What Goes Around Comes Around

I believe that is called karma…..right?

You guys know me…that is if you are a regular……I enjoy making my readers look at history of the world and especially of the adventures the US has had that is now driving the geopolitics of the 21st century.

There are times when our actions have not been followed up with programs that would keep America safe……in other words we, the people, lost interest.

It happened in Vietnam….we finally ended things and brought the troops home and we lost all interests in the country or the region……..again look at Afghanistan in the 80’s….we were so worried about the USSR that we went all in in the fray between the Russians and the rebels…….then after 10 years the Russian cut and run and we pulled assets out of Afghanistan and forgot about it….and the Taleban and AQ came back to bite us in the ass.

We are at it again in Iraq……read on, my friends…..

Source: Recognize That Iraq Is History by Ivan Eland — Antiwar.com

Ever since the Cold war we, the US, have looked for proxies to fight our adventures for us…..Africa in the 70’s……Central America in the 80’s…….Middle East in the 2000’s……

We seem to be at it again in Central Europe and Southern Europe…

It is getting more complicated by the year………I am afraid that all this will make history not kind to the US at all.

I have a question for you……in how many countries does the US have special ops people operating?  (Pause for thought….I can hear the jeopardy music……)……..time up!  135 countries!

If you would like more info then please…..read on……..

Source: A Secret War in 135 Countries by Tom Engelhardt — Antiwar.com

Does anyone else see a problem in the making with this large number of operations going on at one time?

How many is too many?

Please let me know your thoughts…….

Iraq: If Only We Had The Money

It is well known that Iraq is fighting a horrible battle with ISIS for control of the country……there are many problems encountered like the cost of the war, money for rebuilding infrastructure, etc…..and so far their oil production even with the war raging is up for FY 2015 so far……

Iraq’s crude oil production climbed to an all-time high of 4.18 million barrels a day in July, according to statistics from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

This was up from the 4.15 million bpd produced in June.

The southern oilfields accounted for exports of 3.06 million bpd, up about 40,000 barrels from June.

Then there is the cost of 36 American war planes scheduled to be delivered to Iraq in the very near future……

Lockheed Martin Corp this week will deliver the first of 36 F-16 fighter jets to Iraq, marking what Baghdad‘s envoy to the United States called a “new chapter” in his country’s ability to defend its vast borders with Iran and other neighbors.

Iraqi Ambassador Lukman Faily will travel to Lockheed’s Fort Worth, Texas, plant on Thursday for a ceremony at which Lockheed and the US government will formally deliver the first F-16 to Iraq.

Baghdad has also signed military contracts with Russia and the Czech Republic, among others, and has said it will not be able to fully defend its airspace until 2020.

Iraq also plans to buy Boeing Co Apache helicopters and other weapons from the US government as it assumes responsibility for its own defense and counterterrorism efforts.

Faily said the US government appreciated the urgency and scale of the challenge that Iraqi is facing given continued and mounting strife with insurgents.

(Who is flying these planes since the Iraqi Air Force is damn near non-existent?)

All that makes perfect sense….Iraq is trying to buy its way to success against ISIS….but then a recent development made me a bit apprehensive…..

It appears that Iraq may be near to bankrupt…….

Iraq’s ability to fight Islamic State extremists who control roughly a third of the country is hampered by a financial crisis that’s left the Baghdad government operating “hand to mouth,” Iraqi Ambassador Lukman Faily warned this week.

The inability to pay salaries on time to the soldiers and militiamen fighting the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, has hurt morale and hindered progress in operations to retake key hubs that were captured by the jihadists, Faily said in an interview Thursday. And belt-tightening measures such as consolidating government ministries threaten to exacerbate ethnic and sectarian tensions by upsetting the delicate power-sharing quota system that’s been in place since the U.S.-led occupation authority took charge following the invasion of 2003.

If Iraq is running production at all time highs then why is it in so much financial trouble?  My guess…..the PSAs.  Production Sharing Agreements (PSA)…..a way for oil companies to screw the host country out of a share of the profits…..in other words oil companies among others are leading the way to Iraqi bankruptcy.

In case you would like more info on the PSAs….I covered it back in 2007….

Source: Who Gets Iraq’s Oil? | In Saner Thought

Ain’t capitalism grand?

Fox News Embarrasses Dick Cheney On Iraq And Iran

Say Whaaaaaaaaat?  Are these guys smoking crack?  Did I enter into Superman”s Bizarro World?

What the Hell is going on in this world?

After a decade of giving Dick Cheney and that daughter of his a free podium to spout their neocon bullshit…..FOX News has seemed to ambush the dick at his own game……

Chris Wallace has taken Cheney and his bullshit narrative to task…….go figure.

Source: Fox News Embarrasses Dick Cheney On Iraq And Iran

Okay after reading that tell me you do not have a new found respect for Chris Wallace…..there is a possibility that Wallace got hit in the head with a tree limb or he could be trying to become a real life anchor dude….whatever his motives I enjoyed his hammering one of the US greatest LIARS!

