The Left’s Dubious Antiwar History by Andrew Syrios —

Part of my blogging process is to have drafts on hold in case they are needed or wait for the time when they will be most effective…….there are times when my drafts number 15 or more……and I need to clean the drafts out to make room for new stuff…….so today is a “Draft Dump” Day……..

I am not ashamed of the fact that I was an anti-war protester in the 70’s…..after 2 tours of Vietnam I felt that it was time for the US to stop the game, a geopolitical game, it was playing and bring those brave souls home…..I feel that we did make a difference.

Today I weep for the country because few seemed concerned with the saga of endless wars that we are now living….why is that?

I have some thoughts on that but for the sake of brevity I will direct my reader to the article I have pressed……


The Left’s Dubious Antiwar History by Andrew Syrios —

Can We Ever Make Anti-War Fashionable? by Lucy Steigerwald —

It does my old heart good to see that Americans are once again taking to the streets….as an aging hippie protester I believe in the power of the people….even though it has been degraded in the past we can still make a difference……..Americans are protesting mostly around economic issues and social issues

I recently did a post on anti-war protests and where they have gone…….Americans No longer see the need to fight against war…..basically because only a small percentage has some skin in the game of war…..

So my question is….will Americans ever be protesting war again?


Can We Ever Make Anti-War Fashionable? by Lucy Steigerwald —

Where Have All The Protestors Gone?

Yesterday was the most boring day I have experienced in years… wise that is……enough already with Brady’s Balls!

Seeing the protests recently in the death of man in police custody in Baltimore started me thinking about my youth and the protests that I participated in…….like why is there not more concern on America’s path to endless war?  Where is the anti-war protests?

Seeing my fellow Americans in the streets protesting makes my heart smile……..we are protesting the Wall Street thieves……we are protesting for social justice………we are making a stand for civil rights…..again……but where is the anti-war protests?

There is a sad state of affairs here in the US….we are at war and NO one cares……not the public…..not the media…..not any politician……it will not become important until bodies start coming home and the media has something they can fixate upon…….then only then will a snowstorm in winter become a non-starter…..

What has happened to the US anti-war movement?  I have asked this question many times and in posts on IST…….we have a decades long war being fought by Americans and yet there is NO substantial protests…….yes we have a anti-war movement….but it has been marginalized…..why?

The question has been asked and now there is a response……


How the Anti-War Movement was Demobilized; Remembering I.F. Stone | Informed Comment.

Baltimore: The Blame Game

After a rough start the last couple of days have been relatively quiet in Baltimore……and as usual someone has got to be blamed for the violence and the destruction…….the sad part is that the people and events that take the heat are seldom the cause……but they continue to play politics with a social problem…….

And as you would expect the GOP has its bad guys…….

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who has officially thrown his hat into the 2016 ring, told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Monday that “I came through the train on Baltimore last night, I’m glad the train didn’t stop.” He also said the “lack of fathers” and a “lack of moral code in our society” should eventually be examined for the “thievery and thuggery” that has taken place in Maryland’s largest city. The GOPer added “this isn’t just a racial thing. It goes across racial boundaries.”

Paul’s excuse sounds more like a political campaign than an honest evaluation…….but he isd not alone with moronic overtones……..there will ALWAYS be Donald Trump……..

What would a crisis be without the mind numbing lip flapping of The Donald?

“Our great African American president hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore!” Trump tweeted on Tuesday, resulting in a backlash on Twitter with many accusing the billionaire businessman of being racist.

Trump called on Obama to “go to Baltimore and bring both sides together. With proper leadership, it can be done! Do it.” Trump also criticized the Baltimore police for allowing “the city to be destroyed,” and asked if U.S. taxpayers were expected to pay for the damage.

It’s Obama’s fault…….that tired old accusation……..

The media has gone so far as to make the story about the victim not about the circumstances of his death… the media keeps counting down the hours and minutes to curfew with the hope that something set the crowds off……

Sad part is that NO one wants to talk about the real reasons for all this violence……..and because of this there will be more…..and more……


United States of Amnesia: What White America Doesn’t Understand About the Baltimore Protests | Alternet

In case you have had enough of Jenner’s sex or that damn silly Royal Baby Watch and would like to learn something about Baltimore…..if so….then this is an excellent article’

BTW, does anyone have an idea why the media has a curfew countdown for last couple of nights?


United States of Amnesia: What White America Doesn’t Understand About the Baltimore Protests | Alternet.

Smells Like CYA!

