Who Will It Be In 2016?

Oh dear……..the 2012 election is over and what shall we write about?  We meaning, us bloggers that the media hates.  We could join in the chorus of those analyzing the crap out of the results of the vote…..but… why on earth would we want to do that?  We could aggravate each other until the point of screaming…..or we could try something new and write about what we think about the 2016 election.

Personally, I would like to try and think about our next shot at electing a president…..I guess we could call it a prediction of sorts……..join in it could be a hoot.

First let us look at the Democrats……..

Cuomo……this seems to be the most talk about at this point…….I think it is dumb….why?  He is shacking up in the governor’s mansion and boy would that be a lightening rod for the opposition.

Biden–I think after Obama he may have had enough of DC and will not be interested in running again……plus he is getting old….time to rest.

Hilary–Dem women would love this and I think that she may be interested but I still think she has had enough also.  Time to kick back and make money.

Castro–the mayor of San Antonio is attractive and a good speaker and he is Hispanic and he is young….this could be the most popular choice for Dems…..


T-Paw–I believe he will try again and that he will back off the stuff that made him unattractive in thye last round of primaries…..

Huntsman–If the GOP does some soul searching then he will try again and be a front runner…..for under normal circumstances he was the best person for the nomination in 2012…..

Jindal–he seems to be a popular person within the party…..but I do not think he has a chance the primaries will eat him up….

Rubio–a very popular person within the GOP…..but just running does not guarantee the Hispanic vote…he will be a good choice in the primaries but unless he modifies some of his stances he will be a dud……

Condi–I want to say a good choice…..but being female is not the best gauge of a candidate……

The there is Jeb……..a good choice

My money is on Rubio (who is going to Iowa in November 2012) and Jeb…….

There has been enough crap spread by both sides….let’s have a little fun before the cycle begins again……we can do it…we do not have to dislike each other…….

Okay, there are my predictions for the makeup of the 2016 primaries……whatta think?  Let us hear your ideas and choices……

Mitt Panders His Ass Off!

Today is the primary in my part of the world—-and poor Mitt has his work cut out for him……Southerners hate him….they do not trust him and he is a Mormon….we can pretend that the religion thing is unimportant, but it is and it will be going forward…..

Poor Mitt he just cannot catch a break….remember in Michigan he liked the tress?  Recall in Tennessee he uttered the words to Davey Crockett….thank God he did not sing……..and here in Mississippi he used y’all and said that he likes grits….cheesy grits….sorry but this man would not now a grit if it bit him in the ass…..even low info voters know this man is pandering, tasteless pandering…….

He keeps trying to connect with us mere mortals and each time he looks more pathetic than the time before…..but all this pandering is just a disingenuous attempt….makes him appear that he has NOTHING to offer the voters….especially in the Deep South….

Romney was met by about 200 supporters there, where he talked job creation, cutting taxes, reducing the deficit and eliminating government waste. He said Obama hasn’t addressed those issues in his first four years in office, but he believes Mississippi has.

“If the federal government were run more like the government here in Mississippi, the whole country would be a lot better off,” Romney said.

Now there is something that the whole country can look forward to if he is elected……to be like Mississippi…..a horrible education system, lousy health care, higher poverty rates, massive obesity and outrageous diabetes rates and really shitty wages…..now there is something to be proud of saying….you want the country to be run like Mississippi…..

I am sorry but the future nominee of the GOP is a putz!  If that is what we have to look forward to with a president Romney then I say give me Lenin any day!

One last point….it is “cheese grits”….NOT “cheesy grits”!…..but there was something “cheesy”…..Mitt’s lame attempt to connect with Mississippians!

Sorry But Rick Will Not last

Yes, there is a new alternative to Mitt…..first it was trump then Cain then Perry then Newt and then along came Rick…..and once Rick got his teeth into the fabric of presidential politics he began his right wing extremists rhetoric…..I know this man believes and believes strongly in what he says……and he is popular now and may even beat Romney in Mitt’s’ home state of Michigan or is it Utah…no it is Mass….no I believe it is Michigan…..yeah!  It is Michigan!  Anyway the GOP seems to looking for anybody but Mitt and some say Rick is that candidate……I think it is wishful thinking.  Why? it gonna be a long drawn out process and Rick will not last…..he will not last for 5 reasons  (thanx to the Week for the breakdown)….

