More than 50 Israeli reservists refuse to serve

It pleases me to see that there are still people of conscience left in this world…..these people will be very unpopular in Israel and for that reason the US MSM will probably not cover this with any consistency….

Glad toi see tghat war protesters are not the dying breed that some have predicted….these people have my respect.


More than 50 Israeli reservists refuse to serve.

A Brief History of GI Resistance During the Vietnam War | Common Dreams

The war drums are beating slowly and quietly…….but that is gonna change……

The hawks of this country are starting to beat those war drums….again!  That could possibly lead to massive protests……will history repeat itself?

After my return home from Vietnam….I became one of those long hard “hippie commies” and protested the war….unless you are an old fart you probably have NO idea what I am talking about…..if you are one of those that has no idea….then please watch this vid….

We Americans use to know how to protest….not anymore now we start a blog and bitch until we tire and then move on……..


A Brief History of GI Resistance During the Vietnam War | Common Dreams.

Everything you know about Ukraine is wrong | PandoDaily

I have been watching most news reports on the situation in Ukraine……there is a wealth of opinions…..and one can have too much info to make a learned opinion of their own……however I read this piece a few minutes ago and thought I would let my readers decide some things for themselves……

An excellent and interesting article….well worth the read if you are interested…….

Everything you know about Ukraine is wrong | PandoDaily.

Do We Care About The Ukraine?

For over a month the Ukraine has been butt deep in revolt……the media called it a protest…..but if you would have checked the situation then you to would call it a revolt.  But the question before us is… we really care what happens in the Ukraine?

The best answer is…..NO!  Most Americans could care less.

The events that have been turning in Ukraine are working a a fevered pace……the government of the country broke with the EU in favor a closer relationship with Russia and all Hell broke lose…..and after a couple of weeks of violence a ceasefire (if you will) was signed and then the country went into overdrive…….

It’s a day of fast-moving developments in Ukraine: The parliament voted to oust President Viktor Yanukovich, while he fled Kiev but vowed to stay in office. Meanwhile, his main political rival has been freed from prison after two years, declaring that “a dictatorship has fallen.” It’s a jumbled mess, but one thing that’s clear is that yesterday’s concessions by the government won’t be enough to appease protesters:

  • Parliament boots Yanukovich: Lawmakers voted to remove him from office and set new elections for May 25, reports the New York Times. His spokesperson rejected the vote.
  • Yanukovich vows to stay: In a recorded TV interview, Yanukovich declared that he will not leave office, reports the BBC. The president, who has fled Kiev but whose whereabouts are unknown, denounced what’s happening in the capital as “vandalism, banditry, and a coup.”
  • Tymoshenko free: Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has been freed from prison after two years, reports AP. Earlier, parliament elected one of her allies as the new speaker.
  • Protesters defiant: They seized control of the presidential headquarters in Kiev after factions rejected yesterday’s deal because it left Yanukovich in power. “We will guard the building until the next president comes,” one commander tells Reuters. “Yanukovich will never be back.”

All that was the day after an agreement was reached between the government and the opposition…….and then this……

Ukrainian opposition icon and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko arrived today at a Kiev protest camp after being released from a hospital where she was incarcerated. “You are heroes, you are the best thing in Ukraine!” she said of those killed in the violence, looking tired and speaking from a wheelchair as she addressed a euphoric crowd of thousands. The BBC reports that she didn’t favor amnesty for her political opponents, saying, “We simply cannot afford to pardon those who were allowed to send bullets into the hearts of our young men.” She promised to let the public know what is happening “back stage” in the “big theater” of politics, and said she would run for the presidency in May. But some who support regime change were less than enthusiastic, seeing her as a face from the past with her own political baggage, NBC News reports. “She was a part of the system, and that’s why maybe a fresh face and a fresh person would be a better choice than someone who was already there,” said a woman in the crowd. Meanwhile, the far-right Ukrainian opposition group Right Sector vowed to keep protesting Yanukovych’s ouster, Reuters reports. “The Right Sector will not disperse,” the group said. “Now we must be more united than before.” Click for more on what’s happening in the Ukraine.

As of yesterday, Sunday, 23Feb, the worm has turned yet again…….