Baltimore is a tinder box and could re-erupt at any moment…….calm for now but all the facts are still not available……the media has had to dig hard to find something anything to keep this story going  and now they have been given the red meat they have been searching for………what purpose is a countdown to curfew the media is doing?

First, the promise of the findings of Gray’s death would be released on Friday 01 May and now not so much…..we are told that the findings will be turned over to the investigation before it is released……does this threaten the tenuous calm?

Second, there seems to be a witness to Gray’s condition as he was arrested…….

A weird twist in the Freddie Gray case: A prisoner being transported in the police van where the Baltimore man suffered a fatal spinal injury says he could hear Gray banging on the walls and thought he “was intentionally trying to injure himself,” according to a statement on a search warrant obtained by the Washington Post. But the prisoner couldn’t actually see Gray, and a lawyer for the family says they have not been told about the unidentified prisoner’s statement. “We disagree with any implication that Freddie Gray severed his own spinal cord,” the lawyer tells the Post. “We question the accuracy of the police reports we’ve seen thus far, including the police report that says Mr. Gray was arrested without force or incident.”

According to the Post‘s timeline of events, the prisoner who says he heard Gray banging on the walls was in the van for the last six blocks of the ride to the police station—after Gray, who was handcuffed and wasn’t wearing a seat belt, had already asked for medical help. Six Baltimore police officers have been suspended over the death and police plan to turn the results of their investigation over to prosecutors on Friday, NBC reports. It’s not clear how much of the report will be made public, but the mayor’s office says it hopes police will “share any additional facts and details to the public that could shine some light on this,” reports the Baltimore Sun.

Now ask…if this report is true why was it not released in the beginning for it could have help avoid the violence?  Why now?  This unnamed witness that was arrested and in the same van….does he now get some sort of deal to tell his tale?

The media will fixate on these two stories and pick it to part……will their reports help trigger more violence this weekend?  These two stories are a god send to a story that was dying a slow death……

As for the city of Baltimore……all this smells like CYA! (would make a good protest song)

Baltimore: Same Problem With No Solution

Op-Ed from the Desk of chuq

I have not commented on the situation in Baltimore until now because I wanted to see what would shake out…..and so far it is the same song and dance (from the media that is)…….the same speculation, the same hysteria and the same call to dialog…….

Then I watched the blogs…….and many points are being made…….many good points but is anyone listening?  As well as a case for the game of choosing sides.  Of course the usual line of conversation around those “outside agitators” and “thugs”

The incident is all too familiar and there has got to be something done…..but we as a people are going about it all wrong……this should not not be a game of choosing sides…..and that is exactly what we are doing…..choosing sides.

There are some great reports about this subject and then there are a bunch of speculation and hype….none of which is a solution to the problem….all it accomplishes is to force us to choose sides….one over the other.

As usual the solution to the incident that caused the situation boils down to camera cams for the cops……But is it really?

Ask yourself…..if every cop had a body cam and recorded everything the person did…..would we ever see the tape?  Who would control the distribution….the cops?  Knowing the silence of the “Blue Line” would you seriously believe we would get the whole story?

Yes, a solution MUST be found and yes, a dialog is much needed…….but I do not see any of it coming to fruition in today’s society.  Experts are not the answers…..experts know nothing of the community that they say they are speaking about…….an opinion stated by someone who lives in a Manhattan penthouse is a worthless utterance…..for a picture can be painted and may not necessarily be accurate or helpful..  How silly is it for the “Haves” to be explaining the “Have Nots”?  The view from the penthouse gives them NO special insight.

The dialog about the dialog is not helping either.  The media sensationalism is not going to help.  Name calling is not going to help.  The media needs this to continue and they will do what they must to see that there is no quick resolution.

Think I am wrong?  Then think about what it offers the people……fake drama sold as reality…….it is what the viewer wants….and they get it.  How soon before someone tries to push this as a “race riot”?

The situation that gave us the horrible events in Ferguson, Staten Island and Baltimore and countless others is far from over……NO real dialog will be possible without honesty and commitment and now all we have is talk (not a dialog) and finger pointing….none of which is helping.

For now all eyes are on Baltimore and most of the chatter is NOT helping!  The eyes are looking at the protesters and the real problem goes to the back burner….that problem is the death of Mr. Gray and the tactics of violence used against the African-American community.

Promises are being made…….promises and more talk……and while we are talking this will happen again……and again.

A cycle that we know exists but NO one is willing to find a cure!

And we talk!