Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Ebola That Conservatives Actually Believe | Right Wing Watch

God how I love the way that misinformation makes its way into the national conversation……and the stupidity of those that believe it is even more amusing…….

I have been a critic of this whole Ebola crisis…..I have stated that it is nothing more than the media milking a story for every ounce of crap they can glean from it…….

And there are the total bullshit from the Right on this crisis……..there are those that believe each and every one of these fear statements…..

Read and report!


Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Ebola That Conservatives Actually Believe | Right Wing Watch.

2014 Babbling Buffoons Of Babylon #18

Well did not have to wait very long to start another edition of B3……..I want to thank my brethren on the Right for having a motor mouth…..since they cannot help themselves…..I have an almost endless supply of of totally absurd BS…..thank you…….

1–All news agencies are trying to find the perfect analysis for the handling of ISIS……FOX News and more specifically Hannity has found the ‘expert’ made for FOX News……

……… a full-fledged recipient of wingnut welfare, “Duck Dynasty” reality TV star and phony woodsman Phil Robertson appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show on Tuesday night in order to offer his solution to the chaos wrought in the Middle East by the Islamic extremist group ISIS.

“In this case, you either have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible — I’m not giving up on them, but I’m just saying either convert them or kill them,” Robertson explained to Hannity. “One or the other.”

So this dipstick has the answer…….convert them to Christ or kill them……sorry makes him NO better than ISIS on this issue……or is he saying Christianity is no better that the beliefs of ISIS?  He is a moron and the Right loves themselves some morons….a perfect fit.

2–One of my fave big mouth assholes, Michael Savage has come up with the best piece of manure yet………..

“This entire government is geared up to fight a war against white people,” Savage said. “What if a group of white people had rioted or does riot in America after Obama grants amnesty? What if they loot and they burn? You know and I know the attorney general is not going to come out and say, ‘I feel your pain.’”

Savage added: “Could this be the most racist administration in American history? Are we allowed to ask the question? Do you know of a modern American presidency that was as racist as the Obama administration?

A war on white people?  God this dude is a moron……

3–My regular readers know what I think of religious morons……in case you may have missed it…..worthless as tits on a banana peel…….and guess what?  There is a new low for the religious Right………

Rev. Austin Miles has published yet anotherbrilliantcolumn for Renew America, this time alleging that President Obama has “no past girl friends [sic]” (even though “there are photos on the internet showing him with many BOY friends”), and therefore must be promptly removed from office.

“When did he meet Michele [sic] and how? Are there photos? Every president provides the public with all their photos, etc. for their library. What has he released? Nada – other than what was in this so-called biography!,

What can I say to make these twats sound more moronic?  nothing….the idiots do just fine without my help.

4–Keeping with the GOP or conservative talking points….FOX News contributor Eric Erikson had lots to say about people working for minimum wage………

If you’re a 30 -something year- old person and you’re making minimum wage, you’ve probably failed at life. It’s not that life dealt you a bad hand. Life does not deal you cards. It’s that you failed at life.

I love the arrogance and disdain for human life that these pigs illustrate every time they open their moronic mouths…….and this douche is one of the biggest pricks the Right has…..

5–The Right and their paranoia over immigrants meets NO boundaries……the newest crap comoing from a familiar figure….a dude named Gheen…….

William Gheen of the anti-immigrant Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) told WorldNetDaily yesterday that undocumented immigrants are a greater threat to America than ISIS, but that President Obama will still encourage ISIS to attack America so that his party wins the upcoming elections and he can impose a dictatorship.

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration or ALIPAC, also said he believes concerns about ISIS overseas pale in comparison to the threat of rampant illegal immigration. He did not hear the Buchanan interview but made similar statements Monday to WND.

“ISIS could cut off the heads of journalists once a month for the next five years and that’s not going to destroy America, but Obama’s pumping of illegal immigrants into the country will,” Gheen said.

He said the Obama administration was “going into full stealth mode” to continue its open-borders policy as quietly as possible, and may even give the impression to some on the left that it is abandoning its commitment to “comprehensive immigration reform,” which is a euphemism for amnesty. The progressives will shout and scream that Obama is backing away from his pledge to grant amnesty by delaying the inevitable, but this is all political theater, in Gheen’s eyes.

What better tag line than to tie immigrants with ISIS……..I want to say something disgusting but just reading his words is disgusting enough for me…..

6–FOX News continuously hits new lows……and this piece on rape shows how low they are willing to go……

Following the news that a Missouri county prosecutor had asked a special prosecutor to review the charge that a 14-year-old girl was raped by an older high school student in 2012, Fox News host Shepard Smith invited criminal defense attorney Joseph DiBenedetto to explain the case on his show.

