Jindal’s ‘Ask Bobby’ Hashtag

Since Jindal announced he was running for the GOP nomination he has not got much love in the polls or from the media……..

He decided to change all that and went on Twitter to connect with his peeps…….

This brilliant idea, like so many of his brilliant ideas, turned on him and bit him in the ass!

Read and laugh…..I could not stop chuckling for about an hour……..might not be one of his best outings……whatcha think?


Jindal’s ‘Ask Bobby’ Hashtag Totally Backfires On Him.

2016: Enter GOP’s Mr. Personality

I heard some random GOP pundit say that the large number of candidates in 2016 shows the strength of the party…….now that is putting lipstick on a pig!

Today is the day!  It is official!  Mr. Personality enters the race for the GOP nomination……Chris Christie, the bully of the clown car.

And then there were 14 … on the GOP side only, a presidential field that NJ.com reports was last this big when Abraham Lincoln won in 1860. Chris Christie today threw his hat into the ring by way of an announcement made at Livingston High School, his alma mater and the town where “everything started … for me.” Politico reported that Christie’s announcement would be made telepromter-free, as befitting his “Telling it like it is” campaign slogan. He kicked things off with stories of his roots—hard work, not much money—and what his mother told him: “God’s given you so many gifts. If you just work hard enough, you can be anything.” Ten standout lines from there:

  1. “Both parties have failed our country.”
  2. “I wake up every morning knowing I have the opportunity to do something great. That’s why this job is a great job, and why president of the United States is an even greater job.”
  3. “America is tired of weakness in the Oval Office … and that is why today I’m proud to announce my candidacy.”
  4. “The lying and stealing has already happened. The horse is out of the barn. We’ve got to get it back in and you can only do it by force.”
  5. “After seven years I heard the president say the other day that the world respects” America more “because of his leadership. This is confirmation that Obama lives in his own world, not ours.”
  6. “We better not turn [this world] over to his second mate Hillary Clinton.”
  7. “I am not running for president of the United States as a surrogate for being prom king of America. I mean what I say and I say what I mean and that’s what America needs right now.”
  8. “And unlike some people who will offer themselves for the presidency, you’re not going to have to wonder if I can do it or not.”
  9. He promised a campaign “without focus-group-tested answers. A campaign when I’m asked a question I’m going to give an answer to the question that’s asked, not the answer my political consultants told me to give backstage.”
  10. “We are going to tell it like it is today … the truth will set us free, everybody.”

In case you do not know much about Christie’s record…..here is just a bit of it…….

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Now we wait for another governor with legal troubles…..Scott Walker.  I am sure others will jump into the game but they will be nothing more than footnotes.

The clown car is getting to full capacity……maybe they should upgrade to a bus……….now let the fun begin!

GOP: The Little Dude That Couldn’t

2016 just got a little more silly……..nope not talking about the entry of Trump into the campaign……but rather that silly little governor from Louisiana that has the worse possible rating at home…….and now it is official…….the clown car has truly arrived!

The problem is he should have run 4 years ago when his political capital was at a high…..now he is just a silly little dude trying to make a name for himself and pad his political resume to add more cash to his speaking tours…..

There’s always room for one more: “My name is Bobby Jindal, and I am running for President of the United States of America.” So declared the Louisiana governor today. The 44-year-old Indian-American is low in most polls, however, and faces steep odds. One typical example of coverage: FiveThirtyEight calls him a strong candidate—if this were 2012. NPR, meanwhile, rounds up some odds and ends about him, including:

  • Given name: He was born Piyush Jindal in Louisiana, but asked to be called Bobby at age 4—after Bobby Brady of the Brady Bunch.
  • Rhodes scholar: He turned down Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School to attend Oxford as a Rhodes scholar and study health policy. He then ran his home state’s health department at age 24.
  • Bad impression: He was a given a huge opportunity to make his name by delivering the GOP response to President Obama’s first congressional address in 2009. Instead, he drew comparisons to Kenneth on 30 Rock.

Gov. Bobby Jindal has wrecked the state of Louisiana and now he wants to take the carnage national. Jindal announced on Twitter that he is running for president.

When Jindal took office in 2008, the state had a $900 million budget surplus that the governor managed to turn into a $1.6 billion deficit through trickle-down tax cuts. He has doubled the state’s unemployment rate while refusing to raise taxes. Jindal has become reviled in his state by slashing funding for education and healthcare. Gov. Jindal tried to replace the state tax with a much higher sales tax, but he had to pull the plan after both Democrats and Republican rebelled.

Now that is a record of a true American candidate……..

Only good thing about a Jindal candidacy is that he will be a perfect fit for the clown car……

Stay tuned……more to come…….

2016: Enter The King Of Clowns

One more clown for the car……but this time it is the King Clown himself…..Donald Trump.

After months of threatening to enter into the 2016 GOP race to the nomination….Trump has gone and done it for real this time (most likely will be gone in January when Apprentice starts)…..but for now we have the King of Absurdity…….

Many thought he was just teasing the media with his threats……but after a good laxative he decided to do something completely different………as usual in his announcement speech which was as usual mostly incomprehensible he did what he does best….boast and self-promotion……..(PT Barnum would be proud of this jerk)…….

