Trump: Did I Miss Something?

Dammit!  I do wish there was more to write about than Trump…..unfortunately he is the only candidate that is making news these days……

I have been following the doings with the 2016 election and of course it would be difficult to follow it without having to be exposed to the ramblings of Donald Trump.

First, I see the FOX’s Megyn Kelly has returned to work and Trump had nothing good to say about her….the Roger Ailes speaks up and says that Trump owes her an apology…..and back and forth… me this is all just a ratings game….the more crap they throw the more some will tune in to follow the continuing saga….this I understand.  The popularity of Trump eludes me.

Back to the jest of this post…..

I see so many people that take what this person says as the gospel or something equally as sacred……and I have not paid mush attention to all that he has to say……but with all the excitement over him as a candidate I decided to watch one of his outings in Iowa to see if I could get an idea of his popularity.

I listened and all I heard was a person rambling on and on….kinda made me think of the rambling rant of Qaddafi at the UN about 10 years ago (please I am not equating Bush with the Middle East Mad Man just talking about a speech that made little sense)…..I learned the he loves Mexicans and the Chinese people and then belittles them……he is really smart……he knows people……all in all self-promotion.  I realize that all politicians are egotistical wankers but Mr. Trump is taking that egotism to new heights….

He bitches about many things, like most Americans, but he offers nothing in the process that resembles a solution to anything.  Eventually, once the election primaries begin for real, he will have to offer more as a solution then he is really smart, really rich and knows people.

Trump and Sanders are tapping into a populist trend among Americans……most of us are fed up with the idle promises of those we elect and once in Washington they play games and waste time…..Sanders unlike Trump at least talks about issues and even seem to have a few solutions up his sleeve.  I think if Trump wants to be as successful as he seems to think he is…..he will have to offer solutions other than build a really big wall and the people he knows……

For now he, Trump, is telling the conservative voter everything they want to hear……but how long will his ramblings be attractive to these people?  Eventually, I think, they will want to hear how he will achieve all the things he bitches about…….

Or is it possible that I may have missed something?

What the Hell is his problem with Oreos?

How America’s political and economic elite gave birth to the Trump campaign

why don’t we take a break from the insanity of the international stage and try our hand at the insanity on the political stage?

I must admit that Donald Trump has gone further than I thought he would go….after watching him for a couple of election cycles pretend to be a candidate and at the last minute cut and run…….I did not think this time would be any different.

Apparently I was mistaken.

Now I ask how did Trump manage to get voters on his side of the equation for this election?

His popularity is going through the roof and the media is having a hard time keeping up with the unfolding story……

So just how did Trump manage to become the darling of the Right…..what made his rise possible?  And better yet…..the MSM scrambling to try and find a way to lessen Trump’s effectiveness……or explain his meteoric rise……


How America’s political and economic elite gave birth to the Trump campaign.

Tell Me Again Who Is The “Smarter” Brother

I recall back in the 2000 election and the rise of GW Bush, a candidate I did not like, when the media was telling the country that Jeb was the smarter brother and could not understand why he was not on the ticket… be honest I bought into the crap as well……I thought that GW was an easily manipulated idiot and his brother would have been a better choice for the GOP……

Fast forward to the 2016 election and Jeb is running……and after about 6 months of his pre-campaign and after has done very little to show that he is tuly the smarter of the brothers…..

Believe it or not….I may have been….mistaken!

Ever since he has become a serious candidate he has put one foot after another into his mouth and has spent more time trying to “clarify” is words than campaign….not the act of a smart brother.

It has been one faux pas after another……it mostly began with him screwing up e-mails that he released from his time as governor of Florida….it seems his campaign released those e-mails with personal and private information on them…..a bit embarrassing……

And the faux pas kept coming……his latest is his words on “anchor babies”…..

Jeb Bush really, really wants to catch up to Donald Trump, and he seems to believe the best way to accomplish that is to become Donald Trump. Bush’s desperation begat a spat between the two candidates over who loves the racist phrase “anchor baby” more.

