The Road To Al-Baghdadi

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The news now a days is Gaza and MH17…….but with all that coverage there is still problems elsewhere that we would like to ignore……but do so at our own peril.

Iraq and Syria may have slipped from the headlines but both are a smoldering pile of fecal matter……death, destruction and extreme violence are all they have to look forward to in the near future…….ISIS then ISIL then Islamic State and now the Caliphate….what do we know about the man credited with forming the caliphate…..Abu Bakr Al Baghadi who now calls himself Caliph Ibrahim…….what do we actually know about the ‘enemy’?

Let me state first and foremost, I have zero confidence in our intel agencies….they have missed too much that has come back to bite us in the ass… seems to be one of those nibbles on our tush…….

What do we know?

To begin with if Bill O’Reilly is correct the he is a Muslim because he has a beard…….he is a terrorist because we are told he is…..he makes videos for posting on the internet……that my friends is what we know about al-Baghdadi…..all of which is hearsay and accusations….could there be more?

A reflection from a Mother Jones article……..

Baghdadi has become Iraq’s most prominent extremist leader. But for much of his adult life, Baghdadi did not have a reputations as a fiery, jihadist trailblazer. According to the Telegraph, members of his local mosque in Tobchi (a neighborhood in Baghdad) who knew him from around 1989 until 2004 (when he was between the ages of 18 and 33) considered Baghdadi a quiet, studious fellow and a talented soccer player. When the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, Baghdadi was earning a degree in Islamic studies in Baghdad.

But within a couple years of the US invasion, Baghdadi was a prisoner in Camp Bucca, the US-run detainment facility in Umm Qasr, Iraq. And a US compound commander stationed at that prison—and other military officials—have in recent weeks wondered whether Baghdadi’s stint there radicalized him and put him on the path to taking over ISIS in 2010 and guiding the movement to its recent military victories.

The details of Baghdadi’s time in Camp Bucca are murky. Some media reports note that he was held as a “civilian internee” at the prison for 10 months in 2004. Others report that he was captured by US forces in 2005 and spent four years at Camp Bucca. The reason why he was apprehended is not publicly known; he could have been arrested on a specific charge or as part of a large sweep of insurgents or insurgent supporters. (A confidential Red Cross report leaked in May 2004 suggested than around 90 percent of detainees of Iraqi origin were arrested “by mistake.”) Army Colonel Kenneth King, the commanding US officer at Camp Bucca in 2009, recently told the Daily Beast that he distinctly remembered a man resembling Baghdadi: “He was a bad dude, but he wasn’t the worst of the worst.” King noted he was “not surprised” that such a radical figure emerged from the facility.

In other words we not only originated AQ but now we help form a mass murderer, is that what they are saying?

U.S. officials now believed that two years after his release, Baghdadi was actively working with al Qaeda in the very city where he was arrested, a U.S. counter-terrorism official told McClatchy. The official cannot be identified under the conditions with which he discussed Baghdadi.

Looks like the intel community may have missed another sign of what was to come…….they continue to show me that we should have NO confidence on these agencies to keep us safe.

I believe the biggest problem that al Baghdadi is going to have is his Muslim brethren…..

Iraqi clerics meeting in Anbar described the recent declaration by the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL) of a “caliphate” as a violation of sharia.

ISIL’s declaration of caliphate clearly shows why the group has recently spilled blood and killed people, said Anbar Scholars Council spokesman Sheikh Abdul Hamid al-Alwani.

It is like an occupation and coercion to force people to agree with them under threats, and is also a violation of sharia and the requirements of a caliphate, he said.

“A caliphate requires consent and allegiance from citizens, and this did not happen with ISIL’s declaration, therefore making it a violation of religion,” al-Alwani said.

There are some level heads within the Muslim community, regardless of what the haters would have you believe……..

Dr Habash concludes with a counsel: “What we need is a revolution within the Muslim mindset that takes it back to the true Islamic values of freedom, justice, human dignity; away from the sacredness of the caliphate … to a political system that simply governs the affairs of people.”

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood sees it thusly………The SMB said his caliphate was illegitimate because he had never shown his face in public – one of the main conditions for a legitimate imam in Islam is that he is known. The embarrassing argument was refuted after the video of Mr Al Baghdadi’s Friday sermon in one of Mosul’s largest and oldest mosques was released.

