It’s All About Free Trade

The newest trade agreement, the secret one, the one no one is allowed to talk about, is making its way around Congress… usual they use the dog whistle word to describe it….Free Trade.

The only problem I have with it is that it sounds a lot like the lies told by Clinton about NAFTA…….and now we are doing it again…….who will suffer the most this time?

I got this cartoon on my Twitter machine and it explains what the term “Free Trade” really means.


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Hillary And Her Benefactors

Ms. Hillary has been the darling of the MSM for years and now she has the whole industry behind her presidential aspirations……

Before I get the usual hate mail….I am not dissing Hillary because of her gender….I do NOT like her policies and her stand on issues… the hate for when I write about Muslims or gays or something equally as mundane…..


One Cartoon Can Say It All!

Ever thought about those far right wingnuts that huddle around the tube for a FOX show or Beck’s rants or Rush or….well just about any of the so-called “patriots” in the media?  Ever wonder what they hear when they hear the basic same stuff as rational individuals?

I found a cartoon that explains it very well……..


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To My Friends In The Tea Party

I know you think that you will make a better country with your ideas……personally I think you are nutz!

What started as an alternative to the 2 parties has since been hijacked by the batcrap crazies….more humorous than thought provoking.


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What If Hillary Is Elected?

There is a good possibility that Hillary, if she decides to run (like there is doubt), will win the presidency.  If so what will Washington look like for the next years?

Twitter gave me the answer I was looking for…….


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BiBi’s Big Congressional Speech

Today is the big day….Israel”s PM will mount (use the term and you may take it any way you prefer) the podium for his big speech……that all the world will be on bended knees waiting for his approval……

I was diligently going to watch the speech and then do a post in analysis……….

I can save you and me some time….for I got a great cartoon on Twitter that will be his speech……


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You are welcome!