Do Not Equate ISIS With Islam

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

To the Right wing morons:  do not look now but your narrative just got f*cked!

I know many people are on the bandwagon of hating Islam because of what ISIS is doing….the ethnic cleansing, beheading, executions and destruction…..and no amount of people coming forward to condemn these actions will change too many minds on the fact that they are haters……basically because they want to hate.

But all that aside…ISIS is using Islam as their justification when in reality they are just thugs and in NO way should reflect the teachings of Islam….as a matter of fact they, ISIS, is doing just the opposite……

“[IS] issued a statement with many changes, cancellations and amendments to the school curriculum,” a Raqqa-based activist told Syria Direct Wednesday, “including the cancellation of school material about [Syrian] nationalism, Christianity and Islam as well as art, music and philosophy.”

That report coming out of Syria……ISIS is cancelling the studies of Islam………do I need to give the slower of my readers a moment to digest that?  Let me repeat it for the slower……..ISIS is cancelling studies of Islam.

Now does that sound like a Muslim organization to you?  Especially from one that uses Islam as a pretext to commit crimes against humanity?

I decided to post this because there will probably be NO other mention of this fact on FOX or WND or that idiot Infowars…….this flies in the face of their lies and will not see the light of day with them……

Just thought my readers needed to know……….

Give Peace a Chance?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

We have a ceasefire in Gaza and it is holding, for now (Sadly, did not last very long)…….talks are going on in Egypt between Palestinians and Israelis and Hamas (talks have been suspended for the renewed attacks in Gaza)…….and Hamas has offered a 10 year truce if certain demands are met….these are:

1. Return of IDF tank positions so that farmers can work their lands

2. Freeing of all prisoners arrested since June 23 (when 3 Israeli teens were killed by Hamas operatives), and improving the conditions of those currently in prison.

3. Lifting of Israel’s naval blockade around Gaza along with the complete opening of the land border crossings.

4. Establishment of an international airport and seaport in Gaza.

5. Expansion of Gaza fishing zone by six miles.

6. Open the Israel-Gaza Rafah border crossing permanently under UN supervision, instead of under Israel’s watch.

7. 10 year truce with Israel along with the deployment of an international observer force on the border.

8. Israel must never enter Gaza under any circumstances and protect Palestinian Muslim worshippers at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

9. Israel must refrain from interfering with the newly created unity Palestinian  government between Fatah and Hamas.

10. Rehabilitation of Gaza Industrial Zones and allowance for Gaza to create a border protection force.

 Try to look at the requests/demands with an objective eye.  Of course they will be unacceptable to Israel.  However, read the list and tell me where there is a problem.
The UN needs to step into the action about here…….base member countries on the ground to keep the peace…….then Israel needs to approve most of them and then we will see who is scamming who.
What does Israel have to lose? They have enough firepower to do what they do best….destroy.  And the West will make sure that they are never without superior weapons systems.
If Israel wants to prove their claims about Hamas then this is the perfect way to expose their deception.  Of course the Zionists within the government will never allow this plan to go into effect.  And the reasons are obvious.
Now for Hamas….they need to accept this plan and hold true to their proposals….this will go along way of proving to the world that they are truly on the side of the Palestinian people and not just a cell of terrorists.
This will make the Palestinians happy and secure and it will make Israelis safe and secure…..where is the problem with either of those?
Hamas has offered…now it is Israel’s turn to prove that they truly want peace and not the destruction of the Palestinians.
How will this end?
My guess is with further airstrikes and more destruction……


It’s Those Damn “Outside Agitators”!

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


How many times will the trooper in charge run up to the closest microphone and decry about those outside agitators?

Do you, my readers, know how often that has been used to explain violence in the streets?  NO?  Well, let me help.

First of all….who are these “outside agitators”?  Define the word “outside”.  I get the agitator part but the ubiquitous “outside” is baffling, at least to me.

Let’s look back at those “outside agitators”…..

The year is 1886, Chicago, during a peaceful labor demonstration a bomb was thrown at police and the resulting gun fire killed several people police as well as civilians.  The subsequent arrests netted 7 or 8 anarchists all convicted of the deed.  “Anarchists” was the term of the day for “outside agitators”.

