Israel-Gaza conflict: The myth of Hamas’s human shields

There have been a lot of “he said, she said” about the most recent war in Gaza.  The one that is the most disturbing is the one about the use of “human shields” as an explanation to account for the increasingly high count of civilian dearths and injuries.

I have looked for some facts on whether this is actually happening or just part of a PR campaign used to lessen international blow back…….and then I came across this article.


Israel-Gaza conflict: The myth of Hamas’s human shields.


It appears that Israel is continuing its run from victim to monster……..and if the Old Testament is to be believed then this is what Israelis do……..GENOCIDE!

Israel using flechette shells in Gaza | World news |

I can understand the necessity for a war…….what I do not want to understand is the necessity to involve innocent civilians, no matter what side you may think is right, and then by using such horrific weapons as land mines, cluster bombs and now these bombs being used by the Israelis…..war is an obscene activity that benefits few……..

The bullshit of targeted strikes are a PR snow job not when a certain type of weapon is used……Weapons like this have No conscience and will harm anyone in its path…..weapons like this such be outlawed and if the world cannot do that then the users should be haul before the Courts and charged with crimes against humanity…..

This is a story that we in the US will never see in our media…….and for good reason.


Israel using flechette shells in Gaza | World news |

The Gaza Saga

Yep, we all know that Israel is kicking the crap out of the civilian population of Gaza….there are many views, many reports and many opinions…….I would like to bring my reader up to date on some of the stuff that may not be making into our MSM reports….after all they only have about 30 seconds to help make Israel’s case for them…..

Every Western media outlet has been reporting on the casualties in Gaza…..30…..50…..100 and now 200+ and it continues to rise……but now Israel does not have to hang its head when the dead civilians are brought up……for you see after 1200+ rockets fired by Hamas Israel now has a death……one single death……..

An Israeli man was hit with a mortar and killed near the Gaza border today, making him the first Israeli to die in a lopsided conflict that has seen nearly 200 Palestinians killed. The man was delivering food to soldiers when the mortar struck, a police spokesman tells the AP. Hamas has claimed responsibility for the rocket, according to al-Jazeera.

Then there is the humanitarian needs……but first….I recall back about a year ago when Syria was starting to get ugly people like McCain and Graham were all bitchy and demanding that the US supply humanitarian aid to the Syrians….and yet they are so silent about the needs of Palestinians….why is that you think?

Gaza is in dire straights…….

Israel has intensified its efforts against Hamas, claiming to have intercepted four rockets in Tel Aviv and bombed 39 targets—including the homes of several high-ranking Hamas leaders last night—after a brief ceasefire yesterday, the New York Times reports. But now residents of the Gaza Strip have a new problem: no water and overflowing sewage systems, reports NBC News. The continued airstrikes have reportedly caused massive damage to water and sewage infrastructure in Gaza and destroyed at least 560 homes, according to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, which is calling the situation an emergency. The Red Cross says the issue could “quickly turn into a catastrophe.” “Within days, the entire population of the Strip may be desperately short of water,” the Red Cross’ Israeli chief said in a statement. “Water is becoming contaminated and sewage is overflowing, bringing a serious risk of disease.”

Israel has had the support of most of the Western world for their recent actions taken against Hamas…..but that may be coming to an end…….

GAZA (Reuters) – Four Palestinian children were killed and one was critically wounded on a Gaza beach on Wednesday by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, a Palestinian health official said.

Asked about the incident, an Israeli military spokesman in Tel Aviv said he was checking the report.

“The kids were playing football on the beach. They were all … under the age of 15,” said Ahmed Abu Hassera, 22.

“When the first shell hit the land, they ran away but another shell hit them all,” said Abu Hassera, whose shirt was stained with blood.

“It looked as if the shells were chasing them,” he told Reuters.

Ashraf al-Qidra, spokesman for the Gaza Health Ministry, said four of the youngsters were killed and a fifth youth was in critical condition. “This is a cowardly crime,” he said.

The Gaza beach area has been shelled frequently since Israel began its offensive in the enclave on July 8 following a surge in Palestinian cross-border rocket strikes.

This will give Israel the bad press they richly deserve……I think that they will be looking for a way to end this current conflict……….they cannot afford to lose too much western support….it is what keeps them in control……

But Bebe has said unequivocally…..

Netanyahu was asked a number of times whether the government had certain political goals and whether he was in contact with Egypt or other countries to try to bring about a cease-fire through diplomatic means, MKs said.

“I am not talking to anybody about a cease-fire right now,” Netanyahu told the committee. “It’s not even on the agenda.”

Funny how events can make you out a liar…ain’t it?

