News That Slithers Out Of Israel

I have tried to write about the situation between the Palestinians and the Israelis…..but so much is happening that it is hard for me to keep up… I decided to do a post with all news that I think would make good posts….information is good No matter what form it takes……..

1–Every Congress has to make its Israeli handlers happy and this Congress is NO different……..

Congress pushed through the US-Israeli Strategic Partnership Act this week, a bill which creates a new class of special ally within the law called a “major strategic partner,” which only Israel will occupy.

The new class increases the amount of “emergency” US weaponry stashed in Israel, just months after Israel controversially raided that stockpile for the Gaza War, and provides guaranteed access to myriad other technologies.

Despite all it entitles Israel to, the bill is still considered “watered down” because it removed certain clauses seeking to grant Israeli visa-free travel rights without giving Americans reciprocal rights.

This is wasted time….Israel has ALWAYS had a “special” designation….this also makes it easier for Israel to get more and more deadly weapons that they will use on Palestinian civilians….go call dipshits!

2–New Israeli law would make it a crime to be the family member that Israel does not like…..

Though it’s being couched as an “anti-terror” measure, the bill also covers people who the government perceives as “inciting violence” through speech or activism, as well as “rioters” and rock-throwers. And obviously all of their families
Is this the action of a Democracy?  No?  Then STOP calling these criminals democratic!
3–Israeli DM Ya’alon has made it clear that when Obama is out of offive things will be different…….
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon seems to get into trouble a couple of times a month for hostile comments directed at the Obama Administration. He was overdue, and speaking at a settlement religious school in the occupied West Bank, he let fly on comments about settlement expansion.
Ya’alon blamed the US for the comparatively slow rate of settlement growth, even though the number of major settlement projects approved in the past two years has actually been quite high, saying Israel was “careful not to push the envelope too much.”
Sounds like this yutz knows something that we do not……like NO matter who wins in 2016 they will be kissing Israel’s ass…….
4–Americans are staring to change their minds……..

The same poll also suggests that Democrats are expressing greater and greater skepticism about Israel, which could give politicians freedom to say something (maybe?).

The Brookings Poll of American attitudes on the conflict was conducted by Shibley Telhami in November, with 1000+ American respondents.

Here’s the main finding:

Two states, One State, Annexation, Status Quo

The percentage of Americans who want the US government to push for a two-state solution remains constant at 39% from last year; but the percentage of those who
want the US to push for one state with equal citizenship has increased from 24% to 34%.

Among those who support two states, two-thirds would support one state if two states are not possible.

If a two-state solution is not possible, 71% of Americans (84% of Democrats, 60% of Republicans) favor a single democratic state with Arabs and Jews as equal over a
one in which Israel’s Jewish majority is sustained and Palestinians will not have equal citizenship.

5–Good news from Israel…..ex-Mossad chief has made it clear to the government………

There will never be peace in the Middle East as long as Israelis don’t treat the Palestinians as equals, Efraim Halevy said last week, accusing senior government officials of advancing “condescending” policies toward the Palestinians.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Times of Israel, the former head of the Mossad intelligence agency accused the outgoing government, especially Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, of having violated the fragile status quo in Jerusalem. The elections of March 2015 are not merely a referendum on Israel’s leadership, he said, but constitute an unprecedented opportunity to determine Israel’s policy vis-à-vis the peace process.

This person is very observant……violence will continue until the Israeli government shows some respect to the Palestinians and their desires……sadly that is not part of the plan of the Zionist bigots.

6–I have a surprised look on my face…….never thought I would hear this sort of thing…….

New UN Security Council resolutions are looming related to Palestinian statehood, and as usual Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is presenting the resolution’s passage as “fueling radical Islam.”

The presumption is that the Obama Administration will veto the resolutions as indeed the US historically vetoes anything that is even remotely opposed by the Israeli government as a matter of course.

Yet US officials say it is “too early to tell” and that they are undecided on the various proposals, and whether or not to veto them.

Actually I believe this is only the admin toying with the media….they have every intention to veto the Palestinian statehood proposal.

This concludes the news from the Occupied country of Palestine………

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‘Oppressed Becomes The Oppressor’ | Ace News Room 2014

An op-ed I wrote a couple years ago and was submitted to Ace News Room 2014…..they picked it up and I thank them for that…..

Israel and the West Bank are seeing up ticks in violence and most of it is race based……and nowhere does it make news news unless it is an Israeli that is attacked by a Palestinian…..and then it becomes a blow against democracy.

The problem is there is NO one with half a brain that considers Israel a democracy… is s a slogan that has NO basis in reality.

Please tell me what you think…..


‘Oppressed Becomes The Oppressor’ | Ace News Room 2014.

Finally Taking Israel To Task

The news of an escalation of violence in the Middle East just brings to light the complexities of the problems between Israel and Palestine….the world is finally starting to see that Israel’s actions are not all about self-defense and that their racist policies are unacceptable……well unacceptable to most of the countries on this planet.

The boycott, divest and sanctions movement is starting to have an effect….Israel is starting to suffer…….Israel is calling on their paid agents….the US and the UK to get involved and to protect them from international sanctions……

Since the late 80’s the movement to recognize Palestine has been moving at a slow pace…..but since the latest Gaza incursion by Israel the tempo has pickup……and and of today this is the map of the countries that recognze Palestine as a legit state…..

