Shock and horror at killings, but not when victims are Palestinians

I admit it….I usually watch the news on BBC….why?  They for the most part are much better than the news in the US.  I have found their Achilles Heel…..Israel.

There needs to be more outrage at the treatment of Palestinians by the media……

In the latest violence in East Jerusalem they spent 2 or 3 days on the attack and the de4aths that it produced ….Jewish deaths.  They are not so forth coming when Palestinians are shot for throwing rocks……

This article makes good points and emphasizing the point that I question.


Shock and horror at killings, but not when victims are Palestinians.

Played Like A Cheap Flute

The mid-terms are over!  Mercifully!  And now the media will set about telling you why the vote went the way it did.  The major problem with that is that they have NO idea.

For months the media was telling the public states like Iowa, Kansas, Georgia and Kentucky we in play….that there could well be a movement to turn the states purple….the problem is they were never in play.

After months and months of polls and predictions……very little of it was accurate in the end….and they will begin all over again come January or sooner……it is what they do…..control the dialog.

The media, all the media, is playing the clueless public like a cheap flute.

This exercise on my part is becoming tiresome.  I try to point out to my readers that the media is doing NO service by trying to lead the dialog on the elections.  The polls they quote are paid for by the media and reflects just what they, the media, wants it to reflect.

This last election should be a wake up call to the public, especially the voter….that little of what the media tells them is the truth…..

Think about it!  What benefits the media more……a split Congress or one controlled by the opposing party?  Which would give them more news?  Which outcome would be more for their ratings?

Think about another stat……about 2/3 of the voting population did not go to vote……why?  Why for a right that is so important to our identity as an American be so unpopular?

This stat keeps going up….Americans do not vote….yet they condemn those that don’t…..Americans are a fickle bunch…….

Americans get lies to base what little voting the do……and then they repeat the lies….laziness has its consequences and the crappy field of candidates and then officials is that consequence……and the media does little to change this downward trend….they are the enablers.

Now the media will be preparing the public for 2016.


The Face Of Bowe

That my friends is a veiled tribute to Dr. Who…….

Okay I will move on.

Does anyone remember a guy named Bowe?  That was about 10 or 12 conspiracies ago….and it was important then…..what happened?

I am referring to the plight of Bowe Bergdahl.

The Army has completed its investigation into Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s 2009 disappearance from his post in Afghanistan that led to his subsequent capture by the Taliban, according to a news report Thursday.

The Army is looking into whether Bergdahl had deserted his post in Afghanistan or was away without leave before he was captured, which would be violations of, and punishable under, the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The Obama administration secured Bergdahl’s release in May in exchange for releasing five senior Taliban detainees from the Guantánamo Bay detention facility, a swap that sparked anger on Capitol Hill from both Democrats and Republicans.

If Bergdahl is found guilty of desertion or being away without leave, he could forfeit hundreds of thousands of dollars in wages accrued during his captivity, Army officials said earlier this year.

It would also tarnish the swap, which the administration had announced with some fanfare.

The report is being complied for release at a later dare……that is military speak for giving time for the pundits to prepare a spin for the results…….in the mean time this gives some legs to rehashing the whole conspiracy thing.

Once the media gets it then the whole ‘conspiracy’ will return to the front page until something can replace it.  For now it is being held in reserve….there is still much they can report on Ebola and they do not want that story to be upstaged by something they are now prepared to deal with at this time.

The Continuing Saga Of Ebola

Opinion from Chuq’s Desk:


I have been silent on this Ebola story for good reason……the reason is that Americans are not thinking rationally….they are fixated on panic and hysteria.  The media is doing a good job of keeping the conversation a way from what we should be focusing all our attention…….treatment and a cure.  And why the resources were not available.

The media is basically leading the charge on the panic……from the constant reports to the out right lies all to perpetuate the fear.  After all there is an election and the more innuendos that are passed around the more the real issues are ignored.

Americans love to be afraid……..but sadly it seldom equates to action to solve the problem of the fear.  We all have an opinion and we cherish the fact that we can voice it when we feel the need… is as if we bitch and moan enough the problem will go away.

Think about it…….( pause here for reflection)……………which problem was solved by bitching and moaning?

We will continue to bite our nails until the story looses its luster and thanks to the media we shall move on for our next fearsome occurrence.

Yes, Ebola is a deadly disease but personally I am more worried about the loss of my country to special interests.  Something else to think about…….more people in this country will die from Enterovirus D68 than Ebola……Or more people in this country have died because of hunger than Ebola……..if you really want to have something to worry about then may suggest that you could be one of those that die from hunger rather than Ebola.

With each passing day it is not about the disease but rather finger pointing at who made the biggest mistake….it is all about “cover your ass”……more so than fighting the disease.

Instead of saying crap or looking for the culprit….the media might should look at the real cause of this…..idiots and their rush for a small government……with spending slashed needed cash for public health was slashed….what did you think the result of that action would be?

Maybe if we cared more about the direction of the country on public health and less of what fearsome thing is under the bed then we might have a country that would not be afraid of our shadows.

Your country is slipping away from you and you prefer to spend your time looking for a boogey man that the media gives you.

MORONS!  This country is run by MORONS!

Calm down and wait!  This too shall pass….then on to the next fear.

Turn the page!