P.S.  Israel in an attempt to control any bad press from the deaths of those children have declared a 5 hour ceasefire for “humanitarian” reasons…..

As I was writing this word came down that Israel will cease fire on Friday……funny how ‘humanitarian concerns kick in when the bad press starts, huh?

Israel Runs Up the Score | The American Conservative

Don’t have a stroke!  I do read the American Conservative…….it may be the only conservative publication that is worth reading….they do not hold on to the daily talking points of the GOP….they give a true conservative point of view which to me is very refreshing….I may not agree with them on much but their articles are well worth reading….especially if one has a logical and rational mind.

This is a good analysis of the current situation in Gaza….brings up many points that do not normally come up in our pundits and their analyses……read it well worth the time…..


Israel Runs Up the Score | The American Conservative.

Gaza Under Seige–Yet Again

Inkwell Institute

Middle East Desk

The attacks has one single goal………to stop the firing of Hamas rockets into Israel proper……that was in 2008 and is as it is today…….the problem is that NO amount of airstrikes and ground forces have stopped the rockets and their deadly intention…….I believe that Einstein had an observation on this type of action……

Israel says that they are not targeting civilians but rather are going after Hamas members….the problem with that statement is that the bombs cannot telling Hamas from a civilian…….

Recently Israel was magnanimous….they offered a cease fire….if Hamas will stop firing rockets they will stop bombing……that was the deal in 2008 also……of course Hamas would reject the deal and once they did Israel would have a clear path for escalation.  In 2008 with Egypt’s assistance a deal was offered……….the terms were this…….

Israel shall stop all hostilities in the Gaza Strip land, sea and air, including incursions and targeting of individuals.

All Palestinian factions shall stop all hostilities from the Gaza Strip against Israel, including rocket attacks and all attacks along the border.

Opening the crossings and facilitating the movement of people and transfer of goods and refraining from restricting residents’ free movements and targeting residents in border areas. Procedures of implementation shall be dealt with after 24 hours from the start of the ceasefire.

Once the deal was accepted then missiles no longer were fired into Israel…….that worked out well for Israel but they did not live up to terms….there were airstrikes, there incursions into Gaza and fishermen were harassed and arrested and the economic blockade remained…..of course the tried and true excuse for a continuation of violence is that they had intel that Hamas was planning something and they had to act…..

On the 24th of December 2012 the rockets resumed to target inside Israel…..and of course the condemnation of Hamas began all over again and the killing resumed……

Like I wrote Israel offered a deal for the hostilities to stop… was rejected by Hamas.  But why did Hamas reject the proposal?  Hamas remembers how well Israel accepted the terms of the last ceasefire…..not much changed other than Hamas was silent for a period of time…….Hamas sees this deal NO better than the screwing they took in the deal of 2008.  Plus since Hamas took over in Gaza there has been an economic blockade of the region that Hamas wants ended so the people of Gaza can have a normal life…..

Hamas did not like the deal the Egypt and Israel had come up with and has offered Israel a 10 year truce deal….a counter proposal……

The first demand, according to Maariv, is the withdrawal of Israeli military tanks from the border fence area to a distance that enables Gaza farmers to access their fields and tend them freely.

In addition, Israel must free all Palestinian prisoners detained after the abduction and killing of three Israeli teenagers in the southern West Bank including those who were freed as part of Gilad Shalit prisoner swap. This precondition also includes softening procedures against all prisoners in Israeli custody.

A third demand stipulates that Israel ends the crippling siege on the coastal enclave, which means reopening all border crossings and allowing the entry of construction materials and all requirements needed to run the Gaza Strip’s power station.

The fourth demand stipulates the opening of an international seaport and international airport in the Gaza Strip to be run and monitored by the United Nations.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad also demanded that Israel increases the Gaza fishing zone to 10 nautical miles and allows Gaza fishermen to use large fishing ships.

Furthermore, the Rafah crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip should be monitored by international crews from friendly and Arab countries.

Israel must commit to a ceasefire for 10 years which includes closing Gaza airspace to Israeli aircraft, it added.

Moreover, Israel must give Gaza residents permission to visit Jerusalem and pray in the al-Aqsa Mosque.

Another stipulation demands that Israel abstain from any intervention in Palestinian internal affairs including political arrangements and the reconciliation agreement and all its consequences.

Finally, the Gaza industrial zone must be re-established.

A 10 year peace deal?  Why would Israel balk at the prospect?

About the only item that would appeal to Israel is the ceasing of rockets into Israel……there is NO way that either side is going to control themselves for 10 years…..

