The Destruction Of Israel?

Now that the hearings have begun on the Iranian nuke deal and they will be very contentious……we will be bombarded with the illusion that if the deal goes through then the destruction of Israel will be imminent…..most of this stuff is lies and misinformation or at best hyperbole……..

I have been writing about the Middle East for a long time…..most of which goes unheeded but that will stop me from pointing out the fallacies that we Americans have deal with on a daily basis.

Thanx to the media and the neocons any time there is a post about something happening in Iran we always hear about the narrative that the media has given the American people…..that is that Iran seeks the destruction of the state of Israel.  I am sure you have heard and quite possibly believed this manufactured paradigm…….

Now with the Iranian deal being batted around in the media and on Capital Hill we will hear once again bout the destruction of Israel if this deal goes through…….but is it truly the destruction of Israel the Iranian desire?

From a piece written by Akbar Ganji……….Ganji is NOT an apologist for Iran…..he was imprisoned there and his writings are banned in the country……in essence he is an enemy of the state of Iran……..

The rhetoric about destruction of Israel is unwise and inhumane. But, claiming that the Islamic Republic of Iran wishes physical destruction of Israel is sheer lie. It is not a lie because Iran does not have the military power to destroy Israel, as the United States and Israel have thousands of nuclear warheads to destroy Iran several time over. It is a lie because Netanyahu and others have distorted the unwise rhetoric about Israel’s existence.

“Destruction of Israel” that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has spoken about refers to a referendum that he has proposed about the future of the entire historic Palestine in which all the Israelis and the Palestinians, including those who live in refugee camps in the Arab countries, would take part. Khamenei believe that if such a referendum is held, the Palestinians will win, and the state of Israel, not its Jewish citizens, will disappear through a democratic referendum. I have explained this view in detail elsewhere. So, Khamenei is pursuing a scenario similar to what happened in South Africa in which the power was transferred from the white minority to the black majority.

The president has also bought into this line of lying……but NO where has anyone said anything about the threats that Israel has issued to Iran about wiping them out first…..why is that?

It is time for all Americans to realize the inconsistencies in our policies concerning Israel…..Israel gets a free ride on so many levels that it has become sickening.

Israel is NOT a friend of the US……all this country is a tool for Israel to use to get their way in this world…….time for that to change!

Will It Be The Deal Of The Century?

Nope, not something on the Game Show Network…….but rather the deal with the Iranians over the nuke issue…….just in case there was any confusion…….

There is lots of condemnation of the deal on Right wing whack job parties and even the start of ads on the tube against the deal….all financed by Israel in one way or the other……

But with all the hoopla on TV by pundits on both sides the question remain,……………….do Americans favor or not this deal?

According to a recent poll….Jews in the US……..

By a wide margin, American Jews support the recently concluded agreement with Iran to restrict its nuclear program, and a clear majority of Jews wants Congress to approve the deal. In fact, as compared with Americans generally, Jews are more supportive of the “Iran deal,” in large part because Jews are more liberal and more Democratic in their identities. It turns out that liberals (Jewish or not) support the deal far more than conservatives (Jewish or not), just as most Democrats are in favor, while most Republicans are opposed.

These results emerge from the new LA Jewish Journal Survey conducted under my direction by Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS), between July 16-20, a few days after the agreement had been announced. SSRS interviewed 501 Jews for the Jewish survey, and for the national survey, 522 respondents by phone (almost a third of which were cellphones). The margin of error is 6 percent for the Jewish survey and 5.2 percent for the national survey (consisting of 505 non-Jews and 17 Jews).

Okay American Jews support the deal…..but what about the rest of the country?

According to a poll conducted bt ABC News…….

A new national ABC News/Washington Post poll also finds sharply politicized views of U.S.-Israel relations, which have been strained by the two allies’ dispute over the advisability of an agreement with Iran.

In a result that supports the Obama administration’s position in the face of Republican and Israeli criticisms alike, Americans by 59-31 percent back a plan to lift major economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for restrictions making it harder for it to produce nuclear weapons.

We now see that the Iranian deal is popular with the American people…..the only opposition is from people OWNED by the Israel lobby……but let us say that somehow these dorks get their way and the deal is crushed…..what will be the result?

Taking his efforts to sell the Iran deal on the road, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke at several conferences and media interviews today on the matter, starting off with comments before the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) during which he had some serious warnings for Israel.

During the CFR talks, Kerry cautioned that considering intense Israeli lobbying efforts against the pact, if the US Congress does end up killing the deal the international community is likely to blame Israel more than it blames the US for blocking it.

