American democracy is doomed – Vox

My visit to the doctor today was better than I thought…..BP is high….all else is borderline or good….I will live to argue another year!

I have been bitching about the media for 30 years… me they have created the crap we now face with all this partisan name calling and politics….in short the MSM is putting a working democracy in jeopardy.

I feel that our democracy is on the down side of longevity….that this fighting and insulting rhetoric is doing nothing to move the country forward.  Our country is NO longer a concern….all that has been replaced with hate and lies.  I may not speak glowingly about some people but I do not hate them….I do however question their mental capacity…..but this country has gotten ass deep into lies…..we cannot survive like that.

Unfortunately I see no relief in sight….just more made up stories and derogatory rhetoric……. could we be looking at the demise of our beloved democracy?


American democracy is doomed – Vox.

GOP: Is The Game Afoot?

Holy crap!  Did I somehow step through “the Looking Glass”?   Is the GOP trying to re-define itself ahead of the 2016 election?

First we have news that there is a push back on the opposition to immigration reform….then the ladies pull their support for an anti-abortion bill in essence killing the bill (for now)……and then I got word that there was another vote that shocked me…….

I got this piece of news from Ace news group for whom I write op-eds from time to time……..

#AceWorldNews – WASHINGTON:Jan.22: Sometimes snippets of news just have to be published and this snippet is just one of those and is just as The Hill reported.

The Senate on Wednesday voted that “climate change is real and is not a hoax” as Democrats used the Keystone XL pipeline debate to force votes on the politically charged issue ahead of the 2016 elections.

The Senate on Wednesday voted 98-1 in favor of a an amendment stating that “climate change is real and is not a hoax.”

The provision offered by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) to put Republicans on record about climate change ahead of the 2016 election passed with near unanimous support, with only Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), the chairman of the campaign committee for Senate Republicans, voting no.

First, Wicker is my Senator and I would expect nothing different from this big business crony……

Okay, what the Hell is going on with the GOP?

I thought is that they are playing a game to make them look like a real party and not some group of bumbling morons……all this is to look good to the groups that they have lost in the past….women, environmentalists, immigrants……it is all a game, in my mind, a well thought out game…..but a game none the less.

The GOP is moving at record speed in this redefining operation…..but will it last?

Even the d/bags in the Tea Party seem to be playing along with this dice roll……it is all about 2016……nothing to do with the reality of things….just to win an election and have TOTAL power…..this may not last long…..until the gamers get tired of playing.

So whatcha think?  Is A Game Afoot?

It’s Official…114th Congress Begins

And with that I will predict the outcome…..YAWN!  Same song… dancers.

But first, Gov of Virginia gets 2 years……his presser he thanked Jesus for his support…..all I can do is shake my head…..hope his cell mate is Baby Bubba the love sick anarchist.

And now let us turn to the new Congress….which is not so new….same parties playing same games while the people burn……

The 114th Congress has convened with solid Republican majorities in both houses, Mitch McConnell as the new Senate majority leader, and John Boehner retaining his gavel in the House despite a Tea Party challenge. In what the AP calls “a day of pomp, circumstance, and raw politics,” Joe Biden swore in new senators while Boehner loyalists moved to cut off what Politico seems to think is a small but growing opposition within his own ranks. Things to know about the 114th:

  • Legislation: The GOP is looking to hit the ground running with legislation that approves construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, weakens ObamaCare, extends funding for Homeland Security at the cost of blocking President Obama’s executive action on immigration, and cuts spending. More here.
  • About that Keystone legislation: The White House wasted no time today in saying it would veto the Keystone bill in its current form.
  • McConnell slid into his dream job: Per the AP, he said that “a lot of hard work awaits,” but that “many important opportunities await too.”
  • Harry Reid stayed home: Reid, who hurt himself exercising last week, missed seeing McConnell take his old job. He “is in Washington, but on orders from his doctors he will not come into the office so that his injuries can continue to heal,” a spokesman said, per Politico.
  • Newbies: The Senate has 13 freshmen, while the House has 58, notes the AP.

Be honest….what do you think will be different this time?

I see more assault on middle class…..women…..voters and a waste of time and money.


The Evidence That North Korea Hacked Sony Is Flimsy | WIRED

I have not written much on the whole Sony vs North Korea thing because I do not see it as a problem….first, Sony did NOTHING for safety sake….they pulled the movie to avoid any possible lawsuits…..second, it was a STUPID idea……and third, this just sounds like some massive propaganda ploy.

Read this piece and then tell me what you think……


The Evidence That North Korea Hacked Sony Is Flimsy | WIRED.

GOP And Pathetic Politics

It is bad enough that we have a political party in this country, a country that is proud of its freedoms and rights, that has No issues on which to run…the best they can do is a non-existent voter fraud, abortion and marriage equality…..the GOP has No idea how to make people’s lives better or how to jump start a lagging economy or for that matter any relevant issues at all…….

They have spent a couple of years re-drawing districts so that their candidates can pick their votes and a desperate run to limit who can vote….all in the name of preventing voter fraud, which is NOT a problem by a long shot……but now Kansas illustrates just how far the GOP will go to win an election.

It appears that if you are a candidate in Kansas and have low polling numbers and you ant to drop out of the race… cannot………

This much is clear: Republican Pat Roberts of Kansas hopes to keep his Senate seat in the midterm elections this year. After that, things get fuzzy. Heading into this week, Roberts faced a strong challenge from independent candidate Greg Orman and a lesser one from Democratic candidate Chad Taylor. Yesterday, Taylor declared that he was dropping out of the race, a move seen as bad news for Roberts because polls show him losing a one-on-one matchup with Orman. Taylor didn’t explain his withdrawal, but the speculation is that Democrats asked him to step down to increase the chances that Roberts (and thus the GOP) would lose the seat.

Today, however, Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach declared that Taylor must remain in the race, reports the Kansas City Star. He cites a technicality, saying that Taylor filled out his paperwork incorrectly by failing to declare that he would be “incapable” of serving, as state law specifies. (Taylor can’t simply resubmit, because yesterday was the deadline to withdraw.) Democrats say Kobach, who has endorsed Roberts, is playing politics with the move, though it’s unclear whether the party or Taylor will file a formal legal challenge. “This could well end up in court, and I don’t have a good sense for how the courts would rule on this question,” an election-law expert tells the newspaper. Given the stakes, this is no small matter, points out Politico. “The decision could undermine efforts to unseat Roberts and potentially rewrite the narrative of the 2014 midterms.”

I bet you thought that the GOP was all about people making choices and taking responsibility, right?  Well not in Kansas……to try and win an election they will force a candidate to run even though he does not want to… that the America all you moronic Righties keep going on about?  Sounds more like something that you would be forced to do under the Soviet style of government…….

Sorry, you guys are PATHETIC!

GOP Army Col. Blasts Party for Focus on Benghazi over Cheney’s ‘War Crimes’ | Mediaite

Okay, I guess I will lower myself  bit and jump on the bandwagon.

After all that is what America government is all about……..wasting time and money and chasing BS instead of finding solutions to our many problems.

I agree Benghazi is not a phony……but they are asking the wrong questions.  This whole witch hunt is NOT about truth it is all about finding something that can be used to embarrass Clinton or Obama or both……it is a fund raising ploy……….PERIOD!


GOP Army Col. Blasts Party for Focus on Benghazi over Cheney’s ‘War Crimes’ | Mediaite.