Why Do We Trust Israel?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


How about a change of pace?  By now most Americans are so confused that they will turn to snack food as a diversion………and the war goes on.

The other day I was doing what I always do…….reading the international news looking for info that would make good posts for this site……and I came across a story about Israel and the US Congress……

I know that Israel is pulling out all stops to try and prevent any actions for their devastating assault on Gaza…..there has even been rumblings of taking them in front of the international courts for their actions.  The story I reads was a letter sent by that Israel owned senator Kelley Ayotte….it seems this broad has put together a letter and got a wealth of her buds to sign on and mailed it to John Kerry…..but my fave part was this line…….

U.S. Senators Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Bob Casey (D-PA), a member of the National Security Working Group, announced that they’ve led a letter signed by 88 senators to Secretary of State John Kerry urging the Administration to take steps to ensure that no assistance is diverted to Hamas, support the Palestinian Authority’s effort to govern in Gaza, and discourage Palestinian unilateral measures at the United Nations and International Criminal Court that bypass direct negotiations and undermine the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

You can read the rest of this con job here……

Sounds like they are running scared and are begging the US to pull their butts out of an international fire……after all Israel pays good money for these Americans to do their bidding.

This got me to thinking of past incidents that would make anyone suspicious of their intentions……..

The first incident that I question is the unprovoked attack on a Navy ship, the USS Liberty…..Israel attack the American sigint ship in 1967 killing 34 American sailors and wounding 171……and they got away with it….basically a “oops, my bad”…….Strike One

Next was the Beirut bombing of the Marine barracks in 1983……..the Marines were sent to Beirut by the Reagan admin as a peacekeeping force…….two truck bombs were detonated by a group calling itself “Islamic Jihad” killing 299 soldiers, American and French.

The US spent a couple of years trying to identify the culprits…..we were having little success and the US turned to its only ‘friend’ in the region, Israel.  Their intel service, the Moussad, had people in the region and provided intel to the US…..they said that a shi’a cleric named sheikh Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah was the head of Hezbollah and authorized the bombs.  The CIA formed a plan to kill this person with a truck bomb……which was detonated killing 80 people and injuring about 200 and none of them was the target……shortly there after the CIA learned the Fadlallah had little to no connection to Hezbollah what so ever.  Strike two

The next occasion to use Israeli intel was after the Berlin bombing of the bar La Belle in 1986…..a Libyan agent detonated a bomb in the night club killing and wounding Americans…once again the CIA was tasked into taking out Qaddafi who they identified as the person ordering the hit on Americans.  The US came up with a plan to take out the leader at the same time as it was punishing the country for the attack……again the problem was that the CIA had no assets on the ground in Tripoli and they once again turning to their buds at Moussad for help.  The day of the attack the Israelis were watching Qaddafi’s compound to make sure he would be working when the hit came….they reported that Qaddafi was working in his tent….with confirmation 3 minutes later the bombs landed on his compound.  The raid was a success but Qaddafi was not in his tent at the time.  Strike Three.

Those are three strikes against Israel for being a ‘friend’ and ally to the US.  Also there have been numerous spies that were Americans working for Israel……

Their, Israel’s, biggest bullshit situation is the one of Iranian nukes……since the early 80’s according to Israeli intel Iran has been from a couple of months to as much as 3 years away from acquiring a nuke weapon…..and so far they still do not have such a weapon.  But that does not stop Israel from spreading fear…..recently at the UN BiBi said that Iran was more threatening that ISIS….same old tired lament.

I do not understand the utter acceptance by Americans of Israel….they have proven over and over that they care less about us as a people…….it is time for the US to break its addiction to all things Israeli.

Israel is NO friend…all they see is a wallet stuffed with cash when they look at the US.

Why to we Americans continue to trust a country with a proven track record contrary actions.  But America like the good little lap dog that we are and do whatever master Israel wants us to do……..they are GUILTY to crimes against humanity in their war on Gaza.

Americans demanded action for the death of two Americans at the hands of ISIS….but gave Israel a pass for killing 34 Americans….where is the logic there?

The United States needs to STOP trusting anything that Israel says….their contempt for the US is well documented…….


STOP Coddling Israel!

Something completely different today…………….I have a full day of doctors and lectures today….so I will be depending on drafts that I have saved……

Now that the war on Palestinians is over (for now) there is a full court press to protect Israel from any repercussions from there all out destruction of Gaza…….According to U.S. Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY), the Israeli government hopes that he and his colleagues in Washington, DC will do everything in their power to prevent the International Criminal Court from pushing forward with possible war crimes charges against his nation over its recent attack on the Gaza Strip which resulted in the killing over nearly 1,900 Palestinians, including a large proportion of civilians and hundreds of children.

The US Senate rushed to the aid if Israel with Senate Resolution #526…..

Bill text available as:

The US just repeats the lies that Israel spreads…like the tunnel thing….and that the war was about getting Hamas…..the war was about total destruction of the Gaza infrastructure, nothing else….and the whole democracy thing is also a lie……elections do not make a democracy…………time for the US to do the right thing and cut the cord!

