The Destruction Of Israel?

Now that the hearings have begun on the Iranian nuke deal and they will be very contentious……we will be bombarded with the illusion that if the deal goes through then the destruction of Israel will be imminent…..most of this stuff is lies and misinformation or at best hyperbole……..

I have been writing about the Middle East for a long time…..most of which goes unheeded but that will stop me from pointing out the fallacies that we Americans have deal with on a daily basis.

Thanx to the media and the neocons any time there is a post about something happening in Iran we always hear about the narrative that the media has given the American people…..that is that Iran seeks the destruction of the state of Israel.  I am sure you have heard and quite possibly believed this manufactured paradigm…….

Now with the Iranian deal being batted around in the media and on Capital Hill we will hear once again bout the destruction of Israel if this deal goes through…….but is it truly the destruction of Israel the Iranian desire?

From a piece written by Akbar Ganji……….Ganji is NOT an apologist for Iran…..he was imprisoned there and his writings are banned in the country……in essence he is an enemy of the state of Iran……..

The rhetoric about destruction of Israel is unwise and inhumane. But, claiming that the Islamic Republic of Iran wishes physical destruction of Israel is sheer lie. It is not a lie because Iran does not have the military power to destroy Israel, as the United States and Israel have thousands of nuclear warheads to destroy Iran several time over. It is a lie because Netanyahu and others have distorted the unwise rhetoric about Israel’s existence.

“Destruction of Israel” that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has spoken about refers to a referendum that he has proposed about the future of the entire historic Palestine in which all the Israelis and the Palestinians, including those who live in refugee camps in the Arab countries, would take part. Khamenei believe that if such a referendum is held, the Palestinians will win, and the state of Israel, not its Jewish citizens, will disappear through a democratic referendum. I have explained this view in detail elsewhere. So, Khamenei is pursuing a scenario similar to what happened in South Africa in which the power was transferred from the white minority to the black majority.

The president has also bought into this line of lying……but NO where has anyone said anything about the threats that Israel has issued to Iran about wiping them out first…..why is that?

It is time for all Americans to realize the inconsistencies in our policies concerning Israel…..Israel gets a free ride on so many levels that it has become sickening.

Israel is NOT a friend of the US……all this country is a tool for Israel to use to get their way in this world…….time for that to change!

ISIS War: Phase Two–The Escalation

For about a week now there has been rumblings in the international press that there was a major development happening in Turkey…..ever since the suicide bombing that killed 30 Turkish citizens…..

Lots of speculation so I decided to wait and see what was brewing……looks like there is going to be a major escalation of the battle against ISIS with a major cooperation between Turkey and the US……

Turkey’s nascent fight against ISIS appears to be rapidly intensifying. The country has settled on the broad strokes of a plan with the US that would see the two countries come together to create an ISIS-free zone, with the US supplying warplanes and Turkey contributing troops who wouldn’t actually enter the zone but may use long-range artillery from their side of the border. That zone would stretch along 68 miles of the Syria-Turkey border, reports the Washington Post; the Guardian notes the countries share a 500-mile-long border. Syrian sources suggest the zone could stretch 25 miles into Syria. An unnamed senior US official, one of four the New York Times spoke with, says the intention is to “support partners on the ground in northern Syria”—elsewhere referred to in the Times article as “relatively moderate Syrian insurgents”—who would seize the zone from the ground.

There are a few sticky points: Which Syrian rebels will participate? (The Times points out the US had as of earlier this month trained only 60 vetted Syrian fighters.) And how exactly will the respective players’ goals sync up? For Turkey and Syria, taking out Bashar al-Assad has long been the chief priority, and both have desired the creation of a no-fly zone. The US says the zone will not be a no-fly one. And while the Post points out that the US has said its warplanes will focus only on ISIS, the plan “would also bring American planes in regular, close proximity to bases, aircraft, and air defenses operated by the Syrian government, and directly benefit opposition rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.”

Appears as if Turkey will become more involved than in the past……..whichg to some is a good thing…..but I ask…what about the Kurds?  Turkey still has a hard on for anything Kurdish.

To make this look at least more official there will be a NATO closed door meeting on this development…..

For just the fifth time in its 66-year history, NATO ambassadors will meet in an emergency session today to gauge the threat ISIS poses to Turkey and the debated actions Turkish authorities are taking in response. The extraordinary meeting at NATO headquarters was requested by Turkey under Article 4 of the treaty that founded the US-led alliance, which empowers its 28 member states to seek such consultations when they consider their “territorial integrity, political independence, or security” to be in jeopardy.

