27 maps that explain the crisis in Iraq | vox.com

I have had people tell me that they just cannot grasp what the Hell is going in Iraq,  short of ISIS killing people and taking land……

I found this article that helps explain who, what, when and why……if you are concerned and would like to educate yourself then I suggest that this press will help your understanding greatly……

try it….you’ll like it!


27 maps that explain the crisis in Iraq | vox.com.

Kurds: A Janus?

Inkwell Institute
Middle East Desk


The battle for the hearts and minds of the people of Iraq and Syria has begun……the US has taken upon itself to step back into the Middle East with both feet.  And their proxy in this conflict are the Kurds…..but the question is just how reliable will these players be in the long run?

I have written many posts on what I see as the Kurds end game……for me it is an independent state of their own and that is the direction they will work.  Regardless of their words their intentions are not so noble…….

The Kurds….the special elite forces of Iraq, at least for this week…….is it possible that the Kurds are a Janus?  A Janus?  WTF?

let me explain………Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions, and thereby of gates, doors, doorways, passages and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past.

That is right….I believe that the Kurds are a Janus….two faced and will only work for their own good……..but after all they have done in the past month why would I say that?

Peshmerga fighters are openly beating Arabs they believe to be ISIS, and it doesn’t take a lot of evidence to convince them of that.

McClatchy reporter Mitchell Prothero reported the Peshmerga cheerfully dragging an Arab out of his car at a checkpoint, roughing him up and throwing him into their trunk. “He’s Arab, talks like he’s from Mosul and had a Qu’ran in his car,” one declared. That’s all it takes

So they have turned on the very people that they look to for their salvation…….they are playing both sides against the middle……….Kurdish analysts are expecting this to pay off big down the road, adding to the autonomous KRG region’s global influence, and making it easier to secede from Iraq in the future.

The Peshmerga, the PKK are still on the terrorist list. although the US is working to have them removed, I do not think the Turks, who have suffered greatly at the hands of the PKK will find it a good idea to arm their enemies.

A noted journalist in the Middle East, Ceylan Ozbudak, writes……….

Realizing the threat of losing the battle in the field of popular media, the PKK decided to change its narrative and started to claim they are a bunch of “communal liberalist” fellows who are simply fighting for an independent Kurdistan. First of all, the expression “communal liberalist” is an oxymoron because being a liberalist means supporting individual freedoms no matter how stark in contrast it is with the prevailing public opinion (as long as they do not limit the freedoms of others) and the word “communal” totally refutes this notion since it favors the well-being of the community at the expense of the individuals. Therefore communal ideologies do not maintain human or minority rights even if they promise as such: Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Lenin, Enver Hoxha, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il all promised their nations a free and equal world where all citizens are treated with dignity. For this reason, the PKK would never deliver on its promise of a liberal Kurdistan; the moment its borders are secured, the regime will show its true colors and its first target will be the innocent Kurds of the region who oppose communist ideals.

The reason I question our decision to arm the PKK is that we, the US, have a reputation of backing the wrong horse in many of our Middle East adventures……..and I think we will live to regret our decision to lean heavily on the PKK in this time of need.

Kerry will be in the region to try and put together a coalition to fight ISIS…….the problem is that NO one trusts the Kurds, especially Turkey and maybe we should slow down and consider our options before we give too to the PKK….it could very well be a fatal decision on our part.


ISIS: Guess Who’s Talking?

Can you guess who is doing the jaw flapping?  Let me help…..after Obama siad at a press conference…”we don’t have a strategy yet”…..I expected the media and the GOP to jump all over the statement…..and I did not have to wait long…….the usual loud mouth suspects were there right on time….yep, the idiots of foreign policy…..McCain and Graham………

Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham say they’re appalled that President Obama’s response to threat posed by the Islamic State is to say, “We don’t have have a strategy yet.” He needs to get one fast, they write in the New York Times. Putting a dent in ISIS’s finances would be great, and political progress in Iraq and Syria would surely help, “but ultimately, ISIS is a military force, and it must be confronted militarily,” they write. For starters, we must get more arms and intelligence to groups such as the Kurds who are fighting ISIS. Let them and other allies be our “boots on the ground.”

