ISIS Declares Governorate in Russia’s North Caucasus Region | Institute for the Study of War

Remember about 10 years ago when Russia was having a helluva time with the rebels in Chechnya?  It seems these Muslims from the Caucus region of  Southern Europe want their independence and have spent much time blowing things up and being a pain in Russia’s ass…….but for a couple of years now the region has been quiet and calm……of course there is still a simmering hatred but that could soon change thanx to ISIS……….

It seems the ISIS has injected itself into the region and things are about to get a bit more troublesome for Russia and in the end….the rest of the world.

An analysis from the Institute for the Study of War has broken down the problems and the situation quite nicely……….

This may not interest most Americans but it needs to be watched…….eventually it will involve the US and its NATO cover…….


ISIS Declares Governorate in Russia’s North Caucasus Region | Institute for the Study of War.

Ukraine And The World

While most everyone else is watching the carrying ons in the Congress and states I have been watching Ukraine and the situation the West is setting up for itself…..

Russia is playing a talking game……while it positions itself along the borders with NATO…….NATO is sending in troops and equipment to position along the borders with Russia……….

The “spearhead” force was initially meant to forestall a Russian invasion of Europe, something which US officials were constantly predicting was imminent. A year later and with the invasion still looking extremely unlikely, officials just keep doubling down at every opportunity.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has headed to Europe this week to try to convince various European nations, notably Germany, to dramatically increase military spending so they can afford to send a bunch of excess troops to the Russian border. He will also commit US troops and equipment to the plan.

If a full scale invasion seems unlikely…..what is all this troop movement about?

Why is the world playing the Cold war game again?  Is all this weaponry really a good idea?


Why Arming Ukraine Is a Really Bad Idea | The National Interest.

Remember Ukraine?

View from a tortured keyboard of Chuq

Funny thing happened on the way to an election…….a subject that garnered many hours of airtime back in the day is all but forgotten.  Russia’s deal with Ukraine has all but gone from the media….well the American media…….does that mean it is no longer a problem of which to  worry?

Think again!

If you thought Ukraine was in for a better summer than last year, think again. “Vladimir Putin’s drip-drip invasion continues” and “a summer offensive is inevitable,” write Michael Weiss and James Miller at the Daily Beast. They back up the claim with news from Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko that Russia has 50,000 troops on the border and more than 40,000 separatist fighters in Ukraine for “a combined 50% increase in possible invaders over July of last year.” Plus, in less than three months, Ukraine says it has lost 28 towns to Russian-backed separatists. Ukraine has deployed three tanks in government-controlled territory in violation of a ceasefire signed in Minsk, but 30 separatist tanks have also been spotted moving toward the front lines.

Separatists claimed the movement was linked to military parades in honor of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, but the tanks haven’t retreated since. There’s also “the presence of advanced Russian surface-to-air missile systems near the contact line in blatant violation of the Minsk agreement,” a diplomat says. A NATO commander said last month Russia was perhaps using the ceasefire to train and equip separatists and to “reset and reposition” their forces. Others note the separatists appear ready to “launch an all-out offensive against the Ukrainian military on little notice and without direct military assistance,” Weiss and Miller write. Meanwhile, Ukraine announced today it has captured two Russian soldiers in Ukraine and plans to prosecute them for “terrorist acts,” Reuters reports. Russia denies it has soldiers in the country.

This is a slow simmering pot that will eventually boil over and as usual the US will be caught with its pants down and its wanker in its hand……..

Then what?

Just wondering.


The Resurrection Of Yalta?|

Yalta?  What the Hell is that, Professor?

I know I kinda get carried away when it comes to finding historical events that can relate to today’s world situation…..but there is always an upside for comparisons.

Yalta was the meeting at the end of World War 2 when Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met to divide up the spoils of war…….and today;s Ukraine situation has a familiar smell about it.


Russia’s goals in Ukraine: toward a second Yalta? -Euromaidan Press |.

What Of Ukraine?

For some reason this conflict is less important than the Oscars……people are dying, there is destruction and there is politics……the MSM is just NOT interested in this situation unless it is some horrible news that they can milk for days on end for its “news” content.  Who am I kidding?  We know why….Israel!

The cease fire seems to be holding….at least on the surface….but the back and forth between Us and EU and Russia continues but it is just not worthy of attention….but all that will change when the need arises.

I am guilty also….my interests have been laser focused on the Middle East and I have neglected this situation…….a loyal reader, I believe it was dru, brought to my attention that little is given as far as information on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine……his statement made me think that I needed to dig into the conflict and do some reporting from the “other” side……by that I mean NOT the propaganda crap that the MSM wants us to know…….Thanx my friend for the push!

My studies at university was that of the causes of war…..and the more that I look at Ukraine I see a conflict that could become a classic for future study.

Now in case you would like a little history of the country….I could go off on a lengthy diatribe but for the sake of my readers sanity….BBC has a good time line from 1917 to present… should answer any historical questions you may have…….

Awhile back I wrote a piece entitled…”Looking For The linchpin”………. ……….I wrote that a future problem would brew in the Eastern Black Sea area….I was off by a couple hundred miles at most…….but where is Ukraine?

The West mostly NATO countries are poring support into Ukraine in their opposition to Russia…..the US has promised troops to help “train” the Ukrainian forces…….then why if they are that important are they not on the front page of your local newspaper?

Basically to answer the question….the American public has grown accustomed to conflicts in the news and so far they care nothing about Ukraine…..the media and the admin is pumping out as much propaganda as possible to turn the public into caring… far they are failing.

But now the government is pulling a page out of the Cold War playbook……the Domino Theory…….Bulgaria is in a panic and the US has sent troops for military exercises……..Lithuania is in a twist and the West is sending arms and stuff to help……Germany is trying to downplay any aggression that may come out of Russia.

All in all….it is a game being played and the weapon at this time is a non-lethal type……propaganda.


Who is Killing Opposition Members? | New Eastern Outlook

Death becomes Russian.

Putin Did It!

First it was a Russian journalist…..then a former KGB operative in London……now it was a Russian opposition leader in Moscow……there appears to be a movement to eliminate all opposition…..the most vocal that is…….as predictable the news of Russian opposition dying has kinda slipped from the headlines and we Americans have moved on to the mind numbing antics of Duck Dynasty…….

Of course, the world wants to believe that it is somehow a plan of Putin’s……if not him then who is killing the opposition?


Who is Killing Opposition Members? | New Eastern Outlook.

The demonisation of Russia risks paving the way for war | Seumas Milne | Comment is free | The Guardian

For months now the media has been making Russia, especially Putin, out as some sort of demon that must be confronted…….

Propaganda on both sides has been working overt time…..the media has been just as busy…..and at times it is hard to tell which is news and which is propaganda……

We need to be aware of the situation and maybe we can stop a conflict before it has a chance to explode into something uncontrollable…..


The demonisation of Russia risks paving the way for war | Seumas Milne | The Guardian.