Iraq: Is US Making The Situation Worse?

I know you had rather go on about some e-mail scandal……but while you were fretting over a non-existent scandal…..the world is still a pretty messed up place…..and we are not helping.

Many people and analysts are spending all their time on the ISIS problem in the Middle East.   We are told that unless we stop them in Iraq and Syria then they will be on the Main Street of Hometown, USA ….and I will agree that ISIS could propose a major problem if they go unchecked……but could we be looking at the situation through rose colored glasses?

About here I usually drift into some historic perspective……but if my reader is unaware of the situation in Iraq and Syria by now then I prefer they move on to a gossip blog or some other topic….I have neither the time nor the inclination to rehash present day history…..with that said I shall get to the heart of the post……

After our victory against the war machine of Saddam in 2003….the US has been in the busy of suring up Kurds, for they were part of the reason for the invasion in the first place…….when the violence got intolerable to the prez and his gang of business men we began seeking help and arming some of the Sunni tribes in the dash to beat back all the extremists that were flooding into Iraq to fight the US and her allies.

After many long months and years of fighting the US pulls out of Iraq…..and then the sectarian fighting continues and intensifies to the point that the US had to back track and do something massive.  You see ISIS went from Syria into Iraq and made great headway fighting the Iraqi army that the US had trained…..and of course our reputation is at stake.

We waited and watched……and the situation presented the US with the prefect incident to return in a grand way to Iraq……a story of some Iraqi tribes trapped on a mountain gave the US its pretense for action…..and as they say………. the rest is history.



The humanitarian problem was not as immediate as we had been lead to believe…..but we came any way… we are arming the Yazidis in their fight against ISIS.

Then ISIS attacked Christians and the Assyrians……we condemned and rushed to arm them and train them.  The came the ancient Chaldeans…….they put together a force to fight the encroachment of ISIS into their region….we decide to arm them and train them……and recently the Iraqi Turkmens are coming under the awe of ISIS…..they are demanding arms and training………but what is going on?

Every region that ISIS enters…the locals try to ban together and fight them at every turn.  On the surface this is just locals banning together for collective protection……but once the surfaced is breached there is a situation that could turn even uglier than the ISIS problem.

We have issued the edict that ISIS is an enemy of all Muslims and that we should do all we can to ensure the protection of Iraqi sovereignty…..the problem as I see it is that the minorities that are being backed by the US and its allies will present a bigger problem when the ISIS problem has been lessened or eliminated.

Each one of these minorities, like the Kurds, see an opportunity to secure a possibility of a “homeland”….or a nation of their own within Iraq……..

The violence after ISIS will be far from over…….clashes will be an ever-present situation….all the massive amounts of arms and training will make it inevitable.  In a country awash with weapons violence will be an inevitable by-product.

In 2003 there was a proposal that Iraq become a Federation of 3 distinct states…Sunni, Shi’a and Kurd…..but now every minority is in it for a homeland…..each has a grievance against Baghdad and/or ISIS….there will be a push for multiple homelands or states if you will…….the amount of weapons will ensure a period of constant warfare in Iraq…..and only time will tell the outcome.

Surrounding countries will not be immune to this violence….there are “oppressed” minorities in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon…..just to mention those countries bordering on Iraq.  And of course the safety of Israel will ALWAYS be a driving issue.

Keep in mind that the first Gulf War was entered into because we were told that Saudi oil fields were in danger…….the fields are still there and will once again be in danger.  The US has made certain that we can NEVER leave the Middle East

The making of a new Hundred Years War.

I will be watching with the chance that I could utter the four most beautiful words in the English language……………”I TOLD YOU SO!”

How Long, Mr. President, How Long?

For over 6 months the US has been playing tag with ISIS and its allies…….and all the reports I see states that it will be a long, long war……I know “doom and gloom”….but what else could be be when there is NO recognizable plan for dealing for ISIS other bomb the crap out of them

There has been part of a plan……..

The Pentagon has issued a statement regarding it’s ongoing air war against ISIS today, reporting 2,320 airstrikes, and claiming the direct costs of the attacks so far were $1.83 billion.

Conspicuously absent in the war, however, is any meaningful territory gained in either Syria or Iraq, despite thousands of airstrikes. The Pentagon is rather trying to change the focus to just the stuff they blew up.

Really?  Has anyone heard a bright optimistic assessment of this conflict?

How about a few of those “in the know”?

