ISIS Coalition Situation Report (SITREP) #8

Good Morning…..

I continue to issue SITREPS on the continuing saga of the ISIS coalition and the events surrounding it…….situations that are not as important to the media as I think they should……for too long the American people have been plagued with a lack of information and bags of misinformation and most time out right LIES….hope these attempts will make those interested a more powerful voice in their governments need for war…..

Let us begin…..

Item 1–I start with the cost of the war…………..I recently reported that the air war on ISIS is costing $7-10 million a day…….now there is an update……

The air war in Syria and Iraq has already cost nearly $1 billion and ultimately could cost as much as $22 billion per year if a large ground force is deployed to the region, according to an analysis by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

The study, due to be released Monday, shows a range of costs based on sustained but low-intensity combat up to a force of 25,000 U.S. troops on the ground.

Keep in mind that all say this will be a prolonged situation….now aswk if that cash could be better spent.  And then ask Congress if they cannot find money to fund school lunches where is this money coming from?

Item 2–We already have about 1600 Amewricans on the ground and now the military is quietly moving more troops into range……..

1,600 US ground troops are already in Iraq, despite the Obama Administration’s claims that there won’t be any ground war in the nation. More or coming to the region very soon.

The Marine Corps has announced a plan to send 2,100 troops to Kuwait as part of the “Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force” for Central Command, to perform assorted “theater sustainment missions.” The exact timing of the deployment is unclear, but will come at some point in FY2015, according to officials.

Keep in mind that Kuwait is a hop from Baghdad……

Item 3–Turkey has been a hold out from joining the coalition…..but since the return of their kidnapped people they seem more open to the exercise…….

Weeks of fighting has put ISIS forces less than 5 km from the outskirts of the key Kurdish border town of Ayn al-Arab, and has them trading fire with Kurdish militias desperately trying to slow their progress.

I understand that they want to protect their border as ISIS inches closer daily……but this smells of something different……..need to keep a close eye on this development……

Item 4–The news is not good for the Iraqi Army….regardless of the hype they are not holding their own on the battlefield……because they seem to be inept they are recruiting now……..

QUSH TAPA, Iraq — The Iraqi military command has begun a campaign to re-enlist soldiers and officers who abandoned their units, a crucial step in its effort to rebuild an army that has been routed in battle after battle by Islamic State jihadists.

Even as the government has continued to equip volunteers, the de facto amnesty for deserters is an acknowledgment that the army desperately needs experienced soldiers……even those that deserted the field recently.

I know they are sucking but is giving cowards a chance to be cowards over again the right tactic?

Item 5–Back in the 90’s I trusted CNN with information from the Middle East……now not so much….so this interview I question it somewhat……….

The United States may be touting its strikes on ISIS targets in Syria, but one of the terror group’s fighters says the hits are trivial at best.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, a Syrian ISIS fighter using the pseudonym Abu Talha said the militant group has been preparing for such attacks.

“We’ve been ready for this for some time,” Abu Talha said. “We know that our bases are known because they’re tracking us with radars and satellites, so we had backup locations.”

It is logical that ISIS was prepared for the attacks since we telegraphed them weeks before it happened……I am still not convinced that this was an accurate interview.

Item 6–Finally, the one subject that everyone in the Obama White House tries to avoid talking about….civilian causalities……

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, US airstrikes against ISIS-held Syria today hit grain silo and other civilian targets, killing at least two civilians and burning multiple silos full of harvested grain.

Locals scrambled to rescue civilian workers trapped by the rubble of the attacks, and it is believed that the US mistook the large silos for “jihadist bases.”

Keep in mind that civilian causalities are inevitable as munch as the admin would rather talk about something else….we will be killing civilians ……and now the count goes on.

That concludes today’s briefing.  Hopefully you can gain insight to the war and its consequences.

Next briefing as needed.

Thanx for your time and attention.

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ISIS Coalition Situation Report (SITREP) #7

Good Morning

The US begins its seventh week performing airstrikes against ISIS targets………..An updated SITREP on the activities of the Coalition and the Islamic State……we enter into the second week of the coalition attacking ISIS positions and events related to the working of the coalition…….

Item 1–The Coalition has grown by three (3)……Denmark, France and UK have added their firepower to the collective…..

