Outrageous Lies About Iran To Derail the Nuclear Agreement « Antiwar.com Blog

Now that the full court press is on….Israel has pulled out NO stops to beat back the deal…….their paid politicians are working overtime to please their masters……

The problem I have is that some of the stuff I hear is just garbage………the same garbage that I have been hearing for at least a decade…….

There are lies and then there are goddamn LIES….and Israel is a master of the later……


Outrageous Lies About Iran To Derail the Nuclear Agreement « Antiwar.com Blog.

Let The Bastard Rot!

I have written many times about those people with dual citizenship that choose to fight for the other country…….I think these people are traitors and should be dealt with harshly.  Then there are those Americans that spy on this country for another country……these people should ROT in prison or better yet ….shoot the bastards.

This brings me to the meat of this post…….Jonathan Pollard….and American that was convicted of spying for Israel against his country……

The US is getting ready to release one of its most high-profile prisoners. The Wall Street Journal reports that Jonathan Pollard, the former Navy analyst who is serving a life sentence for spying on behalf of Israel, could be released in a matter of weeks. The 60-year-old was convicted in 1985 and is up for parole in November for the first time. The Journal‘s sources say he may be released even before then, in part to soothe Israel’s anger over the Iran nuclear deal.

There’s no official confirmation, and after several similar media reports surfaced earlier this month, the Times of Israel spoke to one of Pollard’s attorneys, who sounded skeptical. “We have not received any word, and I would expect that either I or my client would be the ones who would be notified,” said Eliot Lauer. Pollard got caught passing along classified information to Israeli operatives and eventually pleaded guilty. Supporters say his health has been deteriorating recently.

I say screw his…..he is a TRAITOR and deserves no0thing but to rot in prison…….even if he was working for our ‘friend’ Israel…..matters not…..he should receive the harshest punishment we are allowed to administer.

Here is a thought for you to chew on……this is a screen grab from FOX News that was later deleted…….

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This from our “good friend” in the Middle East!

Let Pollard rot in prison and shut down the access that Israel has in this country.  This is a false flag friendship…….I want NOTHING to do with these people…..PERIOD!

Enough Said?

Where Would Jesus Settle? « Antiwar.com Blog

We all have been exposed to endless WWJD (what would Jesus do), right?

We also have heard a wide array of false prophets tell us what Jesus would say and what God would say about whatever topic is important to Bible thumpers……

Consider the Holy Land these days……and now ask ……….”where would Jesus settle” (WWJS)?

This is an interesting piece….well interesting to me…….


Where Would Jesus Settle? « Antiwar.com Blog.

They All Come Crawling

Just a couple of days ago the US announced to the world that there was a deal on the nukes and Iran……immediately the world reacted…….some were pleased others were worried.  Then there is the US Congress and the GOP which instantly went into a stroke and started the usual chorus of condemnation.

Days after the announcement there was a steady parade of US officials begging forgiveness from Israel for the deal.  Kerry had to make a stop over in Israel to take his tongue lashing from Netanyahu……..Obama called to be sure that BiBi got the word from him and not from some other source and now SecDef Carter will make his trip to Israel bearing gifts………

The US has offered to increase military aid to Israel by another $1.5 billion per year to ease tensions over the nuclear deal with Iran, media has reported. Defense Secretary Ash Carter is expected to make the offer during next week’s visit to Tel Aviv.

The proposed increase would see Israel getting an additional squadron of F-35 fighter jets, funding for research and development of missile defense systems, and ammunition to replenish the stocks used in last year’s bombing of Gaza, Israeli sources told Jerusalem Post.

Under the current arrangement, Israel is receiving $3 billion a year, most of which is used to purchase US military hardware such as fighter jets and missile defense systems. Israeli and US officials have been discussing increasing the amount of aid to anywhere between $4.2 and $4.5 billion per year, sources familiar with the talks told the New York Times.

The US must make nice with Israel……which brings me to a point……

After the deal announcement was made I heard several opponents say that the US had caved to Iran and others…………that we had somehow kowtow to the whims of Iran……..

Americans, some of them, are pissed that the US must crawl to Iran to make this deal……..but wait……..all this trying to make nice with Israel….is that not the same thing as the previous situation mentioned?  Are we NOT kowtowing to Israel?  Are we not crawling to them like they own us?

