Five things that won’t work in Iraq | Middle East Eye

Many of my friends have asked why I am so concerned with what is happening in Iraq and Syria…….after all it is no more than a chunk of sand.

The answer is simple… the early 1980’s I worked in Syria first and then Iraq… Iraq I found a warm people that loved life, of course they were looking over their shoulder to be sure that the secret police were not knocking at their door……most had a strong sense of history….in those days it was a beautiful country especially along the two rivers……..but all that came to an end in 1991.

As I analyze the situation I see the countries of Syria and Iraq gone forever……no matter the outcome of this war with ISIS they will never be the same countries ever again.

The US and its allies have tried so many different tactics and so far NONE have worked in securing the nation……but we keep trying the same five (5) things over and over…..and it keeps failing over and over……..

What’s that old saying?  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”…………..


Five things that won’t work in Iraq | Middle East Eye.

Former Bush officials teaching course on Iraq War ‘decision-making’ | TheHill

When I saw the title of this piece my first thought was….REALLY?  Could colleges really be that hard up for teachers that they must turn to these dicks?

My have times have changed!  When I was at university we were taught the pursuit of truth was the only calling……

Now we have a group teaching our young about the lies that was the 2003 invasion of Iraq……maybe it will illustrate how NOT to start a war…..we can only hope that students will see through their blatant attempts to re-write history and the lies they told to get Americans killed.

I wish I was younger…..I would be their worst nightmare in class…….pathetic what they are offering as TRUTH!


Former Bush officials teaching course on Iraq War ‘decision-making’ | TheHill.

Institutionalization Of Conflict–Page 2

An alternate title could be…..”Time To Re-Think Dictators?”

A few years ago I wrote a piece on the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis entitled “Institutionalization Of Conflict”……now that the battle for the hearts and minds in the Middle East by ISIS I feel I need to expand on my assumptions…….

The US has a long history of siding with dictators until it is inconvenient to do so……think Iran, Guatemala, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Syria and others that have escaped my memory……once we turn our backs on them then the whole region comes tumbling down…..kinda like the walls of Jericho, well actually there is NO historical evidence that ever happened.  Once we withdraw our support then violence and destruction is the rewards for our inaction…….civilians always pay the price for our geopolitical maneuvering….

Our constant interventions have cost the country dearly……and that interventionism has cost the people of the countries we deal with even more in deaths and destruction.

Our ‘war’ on dictators has accomplished little over the years…..Saddam was our friend, Mubarak was our friend and threw them under the bus at the first signs of conflict……then there is Qaddafi never was a friend but at the first signs of conflict the CIA trots out their agent in Gen. Haftar to take over the control of rebel factions in the early days of the Libyan revolt… there is Syria and Assad, a scenario still in motion.

My point is that the dictators that were our friends and then they weren’t……… the countries are in constant turmoil…..the loss of life and property is enormous.

Staring in 2001 with the attacks on the Twin Towers…..the US made it official….they were going to institutionalize conflict.  There is a case to be made that the attacks in Afghanistan were legit and warranted….but in 2003 the US decided that Saddam had to go and every possible angle was used to justify the invasion….chem weapons, AQM, on and on……there has never been any proof of any of the allegations to justify the attack.

Of course some could use the Cold War as the beginning of the institutionalization of conflict…..the US had proxies back in those days that would glad do the fighting for the US……those days are gone.  The Military-Industrial Complex (M-IC) had to find away to keep their fingers in foreign policy and the rise of AQ was such an opportunity.

Under the guise of democracy these influential companies made more war possible and to the point that it will be continuous.  The best problem with fighting terrorism is that the planners look to the past for answers in the future…..the same can be said about the Israel-Palestine conflict……there will never be a solution as long as the past is used as a model.  And so it is with the fight against terror.  The reason there a few good answers in this fight is that the people making the plans have NO idea what the enemy is like or capable of doing.

Back to the premise…….

The area known as The :Levant has been a hot bed of violence, rebellion and chaos for centuries…..from many peoples and various empires to the Abbasids to the Ottomans to Mandates of early 20th century to the US and its 2 invasions…….all that history that is too extensive to chronicle here ……… (suggestion…if intersected the Google machine will help)………

The point being that the only times of relative calm and quiet is when a strong man was in charge…..i e a dictator.

We have seen what happens when the US aides in the demise of a dictator in the Middle East and/or North Africa…….

As evidence that a dictatorship isn’t the worst scenario, Ken Roth cites the case of Syria, where autocracy’s ostensible calm has given way to mass slaughter. Yet Roth’s answer is for the west to get tough on Assad, perhaps with military action, which would only extend and deepen the war. I draw a different conclusion while applying the same there-are-things-worse-than-dictatorship lesson. The answer to the war in Syria is peace in Syria, a negotiated settlement under which Assad or a successor remains in power. This appears to be the approach favored by a strong majority of Syrians, who back Assad according to all available information. Data compiled last year by Western activists (and given to NATO) found that 70% of Syrians support Assad over foreign-backed rebels. That is, they’ve chosen dictatorship over war.