Item 2–So far the cost of the ISIS ops is about $7-10 million a day…..and that should increase as the size of the US force is expanded..

Item 3–Now the Right is having a field with comments made by Gen. Dempsey……..

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey refused to back down from last week’s comments on the possibility of US ground troops being involved in the open-ended war on ISIS, insisting today that he will recommend “what it takes” to destroy ISIS, even if that means ground troops.

The media has latched onto this statement like a Pitt Bull with a baby’s leg……I want to remind people that the prez makes that decision….NOT the generals.  May I suggest that FOX, et al pick something else to concern the viewer over.

Item 4–We have been given a new player over which we should be concerned….according to the admin that is…….Khorasan……….billed by the admin as the Seal Team of AQ………..but there is more to this group…….

It’s puzzling for people in Syria, especially those affiliated with the rebellion, because none of them have ever heard of any such faction. Indeed, the evidence is increasingly that the US made it up.

“The name is clearly US-originated,” noted analyst Pieter van Ostaeyen, who says that the name had never been mentioned by any jihadist movements until the US started talking them up.

The question is……is this truly a separate group or just simply AQ?  It worked well to terrify the public and maybe that was its use all along.

Item 5–As predicted before this major undertaking was began……..critics said it would serve as a recruitment tool and do very little stop the advance of ISIS………this report over the past weekend…………..

Syrian rebels say that the US airstrikes on ISIS inside Syria haven’t helped them. If you’re wondering who is benefiting, the answer could well be ISIS.

Since President Obama announced his intention to strike Syria on September 10, ISIS has gained more than 200 new fighters in Aleppo Province alone. That’s likely a drop in the bucket compared to what it did for recruitment in provinces where they have a larger presence.

Item 6–The airstrikes are helping ISIS make a change……not in desire….but rather in tactics…….

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Islamic State militants are changing tactics in the face of U.S. air strikes in northern Iraq, ditching conspicuous convoys in favor of motorcycles and planting their black flags on civilian homes, tribal sources and eyewitnesses say.

They reported fewer militant checkpoints to weed out “apostates” and less cell phone use since the air strikes intensified and more U.S. allies pledged to join the campaign that began in August, saying the militants had also split up to limit casualties.

A tribal sheikh from a village south of Kirkuk said Islamic State elements “abandoned one of their biggest headquarters in the village” when they heard the air strike campaign was likely to target their area.

Item 7–The US Congress has decided to waste more time and delay them having to vote on this war until after the lies have been delivered and the people have voted……..this is just ridiculous!

A handful of Republican members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee have gone off to Turkey to create their own “historic” coalition of rebel factions which pledged to attack both ISIS and the Assad government.

Led by Reps. Adam Kinzinger (R – IL) and George Holding (R – NC), the coalition was said to include “more than 20 Syrian rebel commanders,” though it appeared to be little more than the nominal leadership of the Free Syrian Army and the miniscule Syriac Military Council. The groups called on the US to expand their airstrikes beyond ISIS and al-Qaeda and against Assad’s military as well.

I end this briefing on a humorous note……..the US Congress……….do I need to say more?

Thanx for your attention and time…..further SITREPs will be issued as needed………

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ISIS Coalition Situation Report (SITREP) #6

The big news is that the US has put together a less than functioning coalition of about 50 partners and NO one is sure what their contributions will be, other than the 5 Arab nations that have participated in the airstrikes beginning this week.

There has been developments that are starting to shine a light on the dysfunctions of this coalition…….

Item 1–Iraqi PM has issued a terrorist warning…….

While speaking to reporters at the UN today, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Ibadi made some news that seemed to catch everybody off guard: He said he had “credible” evidence that ISIS was planning subway attacks in the US and Paris, reports Reuters. US security officials quoted on and off the record by Reuters, NBC News, the AP, and others said it was the first they were hearing about it and generally downplayed the remarks. One senior intelligence official called it “total bunk.”

This sounds more like the PM is trying to deflect all the criticism of the army for not fighting like they were trained to do……the army has had too many mistakes for the world to have confidence in their abilities.

Item 2–There is a critique of the airstrikes in Syria from the rebels……..

Rebels factions have been complaining about the US attacking their “allies” in al-Qaeda, and today warned that the US strikes against ISIS aren’t really helping them in any way either.

