Why Do Journalists Take Delusional Presidential Candidates So Seriously? | The Nation

Holy crap!  Finally someone is asking the question that I have been asking for a decade.

I mean….really?  Carson, Pakai, Jindal, Trump and the list goes on……they have zero chance of the nomination…..but the MSM chases them for interviews…..why?

I guess it is easier than having to actually work for a story……..and these journalists win awards…..how is that for humor?


Why Do Journalists Take Delusional Presidential Candidates So Seriously? | The Nation.

US gun culture: What will it take to change? – Al Jazeera English

The media has its new fixation….the inmate thing was going nowhere and now they have South Carolina……

We have 48 hours of total innuendo and speculation….and as usual there is a call for a larger conversation…….we all know that will NOT happen…….

But yes we desperately need to address the gun culture thingy……..


US gun culture: What will it take to change? – Al Jazeera English.

Meanwhile Back In Israel

According to popular belief Israel is a good friend to the US, right?  And the last time I checked Al-Qaeda was still an enemy of the US, right?

If all that is true why is there a story like this one being reportd?

During his 2014 address to the UN General Assembly, Benjamin Netanyahu declared that “fighting militant Islam is indivisible.”

The Israeli prime minister’s crude attempts to conflate ISIS with Hamas should not be allowed to conceal an important truth: Israel aids the forces of “militant Islam” when it is considered opportune to do so.

The most egregious example of such aid in recent times has been Israel’s support for Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaida’s franchise in Syria, as witnessed by UN peacekeeping forces stationed in the occupied Golan Heights.

Israel’s collusion with al-Qaida has been virtually ignored by the American media, with a few exceptions. For example, The Wall Street Journal reported in March that Israel has been treating wounded al-Nusra fighters and then sending them back into the Golan to battle Hizballah and the Syrian army.

Did I miss something in all the statements coming from Israel?

There is more stories that the MSM seems to overlook…..since it is an arm of the Israeli propaganda machine I can understand why they will NOT print nay of these types of stories……..

Each year, the Secretary-General submits a report on children and armed conflict to the UN Security Council that includes an annex, or “list of shame,” specifically identifying armed forces and groups found to commit grave violations against children. Israel’s armed forces were recommended by Leila Zerrougui, UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, for inclusion in the list for killing and maiming children and carrying out attacks against schools. This was rejected by Ban, as was the recommendation to list Palestinian armed groups.

The report methodically details the devastating impact Israel’s prolonged military occupation had on Palestinian children, highlighting that 557 Palestinian children were killed in 2014. The total ranked third highest behind Afghanistan (710) and Iraq (679), and significantly more than in Syria (368). The report notes that at least 543 schools were damaged or destroyed in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), the highest recorded number of all situations in 2014.

During Israel’s military offensive on Gaza last summer, Defense for Children International Palestine found overwhelming and repeated evidence of direct targeting of children by Israeli drone-fired missiles and attacks carried out against schools. Disturbingly, Israel, the world’s largest exporter of aerial drones, killed 164 children in drone strikes during the offensive.

The media will report on a lone taxi driver that hits a Jew in a crosswalk but yet the deaths of children is of NO concern……..

Then there are stories like this one…..this is NOT an isolated situation……..

Extremist Jewish settlers at dawn Thursday burned the Catholic Church of Tabgha, which is located on the banks of the Galilee sea.

Media sources said the arson attack caused heavy material damage to the Church, pointing that attackers spray-painted anti-Christian remarks on its walls. Hebrew graffiti was found, reading “the false gods will be eliminated”, and material damage was inflicted on the church.

The attack targeted the Church of the Multiplication which is believed by Christians to be the site of Jesus miracle of multiplying two fish and five loaves to feed 5,000 people.

This is not the first time that Israeli right-wingers have destroyed churches and church property. Numerous arson and graffiti attacks were carried out in the past against Christian sites, as well as against Arab property in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem under the “price tag” slogan.

Maybe you Christians should pull your heads out of Israel’s ass……they are NOT your friends!

If the American people knew what was really happening between the Israelis and the Palestinians then the sympathy would turn to the victim, Palestine…..but then I guess that is why we NEVER get the truth of the situation in the Occupied Territories…..

As usual the US is backing a FALSE FRIEND in Israel!

Wake up and smell the feces around you!

AQ’s SEAL Team 6

I do not know if many Americans remember 6 months ago when the news on every channel was the Al-Qaeda had its own version of the “best if the best” soldiers…….in case you do not….they were called Khorasan.

All the news for about 2 weeks was what this group was and what we could expect from them as far as tactics go…….many many hours of coverage was given to this group and many experts were trotted out to tell the American people what this group was capable of accomplishing…….this effort by the media and the government convinced many Americans that another 9/11 style attack was being planned……

For my part I was dubious of this report…..there was NOTHING any where in any media that would lead me to believe that there was such a group….to me it sounded like propaganda to get the American people of the side of more intervention in the Middle East…….

Over the weekend I found someone who would talk on the record about this group……..

the head of al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria gave the clearest indication yet that the group is a fabrication. In an interview conducted with Al Jazeera Arabic, Abu Muhammad al Jolani, the head of Jabhat al Nusra, said the following:

“The so-called Khorasan group, supposedly active within our ranks, doesn’t exist. We first heard about it via the media after the U.S.-led coalition bombed us. It is merely a Western invention to justify the bombings on us. There are some brothers from Khorasan who joined our strife though.”

That just confirmed my suspicion that the whole story was made up…..a lame attempt at propaganda……

Every attempt will be made to continue the people’s support of a war that is going NOWHERE!

We need to be vigilant…..check every accusation……check every “fact”…….the government has NO problem lying to the people…….it matters not the party that is in power…….

If they lied about this situation…….what else are they lying about?


Media Executives Are Salivating Over Big Money Flooding the 2016 Election Cycle – The Intercept

There is a huge movement to undo “Citizens United”……lots of people want to get the big money out of politics…..what are the chances that it will happen”

My answer….slim to NONE!  Why?

The media is making barrels of money from elections and why would they work to eliminate their cash flow?

And that is how you BUY a president!


Media Executives Are Salivating Over Big Money Flooding the 2016 Election Cycle – The Intercept.