls of Congress, the White House and around the world…….should Ukraine been armed to meet the threats from Putin’s Russia.

The US is increasingly leaning towards the former………

Despite Vladimir Putin’s posturing for a peaceful resolution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, a senior US State Department official says Eastern Ukraine’s security position is “dire” and Russia is “failing miserably” in its peace efforts, CNN reports. The official spoke today on John Kerry’s plane as he headed to Kiev to meet with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Speaking later on the ground, Kerry called on Russia to pull heavy weapons, equipment, and troops out of Ukraine and shut down the border in a solution to the crisis “that is staring everyone in the face.” French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are also set to arrive in Kiev today before heading to Russia tomorrow to meet with Putin, CNN notes.

Kerry has pledged $16.4 million in new humanitarian aid to Ukraine designed to “help alleviate the suffering of people in conflict-affected areas,” a State Department statement issued today said. Meanwhile, NATO is refining its strategy as well. Even though Ukraine isn’t a member, the organization says it “strongly supports” the beleaguered country and would continue to offer political and practical assistance, as per CNN. In discussion now are plans to set up dedicated NATO command centers in six member nations, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland. These units would help with NATO training in these countries and make it easier to quickly deploy troops. Meanwhile, the US is mulling whether to send defensive “lethal aid” such as anti-armor missiles to Ukrainian troops to help them fight pro-Russia rebels.

This is a tricky question and even trickier decision that is being made……my problem is one thing that the prez had to say about the arming debate…..

President Obama left little doubt that he intends to eventually start providing weaponry to the Ukrainian military for its civil war, saying only that he needs to be certain it is “used properly.

Okay first of all what does the term “used properly” actually mean?  It has been said that these will be defensive weapons……pause here for thought……what is the difference between a defensive weapon and an offensive one?  And just who makes that decision?

This is the same type of rhetoric that we always get from the government……but the question remains….should we or should we not arm Ukraine?

Personally I say NO……it will not make the situation any less explosive.  If anything will lead to an escalation by Putin.  Even with a massive influx of weapons from NATO will not make Ukraine safer and if push comes to shove they will not be capable of fending off a Russian onslaught….

This tactic will not work….it will be a waste of time and the possibility of it getting worse instead of better is a real threat.

Arms are not the answer…..however diplomacy may prove a better weapon….too bad it is seldom tried before someone pulls the trigger.

The only people that will benefit from the massive weapons that could be sent to Ukraine is the ones that ALWAYS make out in these situations…..the defense contractors.

Any thoughts from my readers?

Ukraine: The Beginning

While you were shoveling snow or worrying about which group of overpaid athletes would win the prestigious game……the conflict in Ukraine keeps getting worse and worse…..but yet Americans shrug it off.

The US is going to station a “Rapid Response Force” somewhere in Eastern Europe….that is what we were told back in late Autumn but that plan has changed……..

The strengthened rapid response force was set to include a “spearhead” force of 5,000 troops able to deploy anywhere within a few days, which was announced at a previous NATO conference last September and for which details were expected to be agreed on Thursday.

Other measures included setting up six regional command and control centers in eastern European nations, namely Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, to ensure the new forces could be mobilized quickly.

A multinational headquarters for the alliance in Szczecin, Poland, would also be expanded. The military boost was also motivated by threats from extreme Islamist militants in the Middle East and North Africa.

The US is now considering arming the Ukrainian forces with heavy weapons and even a missile system or two… escalation.


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The problem is with our rush to arm up the Ukrainians ….it could lead to further escalation of hostilities…..if that occurs who will be left holding the bag?  Not France.  Not Germany.  Not the UK.  America will have crap on its face…..yet again.

So is it a prudent move to get so deeply involved in Ukrainian conflict?

The media and the admin will most likely use the deaths of civilians as a justification for further involvement.  That is a convenient stat to use……there are civilians dying all over the world and we do not involve ourselves in those….so why Ukraine?

The local escalation has been on the move……..Both the Ukrainian and self-proclaimed rebel governments have called for mobilization to beef up their fighting forces.

Earlier this week, rebel chief Alexander Zakharchenko said he wants to increase his military to around 100,000 soldiers. But it’s not a given that he can raise that many people, especially considering hundreds of thousands of civilians have fled the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where fighting is taking place. It is unknown exactly how many fighters the separatists currently have, though a leader claimed last summer — when things got really bad — the number was around 20,000.

Even if the plan to mobilize is unrealistic, Zakharchenko’s call for more troops suggests separatist resolve is still strong.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials are hoping to bolster their own 200,000-man army with three waves of conscription this year. Authorities say nearly 50,000 draftees have already passed medical exams and are on their way into the military as part of the first wave, which started last month.

The last question is…….what if Putin does not back down………what then?

Is NATO willing to do what is necessary?  Or is all this posturing so much chest thumping?

Let The De-Humanizing Begin!

By now most Americans have their opinion of Russia’s Putin….the problem is that the media has made sure to get the public on the same page….thanx to a technique called PROPAGANDA.