U.S. counterterrorism officials and experts, never known for their sunny dispositions, have entered a period of particular gloom.

In congressional testimony recently, Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. went beyond the usual litany of threats to say that terrorism trend lines were worse “than at any other point in history.”

Maj. Gen. Michael Nagata, commander of U.S. Special Operations forces in the Middle East, told participants on a counter­terrorism strategy call that he regarded the Islamic State as a greater menace than al-Qaeda ever was.

Speaking at a New York police terrorism conference, Michael Morell, former deputy director of the CIA, said he had come to doubt that he would live to see the end of al-Qaeda and its spawn. “This is long term,” he said. “My children’s generation and my grandchildren’s generation will still be fighting this fight.”

Yep all that gives me an extreme feeling of confidence (that is called SARCASM)….

Is anyone looking beyond Iraq and Syria?

Since the consensus by many military leaders predict a long trudge against extremism… if true….where will we be in 10 years?  Who or what land will US troops be forced to deploy?

Libya is kicking becoming a failed state….even though we have successfully installed a CIA operative as the military leader….extremism is on the rise as well as ISIS affiliates.  The atrocities have begun.

If not Libya how about Yemen?  Yemen has always been a hot bed of AQ….and now ISIS is gaining a foothold.  The recent coup by Houthis has set the country into a downward spiral…..the economy is in the crapper and violence is becoming a daily occurrence.  Will US troops be asked to become the referee in this situation?  If so, that will take troops and that will increase the chances of violence and death…..which in return will heat the situation up to a boil.

The one that few are talking about is Lebanon…….ISIS has made rumblings toward Lebanon…..the political situation is delicate and is always on the verge of collapse…..this will empower ISIS as soon as they decide that it would be in their favor to start work on Lebanon.

This one question needs answering and soon……How far are you willing to go, Mr. President?

19th Of March Came And Went

I waited a couple of days top see how many people would take the time to remember the 19th of March……as I figured it came and went and NO one cared!  Instead they spent their time on some moronic e-mail scam or whether or not a new AG will get her vote……..

What the Hell am I going on about, right?

19 March 2003 US invaded Iraq for the second time in less than 15 years…….

Let me help refresh your brain!

Total amount of approved taxpayer spending on the Iraq War through 2011 $1 Trillion
Total amount of money lost or unaccounted for from the Iraq War $9 billion
Total amount of money lost in unaccounted for or stolen equipment $549.7 million
Total amount of U.S. taxpayer dollars earmarked for the reconstruction of Iraq $6.6 billion
Total amount of Halliburton overcharges classified by the Pentagon as Unreasonable and Unsupported $1.4 billion
Total number of bombs dropped on Iraq during the Shock and Awe Campaign 4,845
Total amount of monthly spending during 2009 on the Iraq War $7.3 billion
Total amount of U.S. spent monthly on Iraq War in 2008 $12 billion
Total number of U.S. troops killed in the Iraq War 4,487 U.S. troops
Total percentage of male U.S. troops killed in the Iraq War 98%
Total percentage of U.S. non-officers that were killed in the Iraq War 82%
Total number of non-U.S. troops killed in Iraq 316
Total number of non-U.S. troops killed from the U. K. 179
Total number of U.S. soldiers wounded in the Iraq War 32,223
Percent of U.S. soldiers wounded with serious brain or spinal injuries 20 %
Total percentage of U.S. soldiers who served in Iraq War who developed serious mental health problems within 4 months of returning home 30 %
 Got it now?It was all a LIE!  And here is what you can do….try to keep up…A list of must-reads compiled by Scott Horton for the anniversary of the start of the Iraq WarJust thought you might want to know what happen on that day….I know there are many vets that will NEVER forget… WHY SHOULD YOU?

More Things Change, More They Remain The Same

“ISIS will be defeated”!

I have been watching the US and its coalition friends take on ISIS mostly from the air.  For 6 months I have been watching……and in that time I have been shaking my head in disbelief.  Why?  You may ask…..well I have seen a ll this before.  Not just something familiar but the same exact strategy.

Think back, if you can, to 1965.  I know that may be a stretch for some, since it has been 50 years and some will be too young……. but then that is why I am here, point out the crap when crap arises.

Back to 1965 and the opening salvo of what has become known as the “Vietnam War”.