“I’m not saying she deserved to be raped,” said DiBenedetto, “but knowing the facts as we do here including what the prosecutor has set forth, this case is going nowhere and it’s going nowhere quick.”

“But what did she expect to happen at 1 a.m. in the morning after sneaking out?” continued DiBenedetto. “What it comes down to is this: if you’re a woman who likes to party and have a good time, you have to choose between that and the very real possibility of being raped.”

DiBenedetto was referring to the case of Daisy Coleman, a high school student who claims that authorities in the town of Maryville, Mo. helped protect her alleged assailants from criminal charges.

Is this the new legal paradigm for the US?  Blame the victim for the crime…..if so I do not want any part of it.

7–A possible GOP candidate for president has trotted out the old reliable diatribe……..

In an interview with Newsmax host J.D. Hayworth today, Ben Carson said that if people want to know the truth about President Obama, they should simply “read ‘Mein Kampf’ and read the works of Vladimir Lenin.” “Mein Kampf,” of course, was written by Adolf Hitler and is filled with anti-Communist diatribes.

Is this the mentality that the GOP is looking for in a candidate?  If so, then the Dems have NOTHING top fear.

8–This douche bag cannot shut up and I love it!

potential GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson said that President Obama doesn’t “have the same worldview” as the typical American. Carson, who has previously implied that Obama is a Nazi and a communist, said that the president is bent on introducing “government control of everything” by “getting rid of God” in order to bring about communism.

You look through history, you look at Cuba, you look at Russia, you look at a lot of places that have a socialist/communist base, but previously they didn’t have that and they were a free society. What happened that’s common in every one of those societies? Two basic things. You get rid of God — and you see the attack on God in our country that is going on right now — that’s number one because you have to replace God with your dogma, you have to become the primary authority of everything. And the second thing you have to do is you have to gain control of your people, and the best way to do that is you take over health care. Everybody needs health care, you get control of that. Get rid of God, get control of health care and you’re well on your way to fundamentally changing society

I just love morons that talk about history that know nothing about it……Cuba was free/  Bet you could not find too many that would agree under Batista’s rule….and Russia with a czar…now there is freedom to be proud of…..I love ‘em…..GOP potential?  HA HA HA!

9–one last moron for this edition and it is a good one…..he is a preacher at that…….

Mark Driscoll routinely curses and makes biblical references to oral sex during his sermons at his Mars Hill megachurch—but the Seattle pastor’s controversial words may have finally done him in. A female blogger at Patheos dug up comments Driscoll made under a pseudonym on a church message board in 2001 that are, well, interesting. To wit: “The first thing to know about your penis is … it is not your penis. God created you, and it is his penis.” The bizarre message then notes that penises are borrowed and need a home, and that a man’s wife “makes a very nice home.” Other nuggets: a warning against breaking into another man’s home (ie, sleeping with another man’s wife) and a call for a wife to “rejoice at seeing [her husband's] penis rise to greet her.” (Read more of his comments here.)

GOD I love these religious types they are a source of amusement, at least for me……

So ends another edition of B3….never fear there are still mounds of bullsh*t from the Right and I will be glad to pass it on to you….stay tuned and keep the faith (no pun intended)……

2014 Babbling Buffoons Of Babylon #17

It is what it is….it is a post on the babbling verbiage of the mentally challenged……in other words….Right wingers……thus begins Edition #17 of the continuing saga of Babbling Buffoons Of Babylon……

1–We begin this post with the words of of a well meaning Rightie who cannot keep the stupid shit from leaving his mouth……..

Five years after declaring President Obama an “ enemy of humanity,” Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) is now claiming that Obama failed to stop the rise of ISIS because he “doesn’t seem motivated enough on the basis of pure humanity to do what’s necessary to defend the innocent from the malevolent.”

You know if these people and I use the term loosely, want people to take them seriously as am elected official then maybe they should put their brain in gear before opening their mouths…HA HA HA……we know they are incapable of such a task.

2–the Right has its new issue to try and tie to Obama and anything on the Left….today it is ISIS…..Klingenschmitt, that nice Irish boy of the weird Right……

Gordon Klingenschmitt, the demon-obsessed anti-gay exorcist who is the GOP nominee for a seat in the Colorado legislature, sent out an email from his Pray In Jesus Name organization in which he declared that gay Democratic congressman Jared Polis would soon be aligning himself with ISIS and begin beheading Christians here in America

Just when you think that the Right has sunk as low as it could go….then BAM!  They are back!