The US war also found considerable complaints from Syrian women activists, who warned the US attacks were counterproductive, killing civilians and radicalizing the population.

This site has been saying that there may have been a better way to handle ISIS…..but the common goal was to bomb them into the Middle Ages…….

Item 3–A ‘moderate’ rebel group has shut down ops and for the usual reasons……

Two years after the Obama administration granted it a rare license to raise money for Syrian rebels, a Washington-based opposition nonprofit group that tried to help the United States build a moderate fighting force is defunct.

Former organizers of the Syrian Support Group say the Obama administration shares the blame for the collapse of their campaign, and for the broader challenge of finding allies among fighters who’ve spent years seeking U.S. military help in their struggle against Bashar Assad’s government only to be asked, now, to serve as foot soldiers against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. The lesson from the Syrian Support Group’s experience, the organizers said, is that half-measures just won’t cut it in such an enormous undertaking.

Item 4–Quietly the US is sending more troops to Iraq……….

About 500 troops from the U.S. Army‘s 1st Infantry Division in Fort Riley, Kansas, will head to Iraq and other countries in the Middle East next month to help coordinate the campaign against the Islamic State, the Pentagon said Thursday.

More than 200 hundred of the soldiers will be based in Iraq at U.S. Joint Operations Centers (JOCs) in Baghdad and the Kurdish capital of Irbil, and the rest of the contingent will operate out of U.S. bases in the region under the U.S. Central Command, Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, said at a Pentagon briefing.

The initial plan was to have 138 of the troops at the operations center in Baghdad, 68 at the operations center in Irbil and 10 at the Iraqi Defense Ministry, Kirby said. The 200-plus troops will be part of the 475-troop contingent President Barack Obama authorized last month to serve in Iraq as advisers to the Iraqi National Security forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

The amount of US Troops silently creeps up and up……is this the plan all along?

Item 5–Back in the early days of 2003 the world was asking if there was a reason that the US was attacking Muslim countries…..and their answer was that the US was not at war with Islam……..unfortunately the facts say something different……..

That means that Syria becomes the 7th predominantly Muslim country bombed by 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama—after Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and Iraq.

The utter lack of interest in what possible legal authority Obama has to bomb Syria is telling indeed: Empires bomb who they want, when they want, for whatever reason (indeed, recall that Obama bombed Libya even afterCongress explicitly voted against authorization to use force, and very few people seemed to mind that abject act of lawlessness; constitutional constraints are not for warriors and emperors).

All this bombing makes for good propaganda…….and sends chills up the spines of countries that disagree with our policies…….

Item 6–The moist important info to come out of DC is that these airstrikes may not be doing the best job…..why?

……..the Pentagon has warned that the airstrikes in Syria are going to end up the exact same way, with ISIS expected to quickly change tactics and adapt, making it more difficult to pick out targets.

What damage the strikes have done, Pentagon officials say ISIS will easily rebound from, and picking future targets will require “competent partners” on the ground to spot.

Not the best news to describe the effects of our airstrikes.

This concludes the briefing….the news out of the Middle East is coming faster than I can type but i will try to keep you abreast of the changes and the news……

Thanx for your time and attention…….

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Iraq: ISIS Coalition Operational Briefing #5

Good day and thanx for attending today’s briefing….we attempt to keep the American people on their toes and to give them as much ubder-r4eported info as possible so that they can be more well informed.

The battle for the destruction of ISIS has begun in earnest….France is the first to join in the attacks on ISIS positions in Iraq…..but there is more….and now all out pee spanking of ISIS in Syria has begun………

Since the ‘war’ has begun in real time….my briefings will now become a SitRep, beginning with next briefing #6………..

Item 1–The US to quell all the criticism over allowing the deaths of two American journalists have done what they always do……

The US Senate has unanimously approved a bill providing up to $10 million for information leading to the arrest or conviction of people involved in executing two American journalists murdered by extremists.

“One way we can honor the memories of James Foley and Steven Sotloff is to bring their evil murderers to justice, which this measure will help do,” Senator Marco Rubio said Friday.

Rubio, from Sotloff’s home state of Florida, said it was important to send the message “that the United States will work tirelessly to ensure that the deaths of these beloved journalists do not go unpunished.”

The thought here is that the rest of the world is a greedy money hungry place…..we do this for Osama, al-Zarqawi and it seldom leads to any good actionable intel….what it does do soothes souls over the loss of life.