“Donald Trump 2016″ is officially a thing. The real estate mogul/reality-TV star today declared, “So ladies and gentlemen, I am officially running for president of the United States and we are going to make our country great again. It can happen. … I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” As for what else he said, SE Cupp tweeted, “Trump is winging it. This is not embargoed speech I have.” Oh, and “First presidential announcement to include the word ‘crap’?” So here are nine more things he did say:

  • “Even our nuclear arsenal doesn’t work. I thought it was horrible when [that fact] was broadcast on television because, boy, does that send signals to Putin … that America is a nation that truly has no clue.”
  • On ObamaCare: “You have to get hit by a tractor, literally a tractor to use it because the deductibles are so high.”
  • On what he says was $5 billion spent making the ObamaCare website: “I have so many websites. I have them all over the place. I hire people, it costs me $3.”
  • “We don’t have victories anymore … I beat China all the time.”
  • “Politicians are all talk, no action. Politicians will not bring us to the promised land.”
  • On China: “They’re building a military island in the middle of the South China Sea. Now our country would never do that because we’d have to get environmental clearance. You have a problem with ISIS, you have a bigger problem with China.”
  • “Saudi Arabia. They make $1 billion a day. I love the Saudis. Many are in this building. Whenever they have problems we send over the ships. What are we doing? They have nothing but money. … Saudi Arabia without us is gone.”
  • “Somebody said to me the other day, a reporter, ‘But Mr. Trump, you’re not a nice person. How can you get people to vote for you?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ I said, ‘Number one, I am a nice person. I think I’m actually a very nice person. But I said this is going to be an election that’s based on competence.'”
  • “Some people say, ‘Well, Donald will never run and one of the main reasons is he’s private and he’s probably not as successful as everyone thinks.’ … So a large accounting firm has been working for months … and they’ve put together a financial statement. … I have assets, big accounting firm, $9,240,000,000. And I have liabilities of about $500 [million] … so I have a total net worth of $8,737,540,000. I’m not doing that to brag. I’m doing that to say that’s the kind of thinking our country needs.”

Notice:   This will be the last thing I will say about the douche of Wall Street…….at best  I can safely say one thing about Trump……YAWN!

2016: Jeb’s In!

What?  You thought he was running already?  According to the media he was a short lived front running even though he was not running……but now it is official…..we have yet another Bush wanting to run the US of A…..and we get to fall asleep trying to forget his family.

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Jeb has so many gaffes so far that it was difficult to imagine that he was not running until today…….from the email disaster to his Iraq comment and most recently while he was on his European world tour he met with the Polish speaker of the parliament and declared what a great guy he was and a pro American individual…..the problem is that the man had to resign days before because of his anti-American diatribe caught on tape…….calling Americans losers and stupid…….maybe Jeb should stick to GOP talking points and leave foreign policy to the big boys……

Any way he is officially a candidate for the GOP nomination for the 2016 election…….let the fun begin!

And it begins with a snicker and a YAWN!

Jeb Bush made it official today: He’s now the eleventh declared Republican running for president of the United States. “We will take Washington—the static capital of this dynamic country—out of the business of causing problems,” he told a supportive crowd at Miami Dade College, per Politico. “We will get back on the side of free enterprise and free people.” Pointing to his two terms as Florida governor, the 62-year-old said that “I know we can fix this. Because I’ve done it.” Among the highlights:

  • “Not a one of us [candidates] deserves the job by right of resume, party, seniority, family, or family narrative,” he said, apparently distancing himself from the Bush lineage. “It’s nobody’s turn.”
  • Guess that means it’s not Hillary Clinton’s, either: “I, for one, am not eager to see what another four years would look like under that kind of leadership,” he said, per the Hill. “The presidency should not be passed on from one liberal to the next.”
  • He also criticized the Obama years, referring to a “phone-it-in foreign policy” and dismissing Obama’s Cuba policy: “We don’t need a glorified tourist to go to Havana in support of a failed Cuba,” Bush said.
  • He also touted the importance of school choice, despite his earlier backing of Common Core standards. “Every parent should have the right to send their child to a better school—public, private, or charter,” he said, adding that the government “should have nothing to do with setting school standards.”
  • And he set “some bold goals” for a Jeb Bush presidency, Politico reports, saying he would aim for 4% domestic growth each year and energy security for the country within 5 years.
  • Overall, Bush presented himself “as a counterpoint to a Republican Party that has struggled to connect with minority voters” in the last two presidential elections, the New York Times says. He also promised to stick with his principles, “an implicit attack” on GOP candidates who have adjusted their views to suit core conservatives.

See a video Bush offered up last night, or read about apparent troubles in his campaign.


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If any of my readers are considering Jeb as a good alternative then maybe this will help them make a logical decision………


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May I have an AMEN?

GOP War Hawks Babble

Today will be a short day for me and posts…..it is my day in the barrel with doctors (bend over and cough)……..please forgive my small number of posts today…..I will return with a vengeance tomorrow…..

I keep hearing in the media that this election coming up will be a foreign policy election……the nominee will be the person with the best answer for the dismal condition of American foreign policy……….Really?

I watch FOX (sometimes) especially when they have a international relations person on so I can hear what they have to say about the condition of the world……so far all I have heard is applause lines……..and NO solutions.  Hell some of the GOP cannot even answer if they would do Iraq all over again knowing what we know now…….that is a no brainer and apparently that is the candidates…..NO BRAINERS!

For instance…..Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida was asked about our trip into Iraq and was it an attempt to nation build…….his reply was classic……classic stupid!

RUBIO: The most immediate responsibility we have is to help them build a functional government that can actually meet the needs of their people in the short and the long term. And then ultimately, from that we would hope it would spring—

FOX NEWS HOST: That sounds like nation-building.

RUBIO: Well, it’s not nation-building. We are assisting them in building their nation. We have a vested interest in doing that.

And that nonsensical answer is one of the more intelligent answers that has been given by a GOP candidate…….

the heart of the Rubio foreign policy position: the neocon dream of nation-building works, just so long as you don’t call it nation-building and completely disregard all the very recent evidence of it not working.