The Nice White People Who Stick Their Heads in the Sand and Perpetuate Murderous Injustice | Alternet

We as a nation are trying to have that talk….not the sex one….but rather the one on race.

I hear people say that things are much better or maybe I should say better….then the days when black men were strung up for whistling at a white girl……that the country has learned to be more open and tolerant……first let me voice an opinion on the thinking…BULLSHIT!

Americans are doing what they always do…..delude themselves


The Nice White People Who Stick Their Heads in the Sand and Perpetuate Murderous Injustice | Alternet.

The Horror That Is The NOLA PD

I do not know if my reader has heard the horrors of the New Orleans Police department…..they have had problems for decades…..corruption, felonies, intimidation and brutality…….but I recently read a report that made me ashamed that these dicks are sent out to “protect and serve”….a concept that is foreign to the NOLA PD……..

In the latest blow to New Orleans’ scandal-weary police department, a city inspector general’s report claims five detectives failed to do substantial investigation of more than 1,000 cases of sex crimes and child abuse—with one detective cited for stating that simple rape should not be considered a crime. The report, out yesterday, examined the detectives’ work between January 2011 and December 2013 and found “an indifference to our citizens that shouldn’t be tolerated.” They have been transferred to patrol duty pending further investigation. More particulars, per the report:

  • A detective failed to investigate a case involving a 3-year-old brought to the ER for an alleged sexual assault, closing the case without charges even though the child had a sexually transmitted disease. The same detective closed the book with no charges on two cases involving children brought to the ER with fractured skulls.
  • Another detective allegedly told several people that simple rape—sex without consent of one party—should not be considered a crime. This detective handled 11 simple-rape cases, five of which saw no follow-up reports and one with no initial report.
  • Two detectives are accused of writing six reports—on the same day in 2013—to make it appear that they had done follow-up reports years ago.
  • The detectives classified 65% of 1,290 sex crime cases as “miscellaneous,” for which no report at all was written.
  • Of the remaining 450 cases, detectives followed up on only 179 cases; 105 of those were handed over to prosecutors, who in turn prosecuted 74 cases. The report calls on police to fully investigate the 271 cases that the detectives failed to properly check into.

A shameful legacy for the PD……

Liars Elude Justice–Again

I have been a critic of the Iraq War from the beginning and of course that made me rather unpopular after 9/11….I was accused of being unpatriotic and un-American….I knew that the BS about Saddam being in league with AQ was crap…….Saddam would have NEVER let such an organization exist in Iraq……anyone that could have challenged his authority…….I could see NO reason for an attack on Iraq in those days if terrorism was the basis of a war in Afghanistan and Iraq……

I said after the start that someone needed to be held responsible for all the needless death and destruction…..again I was all the things that is un-American.

Now there is a call for someone to take accountability for all the stuff that happened in Iraq……of course our crappy leaders will NEVER have to face their crime….but there was a ray of hope in the UK…..there has been an investigation on what was truth and what was lies….it looked promising……until very recently…..

Sir John Chilcot, the head of a British inquiry into the invasion of Iraq, has conceded defeat on his efforts to release the details of over 130 conversations between former President Bush and former Prime Minister Tony Blair related to the plot to invade Iraq. Sir John admits now the records will never be made public.

Instead, under the terms of a secretive agreement between the Cameron government and the Obama Administration, the Chilcot Inquiry will only be allowed to give “the gist” of what was discussed in certain of the conversations, and that none of it can provide any information related to President Bush’s views.

Though Sir John himself made it clear this was quite a defeat for his struggling inquiry, the Cameron government tried to spin it as a major accomplishment, saying the gist would be a lot more than they had ever anticipated would be allowed by the US.

The Chilcot Inquiry was announced in June 2009 by the Gordon Brown government, but has stalled for years, with the government promising to “protect” the US from embarrassment in the release. Years later, even predictions of a 2015 publication still look extremely unlikely.