Here how it works……a think tank is given the conclusion and the research is done to prove the hypothesis….it was done with Hitler….it was done with MLK……and now we have Putin the arch enemy of the West……..

The conclusion found that there amy be a good reason for Mr. Putin’s actions…….

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request from USA Today, we have this tidbit: a Pentagon think tank suspects Vladimir Putin may have Asperger’s syndrome. In a 2008 report obtained by the paper, a contractor for the Office of Net Assessment doesn’t mince words: A review of Putin’s movement patterns and microexpressions “so clearly [reveal] that the Russian president carries a neurological abnormality.” Further, Brenda Connors, a movement pattern analysis expert with the US Naval War College who has done work for the Pentagon since 1996, presents the “hypothesis that very early in life perhaps, even in utero, Putin suffered a huge hemispheric event to the left temporal lobe of the prefrontal cortex.” A footnote indicates the “hemispheric event” may have been a stroke, and notes that his mother, a woman in poor health, gave birth to him at 41.

The result? “His primary form of compensation is extreme control and this is isomorphically reflected in his decision styles and how he governs.” The report cites Time reporters’ observations from their Person of the Year interview (“He is impatient to the point of rudeness with small talk”); quotes other autism experts; and makes plain that without brain scanning, the theory remains just that. One of the experts cited was Dr. Stephen Porges; he tells USA Today he never saw the finished version, and that he wouldn’t go so far as to label Putin as having Asperger’s. The upshot of his analysis is that lawmakers who interact with him should attempt to do so in quiet settings, not a “big state affair but more of one-on-one situation someplace.” USA Today has the report in full.

Please do not misunderstand……..I am in NO way defending Putin and his irresponsible actions…..all I am saying is that this “study” is highly suspect……it does not pass the smell test…….

Whatcha think?

What Happened To The Hysteria?

Do you remember back in the Spring and Summer when all the world was jumping through hoops because of Russia’s advance into Ukrainian territory?

The world went batcrap crazy….NATO was predicting that all other former Soviet states would be falling like dominoes……that hysteria lead to the formation of a NATO Rapid Response Force……do you recall any of this?

Probably not because it did not effect you in any way……but the plan was to create a Rapid Response Force to handle any flare ups in Eastern Europe……the US and NATO came up with an idea and a plan……but as usual that may be as far as it goes…….

Arguments over who’s going to pay for the creation of the “rapid reaction” force in Eastern Europe, something NATO agreed to create back in September, has left the alliance spinning its wheels on actually getting the force going.

It was supposed to be a 5,000 ground troop force with air and naval support positioned along the Baltic Sea as some sort of hedge against a Russian invasion, something no one serious expects anyhow.

Diplomats are now saying that the force, which was supposed to be put together quickly, will be lucky to be fully operational before 2016. Fewer than 100 of the 5,000 troops have been committed yet.

May I suggest that the term “rapid” be eliminated from the title.

Basically this was just a cover for NATO to get more cash and spend it on weapons and other implements of destruction.  In other words just a vague plan to boost the profits of your local friendly Military-Industrial Complex………and that is what our foreign policy is really all about…in case you were confused.

What Year Is It?

I recall when I was in the military we were always hearing about the probes the Russians were sending into our airspace….I guess testing our response time in case it was needed in the event of a war with the US and her allies……but after the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War such “war games” were not needed any longer….but guess what, sports fans?

While you were worried about the NFL and its stellar reputation things were changing……..

Russian military pilots seem to be getting a little adventurous these days. A pair of US military jets intercepted six Russian aircraft near the coast of Alaska Wednesday evening, reports AP. The Russian pilots never entered US airspace, but instead remained in something called the Air Defense Identification Zone, which extends about 200 miles from the coast. Still, NORAD sent up two US jets “basically to let those aircraft know that we see them, and in case of a threat, to let them know we are there to protect our sovereign airspace,” says a spokesperson. The six Russian planes—two fighter jets, two long-range bombers, and two refueling tankers—eventually looped back toward Russia.

Hours later, Canadian fighter jets intercepted two Russian long-range bombers over the Beaufort Sea, near the Canadian coast but again in the international zone. While such incidents aren’t all that uncommon, one US official tells CNN that Moscow was likely expressing its displeasure about a visit by Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko to the US and Canada. Elsewhere, two Russian military aircraft entered Swedish air space without authorization, reports the BBC. Sweden’s foreign ministry called it a “serious violation” and has summoned the Russian ambassador to complain.

Yep, that is right Gertrude….the probes have returned.  Russia is once again probing our airspace and our response time……why would they be doing that?…(he asked smilingly).

Do We Have To Destroy Ukraine In Order To Save It? by Vladimir Golstein —

The Ukrainian situation gets more confusing by the day…..Ukraine sez there is a peace deal….Russia sez that they are not party to the conflict…….separatists are killing everyone not to their liking……..West is scrambling to find an answer…..and in all this confusion….what of Ukraine?

The really large question staring the world in the face…….can Ukraine survive?


Do We Have To Destroy Ukraine In Order To Save It? by Vladimir Golstein —