Very soon the parliament of Spain will vote on recognition… add ammo to the vote….469 prominent Israelis has sent an official letter to the Spanish parliament asking them to vote yes on recognition.

Word has come out that the EU is considering sanctions be imposed on Israel………as reported in Salon…….

The European Union is contemplating a variety of measures that would punish Israel for its occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, according to an internal EU document obtained by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Among the measures proposed in the document are sanctions against European companies that do business in Israeli-occupied settlements. The document also calls on the EU to reconsider “funding or capacity-building activities indirectly helping to perpetuate the status quo of occupation” and urges “support, or non-opposition” for Palestinian moves like “applications to international organizations” and seeking recognition. Moreover, the document proposes that European leaders consider recognizing Palestinian statehood, as more than 130 countries, including Sweden, have done.

To be fair (something Israel is incapable of doing) there is a story that refutes the sanctions consideration, as reported in Ynet…….

The European Union has no intention of imposing sanctions on Israel if it takes steps to block a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the EU’s new foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said on Monday.

European diplomats have said the EU is looking at new ways to press Israel to halt its building of settlements on land the Palestinians want for a state, as frustration over the construction enterprise reaches a new high.

It is hard to say which is more accurate….but the Israeli newspaper does have a copy on the internal document from the EU……the document can be viewed here………

And then there is the US….like the dutiful pet we will not sanction Israel…….

The White House feels strongly about this, but today sought to reassure that they don’t feel strongly enough to actually do anything, denying reports that they were even considering sanctions if the settlement expansion continues as “unfounded and without merit.
Was there any doubt that the US would bow to Israel in silent prayer?

It is about damn time the world woke up from it’s self-imposed blindness when it comes to Israel.  The Palestinian people have suffered for years from the West’s apathy…..maybe now the Palestinians can start to find the justice they richly deserve and have been denied.

Talk of a third Intifada: Where to from here, Palestine? | Middle East Eye

The tit for tat violence in the area around East Jerusalem has prompted some to call for a 3rd intifada….a popular uprising of Palestinians against the occupation, destruction and theft that Israel is perpetrating against the population of the territories.

Personally, I think it is a good idea…..but more on the lines of the 1st Intifada and not the mindless violence of the 2nd…………


Talk of a third Intifada: Where to from here, Palestine? | Middle East Eye.

Shock and horror at killings, but not when victims are Palestinians

I admit it….I usually watch the news on BBC….why?  They for the most part are much better than the news in the US.  I have found their Achilles Heel…..Israel.

There needs to be more outrage at the treatment of Palestinians by the media……

In the latest violence in East Jerusalem they spent 2 or 3 days on the attack and the de4aths that it produced ….Jewish deaths.  They are not so forth coming when Palestinians are shot for throwing rocks……

This article makes good points and emphasizing the point that I question.


Shock and horror at killings, but not when victims are Palestinians.

Netanyahu Is a National Security Risk – and Washington Knows It by Adil E. Shamoo —

I am disgusted with the media for always making Israel out as the victim……they cause more death and destruction that the Palestinians ever considered doing…..and yet they, Israel, are constantly and consistently painted as the victim…….

It is NO secret that I am not a fan of the PM of Israel…..over the years I have not had much good to say about good old BiBi……but I had not consider him a national security risk…..but after reading this piece I can see why someone could see it that way……and I agree…….


Netanyahu Is a National Security Risk – and Washington Knows It by Adil E. Shamoo —

Israel: Boycott, Divest and Sanctions

Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) is a movement to punish Israel for its neglect and punishment of the Palestinian people……but wait!  What is BDS?

In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights. A truly global movement against Israeli Apartheid is rapidly emerging in response to this call.

Learn more
Read the 2005 call in full
What should I boycott?

I am old and cannot get around as I did in my younger days……so I boycott anything Israeli….just my small part……

Sodstream….that cutesy little expensive machine that turns water into some form of soda…..the factory is in the Occupied Territories and is own by an Israeli and the factory uses Palestinians to work the plant at “slave” wages….recent the BDS has done some harm to their bottom line….job well done.

Next is Scarlett Johannson…..she resigned from a humanitarian organization within the UN to become spokesperson for Sodastream……..,I will not watch her movies or anything she does…..tome she is a douche!

Now….if you watch TV you have seen the real estate ads for ReMax…I believe there is a balloon or something featured in the ad…….time for Americans to boycott ReMax……

The Colorado-based real estate firm RE/MAX is profiting from Israel’s relentless theft of Palestinian land.

Active in the Israeli market since 1995, RE/MAX sells and rents houses and apartments in colonies reserved exclusively for Jews in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Much of that work is coordinated in an office that the Israeli subsidiary of RE/MAX runs in Maale Adumim, a major settlement in the West Bank.

A United Nations report published last year suggested that the firm’s parent company in the US could be “held accountable” for assisting Israel’s crimes. RE/MAX International, which is headquartered in Denver, “has constant interaction and influence” over its franchises around the world. The company also provides “brand name affiliation,” training and other services, according to Richard Falk, the report’s author, who was then the UN special rapporteur for the West Bank and Gaza.

Screen grab from Re/Max site………

DO NOT let these a/holes profit from the theft of Palestinian land!

There are many other situations that are part of BDS….check them pit and do yopur part to see that the Palestinian people get the justice they deserve.