The “Islam” Speech

I know I am a bit behind the headlines….sorry….but my lady friend was far more important………but as some say….”better late than never”…….

Yep….the prez made his “Islam” speech.  After weeks of Right wing bullshit on what to call the murders of ISIS the prez stepped up and made that speech….kinda along the lines of GW’s speech after 9/11….you know the stuff about Muslims are not our enemies, stuff about the good qualities of the religion…..stuff like that…….

Did it answer all the detractors that have made headlines in the last weeks?

President Obama today elaborated on why you’ll never catch him referring to “Islamic terrorists.” Doing so would give them too much credit, said the president at a White House summit on violent extremism. “No religion is responsible for terrorism—people are responsible for violence and terrorism,” Obama said, as quoted by USA Today. Again and again, he stressed the point:

  • “We are not at war with Islam—we are at war with people who have perverted Islam.”
  • “They try to portray themselves as religious leaders, holy warriors in defense of Islam. We must never accept the premise that they put forward because it is a lie. Nor should we grant these terrorists the religious legitimacy that they seek. They are not religious leaders. They are terrorists.”
  • “The terrorists do not speak for a billion Muslims who reject their ideology. They no more represent Islam than any madman who kills innocents in the name of God represents Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or Hinduism.”

Obama, however, also stressed the need to be vigilant on the hunt for extremists, adding that Muslim leaders “need to do more to discredit the notion that our nations are determined to suppress Islam,” reports CNN. For an opposing view on the president’s word choice, see this op-ed in the New York Post headlined “Say it, Obama: Islamic.”

The difference between the speech of Obama and that of GW is that GW’s speech was made in an attempt to save the family friend…..Saudi Arabia’s bin Laden family….Obama’s was meant as a way to explain certain things he has said or in most cases not said…….

The Prez’s speech left a lot to discuss….all of which is unimportant… will either love the speech or hate it……which do you think will get more headlines?

I guess since I am a bit late….it is a moot point……

What Do The American People Want?

An excellent question….but first…..a news roundup…….Snow….Snow….SNOW!   It is winter and it is snowing in the Northeast US….Really?  Go figure!  There is an Ukrainian ceasefire in place….and according to one State employee it is holding…..there is heavy fighting in a rail hub in Southeast Ukraine……thinking…..Seriously!?  More people kidnapped by ISIS in Libya and we know what that will mean….don’t we?

Enough of the depressing stuff… about a poll on the prez since the killing of those 21 Christians in Libya?

The poll asked if those answering if they approve4d or disapprove of Obama’s handling of ISIS…..and the people disapprove of the handling by 58%.

okay now we have that the people polled disapproved of Obama’s handling of ISIS…..and then they were asked if they thought using American troops should be considered…….overwhelmingly the answer was NO and by 80%.

There were other questions that pertaining to Obama’s handle of foreign policy and each one had Obama failing to make the grade all around……but those two caught my eye…..the handling thing and the use of troops……

The media will be all over this turn of the polls….the people disapprove of Obama’s handling of the ISIS problem, they do not like his handling of foreign affairs and the adamantly do NOT want American troops used in the fight against ISIS……..the results are so typical and illustrates just how much of a sack of fecal matter they really are…….the poll illustrates that the American people have NO grasp of the situation or the results……

After looking at the results of the poll….my question is…..what the Hell do the American people want?  Just what options are left open to the prez if troops are off the table?  Name calling does not work against ISIS….we cannot make them take a time out in the corner……..the only option left if we have taken the troops off the table is……..paying them off…..bribing them to go away and play pretty…..that is all but laughable…….so I ask again……

Just What In The Hell Do The American People Want?

Answers?  Thoughts?  Anything?

How Obama Is Making the World More Dangerous by Shamus Cooke —

There has been lots of talk, especially on the Right, about how Obama is caving to everyone on the international scene……I do not follow that line of thought….however I do think that the world has become more dangerous under Obama’s stirring………here’s how and why……


How Obama Is Making the World More Dangerous by Shamus Cooke —

Cards Against Humanity: Reason’s State of the Union version! – Hit & Run :

Tonight we will be exposed to yet another worthless endeavor….the State of the Union speech…..

I shall sum it up for you (and I refused to watch it)…….welcome….blah, blah…….guests…..blah, blah……ISIS……..blah blah….health care….blah blah….education….blah blah……minimum age….blah blah……the economy……. blah blah…..taxes….blah blah ……on and on… I said…..worthless.