Al-Baghdadi may not be the threat that the war hawks want him to be…….but again,  without a reliable intel community we will just have to wait and see.

PS:  After I wrote this draft new info has come to light…..from the Centre for Research on Globalization……….

The former employee at US National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, has revealed that the British and American intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Snowden said intelligence services of three countries created a terrorist organisation that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called “the hornet’s nest”.

NSA documents refer to recent implementation of the hornet’s nest to protect the Zionist entity by creating religious and Islamic slogans.

According to documents released by Snowden, “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state “is to create an enemy near its borders”.

Leaks revealed that ISIS leader and cleric Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi took intensive military training for a whole year in the hands of Mossad, besides courses in theology and the art of speech.

There is nothing about that revelation that is surprising…at least to me…….waiting patiently for the MSM to act on this info……..and I wait!

Come on all you conspiracists….this is a perfect situation for you to latch onto and rant and rave…………….and I wait!

Iraq: It Will Come Out In The Wash

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Yes, Iraq is a bloody mess!  And as usual there is a wealth of people that have opinions on how to handle the situation…..people like the two media whores of Perry and Paul……the real problem is that neither have any idea of what it is like other than what they are told or read and as typical of those type of people they are like that puppy chasing a ball whenever it is tossed regardless of what it is doing at the time.  NO ONE should give either of these two any acknowledgement of authority on the subject.

When one studies international relations that deals with conflict management or conflict resolution……it deals mostly with situations that devolve into a shooting war and when it does in ,most cases it is too late for management and then the next step is to try and resolve the issue and that is going to take time and cost many lives in the process.

While watching the Middle East and the turmoil get deeper and deeper….I thought of the Reformation (yes, I look for a historical perspective in my writings on the Middle East)…….back in the 16th century many religious types started questioning the Papacy and the Church….this lead to Martin Luther and his famous list tacked to the door of a church….then others followed…Calvin, the Puritans, Henry VIII, the Huguenots to mention a few and these schisms lead to violence……Charles persecution of the Puritans, the 30 years War, all of which were sectarian violence…Christian against Christian….silly right?

Now fast forward to present day………sounds a lot like the Reformation when people fought over religion…in Iraq it is basically Sunni versus Shi’a…….not much different from Protestant versus Catholic of the 16th century……

My point is that maybe the Western world should step back and allow the Iraqis sort this out for themselves.  If the US gets involved it will be seen as us taking sides in a religious war and that cannot work well for us.

Iraq needs to work this out between the different factions…….that is the only way there will ever be stability in the country….without it then a dictator will return…..and we can start this play all over again.

Then there is ISIS or ISIL or IS which ever you prefer…….they are acting like they are together and capable of ruling the region….that is delusional…..why?  The Sunni tribes.  We needed them for the “surge’ to succeed and ISIS will need them for their “caliphate” to succeed.  Unfortunately the Sunni tribes will never allow ISIS to be the law of the land……True that the Iraqi government is in shambles and at best a joke……

America needs to keep our noses out of this situation……our intervention will help NO one but those corporate interests that are scalping the Iraqi economy……I mean think about it….have you heard of any plans to bomb Switzerland?  They are neutral, in case the geography eludes you.

Yep, we are probably looking at the division of Iraq into 3 separate states… know kinda like what Joe Biden suggested back in 2008 and was laughed at and call naive……Iraq needs to handle their own problems and not go screaming for help every time they are challenged from within…….this is a religious dispute and it should be handled by the players not the watchers…… will come out in the wash and not a single additional American life has to be sacrificed.

But here is a prevailing opinion that Iraq should be allowed to break up……..and for good reason……Prof. JK Choksy…..Iraq is really three separate geographical regions, now contested by Kurds and Arabs ethnically, Arabic and Kurdish speakers linguistically, and Sunni and Shiite Muslims religiously. Ethnically Iraqis are approximately 75 percent Arabs, 20 percent Kurds, and 5 percent Turkmen and Assyrians. Religiously they are 65 percent Shiite Muslims, 30 percent Sunni Muslims, and 5 percent Christians and Mandeans. Monarchs and dictators held the tripartite configuration together for nine decades as modern Iraq. Without their iron fists enforcing coexistence, bloody fault lines are sundering the artificial nation back into its customary divisions.

