Speak To Truth!

I am always saying that the media is the people’s worst enemy….it tells us everything but the info we need to know……it keeps us doped up with sex and gossip…..and the result is we elect mental midgets like the crop just elected last November……

So when I saw this on Twitter I had to post it…….


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BiBi: Predictable Little Toad

Yes the d/bag won his little election…..and he said somethings that will make the world reconsider their feelings about him….I said that once he conned the Israeli people that he would back track everything negative that he said and that he would use the American media to try and weasel out of his BS……..

With polls showing him in trouble on the eve of Israel’s election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disavowed his support for a two-state solution with Palestinians and immediately reversed his political fortunes. With his victory less than two days old, he has already backtracked, reports the Jerusalem Post. “I haven’t changed my policy,” he tells Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC in an interview that airs this evening, as quoted in the New York Times. “I don’t want a one-state solution. I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution, but for that, circumstances have to change.” Netanyahu says his comments before the election—in answer to a question, he said there would be no two-state solution under his watch—were more a reflection of how things had changed on the Palestinian side in recent years.

“I was talking about what is achievable and what is not achievable,” he said. “We have to have real negotiations with people who are committed to peace.” Critics had accused him of pandering to right-wing voters to avoid defeat. In the MSNBC interview, Netanyahu also denied that his last-minute video warning supporters that Arabs were voting “in droves” was an attempt to whip up anti-Palestinian sentiment, reports CNN. “I wasn’t trying to suppress the vote,” he said. “I was calling on our voters to come out.” The original two-state comment in particular had irritated the White House, which warned it was re-evaluating its relations with Israel.

Glad to see this demented toad is so predictable…..MSNBC should be ashamed of being used by Israel as their American PR firm…….I really thought it would be Morning Joe but Mitchell was just as feasible since she is a big Israel supporter, especially on air…..her credibility has dropped over the years…

The US will re-evaluate……seriously?  We all know where that will go….now don’t we?

Google: Truth Or Consequences

I try to find stuff that would interest my readers….even any Right wingers that may show……with the hope that they will offer up an opinion to start a small debate if possible………

Okay this article is just way cool….but I guess it would be according to your own perception……

There will be some that do not like this….but for the life of me I cannot understand why.  My grandfather use to say….”the truth needs NO justification”.

I can foresee a problem with a corporation deciding what is true and what is not…….could profit motivate the truth ranking?

Please read this and weigh in..”.is it is or is it ain’t” a good idea?


Anti-science advocates are freaking out about Google truth rankings – Salon.com.

The Bill And Brian Show

For a couple of weeks there has been a battle going on in the media…….the Right, especially the Tea Party folks, have been up in arms about Brian Williams lies and then when Bill O’Reilly has been shown to be a worse liar they jump to his defense…..why is that?  A lie is a lie…no matter who tells it..

I despise anyone who tells a lie about combat….makes No difference if he/she is an icon or not…….crap like that dishonors the combat vets that faced that adversity….

I want someone to explain to me what is the difference between the lies of Brian and the lies of Bill……the American Conservative has shown me that they are truly an independent …..they have an excellent piece about Bill and his lies…….


Bill O’Reilly Disgraces War Reporting | The American Conservative.

American democracy is doomed – Vox

My visit to the doctor today was better than I thought…..BP is high….all else is borderline or good….I will live to argue another year!

I have been bitching about the media for 30 years…..to me they have created the crap we now face with all this partisan name calling and politics….in short the MSM is putting a working democracy in jeopardy.

I feel that our democracy is on the down side of longevity….that this fighting and insulting rhetoric is doing nothing to move the country forward.  Our country is NO longer a concern….all that has been replaced with hate and lies.  I may not speak glowingly about some people but I do not hate them….I do however question their mental capacity…..but this country has gotten ass deep into lies…..we cannot survive like that.

Unfortunately I see no relief in sight….just more made up stories and derogatory rhetoric……. could we be looking at the demise of our beloved democracy?


American democracy is doomed – Vox.