The Evidence That North Korea Hacked Sony Is Flimsy | WIRED

I have not written much on the whole Sony vs North Korea thing because I do not see it as a problem….first, Sony did NOTHING for safety sake….they pulled the movie to avoid any possible lawsuits…..second, it was a STUPID idea……and third, this just sounds like some massive propaganda ploy.

Read this piece and then tell me what you think……


The Evidence That North Korea Hacked Sony Is Flimsy | WIRED.

GOP And Pathetic Politics

It is bad enough that we have a political party in this country, a country that is proud of its freedoms and rights, that has No issues on which to run…the best they can do is a non-existent voter fraud, abortion and marriage equality…..the GOP has No idea how to make people’s lives better or how to jump start a lagging economy or for that matter any relevant issues at all…….

They have spent a couple of years re-drawing districts so that their candidates can pick their votes and a desperate run to limit who can vote….all in the name of preventing voter fraud, which is NOT a problem by a long shot……but now Kansas illustrates just how far the GOP will go to win an election.

It appears that if you are a candidate in Kansas and have low polling numbers and you ant to drop out of the race… cannot………

This much is clear: Republican Pat Roberts of Kansas hopes to keep his Senate seat in the midterm elections this year. After that, things get fuzzy. Heading into this week, Roberts faced a strong challenge from independent candidate Greg Orman and a lesser one from Democratic candidate Chad Taylor. Yesterday, Taylor declared that he was dropping out of the race, a move seen as bad news for Roberts because polls show him losing a one-on-one matchup with Orman. Taylor didn’t explain his withdrawal, but the speculation is that Democrats asked him to step down to increase the chances that Roberts (and thus the GOP) would lose the seat.

Today, however, Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach declared that Taylor must remain in the race, reports the Kansas City Star. He cites a technicality, saying that Taylor filled out his paperwork incorrectly by failing to declare that he would be “incapable” of serving, as state law specifies. (Taylor can’t simply resubmit, because yesterday was the deadline to withdraw.) Democrats say Kobach, who has endorsed Roberts, is playing politics with the move, though it’s unclear whether the party or Taylor will file a formal legal challenge. “This could well end up in court, and I don’t have a good sense for how the courts would rule on this question,” an election-law expert tells the newspaper. Given the stakes, this is no small matter, points out Politico. “The decision could undermine efforts to unseat Roberts and potentially rewrite the narrative of the 2014 midterms.”

I bet you thought that the GOP was all about people making choices and taking responsibility, right?  Well not in Kansas……to try and win an election they will force a candidate to run even though he does not want to… that the America all you moronic Righties keep going on about?  Sounds more like something that you would be forced to do under the Soviet style of government…….

Sorry, you guys are PATHETIC!

GOP Army Col. Blasts Party for Focus on Benghazi over Cheney’s ‘War Crimes’ | Mediaite

Okay, I guess I will lower myself  bit and jump on the bandwagon.

After all that is what America government is all about……..wasting time and money and chasing BS instead of finding solutions to our many problems.

I agree Benghazi is not a phony……but they are asking the wrong questions.  This whole witch hunt is NOT about truth it is all about finding something that can be used to embarrass Clinton or Obama or both……it is a fund raising ploy……….PERIOD!


GOP Army Col. Blasts Party for Focus on Benghazi over Cheney’s ‘War Crimes’ | Mediaite.

The shocking numbers behind corporate welfare | Al Jazeera America

The closer we get to an election the more loud the rhetoric on welfare gets…..we will hear all about the so-called ‘free rides’…..but individuals are NOT the only ones that get that ‘free ride’…..very little will be said about another form of welfare….that of corporate welfare….and believe me there is more money wasted there than on some poor person needing help……

Want to know more?  Read on McDuff!

The shocking numbers behind corporate welfare | Al Jazeera America.

Is The Ceiling Falling?

Why don’t we talk economics and politics in the same breath?

What’s that sound?  Is that everyone’s butt slamming shut?

I know economics is about as exciting as watching paint dry…..but unfortunately it is everywhere…there is NO way to avoid it.

Next month there will be a huge deal in the media about the debt ceiling…..the questions will be asked if the GOP will play the usual game?  Will the economy be held hostage to ideology?  That will be the common thread in the media and we know what that means…….politico after politico will dash out to the nearest camera and have their say…a say that will have been scripted during the meetings being held the last week of January.

Will an act of sabotage be perpetrated?  Economic sabotage that is……..

But who will be the point people?  My guess is that Cruz and Paul will be the most vocal in the beginning…..and then a bunch from the House will chime in….people like Lee, Stockman and some of those retiring soon……the rhetoric will be that it is the prez that is at fault….of course it will…he is ALWAYS at fault……there will be a concerted effort along these lines as to put the idea into the heads of the people that it is somehow the Dems fault for the failure……and as I look at the building storm…it could be effective….remember there is an election this year and any help that can be gleamed out of the debt ceiling debate will be lagnappe…..(something extra for those that do not speak Cajun)……..

All in all, the debt ceiling will be messy and chaotic……can hardly wait!

For All You Gamers

It is Saturday and the weekend and as usual I will post on anything but the BS of the past week……a little R&R for the mind, if you will……

This is for all you gamers out there… know who you are… steal cars, rape hookers, defend the human race from conquest and fight endless wars…..but all of which is detached from reality….but if you think you are capable of doing something historic and constructive then I have a game for you……

Play the Iranian revolution

Banner IconTechnology “Navigate the gritty world of a Revolution! Survive the streets and be aware of who you can trust in a city under siege,” goes the description of a video game portraying the Iranian revolution of 1979.

Its founder Navid Khonsari is a well-known game creator, residing in the US. His aim is to tell stories about his country of birth and in the process educate its players. When Khonsari was 10 years old his grandfather took him to the streets of Tehran so he could witness the beginning of his country’s historic moment. Khonsari has described the revolution, “a defining story for me.” Shortly after, in 1980, his family moved to Canada.

“The story is based on many historic truths which I think, if brought to light, will make people of all political backgrounds kind of take a step back and try to understand what took place,” Khonsari told Polygon in 2012.

The game will put you in the shoes of young photojournalist Reza in Tehran during the chaotic days of the revolution. Your character becomes a key actor in the ground movement overthrowing the monarchy but is soon betrayed by the new regime.

So why not try to change the face of history?  Lead the revolution and make a difference in the world.  Let us all see if you are as talented as you think you are……my guess is……NOT!