Flash – Jailed schoolgirl becomes Palestinian symbol – France 24

I have said that the Palestinians need to return to the days of the 1st Intifada….that was when children throwing rocks were met with armed IDF troops……gave the movement a boost and then from there on the answer was rockets and violence.

I understand why they resort to those tactics but they need to find a way to get to the people in other countries….most of which have seem their share of violence so any violence will fall on unsympathetic ears and eyes.

But all that could change….this one story could do more than a group of armed fighters……she should become the focal point of the movement.


Flash – Jailed schoolgirl becomes Palestinian symbol – France 24.

Is Israel A Moral Cripple?

Palestinian people lost their bid for state recognition…….but all is not lost…..they turned to the International Criminal Court as a way to force Israel to face what they had done in Gaza and other such attacks….

An Israeli source has published a good piece on the attempt by the Palestinians…..



Why I Won’t Serve Israel – NYTimes.com

One big story during the Israeli attack on Gaza was the IDF soldiers that refused to serve and kill innocent civilians……their story was big news in Europe and Israel……but few were interviewed other than some passing comments……This piece is a good look at why some chose to face desertion charges than be part of the attacks on Gaza….

Please read……it explains the thinking behind some of the refusals….

I appreciate a person that is true to their convictions.


Why I Won’t Serve Israel – NYTimes.com.

‘Oppressed Becomes The Oppressor’ | Ace News Room 2014

An op-ed I wrote a couple years ago and was submitted to Ace News Room 2014…..they picked it up and I thank them for that…..

Israel and the West Bank are seeing up ticks in violence and most of it is race based……and nowhere does it make news news unless it is an Israeli that is attacked by a Palestinian…..and then it becomes a blow against democracy.

The problem is there is NO one with half a brain that considers Israel a democracy…..it is s a slogan that has NO basis in reality.

Please tell me what you think…..


‘Oppressed Becomes The Oppressor’ | Ace News Room 2014.

Talk of a third Intifada: Where to from here, Palestine? | Middle East Eye

The tit for tat violence in the area around East Jerusalem has prompted some to call for a 3rd intifada….a popular uprising of Palestinians against the occupation, destruction and theft that Israel is perpetrating against the population of the territories.

Personally, I think it is a good idea…..but more on the lines of the 1st Intifada and not the mindless violence of the 2nd…………


Talk of a third Intifada: Where to from here, Palestine? | Middle East Eye.

Shock and horror at killings, but not when victims are Palestinians

I admit it….I usually watch the news on BBC….why?  They for the most part are much better than the news in the US.  I have found their Achilles Heel…..Israel.

There needs to be more outrage at the treatment of Palestinians by the media……

In the latest violence in East Jerusalem they spent 2 or 3 days on the attack and the de4aths that it produced ….Jewish deaths.  They are not so forth coming when Palestinians are shot for throwing rocks……

This article makes good points and emphasizing the point that I question.


Shock and horror at killings, but not when victims are Palestinians.