I’m not suggesting that dictatorships are acceptable. People need governments much better than corrupt, torturing (and great-power appeasing) autocracies. But they won’t get them through western imperialism masquerading as revolution, or through “solidarity” that comes in the form of hellfire missiles. “We” must help those under attack by the dictator, says the humanitarian hawk, but the “we” in question is the US government, and the US government — bent on division, destruction, and domination — is never the friend of democratic movements. In both Libya and Syria, we can see all too vividly what results when relatively weak uprisings get assistance from (are hijacked by) imperial forces, and, yes, it’s worse than what existed before. People living in repression need indigenous movements powerful enough both to dislodge regimes and to reject the insidious help of western countries. There are no shortcuts.  (thanx to Rogue Nation and David Mizner)……

We may not want to admit it…..because of our love for democracy and the belief it can cure all ills……but in a society that has NO experience in the functions of a democratic society a dictator may be the only thing that stands between violence and relative calm…..

Why the US Military Opposed New Combat Roles in Iraq by Gareth Porter —

There has been a promise by the president that there will be NO combat role in Iraq for US Troops…….many have argued that they have such a role as the conflict stands now.

There has been a multi-facet conversation on this subject……some on the Right are chest thumping about ending the conflict once and for all with US troops…..the Left has not been so bold but secretly are saying that there has to be a way to end this thing in Iraq……..

The Joint Chiefs have voiced an opinion and some will not like or appreciate their thoughts……


Why the US Military Opposed New Combat Roles in Iraq by Gareth Porter —

Displaced Yazidis still on Mount Sinjar

Can a person really love their laxative?  Sorry, had to ask.  The ad tells me that it is okay…….

Think back about a year ago and what lead to our involvement in the situation in Iraq with ISIS……..if you will recall there were some Iraqis trapped on a mountain, the Yazidis…….it was a humanitarian crisis and being a good player the US had to act to protect them…….we dropped supplies and used airstrikes against ISIS to cover the aid as it was delivered…….

Is any of this familiar at all?

The story was that there were thousands trapped on the mountain and under the threat of death if ISIS got to them……in reality it was all a hoax, a story made up to justify our intervention in Iraq…..AGAIN.

Why would I make such an accusation?

The Yazidis are still trapped on the mountain and yet NO one gives a crap…….all they were was an excuse for the use of military force……..

Read about these people for yourself……..


Displaced Yazidis still on Mount Sinjar grapple with harsh conditions | Middle East Eye.

Is Iran worried about IS on its border? – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Like it or not….Iran has joined in the fight against ISIS…..but for what reason?

Is it because ISIS is a Sunni organization?  Does Iran fear ISIS crossing the border?  Maybe they just want to do what is right for the globe?

Whatever the reason…..Iran is deep into the fight and in some cases is showing great fighting ability…

But the question remains…..WHY?

Maybe this article will help the understanding…….let me know…….


Is Iran worried about IS on its border? – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East.

Iraq: Is This The Beginning? (Again)

We all have heard our prez tells us that there will be NO ground troops to Iraq to fight ISIS……our only mission is to train and arm the Iraqis so they can do the hard lifting in the liberation of their country from the grasp of ISIS.  (snicker…..snicker)……

First, you do realize that if we send American troops to train the Iraqis in combat strategy we then have combat forces in the fray, right?

Second, the Iraqi army has proven that it cannot stand by itself against ISIS…….as a matter of fact there are indications that they will not stand….period!

I have complained that the US has NO plan for dealing the death blow to ISIS……and the Obama makes an announcement……..

Instead of trying to help Iraqi forces recapture the city ISIS seized a year ago, the US has decided to focus on helping them capture the city militants seized less than a month ago. Ramadi is the capital of Anbar province, and the White House is expected to approve a Pentagon plan to establish a new base in the province and send up to 500 more military trainers there, the Wall Street Journal reports. American officials say there had been some debate about how much of a priority recapturing Mosul, the country’s second-largest city, would be, but the recent fall of Ramadi settled the question; now Mosul may have to wait until 2016, reports the New York Times. Defense Secretary Ash Carter blamed the fall of Ramadi on Iraqi forces’ lack of will to fight.

Critics say the proposed modest expansion of the US role is nowhere near what’s required to defeat ISIS, the Journal reports. “One has to wonder whether this president just wants to wait out the next year and a half and basically do nothing to stop this genocide, bloodletting, horrible things that are happening throughout the Middle East,” Sen. John McCain told fellow senators Monday. The new troops will bring the number of US advisers and trainers in Iraq to around 3,600, but there’s a shortage of people for them to train in at least one site, the Hill reports. Defense officials say it has been more than four weeks since the Baghdad government sent any recruits to Al Asad air base, although 2,601 Iraqis are being trained elsewhere.

Ever so slowly the US is building the amount of ground troops in Iraq… this the beginning of our return to a combat mission?

As promised, the United States will send up to 450 more troops to Iraq to boost the training of local forces, in a response to recent setbacks at the hands of ISIS and Baghdad’s appeals for more help. Under the plan, the number of US training sites in Iraq would increase from four to five, enabling a larger number of Iraqis to join the fight against the Islamic militant group.

Most of the fighters would be Sunni tribal volunteers; as CNN notes, the hope is to inspire what one White House official calls a secondary Sunni uprising, similar to that of 2013. The White House says President Obama made the decision at the request of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and based on advice from Pentagon leaders. Obama continues to resist demands for combat troops or for more US soldiers on the ground to call in air strikes.

So it begins……AGAIN!