3–A regular moron for B3……Bryan Fischer has joined in the obsession with Obama’s golf game……

On his radio broadcast yesterday, Bryan Fischer eagerly helped spread theemergingright-wingnarrative that murdered journalist James Foley could have easily been rescued but President Obama was too busy playing golf to approve the rescue mission in time to save him.

Do these mentally challenged GOPers really believe this crap….or more….it is so sad that their are idiots that believe the crap they spread…..which is sadder?

4–I see racist pricks are trying to be as moronic as the rest of the radical Right…..a white supremacist of the Family Research Council, what a lovely name for bunch of racist assholes, anyway this douche is still on the Muslim kick….

Washington Watch,” Family Research Council president Tony Perkins said that if people believe President Obama is a Muslim, then that is Obama’s own fault

In response to a caller who insisted that Obama is “a Muslim and every time he does something he’s scoring brownie points for his side, that’s why he can go golfing and not have no problems,” Perkins said that it is reasonable to believe that the president is in fact a Muslim or at least “sympathetic to Muslims.”

Just wish one of these dildos would say something at least semi-intelligent….but alas that may be beyond their capabilities.

5–The conserv crazy, Mr. Klayman, I believe this was the dork that wanted a 2nd American Revolution to begin this past 4th of July…..he predicted millions would show and the last count was less than a hundred….anyway a right wing whack-a-doodle……he has grabbed the imagination of those without imagination or the Right wing with his own lawsuit against Obama……

Conservative activist Larry Klayman is suing President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon for racketeering, claiming that they illegally conspired to provide material support for the terrorist organization Hamas.

According to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington, the defendants are allegedly involved in a criminal conspiracy that falls under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO. They are laundering United States currency, which is then “foreseeably used to buy rockets and construct tunnels to attack Israel and terrorize and kill American and dual American-Israeli citizens who reside or are located in Israel.”

Are his supporters paying the legal fees?  If so, they need to be pissed at the waste of their cash.  But then if you are one of his supporters you probably cannot spell legal much less understand what he is doing.  Anyway….the Hamas rockets or the Qassam are hand made not bought….there goes the lawsuit.

6–Women are not immune to stupid!  Sandy Rios proves the point……

On her American Family Association radio program this morning, Sandy Rios interviewed Malcolm Kline of Accuracy in Academia, a sister organization of the conservative group Accuracy in Media, about the supposed terrible liberal bias in academia.

When the two inevitably got to talking about women’s studies programs, Rios told Kline about an encounter she had had with a young woman who had been “brainwashed” by a women’s studies program to think that “even in this day in this time, that women are somehow mistreated.”

Rios said she told the young woman that because women now make up the majority of college graduates and men are supposedly not allowed to “speak up against anything about a woman” that in fact “men are the ones being degraded.”

Do you find the name “Accuracy In Media” as hilarious as I do?

7–Since ISIS on everybody’s mind these days it is a logical progression the the dipshit Right will blame Obama for much of it…..and they do NOT disappoint!

Todd Starnes called into Alice Stewart’s radio show today to discuss a report from Fox News claiming that President Obama had been briefed on ISIS for over a year but took no action, with Starnes citing this report as evidence that Obama is refusing to confront radical Islamic groups because he favors Islam over Christianity.

Stewart warned that Obama is letting militant groups rise throughout the Middle East as “just the first step in the Islamification of America” and Starnes agreed, saying that “this may very well be the subject of my next book.”

“The soft targets in this country are the churches,” Starnes said, “and we do know that the terrorists are living among us; it’s just a matter of when they are going to strike and who they’re going to strike. If nothing else, and this is going to be a very controversial statement, but looking at the evidence we have, this president’s administration seems to be accommodating the Islamic faith at the expense of all other faiths and that is a troubling thing. This needs to nipped in the bud. The president needs to put on the big boy pants and he needs to do the job that he was elected to do, which is to protect our country from the bad guys.”

I get tickled when I see how the Right, especially the moron Right, tries to tie everything to Obama……..if they are Christians then what happened to “thou shalt not bear false witness”…..or is that only for people like me?

8–One of the original moronic buffoons in Congress is Tom Tancredo…..and he is on the band wagon with the other d/bags on the Right…..especially when it comes to ISIS and Obama…….

Tom Tancredo spoke to Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association today about why he supports impeaching President Obama, telling the “Today’s Issues” host that impeachment is the only process to remove Obama “short of armed rebellion that everybody constantly — you know, a lot of people, I guess I should say, think to themselves is either coming or a potential — and God knows that’s not something we want to see.”

Armed rebellion?  HA HA  This douche would hide behind his wife if it ever came to that……like so many on the Right….he is a COWARD!

