Here’s What Life In Iraq Was Like Under Saddam Hussein – Business Insider

When I was working in the Middle East I got to visit Iraq in 1980…..I found it a different country than had been described…..the people were happy, well as happy as they could be under a dictator, they has health care, education and a clean environment….Baghdad was so clean you could have eaten off the streets……and gas was cheap…..the people were friendly and would talk about anything but politics, that could be expected, not once was I assailed for not being a Muslim…a alas a dictator is still a dictator…….during the war and after things went from good to worse……..

I found this piece from a person that lived in Iraq and his opinion of what life was like……


Here’s What Life In Iraq Was Like Under Saddam Hussein – Business Insider.

Why Senseless Destruction?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor

Before I start I would like to thank my followers….as of today I have 801 official followers.  That number is my important number….some bloggers look for hits to say their blog is a success…..for me it is the number of followers…….why?  I means that every single post goes out to 801 followers and hopefully they read them and appreciate the effort that I try to put into every post.  So thank you my friends….i appreciate your patronage very much.

Now onto the meat of the post…….I recall in those dark days when the extreme fundamentalists of the Taliban came to power….one of their first actions was to dusty a huge statue of Buddha that had been carved into the mountain in Afghanistan……

It was destroyed because that it somehow offended their sensibilities….a totally piece of crap.  they destroyed part of their heritage in Afghanistan for some moronic religious thinking….that is sad…..

And then in Mali, the west African nation that is having a massive outbreak of extreme fundamentalism,  in towns they occupied they have set about destroying the shrines to the Muslim saints of Sufism, a sect of Muslim… the 13th century Timbuktu was the center of Muslim learning…..but the Wahhabi, that extreme sect, thought that the shrines were an a front to Allah and must be destroyed…..many were destroyed before they were stopped….

Now in the area of Mosul and the surrounding territory occupied by ISIS….these extremists are at it here too…..

Militant Sunni Islamists who seized swathes of northern Iraq last week have destroyed symbols of Iraq’s heritage in the city of Mosul, including statues of cultural icons and the tomb of a medieval philosopher.

Witnesses said militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) had destroyed a statue of Othman al-Mousuli, a 19th Century Iraqi musician and composer, and the statue of Abu Tammam, an Abbasid-era Arab poet.

The tomb of Ibn al-Athir, an Arab philosopher who travelled with the army of warrior sultan Salahuddin in the 12th century was desecrated after ISIL took the city. Witnesses said the domed shrine had been razed and a park around it dug up.

ISIL and other militants, whose strict Salafi interpretation of Islam deems the veneration of tombs to be idolatrous, have destroyed several tombs and mosques inside Syria and now in neighbouring Iraq where they have seized towns and cities.

I am sorry but there is NO logical reason to destroy one’s heritage in the name of religion……..How long will this type of senseless destruction continue?

Destruction for the sake of destruction is NOT an act to preserve one’s religion or beliefs… is senseless and moronic and an act of ignorance!

How Many Times Can They Miss The Boat?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor

The American people to start asking their leaders about the reliability of our intel gathering community.  Is it ti protect the country or to act as the agent for special interests?  A valid question to be asked after the abysmal track record the community has had in the recent past.

The intel group gets lots of press when they foil a plot or capture a bad guy…..but what about all the signs that they missed since 9/11?

The CIA and others were caught flat footed when the attack of 9/11 occurred……..hey were still debating the intel when the planes hit……and what happened with the Iraq invasion?  Their main concern was finding a good logical reason for invasion and never considered what would happen with Saddam gone.  Either they discounting any info about the sectarian violence that would follow or it was of NO concern.  And then there was Russia’s attack on the country of Georgia…..another miss step.  Most recently the whole Ukraine vs Russia thing, especially the Crimea thing….oops missed another!  And now they missed the coming storm that is the attacks by ISIS.

Now what could be the best most logical excuse for missing the boat on so many situations?  With present intel reporting there is NO way for the country to remain safe from attack… long as the special interests are running the show we will forever be open to violations of our security.

I would like to believe that these institution are just hiring morons…….but that seems highly unlikely.  Could they hire people to do the best work to give the special interests what they want?  These agencies are functioning like a think tank…..that is they are given a conclusion and the peons must come up with supporting reports and research.

The country needs accurate intel analysis that is the only way to provide the security that we all desperately seek.  As it is now we have only “YES” men for special interests and true intel suffers.


Welcome Home

Opinion from the desk of the Editor

DC is just full of activity….well that is a lie…..about the only thing they, elected officials, have is the VA situation or a scandal if you will.

All the yelling, screaming, finger pointing and denouncing of the head of the VA and then they dash for the nearest camera crew to be the first on air for the day…..

