Immigration: News NO One Wants To Hear

One of the hot button issues in the 2016 election will be immigration….these people have been demonized and praised….usually at the same time but from different sides of the spectrum…..we have candidates thumping their chests like sex crazed apes telling us that “illegals” are pouring across the border to steal American jobs and get that free ride that they all crave….

And the Right winger talkers spout fact after fact about how these people will destroy this country if something is not done…..the problem with the political rhetoric has overlooked one fact while they are thumping those chests….

This may come as a surprise to anyone calling for a border fence: There are actually more Mexicans exiting the US than arriving here, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis. Between 2009 and 2014, an estimated 870,000 Mexican nationals came to the US from Mexico—but a million Mexicans went back the other way. (Pew admits it’s “challenging” to measure migration flow between the US and Mexico, but explains quite a bit about how it gets the best possible estimates here.) Why? Pew cites a number of reasons:

  • The US economic recovery has been slow, perhaps meaning fewer jobs for Mexican immigrants.
  • US immigration laws have become more strictly enforced, perhaps causing fewer Mexicans to attempt to cross the border. (The number of Mexicans apprehended at the US border was just 230,000 last year, the lowest number since 1971.)
  • There has also been an increase in Mexican deportations since 2005. Even so, most of the million Mexicans who crossed back over the border from the US did so of their own volition, not because they were deported.
  • Interestingly, 48% of adults in Mexico say they think life is better in the US, but 33% say life is neither better nor worse in the US—a 10-percentage-point increase from those who believed life was equivalent in both places in 2007.

The data also show that the number of Mexican immigrants living in the US has declined from a peak of 12.8 million in 2007 (6.9 million of them unauthorized) to 11.7 million last year (5.6 million unauthorized). Read Pew’s full report here.

You can tell when an issue is nothing more than a football for political thinking……when something happens to change the equation….it is ignored!  I realize that this fact shoots a hole, a small hole, in your premise….but ignoring facts does not make one right.

I guess if you want to explain this a way then one could say the Trump’s rhetoric has scared the crap out of people and now they are running back across the border……

Yeah, let’s go with that lie!

Without Government Safety Net Programs, Millions More Would Be in Poverty | Economic Policy Institute

Every election time we will hear all about those damn people that get government benefits… know the ones that get “free stuff”…..

I am one who does not buy into the hate speech of people in poverty that may need assistance……but every election someone on the Right, mostly TPers or GOPers, will set off trying to demonize those people that need help……

Sorry but the rich people are the ones raping the country not the poor……

But read this research piece on those damn entitlements that you hate so much……

In 2014, 48.4 million people (or 15.3 percent of the US population) were in poverty, as measured by the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM)—a more sophisticated approach for measuring economic well-being than the official federal poverty line. However, that number would have been significantly higher were it not for government safety-net programs.

Source: Without Government Safety Net Programs, Millions More Would Be in Poverty | Economic Policy Institute

Who is that ‘Great Satan’?

I do hope that everyone had a lovely weekend….Summer is winding down and there is a hint of Autumn…..But I need to get back to work…….

First my morning bitch…….I live in an area that has had little rain in 90 days…..and today rain and clouds is the forecast….of course it is….that means I will get to miss the astronomical event of the year….the blood moon and the eclipse… one will be when I am departed .   joy…joy…..

Monday and I start another week of extreme mental stress…..I have not heard anything about Jade Helm recently….so I am guessing that piece to crap is over with right?

One more thing before I start…..what happened to the solar plane that was flying around the world?  Or did I miss it?

There are many of the Right wing people that like to refer to “The Great Satan”….when attacking anything Iranian…….right?

But what or who made the statement?  What is it all about?  You may not care because it is a convenient slogan that can be used so thought is not necessary…..but I will give you the knowledge whether you want it or not…..

I found an interesting article written by a professor at Columbia University in New York……it is a good read if you would like more info of the term…..after all if you are going to use it maybe knowing if you are using it properly would be in order….

I know that is not what we Americans do….get the info before we lambaste something or someone…..

But try it… might like it!

Source: Who is the ‘Great Satan’? – Al Jazeera English

Please this is in NO way a approval of the use of the term…I just thought some might be interested in knowing where this crap comes from…..if I am mistaken then please forgive my presumption…….

Does A Majority Of Republicans Hold Racist Views?

Before someone has a stroke and starts accusing me of all kinds of crap…..let me say….I am only asking a question not stated a truism.  (Do I need to define truism?)

I started thinking about this question right after Trump made his now infamous Mexicans are rapists comment and the popularity of his comments after that have lead me to this question.

Other candidates have made statements that I think border on bigotry….there are lots of people pointing out that all this rhetoric has a racist tinge to it……the media is not really asking the question or reporting on the atmosphere that the Repubs are setting up for themselves…..

Is it possible that the GOP is loading itself down with racists?

A national poll would be nice.

Asking and you shall receive…….

A majority of GOPers are living in a dangerous right-wing fantasyland—and they think that’s just fine.

Source: Nationwide Poll: Majority of Republicans Have Nakedly Racist Worldview—Trump Has Found the Way to Unleash It | Alternet

To be honest Repubs are not alone…..there are those so-called independents (a generically neutral name for people that are embarrassed by their party and want to pretend to distance themselves from that embarrassment or those that are afraid of being labeled)…….

