Shifting Priorities: The Rise and Fall of Arab Revolutionary Discourse by Ramzy Baroud —

About 5 years ago the world was a fire with the situation in the Arab world….it appeared that a case for democracy was breaking out all over the place…….what began in Tunisia quickly moved through the region… Algeria and Jordan and Syria and Egypt and even to a smaller extent to Saudi Arabia…..but all this quickly broke down into regional conflicts involving violence and death…….

But what happened to that desire for democracy…….for freedom and security…..what happened?


Shifting Priorities: The Rise and Fall of Arab Revolutionary Discourse by Ramzy Baroud —

America: Love It Or Leave It!

Remember that slogan from days past?  Boy, I do!

I admit it in the past I was an unashamed radical…..anti-war protester from the 60 and 70’s….and there is one thing that sticks out in my mind about those days……..during protests were met with a chant of “America:  love it or leave it”  by well meaning conservs and liberals alike….what would become known as the “moral majority” or whatever they called themselves in those days…..we were an enemy within…….according to them we were trying to destroy our beloved homeland….nothing was further from the truth but few listened…….

My question is where are those concerned Americans now?  The same Love or leave it bunch are the ones that are doing the destruction not some radical like myself…….it seems those same “patriots” are the ones doing the most damage to this country…..far more so than anything we did back in the day…..

This brings me to my point……in my readings I found an interesting piece of information……..interesting to me because of the abuse I suffered at the hands of those “patriotic” Americans………

Land of the free … to move to another country? A recent poll of 2,000 adults concluded that 35% of Americans would consider quitting the US and living abroad. That number jumps to 55% in the 18 to 34 demographic, per the poll by Transferwise, a UK-based money transfer service. But maybe we’re a little more patriotic than that: When asked the same question, with “within the next five years” tacked on, the overall percentage drops to 14%. (One caveat: These percentages include both Americans born here and abroad.) So how many people make good on the inclination? Only .001% of the country—3,415 people—actually gave up citizenship last year, reports CNBC.

Really?  Now you tell me who has done more damage to this country…..the nits today or the radicals of yester-year?

The Left’s Dubious Antiwar History by Andrew Syrios —

Part of my blogging process is to have drafts on hold in case they are needed or wait for the time when they will be most effective…….there are times when my drafts number 15 or more……and I need to clean the drafts out to make room for new stuff…….so today is a “Draft Dump” Day……..

I am not ashamed of the fact that I was an anti-war protester in the 70’s…..after 2 tours of Vietnam I felt that it was time for the US to stop the game, a geopolitical game, it was playing and bring those brave souls home…..I feel that we did make a difference.

Today I weep for the country because few seemed concerned with the saga of endless wars that we are now living….why is that?

I have some thoughts on that but for the sake of brevity I will direct my reader to the article I have pressed……


The Left’s Dubious Antiwar History by Andrew Syrios —

Can We Ever Make Anti-War Fashionable? by Lucy Steigerwald —

It does my old heart good to see that Americans are once again taking to the streets….as an aging hippie protester I believe in the power of the people….even though it has been degraded in the past we can still make a difference……..Americans are protesting mostly around economic issues and social issues

I recently did a post on anti-war protests and where they have gone…….Americans No longer see the need to fight against war…..basically because only a small percentage has some skin in the game of war…..

So my question is….will Americans ever be protesting war again?


Can We Ever Make Anti-War Fashionable? by Lucy Steigerwald —

Where Have All The Protestors Gone?

Yesterday was the most boring day I have experienced in years… wise that is……enough already with Brady’s Balls!

Seeing the protests recently in the death of man in police custody in Baltimore started me thinking about my youth and the protests that I participated in…….like why is there not more concern on America’s path to endless war?  Where is the anti-war protests?

Seeing my fellow Americans in the streets protesting makes my heart smile……..we are protesting the Wall Street thieves……we are protesting for social justice………we are making a stand for civil rights…..again……but where is the anti-war protests?

There is a sad state of affairs here in the US….we are at war and NO one cares……not the public…..not the media…..not any politician……it will not become important until bodies start coming home and the media has something they can fixate upon…….then only then will a snowstorm in winter become a non-starter…..

What has happened to the US anti-war movement?  I have asked this question many times and in posts on IST…….we have a decades long war being fought by Americans and yet there is NO substantial protests…….yes we have a anti-war movement….but it has been marginalized…..why?

The question has been asked and now there is a response……


How the Anti-War Movement was Demobilized; Remembering I.F. Stone | Informed Comment.

Baltimore: The Blame Game

After a rough start the last couple of days have been relatively quiet in Baltimore……and as usual someone has got to be blamed for the violence and the destruction…….the sad part is that the people and events that take the heat are seldom the cause……but they continue to play politics with a social problem…….

And as you would expect the GOP has its bad guys…….

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who has officially thrown his hat into the 2016 ring, told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Monday that “I came through the train on Baltimore last night, I’m glad the train didn’t stop.” He also said the “lack of fathers” and a “lack of moral code in our society” should eventually be examined for the “thievery and thuggery” that has taken place in Maryland’s largest city. The GOPer added “this isn’t just a racial thing. It goes across racial boundaries.”

Paul’s excuse sounds more like a political campaign than an honest evaluation…….but he isd not alone with moronic overtones……..there will ALWAYS be Donald Trump……..

What would a crisis be without the mind numbing lip flapping of The Donald?

“Our great African American president hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore!” Trump tweeted on Tuesday, resulting in a backlash on Twitter with many accusing the billionaire businessman of being racist.

Trump called on Obama to “go to Baltimore and bring both sides together. With proper leadership, it can be done! Do it.” Trump also criticized the Baltimore police for allowing “the city to be destroyed,” and asked if U.S. taxpayers were expected to pay for the damage.

It’s Obama’s fault…….that tired old accusation……..

The media has gone so far as to make the story about the victim not about the circumstances of his death… the media keeps counting down the hours and minutes to curfew with the hope that something set the crowds off……

Sad part is that NO one wants to talk about the real reasons for all this violence……..and because of this there will be more…..and more……


United States of Amnesia: What White America Doesn’t Understand About the Baltimore Protests | Alternet

In case you have had enough of Jenner’s sex or that damn silly Royal Baby Watch and would like to learn something about Baltimore…..if so….then this is an excellent article’

BTW, does anyone have an idea why the media has a curfew countdown for last couple of nights?


United States of Amnesia: What White America Doesn’t Understand About the Baltimore Protests | Alternet.