9–This one is not so much what they said but rather what they did…………

There’s an all-out assault on America, a Christian nation and it’s called Islam, if this wingnut is to be believed. Islam’s holy wars, or jihad, sanctions murder in the name of its god, and should be feared from an early age. Six to ten year olds are very impressionable so there’s no better time to target them to hate Islam just as much as their xenophobic, Republican parents. The White House has called these coloring books garbage, but Kilmeade and publisher Wayne Bell think it’s important to teach hate ASAP. President Obama has not declared war on Islam and fear mongering Republicans want kids to know that he should be feared as well.

A racist coloring book to teach our children to hate…..when will these people go away?

And on that note I will bring this edition to a close…….but never fear…..the Right wing asshats are not finished making an ass of themselves and I will be there to make sure my readers know all about it…….

Stay tuned…..they are still talking!

2014 Babbling Buffoons Of Babylon #16

Edition #16 begins and the moronic chatter just keeps coming…….morons and their mouths……it makes it all too easy to make fun of them….they are so stupid that they just cannot shut the Hell up….and for that…I THANK THEM!

1–First up in this edition is that lady running for office in Iowa that is proud of her ability to de-nut pigs……

The argument, made by Ernst in April, was flagged by The Plum Line’s Greg Sargent on Friday. It was part of Ernst laying out her opposition to Iowa expanding Medicaid. Here’s the key passage:

Participation in the broken Medicaid program has doubled over the past decade. Iowa has nearly 500,000 Medicaid enrollees. If the program is expanded, it is estimated the Medicaid population will grow by an additional 110,000 to 181,000 recipients who have no personal responsibility for their health and no accountability for the care provided.

I see she is on board with the GOP talking point of blaming the poor for being poor……what a great gal!

2–CNN’s wolf Blitzer asked a question that needed NOT to be asked…….

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked guest Jeffrey Toobin on Thursday why police weren’t instructed to “shoot to injure,” instead of kill.

“They often shoot to kill,” Blitzer said of police. “Why do they have to shoot to kill? Why can’t they shoot a warning shot in the air, scare someone off if they think they’re in danger. Why can’t they shoot to, injure, shall we say? Why do they have to shoot to kill?”

It might sound like a logical question…..but should not the question be….Does the PD have to shoot all the time?  Just my thought on this.

3–The actions of ISIS is bringing the right wing slugs out into the daylight… the guy from American Family Association…..families everywhere should be ashamed that they use that tag for their bullshit.

in Horowitz’s world, Obama is cheering on ISIS because he’s a Muslim who hates America.

“Obama is an anti-American radical and I’m actually sure he’s a Muslim, he certainly isn’t a Christian,” Horowitz said. “He’s a pretend Christian in the same way he’s a pretend American. It really is disgraceful. He’s inviting the terrorists to behead more Americans when he should be attacking them with our military. His whole agenda in office has been to defeat America, he lost the war in Iraq deliberately, he created a vacuum which ISIS has filled.”

To call this toad a gutless spineless prick is being unfair to gutless spineless pricks…..

4–And then we have all those tiny brain d/bags that are using Ferguson as some sort of soapbox……like Steve Deace………

Steve Deace linked the shooting of Michael Brown and the ensuing protests to what he sees as lax enforcement of immigration laws.

Deace cited the announcement that 22 Iowa county sheriffs are refusing to hold federal immigration detainees without a court order as evidence that local governments are “creating lawlessness.” This, he implied, could cause rioting if a released undocumented immigrant committed a murder, as people “take the law into their own hands,” causing law enforcement to “militarize up.”

What insult is enough to sum up the words of mental midgets like Deace?

5–You gotta love pea brains like Gov Rick “soon to be a felon” Perry…..he is a wealth of bullshit….

It’s a “very real possibility” that individuals with the extremist group ISIS may have crossed into the United States at the southern border, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday, though he added he doesn’t have any evidence.

Because the border is insecure, Perry said that “individuals from ISIS or other terrorist states could be” taking advantage of the situation. “I think it’s a very real possibility that they may have already used that,” he told an audience at the Heritage Foundation in Washington.

Sad Heritage use to be a respected think tank….now it’s white papers are best suited for toilet paper or to line a bird cage……

6–Sad to say that not all the morons on the Right are men….you would think women would be smarter than this………

RNC committeewoman Tamara Scott of Iowawarned that child migrants from Central America may have been “highly trained as warriors” and could “rise up against” U.S. citizens.

