Meet The Israeli Government

I have been told that I am too hard a critic on Israel that I should cut them some slack for their only crime is their desire to exist…….to those I say….Bite me!  I will give Israel a break when they are forced to come to terms with the killing of Americans sailors….confused?  USS Liberty (Google can help or search In Saner Thought)………

For decades we here in the US have been lied to about that state of Israel.  We are forced fed a lie…that lie is that it is a democracy.

First of all….an election does not make it a democracy.

Its treatment of Palestinians eliminates it as a democracy….at least in my mind.

But all that aside here is the new Israeli government……now you tell me….


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Nothing but racism, bigotry and hate……does that sound at all familiar to Israelis?

They have become the people our parents warned us about.  They have become the horror of their past.

Jewish Terrorists by Uri Avnery —

We hear daily about those damn terrorists in the Holy Land that are targeting Israelis, right?  But what about those terrorists that are targeting the Palestinians…..and I am not necessarily talking about the IDF.

In the past year there has been a rise in the acts of terrorism committed by Jewish “extremists” against Palestinian civilians….most have been by the settlers that are invading into Palestinian land…..

Why is the media ignoring the 400 lb elephant in the room?  Israel and Israelis seem to get a free ride from a press that is doing all it can to keep ALL reports coming out of Israel on the positive side.


Jewish Terrorists by Uri Avnery —

Is Israel Doing The Right Thing?

An interesting occurrence has taken place in the Holy Land but as usual it has been drowned out by idiotic presidential BS from candidates and the violence taking place in Ferguson, Missouri (which needs reporting)…….

Allow me to explain……a few days ago while a Palestinian family was relaxing some threw a fire bomb into the house and killed a 18 month old baby and the father and the rest of the family with burns…… was later reported that this deed was carried out by Jewish extremists or settlers if you will……a call then went out for something to be done to curb this reoccurring violence……..and Israel reacted…….

Israel intensified its crackdown on Jewish extremists today, jailing two high-profile ultranationalist Israelis for six months without charge and arresting additional suspects in West Bank settlements. The crackdown comes after a deadly July 31 firebomb attack that killed an 18-month-old Palestinian boy and severely wounded his parents and brother. The father died yesterday. Authorities called the attack an act of “Jewish terrorism,” and Israel’s Security Cabinet approved the use of harsh measures, including administrative detention, which allows the holding of suspects for lengthy periods without charge. Meir Ettinger, the grandson of the late US-born ultranationalist Rabbi Meir Kahane, and Eviatar Slonim, another Jewish extremist, were placed under administrative detention for their suspected involvement, the office of Israel’s Defense Minister said.

The two are in their early 20s. Another suspected Jewish extremist, Mordechai Mayer, was placed under administrative detention. Israeli human rights activists, as well as lawyers for the Israeli suspects, criticized the use of administrative detention, portraying it as a draconian measure intended to appease a shocked Israeli public. “This measure is dangerous…for the entire legal system and for democracy,” said Aharon Rozeh, a lawyer for Ettinger and Slonim. Israel’s Shin Bet security agency has accused Ettinger of leading an extremist Jewish movement responsible for encouraging attacks on Palestinian property and Christian holy sites. Israeli authorities also carried out raids today in two West Bank settlement outposts. An Israeli police rep said only that the arrests were connected to “a number of events that occurred recently” in the West Bank.

I think it is great that Israel has finally decided that this type of violence needs to stop……but is it a legit action on their part or are they just trying to silence international condemnation of their past tactics like Gaza and the illegal search of the Flotillas?

I really thought that the MSM would pick up this because it is a favorable light for Israel…….something the MSM seems to feel they must do…..

Is Israel doing this for the right reason or is it just an attempt to gain some sort of favor among their critics?

If It Is NOT Negative, Do Not Report It!

I have explained in the past of my connection with the Palestinian people……for that reason I watch just about everything that is happening in the region that concerns the Palestinians……

I have also pointed out that the Western media seems to refuse to report on anything positive when it is done bout the Palestinians…..we here about the crazed Arab that slashes a knife into a crowd or the taxi driver that sped into a group of Israelis… forth and so on…….

Is there nothing positive coming out of the West bank?

To answer my own question….there is plenty of positive incidents but for some reason they are not important enough for the US MSM to bother with the reporting there of…….

I recently, about a year ago, wrote about the Palestinians villagers that step up to protect an Israeli family in  car that had gotten post and were being threatened with stoning…….the villagers got between the protesters and the family and protected them from harm…..NOTHING in the media about this……….

Now several other incidents have come to light…..

On 03August2016…….as reported ……….

Palestinians prevented fellow villagers from lynching 14 settler youths in Kusra on Tuesday afternoon and called in the IDF to rescue the Jewish group, who had been cornered in a construction site and beaten.

According to a security source, Palestinians held the settlers for more than 40 minutes before soldiers and border police arrived. The security personnel then spent more than 90 minutes negotiating their release.According to a security source, Palestinians held the settlers for more than 40 minutes before soldiers and border police arrived. The security personnel then spent more than 90 minutes negotiating their release.

Sadly, I do not think that most Israelis would be as courteous as these Palestinians….but I am not finished……..

This came across via Twitter……….

Photo of the day! Palestinians protect an Israeli police woman from settlers attack..