Fast forward to the labor movement at its height….this , at its zenith 1900-1920, where there were demonstrations and violence was used to silence the labor movement….of course, because of the rise of socialism in those years, the corporate bosses blamed most of the demonstrations and violence on the socialists or what we call “outside agitators”….

Time to hit the fast forward button again…..the tear is mid 1950’s until 1965……this was a movement to give minorities mostly blacks the right to vote and to end segregation……the demonstrations were oft times violent and people died…the southern governments blamed all the protests on “outside agitators”…mostly, according to those perpetrating the violence, were commies and other “agitators”…….

Now slow move forward….the year is 1960’s….some call it the students protests others say it was an anti-war protest….both are correct…..some were looking for social change and others , especially vets, were there to protest the war and its results on people both Americans and Vietnamese.  The biggest and most violent protest was the one in Chicago, again, in 1968……what started off as a protests against the Dem convention being held in the city broke into massive protests and violence….and once again the problem was blamed on “outside agitators”……

There were many other occurrences through the years and most of the most violent ones were explained away as the work of “outside agitators”.

My point is that it is a catch all to explain when security breaks down into violence…it is seldom that the police have lost control of the situation….but rather it was because of all those “outside agitators.  The police seldom if ever admit to their on incompetency… it must be the work of “outside agitators”.

Here is a novel idea….the police should just fess up and admit that they were incompetent in dealing with the situation.  If they cannot do that then maybe explain just who these ever present “outside agitators” really are…..

Another thought…..they have calm right now in Ferguson….maybe you should STOP using the terms guns and Molotovs and concentrate on the positive.



Forward To The Past

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


Ever get Deja Vu…..all over again?

The other day I awoke at my usual early hour and after looking around I thought I may have stepped through some unforeseen time vortex…….and as usual the first thing I do is turn on the news…..and there is where my mind starting racing around trying to decide what was what…….

There are protests and civil unrest on the streets of America…….the Middle East is on fire……voters are having to fight for the right to vote……hostages being help in the Middle East including journalists…….Russia and the West are in a standoff…..Russian troops have entered into another country to quell anti-Russian sentiments……poor people being disenfranchised……black people confronting police………WTF?

I will admit it….I was and am a Doctor Who fan….but I never thought real time travel was possible….but watching the news that day the only explanation I had was that I had somehow stepped back in time to the 1960’s.

What has happened?  And is it possible that American society can get it right this time?

After looking in a mirror I noticed the grey hair….so logically speaking……either I imagined the time vortex or the grey hair went with me……

My trip….forward to the past.

There Is No Right Or Wrong

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


Let’s return today to that magical land of Gaza.  In war there is NO right or wrong……just death and destruction.  WQe were fortunate that we had a couple of days when the violence and destruction was at a minimum but all that has been taken to the crapper….it is on again!

Let me pause here and insert…..before some well meaning troll tries to jump down my throat….may I suggest you read the whole piece before you attempt that jump.

Onward and upward!

I have looked at both sides of the conflict…..and yes I am sympathetic to the Palestinians…….for reasons that are personal and I shared once and will never do that again……but since I do analyze situations I want to talk about the reasons for the conflict.


First, MSM lets the Israeli government have pretty much a free platform to sell their response to the issues at hand….my problem is they are given softball questions to answer that let their talking points fill the airways.  Not once have I heard a journalist ask these people a few pertinent questions.  Like….you say the tunnels are used to attack Israeli civilians….then if so how many attacks have been carried out in the past 5 years?  Or you justify the deaths in Gaza saying it is in response to the rockets fired….how many Israeli civilians have been killed by these rockets in the past 5 years?  Soldiers killed in the commission of a military operation are not civilians.  I would like to hear a good honest answer to those two questions….but of course there is NO way they will answer them.

The Israeli government spokespeople always come back to the tunnels and their intended use……the problem is it is all BS….as proven by CNN and NYT…..

The Israeli site +972 has blown that propaganda completely out of the water. A well-researched article in Hebrew that it translated from an educational worker near Gaza states that the tunnels do not appear to be targeted at civilians and they come out more than a mile from any kibbutz, let alone the kindergartens.

In short, the tunnels fear was hysteria, drummed up by the Israeli government to heighten war fever, and then purveyed by the New York Times and CNN.