“When we see these kids, you and I think young kids, we think maybe 12-year-olds, maybe homeschoolers — excuse me, middle-schoolers,” said Scott, who is also Concerned Women for American’s Iowa state director and works as a lobbyist for the conservative group The Family Leader. “But we know back in our revolution, we had 12-year-olds fighting in our revolution. And for many of these kids, depending on where they’re coming from, they could be coming from other countries and be highly trained as warriors who will meet up with their group here and actually rise up against us as Americans.”

I guess I have found another idiot woman to get in line with Mann Coulter, Malkin and a wealth of FOX News ladies (I use the term loosely)…….

7–Geez, do these religious types know no bounds?  This babbling buffoon is Bryan Fischer……of course ISIS is on everyone’s lips these days…but this twat is just amazing….

Asserting that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah are “just like the Gay Gestapo is today” and that America is celebrating behavior that God calls an abomination while persecuting those who stand for God’s values, Fischer warned that “God eventually is going to run out of patience with the United States.”

And when that day comes, he said, God “will use pagan armies to discipline his people if they turn from him in rebellion and disobedience and descend into debauchery,” pointing to the rise of ISIS to raise the possibility that “God will use the pagan armies of Allah to discipline the United States for our debauchery”:

How do mental midgets like this exist……if he is any indication on how a religious person should talk…then count me OUT!

8–Now for one of the biggest douche bags on the tube….Dinesh D’Souza…..

Filmmaker and President Obama truther, Dinesh D’Souza, likened James Foley’s beheading to protesters in Ferguson, Missouri on Thursday while appearing on NewsMaxTV’s “Steve Malzberg Show.”

“The common thread between ISIS and what’s going in Ferguson is you have these people who basically believe that to correct a perceived injustice, it’s perfectly okay to inflict all types of new injustices,” said D’Souza on NewsMaxTV’s Steve Malzberg Show. “Behead guys who had nothing to do with it. Go and loot shops from business owners who were not part of the original problem whatsoever. And all of this is then licensed by the left and licensed to some degree by the media.”

I cannot find words strong to illustrate my contempt for pricks like this one.

9–There is one person that seems to make every edition of B3…..and that idiot is Louis Gohmert of Texas…..he amazes me constantly with the most mindless comments one person could make….and guess what?  He is at it….again!

Republican congressman warned Americans that President Obama would not be able to adequately protect the nation from the threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) — the terrorist organization that has taken over large parts of Iraq — because the administration’s policy is being guided and influenced by “Muslim brothers.”

Appearing on SiriusXM’s “The Wilkow Majority,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) argued, “if you’re Commander-in-Chief you can’t be listening to Muslim brother advise on when it’s time to stop destroying Muslim brothers.”

Is there something in the water in Texas that produces screaming morons like Gohmert?

With that Edition #16 comes to an end……but never fear it is not the last…..we still have at least four months of the year left and we know these assholes cannot be silent for very long……

Edition #17 coming to a blog near you…..stay tuned and stay vigilant….

2014 Babbling Buffoons Of Babylon #15

Here we go again……..another edition of the B3……the words of the mindless……and the thoughnts of total MORONS!

1–Remember Tancredo as a Congressman?  NO?  He was one of those babbling toads on the Right….well he is no longer in Congress but that has not stopped his brain dead comments…..this one is on the Right’s fave topic du jour…impeachment……

Former congressman Tom Tancredo once again called on House Republicans to vote to impeach President Obama, writing this weekend in WorldNetDaily that the GOP should “call the White House’s bluff and proceed with impeachment.”

He warns that if Republicans are “afraid to challenge presumptuous dictatorial behavior,” then “the war is already lost and we should all stock our ammunition shelves and join a militia.”

Just another media whore looking for that 10 minutes.

2–Bryan Fischer of the American Family Assn…….a group of hypocritical twats has something to say about the people of Iraq……

American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer is outraged that the U.S. is intervening in Iraq to stop ISIS, who has been attacking Christians and other Muslims throughout the country.

Fischer believes that President Obama only intervened to stop the extermination of the Yazidis, who practice an ancient religion yet are considered by ISIS fighters and others to be “devil worshipers.” He began today’s edition of “Focal Point” by railing against Obama, saying the president only decided to launch airstrikes in Iraq in order to defend “devil worshipers.”

“They go after devil worshipers and all of the sudden the entire weight of the United States government is sent in there to relieve them and to avenge them,” he said. “Those are the Yazidis.”

You just cannot make up this much hate and stupidity….now can you?

3–Do you remember Cliven Bundy?    I had wondered if he is any kin to Ted Bundy….sorry for the digression.  Any way this total moron has been talking with God….again.