But the US should also embed “special forces and advisers with our partners on the ground—not to engage in combat, but to help our partners fight ISIS and direct airstrikes against it,” they write. This isn’t about nation-building, they insist. The White House should look to the model of “Afghanistan in 2001, where limited numbers of advisers helped local forces, with airstrikes and military aid, to rout an extremist army.” It’s time for Obama to adopt a strategy and make his case to Congress and the American people, say the senators. “If he does, he deserves bipartisan support. If he does not, ISIS will continue to grow into an even graver danger to our allies and to us.” Click for their full column.

This just what I would expect from a former jet jockey……you might want to know why I seem to not care for pilots too much and it is a fair question……..jet jockeys get to fly around drop their load then return to base for a shower and a hot meal…….whereas the grunt is there all the time and without a good shower or a hot meal……lmy point is that McCain is so quick to send troops to do our bidding is because he has never had to look the enemy in the eye to dispatch them….he gets to do it from 10,000 feet……makes a world of difference in your attitude when you have to live with the horrors every day…..okay, someone is going to jump down my throat about him being s POW…..he survived and probably has some residual scars….but that does not give him the mortal fiber to order troops to their deaths.

Their piece, their op-ed, was NOTHING but the GOP talking as much advantage as they can from Obama’s statement.  I would not trust either of them to watch my pet snake…….they are opportunists not statesmen.

Have a great Labor Day everyone!

Obama’s No-Win War on ISIS by Shamus Cooke — Antiwar.com

I have been watching and analyzing the Middle East for a long time……and there has never been a time, when we were involved in the region, that I could ever see a clear cut victory….sadly I am NOT seeing one with our newest enemy….ISIS…..

A well thought out article that my readers need to see and understand…..


Obama’s No-Win War on ISIS by Shamus Cooke — Antiwar.com.

When Is A Terrorist Not A Terrorist?

There is a question of the day.  We know that the US does not negotiate with terrorists, right?  But is that true?  To be honest it is more a slogan than a reality.  Sounds good when being quoted in the press but it is not a reality behind the closed doors of DC…..yes it is BS…it is a tag line, a slogan and a talking point that has NO footing in reality……..

We hear daily of the terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah as well as Al-Qaeda….but what about the group known as PKK which at this time on the list of terror organizations?


(The map above details the areas that are considered Kurdish)

The terrorists I am thinking of at this time is the Kurdish Workers Party, the PKK, and its paramilitary wing the ….wait for it….Peshmerga.  Does that name sound familiar?

The Kurdish counteroffensive against extremist Sunni militants in northern Iraq is now gathering speed. Local troops from Iraqi Kurdistan, known as peshmerga, are back in control of large chunks of territory — including a string of towns and villages, and the strategically important Mosul Dam — lost to a shock offensive by insurgent group the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) earlier this month.

Semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan had another equally important ally, although it’s one that officials are not keen to talk about; a Kurdish guerrilla group that the US and the EU have branded a terrorist organization due to a history of killings and bombings on civilian and military targets during a 30-year fight for autonomy from the Turkish state.

Hundreds of fighters from the paramilitary wing of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) reinforced the peshmerga after the Islamic State advance, providing a much-needed boost in morale and fighting abilities. The new arrivals have made a decisive difference in a number of battles, often fighting under cover of US air support.

That’s right. Irene……the fighting force that is holding IS in tow is manned by a group of…..wait for it…..TERRORISTS!

So the US is in bed with terrorists.  The good news is that there is a move by special interests to have these fighters removed from the terror list.  You might want to ask Turkey what they think of that idea……….

See if you are terrorist and you do the bidding of the US you can be removed from the list……..you just thought you knew what the country was capable of….now didn’t you.

Something to think about……after this IS thing is dead and gone…….what will the Kurds be?  Will they get a country out of this deal?  Or will they go back to killing civilians in the name of freedom?

Unlike the US the Kurds will have their eye on the prize and will do what is necessary to achieve that prize.  The map shows how many countries will be effected by a resurgence of Kurdish nationalism….then when it returns…what will the US do?