Item 2–Remember the build up to the attacks on Iraq in 2003?  The admin took to the media to build a case for public support…it worked and guess who is using the same tactic?

Kerry’s comments appear aimed at adding momentum, with the US moving against ISIS in Syria, to go after the Assad government as well. Israel chimed in today as well, claiming they believe Syria secretly kept some chemical weapons no one knew about, though they declined to provide any evidence of that beyond claims that Israel figured they had more than what was destroyed.

This after a month ago when he was thumping his chest at the conclusion of the destruction of Syrian CWs…..does it sound familiar?  It should!

Item 3–It is official…..we, the US, do what we always do….underestimate the enemy……….

Discussing the new ISIS war in an interview with David Ignatius, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper drew parallels between the new war and the US war in Vietnam.

“We underestimated the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese and overestimated the will of the South Vietnamese. In this case, we underestimated ISIS and overestimated the fighting capability of the Iraqi army,” insisted Clapper.

“It boils down to predicting the will to fight, which is an imponderable,” he added, saying that US intelligence had offered “anticipatory intelligence’ about the ISIS surge in Iraq, but had underestimated how big it would be an how fast Iraq would be beaten back.

I include this in the briefing because it is our norm……we underestimate and then we have to play catch up….I have been saying for years…..we need different people in the intel sector….the old farts we have now are worthless.

Item 4–The entire Obama admin has been in a full court press to explain the situation and so far they have done a terrible job…..not a single pertinent question has been answered….lots of cute phrases and chest thumping but NO answers.

My fave interview was the one with UN ambassador S. Powers….she did all the talking points that everyone else is giving the public……..while talking about ground troops that were going to be used she said…..”the Iraqis will step up and with a degree of professionalism”…….to me that yelled volumes…..this is going to be a long engagement…… takes years for an army to become and function in a professional manner.

Americans need to prepare themselves for another long and arduous conflict.

Item 5–Jahbat al-Nusra was attacked by Hezbollah and many fighters were killed and/or wounded……al-Nusra is an AQ affliated rebel faction and Hezbollah is in defense of the Assad regime……

Hezbollah has launched its first ever drone strikes today against several western Syrian bases belonging to al-Qaeda faction Jabhat al-Nusra, killing 23 fighters.

The strikes targeted bases near the Lebanese border town of Arsal, which has been contested by Nusra, ISIS, and other Syrian Islamist factions off and on in recent months. The strikes were reportedly followed by a ground offensive in which Hezbollah captured several additional fighters.

The big item in that report is the use of drones by Hezbollah…..until now the West had the upper hand in the use of drones to eliminate one’s enemies….this is a situation that needs watching closely.

Item 6–Now that the big show has begun………there is lots of talking about our coalition partners and their participation in the initial strikes….Saudi Arabia is listed as one of those partners….I have reachieved word of something that I cannot verify at this time…….

The Saudi foreign Minster called his American counterpart, demanding him to end “the devastating campaign” against the Muslim population in eastern Syrian territories ,occupied by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, reported RT.

During his phone –call, Saud bin Faisal Al Saud, importuned Mr. John Kerry to persuade U.S. president to end all hostilities with the hardline Islamist organization to save tens of thousands of innocent Syrian entrapped civilians and to continue preventing Iran from achieving its goals   , RT quoted the Saudi Daily Al-Okaz as saying.

Sounds like the coalition is not as strong or willing as Mr. Kerry would have us believe.

This concludes Briefing #5……future briefings will be released as events warrant them…..thanx for your time and attention……

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9/11 and Iraq Revisited: Remembering How We Were Lied Into War « Blog

Just a reminder……since most Americans have a short attention span and even shorter memory…….and their propensity to fixate of trivial bullsh*t………Just a reminder!

Our newest war on the Muslim world has begun……this is the 23rd year that the US has had airstrikes in Iraq…Bush1 started it…Clinton continued the operation……Bush2 invaded with ‘shock and awe’…..and now Obama has thrown his hat into the ring……

Keep in mind the lies that were given to the American people…..keep that in mind in the coming months and years…i do believe we will see a repeat of the Bush2 years….


9/11 & Iraq Revisited: Remembering How We Were Lied Into War « Blog.