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I ask the media why these acts of heroism by Palestinians are seldom reported?  Yet a lone knife wielder is covered ad nauseum……why?

Is it that the media and its controlling corporations are pro-Israel…….to the point of manipulating the news given?  I know the answer….do you?

I am a supporter of the BDS movement… should be also…..demand justice for a people that is getting NONE from the world around them……..

Israel’s 2014 Gaza bombardment deemed war crime, Amnesty says | McClatchy DC

This is not a story that you will see in the MSM!

About a year ago Israel decided that it needed to eliminate the people of Gaza who they, Israelis, say were killing them……I have a problem with their story because if it were true then they would have taken out the Command and control of Hamas first……not 3 weeks into the conflict…..

Of course the lie is that Hamas would hide among civilians and that explains why there were so many civilian causalities…..first of all if you have ever been to Gaza then you would know that it is so small that it would be hard not to be around civilians……..

The ICC has been hearing a case for war crimes against Israel and of course the US is doing all it can to see that that never happens….regardless of how many Palestinians died…….Israel is always on the side of right…….BS from the start…..


Israel’s 2014 Gaza bombardment deemed war crime, Amnesty says | McClatchy DC.

Constants In The Media

Ever noticed that there are a few constants in American media reporting?  Brit royals do anything……..Pope is God………and Israel can do no wrong……just to mention a few.

For instance the reporting coming out of the Palestine……if a lone Palestinian stabs a pedestrian it makes the news….but when a Arab saves some Jews from angry protesters you never hear about it……and then there is the Pope……if he farts we hear about it or if he wipes his butt with $100 bills it is a major story…….and about now you are wondering what the Hell I am going on about… I right?

I can give you an example of both in one international story……by international I mean the rest of the world barring the US………

Pope Francis canonized two nuns from what was 19th-century Palestine today in hopes of encouraging Christians across the Middle East who are facing a wave of persecution from Islamic extremists. Sisters Mariam Bawardy and Marie Alphonsine Ghattas were among four nuns who were made saints today. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and an estimated 2,000 pilgrims from the region, some waving Palestinian flags, were on hand for the canonization of the first saints from the Holy Land since the early years of Christianity. They were canonized alongside two other nuns, Saints Jeanne Emilie de Villeneuve from France and Maria Cristina of the Immaculate Conception from Italy.

“Inspired by their example of mercy, charity, and reconciliation, may the Christians of these lands look with hope to the future,” Francis said.

  • Bawardy was a mystic born in 1843 in what is now the Galilee region of northern Israel. She is said to have received the “stigmata”—bleeding wounds like those Jesus Christ suffered on the cross—and died at the age of 33 in Bethlehem, where she founded a Carmelite order monastery that still exists.
  • Ghattas, born in Jerusalem in 1847, opened girls’ schools, fought female illiteracy, and co-founded the Congregation of the Sisters of the Rosary. The order today boasts centers all over the Middle East that operate kindergartens, homes for the elderly, and medical clinics.

Francis praised Bawardy as having been “a means of encounter and fellowship with the Muslim world,” while Ghattas “shows us the importance of becoming responsible for one another, of living lives of service to one another.”

Two Palestinian women become saints and it was not a story worthy of the American media’s attention…….

The media seem to overlook this story in favor of one about something as mundane and pathetic as Mitt’s boxing debut……anyone that looks to the MSM for news is looking up the wrong tree……..

The American media is pathetic…..and that is ALL the outlets from FOX to CNN to MSNBC to ABC to CBS……NONE are worth our time!

Palestinians In The News Again

This time it is not Israel trying to bomb them out of existence…..nope….this time it is those savages of ISIS that brings Palestinians to the news……

ISIS in its battle for Syria has attacked a Palestinian refugee camp outside of Damascus…..the Yarmouk Camp.  The battle for the camp is just as confusing as any other battle we are having with ISIS……

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) said on Tuesday that Islamic State (IS) militants have retreated from parts of Yarmouk, the largest camp for Palestinian refugees in Syria.

“IS now controls only 60 percent of Yarmouk camp after they had seized 90 percent of it,” Anwar Abdel-Hadi, who oversees the PLO’s affairs in Syria, told Palestine’s official radio station on Tuesday.

Abdel-Hadi said that clashes are still ongoing between IS militants and Palestinian fighters inside Yarmouk camp.

“[IS] militants are firing at anyone who tries to enter or exit the camp,” he said.

Thousands of Palestinians live in Yarmouk, the descendants of Palestinians who fled Israel upon the establishment of the state in 1948.

They are now caught between a rock and a hard place: on the one hand Bashar Assad’s air force is launching barrel bombs in the area in an attempt to eliminate his opponents, and on the other side is fierce fighting between rebel groups – the brutal Islamic State and the Al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s arm in the country. The PLO reported Sunday that 2,000 people have been evacuated from Yarmouk – but thousands of others refuse to leave

This situation could be a good thing…..not that killing of innocents is a good thing……but rather a chance to reach out to Hamas and other Palestinian organizations…….we need people we can turn to to fight ISIS and the massacre of civilians in a refugee camp could be a opening that could lead to much broader situations in the Middle East……..the support for Palestiians now could very well be a turning point for the conflict with ISIS and an in-road to some sort of peace negotiations that could very well be successful……

The Syrian Palestinians need help……we need reliable help fighting ISIS……sounds like the perfect time to talk……