Israel: FINALLY! Someone’s Listening!

I have been watching the Middle East for decades especially the Israeli-Palestinian conflict………the 1st Intifada got the Palestinians lots of international attention….the images of kids with rocks facing off against soldiers with auto rifles and tanks……then the 2nd Intifada was a bust…it started off like the first and then the militants got involved with rockets and violence and any international support the Palestinians had eroded……

I have been saying that the violence is getting the Palestinians nothing but death and sorrow….I understand the anger but throwing violence at the Israelis is doing NOTHING…….I keep saying that protests non-violent ones would do more than a rocket fired into Israel……I said that all parties on the Palestinian side should find a way to work together from many different angles….this would be more successful and limit the violence so the world would see that the Palestinians are serious about their freedoms…..

BiBi’s final words before the election were ones that could help the voting bloc win some prestige………

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it plain today on the eve of a snap election in Israel: If he wins, there will be no Palestinian state, the New York Times reports. “I think that anyone who is going to establish a Palestinian state today and evacuate lands, is giving attack grounds to the radical Islam against the state of Israel,” he says in an interview with the NRG website. “Anyone who ignores this is sticking his head in the sand.” He was asked to clarify whether that meant no Palestinian state will be forged if he wins re-election, and he replied, “Correct.”

AFP depicts his comments as “a last-ditch effort to woo rightwing voters” while Netanyahu’s Likud party trails the center-left Zionist Union in polling; voting in the Israeli election starts tomorrow morning at 5am GST. Netanyahu’s stance on Palestine reverses his support for the two-state solution expressed in a 2009 speech, which Haaretz reprints here. Netanyahu said earlier this month that his 2009 position is no longer workable because of unrest in the Middle East, Bloomberg reports.

Today is the beginning of the Israeli election process….it differs from the US and it may take weeks even months before a PM is found……but this time around the Arab-Israelis are playing it smart……

My answer to racism.” This is not a typical campaign slogan for a national political party, but the Arab Joint List party (“Joint List”) in Israel is not a typical political party. And the upcoming Israeli election next Tuesday is far from a typical election, considering that this Arab-led party may very well decide who will be the next prime minister of the Jewish state.But what might truly surprise some is that the Joint List party, per many polls, is either the third most popular party in Israel or just a few points behind the left-of-center Yesh Atid party headed by Yair Lapid for that spot.The fact that the party is polling so well may lead some to ask: what is the “racism” that the Israeli Arabs (actually ethnically Palestinians) who comprise the Join List talking about with their campaign slogan? After all, Netanyahu bragged in his 2011 to Congress that of the 300 million Arabs in the Middle East, “less than one-half of one percent are truly free, and they’re all citizens of Israel!
This is a good idea….Arab-Israelis working together to form a political party to counter the crap spread by the ultra-right Zionists and haters……This is exactly the focus I proposed 25 years ago……the Israelis cannot be bombed into submission…..but they can be lead there by politics and elections……this could be the beginning of a good time for Arab-Israelis and Palestinians……..There is NOTHING to lose by using the electoral system to their advantage and everything to gain…….
This is how you beat back HATERS…even if this effort is unsuccessful… is a beginning and should grow and become stronger……..the US should be in the forefront of this but we all know that will not happen…….they are too far up Israel’s butt to demand justice………..thanx for listening.
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US: Hypocritical As Usual

Everyone knows the situation between Israel and Palestine……but few Americans will think about what some of the problem is……please take time to think about this one thing……

Say you have a small olive grove and it is decided that an apartment complex is going in on your farm…..your land is taken and your olive trees cut down to make way for the complex….at that point would you get pissed?

Or how about there is this 2nd cousin that is an outlaw, a law breaker, and because he is part of your family, even a distant relative,  your house gets demolished and land seized…..would you get pissed?

Can you honestly say that you would accept these retaliations?

The US is always hypocritical when it comes to issues and policies dealing with Israel.  For instance, the US worked hard to keep nukes out of the Middle East but Israel is allowed to possess such weapons…….

We are always siding with this humanitarian crisis or that…..but have NO tolerance for the suffering of the Palestinian people…..the latest news just emphasizes this hypocrisy…..

A U.S. jury on Monday ordered the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority (PA) to pay more than $218 million for providing material support used in shootings and bombings in the Jerusalem area more than a decade ago.

The verdict in Manhattan federal court added a new dimension to the long-running Middle East conflict, as American victims sought to use U.S. courts to seek damages under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Jurors found in favor of 10 American families suing over six attacks attributed to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Hamas. Victims and their families had requested more than $350 million over shootings and bombings from 2002 to 2004 that killed 33 people and injured over 450.

Justice should not be one-sided…….why am I saying such?

The AP looked at 247 of the 5,000+ Israeli airstrikes in the war, all of which were focused on residential areas, and confirmed a massive death toll even in this small sample of the attacks.

They confirmed 844 dead. 508 of them, over 60% of the total, were women, children, and the elderly, all definitely civilians. The slain men are more difficult to conclusively identify, but since these were residential areas it’s safe to assume civilians are also among them.

Even with this info the US will fight any actions that is taken to hold Israel responsible for anything.  At what point does the US see the devastation that Israel causes in both life and destruction?

How long will Israel’s free ride continue?

The answer is….as long as the politicians can get in the pockets of Israelis for cash…..the Palestinian people will NEVER get justice for anything that Israel does to them.

Flash – Jailed schoolgirl becomes Palestinian symbol – France 24

I have said that the Palestinians need to return to the days of the 1st Intifada….that was when children throwing rocks were met with armed IDF troops……gave the movement a boost and then from there on the answer was rockets and violence.

I understand why they resort to those tactics but they need to find a way to get to the people in other countries….most of which have seem their share of violence so any violence will fall on unsympathetic ears and eyes.

But all that could change….this one story could do more than a group of armed fighters……she should become the focal point of the movement.


Flash – Jailed schoolgirl becomes Palestinian symbol – France 24.

Is Israel A Moral Cripple?

Palestinian people lost their bid for state recognition…….but all is not lost…..they turned to the International Criminal Court as a way to force Israel to face what they had done in Gaza and other such attacks….

An Israeli source has published a good piece on the attempt by the Palestinians…..



Why I Won’t Serve Israel –

One big story during the Israeli attack on Gaza was the IDF soldiers that refused to serve and kill innocent civilians……their story was big news in Europe and Israel……but few were interviewed other than some passing comments……This piece is a good look at why some chose to face desertion charges than be part of the attacks on Gaza….

Please read……it explains the thinking behind some of the refusals….

I appreciate a person that is true to their convictions.


Why I Won’t Serve Israel –


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