ISIS Coalition SITREP #43

Good Day and welcome to briefing…..this will be a short week because of T’giving… the month ends the news of the conflict is but a trickle….but that is expected because the media now has immigration to fixate on…..and of course the wait for the decision in Ferguson………….but IST will remain a good source of information for the war and its consequences….

Item 1–ISIS seems to be in the move again…..

(CNN)ISIS militants are fighting Iraqi military and tribal forces close to the main government complex of Anbar province in the center of Ramadi, according to a local official there.

The fighting started Friday after ISIS militants launched a coordinated assault from different direction around the city, according to Faleh al-Issawi, deputy head of the provincial council.

The battle is taking place about 1,000 feet from the complex that houses the local government and security headquarters. “If the government complex falls, it would mean the fall of the whole province,” Al-Issawi told CNN.

Anbar where the US will try to use the tribes again to fight the bad guys….

Item 2–US has issued mixed messages on the Syrian front of the conflict…….

Vice President Joe Biden spent four hours today in private meetings with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The topic: how to impose regime change on Syria, Turkey’s war-torn neighbor to the south.

Publicly, the US has been in favor of regime change for years, and had been backing “moderate” rebel factions on and off in hopes of installing one of them.

Since entering a direct war with ISIS in Syria two months ago, the US war focus has been on ISIS and other rebel factions, strikes which the US concedes are benefiting the Assad government.

At some point the US will need to pick one eventuality concerning Syria….hopefully it will not be too LATE to effectively meet the strategy.

Item 3–This is a paradox since Turkey has been fighting the PKK and Peshmerga for decades…….

(Reuters) – Turkish soldiers are training Kurdish peshmerga fighters in northern Iraq and will give similar assistance to a new national army unit in Baghdad as part of the struggle against Islamic State, a senior Turkish official said on Saturday.

Turkish soldiers began special forces training with Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq three weeks ago, peshmerga spokesman Brigadier General Halgurd Hikmat said. The Turkish official said similar assistance would be given to Iraq’s National Guard.

Item 4–Chuck Hagel resigns as sec of Defense……There is more to this than meets the eye…I will be looking into this situation… guess at this time is he did not like the direction of the war against ISIS……

Sadly the media does not think that a conflict where Americans can die is woth more than a few seconds as an afterthought to some BS report on what Cosby has done….personally I find it disgusting.

Thanx for your time and attention………

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Why is the US administration pushing for a ground intervention in Iraq? | Al Akhbar English

This is an opinion piece coming out of the Middle East…….

With all the denial coming out of DC…..what is it that makes the people of the Middle East think the US is planning another intervention?

This piece is interesting in it says a lot of what us “radicals” have been saying for months……

Read and let me know what you think……


Why is the US administration pushing for a ground intervention in Iraq? | Al Akhbar English.

ISIS Coalition SITREP #42

Good day and welcome……this will conclude the briefings for this week… will be a short briefing because the prez has made his announcement on immigration and the war, the death and the destruction will just have to take a backseat……

Item 1–Months back the Iraqi Army tucked and ran in the face of ISIS…..and now the Iraqi government is demanding more weapons to fight……

The 2008-2009 Iraqi Army had a lot of very high-end US weaponry and vehicles. It was the best weaponry money (and a lot of taxpayer aid) can buy, and that gear was the envy of the region.

US officials are reportedly reluctant to sell Iraq a new collection of high-end weaponry because a large chunk of the weapons that were there a few years ago were abandoned by Iraqi troops in retreat and looted by ISIS.

A valid concern….if we send them more weapons how long will it be before they are in the hands of ISIS?

Item 2–Before funding is approved US troops will be deployed in Iraq……

Some of the 1,500 U.S. troops authorized to advise and train Iraqi forces in their fight against Islamic State militants will deploy to the country in the next few weeks without waiting for Congress to fund the mission, the Pentagon said on Thursday.

Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, said leading elements of the U.S. force would begin moving to Iraq in the coming weeks, even if Congress has not yet acted on a $5.6 billion supplemental request to fund the expanded fight against the militants who overran northwestern Iraq this year.

What is the rush?

Item 3–Finally!  Some truth coming out of the admin…….

Obama Administration suggested that a wholesale reconsideration of the ISIS war in Syria was going to be changing the near-term goals toward the ousting of President Bashar Assad.