Cliven Bundy, who recently told a meeting of the Independent American Party, a Third Party to the right of the GOP, that his standoff with the federal government over his refusal to pay grazing fees was part of a spiritual battle against government tyranny:

“If the standoff with the Bundys was wrong, would the Lord have been with us?” Bundy asked, noting that no one was killed as tensions escalated. “Could those people that stood without fear and went through that spiritual experience … have done that without the Lord being there? No they couldn’t.”

Bundy also cited personal inspiration from God in establishing his course of action.

“The Lord told me … if (the sheriff doesn’t) take away these arms (from federal agents), we the people will have to face these arms in a civil war. He said, ‘This is your chance to straighten this thing up,'” Bundy said.

Sorry but my God has better things to do than pay even the slightest attention to a dick wad like Bundy.

4–Did you know that Lincoln was a commie?  Well he was according to that trash mouth idiot Walter Kennedy……

Did you know Abraham Lincoln was a Marxist? Oh yeah, his whole goal was to impose socialism on America, destroy states rights and limited government, and oh by the way, attack “religious values in America” in order to supplant God and put government in His place.

Yes, hardcore neo-Confederate Walter Kennedy had a chat with Kevin Swanson, who told his flock that “history is important” right before chopping it into little pieces by presenting us with the wholly mythical “churchgoing, freedom-loving Southern slave-owner,”

I love these morons on the Right that try every angle to re-write history…..they make my job too easy….maybe I should send them a Kwanzaa card in December……

5–If there is anyone and believe me there are many, on the Right that needs to be slapped so hard he losses a day is Rush…….he had his say on the death of Robin Williams…….

“He had it all, but he had nothing,” Limbaugh opined. “He made everyone else laugh, but was miserable inside.”

“It fits a certain picture, or a certain image that the left has,” he continued. “Low expectations and general unhappiness and so forth.” On the issue of “survivor’s guilt,” Limbaugh said, “That is a constant measurement that is made by political leftists in judging the country.”

Limbaugh is a disgusting lump of shit that deserves NO peace for turning this tragedy into something political for his ratings….and anyone that agrees with him is an even larger lump of disgusting shit.  Did I cover that well enough?  is there any doubt what I think of the sack of manure Rush?

6–This is my fave……illustrates the ignorance of f*cking toads on the Right!

Then there is thee Right’s favorite child molester, Ted “fucking” Nugent…….this time he is not making some moronic gun statement….no this time he has advice of Native Americans……..

After a group of Native Americans protested outside a concert by Ted Nugent, the late-1970s rocker verbally lashed out, calling them “stinkyass unclean dipshIt protestors” and calling for Native Americans to be “rounded up and shipped back to wherever they came from!”

“They need to just shut up and admit WE WERE HERE FIRST! Nobody asked them to come to America! They got a problem with a successful, happy, white American, they should just go back where they came from!” he added. “Hell, it’s past time these pussies were ROUNDED UP AND SHIPPED BACK TO WHEREVER THEY CAME FROM! I’ll even donate the shipping crates!”

What can I say?  Another disgusting ignorant toad on the Right that does not have enough brains to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel.  He said that if Obama got re-elected that he would be in jail shortly after….I AM STILL WAITING!

This idiot is as worthless as a turnip…which is not fair for a turnip is edible and therefor not useless….cannot say the same of pedophile Nugent.

7–Since 2008 economics have been bad for most Americans….that is those that actually create something at their job, at least the lucky ones that still have a gig to go to… seems that Nebraskan congressman Lee Terry is whining about his pay…….

Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE) is fighting pressure to agree to a pay cut for members of Congress, instead complaining that the $174,000 annual salary was already frozen.

This is not the first time Terry has complained about his salary. In 2013, during the Republican-led government shutdown that furloughed up to one million American workers, many members of Congress gave up their paychecks as a symbolic gesture. Terry refused at first.

Despite voting to prolong the shutdown, Terry explained to the Omaha World-Herald why he especially needed to keep collecting a salary. “I’ve got a nice house and a kid in college, and I’ll tell you we cannot handle it,” Terry said. “Giving our paycheck away when you still worked and earned it? That’s just not going to fly.” The comments blew up, forcing Terry to backtrack and agree not to collect his salary until after the shutdown ended.

All I can tell this yutz is if he is looking for sympathy to go to the Oxford dictionary and look between ‘shit’ and ‘syphilis’ and he will find it…..that is the best I can do for this douche.

8–It seems that a Mississippi Tea Party member is asking God for help…… REALLY need to read this one!

