Iran Hawks and the Nuclear Deal | The American Conservative

24 hours since the beginning of Operation Jade Helm began……..and I have yet to hear of any moves by the military to take over any cities… has been pretty quiet…….nothing to see here…..move on………

From the moment the Iranian deal was announced the Right hs been doing everything they can to crap on……..late into the first day of the announcement there are some saying that they have not reviewed the document so they will hold their condemnation until they have……it is 159 pages and NO one had the time to read it?  I realize that most of them have the reading skills of a 9 year old…..but surely they have someone on staff that has an IQ above their shoe size………

Their condemnation is nothing short of pathetic…..lots of misinformation (read as LIES)………this is why we have a terrible foreign policy…….mouths fly open before the situation is known……..

This is a pretty good piece in the American Conservative……check it out……then please let me know your thoughts……


Iran Hawks and the Nuclear Deal | The American Conservative.

Nearly half of Texans fear a federal military invasion, poll finds

Since it is my birthday I have decided to give myself the day off…..I will not be posting stuff….just pressing articles I have saved for further reference…….enjoy

Recall a couple of months ago when the Right wing went batcrap craqzy with the news that the military would be carrying out a training operation in Texas?

First of all it is a TRAINING op not a goddam invasion!  The military does this regularly….I participated in one such op when I was stationed at Ft. Hood with the 2nd Armored Division………we had NO intention of invading anything and neither do those today!  I do hope that the concept of TRAINING is not too abstract for some……..

But the noise machine on the Right has a whole lot of normally rationally people running around yelling “the sky is falling”……especially in Texas!


Nearly half of Texans fear a federal military invasion, poll finds.

‘You Betcha!’ Sarah Palin Jettisoned By Fox News (VIDEO)

I saw this news appear on Twitter yesterday and just had to press it……FOX shows signs of intelligence after all……..

FOX News may have just impressed me a tiny bit.

Fox News and Sarah Palin have gone their separate ways. The former Alaska governor’s contract with the network ended as of June 1 and will not be renewed, a Fox spokesperson tells Politico. The rep says the split was amicable, and Palin is still expected to show up on Fox and Fox Business as a guest. Politico says the move was made because execs no longer see Palin as quite so “relevant.” (But she’s not exactly going anywhere: As Politico notes, she has her own TV show, gives frequent speeches, will likely appear on other networks and cable channels, and has a “new publishing project” in the works.) CNNMoney notes that Palin and Fox previously split in 2013, but she returned to the network the same year.

It appears that they have kick poor Sarah to the curb…….seems her flame is flickering and with a little luck it will finally go out…….


‘You Betcha!’ Sarah Palin Jettisoned By Fox News (VIDEO).

Addicting Info – Now Bernie Sanders Is Hitler: Conservatives Claim Fight Against Inequality Leads To ‘Concentration Camps’

Yep, I will be working to help Bernie get his message out there…..I was expecting the insults and name calling from the Right……but I never thought he would be compared to HITLER of all people.

Just when you least expect it…..BAM!…..Morons speak!

This is not a big news story ……but it is so damn absurd that you gotta read this….have you ever heard such utter lunacy in your entire life?


Addicting Info – Now Bernie Sanders Is Hitler: Conservatives Claim Fight Against Inequality Leads To ‘Concentration Camps’.

Meet the Christian right’s new doomsday prophet — and his insane, apocalyptic “blood moon” theory –

I thought the GOP candidates were clowns…..but there are some of the religious types that make the GOP field look like Einstein…….

I have been reading about the “Blood Moon” thingy on blogs……I have wanted to write something but I just could not take any of it seriously…..sadly there are many that do take it seriously….

It is a silly notion….but read it for yourself……about the only thing this thing is good for is an idea for one of those grade B scifi movies….it might rival “Sharknado”………

Have a good laugh… are welcome!


Meet the Christian right’s new doomsday prophet — and his insane, apocalyptic “blood moon” theory –

One Cartoon Can Say It All!

Ever thought about those far right wingnuts that huddle around the tube for a FOX show or Beck’s rants or Rush or….well just about any of the so-called “patriots” in the media?  Ever wonder what they hear when they hear the basic same stuff as rational individuals?

I found a cartoon that explains it very well……..


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