ISIS: The Day After The Day After

An op-ed that I wrote for my friends over at Ace News Room……..they deserve your attention…..give’em a try!

The war on ISIS, the “degrade and destroy” message is not ringing clear…..the US is in the process of re-examining their strategy towards ISIS after a year of a basic stalemate….

I think that is a good idea but all the military action in the world is not going to effect their message and that is where they are winning this conflict……


Source: ISIS: The Day After The Day After

The Governance of ISIS and of Much of the Muslim World Are Uncomfortably Similar | Ani Zonneveld

We Americans spend a lot of time trashing the actions of ISIS as being savage, barbaric and just plain wrong……we want them to be defeated and humiliated on the world stage for their actions…….

But most Americans do NOT realize that many of the Middle East countries that we count as friends are NO better in their governance style…….in some cases just as barbaric as ISIS…….and yet they get a free ride in the media and from the people of this country…..

That is the headline here…….ISIS is NO different in their governance style than many of our allies…….should we be siding with anyone that has a savage streak toward people under their control?


The Governance of ISIS and of Much of the Muslim World Are Uncomfortably Similar | Ani Zonneveld.

Will There Be Peace For The Middle East? | Ace News Room

An op-ed that I wrote for Ace News Room……they are always publishing the news from around the world…..keep up with an ever changing world and read Ace News room every day…..

I touch on a subject that few people think about these days with the war on ISIS and all the other violence in the Middle east……

I want to thank them for showing the confidence and have me write for them from time to time…..thanx, guys.


Will There Be Peace For The Middle East? | Ace News Room.

War, What Is It Good For?

That was the question asked in a protest song from the 60’s…..and it still remains  an excellent question.

We know that war is not good for life or health or to massage an economy back to health…..not good for food production….then what is it good for?

The US is involved in the fight against ISIS    and with that comes all the deaths, destruction and violence…….what good could come out of this war?

The BBC is reporting the only good thing to come out of war…….

Researchers say that in countries like Syria and Iraq, levels of air pollutants have fallen dramatically.

The amount of nitrogen dioxide in the air over Damascus has fallen by up to 50% since start of the civil war.

The authors believe their work has important lessons for projections of global emissions.

Since 2004, scientists have been able to monitor atmospheric pollutants with high levels of precision thanks to the deployment of the Ozone Monitoring Instrument onboard the Nasa Aura satellite.

Say what?  Yep the air quality is getting better where the fighting is engaged……what about the other countries that are not “at war”?

But in nearby Lebanon, there was a “drastic” rise of up to 30% of the same pollutant, thanks to the influx of refugees. The scientists say that this was very unusual as economic growth in Lebanon declined significantly at the same time.

Even in a relatively calm country like Israel…..the air quality is sucking also…..

What conclusion can we draw from this news…..

Other scientists welcomed the study, saying that it followed on from previous research carried out during the Iraq war. They say that it highlights the critical role of accurate satellite information. It also highlights the scale of destruction across the Middle East and the huge impact on people.

“It is very sad that we have on the borders of Europe this huge conflict,” said Prof John Burrows from the University of Bremen, Germany.

“But perhaps scientific information like this helps our understanding. It’s proportional to people, so if emissions have gone down in Syria by 50%, I’d expect that 50% of the people might have been displaced, as indeed they have.”

It is sad that the only ‘benefit” found for war is……the quality of the air we breath gets better……I think the people in Iraq and Syria had rather worry about dying from bad air than a barrel bomb……whatcha you think?

Coalition ISIS ‘successes’ show no signs of halting terrorist group — RT News

WE Americans hear on occasion the successes of our air campaign against the brutality of ISIS……we hear about the bad guys killed or the number of vehicles destroyed or thew locations that are hit with C&C support for the group……

So according to the reports in our media we are holding our own against the savagery of ISIS…….

Hate to tell my readers this but we as news consumers are not always given the whole story…..just the parts that are positive……I know you are shocked right?

So really how are we doing against ISIS?


Coalition ISIS ‘successes’ show no signs of halting terrorist group — RT News.

Sonali Kolhatkar: Why Are We Ignoring the War on Yemen? – Sonali Kolhatkar – Truthdig

I am a watcher of international events… should all Americans if they care about the future….the problem is those in power do not want us to be aware of the ‘friends’ and their violent nature…..

There is a world of death, destruction and violence all in the name of national security that most Americans choose to ignore….I try to change that…..

It seems that Saudi Arabia has decided that it is time to use some of the weapons they get from the US and attack their neighbor to the South Yemen……a country with NO air force an army that is ineffective and a country that has lacked stability for decades……in other words it is a turkey shoot for the Saudis against a small group of resisters…..kinda reminds me of the devastation that Israel inflicted on Gaza…..basically a helpless neighbor……which by the way is also carried out with weapons supplied by the US……..


Sonali Kolhatkar: Why Are We Ignoring the War on Yemen? – Sonali Kolhatkar – Truthdig.

Shifting Priorities: The Rise and Fall of Arab Revolutionary Discourse by Ramzy Baroud —

About 5 years ago the world was a fire with the situation in the Arab world….it appeared that a case for democracy was breaking out all over the place…….what began in Tunisia quickly moved through the region… Algeria and Jordan and Syria and Egypt and even to a smaller extent to Saudi Arabia…..but all this quickly broke down into regional conflicts involving violence and death…….

But what happened to that desire for democracy…….for freedom and security…..what happened?


Shifting Priorities: The Rise and Fall of Arab Revolutionary Discourse by Ramzy Baroud —