Police expert: War on terror has turned our cops into occupying armies — and we’re the enemy

The grand jury decision is during any day for the shooter of Mr. Brown in Ferguson…..and everyone seems to expect some sort of violence and protests……the MSM is chomping at the bit….it would make their month for violence break out after the announcement of the decision by the grand jury…..

Some Missouri mayor popped off about not tolerating violence from protesters……but will let the police and nat guard go about harming people with immunity…..sounds like a police state to me…..how about you?

This is a fascinating article that I hope others will like as much as I did….tells the story that the media seems determined to not…….this will be a prime example of our police state at work…..watch for the story to infold……

Let me know what you think, please.


Police expert: War on terror has turned our cops into occupying armies — and we’re the enemy.

War on Dr. King

Back in the days of the civil rights movement there was No one more central than Martin Luther King….and during this time the FBI  lead by the cross dresser, J. edgar Hoover,  spent many hours trying to discredit everything Dr. King tried to accomplish….they tried labeling him a Communist…..as a serial adulterer……and any other dirty trick they could think of at the time…….

A recent discovery may have been one of the dirtiest……

In 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. received an anonymous letter assailing him as an “evil” fraud and threatening to reveal all kinds of sordid details about his personal life. Unless: “There is only one thing left for you to do,” it concludes. “You know what it is.” As Yale professor Beverly Gage explains in the New York Times, King read the letter and concluded that it could only have come from the FBI and that it was J. Edgar Hoover’s way of getting him to kill himself. Historians have long known about the so-called “suicide letter,” but Gage has discovered an unredacted version in Hoover’s files in the National Archives, and the Times has published it here. (Though the newspaper redacts the name of a woman the letter writer calls one of his “evil playmates.”)

The letter also makes reference to an “enclosure” and says King should listen to it, suggesting that it could be an audio recording related to one of his affairs. Gage writes that Hoover isn’t the author—instead one of his deputies, William Sullivan, “apparently took it upon himself” to write it. For the record, the letter never explicitly says King should commit suicide, and some historians think the intent was to get him to step aside as a civil rights leader, not kill himself.

Character assassination is what we Americans do when we a confronted by someone that does not fit our little range of acceptable…..and the FBI does it better than most.

Dr, Kong basically flip-off the letter and as they say….the rest is history.

Palestine: Eating A Conflict

In my younger years I was a chef…..I do enjoy preparing food and watching others enjoy eating the meal….because of my interests in food, war, Middle east this story caught my attention….

Members of the Jewish community in Pittsburgh are objecting to a local diner’s invitation to customers to sample Palestinian cuisine fearing that it could incite customers against Israel, according to media reports in Pennsylvania.

The controversy was ignited by an establishment known as “Conflict Kitchen,” whose rotating menu features items that are culturally unique to countries “in conflict with the United States.”

The restaurant also hosts cultural and political discussions featuring experts who can provide deeper insight into whichever part of the world the establishment wishes to train its focus.

Conflict Kitchen has in the past altered its menu to offer delicacies from Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela. Its latest selection – the Palestinians – has ensnared it into a controversy.

Gregg Roman, who heads the community relations council at the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, “Conflict Kitchen’s focus on countries in conflict is honorable, but Palestine is not in conflict with the US. The restaurant is stirring up conflict for the sake of trying to be relevant.”

This week, Conflict Kitchen is serving up hummus, baba ghanoush, “salata gazawiya,” and musakhan, “the national dish of Palestine.” It is also hosting a discussion with a Palestinian author to discuss food and culture in the West Bank and Gaza.

Appears Israelis are running scared…..the BDS movement is gathering strength……more countries are recognizing Palestine as legit…….calls for Israel to face charges at the ICC…..they are desperately trying to control the news in an attempt to help the world lose interests in their utter destruction of Gaza….

Sorry dudes…NOT WORKING!  The rest of the world is sick of your BS on self-defense….about time that they be held to the same standards as the rest of the world…all debts to them have been paid.

I called the cafe to see if I could get a meal sent to me here in Mississippi…….least I could do.

Egyptian Woman Protests ISIS


A member of FEMEN a protest and activist group mostly made of women has made a video protesting ISIS and Sharia law.  FEMEN are noted for their shock value in their protests.

I have wrestling with myself and agonizing on whether to post this situation or not…..since the graphic nature of the protest I decided to post the link and let the reader decide whether to view it or not.

Keep in mind if you choose to view the link that, I reiterate,  FEMEN are noted for the shock value in protest and believe me this is quiet shocking!


I will leave viewing of this to the discretion my reader………Once again……….WARNING:   THIS POST IS GRAPHIC AND CAN BE SHOCKING TO MANY….OPEN LINK AT YOUR OWN DECISION….YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/reason/HitandRun/~3/42R01zNvq9A/powerful-egyptian-feminists-literally-sh | actu.