US charities fund Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program |

You know the crap that has been spread about Muslim charities that are funding extremism……well guess what?

Israel got help from US charities to fund their nuke program…..a program they have yet to admit to having……

We need to work on getting this info out there….and I want to know who these d/bags were so action can be taken to hold them criminally responsible.


US charities fund Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program |

Missed Story: Israeli Settler Kills Palestinian Child in Hit-and-Run « Blog

While I was reading about the events in the Middle East I came across one that almost ALL US outlets covered…that is that a Palestinian(?) terrorist attacked a settler in his car and set about killing its child that was in the back seat…..there was a pointed effort to make sure that the reader knew it was a child that had been killed……..

Then I saw this story and made me ask the question……why?


Missed Story: Israeli Settler Kills Palestinian Child in Hit-and-Run « Blog.

In U.N. Speech, Noam Chomsky Blasts United States for Supporting Israel, Blocking Palestinian State | Democracy Now!

Noam Chomsky, a fascinating man….I met him a lifetime ago at a scholars conference that I was attending and got to chat with him for awhile……a quick mind and a brilliant conversationalist….

His most recent speech to the UN…..please read…..


In U.N. Speech, Noam Chomsky Blasts United States for Supporting Israel, Blocking Palestinian State | Democracy Now!.

Nepal: Whatcha Think?

The news coming out of Nepal is horrible….it seems that an early snow storm blew up and trapped many hikers on the Himalayas and then a tragic avalanche occurred killing many of the hikers and some are still missing……the search goes on……

But that is not what this post is about…well sort of… seems that some of those killed were Israelis…..

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that three Israelis have died since a blizzard dumped snow and triggered avalanches on Tuesday along a mountain trekking route popular with backpackers in northern Nepal. A fourth Israeli is missing.

I bring this up for a reason….how long will it be before Hamas is blamed for the deaths?

Israel has been blaming Hamas for just about every bad thing that happens in the country…..logical progression would point to Hamas being at fault for the deaths of Israelis strolling around some random mountain in Nepal………

Gaza: Only Half As Much

Inkwell Institute

Middle East Desk


Gaza….do you remember Gaza?  In case you may have been otherwise distracted (that would be most of the Right wing), there was a war fought over Gaza about a month ago… has since been pretty quiet on the Eastern Front.

Gaza was totally destroyed, especially the infrastructure and now the world, but not Israel because they are above having to act in a civil manner, is pledging funds to help rebuild Gaza.  The total most recently stated was $5.4 billion to help rebuild lives and the region.

Then I read a disturbing piece from a Middle East newspaper……..

Donors at an international conference Sunday promised $2.7 billion to rebuild the war-ravaged Gaza Strip, but all of the key participants said their efforts would be futile without a permanent peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende, who co-chaired the one-day meeting with Egypt, said pledges of $5.4 billion have been made, but that only half of that money would be “dedicated” to the reconstruction of the coastal strip.

Brende did not say what the other half of the funds would be spent on. Other delegates have spoken of budgetary support, boosting economic activity, emergency relief and other projects.

$5.4 billion and only $2.7 will be used for reconstruction……okay who is doing the skimming here?  2.7 billion would go a long way to repair what Israel destroyed and yet there is NO word as to where or who will be using this cash…..why?

Will Israel get their blood stained hands on any of this cash?

What kind of douche bag would use this devastation for personal gain?  that one is easy to answer…a CAPITALIST!

But Israel after all is said will be a big beneficiary of the last war on Gaza…….

Yet Israel is the true beneficiary of this aid money. The self-declared international community has once again footed the reconstruction bill as it arms Israel with the weaponry and ensures it the impunity that only rewards its brutal onslaught on Gaza and essentially guarantees its repetition.

“This is the third time in less than six years that together with the people of Gaza, we have been forced to confront a reconstruction effort,” an exasperated US Secretary of State John Kerry stated at the conference, as though this summer’s bloodshed was something other than inevitable given all those arms Washington lavished on Israel, along with the monetary aid and diplomatic cover since the large-scale assaults in November 2012 and winter 2008-09.

Israel is doing all it can to prevent people of Gaza from rebuilding their lives…….

The Israeli authorities have delayed indefinitely the entry of 60 truckloads of building materials into the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian official said.

“We were notified by the Palestinian National Company that Israel has indefinitely delayed the entry of the 60 trucks into the Gaza Strip,” Mounir al-Ghalban of Gaza’s border authority told our media sources.