According to a report in the Jackson Free Press, at the start of a speaking event in Flowood, Mississippi, hosted by Johnson, Nicholson delivered an opening prayer in which he asked Almighty God to do what Almighty God apparently does best: To “be violent against” establishment Republicans who disagree with Tea Partyers over how best to achieve their mutually agreed upon goals.

“We ask for your blessing upon the conservatives in this state, that they might stand strong and firm,” reportedly began Nicholson’s prayer. “Father, we even ask for you to bless our enemies, and Lord they are truly our enemies that head the Republican Party and the whole political establishment.”

Nicholson’s idea of “blessing” one’s enemies, however, is a bit strange. He continued:

We’re asking, Father, for two things. We’re asking, Father, that you would expose them, set division amongst them, set them one against another, bring confusion and fear into their camp, into their thinking, for the purpose of pulling them down, for casting them down out of their high offices and reducing them, Lord, to having no power in this state. So, Lord, that you might raise up and seek the righteous in the positions of power that this state might once more be a state that honors you in all that it does.

Father, we’re asking that in all of the tribulations were asking you to bring upon them, that it would work change in their heart — that you would use it to bring true Godly sorrow, that they might truly repent for their iniquity and their wickedness, for that they would be restored to you, that you would have honor in the state of Mississippi for the great works that you’ve done in correcting and purifying the government and rescuing and saving the worst of us.

The more these religious types talk the more the idea of Christianity becomes non-existent.

9–I just love the conerv asswads….you know the ones that are just horrified that there is a black prez and of course he is somehow working against the US……a/holes like Rick Wiles…….

Rick Wiles is pretty sure that President Obama is a “foreign plant” who was put in office by Saudi Arabia in order to destroy America. But maybe it wasn’t Saudi Arabia after all, as yesterday on “Trunews,” Wiles and right-wing documentary filmmaker Joel Gilbert wondered if President Obama — along with his entire family — secretly works for the CIA, Great Britain, or Russia, or maybe all three, who knows!

You have to pity these people…their whole world went to shit when the country elected a black guy as president.

#15 comes to an end…..but never fear their are a wealth of morons in the weeds and all of them cannot wait to open their mouths and shove their feet into it…….and I will be waiting and watching……#16 will not be far behind….see you there.

2014 Babbling Buffoons Of Babylon #14

Here we go…..edition #14 is up and rolling…..the buffoons just cannot take a break from their mindless babble……… is a labor of love the problem is trying to decide which ass clown deserves the recognition in IST…….

1–Christians these days are anything but Christians……there is a move to recognize same sex marriage….I know there are some that cannot stand the thought of it……there is a church in Harlem with a sign in front…….

The notoriously anti-gay ATLAH Missionary Church in Harlem, NY, has posted another virulently homophobic sign, this time informing churches and their members who support “homos” that they will be struck with disease.

The sign reads, “All Churches & Members That Support Homos Cursed Be Thou With Cancer HIV Syphilis Stroke Madness Itch Then Hell 1 Cor. 6:9.”

Christians!  I agree with the observation that Gandhi made……”Christianity is a wonderful concept….a shame that it has never been tried”……

2–There seems to be repeat offenders with large mouths and Rep. Steve King is just one of these buffoons……..of he knows all about what God has intended and this one is a choice piece of BS………..

During a conference call last month with the National Emergency Coalition, Rep. Steve King said that the U.S. needs to crack down on immigration because our nation’s borders were established by God. Disrespecting the borders, the congressman suggested, is disrespecting God’s will.

He also blamed the child migrant crisis not on drug-war-related violence in Central America but on President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, or as he calls it, “deferred action for criminal aliens.”

His stupidity abounds!

3–A new twist on the whole BS of indoctrination camps……this time it comes from the Religious Right and one Bill Muehlenberg…….

………….he does take the time to compare gay people to pedophiles, shoplifters and drunk drivers, and warn that “the cult of homosexualism” is the “coming world religion which will enslave the entire world.”

“The holy laws of homosexualism are now in place, and everyone will bow and worship. All those daring to question any of this will meet their fate,” he continues. “Re-education camps and indoctrination centers will just be a part of the way the authorities deal with any recalcitrants.”

I will be waiting for his arrest and his interment….these guys are just fucking CRAZY!

4–one of IST’s fave ass monkeys, Todd Akin………

In the latest stop in his self-pityingcomebacktour, former Republican congressman Todd Akin said that another run for office wasn’t off the table.

Speaking last week with Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily, which is publishing his new book, Akin once again framed the controversy over his “legitimate rape” remarks as part of a battle between spiritual good and evil, insisting that God was on his side.