Any agreement regardless of who proposes it should include a couple conditions……

1. An agreement must be clear in terms of what constitutes a violation so that the actors will have to consider the ramifications of public condemnation before committing a violation.

2. An agreement must take into consideration the dramatic imbalance of power between the sides. If there is a Palestinian violation, Israel retains the capacity to hold them accountable independently and at will, often inflicting disproportionate causalities leading to escalation. But when Israel violates the cease-fire, Palestinians cannot hold them accountable. The absence of any mechanism for monitoring Israeli violations and holding them to account creates incentives for Palestinians to do so in other ways, like firing projectiles.

3. An agreement must ensure that Israel does not use its position of power to unilaterally change the terms. The previous cease-fire included an easing of restrictions as part of the detailed understanding between the parties negotiated through Egypt. This meant fisherman could fish up to six nautical miles from the coast instead of the previously imposed three nautical mile mark. It also meant Palestinians could access farm land up to 300 meters from the fence, previously Israel had fired at Palestinians as far as 1500 meters away. But during the course of the cease-fire, Israel unilaterally changed those terms, reinforcing the three nautical mile mark and going back to shooting Palestinians near the fence even as far away as 1500 meters.

4. An agreement must take into account the devastating human rights crisis and humanitarian situation in Gaza that lies at the foundation of discontent there. As mentioned above, when it came to “easing restrictions” the previous agreement was mostly about determining what would be the dimensions of the prison cell that is the Gaza Strip. For real progress, an agreement must challenge the very notion that Palestinians should be stuck in this prison at all and move toward ending the collective punishment that is Israel’s siege on the Strip.

There can be a sustainable peace in the region but all sides MUST sign on and hold up their end of the agreement……and ALL sides have got to want peace…….unfortunately I do not see that has a priority….and since it is not then this cycle will continue and the West will sit on their hands and wait…….and while they wait and do nothing more Palestinians will die.


“Israel Has Shown Amazing Restraint”

Sorry but I cannot let the international stuff go unreported……..I could do like so many of my right wing brethren and pick the subject of the day, according to the a/holes they look up to and pick it like an irritating scab……but my readers deserve better.

It looks like Israel has found a way to invade Gaza yet again……..

Those words were written by Sen. Rand Paul when he wrote in the national Review pushing his crappy piece of legislation to defund the Palestinians………his written word…….writing about Israel’s response to the kidnapping and deaths of the three teenagers in Israel……..

I think it is clear by now: Israel has shown remarkable restraint. It possesses a military with clear superiority over that of its Palestinian neighbors, yet it does not respond to threat after threat, provocation after provocation, with the type of force that would decisively end their conflict.

Nearly six weeks ago, I proposed a bill called the “Stand With Israel Act.” Its purpose was to cut off the flow of U.S. taxpayer dollars to the Palestinian Authority if it allied with Hamas — the same Hamas that just murdered these three teenagers.

So let’s be clear: U.S. taxpayer money may soon be going to an entity kidnapping and murdering Israeli and U.S. children.

Restraint?  What has this yo-yo been smoking?  Would you like to see the extent of their “restraint”?

Palestinians Killed & Injured

  • Since the start of the large-scale crackdown on June 13, 2014, at least nine (as of June 27) Palestinians – mostly unarmed civilians – have been killed by Israeli soldiers or died as a result of their operations in the West Bank and Gaza, and scores more have been injured.
  • Palestinian fatalities:

    Military Raids & Arrests

    • Hundreds of military raids have been launched across the occupied West Bank, although the missing Israeli teens were last seen near Hebron in the southern West Bank and are believed to still be in the area. Raids have targeted more than 1000 private homes, the offices of political parties, refugee camps, and the campuses of Birzeit University near Ramallah and the Arab American University in Jenin, resulting in the detention and arrest of students and staff.
    • More than 500 Palestinians have been detained and/or imprisoned. Those arrested include at least seven members of the Palestinian legislature and many individuals who were recently released by Israel as part of a prisoner swap. There are currently more than 5000 Palestinians being held in Israeli prisons.
    • Israeli soldiers have also targeted children for arrest, bringing the total number of Palestinian children imprisoned by Israel to more than 250 according to news reports.
    • In conducting the raids, Israeli soldiers have caused widespread damage to private property, ransacking homes and offices, and confiscating computers, files and other property. They also raided the offices of journalists in Ramallah, including Russia Today television, damaging and removing computers, equipment, and hard drives.
    • On June 22, 2014, Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem issued a press release announcing a letter sent to Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon from a coalition of human rights groups, including Amnesty International, the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, and Physicians for Human Rights – Israel. The press release read in part:“The large number of raids and arrests over the last week raises concerns that some of these operations are not the result of pressing operational needs. Overall, the measures adopted and their extent do not seem to serve a military need that can justify the damage they have caused. This is the case in terms of the military activity that has taken place in city centers as well as the sweeping and arbitrary travel restrictions. These actions have caused, and continue to cause, disproportionate harm to the basic rights of Palestinians, including the right to safety, health, freedom of movement and the right to earn a living.”Imprisonment Without Trial & Torture & Abuse of Palestinian Prisoners
      • On June 23, Israeli media reported that the Israeli government was preparing to double the number of Palestinians being imprisoned without charge or trial, a procedure known as “administrative detention,” from approximately 200 to 400. The use of administrative detention has been harshly criticized by human rights organizations as a violation of the right to due process. On June 17, Amnesty International issued a statement reiterating that it “has repeatedly condemned the practice of administrative detention, and urged the Israeli authorities to release [administrative detainees] unless they are promptly charged with internationally recognizable criminal offences.”
      • According to Israeli media reports, on June 18 the Israeli government issued orders classifying prisoners detained in the current crackdown as “ticking bombs,” which allows the use of aggressive interrogation techniques, known as “moderate physical pressure,” that amount to torture.
      • Israeli authorities have taken measures to worsen the conditions of Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli jails, including denying family visits, including to prisoners who have been on a hunger strike in protest at being held without trial.
      • The Israeli government is currently in the process of advancing legislation allowing for the force-feeding of hunger strikers, even though Israeli and international medical associations and human rights experts have decried the practice of force-feeding as a form of torture.
    • Increased Limitations on Movement & Collective Punishment
      • Since the start of the crackdown on June 13, Israel has further tightened its restrictions on the movement of Palestinians within the occupied West Bank, particularly the southern West Bank in and around Hebron where the missing teens were last seen, collectively punishing the entire Palestinian population of the occupied territories. These restrictions are in addition to the already severe Israeli restrictions imposed on the movements and freedoms of Palestinians living under Israel’s 47-year-old military rule.
      • According to a statement issued by Amnesty International on June 17:“Israeli authorities have imposed a number of measures that clearly constitute collective punishment on Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. These include the imposition of a complete closure on the Hebron district of the West Bank, which prevents some 680,000 Palestinians from moving between villages and the city of Hebron, as well as within the city. Thousands of residents of the Hebron district who have permits to work inside Israel or in Israeli settlements cannot reach their places of employment. Residents of the Hebron district under the age of 50 have also been prevented from leaving the West Bank via the Allenby Crossing to Jordan.”“These latest measures of collective punishment come on top of many prolonged punitive measures against Palestinian civilians imposed by the Israeli authorities, including Israel’s seven-year blockade of the Gaza Strip, which Amnesty International and many other organizations have repeatedly condemned as a flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

      How is that for RESTRAINT?

Apparently Paul has the same problem as McCain…….cannot see past the wallets of the Israeli donors…….

If we have to defund anyone then defund both sides……I am sick of Israel being held up as some sort of idyllic state where all people are treated fairly…..that is bullshit and the world needs to know that it is BULLSHIT!

I have heard people that say the Israel is doing what they can…….does that include lawmakers like this…………

A day before Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khudair was kidnapped and burned alive allegedly by six Israeli Jewish youths, Israeli lawmaker Ayelet Shaked published on Facebook a call for genocide of the Palestinians.

It is a call for genocide because it declares that “the entire Palestinian people is the enemy” and justifies its destruction, “including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.”

It is a call for genocide because it calls for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to “little snakes.”

If Shaked’s post does not meet the legal definition of a call for genocide then nothing does.

If you want to condemn then condemn all sides… attitude like this does NO one any good and drives the hate…….

Where’s The Justice?

I recall many people saying……”The US do not and will not support state sponsored terrorism”.  Does anyone else remember those words?

What do we call a country that carries out unreasonable search and seizure, or indiscriminate killing of civilians, destruction of homes and business as a retaliatory action, keeps minorities segregated, limits the rights of some citizens and arrest without due course?  What would you call this state?

Is type of nation has a name and the world call this nation…….ISRAEL!

By now all the world has heard about the 3 kidnapped teens in Israel….but the media has been derelict in reporting the violence used by the IDF in their search for the teens.  there have been many arrests without warrant and the deaths of many among which have been teens.

Israel has used the kidnapping as a pretense to carry out further violence and destruction aimed at Palestinians.  the US has warned Israel to limit the violence….which in itself is humorous for if they do not the US will do NOTHING as a penalty.

