IS MSM Grasping At Straws?

2016 and the election has its cast of characters…..the GOP especially has one a/hole after another….the Dems not so much.

The media has been all over Trump, who is another story……… but has been pretty much set with its fave, Clinton…….

But the MSM needs the controversy to make the news more “lively”……Trump does it on the one hand but the Dems is another…..I mean we have a scandal to be, e-mails, and the straight issue politician in Bernie….like I said not enough controversy for their liking……

What could make the Dems more ‘fun’ to report?  There is the hint that Biden may decide to run but it is just not catching fire in the public……what can they do to jazz up the Dems side of the coin?

Then while I was lamenting about this lack of stuff to “jazz” up the Dems for 2016…..BAM!  Woot dare it is!

report that set the internet ablaze first appeared on BuzzFeed. The story suggested some conversations were already in process with Al about the possibility.

“Supporters of Al Gore have begun a round of conversations among themselves and with the former vice president about his running for president in 2016, the latest sign that top Democrats have serious doubts that Hillary Clinton is a sure thing.”

The story also quoted an anonymous “senior Democrat” source about a potential run, affirming the possibility of a Gore run.

“They’re getting the old gang together. They’re figuring out if there’s a path financially and politically. It feels more real than it has in the past months.”

There you have the newest non-story for the media to fixate upon for the near future…..this is just a made up story for the media and its need to drive the story……it is silly!  And a bit pathetic!

A New Political Movement?

How many of you remember the election of 1980?  I am old enough that I recall the rise of what will become “Reagan Democrats”.  Those were the Dems that considered the DNC was moving too far to the Left, becoming too liberal if there is should a feeling…..these voters wanted a more centrist approach to politics and thus the whole movement was born……..and we see where that erroneous thinking has brought this country……..the crapper!

I bring this up because there is a movement afoot for Sanders in this early part of the election….that is “Republicans for Bernie”……..Hertz writing for the LA Progressive………

There really are Republicans (and former Republicans) who want Bernie Sanders for President. I wrote about this phenomenon about a month ago,  and at the time I only knew of two such persons. But Everett Clifford, who was part of the first article, assured me that there were others besides him, and he’s right. There are several Facebook pages called “Republicans for Bernie,” and I found what I hope is a representative sampling.

So who are these Republicans who want a very left independent for President? Take Darren Remington, age 49, from Memphis, Tennessee. He is a college graduate and ex-military, registered Republican in 1994 when he left the Air Force, and describes himself this way:

“I am an Eisenhower Conservative. My personal outlook is most closely aligned with that of three presidents (two Republican, one Democrat): Teddy Roosevelt (“Square Deal”), Truman (“the buck stops here”), and Eisenhower (five balanced budgets out of eight, understood that we must have adequate infrastructure to support a thriving economy).”

And why is Remington for Bernie Sanders?

“He’s an independent who has spoken up for veterans’ issues, rebuilding a strong middle class, and re-introducing the “common sense” that Thomas Paine wrote about into our modern government. Bernie Sanders seems to me to be to the 21st Century what Teddy Roosevelt was to the 20th Century.”

That pretty much sums up Bernie’s appeal.

Some within the GOP are starting to realize that their party has turned into a theater of the absurd…….at the rate it is falling apart it will never be a viable force nationally again.  They are searching for ways to bring the party back to its political possibility….instead of a joke for later nite TV.

Is it possible we could be seeing the rise of a new brand of “Liberal Republican”?  The Bernie campaign needs to milk this for all it is worth……the more mileage the better chances Bernie has……..

America needs Bernie!

Feel The Bern!

Republican Misrule | The American Conservative

Every time I hear a politician tell me how great my state will be if only conservatives ran everything……well my state has been run by cowardly conservs for a long time…..then I tell people to go to a stat site on economics and social issues and look at Mississippi…..we are always on the top of a worse list and the bottom of a best list….that is what conserv rule will do to your state….

While surfing the other day I found a piece in the American Conservative (that;s right…I read conservative stuff also)….it goes along with what I am saying about one party rule at the state level……

Read it and LEARN!


Republican Misrule | The American Conservative.

2016 Republicans are completely ignoring the lessons of their 2012 ‘autopsy’

I recall shortly after the election of 2012 the GOP decided they needed to change things up if ever they were to win a national election……they did a party autopsy and found places that they needed to change to come more into line with the voting public… the time I thought it was a good idea but doubted if they would buck the radical fringe…….

