The Media Purge Is Near Complete

First, I must admit my disappointment that Ferrari lost the Italian Gran Prix at Monza…..that German company won… there some way Hamilton can be penalized for not being as Italian?  Made my Labor Day just awful…I remain grumpy!

Now to work!

I have been writing for years that the media was nothing but a propaganda arm of the government as well as Wall Street….it is used to shape our views and opinions plus programming the population to accept whatever line is pushed……so far they have done a marvelous job….I point to FOX News as proof.

When I heard the news that MSNBC was firing anchors like Ed Schultz, Alex Wagner, Joy Reid, etc….I said then that the network was purging all progressive thought…..I warned that Sharpton was not safe nor was Diaz Balart…the only true left leaning voice that will remain will be Rachel Maddow only because she is adorable and her ratings are good for revenue……but keep in mind so was Obermann’s…….and we know what happened to him……

Since I wrote the piece awhile back more news has come to light…..Sharpton goes from a daily show to a Sunday show which should make his ratings tank then it can be justified in firing him….watch for Chris Hayes to get  makeover to toe the neocon line….then there is Harris-Perry….this one is a question mark in my mind.

I use to watch Morning Joe because it was a third way show….lots of independent talk….now it will expand to 4 hours and the mundane crap of Mika, a one dimensional character and the Neocon babble of Scarborough will get even more time to make us nauseous…..

Source: Here’s How MSNBC Is Becoming Another Right-Wing Noise Machine | The Fifth Column

If one wants real news I suggest you look for it on-line….because the best you will do for independent talk on cable will be CNN….and that alone is pathetic.

I am sure that someone will appreciate the switch for MSNBC (ComCast) but those would be people that let the tube do their thinking for them….me?  I would rather watch something called “Nazis vs Aliens”…it would be more newsworthy than anything MSNBC can offer.

If you enjoy news and if you watch MSNBC then I suggest that you invest in a case of “barf bags”……you will NEED them!

News The Media Can’t Use

CRAP!  I do not know how busy it would be during my couple of days of mental relaxation……lots to catch up on…..hang on!

For whatever reason there are some news reports that the MSM seems to ignore or feels is not important enough to burden the American population with a report……I will do so because as an international analyst I am always on the lookout for that one situation that could be a linchpin to the next bad conflict……an event that may seem small but could blossom in another world affair…..

1–This story got zero press coverage…….

US troops in Sinai suffered their first casualties, when four of them were wounded in an IED blast in Sinai. Two other MFO members from an unknown nation were wounded in a separate blast, and the Pentagon suggested the US troops were sent out to rescue the other two.

Pentagon officials said they are growing increasingly concerned about the worsening security situation in Sinai, and say they might have to take “additional measures,” including deploying more and heavier weapons, to keep their troops safe.

What are American troops doing in the Sinai?  Are they there to help the new Egyptian government or to help Israel?  Instead of being told about the injuries of Americans we are treated to crap stories like Kanye wants to be prez….and you still believe that the media is NOT a propaganda tool?

2–Everyone has heard about the flood of refugees into Southern Europe and the problems countries are having dealing with them, right?   But did anyone hear about another “wall” that is being considered?

Hungary and Bulgaria have turned to Israel for advice on building a fence modeled on the one set up on the southern Israeli border with Egypt to stop the influx of refugees.

What better nation to ask than Israel….after all they are building an apartheid wall around the West Bank….what better nation to ask than one that has spent decades controlling a population with severe techniques?

3–About 4 months ago the world was told by the Iraqi government that it would retake the city of Ramadi in a matter of days….that was in May 2015… is it going so far?

After ISIS captured Ramadi in mid-May, officials were desperate to downplay the importance. When calling a provincial capital of 500,000 people unimportant didn’t work, they insisted there was a plan in place to quickly retake the city. Months later, they’ve made no real progress to that end.

Surrounding Ramadi was supposed to be the first step, isolating it and cutting it off from ISIS supply lines. Over the course of an entire summer, Iraq’s military hasn’t even managed that much, and has suffered some major casualties by trying to position their military too close to the city.

The lack of success is being blamed on the lack of assisting airstrikes and a heat wave…..both are lame and are nothing but excuses to cover-up an impotent military.

4–The region unknown as Central Asia has peaked my interests…..I believe we may be looking at the next region to explode into major problems……

First is Tajikistan……..

