Syria and Iraq Will Define the Future of the Middle East

Most of the news these days about how the US and its “buds” are going to handle the bad guys in the Middle East…..we hear all about the airstrikes, aboiut Russia, about ISIS and then there is Turkey, the Kurds and the ‘moderate’ rebels……all in all a confusing mess.

But with all this  back and forth, chest thumping…..there is one thing that few have considered…..

Source: Syria and Iraq Will Define the Future of the Middle East | Middle East Briefing

Master Bullsh*ter Is Dead

Do you remember the days prior to our ill informed invasion of Iraq in 2003?  One name should stick in your head…Chalabi.

This person spread more misinformation than WND has ever thought about spreading…….

Ahmad Chalabi was once a US darling who was supposed to lead Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. But with his death of a heart attack Tuesday at the age of 71, Chalabi’s legacy is a much different one: He’s now known mostly as the Iraqi figure who used faulty information about weapons of mass destruction to persuade the US to topple Saddam, reports the Wall Street Journal. It’s unclear whether Chalabi himself knew the information was bogus. Here’s how the New York Times puts it: “As it became clear that the evidence he promoted as proving that Mr. Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction was, if not fabricated, then manipulated and exaggerated, the Bush administration distanced itself from him.”

The split became even more pronounced a year after the invasion when US forces invaded his home looking to prove accusations that he was spying for Iran. The only charges that resulted, however, involved forged bank notes, reports the Guardian. “There are some people who will remember him in a good way, and there are others, to be honest, do not like and did not want his politics,” former prime minister Ayad Allawi tells Reuters. “But regardless, Iraq lost a man who had an important contribution, important commitments towards the nation and he tried to offer what he could to this country.” Chalabi was a member of parliament at the time of his death.

Reports of his death makes him seem like some sort of hero to the world…..which is total crap!

Years before the invasion he was tried in absentia in Jordan for bank fraud among other crimes and sentenced….so not only was he a liar but a crook and felon…..and on the lamb from the Jordanian authorities…..

The media seems to be trying to pad his contribution to the “new” Iraq…..well goody….his lies did as much to destroy the old Iraq as the planes and tanks of the US and her allies……

Sorry but I refuse to be one of those idiots that well say nothing bad about the dead……a fucking crook and liar is all he will ever be….at least in my book.

Iraq:  The Early Days

ISIS is on the lips of anyone that cares about the US and its path to the Middle East……ISIS made the transition from Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia (AQM) to ISIS in the years between 2003 and 2013….a decade in the making.

The common wisdom blames then GW Bush for his decision to invade Iraq when our true enemies were in Afghanistan, at the time……the truth is that we may blame him but the rise of ISIS after the near defeat of AQM was not all his to bear…..

Granted his appointees were as much to blame as he is……and in most cases more so…..but the real culprits are those appointed mid-level bureaucrats…..or as like to call them….the “Unaccused”.

How about a short history lesson in the days after the defeat of Saddam and the taking of Baghdad…….(you knew I could not pass this up, right?)

In May 2003, in the wake of the Iraq War and the ousting of Saddam Hussein, events took place that set the stage for the current chaos in the Middle East. Yet even most well-informed Americans are unaware of how policies implemented by mid-level bureaucrats during the Bush administration unwittingly unleashed forces that would ultimately lead to the juggernaut of the Islamic State.

This is a lengthy piece but well worth the time it will take to read it……people are always looking for someone to blame for any situation…..we may be blaming the wrong person when it comes to Iraq and the birth of ISIS…..

Source: The Deciders | The American Conservative

I truly enjoyed this article and especially the closing paragraph……

This episode highlights a weakness in the executive branch that is ripe for exploitation under any administration. When the neoconservative Frank Gaffney, speaking about George W. Bush, told Vanity Fair, “This president has tolerated, and the people around him have tolerated, active, ongoing, palpable insubordination and skullduggery that translates into subversion of his policies,” it seems incredible to think that he failed to see the irony of his assertion. But for those who have a deep understanding of how the government works, it is quite possible to undermine a president, then step back and pretend to have had minimal involvement, and finally stand in judgment. But now that the story is known, the American people can be the judges.

I sincerely hope that my readers care enough about their country and their way of life to have read this piece……

Something to think about…..that is if you have the time……

Iraq: You Asked For It And You May Well Get It

While you had your head stuffed into some fantasy football thing…the world is getting a bit more complicated……at least for our troops…..

The title is aimed at all you war hawks that feel that the answer to every problem is to throw troops at it……..who may have won this round of their empire building agenda……

Speaking of military adventurism……..

Recently the first American trooper was killed in a raid in Iraq against a stronghold of ISIS……troops are NO longer in the wings….now are they?

In the past the Obama admin has taken lots of gruff from people like me that feel that the plan to weaken ISIS through airstrikes is a short-sighted plan that will do nothing substantial to end this conflict……

So with all that criticism what is the answer that the Pentagon is coming up with….at least for now……

Having sent US ground troops on a raid mission against ISIS forces, and seen their first soldier slain in ground combat in the latest Iraq war, the Pentagon has feverishly spent the last week trying to spin trading gunfire on the ground with ISIS as an “advisory” mission.

It doesn’t seem a very credible argument, but the Pentagon seems to be testing just how much combat they can get away with while still nominally claiming their ground troops are only engaged in a “non-combat” operation, with the latest reports suggesting the Pentagon is again considering embedding troops directly into Iraqi combat units.

For old farts like myself….this sounds all too familiar….there was another conflict that spiraled out of control using this exact same tactic……can anyone say….VIETNAM?

Is it possible that the neocons are winning this debate?

