Boehner, Netanyahu and George Washington’s Farewell Warning | Nomadic Politics

BiBi the puppet master will come to DC and get to lie and bang around to our Congress, hopefully they will stay awake long enough to get in the cash line after the speech…..

Ike warned about the power of the Military-Industrial Complex   (M-IC) and NO one heeded his words……and then there is Washington, the man not the town, that all Americans, especially the Right wing, loves and adores as a Founding Father…..but he made some predictions that hold true today…..and NO one heeds his words either……

Why is that?

Please check out this piece and comment….I want to hear your thoughts.


Boehner, Netanyahu and George Washington’s Farewell Warning | Nomadic Politics.

Cards Against Humanity: Reason’s State of the Union version! – Hit & Run :

Tonight we will be exposed to yet another worthless endeavor….the State of the Union speech…..

I shall sum it up for you (and I refused to watch it)…….welcome….blah, blah…….guests…..blah, blah……ISIS……..blah blah….health care….blah blah….education….blah blah……minimum age….blah blah……the economy……. blah blah…..taxes….blah blah ……on and on… I said…..worthless.

Then there was the rebuttal from a castrating farm hand and her speech went something like this….yawn….snooze….blah, blah……another long hard yawn….GOP ideas in a nutshell…..plans that have NOT worked in 40 years.

Some will play a drinking game when certain words are uttered….or you could just play this game……try it you’ll like it!

After all it is just a game played at our expense.


Cards Against Humanity: Reason’s State of the Union version! – Hit & Run :

Mitt: What Does He Know About Poverty?

The “HE” I am referring to is 2 time presidential loser, Mitt Romney.  It seems that Mitt wants to make it a 3 time loser….for most of us that means jail.

After his screw up in 2012 he has taken a new tack….it seems that he will try to focus on poverty and its elimination………that is his theme (for me…a bit humorous)….at least for now.

Mitt Romney spoke to the Republican National Committee last night and sounded very much like a candidate trying to erase an image of being rich and out of touch, reports AP. Consider these quotes:

  • “Under President Obama, the rich have gotten richer, income inequality has gotten worse and there are more people in poverty than ever before.”
  • “It’s a tragedy—a human tragedy—that the middle class in this country by and large doesn’t believe the future won’t be better than the past or their kids will have a brighter future of their own. People want to see rising wages and they deserve them.”
  • “First, we have to make the world safer. Second, we have to make sure and provide opportunity for all Americans regardless of the neighborhood they live in. And finally, we have to lift people out of poverty.”

The Washington Post sees the emphasis on poverty and the middle class as “a dramatic departure from the themes he sounded in losing the 2012 campaign to President Obama.” Time writes that he “sought to cast himself as a champion of the nation’s poor.” So is he, in fact, running? Romney would say only that he’s giving it “serious consideration.” The New York Times, meanwhile, reports that wife Ann, who was once adamantly opposed to another run, seems to have come around to the “maybe” camp. “She knows where my heart is,” Romney told the crowd last night.

What could this man know about poverty?  Does he have to choose between the power bill or food?  No his big decision is which car will come out of the elevator today.

I am sick of politicians that get this condescending attitude and pretend to know what is it  about to struggle daily….or to lessen his self to basically beg for assistance from an uncaring government.  Or to watch his kids go to bed hunger or try and do homework in the dark.

It is sickening to hear that he has a plan to eliminate poverty……coming from a man that has NEVER known poverty.  How can one formulate a solution without knowledge of the problem?

Anyone that believes this guy has a doable plan….IS AN IDIOT!

2014 Babbling Buffoons Of Babylon #19

The hits just keep coming!  The closer we get to the midterm election the whackier some of these mental midgets become…….the new war has begun in the Middle East and I am positive that the cretins on the Right will be flapping their jaws incessantly……

Let the edition begin!

1–A reoccurring moron is the idiot from American Family Assn, Fischer….had his say about Obama’s speech to the UN…….

To Bryan Fischer, this was just another perfect example of Obama’s unrelenting contempt for this country, saying on his radio program today that any objective observer can see that Obama fundamentally hates America.

After playing an audio clip of Obama’s remarks, Fischer slammed the president for “dragging America’s dirty laundry out in front of the eyes of the entire world to make the world think bad thoughts about America, again acknowledging that America is the source of all the evil in the world … Every time that he talks to the world, he has to say something that is condemning and critical of the United States of America.”

