Do You Know The Way To Damascus?

Let us begin this post in Iraq…….as the news is telling us the war in Iraq against the advancing forces of ISIS is not going according to plan… seems that the Sunni tribes are more willing to deal with ISIS than  with the government in Baghdad simply because the head of the government and many of his ministers are of the Shia persuasion……

The Kurds are holding their own but now that Turkey has decided that it will join in the fight and attack Kurds across the region how safe will they be?  The next question is if they do attack the Iraqi Kurds, America’s biggest ally against ISIS in the region, will they be safe from the backstabbing in DC since Turkey is our biggest ally and a member of NATO?  Which group will get the support it needs to continue that fight?

Now what about the Shia militias that are fighting in Iraq….supposedly against the advance of ISIS but all the while also targeting Sunni groups as they push across all provinces…..

Then there is this info that has come out of the region…..the Iraq militias are not exactly the most successful fighting group and now they have joined the fighting in Syria……ir appears the the militias have joined their major supporter Iran and decided that Syria could use their help…..from the ISW blog……

Iran reportedly deployed hundreds of soldiers to Syria starting on September 21 in order to participate in a major ground offensive in northwestern Syria backed by Russian airstrikes. Anonymous U.S. defense sources confirmed that several hundred Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) fighters led by IRGC-Quds Force commander Major General Qassem Suleimani arrived in Syria to conduct an operation alongside forces from the Syrian regime and Lebanese Hezbollah. Lebanese sources quoted by Reuters asserted that the Iranian troops were not advisors but combat troops and suggested that the coming offensive may be focused in the countryside of Idlib and Hama Provinces. The alleged operating areas for the operation suggests that this effort will be directed towards bolstering Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by seizing areas of northwestern Hama Province and southwestern Idlib Province – including the al-Ghab Plain and the city of Jisr al-Shughour – that have been captured by rebel forces led by Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra (JN) over recent months. These positions would remove the direct threat that recent rebel advances posed to the regime heartland of Latakia Province and provide a buffer zone against future attacks. If confirmed, this development marks a major step change in the Syrian Civil War and highlights the deepening rapprochement between Iran and Russia after their announcement of a “united front” in Syria.

Iranian-backed Iraqi Shi’a proxy forces may constitute part of the Iranian ground force in question. A prominent Iranian-backed Iraqi Shi’a militia Katai’b al-Imam Ali posted videos of its fighters in a garrison environment in Syria on September 21 and 28, naming one of its leaders as the commander of the group’s operations in Syria. Katai’b al-Imam Ali also claimed it deployed forces to Syria on August 5, 2015. The group is affiliated with Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, an advisor to MG Suleimani who was designated by the U.S. Treasury Department as a leader of a terrorist organization in July 2009. In Iraq, Katai’b al-Imam Ali is mostly active in northern Salah ad-Din province where it has been fighting ISIS at least since August 2014. Together with MG Suleimani and the IRGC, Kata’ib al-Imam Ali’s involvement in ground operations in Syria demonstrates that designated terrorist organizations and entities are likely conducting the ground offensives in Syria supporting Russia’s airstrikes.

Where is the Western media on this turn of events?

Now ask why would they leave the Iraqi battlefield and venture into Syria?

We have American airstrikes…..Russian airstrikes……Free Syrian Army….Assad’s army……Nusra Front…..about a ba-zillion “moderate” rebels group…..Turkish airstrikes…. and the Kurds……..

Who is fighting who?


My next question is…..what is the end game here?

Who is that ‘Great Satan’?

I do hope that everyone had a lovely weekend….Summer is winding down and there is a hint of Autumn…..But I need to get back to work…….

First my morning bitch…….I live in an area that has had little rain in 90 days…..and today rain and clouds is the forecast….of course it is….that means I will get to miss the astronomical event of the year….the blood moon and the eclipse… one will be when I am departed .   joy…joy…..

Monday and I start another week of extreme mental stress…..I have not heard anything about Jade Helm recently….so I am guessing that piece to crap is over with right?

One more thing before I start…..what happened to the solar plane that was flying around the world?  Or did I miss it?

There are many of the Right wing people that like to refer to “The Great Satan”….when attacking anything Iranian…….right?

But what or who made the statement?  What is it all about?  You may not care because it is a convenient slogan that can be used so thought is not necessary…..but I will give you the knowledge whether you want it or not…..

I found an interesting article written by a professor at Columbia University in New York……it is a good read if you would like more info of the term…..after all if you are going to use it maybe knowing if you are using it properly would be in order….

I know that is not what we Americans do….get the info before we lambaste something or someone…..

But try it… might like it!

Source: Who is the ‘Great Satan’? – Al Jazeera English

Please this is in NO way a approval of the use of the term…I just thought some might be interested in knowing where this crap comes from…..if I am mistaken then please forgive my presumption…….

What’s Next For AIPAC?

Now that the Iranian nuke deal is facing all the challenges that can possibly be found by those whores in Congress at the behest of their Sugar Daddy, AIPAC…….games on top of games will be played by those wanting to kill the deal and move to a more aggressive footing….neocons will not go quietly into the night…..they must do as they are told.

After the announcement of the deal AIPAC went batcrap crazy throwing money at those in Congress that could kill the deal…..hoping to head off the deal at the proverbial pass….they crapped out hard.  The deal will go through……is it possible that AIPAC has lost its pull?

Source: AIPAC Spent Millions of Dollars to Defeat the Iran Deal. Instead, It May Have Destroyed Itself. | The Nation

Yep, AIPAC is licking its wounds but believe me when I say that they are far from finished with their opposition to the deal.