The Right wing and some Dems want the US to be strong and not be pushed around by others…….but yet it is somehow okie dokie to be pushed around by Israel…….why is that?

Why are Americans perfectly fine with Israel tells us what to do and how we should do it?

Israel’s democracy: ‘Theatre of the absurd’ – Al Jazeera English

I have been writing against calling Israel a democracy for a couple of decades…….elections alone does NOT make a democracy.

And I agree with this author’s assertion that Israel’s democracy is nothing but theater of the absurd……there are many short comings in an Israeli democracy but the world overlooks all of them out of some misguided feeling of guilt.

The world’s debt has bee repaid in full….time to force Israel to stop living in the past and move into the 21st century.  They do not want the world to dictate to them yet they have NO problem dictating terms to the world….they condemn Muslims for adhering to strict religious extremism while doing the same thing……..

The time is now for them to become the civilized country they pretend to be……..


Israel’s democracy: ‘Theatre of the absurd’ – Al Jazeera English.

Still Waiting for USS Liberty’s Truth by Ray McGovern — Antiwar.com

On June 8 of this year I dedicated the entire day of posting on the Israeli attack and murder of American Sailors in 1967………..not many Americans care enough to look at this attack but will lambast any one else that attacks and kills Americans…..but the Liberty is an exception……why?

It is time for the government to tell the truth about the attack and the subsequent deaths of Americans at the hands of the Israelis (our steadfast ally)…….

This is where this press takes up the argument…….READ THIS! If this does not piss you off then maybe it is time for YOU to reassess your priorities…..

Still Waiting for USS Liberty’s Truth by Ray McGovern — Antiwar.com.

What Price Peace?

From the confusion within the mind of Chuq

Since about 1948 there has been a hope from most of the world that the Israelis and the Palestinians would find a way to solve their problems and live in peace.

And for the last 70 years there has been one type of peace process or another……neither side wants to admit to the problem and find a way to live side by side in peace.

Land, water, etc have been at the center of the situation……the right of return for Palestinians that fled decades ago……all have met with nothing but lip service……in other words lots of talk with NO action……

Since the beginning of hostilities the price of war has been the civilians….governments talk, civilians die…….but there has got to be a way that a peace can be agreed to that makes both sides happy and prosperous…….right?

Actually there has been a study done that shows both sides would benefit monetarily from a peace deal……….

A new study by the RAND corporation, however has put a straightforward dollar amount on what Israel could expect in economic growth simply from not being the ultra-paranoid Sparta in the Levant engaged in an endless series of pointless wars with its impoverished neighbors.

If Israel made peace right now, the study concluded they could expect their economy to grow by an additional $123 billion over the next 10 years, with much of the growth coming simply from reducing the perceived instability of the country among international investors.

Since Israel’s GDP is about $300 million that would expand their GDP by a third…….which would benefit their citizens immensely……..

More Rand study findings……..

  • A two-state solution provides by far the best economic outcomes for both Israelis and Palestinians. Israelis would gain over two times more than the Palestinians in absolute terms — $123 billion versus $50 billion over ten years.
  • But the Palestinians would gain more proportionately, with average per capita income increasing by approximately 36 percent over what it would have been in 2024, versus 5 percent for the average Israeli.
  • A return to violence would have profoundly negative economic consequences for both Palestinians and Israelis; per capita gross domestic product would fall by 46 percent in the West Bank and Gaza and by 10 percent in Israel by 2024.
  • In most scenarios, the value of economic opportunities gained or lost by both parties is much larger than expected changes in direct costs.
  • Unilateral withdrawal by Israel from the West Bank would impose large economic costs on Israelis unless the international community shoulders a substantial portion of the costs of relocating settlers.
  • Intangible factors, such as each party’s security and sovereignty aspirations, are critical considerations in understanding and resolving the impasse.
  • Taking advantage of the economic opportunities of a two-state solution would require substantial investments from the public and private sectors of the international community and from both parties.

Peace would benefit everyone involved in the conflict……so why is it being ignored?  Is some silly religious BS more important than the well being of the people you claim to represent?

Rulers who put war over economic growth and prosperity should be eliminated………the people need to pull their heads out of their asses and see what is being done to them in their name…….

It is pathetic that people are so complacent that they would allow this madness to continue and forgo any economic benefits…..if this is the price of faith then I prefer to live without it.

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