Now, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is conceding again that Assad is “indirectly benefiting” from the war, even though the US doesn’t mean for that to happen.

The question is….how will they overcome this situation?

Item 4–Israel is getting closer to a possible intervention……

Another Syrian province looks set to fall out of Assad government control soon, with al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra sending some 2,000 fighters against Ba’ath City and Khan Arnaba, the last towns they yet control in Quneitra Province.

The Quneitra Province covers the Syrian side of the Golan Heights frontier with neighboring Israel, and has been sieged by Nusra and some other more moderate rebel factions for months.

Will Israel sit on the sidelines?  If not what will be the rsult if they are dumb enough to intervene?

Item 5–Report of another major ISIS leader being killed…….

(Reuters) – An Islamic State leader has been killed in an air strike in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, residents and a local medical source said on Thursday.

Radwan Taleb al-Hamdouni, whom the sources described as the radical militant group’s leader in Mosul, was killed with his driver when their car was hit in a western district of the city

This is good news but NOT a game changer.

That concludes today’s briefing… briefing 24Nov14…….

Thanx for your time and attention…..

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Shock and horror at killings, but not when victims are Palestinians

I admit it….I usually watch the news on BBC….why?  They for the most part are much better than the news in the US.  I have found their Achilles Heel…..Israel.

There needs to be more outrage at the treatment of Palestinians by the media……

In the latest violence in East Jerusalem they spent 2 or 3 days on the attack and the de4aths that it produced ….Jewish deaths.  They are not so forth coming when Palestinians are shot for throwing rocks……

This article makes good points and emphasizing the point that I question.


Shock and horror at killings, but not when victims are Palestinians.

ISIS Coalition SITREP #41

Good day, my friends……this will be the last briefing of the week…..will resume Monday and it will be a short week because of Thanksgiving……

Item 1–Pres. Obama is thanking Saudi Arabia for its help in fighting ISIS…….

The White House says Obama met Wednesday with Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mutaib. He’s the son of King Abdullah and the head of the Saudi Arabian National Guard.

The White House says Obama praised Saudi Arabia’s role in promoting Mideast peace and stability and in engaging with Iraq’s new government. Saudi Arabia is one of a handful of Arab countries playing a role in the coalition conducting airstrikes against IS.

My question is…just what is Saudi doing to fight ISIS?  They are getting everyone else to do the fighting…..they are partially responsible for the rise in Wahhabism…..they constantly refuse to fight fundamentalism that breeds extremists… I ask again….just what are they doing to fight ISIS?

Item 2–We now have an estimate on the length of the ISIS situation……

During an interview at the Defense One conference, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey estimated that the US war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria will last “up to four years.

What he’s basing that on is totally unclear, as the Obama Administration continues to escalate the war, and the scope and goals of the conflict at this point remain totally unclear, and growing all the time.

Gen. Dempsey himself has been recently pushing for major increases in the role of US ground troops in the war, suggesting it was time to start considering using them in offensive operations, particularly the retaking of Mosul.

Personally, I think that figure of 4 years is a bit too optimistic……..based on the flow of the conflict today……

Item 3–I reported about a month ago that Kobane was fought as a PR war…..others see it as such …….

Two months after the United States began bombing militants attacking Kobani in northern Syria, the fate of the obscure border town has become the defining battle of the broader contest with the Islamic State — to solidify, or roll back, its borders and ambitions.

For Washington, Kobani is a crucial public test of President Obama’s strategy of combining American air power with local ground forces. For the Islamic State, it is a test of its image of inevitability and invincibility, and a tool for recruiting jihadists.

Kobane is not as crucial as the media and the military would have you believe….about the best use for Kobane is for PR…..

Item 4–After an absence from the media and the rhetoric…..the US has once again focused on the Khorasan Group………

The U.S. military announced Wednesday it struck the Khorasan Group in an airstrike earlier this week.

The airstrike took place in northwest Syria near Haram, and destroyed a storage facility associated with the group, which the Pentagon described as “a network of veteran Al Qaeda operatives” whose members are plotting external attacks against the U.S. and its allies.

There still is a murky dialog about the existence of this group or its effectiveness….but it makes a good enemy for the media……

Item 5–ISIS seems to be winning the battle of social media……but how can this be?