And now the nuclear Middle East……….

After spurning the Syria-backed resolution, the IAEA voted 117-0 in favor of an Egypt version that called on “all states in the region” to join the NPT. Israel is the only nation in the entire region that is not a member of the NPT, so it effectively urges the exact same thing, just avoiding mentioning Israel by name.

At that time, during the NPT’s own conference, the United States signed and loudly endorsed a call for a “nuclear free Middle East.” When it was pointed out after the conference that this meant Israel, the only nuclear-armed nation, the State Department issued a statement of “deep regret” over the deal, complaining it unfairly singled out Israel.

The US has been covering Israel’s ass since 1948…….at what point does it become monotonous……..it is about time that Israel stand on their own and start taking responsibility for their actions.  They have become a bully….and a bully with protectors in their pockets.

As long as their money is spread around like peanut butter among our politicians there will never be a point that we do not bend to their, Israel’s, will.

I know…..I know….I am a dreamer….as long as the defense contractors can make money we will forever be kneeling to Israel……a position that America has become too comfortable with after so many years.

As my reader can tell….. I have become truly disgusted with the situation.



Chuq, What To Do?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


Has anyone else noticed that the war on ISIS has all but slid off the front page?  I guess it is the old “outta sight, outta mind” thing.

We Americans are a fickle bunch.  Once we lose interest then we move on to the next “big” story that the media feeds us.  And then begin to bitch about that little piece of info fed to is through an eye dropper.

It is almost predictable just how fast the war thing becomes a distant memory once the case has been made to do it and the public gives it it’s approval.  Once we digest the new events then we start bitching about what is being done and how we cannot understand the situation at all.  And the bitching will continue until the media decides it is time to move on and give Americans another diversion.

Bet you would like an example…..look at the latest war on Gaza…..while the bombs were falling and people dying every pundit was trying to get to the “real” facts of the conflict….now the bombs have stopped but the dying continues and NO one cares enough to do a follow up….this accomplishes things like diverts the attention from the possible war crimes of Israel and diverts attention to other bigger things (to be determined by the media)…….

Or the latest news………..Afghanistan and the United States signed a long-awaited security pact today that will allow US forces to remain in the country past the end of the year. At a ceremony held at the presidential palace in Kabul, newly appointed national security adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar signed the document along with US Ambassador James Cunningham. The deal will allow about 10,000 American troops to stay in the country after the international combat mission ends Dec. 31.

The pundit class never noticed…..but a DUI from some swimmer makes in the evening news…..matters not that we will be fighting in Afghanistan for at least 25 years.  Or their fixation on some American blue blood that squirts out a baby…..NO one cares!

There is NOTHING more important that our soldiers and especially fighting a war they cannot win……saying nothing about the damage these wars have done to lives and families….but somehow it is not that important.  It is SHAMEFUL!

This is one blogger that will NOT take the bait.  And because of my stubbornness I will possibly lose some readers because I will not bow to social convention and take the bait.

When I write I write for truth and understanding….NOT for popularity.  If my style loses me readers then so be it…..but I will NOT compromise just to gain popularity.

As the war continues….so will be my posts……..

For my readers that appreciate my attempts to paint a more factual picture of our involvement in the Middle east….Thank you for your time…..and to those that will move on…..sorry to see you go.

Turn the page!

Do Not Equate ISIS With Islam

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

To the Right wing morons:  do not look now but your narrative just got f*cked!

I know many people are on the bandwagon of hating Islam because of what ISIS is doing….the ethnic cleansing, beheading, executions and destruction…..and no amount of people coming forward to condemn these actions will change too many minds on the fact that they are haters……basically because they want to hate.

But all that aside…ISIS is using Islam as their justification when in reality they are just thugs and in NO way should reflect the teachings of Islam….as a matter of fact they, ISIS, is doing just the opposite……

“[IS] issued a statement with many changes, cancellations and amendments to the school curriculum,” a Raqqa-based activist told Syria Direct Wednesday, “including the cancellation of school material about [Syrian] nationalism, Christianity and Islam as well as art, music and philosophy.”

That report coming out of Syria……ISIS is cancelling the studies of Islam………do I need to give the slower of my readers a moment to digest that?  Let me repeat it for the slower……..ISIS is cancelling studies of Islam.

Now does that sound like a Muslim organization to you?  Especially from one that uses Islam as a pretext to commit crimes against humanity?

I decided to post this because there will probably be NO other mention of this fact on FOX or WND or that idiot Infowars…….this flies in the face of their lies and will not see the light of day with them……

Just thought my readers needed to know……….

Give Peace a Chance?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

We have a ceasefire in Gaza and it is holding, for now (Sadly, did not last very long)…….talks are going on in Egypt between Palestinians and Israelis and Hamas (talks have been suspended for the renewed attacks in Gaza)…….and Hamas has offered a 10 year truce if certain demands are met….these are:

1. Return of IDF tank positions so that farmers can work their lands

2. Freeing of all prisoners arrested since June 23 (when 3 Israeli teens were killed by Hamas operatives), and improving the conditions of those currently in prison.

