They’re Palestinians, not ‘Israeli Arabs’ – LA Times

During the latest Israeli election we heard many things……but the one that was repeated over and over is that the Israeli-Arabs could hold the key for the winner….

Israeli Arabs?  Call them what they are PALESTINIANS!.

I was guilty of using the term until I had time to think…..they are Arabs who are descended from the original residents of the region….that makes them PALESTINIANS!


They’re Palestinians, not ‘Israeli Arabs’ – LA Times.

Israel: US Greatest Ally

HA! HA!  If you believe that then I have a bridge I want to sell…..CHEAP!

I hear this rubbish every time I publish something about Israel……it is the trolls in them that cannot let anything derogatory about Israel go…..

The biggest lie is that Israel is a democracy…….an election does not make one a democracy…..then the second biggest lie is that Israel is our best ally……Israel spins a lot of time trying to undermine any policies that the US tries to follow if Israel is not the sole beneficiary…….

Take for instance the latest attempts to find a settlement of the Iranian nuke issue……Israel is taking every chance to undermine these negotiations……..even to the point of spying on the US……..Israel spied on the world powers’ nuclear talks with Iran and was using the obtained information to urge the US lawmakers’ opposition against a nuclear deal with Tehran, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

That is the most recent attempts to undermine which goes as far back as the 1980’s in Lebanon…….now since BiBi has made it clear (as clear as anything in politics can be) that there will be NO 2 state solution…….the Us is thinking about ways to make BiBi pay for his insolence……The Hill offered up some suggestion on how to make Israel pay attention……….

1. Clog the arms pipeline. Even though Congress will appropriate more military aid for Israel in this year’s budget, there is a myriad of ways in which the Defense and State Departments can delay, if not completely suspend, the signing of contracts and the actual delivery of weapons.

2. Report on Israel’s violations of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA). Under the AECA, countries receiving U.S. military aid can only use weapons for legitimate self-defense and internal security. Israel killed more than 2,200 Palestinians — the vast majority of whom were civilians — last summer, oftentimes with U.S. weapons such as F-16 fighter jets and Hellfire missiles. The Obama administration should send a report to Congress documenting these human rights abuses and suspend future deliveries of specific weapons systems as outlined in the AECA.

3. Sanction Israel under the “Leahy Law.” Under the Leahy Law, specific units of militaries which commit human rights abuses are ineligible to receive U.S. training and weapons. In addition, individuals who commit human rights abuses are denied U.S. visas. While there is some evidence that high-ranking Israeli military officials have recently been denied U.S. visas, the State Department’s reporting on the implementation of Leahy Law sanctions is opaque. More extensive and public sanctioning of Israel under this law is warranted.

4. Declare Israeli settlements a national emergency. Under the National Emergencies Act, the president has broad and unilateral powers to declare an emergency in response to a foreign policy crisis. By designating Israeli settlements as an emergency, the Obama administration could regulate, or even prohibit, any transaction in foreign exchange that will directly or indirectly contribute to the expansion of Israeli settlements.

5. Shut down “charitable” funding of Israeli settlements. Dozens of organizations currently recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as 501(c)(3) nonprofits funnel tens of millions of dollars to Israeli settlements every year. There is nothing charitable about dispossessing Palestinians from their land. IRS guidelines do not allow for the funding of illegal activities, which Israeli settlements are according to U.S. policy and international law.

I agree with everyone of the proposals.  After more than six years of offering Israel more and more carrots only to be repeatedly snubbed, it is long overdue for the Obama administration to brandish the proverbial stick.

Time for the US to do the right thing…..but I am being naive…..of course we will do NOTHING to punish our greatest ally for it would cost votes and we know that that is more important than justice, right?

The media will do whatever is asked of them to prevent Israel from facing any punishment for their lies and actions……if you think the media is not part of this paradigm then ask any American to tell you something about Palestinians…….their answers will be……..hate Israel….terrorists……and that will be the total extent of their “knowledge”……because that is ALL they get from the media……and no one has asked why do they hate Israel?

