ISIS: Guess Who’s Talking?

Can you guess who is doing the jaw flapping?  Let me help…..after Obama siad at a press conference…”we don’t have a strategy yet”…..I expected the media and the GOP to jump all over the statement…..and I did not have to wait long…….the usual loud mouth suspects were there right on time….yep, the idiots of foreign policy…..McCain and Graham………

Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham say they’re appalled that President Obama’s response to threat posed by the Islamic State is to say, “We don’t have have a strategy yet.” He needs to get one fast, they write in the New York Times. Putting a dent in ISIS’s finances would be great, and political progress in Iraq and Syria would surely help, “but ultimately, ISIS is a military force, and it must be confronted militarily,” they write. For starters, we must get more arms and intelligence to groups such as the Kurds who are fighting ISIS. Let them and other allies be our “boots on the ground.”

But the US should also embed “special forces and advisers with our partners on the ground—not to engage in combat, but to help our partners fight ISIS and direct airstrikes against it,” they write. This isn’t about nation-building, they insist. The White House should look to the model of “Afghanistan in 2001, where limited numbers of advisers helped local forces, with airstrikes and military aid, to rout an extremist army.” It’s time for Obama to adopt a strategy and make his case to Congress and the American people, say the senators. “If he does, he deserves bipartisan support. If he does not, ISIS will continue to grow into an even graver danger to our allies and to us.” Click for their full column.

This just what I would expect from a former jet jockey……you might want to know why I seem to not care for pilots too much and it is a fair question……..jet jockeys get to fly around drop their load then return to base for a shower and a hot meal…….whereas the grunt is there all the time and without a good shower or a hot meal……lmy point is that McCain is so quick to send troops to do our bidding is because he has never had to look the enemy in the eye to dispatch them….he gets to do it from 10,000 feet……makes a world of difference in your attitude when you have to live with the horrors every day…..okay, someone is going to jump down my throat about him being s POW…..he survived and probably has some residual scars….but that does not give him the mortal fiber to order troops to their deaths.

Their piece, their op-ed, was NOTHING but the GOP talking as much advantage as they can from Obama’s statement.  I would not trust either of them to watch my pet snake…….they are opportunists not statesmen.

Have a great Labor Day everyone!

Does McCain Know He Is A Douche?

The ‘bomb bomb Iran dude and his little buddy Graham are always out there with a criticism of Obama on foreign policy especially if he does not use military might on a problem….first, do they get paid by the M-IC every time they dash out and condemn for NOT using military force?

Let’s review…..when the ISIS thing reared its ugly head McCain and  the little guy started their BS about airstrikes and blaming it all on Obama for leaving Iraq……now guess what?

The president has authorized humanitarian air lifts and airstrikes on ISIS positions….and McCain/Graham are at it again….

You can add Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) to the list of hawkishRepublicans who have found a reason to be unhappy about President Barack Obama’s authorization of military airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq. In an interview Friday with The Daily Beast, McCain said Obama’s plan of action is “almost worse than nothing” and the “weakest possible response.”

“This is a pinprick,” McCain said of the operation, in which two F-18 fighter jets dropped 500-pound bombs onto ISIS artillery outside of the Kurdish city of Erbil. “It’s almost worse than nothing because I fear the president is threatening and then he won’t follow through. It’s the weakest possible response and we cannot allow them to take Erbil. What [the administration has] done so far is almost meaningless.”

War Hawks are such a fickle lot…….they will do and say anything that keeps their paychecks rolling in from the Complex…….it’s amazing that a person who supposedly suffered greatly would be such a cheerleader about sending in troops to suffer….apparently he learned NOTHING from his ordeal…..he is a SAD person!

Flight MH17…..Another Doomed Malaysian Flight

We all have heard the horrendous news of yet another Malaysian flight has met with a disastrous end……and as usual there are battling and conflicting accusations as to whom is to blame for destroying this plane and its passengers…..Separatists say it was the Ukrainians….Ukrainians say it was the Separatists….Russia is blaming the Ukraine military and the US is speculating but have not offered up an accusation as of yet….and then there is McCain, who is basically blaming Obama for the destruction of flight MH 17….because we have not sent all the weapons that he, McCain, thinks the Ukrainians need and deserve….

Personally, I think McCain is being a partisan twat….using this tragedy as a political prop is despicable….and usual McCain spends a lot of his time thumping his chest like a crazed ape….and this situation is No different……..