If that occurred would that be the end of the Israeli control of this country?  Would this then be the water to put out the Israeli flame?

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The Sources of Opposition to the Iran Agreement | The National Interest Blog

Israel and its neocon toadies are opposed to the Iranian nuke deal…….these are pulling out no stops to try and defeat the deal……and that includes as many lies and as much misinformation as they can pump out.

Although the rest of the world see the deal as a positive step……but the opponents will not let that get in the way of their vile speeches and writings……

For those Americans that are on the ropes on whether to support or oppose the deal then I suggest that we look at the sources of all the opposition………the sources will tell a lot about the opposition……


The Sources of Opposition to the Iran Agreement | The National Interest Blog.

“It’s Munich!”

As the world knows that the P5+1 and Iran have reached a deal on the Iranian nukes………and as was predictable the Radical Right has gone batcrap crazy……with the help of Israel and its American ally, AIPAC…….

Now with the opposition to the deal the Right has gone into a full court press to try and crap on the thing……..their best talking point is comparing the passing of the deal to Munich of 1938.

First, as usual, a little historical perspective.

For those confused about the Munich thing…..this was a deal reached between UK’s Chamberlain and Hitler on the parts of Czechoslovakia to try and prevent Hitler from invading the country…….that was in 1938 in the German city of Munich.

The Neocons biggest blow hard is journalist Bill Kristol……..and his enabler, National review……….

But you can see how this works: A Netanyahu think tank makes an outlandish claim, it is picked up by the National Review and thus laundered from its biased foreign origins, and then recycled and further laundered by Kristol in his publication. Cute trick.

And Kristol’s objection to foreigners with American blood on their hands is highly selective. The Marxist-jihadist death cult Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MeK) has plenty of American blood on its hands, but Kristol’s own magazine joined other neocon voices in urging the US to remove the terrorists from the US list of terror organizations. Why? Because they are Kristol’s kind of terrorists: they infiltrate Iran to assassinate civilians and foment unrest, while passing off laptops with Mossad-fabricated data made to look like Iranian nuclear weapons activity.

(With American blood on their hands……what about the American sailors that Israel killed on board the USS Liberty?  We deal with them as friends)

Personally, I grow weary of the lies that Israel and its slaves try to pass off as truth…….no seems to want to talk about Muslim blood on one’s hands….why is that?

We will be hearing…”It’s Munich” a lot from the Neocons and their puppets…..this is all a deadly game Israel is playing with American lives….of course those are not as important to them as they are to us…….

If you believe anything Israel has to say….then you are STUPID and I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.

Outrageous Lies About Iran To Derail the Nuclear Agreement « Blog

Now that the full court press is on….Israel has pulled out NO stops to beat back the deal…….their paid politicians are working overtime to please their masters……

The problem I have is that some of the stuff I hear is just garbage………the same garbage that I have been hearing for at least a decade…….

There are lies and then there are goddamn LIES….and Israel is a master of the later……


Outrageous Lies About Iran To Derail the Nuclear Agreement « Blog.

Nine reasons Obama is going to win on Iran. The first: Netanyahu – Mondoweiss

Is Texas still in the hands of the people?  The pending takeover must have hit a snag.

This past week has been one of the most boring times…..the MSM had a couple of shootings that they could milk but after that there was nothing but gossip and silliness…….the world is on fire, literally and the best the American MSM can do is some tiff between a couple of overpaid entertainers and some loud mouth politician that has NO hope of a nomination but yet is how news…….

I think I shall forgo stupid and embrace the seriousness of the world’s condition……..

Israel and its Neocon lackeys are in full court press to defeat the Iran deal…….the problem is they have no facts and plenty of misinformation at hand to push……

They are pulling NO punches and no lies…..they will say whatever it takes to defeat the deal……but with all their antics and tactics it seems that Obama and Iran will probably win the battle of bullshit…….

There are 9 reasons why Obama will win the debate…..


Nine reasons Obama is going to win on Iran. The first: Netanyahu – Mondoweiss.

US/Israeli/Saudi ‘Behavior’ Problems | Consortiumnews

The recent agreement between the P5+1 and Iran have brought up a lot of questions……..questions that most people refuse to ask and most definitely do not want any answers……..

many on the Right talk about how Iran has been misbehaving badly in the Middle East…..but in reality it is a bigger problem than Iran…….

This is an excellent piece written by Robert Parry……


US/Israeli/Saudi ‘Behavior’ Problems | Consortiumnews.