It is all too pathetic for words……..everyone is outraged at the treatment, or in this case the lack of, for our returning veterans……they state what a disgrace it is that the government is treating these people like chattel…..they demand the head of the VA to resign,….still waiting to hear just how that will repair the problem…..but as usual it is NOT about the veterans but rather trying to embarrass the president and his administration…….

That is a bit harsh don’t you think?  personally, no not harsh enough….for you see the ‘champions’ of the veterans, at least that is what they would have us believe, Sens. McCain, Graham and Ayotte are very vocal on just what a scandal this situation is and that it is unacceptable… have heard all the hype, no doubt……

These three along with 38 other GOP senators voted against a veterans benefit bill saying that it was too expensive and a budget breaker…….think about that fr a damn moment.

These are the people that have no qualms about sending in American troops into a meat grinder but cannot be bothered with the care once they return……they are treating our brave soldiers like tools….once broken then discard and find some more……and the American people look the other way….but when they see someone in uniform they dash up and thank them…….looks like soothing a guilty conscience……

Here is the bottom line—-our veterans answered the call of the country and we owe them more than we can repay….at least we could have their backs when it comes to getting the help they desperately need…..but instead of showing these brave souls the respect they deserve we spend our time crapping all over them… is sickening!

This country has been crapping on the veteran for 60+ years and the people they protect look the other way and vote for these that could care less about the status of the veterans…….Americans need to show their support for the vets or shut the hell up………as long as we vote for cowards like Graham, Ayotte and McCain, yes him too….for only a coward would turn their back on an American veteran in need of help…..and you really do not want to know what i think of the people that vote for people like them……

Time for the American people to do the right thing, something they have never been very good at, and show our vets the respect they deserve.

Another Conversation?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor

Damn!  I’m bored!  I have bean searching for something the write about, something important… know what!  there i NOTHING!  just the same regurgitation of bullsh*t from days past…….

But wait!  There has been another shooting, that is kinda like saying there was another evening, the MSM has been rescued from having to locate a real story that needs reporting…….it is always a tragedy when some dickhead with a gun goes on a shooting spree harming and killing innocent by-standers.  but his one is different and ill need endless analysis and reporting.

It seems that this newest dumb ass felt that his advances towards women were brushed aside by the objects of his attention….so as usual he took to social media to record his twaddle then set bout doing harm.  Not much new now……but then there is the woman thing……a new twist and something that the MSM feels we Must have a conversation about for the next month or so.

There is more to the story than some crazy person objectifying women……but so far that is hat the media has fixated on…..why?  A new twist that they can milk for everything it is worth.

Another conversation we are told we must have……along with guns, race, etc.

So fr most of the “experts” have been talking about sexism……not the availability of guns to wackos……of course I am sure that I have missed something…..I try to keep on track but the blubbering idiots just make it so hard……

Yes, there is sexism…..there has been for a long time…..and we have had many decades of conversations and you know……… there is still sexism……..and we have had many many decades of gun conversations and so far the results of those conversations have produced nothing as a solution…..

I am weary of all these “conversations’ we are having….they offer NOTHING but a chance for the media to try and grab the lead in the ratings game….all the while the violence continues…..against kids, women and innocents in general……..

if we must have these conversations then at least make it appear that we are hunting a solution …..and not just filling air time.

Was An Apology Necessary?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor

Today I started off with international relations and now I will do a 180………….

By now even the densest yahoo has heard of the idiot Sterling and his problems with black people……of course he is not a racist because some of his close friends are black, always a good statement to make when you are finally outed.

And once again the country is having that conversation that we are told we need to have every time some screws up and makes a lame brain statement……..and the beat goes on…..unfortunately the MSM will not lets this go…..they cannot…it is worth its weight in gold in ratings.

Is there any more that can be said?  Of course there is.

When speaking about the sterling situation the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, made a statement……

 “I know I’m prejudiced and I know I’m bigoted in a lot of different ways. If I see a black kid in a hoodie on my side of the street, I’ll move to the other side of the street. If I see a white guy with a shaved head and tattoos, I’ll move back to the other side of the street. None of us have pure thoughts; we all live in glass houses.”

After he made his statement the MSM was all over it and made it into a statement of the Trayvon Martin situation……..and Cuban had to back track on what he had said……..

“In hindsight, I should have used different examples. I didn’t consider the Trayvon Martin family, and I apologize to them for that. Beyond apologizing to the Martin family, I stand by the words and substance of the interview,” Cuban said in a series of tweets.

“I think that helping people improve their lives, helping people engage with people they may fear or may not understand, and helping people realize that while we all may have our prejudices and bigotries. We have to learn that it’s an issue that we have to control, that it’s part of my responsibility as an entrepreneur to try to solve it.”