He told Farah that he hasn’t dismissed the idea of running for office again because he wants to “tell the truth” and “stand up to evil.”

“To tell the truth”?  this bozo would not know the truth if it walked up and bit him in the ass.

5–We have heard about the War on women and the war on the middle class and the war on poverty…..we have had so many wars that it is almost comical……..but now a GOP asswad from Alabama has gone a bit far…….

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) on Monday accused Democrats of engaging in a “war on whites” in the current immigration debate.

“This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else,” he said during the interview. “It’s a part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of things. Well that’s not true.”

He is not alone…..the South is crammed full of like minded ass clowns…..sad to say…….

6–Oh goody…..another “what would a Christian do” thingy……..this one from twat name “coach” Daubenmire………..

, “Coach” Dave Daubenmire asks: “Can a Christian vote for a Democrat?”

Unsurprisingly, his answer is no, as Democrats “have become the party of death” thanks to support for legal abortion and the “deathstyle” of homosexuality.

“Did you know that when you support Obamacare you support the medical care of those who are engaged in self-destructive behaviors, including male-on-male sodomy?” he asked.

“Who is the greatest perpetrators of homosexual rights and homosexual marriage?” he said. “You got it. The Democratic party.”

So, he concludes, “a Christian who votes for a democrat maybe isn’t really a Christian.”

They slither out from under the woodwork…….so many stupids and so little time……..

7–It is NO secret what I think of the Israeli government…..but now I am starting to have that warm fuzzy feeling about the people also and stuff like this is feeding that dislike……

From the outside of the US-Israel alliance, it can look like the countries are so close that they are practically extensions of one another. From within, though, the relationship is a good deal more complex. One of the complexities that gets overlooked: Israelis get that the US is a crucial backer, but they sure don’t trust President Obama.

That came through in a recent reader poll on the popular Israeli news and entertainment site Mako, which asked readers what Obama should get for his 53rd birthday, on Monday. By far the most popular choice is “An envelope of the ebola virus,” which has tracked about 50 percent of votes since the poll went up.

That is just wrong………those morons better keep in mind that without the US support they would be in a more sad position that today……..

8–It has been awhile since Mann Coulter has been featured on B3…..she finally showed just how much of disgusting twat she really is…….this time is about Ebola and the victims from the US……..

Ann Coulter’s latest column is filled with more idiocy than I can really dissect. Entitled, “Ebola doc’s condition downgraded to ‘idiocy,’” the piece is a takedown of Dr. Ken Brantly, one of the two Americans who has been diagnosed with Ebola. She condemns the missionary for making Christian charities Samaritan’s Purse and SIM USA pay for him to fly in a private jet back to the U.S. and receive care at “one of America’s premier hospitals.”

She goes on to ask the question: “Can’t anyone serve Christ in America anymore?” America has all sorts of problems, she says. Murder! Drug overdoses! Babies born out of wedlock! But no, no Christian can spare a moment for these worthy causes.

If Dr. Brantly had practiced at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and turned one single Hollywood power-broker to Christ, he would have done more good for the entire world than anything he could accomplish in a century spent in Liberia. Ebola kills only the body; the virus of spiritual bankruptcy and moral decadence spread by so many Hollywood movies infects the world.

If he had provided health care for the uninsured editors, writers, videographers and pundits in Gotham and managed to open one set of eyes, he would have done more good than marinating himself in medieval diseases of the Third World…

Which explains why American Christians go on “mission trips” to disease-ridden cesspools. They’re tired of fighting the culture war in the U.S., tired of being called homophobes, racists, sexists and bigots. So they slink off to Third World countries, away from American culture to do good works, forgetting that the first rule of life on a riverbank is that any good that one attempts downstream is quickly overtaken by what happens upstream.

Once again she has proven to me what a disgusting individual she really is……..

9–Always a religious douche bag has to open his mouth and show the severe ignoirance of the religious types………

American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer is outraged that the U.S. is intervening in Iraq to stop ISIS, who has been attacking Christians and other Muslims throughout the country.

Fischer believes that President Obama only intervened to stop the extermination of the Yazidis, who practice an ancient religion yet are considered by ISIS fighters and others to be “devil worshipers.” He began today’s edition of “Focal Point” by railing against Obama, saying the president only decided to launch airstrikes in Iraq in order to defend “devil worshipers.”

“They go after devil worshipers and all of the sudden the entire weight of the United States government is sent in there to relieve them and to avenge them,” he said. “Those are the Yazidis.”

Damn these religious white guys really hate the black guy president….don’t they?

That brings edition #14 to a close….please stay tuned there will be more from the demented little toads from the Right.  Have a day my friends!