The Revolt Against ‘Democracy’

I noticed something (everybody noticed it so I am not that perceptive) each GOP candidate took his/her turn badgering the press and the media…..most times with thunderous applause…

I am not a big fan of the MSM….I believe that they since they are part of corporate conglomerates, are used as a propaganda tool…..and that includes FOX, Drudge and the puke fest that is WND……. among others…..

I agree with others that say they believe that the media picks the candidate they want to promote, not necessarily to win but the one they can get the most mileage out of on air…….eg Clinton and Trump and now it is Rubio and Carson they are taunting the readers to care about…..

I believe that a free and unbiased press is a necessity for a democracy…..I am starting to doubt that we have either……

It’s election time in the US, and people are talking about subjects generally ignored in the woof and warp of everyday life. The role of government, trade policy, immigration, foreign policy – but none of these subjects dominated the stage in the latest installment of the seemingly endless GOP debates. Instead, the assembled candidates were […]  (Read more….)

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Italian socialist Antonio Gramsci in is writing back in the 1920’s warned his readers about the power that the media would eventually exert over the population……that it was inevitable that it would control the hegemony of society….so far he was spot on…..and we do little to change that……and for our lack of action we are losing our democracy……little piece at a time until it is eventually eroded away….

Now Here Is An Idea That Is Just Stupid

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about some Dem that thinks our poor underpaid Congress people need a raise…….these people just get more pathetic by the election….but there is an idea that is being floated about the Congress pay raise…….

You were probably outraged when Rep. Jim Moran said members of Congress can’t live on $174,000 per year, right? But over at Salon, Alex Pareene makes the case for why we actually should pay lawmakers more—say, a million bucks a year. Yes, we all hate Congress, but here’s the truth: “A Congress that is made up of rich-but-not-super-rich people is going to be more corruptible than a Congress of really rich people,” Pareene writes. That’s because many lawmakers want to be ultra-rich, which is how we end up with scandals like Bob McDonnell accepting illegal gifts while he was governor of Virginia.

That craving to be mega-rich is also why members of Congress “advance the interests of their funders far more often than they advance the interests of regular folk,” Pareene writes. To remove the influence of the rich on government, “we ought to try to free our lawmakers from reliance on wealthier benefactors.” And higher salaries would be a sort of campaign finance reform: “Everyone loves it when a billionaire candidate like Michael Bloomberg promises to be ‘above politics’ because he can fund his own election, so why not let members of Congress do the same?” Click for Pareene’s full column.

So sorry but most of these toads are already rich and if they cannot live on what we pay then stay home and bother the wife……or like I said the other day….get a second job….but one that does not conflicyt with his government position….try fry cook and see what the rest of us go through.

Are You Sick Of The BS Yet?

Commentary by Chuq……..

Today is my day to post rants…..some times I need to get some things off my brain to make room for the important stuff……

This question I ask of all my readers both Left and Right……has the “alternate” news organization began to be driving the news and the issues?

Jeez, I get it!  You hate the prez…..or is it the Dems….or all liberals…..or NSA or whatever is the news of the day.   It seems we have a scandal a day when we should have and address an issue a day.  But what can you expect from a Congress that works about 3 months a year, next year it will be 126 days.

We are accomplishing NOTHING….shall I repeat that for the more slow readers……We are accomplishing NOTHING….all we are doing is making this country and its people flipping crazy with bullsh*t stories and scandals… not get me wrong…..I love it….gives people like me lots of fodder for posts……

The Middle Class is disappearing….slowly but slowly…..and Congress is doing NOTHING to prevent that from occurring……why?

An excellent question!  Basically it is because that is not something that will win a primary for them……it does not fit into the slim category of a “scandal”…….in other words….NO one cares….at this point….please you Liberals do not nod in agreement…I am talking about you as much as I am talking to the base of the Tea Party/GOP…..for too long both parties have been blind to the plight of the middle class and now it is almost too late to save it……

To quote the song “Bad Boys”….whatcha gonna do?

I read daily and for hours about economics and politics…….and so far I have seen NOTHING from anyone that even appears to be a solution….as usual…..all talk…NO action.  That is how we Americans address our failings….we talk and talk….and in the end there is NO solution…..maybe a small reform but the problem always remains…..

Please, if anyone sees a cure on the horizon…let me know for I missed it……

The Mensa Bowl It Ain’t!

There are times when I ask the sanity or at least the intelligence of our politicians……I mean listen to the crap flying out of the mouths of idiots….and NO I am not speaking solely of the GOP…the Dems are just as guilty as anyone… it a plan to be speaking obscurities or is it just a lack of mental power?  Or maybe it is a lack of mental discipline?

