Palestine: Eating A Conflict

In my younger years I was a chef…..I do enjoy preparing food and watching others enjoy eating the meal….because of my interests in food, war, Middle east this story caught my attention….

Members of the Jewish community in Pittsburgh are objecting to a local diner’s invitation to customers to sample Palestinian cuisine fearing that it could incite customers against Israel, according to media reports in Pennsylvania.

The controversy was ignited by an establishment known as “Conflict Kitchen,” whose rotating menu features items that are culturally unique to countries “in conflict with the United States.”

The restaurant also hosts cultural and political discussions featuring experts who can provide deeper insight into whichever part of the world the establishment wishes to train its focus.

Conflict Kitchen has in the past altered its menu to offer delicacies from Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela. Its latest selection – the Palestinians – has ensnared it into a controversy.

Gregg Roman, who heads the community relations council at the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, “Conflict Kitchen’s focus on countries in conflict is honorable, but Palestine is not in conflict with the US. The restaurant is stirring up conflict for the sake of trying to be relevant.”

This week, Conflict Kitchen is serving up hummus, baba ghanoush, “salata gazawiya,” and musakhan, “the national dish of Palestine.” It is also hosting a discussion with a Palestinian author to discuss food and culture in the West Bank and Gaza.

Appears Israelis are running scared…..the BDS movement is gathering strength……more countries are recognizing Palestine as legit…….calls for Israel to face charges at the ICC…..they are desperately trying to control the news in an attempt to help the world lose interests in their utter destruction of Gaza….

Sorry dudes…NOT WORKING!  The rest of the world is sick of your BS on self-defense….about time that they be held to the same standards as the rest of the world…all debts to them have been paid.

I called the cafe to see if I could get a meal sent to me here in Mississippi…….least I could do.

Egyptian Woman Protests ISIS


A member of FEMEN a protest and activist group mostly made of women has made a video protesting ISIS and Sharia law.  FEMEN are noted for their shock value in their protests.

I have wrestling with myself and agonizing on whether to post this situation or not…..since the graphic nature of the protest I decided to post the link and let the reader decide whether to view it or not.

Keep in mind if you choose to view the link that, I reiterate,  FEMEN are noted for the shock value in protest and believe me this is quiet shocking!


I will leave viewing of this to the discretion my reader………Once again……….WARNING:   THIS POST IS GRAPHIC AND CAN BE SHOCKING TO MANY….OPEN LINK AT YOUR OWN DECISION….YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! | actu.

Iberia Parish: Where’s Al?

We all know all  about Ferguson thanx to the media and thanx to people like Al Sharpton…..I find it uplifting that there are those ‘leaders’ that feel it necessary to force the public to address such injustice……but there is a problem at least form my point of view………the problem is selective concern……

(Newser) – Louisiana State Police say Victor White III died after shooting himself while handcuffed in the back of a police car in March, an assertion backed up by the Iberia Parish coroner’s office, reports NBC News. But White’s family isn’t buying the suicide story—mainly, they say, because White had a new baby with his longtime girlfriend, a steady job, and possible college plans, and because details in the recently released coroner’s report contradict the police report. “You can’t make me understand how my son took his left hand, when he was handcuffed behind the back, and shot himself,” Rev. Victor White II tells NBC. “I don’t believe a thing they’re saying at this point.”

White and a friend were reportedly picked up by the police after reports of a fight outside a local gas station; the station manager says the two were inside the store when the fight broke out. Cops let White’s friend go, but what happened next is where the story gets murky. A police statement said an “uncooperative,” handcuffed White “produced a handgun” and shot himself in the back while in custody, even though cops said no weapon was found on White during two recorded searches before the shooting. The coroner agrees that White shot himself but says the 22-year-old was shot in the front, that there were scratches on White’s face (the police said there was no physical altercation with officers), and that the bullet went through his right chest and out his left armpit—White’s family says he was left-handed, making the suggested scenario hard for them to believe. Click for more details.

Where are the activists that thought Ferguson needed to be brought to the forefront…..where are they for this incident?

Full Disclosure:  I do not watch the Rev’s show… me he is still a preacher and delivers a sermon every night not a news show……I am sure he has covered this issue on his MSNBC show….but where is he in person?  He had NO problem flying into Ferguson to help lead the opposition…….

I recently read a piece about Al Sharpton that I tend to agree with……check it out……..

Give me your thoughts on the piece or the post in general……Me?  I am beginning to think that Al goes where the ratings will be greater not necessarily the most pressing of stories….I may be wrong……but that is yet to be seen.

Police often provoke protest violence, UC researchers find – SFGate

After the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson there were a few contentious nights between protesters and police…..there has been a blame going on about the violence……cops blame it on “outside agitators”….the protesters blame the cops for attacking like an occupying force……

Now some research has been done that could explain who’s fault possibly contributed to the violence on those streets of Ferguson……..


Police often provoke protest violence, UC researchers find – SFGate.

Ferguson Cops Come Up With An Idea

The police in Ferguson, Missouri have come up with a solution to prevent situations as they are having to deal with today.  Their solution is…..wait for it……drum roll please…..cameras on officers!  Ba-Bam!

(Newser) – Ahead of a visit from Attorney General Eric Holder today, officials in Ferguson, Missouri, say they want to make big changes to law enforcement and end the “discord and heartbreak” that has followed the police shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. A statement released by city leaders says it is looking at changes including requiring all police to wear cameras, hiring more African-American officers, and requiring police to live in the city, reports NBC, which notes that a petition seeking a “Mike Brown Law” to require state, county, and local police to wear cameras has now received more than 127,000 signatures.

In a St. Louis Post-Dispatch op-ed, Holder promises a full, fair, and independent investigation into the shooting. He praises the bravery of police officers who put their lives on the line, but also stresses that “good law enforcement requires forging bonds of trust between the police and the public.” Trust “requires that force be used in appropriate ways,” he writes. “Enforcement priorities and arrest patterns must not lead to disparate treatment under the law, even if such treatment is unintended. And police forces should reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.” Another person was shot and killed by police in St. Louis yesterday, but Ferguson was more subdued last night than it was the previous five nights, the AP reports. Police still made 47 arrests, but the crowds were smaller and no tear gas was fired. A grand jury will begin hearing evidence today on whether Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Brown, should be charged, reports Bloomberg.

Better late than never.  We here on IST have been discussing that for a couple of days now….I wish I could say that it was here they got the idea….but being a realist…I cannot not.

Now I ask….will this help prevent such occurrences from happening in the future?

My thought is yes….but only if there is NO kill switch that the officer can use to blackout his actions.