The US has announced the immediate closure of their embassy in Tajikistan today as the nation’s capital city erupted in battle, with an Islamist group led by the Deputy Defense Minister raiding the Defense and Interior Ministries and looting large amounts of weaponry.

Maj. Gen. Abdulkharim Mirzo Nazarzod, the official in question was a commander in the former Islamist rebellion during the 1990s civil war, and his political party, the Islamic Renaissance Party, was banned just last week by the government.

Nazarzod is the second major loss to the government’s military establishment in recent months, after Gulmurod Khalimov, the leader of the special forces, joined ISIS in May. Though there is no sign that Nazarzod joined any existing Islamist group, his historical ties to the old rebellion suggests today’s incidents may be a prelude to another major Islamist rebellion in central Asia.

Next is Kyrgyistan…….

Kyrgyzstan canceled a cooperation treaty with the United States on Tuesday, raising the stakes in a diplomatic row triggered by the award of a human rights prize to a jailed dissident.

Kyrgyz Prime Minister Temir Sariyev ordered his cabinet to renounce the 1993 Bilateral Agreement with the U.S. It will not be valid starting Aug. 20, the government said in a statement.

The agreement provided for U.S. aid to Kyrgyzstan to be brought into and out of the country without the levying of taxes, customs duties or any other payment.

Central Asia will be watched by me….I feel that the next “surprise” will come from this region….in case few know where this is let me point it out for you……

5–News has come out that the Iraqi air force has started air campaigns against ISIS using planes bought from the US….interesting?  God yes!

Iraq has not had much or an air force since the invasion of 2003……now ask yourself….without much of an air force……..just who is flying their combat missions?

6– There is another Defense program that is as worthless as ever…..first it was that damn F-35 that after a decade finally starting working within suggested parameters…….then there is the US Navy mine sweeper that cannot find mines…..

The US Navy’s troubled Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), a.k.a. “the Navy’s most hated program since its inception,” was hit with more criticism recently.

In response to an internal Pentagon report that pointed to continuing, decade-long deficiencies in the ship’s mine-hunting system, leaders of the Senate Armed Services Committee have served notice that the Department of Defense (DOD) should consider giving up on the project altogether and look for alternatives.

The concept behind the LCS calls for a small surface vessel, designed to operate close to the shore, which can be customized with different modules for three main missions: mine countermeasures, surface warfare, or anti-submarine warfare. The LCS comes in two flavors: the Freedom-class, a conventional hull designed and built by Lockheed Martin, and the Independence-class, a trimaran hull designed and built by General Dynamics. Both classes have a crew of some 40 sailors, but the Independence-class vessels have a larger flight deck to accommodate more air assets.

Another piece of crap brought to us by the Military-Industrial complex……billions spent on a piece of fecal matter……I weep for the sailors ……

None of this news fits the paradigm that the media has set up for the American people……ain’t propaganda great?

Thanx for your attention and I will try to keep posting news that we seldom hear…..

It is good to be back!

Journalist or ‘unprivileged belligerent’? – Al Jazeera English

There are many of us Americans that remember the images that the journalists gave us of the Vietnam War…..many were of horrendous battles, events and situations and in some way lead to the anti-war movement having such an impact.

The US government was NOT going to allow that to happen again!

That situation was eliminated during the first Gulf War where the military had a close grip on the media and did not allow any of the freedoms that were allowed during the Vietnam era…..and that tight hold has continued today.

Basically it is that the media can have the news that the military wants them to have… other words tight press censorship…..some will not call it that but that is what it is…..information control has another name that we seldom use….Propaganda.  Ask the German people just how effective propaganda can be…..

The new manual by the Pentagon, Law of War, goes a few steps beyond censorship……amazing that the news organizations have not made this issue more of a story……or are the news groups just extensions of the government these days?

Read it and tell me where this is a way for a democracy to function……


Source: Journalist or ‘unprivileged belligerent’? – Al Jazeera English

The empire strikes back:

The Political-Media Empire has lost all control over the news and they are striking back to regain the control over the process that they have lost in the first couple of months of the political cycle.