The move came despite Israeli “promises” to allow the entry of the construction supplies into the blockaded enclave on Tuesday through Kerem Shalom crossing, he added.

Personally I am sick of the US covering Israel’s ass…….time for them to pay for the destruction that they created….we help re-build Germany and Japan after WW2….why should Israel get a free ride?

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Why Do We Trust Israel?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


How about a change of pace?  By now most Americans are so confused that they will turn to snack food as a diversion………and the war goes on.

The other day I was doing what I always do…….reading the international news looking for info that would make good posts for this site……and I came across a story about Israel and the US Congress……

I know that Israel is pulling out all stops to try and prevent any actions for their devastating assault on Gaza…..there has even been rumblings of taking them in front of the international courts for their actions.  The story I reads was a letter sent by that Israel owned senator Kelley Ayotte….it seems this broad has put together a letter and got a wealth of her buds to sign on and mailed it to John Kerry…..but my fave part was this line…….

U.S. Senators Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Bob Casey (D-PA), a member of the National Security Working Group, announced that they’ve led a letter signed by 88 senators to Secretary of State John Kerry urging the Administration to take steps to ensure that no assistance is diverted to Hamas, support the Palestinian Authority’s effort to govern in Gaza, and discourage Palestinian unilateral measures at the United Nations and International Criminal Court that bypass direct negotiations and undermine the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

You can read the rest of this con job here……

Sounds like they are running scared and are begging the US to pull their butts out of an international fire……after all Israel pays good money for these Americans to do their bidding.

This got me to thinking of past incidents that would make anyone suspicious of their intentions……..

The first incident that I question is the unprovoked attack on a Navy ship, the USS Liberty…..Israel attack the American sigint ship in 1967 killing 34 American sailors and wounding 171……and they got away with it….basically a “oops, my bad”…….Strike One

Next was the Beirut bombing of the Marine barracks in 1983……..the Marines were sent to Beirut by the Reagan admin as a peacekeeping force…….two truck bombs were detonated by a group calling itself “Islamic Jihad” killing 299 soldiers, American and French.

The US spent a couple of years trying to identify the culprits…..we were having little success and the US turned to its only ‘friend’ in the region, Israel.  Their intel service, the Moussad, had people in the region and provided intel to the US…..they said that a shi’a cleric named sheikh Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah was the head of Hezbollah and authorized the bombs.  The CIA formed a plan to kill this person with a truck bomb……which was detonated killing 80 people and injuring about 200 and none of them was the target……shortly there after the CIA learned the Fadlallah had little to no connection to Hezbollah what so ever.  Strike two

The next occasion to use Israeli intel was after the Berlin bombing of the bar La Belle in 1986…..a Libyan agent detonated a bomb in the night club killing and wounding Americans…once again the CIA was tasked into taking out Qaddafi who they identified as the person ordering the hit on Americans.  The US came up with a plan to take out the leader at the same time as it was punishing the country for the attack……again the problem was that the CIA had no assets on the ground in Tripoli and they once again turning to their buds at Moussad for help.  The day of the attack the Israelis were watching Qaddafi’s compound to make sure he would be working when the hit came….they reported that Qaddafi was working in his tent….with confirmation 3 minutes later the bombs landed on his compound.  The raid was a success but Qaddafi was not in his tent at the time.  Strike Three.

Those are three strikes against Israel for being a ‘friend’ and ally to the US.  Also there have been numerous spies that were Americans working for Israel……

Their, Israel’s, biggest bullshit situation is the one of Iranian nukes……since the early 80’s according to Israeli intel Iran has been from a couple of months to as much as 3 years away from acquiring a nuke weapon…..and so far they still do not have such a weapon.  But that does not stop Israel from spreading fear…..recently at the UN BiBi said that Iran was more threatening that ISIS….same old tired lament.

I do not understand the utter acceptance by Americans of Israel….they have proven over and over that they care less about us as a people…….it is time for the US to break its addiction to all things Israeli.

Israel is NO friend…all they see is a wallet stuffed with cash when they look at the US.

Why to we Americans continue to trust a country with a proven track record contrary actions.  But America like the good little lap dog that we are and do whatever master Israel wants us to do……..they are GUILTY to crimes against humanity in their war on Gaza.

Americans demanded action for the death of two Americans at the hands of ISIS….but gave Israel a pass for killing 34 Americans….where is the logic there?

The United States needs to STOP trusting anything that Israel says….their contempt for the US is well documented…….