The Face Of Bowe

That my friends is a veiled tribute to Dr. Who…….

Okay I will move on.

Does anyone remember a guy named Bowe?  That was about 10 or 12 conspiracies ago….and it was important then…..what happened?

I am referring to the plight of Bowe Bergdahl.

The Army has completed its investigation into Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s 2009 disappearance from his post in Afghanistan that led to his subsequent capture by the Taliban, according to a news report Thursday.

The Army is looking into whether Bergdahl had deserted his post in Afghanistan or was away without leave before he was captured, which would be violations of, and punishable under, the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The Obama administration secured Bergdahl’s release in May in exchange for releasing five senior Taliban detainees from the Guantánamo Bay detention facility, a swap that sparked anger on Capitol Hill from both Democrats and Republicans.

If Bergdahl is found guilty of desertion or being away without leave, he could forfeit hundreds of thousands of dollars in wages accrued during his captivity, Army officials said earlier this year.

It would also tarnish the swap, which the administration had announced with some fanfare.

The report is being complied for release at a later dare……that is military speak for giving time for the pundits to prepare a spin for the results…….in the mean time this gives some legs to rehashing the whole conspiracy thing.

Once the media gets it then the whole ‘conspiracy’ will return to the front page until something can replace it.  For now it is being held in reserve….there is still much they can report on Ebola and they do not want that story to be upstaged by something they are now prepared to deal with at this time.

The Continuing Saga Of Ebola

Opinion from Chuq’s Desk:


I have been silent on this Ebola story for good reason……the reason is that Americans are not thinking rationally….they are fixated on panic and hysteria.  The media is doing a good job of keeping the conversation a way from what we should be focusing all our attention…….treatment and a cure.  And why the resources were not available.

The media is basically leading the charge on the panic……from the constant reports to the out right lies all to perpetuate the fear.  After all there is an election and the more innuendos that are passed around the more the real issues are ignored.

Americans love to be afraid……..but sadly it seldom equates to action to solve the problem of the fear.  We all have an opinion and we cherish the fact that we can voice it when we feel the need… is as if we bitch and moan enough the problem will go away.

Think about it…….( pause here for reflection)……………which problem was solved by bitching and moaning?

We will continue to bite our nails until the story looses its luster and thanks to the media we shall move on for our next fearsome occurrence.

Yes, Ebola is a deadly disease but personally I am more worried about the loss of my country to special interests.  Something else to think about…….more people in this country will die from Enterovirus D68 than Ebola……Or more people in this country have died because of hunger than Ebola……..if you really want to have something to worry about then may suggest that you could be one of those that die from hunger rather than Ebola.

With each passing day it is not about the disease but rather finger pointing at who made the biggest mistake….it is all about “cover your ass”……more so than fighting the disease.

Instead of saying crap or looking for the culprit….the media might should look at the real cause of this…..idiots and their rush for a small government……with spending slashed needed cash for public health was slashed….what did you think the result of that action would be?

Maybe if we cared more about the direction of the country on public health and less of what fearsome thing is under the bed then we might have a country that would not be afraid of our shadows.

Your country is slipping away from you and you prefer to spend your time looking for a boogey man that the media gives you.

MORONS!  This country is run by MORONS!

Calm down and wait!  This too shall pass….then on to the next fear.

Turn the page!



‘F*ck You and Your False Patriotism’ – YouTube

Brilliant!  A more brilliant take down can not be found!  I love this guy!

We are at WAR!  And the mouthpiece of the American Moron Party is working double time to condemn war…..yes you heard me right…CONDEMN!

I have always thought Jon Stewart was good at his job….but recently he proved to me that the man is a flipping GENIUS!

One click shopping!

Watch the video and you tell me!


▶ Jon Stewart on Fox News’s ‘Latte Salute’ Coverage: ‘F*ck You and Your False Patriotism’ – YouTube.

ISIS: I Am So Bummed!

I am so bummed!  I made a note last night and thought I might have a couple days before there was an answer…..I was slow on the draw and now I am bummed.

Every admin spokesperson that has been trotted out to meet the press has been asked the same question…..who will the troops on the ground be?

So far every person has tapped danced around that question…..most giving vague answer….not one would fess up and admit that they have NO idea which country will step up to the challenge.

My question to myself was…..what will be the newest story to get everyone’s mind off the troop question?

And now I have my answer…….AG Eric Holder is resigning….