Sorry if anyone hates America it is these douche bags that do not like it when the truth is told……they want to control our speech and our thoughts……they are IDIOTS!

2–I never get tired of just how absurd the Righties are to try and tie Obama to Islam……

Rick Wiles took to “Trunews” yesterday to claim that President Obama is “waging jihad” on the U.S. by ensuring that fashion advertisements feature male models with “Islamic beards.”

Wiles explained that Obama, “the chief rat,” is pushing the “Islamic beard on American men” through subliminal Islamic fashion advertisements

How does this brainless twat explain “Duck Dynasty”?  Their beards are more “Islamic” than anything I have seen in ads…….please dipshit explain that!

3–Then there is one of my fave d/bags……Mr. Rick Santorum……when giving one of his diatribes that he tries to disguise as a speech he sad……..

During his speech to the assembly on Friday and a subsequent interview with The Daily Beast, Santorum drew a firm line between the Muslim world and the “Western world,” arguing that America’s current conflict with the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) represents “a very big clash [of civilizations].” He then went on to insist on a distinction between Islam and Christianity, implying that Christians have moved beyond the kind of violence exhibited by groups like ISIS.

“Christendom [once] expanded by the sword, that doesn’t happen anymore … you don’t have any Baptist ministers going on jihad,” Santorum, who is Catholic, said. “The Western world has come to terms with religious liberty, freedom of conscience, and that persuasion is the way to spread the faith.”

Would those be the freedoms the the Religious Right is trying to ban from those Americans he does not agree with?

4–Those religious types are amazing….they criticize Muslims for their treatment of women and then one of them has crap like this to say……a Phoenix pastor quoted this Biblical verse in a Sunday sermon…….

1 Timothy 2:11. “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

Thank you the Right Reverend Steven L. Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptists Church…….these type of ‘people’ just refuse to come into the 21st century…..and for that I thank you… keep me posting.

5–Everybody should be outraged about the lack of security around the White House….as usual the Righties have found a new ‘crisis around which to build a bullshit case….and guess what?  Not all of them are old white men…….

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday argued that a recent security breach at the White House had happened because the Secret Service had placed a woman on duty instead of “a really strong person.”

“They brought in a woman, first female director — remember the Obama administration loves firsts,” Ingraham said on her radio show, according to a transcript provided by Media Matters. “You get the sense at some point that it’s the first that’s more important than the common sense.”

Someone please tell this asshole that being a hater is not attractive.  But it is good ti see that not only the men are dipshits women can have equality here in the conservative movement…..which could be likened to a bowel movement.

6–And that pedophile Ted Nugent keeps talking…….

After a group of Native Americans protested outside a concert by Ted Nugent, the late-1970s rocker verbally lashed out, calling them “stinkyass unclean dipshIt protestors” and calling for Native Americans to be “rounded up and shipped back to wherever they came from!”

Nugent’s differences with Native Americans stem from their offence at his history of racially-charged statements. After one tribe cancelled his scheduled appearance at a casino in Worley, Idaho, he railed, “I take it as a badge of honor that such unclean vermin are upset by me and my positive energy. By all indicators, I don’t think they actually qualify as people.”

He makes one proud to be an American……..maybe he should stop by the visitor’s center in the Rez and say hello…….I am sure he would get all the attention he deserves…..that will not happen because Nugent is a COWARD!

7–Ebola has all the nut jobs on the Right running around say crap……but the best one is from an elected Rep…..these d/bags have NO shame……

Rep. Steve Stockman yesterday chatted with End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles, telling the “Trunews” host that President Obama may be delaying the government response to the Ebola epidemic because he wants the virus to spread. Once it spreads, Stockman argued, then Obama will use the Ebola outbreak as a justification to declare emergency powers.

There will be more of the utter nonsense coming from the babbling morons of the Tea Party….

8–I wish I could go without having a mental midget from the Right spout the typical crap about Obama…..and this is one of the most mental of all the whack-a-doodles…….

On his “Trunews” radio program last week, right-wing conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles argued that American voters are now powerless against the Obama administration, warning his listeners that, regardless of how the midterm elections play out, they should anticipate the “iron fist of tyranny” from the “mac daddy” president as he tries to maintain political power.