Iraq’s current national boundaries arose from British action through a League of Nations mandate in 1920. It was also the British who, influenced by notions that Shiites were fanatical and uncultured, vested authority in the new nation’s Sunni minority. The colonial masters bequeathed rule to the Hashemite prince Faisal of Mecca and Istanbul, who had previously ruled for less than five months in Syria before being forced out by the French. Several attempted and one successful coups d’état, followed by another British occupation, quickly demonstrated how unstable Iraq really was.

History should have warned of the horrors to come when colonials are allowed to make the borders….for they set up the region for turmoil….it took almost 100 years but ….”you asked for got it”.

Personally, No matter which decision the US makes…….and BTW, everyone needs to stop accusing the prez of inaction and for good reason…….the Middle East will change.

As the US debates its future in Iraq, all eyes are on President Obama—but where we should be looking is Capitol Hill. Yes, congressional leaders recently said Obama needed no new authorization for further military action in Iraq. “But they’re wrong,” writes Rachel Maddow in the Washington Post. The Founding Fathers gave “the responsibility for war and peace to the clamorous Congress.” The War Powers Act puts power in Obama’s hands for 60 days; after that, it’s up to lawmakers to decide whether to authorize additional troops.

The Constitution puts Congress in charge “so that decisions about war and peace would be made not on one person’s say-so but only after vigorous national debate,” and we need that debate on Iraq. There is a precedent here: A year and a half after the US departure from Vietnam, North Vietnam planned a new offensive, and President Ford sought $700 million “to stabilize the military situation.” Lawmakers’ views on the matter were clear: “Congress knew that it was in its power to say no, and it said no. There would be no second coming of America’s war in Vietnam.” Click for Maddow’s full piece.

Now what about ISIS……..eventually the Sunni tribes will take on ISIS and destroy it.  At present they are using the militants as a hammer against Maliki…..once they exact their revenge on Maliki for treating the Sunnis like crap….they will turn on ISIS and set them on the lamb.

One final question….how many Americans are we willing to throw at a problem that we CANNOT fix?

Battle Of The NeoCon Stars……..

We once had the Battle of the Network Stars and now we have the Battle of the Neo Cons…….and the later is the most humorous of the two……we have Rand Paul, Rick Perry and the most delusional of the neo cons, Dick Cheney all attacking each other over something that none of them understands beyond…they are right and everyone else is wrong…..a great foreign policy, right?

Iraq is a pile of manure and everyone has a plan for dealing with the situation…..let’s start with the Liar in Chief, Dick Cheney……most semi-intelligent people now realize that Rumsfeld, Bush, Rice and Cheney lied their fool heads off just so we could go to war with Iraq and even though there is few that believe anything this toad has to say he is still allowed to be some sort of expert interviewed by the MSM………….and his talking points are all the same…..

Invading Iraq was prudent.

George W. Bush waged the war successfully.

Barack Obama is responsible for the chaos in Iraq today.

America needs to wage war in at least three countries and spend more on the military.

Either he is the most delusional person I have ever covered or is an arrogant prick that is NEVER wrong…… money is on the later.

Now we look at the duel being waged between Gov. Perry and Sen. Paul on foreign policy…….

We’ve got a few years yet before 2016, but two potential GOP candidates are already taking shots at each other in dueling foreign policy pieces. Texas Gov. Rick Perry got the party started with a Washington Post op-ed, in which he attacked Sen. Rand Paul for being “curiously blind” to the national security threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Paul, Perry argues in the piece, advocates doing “next to nothing” to confront the situation, whereas Perry would prefer to take action. That action, he writes, could include “intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance sharing” as well as airstrikes.

