Is There News The MSM Will Not Report?

The Western media makes damn sure that we know when a Palestinian man goes on the rampage a stabs an Israeli…..or when someone does berserk I rams something with a car….. there are many stories over the years like this…..violence committed against poor Israelis by “crazed” Palestinians…..

But yet are unsurprisingly silent when Israelis go on the war path to local Palestinian villagers…..

Source: Palestinians targeted by ‘surge’ of settler violence – Al Jazeera English

I try to point out these incidents as I am made aware of them… one of the most recent occurrences……

The Palestinian teen was shot in cold blood by Israeli police while settlers cheered, his family says.

Source: The controversial killing of Fadi Alloun – Al Jazeera English

The Western media will never post anything that would put Israel in a negative light… matter how horrendous the acts may be……and if for some reason that happen to report on a touchy situation….it will be immediately followed by some Holocaust reference….

Israel has the protection of the US mainstream media……

And that is the truth of it all!

Apartheid: Then And Now !

An op-ed that I wrote for Ace News Room…….

There is much going on in the Holy Land but for some reason the media will not report on it……that is unless it has something to do with Israel…..any negativity will NOT be reported.

Israel is in the process of building an Apartheid State….something we thought was gone with the fall of South Africa……we were WRONG!

Please read the op-ed and comment if you would like to…..and visit Ace News Room for all the news you may have missed……

Source: Apartheid: Then And Now !

You just thought apartheid ended with the fall of white South Africa……Israel is doing all it can to keep the practice alive…..

A 1000 Years Of History–Gone!

The recent event at UN HQ I will do posts on Palestine today…..The Palestinian flag now flies ….it has taken its rightful place among the nations of the world…..

On that faithful day ….14 May 1948 a thousand years was history began to disappear and all of it at the behest of the UN and the US……


Since that awful day the land of Palestine has shrunk….a 1000 years of history being eating away by geopolitics….in a little less than 70 years the world has allowed a whole culture and land to become only a memory…

Watching the ISIS thing I see many similarities to what Israel is being allowed to do…..if it was not acceptable in World War 2….why is it acceptable today?

Let me give a guess…..because of some mythic tale in a non-historic context……

Source: Why did UN erase 1,000 years of Palestinian heritage? | The Electronic Intifada

Ever since 1948 there has been one plan or another for a peaceful existence of the people of Palestine….the most popular is the two state solution and has been for years but in recent times there seems to be a loss of confidence in this plan…..a recent poll shows a disturbing trend…..

More than half of Palestinians no longer support a two-state solution to the conflict with Israel, a survey released on Monday showed, rejecting the goal that has underpinned four decades of international diplomacy.

The poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, a leading research group in the Palestinian territories, found that 51 percent of Palestinians oppose the two-state solution while 48 percent support it.

The figures were down from 51 percent support and 48 percent opposition three months ago.

I can understand their reluctance these days…..why?

–the confiscation of agricultural and grazing land in the areas surrounding Palestinian population centers;
–the freezing of growth in Palestinian villages by denying building and planning rights;
–the systematic demolition of Palestinian homes and businesses
–planned Jewish settlement aimed at breaking up the territorial continuity of Palestinian areas;
–the denial of access to basic services such as water (and the theft of that water); and
–policies aimed at preventing Palestinian economic subsistence and forcing dependence on settlers.

Show me an American that would not push back on these restrictions and I will show you a coward.

Slowly Israel is eating away at the history of the Palestinians……and the world watches and does NOTHING!

Thanx to the decision by the UN to fly the flag of the state of Palestine……Now maybe their plight will get more attention than it has in the past…..

Fact Check: Netanyahu’s 2015 UNGA Address | IMEU

This week has been a plethora of political posturing and lying……world leaders get to speak to the General Assembly of the United Nations…..everybody gets a turn….it is kinda a big deal for foreign policy geeks like myself……it is so amusing as well as frustrating…..but mostly it is entertainment at its best.

BiBi went before the General Assembly of the UN and made one of his BS speeches……like most of them filled with horse manure and outright lies……

My fave BS line is the one he uses and our trained monkeys of AIPAC, the GOP, used the one term that I hate more than anything……

“Israel the only democracy in the Middle East”……..that my friends is a……..LIE!

Here is a breakdown of BiBi’s UN speech……….point by point……

Source: Fact Check: Netanyahu’s 2015 UNGA Address | IMEU

Palestine:  How About A One State Solution?

Of all the solutions for the problems in the Holy Land the one that I have heard most from Americans is that of a one state solution…….with the idea that democracy can repair all problems……

People that believe in this solution also believe that Israel is a democracy and that alone could make the one state solution work…..Haha!

U.S. support for a one-state solution could actually bring the Israelis and Palestinians to the table.