1. He’ll drown in a sea of Romney’s money
Many pundits believe that Romney can’t take down Santorum with the kind of negative ads he used to annihilate Newt Gingrich, simply because Santorum doesn’t have nearly as many skeletons in his closet as the thrice-married Gingrich does. But “even if he doesn’t go heavily negative,” says Ed Kilgore at The New Republic, “Romney can use his heavy money advantage to saturate the airwaves” with positive ads in Arizona and Michigan, which vote on Feb. 28. That should help Romney stage a comeback in those two states. And if Mitt wins both, “the road gets much rockier for Santorum.”

2. Santorum can’t appeal to mainstream Americans
“Santorum is essentially an ultra-right-wing protest candidate” in what is “essentially a centrist or center-right country,” says John Cassidy at The New Yorker. The audience for “extremist views” always expands some during times of economic distress, which is how the neocons and Tea Partiers managed to burst onto the scene. But it just won’t be enough to make the country at large interested in “supporting a religious zealot and armchair militarist of Santorum’s stripe.” And with the economy improving, “the market for political extremism is shrinking anyway.”

3. Many conservatives still have eyes for Newt
In 2008, Santorum “was fighting to get former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney elected,” says Chuck Norris at WorldNetDaily. It’s still baffling that “an alleged conservative like Santorum would fight for the flip-flopping Massachusetts moderate” when there were real conservatives, like Mike Huckabee, in the race. “How can the ‘alternative to Romney’ also be a Romney supporter?” He can’t. That’s why, for many of us on the Right, Newt Gingrich is still the only true conservative alternative to Romney.

4. Nobody’s endorsing Santorum
Santorum’s victories last week in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado have “not resulted in a flood of endorsements from prominent conservatives, or even a trickle,” says Steve Kornacki at Salon. Facing a massive financial disadvantage against Mitt, “it’s critical for Santorum to have loud, influential Republican opinion-shapers making his case and defending him against Romney’s attacks.” Maybe GOP leaders just don’t want Santorum.

5. Swing voters don’t like him — even in his home state
Santorum likes to say he’s the only GOP candidate who “has actually won a swing state.” But six years ago, as a senator seeking a third term, “Santorum proved he can also lose in such a politically competitive state — and lose big,” says Julie Hirschfeld Davis at Bloomberg. Santorum lost his last race in the swing state he calls home by a whopping 18 percentage points. Apparently he’s not as popular with the undecided “Republicans who will determine who gets the party’s nomination,” not to mention the independents who could swing the general election in November.

I know a lot of social conservatives are praying for a Santorum win and finally the nomination….but sorry guys….he will soon be toast…..and believe me…if he is the nominee he will lose and lose badly in the general in November…..

How About A National Primary?

Does the presidential primary season seem to go on forever?

As promised in a previous post…..there is an answer……..  A National primary!

A national primary is a proposed system for conducting the US presidential primaries and caucuses, in which all of the primaries and caucuses would occur on the same day…….my thought is to get more participation make it a national holiday (just a thought)……

Today the system of staggered primaries means that voters in later primaries may find that the nominee has already been selected before they vote.  (For instance, New York, the third-largest state, voted after the nominees had been selected in both parties in both 2000 and 2004.)   Disproportionate power is given to the earliest primaries, with candidates who lose them being considered non-viable, even if they may have a lot of support in larger states.

Personally, I think that there ought to be 4 separate regional primaries….One for the Northeast, Southern, Midwest and West….this would make all equal and one state would not have an advantage over another in this process…..plus the media would still have their profit and their place in driving the election….

One of the criticisms of such a move is that it would take a butt load of money….but SCOTUS has made that a moot point…..campaigns now have an almost unlimited supply of cash especially from corporations and other special interests…so this objection is just plain silly……

The national primary or the regional primaries would make the whole system more tolerable for us mere mortals and would probably increase the voters in participation…….