The whereabouts and legitimacy of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych are still unclear today, after he left the capital and archrival Yulia Tymoshenko was freed from prison and returned to Kiev to address a massive, adoring crowd. Ukraine’s newly emboldened legislature voted today to hand the president’s powers to parliament speaker Oleksandr Turchinov, a Tymoshenko ally. Turchinov in turn informed MPs that they had until Tuesday to form a unity government, notes the BBC, telling them “this is a priority task.” Parliament also voted to remove a string of government ministers, as well as confiscate the luxury estate of Yanukovych (the New York Times takes a look inside, which includes a golf course, private zoo, and restaurant inside a pirate ship). But Yanukovych has dismissed parliament decisions in recent days as illegal. A plane with Yanukovych onboard was denied permission to take off last night from Donetsk, a city in eastern Ukraine that is his base of support. A spokesman said this morning that even he does not know where Yanukovych is. The Kiev protest camp at the center of the anti-Yanukovych movement filled with more and more dedicated demonstrators this morning setting up new tents after a day that saw a stunning reversal of fortune in a political standoff that has left scores dead. “We need to catch and punish those with blood on their hands,” said a 45-year-old engineer on Independence Square today.

Right on cue… usual…….McCain had to spout his brand of foreign policy……..lip service……….

John McCain had some stern words for Vladimir Putin today, saying that it was clear that the people of Ukraine “want to be Western” and not “Eastern,” and that the protests there ought to make the Russian strongman, an ally of Viktor Yanukovych, more than a little uneasy about his own leadership in Russia. “If I were Vladimir Putin, I would be little bit nervous.” He cautioned that splitting Ukraine along Eastern-Western ideological lines was “totally unacceptable,” reports Politico. National security adviser Susan Rice chimed right in, per the AP, warning Putin that getting involved “would be a grave mistake. It’s not in the interest of Ukraine or of Russia or of Europe or the United States to see the country split.”

Just like when Russia invade Georgia several years ago….McCain was quick to condemn such action saying that countries do not invade other countries in the 21st century…..he forgot about Iraq I guess…..we could write it off on old age ……….

Okay the violence is over…..well for now…..there will be a bloodbath in the near future……this situation will not go away quietly…..or peaceably…….this is far from over….the question will be…just how deep will the US or the EU care to dive into this mess?

Ukraine: Fires Of Revolution?

You know there is more happening in the world than the Sochi games, right?  Well you would not know it by the press…..yes, weed is now legal and yes there is another “stand your ground” trial to analyze until the cows come home and yes, Christie is still Christie….but beyond all that what is happening in the world?

Syria is still burning.  Iran is still flapping its jaw.  Israel is still building settlements.  And of course the Tea Party and its subordinate, the GOP, are blaming everything on Obama….like I said…..BORING!

I spend many hours reading foreign news and one thing that has caught my attention is the trouble in the Ukraine…..where?  I thought that was part of Russia.

Damn!  Ukraine is bigger than you thought, right?

Anyway back in November of 2013 the Ukrainian government pretty much pulled back in favor of deals with its neighbor, Russia.  And the people went batshit crazy…….apparently the people want to keep close ties with the EU and the West and are not so keen on anything Russian…….

“Mayhem” in Ukraine, declares the New York Times, amid reports that anti-government protests have boiled over in Kiev’s bloodiest day since President Viktor Yanukovich turned down an EU deal in November. Nineteen were killed in street clashes, including six policemen, reports the BBC, and details are a bit chaotic. Reuters reports the two felled officers were killed by gunfire. However, it’s unclear whether police are using live ammunition or rubber bullets; protesters were spotted with guns, but not witnessed using them. Riot police then attempted to blaze a path through the stone barriers cordoning off Independence Square using two armored personnel carriers, as protesters lobbed rocks, fireworks, and petrol bombs; those vehicles got stuck and erupted in flames with police still inside. Unrest is also spreading to Western Ukraine, where protesters have attacked police and government offices in several regions, CNN reports.

Yanukovich is meeting with the opposition in Kiev as Ukraine’s former foreign minister urges the US and EU to support the opposition, and leaders in the Ukrainian republic of Crimea are telling the president to crack down with “emergency measures,” the BBC reports. The Times reports that, against that chaotic backdrop, protesters were heard singing the national anthem in the square. The AP reports that a significant portion of their protest camp is now on fire, and says police are moving in using water cannons and stun grenades. The government has brought the subway to a halt to prevent reinforcements from bolstering the number of protesters, who, apparently disheartened by their lack of progress, earlier today left the barricaded area surrounding Independence Square and marched toward the Parliament building to demand that Yanukovich give up his “dictatorial” powers. But Reuters reports they were cut off from the building by a line of trucks, and clashes began. See more photos at the BBC.