Doug Hanchard writing for ZDNet………

Are we getting the best bang for the buck from our elected officials? Do existing politicians have the smarts we need to run the country? Would an IQ test raise the bar and attract better candidates to hold office? The answer to those questions and others is unclear and if any recent testing is any indication of what we witness may surprise you.

An accurate and repeatable result isn’t proof in the pudding and while IQ tests may rate an individual intelligence, it is a poor barometer to gauge one’s ability to be an elected official. President Obama (who’s well educated) in his State of the Union speech stated that funding education is a priority. In recent years, there has also been a demand by state and provincial governments, that teachers should also be better educated and tested regularly.  Some would argue that we need to do the same with our elected officials since many would suggest that we have some very …fill in the blank… elected people governing. Is this an argument to suggest we need smarter elected officials? Would an IQ test be a good litmus test?

Personally, I think they should…..or at least be given a civics test to see if they realize what it means to be a citizen of the greatest country on earth……I tire of all the freedom talk and inaction….. they are pissing all over people’s freedoms/rights.  I do not agree with everything the Dems are saying and doing and I definitely do not approve of the policies that most Repubs are pursuing……I realize that according to the Constitution the majority gets to name the game to be played in Washington….but should not the people we send to Washington be working on what is best for the people of the country and leave all privacy issues to the privacy of the person’s discretion?

In a time when millions are unemployed and millions more struggling to exist………I believe there are more important issues to focus on than what a woman does with her vagina or a new name for a Post office  or who shot who and why…..our Congress is polling at about 8% approval….my question is who are this 8%?  My guess would be lobbyists and their staff and the Congress and theirs……..everybody else seems to think that they are a bunch of do nothing clowns……

Let us say, for the sake of argument, that the GOP loses the 2012 general….will there be a re-calibration of the party and will it keep plugging along as it is doing today?

These people we have elected are NOT doing the job they were sent to Washington to do….then why do we keep electing the same or the same-like people time after time?

Small Busisness To The Rescue

I hope that people are listening………I am sorry to be redundant but……..

Just how many times have you heard the crap from the GOP and from the president?  Small business creates all the jobs in this economy…..I have tried to help the people realize what a pile of bovine fecal matter the politicians are handing you….they are force feeding you erroneous information….and now it is not just me that is telling the voter what crap it is but Bloomberg’s Business Week…….

While extolling small business “might be a good way for politicians to win elections,” Bloomberg Businessweek notes that “the notion that small business is the force behind prosperity is not true.”

“Most small employers are restaurateurs, skilled professionals or craftsmen (doctors, plumbers), professional and general service providers (clergy, travel agents, beauticians), and independent retailers. These aren’t sectors of the economy where product costs drop a lot as the firm grows, so most of these companies are going to remain small.”

Read the article closely……..learn what is meant by small business….to the politicians they want you to believe that an oil company that employs a 1000 workers with $7 million in income is somehow a small business….not so!

You Want Change?

In 2008 we all fell for the con job of change and hope…..we have had neither in almost 3 years and now we are about to enter into the 2012 primary season…..and once again I hear the word change being thrown around but this time it is from the Right.

I have written a couple of post on a way to achieve REAL change not the veiled promises of bought and paid for politicians…….You Want Change?  Then read these posts first…..

That one post has other post referenced…please read them…they will help explain where I am coming from….

There are others who feel as I do….that this system of picking our leaders is useless and antiquated…….

The following criteria are listed in [an] LWV study:

  • Ensure majority rule. Most major political races currently can be won with only a plurality.
  • Encourage minority representation, where minority is defined by either party or cultural
  • affiliation.
  • Encourage fair gender representation.
  • Produce fair and accurate representation of diverse political views in legislatures.
  • Increase voter participation.
  • Encourage geographical representation.
  • Encourage “sincere” voting, as opposed to “strategic” voting.
  • Maximize effective votes/minimize “wasted” votes.
  • Provide a reasonable range of voter choice.
  • Prevent fraud and political manipulation.
  • Encourage competitive elections

–League of Women Voters in Oregon, Criteria for Evaluating Election Systems, Election Methods: Review of Alternatives and Oregon, Proposals, Executive Summary

All these are reasonable and logical and rational changes that could go a long way to changing the way that we are governed….the system we have now is NOT doing the people of the US any good….it only perpetuates the exploitation of the voter……

Like I have said…there are several others that have valid ideas for giving the people the final voice in the governing of the country…..try this one on……   ……..A group named “Get Out Of Our House (GOOOH)”…..personally I think that they are on to something here….

Anything has GOT to be better than the joke, the circus that we have now!