2016: “Will They Miss Me When I’m Gone?”

Wrong!  This is not about Boehner and his decision to cut and run…….

2016 is getting interesting instead of just plain pathetic…..the GOP field was expanded to 17 candidates in the beginning and now they are slowly but slowly fading away from the election….first Perry an early fave….then Walker also an early fave….what does that say about the front runners?

Anyway……we know that there can be only ONE….(great Highlander (a movie) reference)…..so of the remaining mind fuckers who will be the next to go?

Rick Perry and Scott Walker have already dropped out of the GOP presidential race; who will be the next to go? Politico takes a “bipartisan survey of the top activists, operatives, and strategists in Iowa and New Hampshire” each week, and the latest thinking among Republicans is that Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, and Rand Paul will drop out next. In Iowa, 25% of Republicans predicted Jindal (“He’s become desperate,” says one, “and has nothing going on here in Iowa”) while in New Hampshire, 27% predicted Pataki (“The Spice Girls were big in the 1990s, too, but no one wants to see them on a reunion tour”). In both states, Paul “won” the second-place slot of who is most likely to drop out.

So where would Democrats place their bets? 40% of Iowa Democrats predicted Paul will be next to drop out and 34% of New Hampshire Democrats predicted Jindal. Earlier this week, CNN was also predicting the next drop-outs, using the Political Prediction Market, a “game that factors polls and other elements and invites users to predict where the election will go.” The most recent one found that Lindsey Graham is the most likely to drop out, with 85% odds, followed by Rick Santorum with 83% and Jindal with 80%.

We have what insiders think…..now how about you?

Please if you have a prediction let it fly…..we are listening.


Leave Poor Ben Alone!

Before I go on about Ben let me post this about something another GOP d/bag has had to say…..

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who is part of Boehner’s close-knit circle, attempted to turn the tables on members of the conservative Freedom Caucus, denouncing them as “right-wing Marxists” who have empowered House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) by undermining Boehner.

“The right-wing Marxists have teamed up with Pelosi. They’re the ones who always team up with Pelosi. They are the Pelosi Republicans,” an infuriated Nunes said in an interview. “The Freedom Caucus is an arm of Pelosi.”

A Right-wing Marxist?  Maybe this idiot should not be on a committee called the “intelligence” committee.

Onward march the Christian soldier, Ben……..

It appears that Carson has out “Donald” the “Donald”!

I have been told this by a couple of people that are on-board with the radical Rights bullshit positions.

It seems Carson is catching flak and some are upset with that attention….saying stuff like…”he is only saying what all Americans are thinking”…..first of all……I do not think all Americans are that bigoted…..only people that prefer slogans to issues and solutions.

Ben is striking back at all his detractors…….

Ben Carson today blamed “PC culture” for the political fallout over his statement against electing a Muslim president. Carson told reporters in Ohio that his view is that anyone wanting to be president must embrace the Constitution and American principles. He added that he would oppose a Christian for president who wanted to establish a theocracy. Asked how his campaign can recover from the controversy, the retired neurosurgeon replied: “The only way we fix that is fix the PC culture in our country,” referring to political correctness. “We fix America, and we get people who actually start listening … and stop trying to fit everything into a PC model,” he said.

Carson’s remarks came amid a backlash over his comments last weekend that Muslims shouldn’t serve in the presidency. In an interview with Fox News, Carson then retreated slightly, saying he would be open to a moderate Muslim who denounced radical Islam as a White House candidate. But he also said he stood by his original comments, saying the country cannot elect people “whose faith might interfere with carrying out the duties of the Constitution.” Today, Carson called the Muslim president question “a theoretical issue” that’s distracting from important national and international problems, from US income inequality to the Syrian refugee crisis.

The “political correct” argument are only for those that have no excuse for their words or actions……they do not want to face what they have said or done so they blame everyone else for their fuck up….So political correctness is the perfect excuse.

Finally, GOP faithful are a fickle bunch!  They will jump around to whichever candidate has the most outrageous and bigoted statement….it appears that support depends on that and that alone.

Maybe if we are to ignore what Carson said…then we should ignore all outrageous diatribes by all candidates……and we know that will NOT happen, right?