How do you use an offensive phrase like “anchor babies” without offending Latinos? Bush has one idea: Say you were talking about Asians.

So…….Jeb was not talking about Hispanics but rather Asians……this oughta get his butt in even more hot water……and he started tap dancing as fast as he could…..

“What I’m talking about is the specific case of fraud being committed where there’s organized efforts — frankly it’s more related to Asian people — coming into our country, having children in that organized effort, taking advantage of that noble concept, which is birthright citizenship,” Bush said.

A campaign spokesperson later clarified Bush was referring to widely reported federal probes into “birth tourism.”

Nothing more humorous than watching a politician dance frantically trying to find a way out of an embarrassing moment…..

The more Jeb talks the more I believe we may have already elected the smarter brother………

Tell me again who was the “smarter” brother…….

There’s No Class Like NO Class

For thirty years Jimmy Carter has been a punch line for the no class politicians on the right.  There has not been a gathering of conservs that does not eventually lead to some rancid humor at Jimmy Carter’s expense……since the hostage thing in 1979 and the election in 1980 he, Carter, has been a punching bag and the butt of every lame joke thinkable……..

Recently Carter let it be known that he is battling cancer of the brain…….

Jimmy Carter addressed his recent cancer diagnosis very specifically today, outlining the history of his recent medical condition. A very bad cold in May led him to get an exam; an MRI showed a cancer growth on his liver, and about a tenth of his liver was removed in early August. A biopsy revealed it was melanoma. “They had a very high suspicion that it started somewhere else … only 2% of melanoma is internal. They found there were four spots of melanoma on my brain”; they’re small, about 2 millimeters. He’ll get his first radiation treatment this afternoon and will have four treatments at three-week intervals while also taking a drug for melanoma.

When asked about his reaction to learning about the cancer on the brain, he says, “I just thought I had a few weeks left. But I was surprisingly at ease. I’ve had a wonderful life, thousands of friends, and an exciting, gratifying, and adventurous existence. I was surprisingly at ease, more than my wife is. Now I feel it’s in the hands of God.” He said for a number of years he and his wife thought about reducing their work at the Carter Center; he intends to dramatically cut back now and said the center has a $600 million endowment to support it. “I can’t anticipate how I’ll be feeling honestly and will have to defer to my doctors,” he says. But for now, “I feel good. I haven’t felt any weakness. The pain has been very slight.”

After the announcement the NO Class bunch from the 2016 election field had to show their complete lack of any class…..Christie and Cruz…….

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz both took shots at ailing former president Jimmy Carter on Saturday while on the campaign trail for the 2016 Republican nomination.

Christie said that we have the “weakest” president on foreign policy, and that, “[Obama] makes Jimmy Carter look strong,” while addressing an Iowa State Fair crowd from a soapbox.

Cruz, speaking at the Koch-backed Americans For Prosperity event, Defending the Dream, in Columbus, Ohio, repeated a similar version of an attack he delivered Friday at the Iowa State Fair, when he compared the Obama and Carter administrations’ “same failed domestic policies, same misery, stagnation and malaise, same feckless and naïve foreign policy.”

Instead of showing a little class and dignity they went on the same lame attack they always have……these two d/bags will NEVER be half the man that Jimmy Carter is………neither has any idea what it means to be president……and neither could possibly live the pious life that Carter made for himself……we need more Americans that are cut from the same cloth as Carter…..people that care about humanity, all humanity.  Carter accomplished more as president after his presidency than either of these two clowns will ever accomplish in their lifetimes.

These people demonstrate what is wrong with this country…..the lack of true leadership during sensitive situations.

I wish Jimmy Carter good fortune and a successful completion of his cancer fighting program.

What Is Trump’s Deal?

This election (2016) has gone wild ( maybe it would be more interesting if they threw in a couple of co-eds girls without tops) ……….we have mumblers, screamers and those that are too boring to mention…..and then we have a famous showman that wants to be president…..why?

What could the possible benefit be to him….after all he is a businessman and that means it is all about the bottom line, right?

Then I ask again……what is his deal?