Then there was the rebuttal from a castrating farm hand and her speech went something like this….yawn….snooze….blah, blah……another long hard yawn….GOP ideas in a nutshell…..plans that have NOT worked in 40 years.

Some will play a drinking game when certain words are uttered….or you could just play this game……try it you’ll like it!

After all it is just a game played at our expense.


Cards Against Humanity: Reason’s State of the Union version! – Hit & Run :

The Eternal State of the Union, 2015 Update Edition – Hit & Run :

Tonight is the BIG night….we will hear from the president on his agenda for the year ahead… will be the usual laundry list of items that will be unfulfilled…..promises that seldom go accomplished.

Can you recall any past addresses?  Of course not because it is only a fleeting glimpse into the mind of a politician.

Below is a look into these addresses and just how empty most have been……save yourself the aggravation of struggling through yet another worthless list of promises from the SOTU……… read and weep!


The Eternal State of the Union, 2015 Update Edition – Hit & Run :

Fox Will Have A Stroke–Merry Xmas!

He said with crossed fingers.

I have given my readers the bad news and now the Good!

The best news for the conservative mindset has been the low approval ratings of the president in the last 2 years or so.  There has been hour after of hour of online shows and the conservative blogosphere has been awash with posts on his demise as a president.  Rush, Breitbart,  Jones and the rest of the mental midgets on the Right have had a field day with Obama’s sagging approval rates……

Obama has raised the ire of the Right in the last month with his immigration and the recognition of Cuba…..the prophets of doom have been running in overdrive…….

Listen!  Can you hear the tires of that bus squealing?”

It is indeed a merry Christmas for President Obama, whose approval rating has jumped to 48%, a 20-month high, CNN reports. The increase comes alongside Obama’s unilateral actions on immigration and Cuba relations, both of which have been popular, polls show; CNN also pins the jump on “improving views of the economy.” Specifically, approval for the president increased among women, independents, and millennials, while dropping among men, Republicans, and those aged 35 to 49.

The GOP will make hay out of this news……especially FOX….they will focus on the ratings with old white guys and the 35-49 group……

This will most likely give me a good Christmas gift…….the indigestion of a Republican….nothing can be sweeter than a GOPer with an aggravated ulcer.  And they do not have to waste time wrapping it……

It’s All Obama’s Fault

That seems to be the sport of the year, well in most cases the last 6 years, to blame Obama for whatever is in the news of the day.  The crashed economy, Ebola virus (btw, do we really need a logo for a disease?),………I could continue to list all the possibilities but instead just pick a subject and I am positive that you can find someone who can pin it on Obama.

In the news is of course the outbreak in West Africa…..shootings…..and of course the big elephant in the room…ISIS.

And yes someone is blaming the rise of ISIS on, who else?  OBAMA.

I have heard all the Right wing excuses for the rise of ISIS and even a few from the Left….but the best accuser is a prince from Saudi Arabia……..

Saudi Arabia‘s Prince Turki al-Faisal on Tuesday blamed the United States and Europe for the rise of the Islamic State.

“Had America and Europe listened to the kingdom and provided the moderate opposition with anti-tank, anti-aircraft and artillery weapons, we would not have had to deploy our air forces to face the challenge of [the Islamic State],” Faisal said in the keynote address of the annual Arab-US policy conference put together by the National Council on US-Arab Relations. “These terrorists filled the void because of this neglect of the genuine opposition. And while Assad continued to bomb and gas his people, the moderate opposition had to fight on two fronts.”

Faisal is often trotted out to declare publicly what current Saudi officials say in private. Last year, he told Al-Monitor in an interview on the sidelines of the NCUSAR conference that there was a “high level of disappointment” with the Obama administration’s Syria policy.

May I ask……what prevented these toads from doing what it took to fuel the conflict?

I love it when these people trot out and make public statements to cover their butts.

Saudi Arabia is the home of Wahhabism which is at the core of the extremists beliefs of ISIS and Al-Qaeda.  Plus substantial funding for these groups flow out of places like Saudi Arabia and Qatar..

Yes the CIA is partially to blame for the rise of ISIS….but to lay it all on the shoulders of Obama is just ignorant……I mean would they want the US to lay all the blame on the kingdom and its royal family?

It could be asked….just what did the kingdom do to prevent the rise of ISIS?….they claim they warned the US and Europe of the rise of ISIS but yet did very little to do anything about that rise.

They are safe and secure because they, the Saudis, know that the West will not let anything happen to them …..and why is that?

We all know the answer too damn well……..don’t we?