But did this lift Ben beyond the “Donald”…..probably not….but it will send him higher in the polls…..after all that is what is needed to rise….feed the fear!

Is Jeb Spinning His Wheels?

I know it is too early for all this analysis….so much can happen before the 2016 begins……but what the Hell…..gotta do something to entertain myself…..

The field for the GOP in 2016 is getting smaller….Perry gone, Walker gone, others to follow suit…..Jindal, Pataki, Graham, Gilmore (who?)…….but what about Jeb?

Once upon a time I though Jeb was the clever brother of the family and would be a better candidate and president than GW……must have been drugs that gave me those thoughts…..so far Jeb has shown nothing to lead anyone to believe that he is the smarter brother let alone would make a good president…..

What am I saying?  Am I implying the Jeb should drop out of the nomination race?


And I am not alone……

Now that Scott Walker has called it quits in the 2016 race, it’s time Jeb Bush follows suit, writes Matthew Yglesias at Vox. Wait, isn’t Bush a frontrunner with money coming out his ears? Yes, which is why you’d be more likely to see a unicorn than a Bush-free race this week. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a smart move. “If he cares about his family legacy, the good of the Republican Party, and the ideological principles he espouses, he should drop out as soon as possible and endorse Marco Rubio,” writes Yglesias. Here’s his reasoning: While GOP insiders seem confident the fervor over Donald Trump and Ben Carson will die down, one of them could nab the nomination; Jimmy Carter did while lacking insider support. Rather than bury Rubio early, Bush should let the better man take his spot. After all, Yglesias writes, Rubio and Bush are essentially the same candidate, only Rubio “is better at politics.”

Despite nearly identical stances on abortion, immigration, foreign policy, and deficit-increasing tax cuts, Rubio performs better than Bush in head-to-head polling against Hillary Clinton. He’s also “a dynamic public speaker and gutsy political risk-taker … who impresses staffers on both sides of the aisle.” Bush’s campaign, meanwhile, has been “unimpressive” from the start. He’s “struggled mightily with incredibly banal questions about dynastic politics and his brother’s invasion of Iraq, while his arguments in favor of immigration reform have been so weak that the entire nominating contest has been dominated by Trump’s racist demagoguery,” Yglesias writes. Face the music, Bush: You could go out now as “a good man driven by a strong sense of duty,” or you could wait while your campaign continues to unravel and “be humiliated,” Yglesias concludes. Click for the full column.

What say you?  Yea or nay on Jeb getting out of the way?

Foreign Policy by Intimidation

Speaking of females that want to be president.

After listening to 2 GOP debates I have learned that they all have a foreign policy by intimidation……2016 is going to be the election that is won or loss on the back of foreign policy…..the US is involved in more countries now that before Obama took office and it has been expanding ever since…….and if a Repub wins the election it will grow at a more rapid pace….

With that said…..what can we actually look forward to with a GOP win in 2016?

GOP Candidates Show How It’s Done

Source: Foreign Policy by Intimidation – The Unz Review

Walker: The Gig Is Up!

I read the news today, oh boy (Beatles reference)….about a man who would be king (movie reference)……Gone baby gone…..is Scott Walker from the 2016 election……

And then there were 15: Three Republican sources tell the New York Times that Scott Walker will become the second GOP presidential contender to drop out of the 2016 race. The Wisconsin governor is expected to announce his decision at a 6pm Eastern time news conference. “The short answer is money,” says one source. “He’s made a decision not to limp into Iowa.” Though Walker was atop the polls early in the year, the most recent CNN poll found him with less than a half of a percentage point of support from Republican primary voters.

Not bad from a guy that never lost an election…..in all honesty he did not lose this one…..he cut and ran!

First Perry…now Walker….will the failures mount up?

But Walker?  He had such a promising future 6 months ago….what could have possibly happened?