The meeting comes as Turkey’s security situation “has deteriorated dramatically,” an analyst at the German Marshall Fund think tank says. The rise of ISIS “in northern Iraq, in northern Syria, has effectively destabilized the southern border of Turkey. But also domestically, the threat of terrorism has become very real,” he says. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who will chair the closed-door session, says Turkey requested it following recent “heinous terrorist attacks.”

If this is indeed Phase Two……I do not see this as a good development……this appears to be something for Turkey and screw the rest of the region…..Turkey will be fighting on several fronts…..Syria, Kurds and ISIS.  None of this appears to be a good thing for the US….these choices will set a new tone for the region.

And again the Congress will be silent on this escalation and once again illustrating just how cowardly our elected officials really are……

The US Hand in the Syrian Mess | Consortiumnews

There is a mounting evidence that the troubles in Syria has American hands all over it……

Is it possible that all the suffering that is being lived by the Syrian people could be on the hands of the US?

Of course this is something that will never make it to the MSM………for that would be actually reporting the news instead they prefer to regurgitate whatever the government tells them to do…..

Americans will not ever know the truth of things unless they are willing to do some searching for that truth…….and truth should be our only concern… matter what it reveals……


The US Hand in the Syrian Mess | Consortiumnews.

Cut The Head Off The Snake!

Once the Us started its attacks within the borders of Syria we were told that AQ had a super group of terrorists called the “Khorasan Group”…..the Seal Team 6 of AQ……we were told all about their activities and their possible future actions……..

The only problem is in an interview of a commander of al-Nusra, an AQ affiliate in Syria he told the world that there was NO such group within their organization….from, the beginning I wrote that I doubted their existence that this was just a piece of propaganda to build support for the indiscriminate bombing of Syria……

Even though there are few people that believe the existence of “Khorasan” news leaked out yesterday……..

Pentagon officials are claiming that Muhsin al-Fadhli, an al-Qaeda figure who they accuse of being a leader of the “Khorasan” faction, was killed in a US airstrike earlier this month in the Aleppo Province of northern Syria.

US officials have claimed Fadhli was the target of several previous airstrikes against al-Qaeda, and had speculated in the past that he was killed. Al-Qaeda’s Syria faction, Jabhat al-Nusra, has not indicated whether or not the Kuwaiti-borned Fadhli was targeted or killed.

Like so many other “terrorist” leaders we have killed him for the second time……there is no confirmation that the man is dead and definitely NO confirmation of the group called “Khorasan”….but that does not stop the Pentagon from spreading false information….

We will have to wait and see if this person is truly dead or just another ghost in the wind like so many others have been in the past.  But the best part is that the Pentagon continues to push a lie on the American public……..

ISIS: Dudes, Dial It Down!

There is much happening in the Middle East but the American public does not want to hear about it……but I did read a piece that may interest them a bit if they can tear themselves from reality TV…….

We have all heard the news about the violent videos that ISIS has released…..the stonings, beheadings and burnings and some truly sickos probably have watched the videos.

The news has put forth expert to tell why these terrorists and barbarians have recorded all this and presented it to the public…….most say Shock value…..trying to instill fear into the people that view the vids……

But over the weekend I was surprised to read the news of a different approach……

While violent recruitment videos have long been ISIS’s stock in trade, the group’s leadership is said to be concerned that jihadists trying to one-up each other are taking things too far, and have issued an edict admonishing fighters to tone things done to “respect the sensitivities” of viewers.

The edict came to the ISIS media offices by way of Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and featured some specific limits, including telling them to stop showing full beheadings, and simply limit the video to showing the slitting of the throat and the severed head after.

ISIS sources are said to have been particularly concerned that the videos are too scary for children to watch, and risks alienating them from a future generation of recruits. At the same time, some ISIS members are opposing the ban, saying the videos are meant to intimidate enemies.

Okay this was a flash out of the blue…….what is up within ISIS…..are they softening their stance?

I am waiting to see what the “experts” make of this announcement…….that is if they cover it at all……(so far nothing)………

What do you think is the motivation?

US/Israeli/Saudi ‘Behavior’ Problems | Consortiumnews

The recent agreement between the P5+1 and Iran have brought up a lot of questions……..questions that most people refuse to ask and most definitely do not want any answers……..

many on the Right talk about how Iran has been misbehaving badly in the Middle East…..but in reality it is a bigger problem than Iran…….

This is an excellent piece written by Robert Parry……


US/Israeli/Saudi ‘Behavior’ Problems | Consortiumnews.