“If Barry Soetoro’s socialist Democrats win, against all odds and common sense and history, we’ll know that America’s elections are rigged,” he said. “On the other hand, if the mac daddy socialist Democratic party gets an old-fashioned thumping at the polls, it still doesn’t matter: Mr. Obama will simply crack down on all opposition, use government surveillance agencies to spy on his opponents, he’ll continue to issue presidential decrees and ignore the Congress, and rule the country like a dictator. Nothing’s going change, except that he’s really going to step it up as a dictator.”

Sorry to sound like a radical here…but the American gene pool could be better served without this idiot swimming in it….

9–Seems like there are two things that appear in every edition of B3—–impeachment and Tony Perkins……both are silly and a worthless waste……

Perkins said that just as reproductive rights debates are still contentious because legal abortion “runs contrary to nature,” gay marriage will similarly never be “resolved” until it is banned throughout the nation.

“I don’t care what they do, how oppressive government becomes in order to force this agenda through, they will never force Americans to accept this, the majority of Americans to accept it. Won’t happen,” he said. “Some may go silent, some may be carried away but they will not resolve this issue, trust me.”

If Americans could learn the therm “trust me” is an alarm warning this would be a much better country…..

This is the end of edition 19 of B3….never fear there is still plenty more idiots that feel they must open their mouths…..and I will be there……

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US Whitewashed History

It’s happening everywhere…..revisionists are trying to re-write American history to fit their distorted knowledge of history.

If they succeed then American history will be used to indoctrinate students unto a wrong interpretation……………Kinda like all those accusations against the Obama admin or the camps in so-called communist countries…..too many states are trying to revise history to fit in some paradigm of political BS………….

There is only ONE interpretation of history….THE TRUTH!


US Whitewashed History.

They Are Streaming Across The Border!

First, if it is on FOX……YAWN!

As usual when there is a crisis in the world the morons at FOX News uses it to say that it is all because of the border conditions of the US…….recently one of the Tea Party d/bags had his epiphany about the crossing of ISIS fighters into the US via Mexico…….

First it was Rep, Hunter that said ….his sources in DHS have told him that 10 maybe more ISIS fighters were arrested on the border with Mexico….of course like most of the news coming out of FOX it is a LIE!

Representative Duncan Hunter, a California Republican, told Fox News that “at least 10 ISIS fighters have been caught coming across the Mexican border in Texas.”

A second Republican, Representative Tom Cotton, a Senate candidate in Arkansas, said last month that the Islamic State was collaborating with Mexican drug cartels.

Then Utah’s Chaffetz…..added to the lie…..he said it was four ISIS fighters apprehended at the border….of course……..on FOX……….and then there was the rebuttal…….

U.S. intelligence and national security officials said that U.S. agencies had no evidence that anyone connected with the Islamic State or other jihadist groups fighting in Iraq or Syria have tried to cross into the United States from Mexico.

Here I need to say that he, Chaffetz,  was right!  Don’t panic!  there were four fighters intercepted at the border but they were Kurds…in other words anti-ISIS fighters……..

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said four members of a Kurdish group that opposes Islamic State were arrested last month trying to enter the United States illegally from Mexico.

He said investigators had determined the four were members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, known as the PKK.

Okay we arrested 4 anti-ISIS fighters at the border……they WERE NOT the bad guys!

But then after thinking about it…..a question popped into my mind…….why were these anti-ISIS fighters trying to sneak into the US?  Were they deserters fleeing the fight?  What was their purpose entering the US?

FOX and its pundits were lying….we all got that…..but why were these supposed allies trying to sneak into this country?  What was their mission?

If anyone has a good explanation…..then by all means ….LET IT FLY!

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9/11 and Iraq Revisited: Remembering How We Were Lied Into War « Blog

Just a reminder……since most Americans have a short attention span and even shorter memory…….and their propensity to fixate of trivial bullsh*t………Just a reminder!

Our newest war on the Muslim world has begun……this is the 23rd year that the US has had airstrikes in Iraq…Bush1 started it…Clinton continued the operation……Bush2 invaded with ‘shock and awe’…..and now Obama has thrown his hat into the ring……

Keep in mind the lies that were given to the American people…..keep that in mind in the coming months and years…i do believe we will see a repeat of the Bush2 years….


9/11 & Iraq Revisited: Remembering How We Were Lied Into War « Blog.