3. Lifting of Israel’s naval blockade around Gaza along with the complete opening of the land border crossings.

4. Establishment of an international airport and seaport in Gaza.

5. Expansion of Gaza fishing zone by six miles.

6. Open the Israel-Gaza Rafah border crossing permanently under UN supervision, instead of under Israel’s watch.

7. 10 year truce with Israel along with the deployment of an international observer force on the border.

8. Israel must never enter Gaza under any circumstances and protect Palestinian Muslim worshippers at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

9. Israel must refrain from interfering with the newly created unity Palestinian  government between Fatah and Hamas.

10. Rehabilitation of Gaza Industrial Zones and allowance for Gaza to create a border protection force.

 Try to look at the requests/demands with an objective eye.  Of course they will be unacceptable to Israel.  However, read the list and tell me where there is a problem.
The UN needs to step into the action about here…….base member countries on the ground to keep the peace…….then Israel needs to approve most of them and then we will see who is scamming who.
What does Israel have to lose? They have enough firepower to do what they do best….destroy.  And the West will make sure that they are never without superior weapons systems.
If Israel wants to prove their claims about Hamas then this is the perfect way to expose their deception.  Of course the Zionists within the government will never allow this plan to go into effect.  And the reasons are obvious.
Now for Hamas….they need to accept this plan and hold true to their proposals….this will go along way of proving to the world that they are truly on the side of the Palestinian people and not just a cell of terrorists.
This will make the Palestinians happy and secure and it will make Israelis safe and secure…..where is the problem with either of those?
Hamas has offered…now it is Israel’s turn to prove that they truly want peace and not the destruction of the Palestinians.
How will this end?
My guess is with further airstrikes and more destruction……


It’s Those Damn “Outside Agitators”!

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


How many times will the trooper in charge run up to the closest microphone and decry about those outside agitators?

Do you, my readers, know how often that has been used to explain violence in the streets?  NO?  Well, let me help.

First of all….who are these “outside agitators”?  Define the word “outside”.  I get the agitator part but the ubiquitous “outside” is baffling, at least to me.

Let’s look back at those “outside agitators”…..

The year is 1886, Chicago, during a peaceful labor demonstration a bomb was thrown at police and the resulting gun fire killed several people police as well as civilians.  The subsequent arrests netted 7 or 8 anarchists all convicted of the deed.  “Anarchists” was the term of the day for “outside agitators”.

Fast forward to the labor movement at its height….this , at its zenith 1900-1920, where there were demonstrations and violence was used to silence the labor movement….of course, because of the rise of socialism in those years, the corporate bosses blamed most of the demonstrations and violence on the socialists or what we call “outside agitators”….

Time to hit the fast forward button again…..the tear is mid 1950’s until 1965……this was a movement to give minorities mostly blacks the right to vote and to end segregation……the demonstrations were oft times violent and people died…the southern governments blamed all the protests on “outside agitators”…mostly, according to those perpetrating the violence, were commies and other “agitators”…….

Now slow move forward….the year is 1960’s….some call it the students protests others say it was an anti-war protest….both are correct…..some were looking for social change and others , especially vets, were there to protest the war and its results on people both Americans and Vietnamese.  The biggest and most violent protest was the one in Chicago, again, in 1968……what started off as a protests against the Dem convention being held in the city broke into massive protests and violence….and once again the problem was blamed on “outside agitators”……

There were many other occurrences through the years and most of the most violent ones were explained away as the work of “outside agitators”.

My point is that it is a catch all to explain when security breaks down into violence…it is seldom that the police have lost control of the situation….but rather it was because of all those “outside agitators.  The police seldom if ever admit to their on incompetency…..so it must be the work of “outside agitators”.

Here is a novel idea….the police should just fess up and admit that they were incompetent in dealing with the situation.  If they cannot do that then maybe explain just who these ever present “outside agitators” really are…..

Another thought…..they have calm right now in Ferguson….maybe you should STOP using the terms guns and Molotovs and concentrate on the positive.



Forward To The Past

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


Ever get Deja Vu…..all over again?

The other day I awoke at my usual early hour and after looking around I thought I may have stepped through some unforeseen time vortex…….and as usual the first thing I do is turn on the news…..and there is where my mind starting racing around trying to decide what was what…….

There are protests and civil unrest on the streets of America…….the Middle East is on fire……voters are having to fight for the right to vote……hostages being help in the Middle East including journalists…….Russia and the West are in a standoff…..Russian troops have entered into another country to quell anti-Russian sentiments……poor people being disenfranchised……black people confronting police………WTF?

I will admit it….I was and am a Doctor Who fan….but I never thought real time travel was possible….but watching the news that day the only explanation I had was that I had somehow stepped back in time to the 1960’s.

What has happened?  And is it possible that American society can get it right this time?

After looking in a mirror I noticed the grey hair….so logically speaking……either I imagined the time vortex or the grey hair went with me……

My trip….forward to the past.