My question is why did Cuban have to apologize?  he was speaking to truth……but the MSM had to have something to keep the Sterling issue going…..if not they would have to wait until the NBA ruling and that could take awhile and they did not want to lose the news.

My opinion is that Cuban did not owe anyone anything.  He spoke his mind and someone took offense and he did what he had to do……..this situation illustrates why we can NEVER have the conversation that all pundits say we need to have on race.

NO one wants that conversation to take place…..especially the MSM…….people are afraid of this conversation…..why?  You cannot be honest without hurting someone’s feelings or your words are turned back on you……..

The much needed conversation is doomed……it will never take place…..thanx to FEAR!

Muslim–The New “Black”

Opinion from the desk of the Editor

Last week I watched the closing speeches of the “Super’ Tuesday elections…….I thought they were the most pathetic collection of BS that I have ever heard… that I am more disgusted……let us move on shall we?

I recently wrote a post about Islam……and as predicted the buzzword got some action on the site…..the post was explaining why I disagree with the hate mongers that say all Islam is about killing the infidel and hate……the post was entitled…..”Damn The Hate”…….

As I thought there was lots of telling me read surah 2 and 4 which sez it all for some people…….that Muslims will kill anyone not a Muslim…….not true!

I was giving my thoughts on Islam from my perception when I was exposed to it everyday while working in the Middle East……I never encountered anyone that would attack me for not being Muslim and yes, contrary to popular belief I am not a Muslim.  I was treated with generosity, friendship and understanding.  I am not saying that hate is not there….just that I was not exposed to it when there.

I mean anyone can find a hate passage in the Bible…….it is all in the interpretation.  people can find hate if they look hard enough and in any place they chose.

It is true that some terrorists are Muslim but that does not mean that ALL Muslims are terrorists………..for instance the hot button terrorist of the day—–Boko Haram………and this article says it better than I could, especially at this early hour………..

Boko Haram considers itself an Islamist group and often gets labeled as such in news reports, maybe with the word “extremist” tossed in. Wrong, writes Carla Power at Time. Boko Haram is a “criminal group,” not an Islamist one, and that’s what we should call it. Everything about its actions defies the teaching of Muhammad, from its campaign against education, to its forced marriages and conversions, to its declared war on Christianity and the brutal slayings of innocents.

Even the very idea that Boko Haram is waging jihad is incorrect, because self-appointed leaders like Osama bin Laden or Boko Haram’s Abubakar Shekau have no authority to do so. Far from being Islamist, members of Boko Haram are actually “traitors to their faith,” writers Power. “Their sickening deeds and rhetoric repeatedly demonstrate that not only do they lack kinship with the vast majority of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims, but they lack respect for the religion they claim to fight for.” Click for the full column.

Boko Haram is a criminal organization that is using Islam as a justification…….they are NOT true Muslims.  The killing of innocents is a sin……suicide is sin………just as Christians can find justification of their actions in the Bible……so do these faux Muslims.

The hate that is spouted daily is just disgusting regurgitation from small minds.

Words like Islamist or Muslim are just a dog whistle word for hate…….Muslim is the new Black!


UN Sanctions Approved

Opinion from the desk of the Editor

First, I would like to ask all my readers to take a moment to remember all those brave Americans that gave their lives in defense of their nation………they gave more than was asked of them…..and to a country that is not noted for its thanks…..please remember and reflect….it is the least we can do………

It is evident if one reads my posts that I am NOT a supporter of sanctions.  Yes, they work on some level but as a whole they are just a fart in the wind in today’s world.  I point to the sanctions that were announced aimed at Russia because of the Ukraine situation…….I ask….at what point were they effective?

Russia accomplished what they set out to do….they kept Ukraine from entering into an association with NATO……..sanctions would have made difference of the outcome.

I bring up this because of the kidnapping of those girls in Nigeria by Boko Haram…….it seems the answer to the problem, at least from the UN is to impose sanctions against Boko Haram.  The UN has issued a statement on these sanctions………”What will the practical impact of that be? Hard to say but it’s an essential step we had to take,” said Australian U.N. Ambassador Gary Quinlan, al Qaeda sanctions committee chair, adding that the aim was to “dry up support” for the group.

“We will work to try and make sure that anybody supplying any material assistance to Boko Haram – whether funding or arms – will in fact be stopped, will be deterred by the fact they too will be eligible for listing on the sanctions list,” he said.

This is just laughable to me……….BH is financed by bank robbery, extortion and all around violence……weapons are obtained using those same tactics… where will sanctions change anything in that area?