After a North Vietnamese attack on a US destroyer a plan was come up with to punish the North for the attack………..Operation Rolling Thunder was a frequently interrupted bombing campaign that began on 24 February 1965 and lasted until the end of October 1968. During this period U.S. Air Force and Navy aircraft engaged in a bombing campaign designed to force Ho Chi Minh to abandon his ambition to take over South Vietnam. The operation began primarily as a diplomatic signal to impress Hanoi with America’s determination, essentially a warning that the violence would escalate until Ho Chi Minh “blinked,” and secondly it was intended to bolster the sagging morale of the South Vietnamese. The Johnson administration also imposed strict limits on the targets that could be attacked, for China and the Soviet Union were seen as defenders of communism who might intervene if the North Vietnamese faced defeat. Consequently, the administration tried to punish the North without provoking the two nations believed to be its protectors.

In the view of the Air Force leadership, the campaign had no clear-cut objective nor did its authors have any real estimate of the cost of lives and aircraft. General LeMay and others argued that military targets, rather than the enemy’s resolve, should be attacked and that the blows should be rapid and sharp, with the impact felt immediately on the battlefield as well as by the political leadership in Hanoi.

In essence that deal was to do 3 things against the enemy…..1) punish the North for the attack…..2) attack the infrastructure…..3) inflict maximum damage…..the opening for what was then America’s longest war.

Now fast forward to day…..everything th prez and his posse have said to the public…..does any of it sound the least bit familiar?

For all I can tell the plan for Rolling Thunder is the same plan in the situation against ISIS… did that work out in 1965-1968?

The result of Rolling Thunder was that it was never going to win the war and the next step was major US military ground operations… that the plan for our newest war?

Let’s look at Vietnam….once again!

Back during the war we armed some local tribes like the Nungs….we also armed some locals in other countries like Cambodia and Laos….all in the hopes to stay off the North’s push into the south and west……that was a sucky plan….it did not work!

So we learned that lesson well….not to make that mistake again.

Fast forward again to Iraq……we are arming just about everyone in the fight against ISIS….the Kurds, Yazidis, Christians, Assyrians, and now the Iraqi Turkmen tribes are demanding a force and arms……… etc etc etc…..arming these people as a response to ISIS take over…..does this not sound familiar to you?

And just like Vietnam where NO one knew who was friend or foe……it appears the same thing is occurring in Iraq…….

Speaking today in comments to ABC News, CIA Director John Brennan conceded that the US is finding it “tough sorting out good guys and bad guys in a lot of these areas” in Iraq.

Again…..sound familiar?

How many times must the SAME mistakes be made before someone steps up and ask if their is anyone with half a brain in the government?

Is it that we do not learn from our past mistakes or is it that the M-IC does not care as long as the profits keep rolling in?

My guess is the latter.  How about you?


ISIS Coalition SITREP #79

Good day….and welcome to the briefing……

The conflict against ISIS drags on and there is little to report….lots to say and most of it is all hearsay and misinformation…….these briefings are slowing down because I cannot confirm most I see and read……I want to give my readers truth… please forgive the slowness of these briefings…..

Item 1–The battle for Tikrit and Kirkuk rages on and info is in short supply…..

Iraqi security forces and allied militias burned and looted homes and destroyed entire villages in territory retaken from the Islamic State (IS) extremist group, Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday.

These violations took place after government troops and militias broke a siege on the town of Amerli in August last year with the help of US and Iraqi airstrikes. Businesses, residences, public buildings and even mosques in the area were subsequently razed, possessions of Sunni residents looted and entire properties and villages destroyed using explosives and demolition equipment, according to evidence gathered by HRW.

The problem is sectarian in nature and this is only building…..

Item 2–The battle to re-take Tikrit has slowed……supplies are being blamed….but the truth is that ISIS snipers are taking a toll on the attackers….

Item 3–

Were mere copies of Iraq’s national treasures destroyed? | Middle East | DW.DE | 11.03.2015

About a week ago one of the big stories was that ISIS was destroying ancient Assyrian artifacts in Iraq…….the competent world was aghast.

As a history buff especially the Middle East, I was appalled at the wonton destruction of history by ISIS….I also said at the time that, to me they did not appear to be the genuine relics, that they were too difficult to break up for them to be sandstone………

Iraq went from the “cradle of civilization” to the “cradle of barbarism”………

I am pleased to see that my observations were not inaccurate…..others seem to agree with me……


Were mere copies of Iraq’s national treasures destroyed? | Middle East | DW.DE | 11.03.2015.