As a matter fact they,the US, has shown its true colors and loyalties at the UN…….

A statement by the UN Security Council deploring the deaths of innocent Palestinians during Israeli military operations in the West Bank ended up blocked by the United States today because it mentioned Israel by name.

Jordan was said to be pressing the bill to be stronger, saying “deploring” the deaths wasn’t enough, while the United States insisted that the bill could deplore the deaths in general, but not mention that they were caused by Israeli troops, nor indeed mention Israel at all.

UN undersecretary for political affairs Jeffrey Feltman warned the rising death toll in the West Bank was “alarming,” saying Israel needs to show restraint while searching for three kidnapped teens and to “avoid punishing individuals for offences they have not personally committed.”

That’s likely a foreign concept in Israel, where collective punishment of the Arab minority is such a default reaction that top Israeli cabinet ministers are openly calling for the government to shut down all electricity to all Arab towns in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in retaliation for the kidnappings.

The violent military crackdown in the West Bank has come with cooperation from the Palestinian Authority, and is fueling growing protests among Palestinian civilians against the PA forces as well.

Why does the world turn a blind eye to what Israel will do?  It is time for their grace period for wrongs done to them in the past to expire… is time for Israel to start acting like a player in the civilized world and not the barbarians they are today.

I mean Israel is even gone so far as to find a way to persecute a teenage rock thrower……..

The government is attempting to make it easier to convict suspects of throwing rocks at passing cars as well as stiffening the sentence for the crime. A draft of a new law that was circulated on Sunday by the Justice Ministry would make it possible to convict and punish the violators even if the state cannot prove they intended to damage cars or injure passengers. In addition, the proposed law would for the first time allow the conviction of those who throw rocks at police cars.

The bill is based on the recommendations of a committee headed by Cabinet Secretary Avichai Mandelblit, which examined how to deal with the security situation in East Jerusalem.

Under existing law, the state must prove intent to cause harm, or base its case on other laws in order to convict rock throwers.

The new draft law states that the crime of throwing rocks at cars will be divided into two categories of offenses: The basic degree, for which the punishment is 10 years in prison, will outlaw throwing rocks or other objects at vehicles in motion in a way that could endanger the safety of a person in the vehicle or someone nearby. The more serious offense, for which the punishment will be up to 20 years in prison, would be for those who are convicted of also intending to cause a person serious bodily harm, by throwing rocks or other objects at vehicles.

The proposed law would also introduce a new offense: Throwing a rock or other object at a police vehicle or a police officer with the intention of interfering in the carrying out of his duty. The punishment in such cases would be 5 years in prison.

Today rock throwers are convicted on the basis of other offenses, such as attacking a police officer, intentionally damaging a vehicle, or attempting to commit one of these or various other crimes. Today’s law also sets a maximum of 20 years in prison for throwing rocks at vehicles while they are moving, if the state can prove the defendant acted intentionally to damage the vehicle.

In cases in which rocks were thrown by a group of demonstrators, the courts have often found it difficult to determine whether the stone thrower intended to cause damage to the vehicle that was hit.

Really?  like being shot and killed by the IDF is not enough punishment.

And then there is this Israeli minister of some sort that has the best BS of the day………

“We are well within the boundaries of legitimate action in the eyes of Palestinian public,” said the officer, a high-ranking member of the Central Command.

“The Palestinian public understands that the kidnapping was an aberration and our response was predictable. They know that we are not working against them but rather against Hamas. The Palestinian public understands that a red line has been crossed.”

Yeah but that does not explain all the people that have their homes, property and family member seized and/or destroyed.  That lame ass comment was meant for the western press as a propaganda tool….not a word of truth in anything they say.

What about free dissent?

The number of Palestinian lawmakers detained by Israel has risen to 23, a Palestinian NGO said Wednesday.

“Israel detained two [Palestinian] lawmakers from the West Bank province of Bethlehem early on Wednesday as part of search operations for three missing Jewish teens,” the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society said in a statement.

Israel does very little to hold up the title of the “only democracy in the Middle East”……….they resort to strong arm tactics of which they suffered in the past……and they have a wealth of excuses for their actions….but NONE ring true.  Israel is disgusting and the world needs to demand it start behaving like a responsible world entity…..or cut ALL ties and I mean ALL ties with them.

Sorry it is that simple.

Israel’s security, Palestine’s freedom: A false dichotomy | Columns | Daily Sabah

Another good piece about the whole peace process and the games that are played……of this is NOT something that will be read in the West because it does not keep Israel from criticism…..well worth the time to read……


Israel’s security, Palestine’s freedom: A false dichotomy | Columns | Daily Sabah.