AP Analysis: Is Israel Democratic? Not So Clear – ABC News

We hear this incredible lie every time there is something going on with Israel…….it is a propaganda ploy to keep Israel in the favorite son category with the American people…….

Sorry people but an election does not a democracy make!

It is that simple……..false information is still a lie no matter how we try to spin it……


AP Analysis: Is Israel Democratic? Not So Clear – ABC News.

BiBi, Never Let Your Mouth Overload Your Ass

Have you had enough of the BS surrounding the announcement by Ted Cruz yet?

Our man in Israel, BiBi, has won his little election……with some help from some pretty damning statements….like :never will be a two state solution” (paraphrase and his racist rant about Arab-Israeli voters….”Arabs are voting in droves”……all of which energized the far right and brought them out to vote…..and he won!

The US is not happy with him to say the least…….his words have shown why there has been NO substantial progress on peace negotiations…….I have been saying it is time for the US to step back and make Israel stand on their own….and maybe there is a chance this could occur……

A spat between Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama, coupled with Netanyahu openly campaigning on his opposition to Palestinian statehood, seems to have changed that, and Obama has warned Netanyahu that the US is re-assessing its policies on Israel.

That could mean a lot of different things, but administration officials say it includes serious consideration of backing a UN Security Council resolution supporting, in principle, Palestinian statehood along the 1967 borders.

About damn time and at a time when Israel is struggling with the ICC and human rights abuse allegations………the UN is looking into the claims but in the past the US has acted as the lawyers for Israel and vetoed any action attempted against the country…..that could be closing in on an outdated issue……we can hope.

Israel as I have said is being called up for their attacks in Gaza…….and with the hope to head off an ICC investigation Israel has launched its own……

In a statement late Thursday it says the Military Advocate General ordered six investigations, two of which were concluded with no wrongdoing found.

One case concerns the death of some 20 people who had taken shelter at a U.N. school in July.

The Gaza war left more than 2,100 Palestinians dead, mostly civilians, according to Palestinian and U.N. officials. On the Israeli side, 66 soldiers and six civilians were killed.

Would anyone trust the perpetrator to carry out an effective investigation into his actions?

This could be disastrous for BiBi if the US decides they have had enough of the antics of this liar and his games…….time for the US to do the right thing…….now Americans need to ask……Is BiBi lying now or was he lying in years past?

No matter which it is….he is a liar and cannot be trusted to act as a reliable partner in the Middle East.

BiBi: Predictable Little Toad

Yes the d/bag won his little election…..and he said somethings that will make the world reconsider their feelings about him….I said that once he conned the Israeli people that he would back track everything negative that he said and that he would use the American media to try and weasel out of his BS……..

With polls showing him in trouble on the eve of Israel’s election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disavowed his support for a two-state solution with Palestinians and immediately reversed his political fortunes. With his victory less than two days old, he has already backtracked, reports the Jerusalem Post. “I haven’t changed my policy,” he tells Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC in an interview that airs this evening, as quoted in the New York Times. “I don’t want a one-state solution. I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution, but for that, circumstances have to change.” Netanyahu says his comments before the election—in answer to a question, he said there would be no two-state solution under his watch—were more a reflection of how things had changed on the Palestinian side in recent years.

“I was talking about what is achievable and what is not achievable,” he said. “We have to have real negotiations with people who are committed to peace.” Critics had accused him of pandering to right-wing voters to avoid defeat. In the MSNBC interview, Netanyahu also denied that his last-minute video warning supporters that Arabs were voting “in droves” was an attempt to whip up anti-Palestinian sentiment, reports CNN. “I wasn’t trying to suppress the vote,” he said. “I was calling on our voters to come out.” The original two-state comment in particular had irritated the White House, which warned it was re-evaluating its relations with Israel.