Scott Walker is out of the GOP race after a campaign that peaked well before it officially began: He led the polls in Iowa for much of the year but he has dropped out of the race after just 71 days, which ABC reports is one of the shortest modern presidential campaigns on record. Where did it all go wrong for the Wisconsin governor? Insiders tell Politico that Walker was overconfident and though he tried to act as his own campaign manager, he seemed to be “making it up as he went along,” causing plenty of strategic blunders. Fundraising dried up as Donald Trump’s rise pushed him to the sidelines, leaving him with a large organization but little support. His sudden departure from the race came after he failed to make an impression at the second debate and a CNN poll found his support at well below 1%. “He was a terrible candidate but he also got Trump-ed,” a source tells Politico. More:

  • Sources tell CNN that although a Super PAC supporting him had plenty of cash, Walker’s campaign funds started to dry up after the first debate as donors looked elsewhere. Walker “is a pragmatist above all else and just didn’t see the path to a comeback” after his poll numbers collapsed even in Iowa, a campaign insider says.
  • Walker was hurt by flip-flops on issues like birthright citizenship, where he changed his position three times in a week, CNN notes, and by gaffes like suggesting he would consider building a wall along the Canadian border.
  • In his exit speech last night, Walker said he had been “called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive conservative message can rise to the top of the field.” He urged other candidates to follow his lead so a clear alternative to Trump could emerge, the Washington Post reports.
  • Some of Walker’s former rivals praised him as he left the race, including Marco Rubio, who called him “one of the best governors in the country,” and Donald Trump, who said “he’s a very nice person and has a great future,” reports the Hill.
  • The rival campaigns didn’t wait until Walker announced his exit to start trying to poach his aides and his donors, the AP reports. The competition heated up after the announcement: A source close to the billionaire Ricketts family, which had supported Walker, tells the AP that within minutes of the governor’s press conference, the family received calls from six campaigns, some of them from the candidates themselves.

The Beltway fave could not hack it…….Koch fave was a dud……can I have an amen?

Let’s play….who will be the next fatality?  I smell a Jindal.

Now go about your daily routine with knowledge only you can get here on In Saner Thought….you are welcome.

Pass the mayo!

In Defense Of “The Donald” (Not Likely)!

Some of my readers may think that I spend all my time watching and analyzing what is happening in the Middle East…..but they would be mistaken…..for you see I can multi-task and I can watch the American political climate at the same time…..sorry to burst anyone’s bubble…….

I have watched the rise of Trump from the day he announced his candidacy…..it has been an interesting ride….but the best ride are those people that support him…..I wish I could get excited about him as some of the people I see…..I like the idea of an outsider….but not one that spend all his time talking in riddles and about himself…..

Most of them, Trump supporters,  say they are worried about the direction of this country…..that is a deception……most are just disgruntled party supporters….whichever party that may be…..but we get the same reaction….they want change….which is the biggest joke there is in American politics.  It is a slogan!  No matter which party utters it…..it is not only a lie……. but a goddamn lie!

These people, the voters,  are lying to themselves…..there is NO change coming!  Since you may support Trump I will repeat that….THERE IS NO CHANGE COMING!

Why?  You will get at best reform…..the only way you will get change is to replace the entire system beginning with the Congress and which of you has that kind of BALLS?

That’s what I thought.

Of course the people that support Trump take every opportunity to point out that whatever they say may be seen as racism…..then maybe if they would not use derogatory terms like “swarm”, “horde” and “pack” when referring to refugees then others would not be suspect.  Just a thought.

Trump is NO way capable of leading an entire country….his handling of a racist tirade by a member of his veterans audience……

More trouble in camp Trump? After a debate performance seen as less-than-stellar, Trump’s failure to correct a man’s public assertion that President Obama is a non-American Muslim continues to resonate. Amid the backlash from both fellow Republicans and Democrats, Trump skipped a major forum for GOP candidates last night by excusing himself from the Heritage Action Presidential Forum. His campaign explained that it was because of a “significant business transaction” that required his attention, but not everyone was buying it. The Hill calls his absence “significant” given the stature of the event. Here’s a sample of some of the criticism he’s getting, via the Hill, Politico and the New York Times:

  • Bobby Jindal: After expressing mock sympathy that Trump canceled, he added, “Filing for bankruptcy again? Perhaps 5th time is the charm…”
  • Jeb Bush: “By the way, he’s an American, he’s a Christian,” he said of Obama during a speech. “His problem isn’t that he was born here or what his religion is.”
  • White House: “I don’t think anybody who’s been paying attention to Republican politics is at all surprised. … The people who hold these offensive views are part of Mr. Trump’s base.”
  • Bernie Sanders: “I think it’s a disgrace. … I thought we were beyond that.”
  • Lindsey Graham: “At the end of the day, this is a defining moment for Mr. Trump. The man in the audience who asked that question needs to be put in his place.”

