Constants In The Media

Ever noticed that there are a few constants in American media reporting?  Brit royals do anything……..Pope is God………and Israel can do no wrong……just to mention a few.

For instance the reporting coming out of the Palestine……if a lone Palestinian stabs a pedestrian it makes the news….but when a Arab saves some Jews from angry protesters you never hear about it……and then there is the Pope……if he farts we hear about it or if he wipes his butt with $100 bills it is a major story…….and about now you are wondering what the Hell I am going on about… I right?

I can give you an example of both in one international story……by international I mean the rest of the world barring the US………

Pope Francis canonized two nuns from what was 19th-century Palestine today in hopes of encouraging Christians across the Middle East who are facing a wave of persecution from Islamic extremists. Sisters Mariam Bawardy and Marie Alphonsine Ghattas were among four nuns who were made saints today. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and an estimated 2,000 pilgrims from the region, some waving Palestinian flags, were on hand for the canonization of the first saints from the Holy Land since the early years of Christianity. They were canonized alongside two other nuns, Saints Jeanne Emilie de Villeneuve from France and Maria Cristina of the Immaculate Conception from Italy.

“Inspired by their example of mercy, charity, and reconciliation, may the Christians of these lands look with hope to the future,” Francis said.

  • Bawardy was a mystic born in 1843 in what is now the Galilee region of northern Israel. She is said to have received the “stigmata”—bleeding wounds like those Jesus Christ suffered on the cross—and died at the age of 33 in Bethlehem, where she founded a Carmelite order monastery that still exists.
  • Ghattas, born in Jerusalem in 1847, opened girls’ schools, fought female illiteracy, and co-founded the Congregation of the Sisters of the Rosary. The order today boasts centers all over the Middle East that operate kindergartens, homes for the elderly, and medical clinics.

Francis praised Bawardy as having been “a means of encounter and fellowship with the Muslim world,” while Ghattas “shows us the importance of becoming responsible for one another, of living lives of service to one another.”

Two Palestinian women become saints and it was not a story worthy of the American media’s attention…….

The media seem to overlook this story in favor of one about something as mundane and pathetic as Mitt’s boxing debut……anyone that looks to the MSM for news is looking up the wrong tree……..

The American media is pathetic…..and that is ALL the outlets from FOX to CNN to MSNBC to ABC to CBS……NONE are worth our time!

And The Survey Says………..

The news dump ends!  I now return to my normal posting day.

Since 2008 I have been telling anyone who will listen or read that I think this daily poll crap is a waste of time.  all it does is generate something for the lazy MSM to use to make up the reports that we get daily.

Look at the most recent election in England…..all the polls were telling the media that it was going to be a very close election….too close to even attempt a prediction….and in the end it was a massive win for the Tories.

2012 was a similar story…..the media, after reading their pol;ling, were telling us that it was a close election and that Mitt would give Obama a run for his money… was CRAP!  Obama won outright.

The media needs polls!  How else can they make up the story that they want told?  Polls drive the dialog especially this far out of the real election.

Polls are CRAP!  Stop listening to the bullsh*t!

Polls predicted a close election in the UK, and the polls were dead wrong. What happened? “The World May Have a Polling Problem,” asserts the headline of a post by poll-assessing whiz Nate Silver at His site’s forecast, based on those lousy polls, was way off, and Silver writes that it’s not an isolated incident. Polls ahead of the 2014 midterms, Scotland’s referendum on independence, the Israeli elections, and even the 2012 presidential race were considerably skewed as well. On the latter, President Obama beat the polling averages by 3 points, which may not sound like much, but if it had gone the other way, we might be addressing President Romney today.

Silver cites a number of possible factors, including vanishing landlines that make voters harder to contact, along with more wonky problems such as pollsters ditching “probability sampling” or holding back results that differ with other surveys. All in all, “there may be more difficult times ahead for the polling industry,” writes Silver. (And, consequently, for poll readers such as Silver, points out Dylan Byers at Politico.) Click to read Silver’s full post.

Polls are CRAP!

Do I need to say it again?

The Day Before Today

From the Desk of Chuq

In case you are confused that would be yesterday.  The media did what it always does….it chooses what will be news……no secret that I think very little of the MSM to me they are just a group of worthless propagandists.

Fir instance yesterday…..they reported on a shooting in Texas and the name of a new baby in the Royal family (I will not mention that fake report by FOX News that the rest of the MSM jumped on as fact)…….but let’s talk about these two news reports……..

First, the shooting at an anti-Muslim cartoon fest in Garland, Texas.  Nobody should have been surprised!  The group sponsoring the festival is a “hate for profit” group that pulls down about $3 million a year.  For years they have been spouting hate and the dangers of Islam…….they got the reaction they had hoped for….it provoked someone to talk action and thus their many years of prophecy arrives and they are now validated and the profits will rise.  Yep, this was news….but for the wrong reason……the MSM gets several days of milking this story for everything and the bitch in charge of the group gets a couple of days of massive bookings to help spread her message nationwide…….for the 2 groups it is a win-win scenario you are always hearing about…….

Second, the name of the Royal baby….why?  Most most intelligent people could care less….it is NOT news for anyone but the Queen.  About 200 years ago we fought a revolution so we do not have to care what happens to the royals.  No where in journalism, true journalism, should this have been a lead story…….it the grand scheme of things it is NOTHING!

The reason that I bring this up is that while the American MSM was focused on “reality” TV real situations were occurring……

First, the Saudis war with Yemen…… has taken a turn that the US could well be drawn into and NOT in a good way….

Weeks of Saudi airstrikes against Yemeni cities have extended into the first deployment of ground troops over the weekend, with witnesses confirming Saudi special forces on the ground in Aden, backed by helicopter gunships.