Sanctions on BH are a worthless waste of energy…….sanctions are nothing but a feel good device to make the world think something is being done to control the situation… will accomplish very little and will certainly NOT rescue the girls in question.

BH is laughing their butts off….they see it for what it is…….NOTHING!

Once again it is the world employing outdated tactics to handle a very modern problem.  They cannot think outside the box because they cannot find the box.


Boko Haram: How To Win The Psy-Ops War

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

I have patiently waited to see what everyone had to say about how to handle the situation in Nigeria and that of Boko Haram……and as usual a lot of it is pure manure!

When I first got interested in international relations I wanted to study the causes of war……thanx to my time experiencing it first hand, both overt and covert………after some of the studies were out of the way I decided to specialize in Middle East Studies……..this opinion piece is from a person who has experienced war first hand and how to deal with an opponent that cannot be negotiated with at any time.

I need to warn my readers that my idea will not be a popular one and may even be considered barbaric by some……but there is a way to handle the situation of the missing girls once they are found……..

We,  and by we I mean the rest of the so-called civilized world, have to make this a situation that should never be attempted and to do that we need to use psychological warfare as well as strength…..we know that this situation will not be resolved by negotiation and trust……and since we know this there can be only one way to proceed.  If we have a weak stomach then this will not end well for the world and especially for the kidnapped girls.

Some action needs to be formulated…….an the time tried technique of sanctions is not, I repeat NOT, a good idea……..this will end only with a good complete strike against Boko Haram……a quick strike and extraction is a good scenario but a lame one……without inflicting damage on the group what will stop them from doing this again?

There comes a time when one must play by the rules of the opponent and this is one of those times……it must be brutal and all encompassing.  Yes, even messy.

I would work the angle of the human traffickers in the region….they know where this group is and where the girls are housed.  Offer them $1 million for location with NO repercussions against them…….then give them the option of taking home $10 million for the head of the leader….and I do not mean that metaphorically.

Once the girls are located and extracted then the entire group needs to pay the ultimate price for their actions…….if that is a sticking point then i say you will face a similar scenario over and over.  There MUST be a price for their actions…..and that price needs to be strong and bold… that any further considerations for terror long these lines will cause a group some second thoughts.

Sanctions, condemnation and negotiation will do NOTHING to eliminate these tactics from the terrorist arsenal…..make them face reality……that actions have consequences.  We must cut the head off the snake!

I know these are extreme measures and the world may well criticize such an action……..but it will send a message and make terrorists realize that they are NOT in control.

Doing the little things like sanctions will do nothing to change the minds of terrorists and their unacceptable actions.

Rescue the girls….then be bold… brutal…… barbaric……….. or good home and shut the Hell up!

Note:  Under normal conditions I am NOT in favor of using US Troops for every international situation…..where I do have a problem is when innocent civilians are harmed by warring factions……it is unacceptable……NO matter who does the harming.

The situation in Nigeria demands a through resolution…..a resolution that will send a message to all wannabe extremists…..that there is a consequence for involving civilians in their mindless conflict……..if they act like animals then treat them like animals…….PERIOD!

Time To Replace MSM

An Op-Ed from the desk of IST’s managing editor…..

For many years I have been bitching about the Mainstream Media (MSM)……it lost all its objectivity when in became an arm of a corporation’s entertainment division… is NO longer about informing the viewer more like up the ratings at any cost…….

We all have our news sources….for me it is a site of Breaking News which is updated every 5 minutes or so with news from many different sources…..the on air media has become an arm of the propaganda machine of political parties and ideologies……

Let’s look at a recent news item….missing flight from Malaysia…….there has been NO new information since the original report of it disappearing……and yet a month in and we are still getting updates of NOTHING!

Then some of the pressure was taken off the channels when the mountain slid down on the tiny town of Oso, Washington….and we set off reporting the none news items……endless reporting of NO news…….

Finally that story got a break when a guy went on a shooting spree at Ft. Hood Texas……and now we are talking to everyone that ever saw this guy….even the pizza delivery guy from two nights before….it is not news now…once the breaking news was reported it was over….then the media set about sensationalizing the act…….It will be relentless until another “breaking news” pushes it off the radar…….

This newest story is making me sick……okay the newest guy bought his gun from the same store that the previous Ft. Hood shooter got his…….full disclosure….I admit that I once walked past this store and looked in…..according to the media that makes me a ticking time bomb…….oh well……

The media has missed many worthy stories in the blind pursuit of the sensational……,and because they determine what is important….the American people are becoming less and less informed……..and because they are less informed our society is suffering….but then that is the key to what the media is actually doing……..

An ignorant society is easy to manipulate………and YOU are letting them get away with it…….