Now the media will fixate on this story for a couple of days….Twitter will go ape shit…….and the unanswered question will go away….at least for awhile.

I mean the Iraqi PM has given us a story that there is a plan to attack the subway system in Paris and New York…….a story that comes a little to convenient for me.  And yet that story was not the big breaking story this afternoon……the media is worried more about who will be the replacement for Holder than the possibility of deaths on our subways………damn all this is getting just too predictable………

I am bummed!  I should have been quicker on the uptake…..but it feels good to be able to foresee what will happen.

Iraq: The Great Beltway Freak Out!

In the past I have been none too kind to the media…..basically I think most are nothing but extensions of corporate America……they stopped being “fair and balanced” many years ago.  Yesterday all the players in our war on ISIL were on Capitol Hill to testify before Congress… was the usual theatrics but then the Joint Chief of Staff had something to say….

President Obama has been adamant that American military intervention against ISIS will not involve US ground troops. But as it turns out, the people who will be doing the actual intervening aren’t so sure about that. In testimony today before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey said he’s all for the international coalition that the US is assembling, reports the New York Times, but:

  • “My view at this point is that this coalition is the appropriate way forward. I believe that will prove true. But if it fails to be true, and if there are threats to the United States, then I of course would go back to the president and make a recommendation that may include the use of US military ground forces.”

For example, Dempsey said that airstrikes might not be effective in heavily populated areas such as Mosul, Iraq. In that case, he might recommend what he called “close combat advising,” in which US special forces work on the ground with Iraqi military leaders and help them ferret out ISIS troops, reports the Guardian. He also said US “advisers” might have to be on the ground to direct airstrikes. Obama, he added, seems prepared for such requests. “At this point, his stated policy is we will not have US ground forces in direct combat,” said Dempsey. “But he has told me as well to come back to him on a case-by-case basis.”

With that statement the MSM went wild….CBS, ABC, FOX, WaPo, Politico…..their headline was that US general sez US troops will be used on the ground…..the freak out began………….and social media exploded………. as they pointed out Obama had said that there would be none…….it was breaking news for most of the afternoon as the MSM dashed to get their experts on to talk about this……..all it was was a slow news day and they decided to sensationalize this statement…….

Someone in the media forgot to point out that the general does NOT make policy…….all he can do is make a recommendation and the prez will either agree or not…….that is why were have a civilian commander in chief…..please return for a remedial training in Civics.

Rice And The Gossipy Crap

It is the last day of my well deserved break and the perfect time for me to break one of my commandments….”thou shalt not post on gossip”……but what the Hell?  It is the weekend and I need something to say and post…….

I cannot for the life of me think of any reason I should care about the lives of celebs….overpaid brats that think their sh*t don’t stink.  I could care less about Brad or Kanye and his wife and the life of Beyonce means NOTHING to me.

I go about breaking my commandment for the NFL and the Ray Rice story of him punching his wife into oblivion.

It appears that the NFL has basically fired Rice over the incident in an elevator where he sucker punched his then fiancee….knocking her out cold.

Everybody has jumped on the condemnation bandwagon for his action….that is except for his wife who has taken to social media blasting the media for covering this story ad nauseum…….she is blaming the media for making the NFL fire lover boy.

The public is now confused by her actions…..the MSM is running around hiring every shrink with a diploma and profiler to try and explain her indifference to being attacked……we are bombarded hourly with the same report over and over and the ‘experts’ keep talking smack…..

I will put it as simple as possible……if she is over the attack why is not the media?  If she does not care….why should we?

My analysis may sound callous and unfeeling…..but if it were anybody else in average-ville we would not be having a needed conversation on domestic violence…..that is the upside….

That aside everybody is looking for an answer…..I will give you the answer, in my opinion, in a short poem…

The Bling

Is Everything.

Enough said…..Move on!

UpDate:  Since I wrote this draft the story has gone from a wife hitter to the survival of the CEO of the NFL…….what did he know and when… the spotlight is off the dude that bitch punched his wife and her denial to the the game.

The latest game that the Ravens played the fans turned out in force in support of Rice……the game is everything to these mental midgets and anything that upsets their sensibilities is not acceptable….I was originally pissed at the wife for I thought she was worried about losing the lifestyle… it is those that cannot live without their game.

And now it is no longer about domestic abuse but rather what is the damage to the NFL…….and that is pathetic.