There are, theoretically at least, three alternative outcomes to any Israeli-Palestinian peace process: a two-state solution, a one-state solution or the present situation, which is to say no solution. So far most Palestinians (and other Arab governments) and Israelis have preferred the status quo to any alternative outcome that the other side would accept. Moderate Arabs and Israelis support, in principle, a Jewish state and an Arab state living side by side in the former Mandate of Palestine. There are elements on both sides that favor a one-state solution, covering all or most of historic Palestine, although they obviously differ on exactly how that resultant state would be formulated and how Arabs or Jews would share power within it.  (Read More……)

Source: U.S. Could Push One-State Solution to Bring About Israel-Palestine Peace – US News

The article from US News and World Report is at best a pipe dream of colossal proportions…….for one anyone that would spend a little time educating themselves will see that there is nothing democratic about Israel save an election ever so often…..and an election does not a democracy make.  At what point does a democracy confiscate land, destroy crops, attack children and turn non-violent protest into terrorism?  Israeli racism is running rampant….to the point that attacks on Palestinians has escalated to the point of burning young children to death in an arson attack on a home…….

The problem is there is so much misinformation floating around about this situation that labels all Palestinians as “terrorists”…….there are sources to look at for some small amount of truth……

Source: Israel in Palestine: Separating fact from fiction – Al Jazeera English

I do not see any hope for a one state solution to be the answer to the situation between the Israelis and the Palestinians…..I believe that the two state solution is the only answer and now that Israel is building their retaining wall around the West Bank then that could be a good place to start……I have given my idea on how to turn Palestine into a state ……(Read On)…….

Source: Let the Wall define Palestine | In Saner Thought

In conclusion……the one state solution would be more disastrous for Palestinians than the situation that they now live with……there would be little to prevent Israel from erasing Palestine from the memory of the world.

F*ck Israel! (Can You Hear Me Now?)

The deal with Iran over nukes is going to go further….and  as predicted the GOP will not go silently into the night…..they have just got to keep playing games with nukes and conflict…..there newest attempt to throw a monkey wrench into the work is…….

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R – KY) is facing yet another losing vote this week on the bill aiming to block the Iran nuclear deal, with the exact same vote that failed to end the filibuster last week expected to come along again with the same results.

Sen. McConnell is trying to force the Democrats to back off the filibuster and allow the vote, even though there again, he would face a defeat for falling well short of a veto-proof majority on killing the deal in the face of a promised presidential veto. He insists he’s going to get it “or else.”

The or else part is that if he doesn’t get this vote, McConnell says he intends to force a vote on an amendment to the upcoming vote on the Iran sanctions bill that would require any easing of sanctions (which the US is required to do under the deal) to Iran agreeing to formally recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.”

A Jewish State?  Right to exist….okay….but who in Hell does not know that Israel is a Jewish state?  This is pathetic!

Again….I reiterate…..F*CK ISRAEL!

Can Israel do anything on their own that does not involve killing innocents?  If Israel wants international recognition then maybe acting like a civilized government would do the trick for them.  Why does the US have to do it for them?

Israel…the only country in the Middle East with a nuke capability needs the help of its paid agents in Washington to do the work for them in the world of diplomacy.

Here’s a crazy idea….they want recognition then how about they recognize the state of Palestine on the West bank?

Sounds pretty simple to me.  But then I am NOT paid by Israel now am I?

Will Gaza Be ‘Uninhabitable’ by 2020?

Since most people are moved in one direction or the other by the headlines then this will not get much rise out of many…..I know with the refugee crisis we can only handle one horror story at a time…..but this is as big as the refugee story…..just NO one gives a damn!

I know that few Americans will remember the Israeli attack on Gaza last Summer……I mean why should they it is not like it was any of their concern, right?

Wrong!  Anytime we have a nation that decides that the destruction of a way of life be their personal benefit is nothing short of  war crimes and should be charged as such.

Let me refresh your memory….last Summer Israel used the time honored excuse for the destruction of a way of life…..self-defense to destroy as whole society….

What once looked like this……a thriving city…….

Now looks like this……..

Their actions did not intend on punishing those that want to fire rockets into Israel proper but rather a destruction of a way of life and an entire society…..whose citizens had nothing to do with those fearsome, yet inaccurate rockets that are allegedly fired into Israel from Gaza.

Their action, the Israelis, was begun with one aim to make Gaza uninhabitable and in doing so they believe they have removed any threat.  Not damn likely!

The total destruction of Gaza was aimed not at the infrastructure that could be used for future attacks but rather the people as a whole…..they spent hours and days bombing everything from power plants to schools to hospitals….all of which is approaching a genocide.

But after the dust settled the world came to the rescue of Gaza with assistance in the rebuilding of their society and lives….all to have the operation crapped on by Israel who refuses to allow materials and supplies into Gaza to begin the reconstruction….sorry, that is not self-defense…..more like hatred.

With all these delays….what is the future of Gaza and its residents?

Israeli military action and economic blockade have rendered the coastal strip unfit for civilian life, report says

Source: UN: Gaza Could Be ‘Uninhabitable’ by 2020 | Al Jazeera America

If Gaza is to have a future then Israel MUST be made to follow some sort of decorum and allow the reconstruction begin.  If not then charges should be filed to the ICC as war crimes…..crimes against humanity…..Israel must pay a price for their hatred and their actions.  The rest of the world would demand it from anyone else….Israel is NOT immune to the laws of humanity.