These people have lambasted the Obama plan since the troops came home from Iraq…..pushing the scenario that we need to be physically present in Iraq to prevent war….to say nothing about the loss of revenue from from the war by the M-IC……looks like we are doomed to be a wartime presence in Iraq for many years to come….and in that time the chances of more American deaths rises exponentially as the number of troops deploy to the country.

It is as if the Pentagon and the M-IC are playing a role in the Star Wars (good movie reference, right?) epics……

Source: The Neocon Hunger for Universal Empire by —

The common slogan is that we are safer thanx to all this intervention throughout the world…….sorry sports fans…..I do not see and neither does a wealth of analysts.

Regardless of the endless slogans to confuse and convince….we are not safer today than we were 10 years ago……

Source: Endless War Makes Us Less Safe –

I want to see how the media will play this out in the nightly news….my guess it will be downplayed to avoid any negative blowback…..possibly it will be ignored until it becomes the 500 lb elephant in the proverbial room…..

What say you?

Sadly We Have Our First Death

In the war against ISIS….first blood has been spilled……

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An American soldier was killed and 70 hostages held by ISIS were freed in an overnight raid on an Iraq prison by US and Kurdish commandos, a Defense Department spokesman tells CBS News. Iraqi officials—who noted that the raid near the northern town of Hawija included a combination of airstrikes, US and Kurdish special-ops forces, and US choppers—say that some militants were captured as well, the New York Times reports. “They cut off roads and raided the place successfully,” the governor of the surrounding Kirkuk province tells the paper. “They were able to take people with them.” Two senior US military officials would only offer confirmation of the mission in general to the Times.

The Times notes the overnight mission is likely the first major US raid against ISIS since the home of Syrian Abu Sayyaf (rumored to be the ISIS leader given American hostage Kayla Mueller as a bride) was ambushed in May, turning up “a treasure trove” of intelligence. Hawija has been in the US’ sights as troops try to make headway in recouping ground from militants in both Syria and Iraq, especially in Ramadi and Baiji, per the paper. This is said to be the first confirmed raid by US commandos in Iraq, although some have been conducted in Syria.

I pray this will not become a commonplace occurrence…..

Iraq Descends Into Chaos

For those that have put Iraq out of their minds……

But this time it is political chaos which could lead to further violence……chaos has been the norm for Iraq since 2003 and now with the conflict against ISIS why would it be any different than in the past?

This takeaway provided by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW)……..

The political crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan caused by delayed Presidential elections descended into outright political violence on October 8. Regional President Masoud Barzani, the leader of the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP), has continued to hold office even though his term expired on August 19 and no elections have occurred. Other Iraqi Kurdish political parties, particularly Gorran (Change), the KDP’s main political rival, tried to contest the extension of Barzani’s term and leverage concessions in return for his continuation in office. Popular protests against the government turned violent on October 9 after multi-party talks collapsed the day before. On October 11, the KDP ordered the speaker and other members of the Kurdish parliament from Gorran to leave the regional capital of Arbil, declaring that Gorran was no longer a part of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). Gunmen loyal to the KDP barred a Gorran convoy from entering Arbil. This dangerous maneuver by the KDP to solidify Barzani’s position as regional president has escalated tensions within the KRG and serious political violence may protract. Unless negotiations between the KDP and the opposition parties reaches a meaningful compromise in short order, the KRG could split or collapse as opposition leaders move their operations from the seat of government in Arbil to Suleimaniyah.

This time it is in the region of the Kurds in North east Iraq…..a once fairly stable region but that was yesterday……the Kurds, the most reliable combatant against ISIS, is in the middle of some sort of political upheaval…..

The parliament speaker and ministers are all members of the Gorran party, which the dominant Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) accuses of orchestrating violent protests that resulted in five deaths.

The unrest is the most serious the relatively peaceful region has seen in years and could undermine its effectiveness in the war against Islamic State, in which it is a key ally of the U.S.-led coalition.

The ministers of religious affairs, finance, trade, and peshmerga forces on Monday met Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani who “asked them to leave their posts”, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) spokesman Safeen Dizayee told Reuters.


Keep in mind the peshmerga forces are the forces that are fighting ISIS tooth and nail and now their leader has been bumped from the government……how will this effect the fighting capability of the pershmerga?

Also to watch is the complaint that Kurds have had that the US is backing-off on the promises of arms and supplies……

Source: The Kurdish-Islamic State Problem

There is also the fact that Turkish airstrikes in Iraq have targeted Kurdish sites and not so much those of ISIS…

There are those that are predicting a big problem brewing in the region…….

Source: The Kurdish Problem | The National Interest

All this just illustrates that problems will be an inherent part of Iraq for decades to come…..and the once victorious Kurds are not immune to the chaos….no matter how well they fight ISIS……

Most Americans show a serious lack of interest in the dealings in Iraq…..we have become insulted from the chaotic nature of the region……the media is doing the public NO favors by downplaying the situation in the Middle East…….

Just another incident that could well come back and bite the US in the ass….like so many events in the region……..lose focus……..prepare for the bite with lockjaw!

Kurds, Screwed Again!

When we, the US, invaded Iraq in 2003 our greatest ally during those dark days were the Kurds… who stepped up first to take on ISIS when the Iraq military was in a heated retreat?  The Kurds, that is who.

In recent days Turkey has entered the fray against the evil of ISIS (yet to be seen) and immediately started attacking the PKK, a Kurdish rebel group, leading me to believe that they are using the war with ISIS as a cover to destroy the PKK and then bow out giving some nationalistic jargon for the retreat……

this is an op-ed that I wrote for my friends at Ace News Room….please take some time to stop by their site and check out their reports……they cover the world and do it very well….

Source: Kurds, Screwed Again!

Please let me know your thoughts on this situation….