There is going to be NO justice for all the death and destruction… because of all the lies and misinformation it looks like not even the country of Iraq will survive our war……

It is never too late to make the bastards face justice……I am talking about bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and even Obama and Clinton……keep the focus on what they have done and maybe one day they will get what is coming to them.

Just a friendly reminder!

since this report Tony Blair has come out of his shell to speak…….he has said “the situation in Iraq was not the responsibility of the those that attacked Iraq.  That societies like Iraq ruled by a dictator results like this should be expected once he is removed.”

Okay I read that and had a good laugh at the stupidity of the statement and the stupidity of those that believe such pure manure.  if we went into Iraq because Saddam was gonna use WMDs and we eliminate the cause….we should have expected this to happen…..right?  WE DID NOT!  in our rush for oil we could not see the sand for the camel crap!

But if you like good humor read Blair’s essay………

A pretty good piece by Blair….I understand the necessity but I question his premise………let know what you think…..


Good That We Have Laws

We are a nation of laws and every American likes to think of themselves as law abiding citizens…for we, as I have said, are a nation of laws.  Some laws are good and others not so.  We Americans want laws that protect the innocent from criminals but do not want laws that protect those innocents from gun violence.  We have laws that protect our right to free speech…..even when the speech is lies.  We have laws that grant us freedom of religion and there are those that would like to make a religious belief mandatory.  We have laws that protect us citizens from cruel and unusual punishment while condone it.  We have laws…….well you get the idea………. laws at times are contradictory.

Moving on.  Okay you guys remember back in the day when there was this idea to put a mirror on your shoe and walk up to a group of girls and try to get a look under their skirts….you probably have to be an old fart to remember……….and this situation brings me to my point….I read an article the other day that made me shake my head…….

Women who ride the Boston subway will not be pleased to hear that the state’s highest court says it’s legal for someone to take “upskirt” photos of their privates. The state Supreme Judicial Court thinks it should be illegal, but the justices say current laws don’t cover it, reports the Springfield Republican. The problem is that the Peeping Tom law in question was written to protect people who are nude or partially nude—someone in a changing room, for instance—not riders on the subway who are fully clothed, reports AP. “A female passenger on a MBTA trolley who is wearing a skirt, dress, or the like covering [private] parts of her body is not a person who is ‘partially nude,’ no matter what is or is not underneath the skirt by way of underwear or other clothing,” says the court ruling. It’s good news for Michael Robertson, who was arrested in a police sting in 2010. He didn’t dispute that he took upskirt photos but argued that it’s not a crime. The justices agreed today, but state lawmakers vowed afterward to quickly close the loophole, reports the Boston Globe.

Yeah you read that right.

Basically, if she is wearing underwear it is not illegal……but if she is going ‘commando’ then you are a pervert………I must be missing something.

Sometimes the lack of logic just amazes me.

And then…after writing this a new report has come out……..I want to be fair……..

If you were outraged by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling that deemed “upskirt” photos legal, you can turn that frown upside down. Just a day after the decision, state lawmakers voted yesterday to outlaw the snapped photos of “sexual or intimate parts” in public in an “unusually swift action,” USA Today reports. The bill, which flew through the House and Senate, carries a maximum penalty of two years in jail and a $5,000 fine if the victim is 18 or older, and five years in jail and a $10,000 fine if underage. Gov. Deval Patrick said he would sign the bill into law, the AP notes. “It is sexual harassment,” Senate President Therese Murray said after the bill’s unanimous approval. “Woman and children should be able to go to public places without feeling that they are not protected by the law.” (Though good news, gentlemen: It applies to male victims, too.) The state’s Peeping Tom law only protects people who are nude or partially nude, like someone in a changing room; the new bill applies to anyone who “photographs, videotapes or electronically surveils” a person’s private parts without consent. “Not only did we get it done quickly, but I think there was a feeling that we did it right,” the House speaker said. “We wanted to make sure that this would be a law that would pass all legal questions that could arise.”

Any thoughts?