The piece at +972 — which is headlined in part, “In reality, every tunnel so far has been used against military targets alone” — was published in Hebrew on “Local Call,” and written by Emanual Yelin, who lives in Be’er Sheva and is said to work near the Gaza border. Yelin is a full-on Israeli patriot, but he has no truck with the lies and propaganda disseminated around the tunnels.

The disgusting thing is that the MSM continues to allow this lie to be told and used as a justification of killing civilians.  As late as today on BBC America an Israeli government official used the lie again.

Now the Palestinians…..whoever is firing the missiles into Israel are cowards….I will agree with the Israeli government on that point.  Hamas needs to get a grip on the factions that are doing this if Hamas statement that they do not know who it is….they want to govern then they need to take control of that one situation.  Once they do that then there is NO excuse for the killing and the destruction.

Now let’s look at the destruction…….is it truly in search of Hamas leadership?

I have been watching and reading most everything I can get on the war and I have made my analysis…….in my thoughts it is all about the destruction of the Palestinian infrastructure of a would be Palestinian state…..look at the targets…hospitals, schools, power generation, roads, water supply and sanitation……all aspects of a state’s infrastructure.  Let’s not forget the terror that the constant threat of attack brings.  And how about the attacks on fishermen or the lack of food through the Gazan wall…..another attempt to hurt the economy and the infrastructure.

Personally, I think Israel is shooting themselves in the butt with their constant attacks on Gaza.  Why?  I will let journalist Dan Glazebrook tell my readers……

………………as many commentators have noted, even if Israel were successful in its stated aim of destroying or weakening Hamas, this would only result in even more militant groups emerging, perhaps even Al Qaeda type groups such as ISIS, gaining support from a traumatised population by promising revenge attacks and uncompromising armed jihad. Whilst many have argued that this would somehow be against Israel’s interests, the reverse is likely to be true. Groups such as ISIS have played a key role in facilitating US and British policies in the Middle East in recent years, by weakening independent regional powers (or potential regional powers) such as Libya, Syria and now Iraq. They would likely have the same effect on Palestine, and would certainly set back the prospects for the emergence of a Palestinian state: they would never countenance, for example, unity with Fatah, and would rather serve to provide a permanent pretext for savage Israeli attacks which Western Europe and North America would be obliged to support. Moreover, if Gaza became an ungoverned and ungovernable disaster zone – which is what Israel is in the process of creating – there would of course be no question of its gaining sovereignty over its territory, and even less over its waters and gas reserves. Israel would remain free to bomb at will, just as the US and Britain remain free to bomb at will in the failed states they have created in Somalia, Libya, Yemen and Iraq.

This constant warfare in the name of security is not going to end well for either side of the conflict….the Palestinians need to tighten their control over the actions of the fringe groups…..and Israel needs to be more forthcoming with their reasons for their ever present attacks…….

To me the Israelis are using every attempt to destroy and part of the area that could be the corner stone of a Palestinians state….so any commitment to a two state solution is disingenuous at best.. and at its worse…..a LIE!


The Only Democracy In The Middle East

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

I have written a lot on the Middle East a region that I like…..and most of it has been met with understanding….but in the isolated moments the haters have shown up….haters….those people that hate Arabs and Muslims and anyone with an opinion in conflict with theirs…..but to most of them I say BITE ME!  I will debate anyone on the region as long as their hatred and bigotry is left at the door and they approach the subject with knowledge……

I bring this up because I have debated people that do not agree with me that Israel is NOT a democracy and the media needs to cease using that analogy……and our less than intelligent diplomats need to cease also…….

I offer up what I see as counter-democracy in Israel……..

Israel has built an Apartheid Wall that separates one ethnic group from another….

Israel takes land from farmers to build settlements for Jewish right wingers……..

Israel silences dissent Arab-Israelis in their parliament, the Knesset…..

Israeli officials call for genocide against citizens of their own country…….

There are segregated roads in Israel you can use them if you have the correct tag color……

And then here is my fave……Israeli soldiers are routinely investigated on suspicion of “fraternizing with minorities,” generally a euphemism for Arabs, even though no such offense exists. This, according to the transcript of a Military Police interview, a copy of which was obtained by Haaretz …………

Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset and member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party, Moshe Feiglin, has called for the use of concentration camps for the “conquest of the entire Gaza Strip, and annihilation of all fighting forces and their supporters.”