The situation is becoming more and more volatile….in the last couple of days the situation has become what appears to the beginning of yet another revolution…….

At least 25 people have been killed and 241 injured in the worst violence in Ukraine’s post-Soviet history, according to the country’s health ministry, which says the dead include nine police officers and a journalist. The mayhem began as anti-government protesters clashed with security forces yesterday, and it continued overnight, with riot police making a fresh attempt to clear a central Kiev square in the early hours, reports the BBC, which witnessed police gain control of a corner of the square for the first time since December. As of 6am, a BBC correspondent reported “no sign these clashes will die down,” calling the Independence Square area a “battle zone.” The latest developments:

  • As thousands of police attacked the square, opposition leader Vitali Klitschko urged civilians to defend the protest camp; at least 10,000 heeded his call amid fires and exploding stun grenades, the AP reports. CNN reports that protesters fashioned a makeshift compressed-air cannon and stockpiled weapons last night, transporting stones from hand to hand, building Molotov cocktails, and fueling fiery barricades composed of wood and tires.
  • The EU and Germany are among those calling for calm, while the governments of France and Poland got more specific: They’re calling for “quick and targeted sanctions against those responsible for these acts.” Reuters reports that Francois Hollande wants to see them imposed as soon as tomorrow, at an EU meeting of foreign ministers. Meanwhile, Russia called the chaos the “direct result of connivance by Western politicians,” Reuters finds.
  • After late-night talks between President Viktor Yanukovich and opposition leaders failed to yield any compromise, the president issued a statement calling for opposition leaders to draw a “boundary between themselves and radical forces which are provoking bloodshed.” The opposition leaders said that Yanukovich’s only proposal was for the demonstrators to go home.

It is being reported that the protesters seized 1500 weapons to be used at a later date……a good beginning for a revolution……

With all this violence the Russian media has latched on to a tried and true explanation for all the violence……….It’s all Obama’s fault!  Well in reality they said that it was the US fault that all this violence is happening……and if you extend that out….it is Obama’s FAULT!

This situation is no where near at its conclusion……and I will be watching….after all….that is…..WHY I AM HERE!

Could We See A 2nd Revolution?

“It is clear to me that the republic no longer functions  Hopefully someone can return it to sanity and compassion before it is too late.”  Who was that perceptive person that uttered these words?  (If you get that reference then you are a bigger geek than you think)…….

It seems that I find myself on the same page as a lot of the Righties out there.  They see the need for another revolution as do I….however we differ on the reasons we need that revolution but we both agree that this country is in dire need of change….the problem is that there can be NO change as long as we elect asswads that owe too much to so few…….with these people the best we could ever do is some incremental reform which in the long run accomplishes nothing.  We need to do some serious rethinking about this system and the lack of progress.

Recently a right wing whack-a-doodle called for a protest across the street from the White House……the guy was one Larry Klayman….he was basically calling for the impeachment of Obama, a new Continental Congress and in essence a 2nd American revolution…….

Larry Klayman predicted that his rally calling for the overthrow of President Obama would draw “millions to occupy Washington D.C.” and that those millions would “occupy parks, sidewalks, public areas” until the president leaves office. In the end, no more than a hundred people showed up for today’s big event.

Nevertheless, Klayman told Tea Party activists that he is still confident that the Reclaim American Now rally will force the president to resign and that grateful Americans will beseech Klayman and his allies to organize a new Continental Congress in Philadelphia.

His protest did not draw the million person that he had hoped for…..the problem was that this was a chance to improve or change our government through peaceful dissent but instead the morons appeared…..

Social issues that have NOTHING to do with the governing of the country is what protests have come to in this era of STUPID!  And you know what the say about stupid?  “Can’t Fix Stupid”!

We all romanticize the revolution for whatever reason….but just how successful was it?

(Newser) – Americans adore their revolution, but former historian Paul Pirie doesn’t think it was terribly successful—at least not if you judge it against countries like Canada (from whence Pirie hails) that kept their monarchies, or by its own stated goal of advancing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. “The new republic started advancing life and liberty by keeping a substantial part of its population enslaved,” he points out in the Washington Post; British-controlled Canada, by contrast, began abolishing slavery in the 18th century.

Things aren’t looking great today, either. On the liberty front, America has more people incarcerated per capita than any other nation. Pursuing happiness is tricky, too, when you work longer hours for fewer benefits than workers in most developed countries. And the government the Founders installed is now hopelessly deadlocked. “Perhaps it’s time for Americans to accept that their revolution was a failure and renounce it,” Pirie argues. “Alternatively, rather than being wedded to every practice or institution that arose from the revolution” they could “rekindle some of the boldness of the nation’s Founders and create a ‘more perfect’ and happier union.”