I know….I know….I do not put much faith in polls either…….Now that you have read about this poll……do any of you have an opinion on this?  A silly question but I had to ask.

Trump: Did I Miss Something?

Dammit!  I do wish there was more to write about than Trump…..unfortunately he is the only candidate that is making news these days……

I have been following the doings with the 2016 election and of course it would be difficult to follow it without having to be exposed to the ramblings of Donald Trump.

First, I see the FOX’s Megyn Kelly has returned to work and Trump had nothing good to say about her….the Roger Ailes speaks up and says that Trump owes her an apology…..and back and forth… me this is all just a ratings game….the more crap they throw the more some will tune in to follow the continuing saga….this I understand.  The popularity of Trump eludes me.

Back to the jest of this post…..

I see so many people that take what this person says as the gospel or something equally as sacred……and I have not paid mush attention to all that he has to say……but with all the excitement over him as a candidate I decided to watch one of his outings in Iowa to see if I could get an idea of his popularity.

I listened and all I heard was a person rambling on and on….kinda made me think of the rambling rant of Qaddafi at the UN about 10 years ago (please I am not equating Bush with the Middle East Mad Man just talking about a speech that made little sense)…..I learned the he loves Mexicans and the Chinese people and then belittles them……he is really smart……he knows people……all in all self-promotion.  I realize that all politicians are egotistical wankers but Mr. Trump is taking that egotism to new heights….

He bitches about many things, like most Americans, but he offers nothing in the process that resembles a solution to anything.  Eventually, once the election primaries begin for real, he will have to offer more as a solution then he is really smart, really rich and knows people.

Trump and Sanders are tapping into a populist trend among Americans……most of us are fed up with the idle promises of those we elect and once in Washington they play games and waste time…..Sanders unlike Trump at least talks about issues and even seem to have a few solutions up his sleeve.  I think if Trump wants to be as successful as he seems to think he is…..he will have to offer solutions other than build a really big wall and the people he knows……

For now he, Trump, is telling the conservative voter everything they want to hear……but how long will his ramblings be attractive to these people?  Eventually, I think, they will want to hear how he will achieve all the things he bitches about…….

Or is it possible that I may have missed something?

What the Hell is his problem with Oreos?

There’s No Class Like NO Class

For thirty years Jimmy Carter has been a punch line for the no class politicians on the right.  There has not been a gathering of conservs that does not eventually lead to some rancid humor at Jimmy Carter’s expense……since the hostage thing in 1979 and the election in 1980 he, Carter, has been a punching bag and the butt of every lame joke thinkable……..

Recently Carter let it be known that he is battling cancer of the brain…….

Jimmy Carter addressed his recent cancer diagnosis very specifically today, outlining the history of his recent medical condition. A very bad cold in May led him to get an exam; an MRI showed a cancer growth on his liver, and about a tenth of his liver was removed in early August. A biopsy revealed it was melanoma. “They had a very high suspicion that it started somewhere else … only 2% of melanoma is internal. They found there were four spots of melanoma on my brain”; they’re small, about 2 millimeters. He’ll get his first radiation treatment this afternoon and will have four treatments at three-week intervals while also taking a drug for melanoma.

When asked about his reaction to learning about the cancer on the brain, he says, “I just thought I had a few weeks left. But I was surprisingly at ease. I’ve had a wonderful life, thousands of friends, and an exciting, gratifying, and adventurous existence. I was surprisingly at ease, more than my wife is. Now I feel it’s in the hands of God.” He said for a number of years he and his wife thought about reducing their work at the Carter Center; he intends to dramatically cut back now and said the center has a $600 million endowment to support it. “I can’t anticipate how I’ll be feeling honestly and will have to defer to my doctors,” he says. But for now, “I feel good. I haven’t felt any weakness. The pain has been very slight.”

After the announcement the NO Class bunch from the 2016 election field had to show their complete lack of any class…..Christie and Cruz…….

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz both took shots at ailing former president Jimmy Carter on Saturday while on the campaign trail for the 2016 Republican nomination.

Christie said that we have the “weakest” president on foreign policy, and that, “[Obama] makes Jimmy Carter look strong,” while addressing an Iowa State Fair crowd from a soapbox.

Cruz, speaking at the Koch-backed Americans For Prosperity event, Defending the Dream, in Columbus, Ohio, repeated a similar version of an attack he delivered Friday at the Iowa State Fair, when he compared the Obama and Carter administrations’ “same failed domestic policies, same misery, stagnation and malaise, same feckless and naïve foreign policy.”

Instead of showing a little class and dignity they went on the same lame attack they always have……these two d/bags will NEVER be half the man that Jimmy Carter is………neither has any idea what it means to be president……and neither could possibly live the pious life that Carter made for himself……we need more Americans that are cut from the same cloth as Carter…..people that care about humanity, all humanity.  Carter accomplished more as president after his presidency than either of these two clowns will ever accomplish in their lifetimes.

These people demonstrate what is wrong with this country…..the lack of true leadership during sensitive situations.

I wish Jimmy Carter good fortune and a successful completion of his cancer fighting program.