Sharing a plan for the destruction of Gaza in a letter addressed to Netanyahu on his Facebook page on August 1, Feiglin wrote “What is required now is that we internalize the fact that Oslo is finished, that this is our country – our country exclusively, including Gaza.”

That from an elected official, a high ranking one at that…….

A prominent Israeli blogger wrote that genocide should be permissible…..

In the post titled “When Genocide is Permissible,” Yochanan Gordon framed his premise as “a question for all the humanitarians out there.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clearly stated at the outset of this incursion that his objective is to restore a sustainable quiet for the citizens of Israel. We have already established that it is the responsibility of every government to ensure the safety and security of its people. If political leaders and military experts determine that the only way to achieve its goal of sustaining quiet is through genocide is it then permissible to achieve those responsible goals?

During hostilities Muslims are barred from their houses of worship

Those are just a few of the problems….over the years they have made Arab-Israelis use a car tag that identifies them…….Palestinians were forced to work for lower wages that an Israeli with like skills……Palestinians are second class citizens……..Palestinian areas have a limited access to water……

There are many cases where the Israelis have denied Palestinians living under Israeli rule from their civil rights…..

The world needs to stop calling Israel a democracy….Israel is NO more democratic than I am a Mexican gardener…….having what appears to be an election does not make a democracy.  it is that simple!

Some Things Last Forever

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

This op-ed will not make me many friends….for you see some wounds last a long, long time…….and there are some wrongs that not even time will heal.

It is well known that I think what the country and the government is doing to our veterans…..there is so much support and then those same supporters will vote against the benefit of our vets……most support is nothing more than lip service and a bit of guilt that these “patriots” are trying to soothe.

I take this lack of concern for the veterans personally.  I am a veteran of the Vietnam War…I was a grunt and on my return I was treated like a social outcast…..once people knew that I was in that war I was avoided like the plague….so forgive me if I sound a bit bitter and there is a good reason for it….I Am Bitter…..STILL!

Ten years after the Fall of Saigon this country decided to do the “right thing” and have a welcome home parade for the Vietnam vet….I was asked to participate but declined….when asked why… I told them what I felt….first, it is too late…second I would not be part of their lame attempt to cleanse their conscience.

I bring this up for a good reason…..we have a chance today to do the right thing for our vets from Iraq and Afghanistan and so far I have seen NOTHING that would lead me to believe that their problems will be treated and once again the country will crap on those that gave their all to do their duty to their country.  Their problems will NOT go away no matter how much spurious concern we show……why would I say something so negative?

Glad you ask!

(Newser) – Post-traumatic stress doesn’t fizzle away after a few years—or perhaps even a lifetime. About 11% of Vietnam War veterans still suffer from the disorder today, according to a new VA study, reports USA Today. It builds off landmark PTSD research conducted in the 1980s and finds that about one-third also battle major depression. The study also found that 18% of vets who suffered from the disorder had died before retirement age, twice the percentage of those without PTSD, reports the New York Times. Minorities, those who enlisted before high school graduation, and those who killed multiple times were also found to be at a higher risk.

“This study shows us what the road ahead is going to look like,” says one of its authors, a psychiatry professor at NYU. “A significant number of veterans are going to have PTSD for a lifetime unless we do something radically different,” he adds, referring to vets from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Along those lines, a doctor at King’s College London finds it “striking” that most of the Vietnam vets with PTSD had discussed their mental health in recent VA visits. “Clearly it doesn’t seem to have done much good.”

That is right……40 years later and the problems remain…..a job well done for an uncaring nation!

As things are today our recent vets have NO reason to feel like the country is going to come to their rescue…..but there is always those charities that help the vets…..that is true and most do excellent work….but then I ask….why should people that did the bidding of their country when called have to depend on charity?  Where is their country?

I am sick of all these bloated toads that we elect screaming about people NOT taking responsibility for their actions and they are the worse perpetrators….and then there are those that run up and thank a soldier for his service……nice gesture but if you want to help make DAMN sure they are not forgotten as were the Viet vet.