BP Oil Spill UpDate

Just over 4 years ago the Gulf was the site of the world’s worse oil spill….that is right the BP debacle….I live on the gulf Coast and had to live with the horrible pics of the day….my state was a bit luckier than the others because we have a chain of barrier islands that sort of protected our beaches from the gunk………but thanx to the spill the economy was crashed into the Gulf and it is slowly coming back….still not a 100% but it is trying……..

I bring this up because BP is still fighting the penalties that have been leveled at them……and new info has been reported……..

A federal judge has ruled that BP’s reckless conduct resulted in the nation’s worst offshore oil spill, leaving the company open to billions of dollars in penalties. US District Judge Carl Barbier’s ruling today could nearly quadruple the amount of civil penalties BP could face for polluting the Gulf of Mexico with its Macondo well blowout. Barbier presided over a trial in 2013 to apportion blame for the spill that spewed oil from April 20 to mid-July 2010. Eleven men died in the explosion; BP already has agreed to billions of dollars in criminal fines. Barbier says BP bears 67% of the blame for the spill, drilling rig owner Transocean Ltd. takes 30% of the blame, and cement contractor Halliburton Energy Services takes 3%.

I have said all along that BP will some how get out of these fines and penalties….why would I think that?  look at the Exxon Valdez spill from the 80’s…..Exxon has never paid what they were ordered to pay and BP will slither out of their responsibility somehow.

I will be watching this to see if I am predicting correctly or not……..what is your guess?

Where’d It Go?

(Heavy sigh)…….finally the weekend has arrived and the peace and solitude that I so enjoy will be mine….at least for a couple of days………

I recall a couple of years ago I read a report about all the “junk”, plastic and crap, that is floating around our fragile oceans…….one report said there was a huge floating island in the Pacific made up of plastic and stuff and that it would eventually make it to the US west Coast……

News update!

Newser) – Millions of tons of plastic thought to be floating around the world’s oceans have gone missing. But that’s not the good news one might think. According to a new study, marine animals could be ingesting our garbage, reports the Verge. Up to 99% of the most microscopic plastic particles in the ocean is missing, says a study co-author. Science Mag reports that they went looking for it between 2010 and 2011 around five large ocean gyres—the most famous such island of waste is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—and augmented their search with studies of 3,070 samples from other expeditions, according to LiveScience. What did they find? That there is at most 40,000 tons of plastic in our oceans, even though humans produce 300 million tons of plastic a year, and 0.1% of that ends up in the oceans via rivers, floods, storms, or ships, says Science Mag.

The ocean’s plastics are microscopic—ground to tiny pieces by waves and solar radiation until it looks like fish food. A scientist not associated with the study says it’s “indisputable” that lanternfish and other small fish are eating the plastic—and it’s impossible to know exactly how much. These small fish, which are likely ingesting toxins like DDT, PCBs, or mercury, are then gobbled by commercial fish. “We are part of this food web,” says a study co-author. Scientists say further research is needed, especially since estimates about how much plastic is entering the ocean is 50 years old. (Some of our plastic is even turning into rocks.)

Okay readers!  Where do you think it has gone?

Here Is How To Not Do An Impact Study

In case some did not know it before there can be any construction or such that would effect the environment there has to be an environmental impact study and in this study points are given to any negative and positive results of the said construction……and yes, for the government, there is a right way and a wrong way to present the findings of the study…..

I recently read a study that made just sit there staring at the screen for a long while before breaking out into raucous laughter……would you like to see the part that caught my attention?  Gonna show you anyway……..

There is at least something of a bright side to oil spills, pipeline company Kinder Morgan says.

In a recent submission to the National Energy Board, the company says marine oil spills “can have both positive and negative effects on local and regional economies” thanks to the economic activity generated by cleanup operations.

“Spill response and clean-up creates business and employment opportunities for affected communities, regions, and clean-up service providers,” the company says.

The comments appear in a 15,000-page application to the NEB to triple the capacity of its Trans Mountain Pipeline, which carries oil from Alberta to Port Metro Vancouver.

I could not resist it……i had to re-read it several times to see if I missed something……..I love this stuff…….

Keystone: No Longer Naive

By now I would expect the Right to be having a stroke at the announcement that there will be a delay in the Keystone issue…..but I guess they still have not gotten the rancher thing out of their system…..but for those that are not sure of what I speak……

The White House was supposed to wrap up its review of the proposed Keystone oil pipeline in another two weeks. But in a surprise move today, the administration announced that the review would be extended indefinitely—and probably until after the November elections, reports the Wall Street Journal. The White House says the delay is necessary only because of a legal challenge still playing out in Nebraska, reports AP. But reaction to the move is pretty clear-cut: Supporters of the pipeline are angry and environmentalists are happy.

It’s “good news on Good Friday for those who oppose Keystone as not being in our nation’s best interest,” green activist Tom Steyer tells Politico. But that sentiment was countered by critics from both parties: “This decision is irresponsible, unnecessary and unacceptable,” said Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, while Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska called it a “stunning act of political cowardice.” The pipeline would carry oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast, but the legal fight in Nebraska—home of the Ogallala Aquifer—means its exact route is still unclear, reports the New York Times. The state Supreme Court isn’t expected to rule on the case until the fall, and more legal wrangling would surely follow.

Of course the usual culprits had lots to say and of course the one about cheaper gas ha risen again…….I have been fighting that piece of crap since 2008….(check comments for a list of posts that I have for this issue)…….at first I thought people were just misinformed….then I thought they were naive…..and then I thought they were deluding themselves ……and now I believe they are just stupid!

Oil is sold on the spot market…….prices are rigged……the only way that we could ever have cheap gas is by doing something that most do not want…….here I will use the “N” word………oil traveling in the pipeline does not belong to the US it belongs to whoever drilled it………

Cheaper gas?  Do you think that Exxon or BP or Shell is ever gonna lower gas prices?

Please stop using the lame and tired old slogan of drill baby drill…..NOTHING will change….gas will go up and down according to the people that fix the prices……..you are doing nothing but making the American people more stupid…….please stop!

IST Op-Ed: Where Is The Conversation?

From the desk of IST editor:

Almost an eighth of all deaths worldwide last year were caused by air pollution, which is now the world’s biggest environmental health risk, the World Health Organization warns. A new study released by the agency finds that around 3.7 million deaths in 2012 were caused by outdoor air pollution, the Guardian reports, but even more deaths—4.3 million—were caused by indoor air pollution, mainly from coal or dung-powered stoves in some of the world’s poorest countries.

The report found that pollution-caused deaths, especially from heart disease and strokes, are soaring in fast-developing Asian nations like China. The WHO’s public health chief says he hopes the report, by exposing the “astronomical costs” of air pollution, will spur governments to do more about dirty air. “What’s needed is collective action,” he tells the New York Times. “The air you are polluting is the same air you breathe.”

I do not think that there are many of us that truly know what will actually happen with climate change or when.  We all stand on one side or the other…..that makes NO difference…..we actually have NO idea.

How long can we continue to debate the situation….when the debate is spurious at best……so far there has been NO serious discussion…instead we throw one liners, slogans and BS at each other………how far are we willing to push the situation?

No one seems to care about these deaths….where are the signs, the protests, the pundits to condemn this situation?  It seems if we are suppose to be a “pro-life” nation….then ALL life should be of some concern….but so far all we have are insults…..all talk….NO action….the true American Way!

We Americans use to be problem solvers….today we are whiners and bullies…..the problems get worse…there will be a point of no return….are you willing to do nothing….but wait and see?