I mean the Donald is racking others over the coals….his poll numbers are through the roof…….he has crapped on a bunch of ‘wannabes’ that were first tier candidates as early as January of this year…..but their candle is flickering…..candidates like Perry, Jindal even the once upon a time fave, Jeb Bush….all are playing second fiddle.

Now I ask what is Trump doing?  He is not touching on many issue aand the ones he accidental talks about there is no solutions…..just hyperbole and slogans all geared for applause….more so than votes.

Let’s talk about his campaigning style…..what would you call it?

I cannot say without being insulting and I would like to avoid that if I can……Is he campaigning or is he negotiating with the American people?

From Trump’s negotiation style……….

Keep them a bit off balance. What they don’t know won’t hurt you, and that may help you down the line. Knowledge is power, so keep as much of it to yourself as possible.

Trust your instincts. There are a lot of situations that will not be black and white in negotiating, so go with your gut.

Don’t be confined by expectations. There are no exact rules, and sometimes I’ve changed course in the middle of negotiations when something new has occurred to me. Remain flexible and open to new ideas, even when you think you know exactly what you want.

So far his tactics look a lot like his negotiation style… least to me…….he has offered no policies, other than some obscure promises……he tries to keep his opponents off balance……..he is saying what benefits his audience….in other words he is only looking at himself…..not the country as a whole.

Right now…..his supporters are being told what they want to hear…..they are getting nothing as far as solutions go…..I mean most of his supporters would not know an illegal immigrant if one bit them in the butt……he is playing to their fears…….most are unfounded fears…….to them if a person speaks Spanish then they must be an illegal……a smoldering hatred…..none of which will be good for the country.

Trump is not campaigning….he is negotiating…….

What is Trump’s deal?

The Foreign Policy of the GOP

Once again I will be away from the keyboard today……still have doctors and their probing and squeezing……I apologize for the short day of posting……hopefully all this will be over today and I can get back to normal (whatever that is)…..thanx for your patience……

Yes, I am a foreign policy geek……so should our elected officials…..but that is a bit much to ask for these days…….

I admit it….I was a sucker and watched the first GOP debate…..since this election has been called the foreign policy election I wanted to see just what kind of softballs were lobbed at the candidates…..I was not disappointed….FOX News did not ask a hard question…

The world is going to Hell and these people would rather go on and on about e-mails or something else as droll…..the GOP needs to come up or at least debate solutions for the problems we are facing in the world….the next president will be up to his/her ass in international situations the day they take office…..

As it is today just what is the GOP’s foreign policy?  There is lots of criticism but NO original ideas……I ask again…..what is their foreign policy?

The Foreign Policy of the GOP by Justin Raimondo —

Here is an idea….the way one comes up with ideas is by discussing, arguing and debating…..something that the GOP has lost the capability of doing… appears.

Just once I would like to hear an idea coming from the minds of the GOP….instead we get  hyperbole, misinformation, criticism and outright LIES!

There are more debates to come…..maybe with a little work they could have a true foreign policy in place by the general election……and there is a place to start……….

The Republicans Need To Debate Foreign Policy by Ivan Eland —

But alas I will not hold my breath for it is easier to make crap up than to actually find solutions to problems……

GOP’s Endangered Species

About a week ago I saw a report that Rick Perry was not paying his staffers, apparently he is out of money.  Remember last year when he was one of the “anointed” ones…..a front runner if you will…….and now he is barely hanging on by his toe nails.

This news got me to thinking…..4 years ago the presumptive front runner of the 2012 election season for the GOP was Tim Pawlenty and he dropped out before the Iowa Caucasus….

Now on to this election…..Perry looks like he will have to bow out either before or just after Iowa….that is unless he can find a treasure chest with campaign cash inside…..will there be others?

There are 18 GOP candidates and Iowa looms but can all the candidates make it through to South Carolina?

Of course they cannot…… South Carolina there  will be 10 or so candidates left in the field… may surprise you to learn that some of the most popular candidates from 2012 will be the first to crap out.

My how times have changed……huh?

Seven GOP candidates who could drop from ’16 race before Iowa | TheHill.