I agree with Graham on this……it is pathetic pandering….and funny how those sunshine supporters are silent on this…..and another indication of cowardice.  But I know he is a birther and it is still part of who he is……

Speaking of veterans…..Trump did a fund raiser for a veterans group, Vets for a Strong America, with claims of 100’s of thousand’s of vets…..when the group is basically one group with $30 in the bank……

The event was sponsored by a group called Veterans for a Strong America. It’s a PAC, a political action committee, and a PAC, like all others, that’s tax exempt. But the founder of Veterans for a Strong America apparently forgot to tell the Trump campaign the group’s tax exempt status was revoked by the IRS last May.

The event was as powerful as the guns he stood under. Donald Trump, Tuesday night, on deck of the decommissioned battleship USS Iowa, there to pick up the endorsement of a group touting in its news release as having more than half a million supporters across the U.S.

“An endorsement from your group, with so many veterans, hundreds of thousands of veterans. I really appreciate that, Joe.”

But the group does not have a good track record of disclosing where its money goes. A quick check with the IRS finds the Veterans for a Strong America actually lost its tax exempt status last May for failing to file required reports. Here’s the document from the IRS, which shows that the group is appealing.

Another prime example of the trashiness of Trump’s supporters.  Not one of the so-called supporters have condemned this act against veterans and to them veterans are a prop….ONLY.  They like the rest of the country have NO true support for the veterans…..only when it is convenient……

Now the conclusion…..supporters are giddy over a person that has not given one idea for a solution other than a wall…..as if the wall will solve all our problems…..least not we forget that Trump is very good a tooting his own horn….if that is what it takes to be prez then by all means vote for him and with a little luck he will become president and then the whiners will truly have something to whine about….

Please vote for Donald Trump…..it will be the best thing that ever happen to politics in America!  The voter will awaken to see just how fucking stupid they have been for the last 50 years.

Let the Age Of Realization Begin!

GOP’s New No. 2 (For Now)

I recently wrote a post about the last GOP debate (#2) and wrote that Carly had come out swinging at he Opponents…..some misunderstood my motives as they thought I was somehow defending her and her policies…..let me say now…I WAS NOT!

All I was attempting to do was point out that she had held her own against the guys on the floor…I by no means think she is capable of winning the nomination or the presidency.

Her policies are mostly based on lies and misinformation with the usual slogan thrown in for the red meat eaters that are listening….and apparently her strategy worked!

The last poll (if there is ever a last poll) shows her replacing Carson as the number 2 candidate behind Trump……

Carly Fiorina’s rave reviews in the latest debate are translating to the polls: She now trails only Donald Trump in a new CNN/ORC survey of Republican voters. Trump still leads with 24%, ahead of Fiorina at 15% and Ben Carson at 14%, but her numbers in that trio of outsider-ish candidates are rising while theirs are falling. Trump, for example, is down 8 percentage points from earlier in the month. Marco Rubio rose to fourth place at 11%, followed by Jeb Bush (9%), Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee (6%), and the rest at 4% or less. Of note in the last camp: Scott Walker stands at less that half a percentage point.

The Hill suggests that Fiorina is pleasing the party’s base by shifting to the right on hot-button issues such as abortion and immigration, at least compared to her losing 2010 Senate race. It cites a “noticeable hardening of her rhetoric.” In the debate, for instance, drew loud applause for condemning the Planned Parenthood videos, describing a “fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.” Afterward, she shrugged off criticism that the videos don’t actually depict that scene by calling it an accurate description of what’s happening in that field. “Rest assured that human lives are being aborted, fully formed, in order to harvest body parts,” she said.

The only good news from that poll is that the cretin Scott Walker is losing support as we speak…..

But for now we have a new #2 in the GOP race….ha-zah!