What A Cluster F*#k!

After McCain got crushed by Obama in 2008, the GOP decide that it would have been better if the nominee had been Mitt Romney and to prevent this type of thing from happening again, the most desirable character being out of the race by February, they set about changing the primary system….they changed some of the winner take all system and changed up the dates when primaries could be held….all this to try and save Romney from being put out of the race early and trying to give him the win as the inevitable nominee…..and the ruling by SCOTUS that corporations were people and the creation of the Super PAC system….they thought that their problems were over…..

And now in 2012 we are seeing just how successful this new system has become……it is  cluster f*ck!

let’s look at a few of the contests that have taken place so far…..Iowa….Romney won…no..it was a tie….well no Santorum won…and then there was South Carolina where Super Pacs made all the difference, just not in Romney favor….Newt won….on to Florida which because it moved for the GOP approved date lost half its delegates to 49….but the issuing of delegates has been challenged by the also rans so none have been awarded yet…..now onto Missouri and its primary…..a primary where NO delegates were awarded that to be done in a caucus later this year….Next was Nevada caucus…..it took 2 days after the fact to announce an official winner and now the Maine caucus…..the winner was announced, it was Romney….the problem is that 3 counties in Maine did NOT have their votes counted….so the state GOP just has these counties down as zero votes……

Are you starting to see a pattern here?  And yes…..cluster f*ck is as polite as I can get on this situation.  But it also appears the Repubs are starting to see a problem (finally)……..

In light of the controversies surrounding a number of the Republican caucuses this presidential nomination cycle, The Fix reports that a number of top Republicans are pushing for a review of the system.

“Caucuses are inherently less organized than primaries, in large part because they are run by state parties and don’t have experienced state elections officials in charge. Because of this, methods may not be the same at every caucus site, and the paper trail isn’t as reliable. At the same time, party rules have effectively increased the importance of caucuses by pushing them to the front of the process. The Republican National Committee allows only four states to hold their contests before March, but that rule doesn’t apply to caucuses, which don’t technically have a direct impact on the allocation of delegates… Given the increasing importance of caucus states, top RNC officials say its time for a review of the caucus process.”

All that back slapping back a couple of years ago has proven to be a huge mistake…….but the next question should be, “what have they learned from this situation”?

The one thing that is obvious is that the caucus system can be gamed in a wealth of directions…..ask Ron Paul…..

Personally, I think all this confusion and bitterness can be avoided by a national primary or at least 4 regional primaries…..NO caucusing, only voting!  (and that my friends is another post for another day)

Decision: New Hampshire–2012

Most of the votes are in for New Hampshire….the first test of the voters likes or dislikes….Will Mitt be the man?  Will Santorum sneak into 2nd place?  Is Paul for real?  What about Huntsman?  And where the Hell is Newt?  I will attempt to answer all your questions on this vote and maybe some you did not know you wanted to ask…..

The final poll was…..Romney with 33%, Paul with 20 and Huntsman with 13……how telling were the polls in New Hampshire?

At 8 pm ET the polls closed on New Hampshire and by 8:30 pm ET Romney was declared the winner…Paul second and Huntsman 3rd……and by 8:45 pm ET sane people turned to TCM and Dr. Strangelove…..people like me spent the evening listening to the media tell us just how important New Hampshire was and how it will effect the rest of the race…..the truth is, in the grand scheme of things they are not that important except for all the cash that is spent and all the media spin….now a days the MSM does not speculate anymore because they do not want to get caught flat footed and lose viewers…..

And so far, none of the candidates have said they would drop out, even Perry who got in the neighborhood of 1% is gonna stay and duke it out in South Carolina….which may be his Alamo and last stand……

Mitt’s victory speech was uninspiring…….it sounded insincere, shallow and memorized….is there a book for candidates with one liners they can use in their speeches?  I have not, that I can remember, heard a candidate that is less inspiring than Mitt…..

On to South Carolina and the next media circus and Mitt may be one step closer to being crowned….I think that South Carolina will be a loss for Mitt and Florida will be the real test….but who the Hell knows?