Not making much progress that way, the Saudis seem to be bringing in the first of their ground troops. With massive numbers of troops massed around the northern border, this may just be the first of a full-scale war.

Since the US is a major ally to the Saudis….who will get called when things go South?

The second major story…..and one that you will most likely NEVER hear on any of the MSM outlets………

Israel has repeatedly denied reports of deliberate targeting of civilians during its wars in the Gaza Strip,  those claims were once again proven false today with the release of a new report by Israeli veterans NGO Breaking the Silence.

The report features testimony from more than 60 Israeli soldiers who confirmed that not only did they deliberately target civilians during the most recent invasion, but that they were explicitly ordered to do so.

Whoever you see there, you kill,” is how one soldier summed up the orders. He said soldiers were told the civilians “knew they’re not supposed to be there” and therefore they were to kill anyone who wasn’t an Israeli soldier on sight.

Western media will do all they can to make sure that this story never sees the light of day for they are always covering up any story that paints Israel in a negative light.

The Media makes me sick!  We NO longer have what they all say they are about….”fair and balanced” reporting….that is only a slogan that does not represent the truth in any form!

Enough said?

Where Oh Where Have All The WMDS’s Gone?

Over the years from the first Gulf War I have been entertained by the continuing saga of the weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq….it has been the source of many reports few of which were ever accurate…..but it has made for some amusing hours of reading…….

It was essential that the US invade Iraq to stop his possible use of WMDs……and his complacency with AQ in Iraq.  We invade and dammit there were no WMDs found…..and all the public got for that lie was….”my bad”.

A decade later another story comes out that the WMDs were there and just expertly hidden……and the press chased that story for about a month and in the end all we got was…….”oops my bad”.

But what compels the medias to go chasing WMDs every time it is mentioned?  Does news need to be concocted to sell papers?


Twelve Years Later, US Media Still Can’t Get Iraqi WMD Story Right – The Intercept.

Clinton Cash…..And The Right Rejoices

The Right has had it in for the Clintons since the days of Newt’s witch hunts of the ’90’s…….and now that Hillary has painted a bigger target on her back by announcing that she will seek the Dem nomination the Right has been looking for that “big” story that will put her in her place.

Now they think they have it!  Some dude writes a book about the foreign cash coming into the Clinton Global Initiative and Hillary;s campaign…..The guy has been all over FOX News ranting and raving and being idolized by the Right for his revelations…..

But there is a bit of a problem………..Media Matters has looked into the veiled claims by the author……..

Clinton Cash will be released on May 5, and mediareports have already hyped the book’s supposed revelations about connections between Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, donations to the Clinton Foundation, and paid speeches given by the Clintons.

Schweizer makes clear that he does not intend to present a smoking gun, despite the media speculation. The book relies heavily on timing, stitching together the dates of donations to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton’s speaking fees with actions by the State Department.

Schweizer explains he cannot prove the allegations, leaving that up to investigative journalists and possibly law enforcement. “Short of someone involved coming forward to give sworn testimony, we don’t know what might or might not have been said in private conversations, the exact nature of the transition, or why people in power make the decision they do,” he writes.  Later, he concludes, “We cannot ultimately know what goes on in their minds and ultimately provide the links between the money they took and the benefits that subsequently accrued to themselves, their friends, and their associates.”

ThinkProgress details several of Schweizer’s claims, and highlights one major error already found in the book. According to the site, Schweizer at one point uses a press release to bolster one of his many speculative claims, citing it to suggest there may have been a link between a private company that was paying Bill Clinton for speeches (and which supposedly issued the press release) and a State Department report released when Hillary Clinton was secretary. However, ThinkProgress notes, the press release Schweizer cites was revealed as a hoax back in 2013.

This apparently sloppy sourcing from Schweizer is nothing new. As Media Matters extensively documented, Schweizer’s career as a Republican activist and researcher is riddled with errors, retractions, and investigations that find his facts “do not check out” and his sources “do not exist.” Our analysis found at least 10 separate incidents in which journalists called out Schweizer for his botched reporting.

In other words….this guy has written a book that is packed with innuendos and misinformation……but what would you expect from a guy that FOX think is a god among men?

We know that FOX has NEVER let the truth get in the way of a good story.

You can expect these types of made-up reports…..after all it is the ‘theater of the absurd’…..2016 edition.

Why Does Hillary Stand Alone?

There are many questions that need to be asked and better yet answered in this silly season of 2016 election.  And yet as of today we have NOTHING but one liners and slogans…..I guess that is what Americans want red meat and none of the sides.

There has been a mad dash of GOP candidates lining up for the 2016 election….well maybe not a dash but rather a slow pushing back of a rock and crawling out of the holes they have been in for a couple of years and stepping into the spotlight that they all covet religiously.

Then there are the Dems……this election we are told is an important one and yet Hillary is the only one to step forward and take the bull by the horns.  Why are there not more takers on the Dem side?

Has anyone else wondered?

Okay let me tell you what I think……..she is the only one for one good reason……….the media!

Say what?

That is right….I believe the media has played a huge part in the lack of Dem candidates willing to step out of the fog and take on Hillary.

Since Clinton has left the State Department she has been running for the nomination, at least according to the media.  Every story that she has been part of has somehow been about her running or how the event will effect her candidacy.

The media has been making her case to the American people for her……other possible candidates will not get the exposure that she has gotten for over a year now and she was not running until recently.

The media’s speculation has made other ‘real’ candidates a bit gun shy.  remember it is all about the numbers….polls have been taken for a year now as if Clinton was already the candidate…….now that she running will the media abandon her and their support for her?

That is right….the media has picked your choice for Dem candidate……..will they continue their support or will they find a new candidate to promote?  Or will they turn on Clinton and chase the next “scandal”?

Voice your feelings here…..we need to talk about this……and soon.