Paul took to Politico to offer a batch of what Slate calls “snappy insults” in return. If Paul is “blind” on ISIS, then Perry’s “new glasses haven’t altered his perception of the world, or allowed him to see it any more clearly,” Paul writes. He accuses Perry of getting his views so wrong that “I wonder if he’s even really read any of my policy papers.” The truth, he notes, is that the US is already involved in or considering the strategies Perry supports, and Paul has laid out a number of proposals himself. “If the governor continues to insist that these proposals mean I’m somehow ‘ignoring ISIS,’ I’ll make it my personal policy to ignore Rick Perry’s opinions.” Click for Perry’s piece, or for Paul’s piece.

The MSM sez that these two are practicing their foreign policy muscle ahead of the 2016 election… that I scoff!  neither of these men show me that they have any grip on the concept of international relations……it sounds like they are regurgitating talking points from the RNC.

Sorry, but unless you have a complete grasp on what the term “international relations” actually means then maybe they should shut the Hell up and go back to Obamacare lies……

Is MSM Making A Case For War?

I know my readers are weary of all my redundancy concerning the MSM……I hold the belief that it is the media that controls almost all our actions……no matter how they try to conceal it they are making a case for our military return to Iraq…….

What say you Professor?

In the last week or so there has been reports of ISIS or ISIL or IS (you choose the one you prefer) is turning to WMDs….kinda like the WMDs that Bush used to originally go into Iraq in 2003…….

Saddam Hussein’s former chemical-weapons stronghold outside Baghdad is in the hands of ISIS militants, Iraq said in a letter to the UN yesterday, confirming previous reports. The letter stated that on June 11, “armed terrorist groups” commandeered Saddam’s Muthanna facility, which includes two bunkers believed to hold some 2,500 sarin-filled rockets, 2,000 artillery shells contaminated with mustard gas, and 180 tons of sodium cyanide. The good news? The weapons are decades old, were bombed in the first Gulf War, and a UN report previously dismissed the sarin weapons as “poor quality” and likely to be “degraded after years of storage under the conditions existing there,” reports the AP.

While the US has expressed “concern” about the hostile takeover of Muthanna, Reuters notes that last month a Defense Department spokesman echoed the UN sentiments. “Should they even be able to access the materials, frankly, it would likely be more of a threat to them than anyone else,” he said. The Iraqi ambassador stated in his letter to the UN that Iraq would resume its mission of chemical-weapons destruction after it wrests the facility back from the Sunni Muslim insurgents.

But use is this site if there were NO WMDs found after our invasion?

There is more…….

Iraq’s Ambassador to the United Nations Mohammed Ali Alhakim has informed the United Nations today that some 40 kg of “nuclear materials” have been seized by ISIS, and “can be used in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.”

ISIS apparently got the radioactive compounds at the University of Mosul when they seized the city, and while Iraq was keen to push the idea of a proliferation risk, US officials familiar with Iraq’s remaining nuclear capabilities say there is little real risk.

That’s because what was in Mosul was not enriched uranium, let alone enriched to weapons grade. That means even if ISIS somehow built a whole enrichment program for this fairly trivial amount of uranium they’d be able to produce only about 288 grams of weapons-grade uranium, far short of what is needed for a single bomb.

The attempt to equate anything nuclear with a WMD is simply not true, and while it is conceivable that any isotopes could be used in some sort of “dirty bomb,” the realistic damage of such a weapon is minimal, much smaller than the problems the US caused with its widespread use of depleted uranium munitions during the occupation.

Okay we now have the threat of a possible sarin attack and the use of a possible dirty bomb…..does any of that sound vaguely familiar?

Geez, could not wait any longer….the media is attempting to make the case for intervention by the tries and true use of the threat of WMDs.

Here we go again!

Here’s What Life In Iraq Was Like Under Saddam Hussein – Business Insider

When I was working in the Middle East I got to visit Iraq in 1980…..I found it a different country than had been described…..the people were happy, well as happy as they could be under a dictator, they has health care, education and a clean environment….Baghdad was so clean you could have eaten off the streets……and gas was cheap…..the people were friendly and would talk about anything but politics, that could be expected, not once was I assailed for not being a Muslim…a alas a dictator is still a dictator…….during the war and after things went from good to worse……..

I found this piece from a person that lived in Iraq and his opinion of what life was like……


Here’s What Life In Iraq Was Like Under Saddam Hussein – Business Insider.

