READ: DOJ Report on Civil Rights Violations in Ferguson, Criminal Probe of Officer Darren Wilson | Democracy Now!

Since last August and the protests in Ferguson…all eyes and ears have been on just what will happen in Ferguson……will the cop be charged…..will there be an investigation into the PD…..have there been civil rights violations?

Like I have said……….. questions.

DOJ has released their report on the situation….the report is here… it and make your own conclusions….do not let others form them for you!


READ: DOJ Report on Civil Rights Violations in Ferguson, Criminal Probe of Officer Darren Wilson | Democracy Now!.

Hide In Plain Sight

If you watch the Hitler Channel… bad…..the History Channel then you would have seen the atrocities that were committed by the Nazis…..but at the end of the war many of those that committed these crimes escaped to live here in the US and other countries….some of them were here with the knowledge of the US government……people like scientists and any one else that could have benefited the country in some way…….and then there were those that came here changed the names and went about hiding in plain sight.

Fast forward now to the 90’s and the wars in the Balkans……during this conflict there were many “crimes against humanity” committed by all sides….basically a lot of genocidal thinking.  I bring this up because there is a new report that says we may have people who committed these crimes right here….hiding in plain sight……

A Virginia soccer coach, Vegas casino workers, a dozen Phoenix residents: Hundreds of Bosnians living in the US may be guilty of war crimes, say American officials, and authorities are working to deport at least 150 of them, the New York Times reports. That number could climb past 600, officials tell the Times: “The more we dig, the more documents we find.” The effort was spawned by the 2004 arrest of a construction worker in Boston who was eventually convicted of crimes against humanity; that prompted officials to recognize that many with ties to war crimes during the 1990s were living in the US and doing little to hide themselves, the Times reports.

During that decade, some 120,000 Bosnian refugees sought US visas. Their applications required them to divulge their military histories—but officials didn’t do much to investigate the claims. This month, the US asked members of the global Bosnian community to offer up anything they knew about war crimes, the Times reports. Now, there are about 300 suspects, about half of whom may have been involved in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, which saw Bosnian Serbs execute thousands of unarmed Muslims. Click for the Timesfull report.

It seems that the US is a prime place for criminals to come and do what they do best…..survive…..or to hide in plain sight.


The Nice White People Who Stick Their Heads in the Sand and Perpetuate Murderous Injustice | Alternet

We as a nation are trying to have that talk….not the sex one….but rather the one on race.

I hear people say that things are much better or maybe I should say better….then the days when black men were strung up for whistling at a white girl……that the country has learned to be more open and tolerant……first let me voice an opinion on the thinking…BULLSHIT!

Americans are doing what they always do…..delude themselves


The Nice White People Who Stick Their Heads in the Sand and Perpetuate Murderous Injustice | Alternet.

The Horror That Is The NOLA PD

I do not know if my reader has heard the horrors of the New Orleans Police department…..they have had problems for decades…..corruption, felonies, intimidation and brutality…….but I recently read a report that made me ashamed that these dicks are sent out to “protect and serve”….a concept that is foreign to the NOLA PD……..

In the latest blow to New Orleans’ scandal-weary police department, a city inspector general’s report claims five detectives failed to do substantial investigation of more than 1,000 cases of sex crimes and child abuse—with one detective cited for stating that simple rape should not be considered a crime. The report, out yesterday, examined the detectives’ work between January 2011 and December 2013 and found “an indifference to our citizens that shouldn’t be tolerated.” They have been transferred to patrol duty pending further investigation. More particulars, per the report:

  • A detective failed to investigate a case involving a 3-year-old brought to the ER for an alleged sexual assault, closing the case without charges even though the child had a sexually transmitted disease. The same detective closed the book with no charges on two cases involving children brought to the ER with fractured skulls.
  • Another detective allegedly told several people that simple rape—sex without consent of one party—should not be considered a crime. This detective handled 11 simple-rape cases, five of which saw no follow-up reports and one with no initial report.
  • Two detectives are accused of writing six reports—on the same day in 2013—to make it appear that they had done follow-up reports years ago.
  • The detectives classified 65% of 1,290 sex crime cases as “miscellaneous,” for which no report at all was written.
  • Of the remaining 450 cases, detectives followed up on only 179 cases; 105 of those were handed over to prosecutors, who in turn prosecuted 74 cases. The report calls on police to fully investigate the 271 cases that the detectives failed to properly check into.

A shameful legacy for the PD……