We can argue the validity of this persons observation….but the fact is Klayman is right.  It is time for Americans to consider a new revolution….one that will benefit ALL Americans….not just the elitist as the first one did….(this will lead to more post on the constitution….please watch them….I really would like input)…….we need to find a new way of dealing with inequality now running rampant in our society….Klayman was correct but not for the same reasons he cites……and yes we need a new Continental Congress and that will mean a up-grade of the Constitution to reflect 21st century thinking as opposed to 18th century thinking…..

Please understand that revolution does not necessarily mean a huge “bang, bang, shoot’em up”………there is revolutionary thought as well as action that does not contain a violent component……

It seems not much was learned from Klayman’s attempt at a sort of ‘coup’……..come May 2014 there will be another attempt this one attempted by one Harry Riley………

Harry Riley has a dream. On the morning of May 16, somewhere between 10 and 30 million (estimates vary) God-fearing patriots will assemble in Washington, DC, for what Riley, a retired Army colonel from the Florida panhandle, is calling “Operation American Spring.” They’ll protest outside the White House by day and set up in campgrounds and RV parks outside the city by night. They won’t leave until President Barack Obama, along with Attorney General Eric Holder and congressional leaders of both parties, resign and appear before a specially convened investigative tribunal for further disciplinary action—a polite version of a tea party coup.

According to Riley’s introductory note, which he posted on Facebook, about 1 million activists will stick around DC after the march in a nonviolent attempt to shut the city down. According to the the document, the real work will occur after the transfer of power: “Those with the principles of a West, Cruz, Lee, DeMint, Paul, Gov Walker, Sessions, Gowdy, Jordan, Issa, will comprise a tribunal and assume positions of authority to convene investigations, recommend appropriate charges against politicians and government employees to the new U.S. Attorney General appointed by the new President.”

From :

Have you gotten your invite yet?

I want my readers to consider the possibility of another revolution……..I would like as many opinions as I can get……we need to answer many questions…..and that is after all……. WHY I AM HERE!

How the Arab Spring Left the Palestinians Behind | Informed Comment

A couple of years ago the Arab Spring was all over the media…..and there have been many situations that have arisen from those protests and revolts….Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia to mention only a few….but the one region that has been left behind during these situations….the Palestinians

How the Arab Spring Left the Palestinians Behind | Informed Comment.

Pete Seeger Dead!

As an old fart and activist I was always a fan of the early protests songs and the folk singers that sang them…..people like Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Peter, Pauland Mary and Pete Seeger……yesterday we lost the last of the greats….Pete Seeger died at 94…..

(Newser) – Pete Seeger, a towering presence in American folk music and activism for many decades, has died after 94 years—and more than 100 albums. The bearded, banjo-playing protest singer gained fame with the Weavers in the ’40s and is best known for popularizing songs like This Land Is Your Land and We Shall Overcome, as well as writing or co-writing folk classics like If I Had a Hammer and Turn, Turn, Turn, the BBC reports. He spearheaded the American folk revival of the ’50s and ’60s and was an inspiration and mentor to many younger singers including Bob Dylan and Joan Baez.

But activism was as important to Seeger as music. A lifelong believer in causes like civil rights, racial equality, and anti-militarism, he saw folk music and community as “inseparable, and where he saw a community, he saw the possibility of political action,” a New York Times obituary notes. Blacklisted in the McCarthyite ’50s, his activism continued until the very end. At a 90th birthday tribute concert—a benefit to clean up New York’s Hudson River—Bruce Springsteen introduced him, saying, “He’s gonna look a lot like your granddad that wears flannel shirts and funny hats. He’s gonna look like your granddad if your granddad can kick your ass. At 90, he remains a stealth dagger through the heart of our country’s illusions about itself,” USA Today reports.

As a nostalgic SOB…he will be missed….and his voice of social change will be silent something that many wanted to do back in the day…..he will be remembered!

Rest In Peace!

Remember The “Intifada”?

Inkwell Institute

Subject:  Palestinians/Israelis

It is a nap away from T/giving Day….and I know most everyone is thinking food and shopping and 4 days off to do damage to one’s accounts……but life goes on and Chuq will not be silenced for purely commercial reasons……

First a personal note…..I spent too many hours studying Middle East…history, politics, economics, and such and too many days working in the area not to insert my thoughts on the region….I do not trust so-called think tanks….why?  They are given a premise and the dialog is built around that thought….this applies to ALL think tanks…they drive the conclusion that they are given…..