Iraq: Situation Whose Time Has Come

For some time now there has been a call for those people in the Bush admin to stand for their decisions to invade Iraq…..to answer for the lies and misinformation……

There is a situation brewing in the UK that could be a template for any such investigation…..

Tony Blair should stand trial on charges of war crimes if the evidence suggests he broke international law over the “illegal” Iraq war in 2003, the Labour leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn has said.

Corbyn called on the former prime minister to “confess” the understandings he reached with George W Bush in the run up to the invasion.

Asked on BBC Newsnight whether Blair should stand trial on war crimes charges, Corbyn said: “If he has committed a war crime, yes. Everybody who has committed a war crime should be.”

The veteran MP for Islington North was a high-profile opponent of the war and became a leading member of the Stop the War coalition. He said: “It was an illegal war. I am confident about that. Indeed Kofi Annan [UN secretary general at the time of the war] confirmed it was an illegal war and therefore [Tony Blair] has to explain to that. Is he going to be tried for it? I don’t know. Could he be tried for it? Possibly.”

Corbyn said he expects the eventual publication of the Chilcot report will force Blair to explain his discussions with President Bush in the runup to the war.

He said: “The Chilcot report is going to come out sometime. I hope it comes out soon. I think there are some decisions Tony Blair has got to confess or tell us what actually happened. What happened in Crawford, Texas, in 2002 in his private meetings with George [W] Bush. Why has the Chilcot report still not come out because – apparently there is still debate about the release of information on one side or the other of the Atlantic. At that point Tony Blair and the others that have made the decisions are then going to have to deal with the consequences of it.”

Read More…

Please weigh in…….should those that lied us into war be held accountable?

Coalition ISIS ‘successes’ show no signs of halting terrorist group — RT News

WE Americans hear on occasion the successes of our air campaign against the brutality of ISIS……we hear about the bad guys killed or the number of vehicles destroyed or thew locations that are hit with C&C support for the group……

So according to the reports in our media we are holding our own against the savagery of ISIS…….

Hate to tell my readers this but we as news consumers are not always given the whole story…..just the parts that are positive……I know you are shocked right?

So really how are we doing against ISIS?


Coalition ISIS ‘successes’ show no signs of halting terrorist group — RT News.

Whose Idea Was The 2003 Invasion Of Iraq?

We Americans have heard all the horror stories about the lies that lead to the 2003 invasion of Iraq…….all the back door moves and all the misinformation….

The Bushites went to the Hill and made the case that No one could resist for the overthrow of Saddam…..of course there was the infamous WMDs…..that did not exist……then there was the ‘mushroom’ cloud analogy that Repubs are always pushing……all in all a beautiful package of lies……and off the country went to….do or die.  And 14 years later we are still paying for the lies.

But was there more to the invasion than we have been told?  Did AIPAC and Israel have any hand in the decision to invade?

Just a little FYI……………


AIPAC’s 2001-2004 ‘Briefing Book’ Made Case for Regime Change In Iraq « LobeLog.

Jeb And His Revisionist Theory Of History

This post kinda goes with the ‘toon I posted earlier today……

The 2016 election is gaining speed…….we have already had one debate and another is waiting for next month……we have our characters that are present in every election…..those that have ideas and those that have a big mouth and nothing else……and to my liking this election will be a foreign policy election…….the emphasis will be on how the US will interact with the rest of the world after the election…..

We have candidates that have some pretty good ideas for the international stage and then there are the others that have NOTHING or in desperate denial of past history……

The GOP has its “main tier” candidate in Jeb Bush……..and Jeb is one that is in denial of the past…….for instance the legacy of his brother, GW……..

George W. Bush left Iraq in pretty good shape, only for President Obama to mess it all up, according to Jeb Bush. The candidate, speaking at a national security forum in Iowa yesterday, continued to defend his brother’s war record, arguing that “taking out Saddam Hussein turned out to be a pretty good deal,” Bloomberg reports. He blamed the rise of ISIS on Obama’s failure to strike a deal for US troops to stay in the country after 2011 and said that under the Bush administration, the “mission was accomplished” regarding Iraq’s security. “That is a fact,” he said. “You can’t rewrite history in that regard.”

Bush said the 2007 troop surge was a courageous move but that chaos occurred when the next administration “declared success” and washed their hands of the effort, reports Politico, which notes that 17 of his 21 foreign policy advisers served under George W. Bush. The candidate, who admitted months ago that he wouldn’t have invaded Iraq knowing what we know now, said mistakes were made after the invasion and that he and his brother now believe disbanding Iraq’s military was an error. He also refused to rule out lifting Obama’s ban on torture, telling the forum he didn’t want to make a “definitive, blanket kind of statement,” the AP reports

Jeb is plugging out all the stops to protect his brother’s legacy……he is joining the likes of Dick Cheney in a revisionist theory of history……

Jeb has overlooked the fact that Saddam had stayed in power AQ would not exist in Iraq…..for he would have hunted down and eliminated anyone who threatened his authority…..and besides the invasion was GW’s idea and that alone is to blame for the vacuum in Iraq and the rise of Iran as a regional power…..

I agree with Jeb….”you cannot rewrite history in that regard”….no matter how hard Jeb tries to do so……