I was right……they ignored everything they discovered to go down the losing road they have been on since 2008…..

But read more if you doubt what I say…….;


2016 Republicans are completely ignoring the lessons of their 2012 ‘autopsy’.

Apology To GW

I unwittingly made today my election special……I know a bit early but what the Hell!  What is life without whimsy?

There are many that seem to think the Jeb is the man to beat in the general election in 2016…..I have my doubts…..but first my apology…….

I must be honest here…..back in the early days of the election of 2000 I was tickled by GW Bush……his antics and performance in debates and such lead me to believe he was an idiot….I thought then that he would be the perfect GOP candidate to run against Gore……for Gore would be a shoo in for the presidency…..keep in mind I was not a big fan of Clinton or Gore for that matter…..but the alternative were just to simple minded to win the election.

While researching candidates and other politicos I read up on his brother Jeb at the time was the governor of Florida…..all that I read lead me to believe that he was articulate and rather intelligent……so I was one of those that thought the wrong brother had been chosen to run….the country would be much better off with Jeb over GW……..

Fast forward to the 2016 election…..we have Jeb running for the nomination of the GOP…..and since his announcement he has made some truly bone-head decisions.  For one was the release of the e-mails as his time as governor…..the problem was he released many many of them and a good portion of them had people’s personal information in them which became public knowledge.

Then there was the gay thing passed and signed in Indiana by another GOP d/bag, Mike Pence……Jeb came out in support of the law and then after so much uproar he has to walk back his approval and :clarify” what he had said.

He then came out in support of the letter written by a mental midget Sen. Cotton of Arkansas to the leaders of Iran pretty much crapping on any nuke deal……and as usual Jeb had to walk that back also…..

All of this was just to stay in good graces with the neocon money train…….and then most recently when asked about the foreign policy of the US he has this to say……..“The basic policy should be our friends know we have their back over the long haul, and our enemies need to fear us again,” Bush said at the South Carolina GOP convention in Columbia, according to the Associated Press.

Bush added that he thought President Obama’s strategy abroad has been an “unmitigated disaster” thus far. Hillary Clinton’s would not fare much better, he said, should she get elected president in 2016.
Fear us?  So basically his foreign policy will be “do as we say or else”…..threaten the whole world to kowtow to us or be invaded or pay the consequences for their insubordination……and that is NOT a winning policy stance.
So I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to GW for thinking him stupid..  Apparently the smarter Bush did run and win the presidency.  Jeb is an idiot!  If yoiu thought that GW was easily manipulated then hang on top your cajones.
Now if you are really thinking about voting for Jeb if he is the nominee in 2016…..maybe you should ask a few questions before that…….
If Jeb wins the GOP nomination…….all I can say …….GOD HELP AMERICA!

GOP: A Sarah In Carly Clothing?

It is our lucky day!

A busy day in the line for filing to run for prez………a popular past time among GOPers……..

Its official yet another GOP candidate for the fire……we have a plethora of male d/bags, a black retired doctor and now we have a female running for the nomination of the GOP for the 2016 election….shades of Palin?  Oh joy.

Yep Carly Fiorina is running for president of the good old USA…….since she could not win as governor of California or was it US Senator?……..But that somehow should give her a leg up for the presidency……..I just love these people that have more money than brains and must feed that ever expanding ego…..and this one has that huge ego problem.

Say hello to our newest GOP candidate……..

“I think I’m the best person for the job because I understand how economy actually works,” Fiorina said during an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America.
Although she is considered a longshot candidate, Fiorina has positioned herself as a foil to Hillary Clinton, often attacking the Democratic candidate for her track record as secretary of state and on social issues. The line of attack has been warmly received in the Republican Party, and it is likely that Fiorina will be the only female candidate in the Republican field.
Yep,  GOP now has an attack dog that can say whatever she likes against Clinton and sexism cannot be a way to criticize…..

The GOP has been looking for that “special” lady to fill in where Palin crapped out… this that “special” lady?  We could make a comparison like they are both GOP women and……..(give me a minute I am thinking)…….never mind!  I do not think she is capable of that down ho,me demeanor that Palin had…….they both can sling worthless red meat at the micro brained base but in the end they are both completely worthless as candidates.

We all wait on baited breath for an announcement from Huckabee and then the field of wackos will be complete………and we wait!