Now to the meat of the post.

Do you remember the “intifada”?  Of course not!  Americans could give a crap what goes on in the Middle East unless it is used in some lame election as a talking point……but unfortunately the US is tied to everything that happens in the Middle East…..for one major reason….Israel.  The US will do whatever it takes to protect Israel and most of the world would do the same……I guess we will NEVER have paid them back for the occurrences of the past.

Let’s talk about the Palestinians for awhile……since the 6 day war the Palestinians have been trying to get their land back…….there is always a two sate solution…….the problem is Israel will do whatever it takes to prevent that from ever coming into being……just as the Palestinians will do whatever they can to get their country…….one of those tactics is the INTIFADA…..basically a program of civil disobedience……..the 1st Intifada was about to begin…..

In response to general strikes, boycotts of Israeli civil administration institutions in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, civil disobedience in the face of army orders, and an economic boycott consisting of refusal to work in Israeli settlements on Israeli products, refusal to pay taxes, refusal to drive Palestinian cars with Israeli licences, graffiti, barricading……..civilians started throwing rocks and an occasional molotov and in response the army would shoot students and women with non-lethal rubber bullets which killed many, btw…..(thanx to wiki for the synopsis)……..

The 1st Intifada began on December 1987 to about May of 1993……..the world saw pics of kids confronting armed soldiers and tanks and a ground swell of sympathy was generated for the plight of the Palestinian people…….

All was quiet for a few years as the two parties started negotiations…….but as par for the course in the Middle East the talks went to Hell and in 2000 the 2nd Intifada began… started as a continuation of the 1st…..students/civilians confronting the Israeli army with rocks/bottles……then all went to crap……armed militants starting participating attacking Israeli civilians, some 1,000 Israeli civilians lost their lives in the 2nd……and where the 1st gave the Palestinian their legitimacy they had wanted for decades, the 2nd once it deteriorated into terrorism instead of civil disobedience made the name Palestine a no-no…they lost the edge that the 1st gave them.  And now we are still trying to get around groups like Hamas…

The Palestinians deserve better than the PR that these terrorist groups have forced upon the civilian population……they try to fight the Israelis in a civilized way but the destruction of homes, farms and civilians makes their plight almost hopeless.

But now there is a call for a 3rd Intifada…….

The results of the survey were released on November 6 and showed that 60 percent of the interviewees predict a fresh wave of anti-Israeli uprising.

The Arab World for Research & Development (AWARD)’s poll surveyed 1,200 Palestinian adults from October 20 to 22.

The survey also found that 54 percent of the respondents were pessimistic about the US-brokered peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and the Zionist regime of Israel.

On November 7, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned of a third intifada and international isolation of Israel.
“The alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos,” Kerry was quoted as saying. “Does Israel want a third intifada?”

Personally, I think a 3rd Intifada is a good idea….but along the lines of the 1st and not the 2nd……the Palestinians need to show the world that groups like Hamas do NOT represent them………..much can be gained by world sympathy and with that will come the willingness to listen to their grievances………I say go for it…..

That Darn Rebel Flag!

I am sure that most literate people realize how offensive the confederate flag is………that it is a symbol of slavery and in today’s world…a symbol of racism.  Years ago when we were having a problem with idiots wanting to promote the flag and pissing the black community off at the same time… son-in-law and I were saying the best way to fight this symbol was for African-Americans to somehow make it “their” flag….to start wearing it for everything and everywhere…to just take over it altogether.

Well it seems that Kanye West heard our rumblings…….

(Newser) – Kanye West, never one to shy away from controversy, was spotted Saturday wearing a jacket decorated with … a Confederate flag, People reports. The rapper has also featured the flag on his Yeezus tour T-shirts and merch. He explained himself last week while talking to an LA radio station. “React how you want. Any energy is good energy,” he told 97.1 AMP. “You know the Confederate flag represented slavery in a way—that’s my abstract take on what I know about it. So I made the song ‘New Slaves.’ So I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag. It’s my flag. Now what are you going to do?”

I will seldom say too much pleasant about West….but in this I think he is on to something and others should follow suit….take away the symbol from the morons and turn it on them as quickly as possible……….

Let me say here…BRAVO, Kanye….I do believe you are on to something….now get the rest to jump on that…..this could be better than a 100 demonstrations…..KEEP IT GOING!