First Gulf War in 1991 was America’s opening Iraq mistake |

The situation began in 1990 and has spiraled out of control ever since…….this press is an opinion from a conserv source….never thought I would see this in print… and understand……..


First Gulf War in 1991 was America’s opening Iraq mistake |

The First Iraq War Was Also Sold to the Public Based on a Pack of Lies | Common Dreams

I see that the news media has moved on from Iraq now they will fixate on the kids and immigration.  Sadly the world does now work that way…..Iraq will become a major sticking point for US foreign policy…….ignore at your peril…….

Today I am trying to help my readers know what is happening in Iraq….nothing that is happening is by happenstance……

I will be pressing articles on what has lead up to this moment in history….


The First Iraq War Was Also Sold to the Public Based on a Pack of Lies | Common Dreams.

What Do You Know Of Al Qaeda?

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Al Qaeda–ISIS…..ISIS–Al Qaeda

Lebanon is smouldering…..Palestine is waiting its doom…….Syria is burning out of control and now Iraq has burst into flames before the world’s eyes…….and like everything that-goes wrong in the region it is either Iran’s fault or Al Qaeda’s…….AQ that band of emotionless terrorists that has been a thorn in the side of the west for a couple of decades.   Americans hate what AQ is doing…….but how can you hare something that you are unaware of during your hate?

In recent months there has been a wealth of accusations by the lunatics on the Right that our government is somehow responsible for AQ……sad to say they are right. (Write that down for I will seldom make a comment like that about our right wing brethren)…………AQ was created by the CIA as a part of the larger mujaheddin movement to fight the Russians……or they had to have someone to funnel the cash to and AQ fit the bill perfectly.

What does the world know of Al Qaeda?

I believe that to know your enemy is to win the war…..and there is very little that is told to the world of AQ….we know that they are radical Muslims…..and those use terror to get their way…….and we hate them.

AQ is the creation of the CIA in its battles with the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980’s.  The us brought in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to act as the bankroll for the organization…..both countries contributed originally #3.5 billion ……the quasi charity organizations fronted by the Saudis became the finance center of the rising jihadist movement and the US looked the other way to their operations.

Once the Russians left Afghanistan the movement went on to other desires and situations.

There seems there was a code of conduct at one point…….which has sadly been replaced by more extreme religious fervor…..

Osama bin Laden was, to put it mildly, not a nice guy. But in some ways, he looks like a gentle soul compared to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The group, which al-Qaeda has disowned, breaks all seven of bin Laden’s famed rules for effective terrorists, William Saletan at Slate points out; that’s why Saletan thinks that, despite its current power and wealth, “ISIS is destroying itself.” Here are some examples:

  • Don’t fight civil wars. Bin Laden warned that this would “weigh on [local] people” who “will start to want to stop the fighting” and turn to secular governments. By calling itself a state, ISIS is explicitly seeking civil war.
  • Don’t kill civilians. Yes, bin Laden killed plenty, but he said he regretted it, saying that it alienated people.
  • Don’t show bloodlust, lest you look like “animals and killers,” bin Laden warned. But ISIS exults in its brutality, cutting off people’s heads and promising to wipe out Shiites. “It’s hard to imagine propaganda better designed to repulse the public and galvanize the enemy,” Saletan observes.
  • Don’t rule harshly. Within days of taking Mosul, ISIS said it would put anyone who didn’t repent to death. That kind of thing alienates more moderate potential Sunni allies.
  • Don’t fight your allies. It was the Iraq insurgency that taught bin Laden this lesson, as Sunni fighters turned against al-Qaeda after it attacked civilians. But ISIS has publicly feuded with al-Qaeda and other Syrian rebels, and destroyed the homes of Baathists.

“We’ve been here before,” Saletan concludes. “Eight years ago, jihadists in Iraq made the same mistakes. They alienated the public and were driven out by tribes that had fought alongside them.” That they’ve returned at all is the result of Nouri al-Maliki’s government ruling harshly itself and persecuting Sunnis. For more, read Saletan’s full column.

Do not mistake my post as an approval of anything these jihadist do…it is NOT!  All I am saying is that if ISIS, a supposed splinter group of AQ, were to live by the rules set forth above….there might be a little more acceptance of what they are trying to do…..not the tactics but the ideals…..