Soufan: They are very familiar with social media — they know how it works. They are very smart in reaching out to the iPhone generation. They deploy different tools in different markets — using mostly Twitter in the Gulf region, for example, and Facebook in Syria. It’s very decentralized and that is interesting. It is the first organization of this kind that understands the impact of social media.

Soufan: We do know that a whole army of bloggers, writers and people who do nothing else other than to watch social media are working for IS. According to our research, most are based in the Gulf region or North Africa. The program was started by Abu Amr Al-Shami, a Syrian born in Saudi Arabia. And we know that at one point more than 12,000 Twitter accounts were connected to IS. This is one of the unique tactics used by this group: the decentralization of its propaganda work. The Islamic State has maximized control of its message by giving up control of its delivery. This is new.

That concludes today’s briefing……..

Thanx for your time and attention….I do hope that these briefings are keeping informed on the conflict as it unfolds…….

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ISIS Coalition SITREP #40

Good day and welcome to today’s briefing…..

Airstrikes are being productive but not in positive way……

Item 1–we can expect at least a 2 year war with ISIS…….

A new report prepared for the United Nations Security Council warns that the militant group known as the Islamic State (Isis) possesses sufficient reserves of small arms, ammunition and vehicles to wage its war for Syria and Iraq for up to two years.

The size and breadth of the Isis arsenal provides the group with durable mobility, range and a limited defense against low-flying aircraft. Even if the US-led bombing campaign continues to destroy the group’s vehicles and heavier weapons, the UN report states, it “cannot mitigate the effect of the significant volume of light weapons” Isis possesses.

Those weapons “are sufficient to allow [Isis] to continue fighting at current levels for six months to two years”, the UN report finds, making Isis not only the world’s best-funded terrorist group but among its best armed.

Item 2–Some good news from the Iraqi army…….

State TV broadcast footage of Iraqi troops entering the Baiji Refinery. The nearby town of Albu Jewari was also recaptured. With the siege of Baiji now apparently over, the government says it will regroup and plan out a strategy to retake Tikrit, which lies to the south and is the second largest city occupied by the militants. A separate operation was launched in Saidiya.

Next target for an Iraqi operation……

The Iraqi army’s next target is to isolate militants holding the city of Tikrit, after having broken the Islamic State group’s hold on Baiji and its refinery, a senior officer said Monday.

Item 3–Iraq has an army of “ghost soldiers”…….

The Iraqi army includes “ghost” soldiers, a purely Iraqi term used to describe members whose names are registered in the wages and salaries lists, but who are not actually present in the military ranks. Their wages go to leaders who cover for their absence.

Maybe the US should check to see how deep this thing goes….are we paying for troops that do not exist?

Item 4–ISIS is playing a game with Washington…….

The enticement game played between the US administration on the one hand, and the Islamic State (IS) on the other, lingers.

As Washington adopts a slow pace and attempts to create appropriate conditions for its real regional strategy without falling into the traps and swamps that it previously experienced, the other camp seems to be provoking and forcing the United States to deploy its troops on the ground by further slaughtering of US citizens.

In this context, the question is no longer whether IS is luring the United States, but rather why it is in a hurry to lure it and what for?

ISIS is in a hurry for a ground confrontation with the US because it is about to collapse under its own weight….

Item 5–John Kerry is building the case that I warned about right here on IST…..

The US has accused Syria’s president and the Islamic State group of enjoying a “symbiotic” relationship as it seeks to shore up support for its strategy of supporting moderate rebels ahead of key Congressional votes.

In a speech in Washington just hours after the death of the latest American hostage at the hands of the Islamist militants known as Isis or Isil, Secretary of State John Kerry argued the country’s two sworn enemies were propping each other up.

“I am aware that some believe the air strikes against Isil in Iraq and Syria will have the perverse affect of assisting the country’s long time dictator Bashar al-Assad, whose ruthless repression has generated the gravest humanitarian catastrophe certainly of this century,” he said.

“That assumption is actually based on a misreading of the political reality in Syria. In fact the Assad regime and Isil are dependent on one and other, that’s why Assad has relentlessly bombed areas held by the moderate opposition while doing almost nothing to hinder Isil’s march.”

That sounds more like wishful thinking to this analyst……..could be a move to include action against Assad…..

This concludes today’s briefing…..hopefully it was informative…..

Thanx for your time and attention…..

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