Newser) – With the evidence increasingly suggesting that today’s jet crash over Ukraine was caused by a missile and not a mechanical failure, John McCain is burnishing his reputation as the Senate’s top foreign policy hawk. While stressing that it’s too early to know anything for sure, McCain said on MSNBC that the crash has the “earmarks of a tragic mistake made by someone who had the capability to just shoot down an aircraft, and we know at least from the last couple of weeks that that could be Russian or separatist Russian capability,” reports Politico. If that proves to be the case, “I think there’s going to be hell to pay and there should be.”

In an appearance on CNN, he made similar points and added that it might be time to “give the Ukrainians the ability to defend themselves,” reports Slate. In Moscow, meanwhile, Vladimir Putin pinned the blame squarely on Ukraine, though he was speaking in general terms: “I want to note that this tragedy would not have happened if there were peace on this land, if the military actions had not been renewed in southeast Ukraine,” he said. “And, certainly, the state over whose territory this occurred bears responsibility for this awful tragedy.” The AP has the full text of his remarks.

As typical of McCain he rattles off some vague BS and the NeoCons applaud…….but what is the Hell they will pay?  He conveniently leaves out any details….another typical McCain ploy

McCain is getting tiresome……plus only the most radical and ignorant among us take him seriously anymore…he use to be a statesman….now he is just an angry old man that plays way too many games.

Why Does Anybody Care What John McCain Thinks? | Nomadic Politics

With the return to massive violence in Iraq the NeoCons, the original architects of the 2003 invasion of Iraq are back in the spotlight and they are loving it………Cheney, Bolton, Graham and McCain…..

McCain had NOTHING as a presidential candidate….

McCain has NOTHING as a senator……

And McCain is consistently WRONG on his foreign policy stands……

So now the question is ask……..


Why Does Anybody Care What John McCain Thinks? | Nomadic Politics.

John Boy Does It Again

A new week begins……I normally try to have a topic for each day’s posts……giving my readers as much info as possible on the subject……we all need to know what is what and what our policies and actions could create……….this week the President will be spotlighting foreign policy… I guess I will take the lead and post on some of the more embarrassing points of our foreign policy………just sit back, grab some popcorn and be prepared to be dazzled……..after all….that is why I am here!

Today I will step out of my typical posting style and give my readers a hodge-podge day……..

First will be a post on John McCain…..American’s hawkish darling……..this was going into my Babbling buffoons series but it is just too typical and deserves its own post…….

Our fave hawk in Congress back in 2008 when Russia invaded Georgia (the country not the state)……McCain made a very profound statement…..”In the 21st century nations do not invade other nations.”………a moronic statement considering our recent invasion of Iraq for no other reason than a string of lies……after that and all the criticism he took for such a bonehead statement you would think that he would be more careful when pushing his interventionist agenda…..but you would be wrong……….

McCain has issued a statement concerning the kidnap girls in nigeria and what needs to be done………

……………..he would like to see U.S. troops sent to Nigera to rescue the girls, whether the Nigerian government gives permission or not.

“If they knew where they were, I certainly would send in U.S. troops to rescue them, in a New York minute I would, without permission of the host country,” McCain told The Daily Beast. “I wouldn’t be waiting for some kind of permission from some guy named Goodluck Jonathan.”

McCain said that if he were president, he would be prepositioning U.S. special forces to be prepared to enter Nigeria and rescue the girls.

“I would not be involved in the niceties of getting the Nigerian government to agree, because if we did rescue these people, there would be nothing but gratitude from the Nigerian government, such as it is,” he told The Daily Beast…..

You can see why I call John McCain America’s hawkish darling………he would put US troops into harms way at every turn if it we up to McCain solely…..thank God it is not.

McCain is a dinosaur………his old fart thinking is outta step in a 21st century world………please someone advise him to either allow rational people to speak on foreign policy or shut the hell up!  if he cannot do either of those options then maybe it is time for him to retire and spend his days drinking his wife’s beer.


Why Does Anybody Care What John McCain Thinks? | Nomadic Politics

I have been attacked in the past for not worshiping at the alter of John McCain…..let me be clear…I think he is a survivor of a horrific situation…but for me that does NOT mean I MUST respect him.  I think he is outta touch and will say whatever gives him a headline…..and foreign policy is just what I am talking about…..

Why Does Anybody Care What John McCain Thinks? | Nomadic Politics.