Glad to see this demented toad is so predictable…..MSNBC should be ashamed of being used by Israel as their American PR firm…….I really thought it would be Morning Joe but Mitchell was just as feasible since she is a big Israel supporter, especially on air…..her credibility has dropped over the years…

The US will re-evaluate……seriously?  We all know where that will go….now don’t we?

How the Joint List has already made history in Israel | +972 Magazine

Today is election day in Israel…..and in the end history will be made…..and it has NOTHING to do with the crap master, BiBi……….

Arab-Israelis have made history….for the first time they are working together instead of back fighting and division….this could be the start of something amazing….they need to keep the pressure on……electoral politics could do what rockets could not…….


How the Joint List has already made history in Israel | +972 Magazine.

Israel: FINALLY! Someone’s Listening!

I have been watching the Middle East for decades especially the Israeli-Palestinian conflict………the 1st Intifada got the Palestinians lots of international attention….the images of kids with rocks facing off against soldiers with auto rifles and tanks……then the 2nd Intifada was a bust…it started off like the first and then the militants got involved with rockets and violence and any international support the Palestinians had eroded……

I have been saying that the violence is getting the Palestinians nothing but death and sorrow….I understand the anger but throwing violence at the Israelis is doing NOTHING…….I keep saying that protests non-violent ones would do more than a rocket fired into Israel……I said that all parties on the Palestinian side should find a way to work together from many different angles….this would be more successful and limit the violence so the world would see that the Palestinians are serious about their freedoms…..

BiBi’s final words before the election were ones that could help the voting bloc win some prestige………

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it plain today on the eve of a snap election in Israel: If he wins, there will be no Palestinian state, the New York Times reports. “I think that anyone who is going to establish a Palestinian state today and evacuate lands, is giving attack grounds to the radical Islam against the state of Israel,” he says in an interview with the NRG website. “Anyone who ignores this is sticking his head in the sand.” He was asked to clarify whether that meant no Palestinian state will be forged if he wins re-election, and he replied, “Correct.”

AFP depicts his comments as “a last-ditch effort to woo rightwing voters” while Netanyahu’s Likud party trails the center-left Zionist Union in polling; voting in the Israeli election starts tomorrow morning at 5am GST. Netanyahu’s stance on Palestine reverses his support for the two-state solution expressed in a 2009 speech, which Haaretz reprints here. Netanyahu said earlier this month that his 2009 position is no longer workable because of unrest in the Middle East, Bloomberg reports.

Today is the beginning of the Israeli election process….it differs from the US and it may take weeks even months before a PM is found……but this time around the Arab-Israelis are playing it smart……

My answer to racism.” This is not a typical campaign slogan for a national political party, but the Arab Joint List party (“Joint List”) in Israel is not a typical political party. And the upcoming Israeli election next Tuesday is far from a typical election, considering that this Arab-led party may very well decide who will be the next prime minister of the Jewish state.But what might truly surprise some is that the Joint List party, per many polls, is either the third most popular party in Israel or just a few points behind the left-of-center Yesh Atid party headed by Yair Lapid for that spot.The fact that the party is polling so well may lead some to ask: what is the “racism” that the Israeli Arabs (actually ethnically Palestinians) who comprise the Join List talking about with their campaign slogan? After all, Netanyahu bragged in his 2011 to Congress that of the 300 million Arabs in the Middle East, “less than one-half of one percent are truly free, and they’re all citizens of Israel!
This is a good idea….Arab-Israelis working together to form a political party to counter the crap spread by the ultra-right Zionists and haters……This is exactly the focus I proposed 25 years ago……the Israelis cannot be bombed into submission…..but they can be lead there by politics and elections……this could be the beginning of a good time for Arab-Israelis and Palestinians……..There is NOTHING to lose by using the electoral system to their advantage and everything to gain…….
This is how you beat back HATERS…even if this effort is unsuccessful… is a beginning and should grow and become stronger……..the US should be in the forefront of this but we all know that will not happen…….they are too far up Israel’s butt to demand justice………..thanx for listening.
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