Netanyahu and the Crumbling Israeli Lobby | The American Conservative

Yep….once again I found a piece written by a conservative that I found to be insightful and well written…(hint:  not a Tea Party member)……yesterday BiBi gave a brilliant performance, according to the trolls we have serving in Congress, he hit all the same high points he has been hitting since 1992….none of which has happened but I guess if you keep lying for long enough some of it will eventually come true……

The truth is that BiBi does NOT speak for the powerful Jewish Lobby in this country…..he is doing more damage to the relationship than good…..


Netanyahu and the Crumbling Israeli Lobby | The American Conservative.

BiBi’s Big Congressional Speech

Today is the big day….Israel”s PM will mount (use the term and you may take it any way you prefer) the podium for his big speech……that all the world will be on bended knees waiting for his approval……

I was diligently going to watch the speech and then do a post in analysis……….

I can save you and me some time….for I got a great cartoon on Twitter that will be his speech……


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You are welcome!

Israel Working With Al-Qaeda? « LobeLog

I have been reading different sources that claim that the Us is arming ISIS and that Israel is arming and supporting AL-Qaeda in Syria……..I have dismissed most of these claims and then I got an earful from another source…..

I believe tomorrow the Master of the Political Universe, BiBi, will be addressing Congress…..and there is lots of controversy around this speech……

Maybe after the speech someone in the MSM will ask him this question…..HA HA I know NO one will for they prefer to let this lying SOB tell lies and pretend he cares about the US……I resonantly would like an answer to the question… about you guys?


Israel Working With Al-Qaeda? « LobeLog.

Boehner, Netanyahu and George Washington’s Farewell Warning | Nomadic Politics

BiBi the puppet master will come to DC and get to lie and bang around to our Congress, hopefully they will stay awake long enough to get in the cash line after the speech…..

Ike warned about the power of the Military-Industrial Complex   (M-IC) and NO one heeded his words……and then there is Washington, the man not the town, that all Americans, especially the Right wing, loves and adores as a Founding Father…..but he made some predictions that hold true today…..and NO one heeds his words either……

Why is that?

Please check out this piece and comment….I want to hear your thoughts.


Boehner, Netanyahu and George Washington’s Farewell Warning | Nomadic Politics.

BiBi: Whining For Support

The ICC has agreed to look into Israel’s Gaza incursion last Summer……and the fix is in…..US media has decided to show “Schindler’s List”….a sympathy ploy to gain support……and now the Boehner has invited BiBi to speak to Congress……

As the White House urged calm while it works to nail down a nuclear deal with Iran, John Boehner went a little rogue this morning: The speaker of the House issued an invite to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress next month on what Boehner calls “the threats posed by radical Islam and Iran.” Netanyahu, who is virulently against a deal with Tehran, wasted little time in accepting the invite, reports the Washington Post, and is slated to speak in Washington on Feb. 11. It’s what Politico calls “a move sure to inflame the Obama administration,” and Boehner isn’t being shy about prodding the administration, telling his caucus this morning that President Obama’s “exact message to us was, ‘Hold your fire.’ He expects us to stand idly by and do nothing while he cuts a bad deal with Iran. Two words: Hell no!”

Obama last night said new sanctions on Tehran “will all but guarantee that diplomacy fails, ensuring that Iran starts up its nuclear program again,” a statement that Boehner this morning dismissed as having “papered over” a “serious threat.” He says he did not consult with the White House, but that “I don’t believe I’m poking anyone in the eye.” It will be Netanyahu’s third address before Congress; the last was in 2011.

We will hear about how close Iran is to having a nuke…..well folks that has been said for 30 years damn near…..Iran has been anywhere from 6 months to 5 years before they have a bomb……it is a con job.  He will talk about ISIS and of course they will be functioning inside Israel (no proof)……in other words he will be lying his ass off to garner the support of the paid agents in Congress.

Even the Israeli spy agency does not agree with BiBi and his whining…….

Spy agency Mossad had already split with Netanyahu on the sanctions, and has issued a warning to the US Congress that the sanctions bill would kill diplomacy with Iran over its nuclear program.

Having Mossad warn that sanctions are a bad thing could really kill Congressional efforts to get enough votes to override a threatened Obama veto, and Netanyahu’s invite by the House Speaker, over White House objections, seems to be their last hope at getting enough votes to impose the sanctions.

Our worthless elected ones are No more interested in peace in the Middle East than they are in the plight of America’s poor……it is all about the cash…the more they get the louder they speak.

Do not get me wrong……….Israel deserves to exist….but after 60 years they need to do it without hiding behind the skirts of Congress!  Maybe then they, Israel, will have to deal with their neighbors as equals and stop being the bully on the block.

Is Israel A Moral Cripple?

Palestinian people lost their bid for state recognition…….but all is not lost…..they turned to the International Criminal Court as a way to force Israel to face what they had done in Gaza and other such attacks….

An Israeli source has published a good piece on the attempt by the Palestinians…..