I mean Jeb has a ga-zillion bucks in his PACs waiting for the best time to strike……and then there is Bernie whose average donation is $31.00……

No modern candidate can run a legit campaign without help from a super PAC with deep pockets, yes? The New York Times reports that Bernie Sanders is providing a real test of that accepted wisdom. He’s managed to build a “formidable” sum of $15.2 million while eschewing super PACs, with the average donation to his campaign at $31.30. The vast majority of that total comes from small donations routed through the ActBlue website, which handles donations for Democrats. Sanders knows he will still be widely outspent, but thinks he’ll have plenty of money to run a smart, frugal, and “winning” campaign.

The MSM cannot stand the fact that Bernie is doing so well without the use of Super PACs….and then there is Trump who is using his own cash and does not bow to a Super PAC…….it is as if these candidates do not need the MSM…..and that cannot be tolerated.

The popularity of Sanders and Trump has the media scratching their heads…..they pushed Jeb and Hillary for over a year and yet the people do not seem to be interested in their choices given by the media….

The MSM has got to take back the control over the process…..


The empire strikes back: The media-political elite’s campaign to destroy Bernie (and Trump) and restore order –

How the AP Got the Iran Inspections Story Wrong

Last week the blog-osphere went batcrap crazy because of a AP report that Iran would be doing self-inspections of the nuke facilities…..bloggers lost their minds and accused everyone from Obama to a 2nd grade school teacher for this outrage.

I posted that it was a lie…..few believed what I wrote and even fewer would check out the sources that I gave them on the Iranian deal so they could read the deal for themselves…..

Although that report was a flash in the pan and the media and bloggers have moved on….simply because they could not get more hate or use of the story…….

But I am still trying to get people to read the information out there…..I am afraid that lies are believed we will once again be invading a country that does not need to be done so…..

Am I alone?  Or do Americans truly want to be the next “imperialistic” power?


How the AP Got the Iran Inspections Story Wrong.

MSM: Do You Make This Crap Up?

2016 election is turning into a bizarre collection of bullsh*t!

I recently did a post on Al Gore……you remember him?  The ex-VP and the alleged inventor of the internet (no really)…….the post was that there was a rumor that Gore would throw his hat into the election fray.

Really?  He could not win before….why would anybody think he could now?

I said it sounded like a made up story by the media to drive the conversation for 2016…..and it got some legs for a little while…….and now we have another thing that sounds like a made up story…..this one is about Biden.

Newser) – Speculation about Joe Biden entering the 2016 race has been heating up of late, and Politico adds a new wrinkle: The 72-year-old is reportedly considering a run as a one-term president. “One thing that I keep hearing about Biden is that if he were to declare and say, because age is such a problem for him if he does, I want to be a one-term president. I want to serve for four years, unite Washington,” journalist Carl Bernstein told CNN. “It could light fire to the current political environment.” Biden is on vacation in South Carolina this week, and the Wall Street Journal reports that he’s using the time to sound out supporters.

To me another crap story.  I realize that Biden may be thinking about throwing his hat in…..but ….really?

The MSM will go to any length to drive the conversation…….

Do I need to say more?

IS MSM Grasping At Straws?

2016 and the election has its cast of characters…..the GOP especially has one a/hole after another….the Dems not so much.

The media has been all over Trump, who is another story……… but has been pretty much set with its fave, Clinton…….

But the MSM needs the controversy to make the news more “lively”……Trump does it on the one hand but the Dems is another…..I mean we have a scandal to be, e-mails, and the straight issue politician in Bernie….like I said not enough controversy for their liking……

What could make the Dems more ‘fun’ to report?  There is the hint that Biden may decide to run but it is just not catching fire in the public……what can they do to jazz up the Dems side of the coin?

Then while I was lamenting about this lack of stuff to “jazz” up the Dems for 2016…..BAM!  Woot dare it is!

report that set the internet ablaze first appeared on BuzzFeed. The story suggested some conversations were already in process with Al about the possibility.

“Supporters of Al Gore have begun a round of conversations among themselves and with the former vice president about his running for president in 2016, the latest sign that top Democrats have serious doubts that Hillary Clinton is a sure thing.”

The story also quoted an anonymous “senior Democrat” source about a potential run, affirming the possibility of a Gore run.

“They’re getting the old gang together. They’re figuring out if there’s a path financially and politically. It feels more real than it has in the past months.”

There you have the newest non-story for the media to fixate upon for the near future…..this is just a made up story for the media and its need to drive the story……it is silly!  And a bit pathetic!