Source: Next Hurdle for Iran Deal: AIPAC’s Plan B (Endorsed by Post) « LobeLog

Never count the GOP out…..they will play games for as long as it takes…..and they are good at it……once they lick their wounds they will be back and verbal as ever……

Implementing the Iran Nuclear Agreement

Since I refuse to post on the Pope and his visit….I think I will resurrect a subject from the recent past……the Iran Nuke Deal!

Last month the big “end of days” scenario was the Iran nuke deal…..this month it is refugees and the dude in the white robe….what it will be next month is just tiring imagining the prospects….but let us talk about that damn deal that so many are having a stroke over… least last month.

President Obama has a win on the foreign policy front…..he negotiated a nuke deal with Iran and he won a veto proof vote count and in the later days he got the filibuster proof vote count….I guess some will say that he has his win-win scenario……

But do not count the Repubs out….they will find a way to cause trouble for the deal ….I mean they have to….Israel has paid good money to them for their opposition and they, Israel, will expect some form of progress for the cash……

Do not count on them rolling over…..they tried to sue over Obamacare…..why not try the same tactic for the nuke deal?

My point is that it is an election year and the GOP needs all the friends it can muster…..the opposition to the deal may be far from over….

But let us say that all goes well with the nuke deal….next will come the implementation of the deal……and how will we accomplish that?

As attention turns to implementing the Iran nuclear agreement, questions remain regarding future inspections, Iran’s legacy technical capacity, and what the United States should do to ensure Iran stays off the nuclear path.

Source: Implementing the Iran Nuclear Agreement | Center for American Progress

Once the agreement is a done deal there will be setbacks……and there will be antics and games played before and during the implementation…..

Source: Now Comes the Hard Part on Iran « LobeLog

I know that many hate the word diplomacy…….but if we can control nukes without going to another protracted war then I say……why not?

F*ck Israel! (Can You Hear Me Now?)

The deal with Iran over nukes is going to go further….and  as predicted the GOP will not go silently into the night…..they have just got to keep playing games with nukes and conflict…..there newest attempt to throw a monkey wrench into the work is…….

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R – KY) is facing yet another losing vote this week on the bill aiming to block the Iran nuclear deal, with the exact same vote that failed to end the filibuster last week expected to come along again with the same results.

Sen. McConnell is trying to force the Democrats to back off the filibuster and allow the vote, even though there again, he would face a defeat for falling well short of a veto-proof majority on killing the deal in the face of a promised presidential veto. He insists he’s going to get it “or else.”

The or else part is that if he doesn’t get this vote, McConnell says he intends to force a vote on an amendment to the upcoming vote on the Iran sanctions bill that would require any easing of sanctions (which the US is required to do under the deal) to Iran agreeing to formally recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.”

A Jewish State?  Right to exist….okay….but who in Hell does not know that Israel is a Jewish state?  This is pathetic!

Again….I reiterate…..F*CK ISRAEL!

Can Israel do anything on their own that does not involve killing innocents?  If Israel wants international recognition then maybe acting like a civilized government would do the trick for them.  Why does the US have to do it for them?

Israel…the only country in the Middle East with a nuke capability needs the help of its paid agents in Washington to do the work for them in the world of diplomacy.

Here’s a crazy idea….they want recognition then how about they recognize the state of Palestine on the West bank?

Sounds pretty simple to me.  But then I am NOT paid by Israel now am I?

Why Does Iran Hate America So Much?

The day has arrived!  Congress is back from one of its endless month long vacations and they are ready to work (snark snark)……and high on the agenda is the Iran Deal that has been all the rage for about 4 months.

The prez has his veto proof but he still needs more senators to join him to keep the anti-deal bill from coming up for a vote.  The Israelis and their front man, AIPAC, will be working overtime and spending lots of cash to bribe the senators into opposing the deal in all its forms…..let the fun begin!

I have people I know that oppose the nuke deal with Iran… of their reasons is the placards they have seen at protests on TV that read….”Death To America”……they use this to illustrate Iran is not untrustworthy and their hatred for the US.  I point out that the people leading those protests are the same people that stormed in the embassy in 1979 or what could be called the “Old Guard”.  And like most people I know they do not want to hear the possibility that the ‘dislike’ could be well founded.  I also try to point out that Saddam had a massive following at rallies but that was short lived when people did not have to show up……the same in Iran.

Okay it is time for the history lesson you knew was coming, right?

Since WW1 Iran was occupied by foreign forces……at this time by Russia, British and Ottoman…….after the war came a wide range of governments most of whom were basically ineffective……in 1935 Persia officially changes its name to that of Iran….then in 1941 Iran became pro-Axis in World War II leads to the Anglo-Russian occupation of Iran and the deposition of the Shah in favor of his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi…… 1950 a man named Ali Razmara becomes prime minister and is assassinated less than nine months later. He is succeeded by the nationalist, Mohammad Mossadeq and this is where the events really turn against the US….

In 1951, Parliament votes to nationalize the oil industry, which is dominated by the British-owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. Britain imposes an embargo and a blockade, halting oil exports and hitting the economy. A power struggle between the Shah and Mossadeq ensues and the Shah flees the country in August 1953.

Big oil took exception to the move to nationalization and in 1953 Mossadeq is overthrown in a coup engineered by the British and American intelligence services. General Fazlollah Zahedi is proclaimed as prime minister and the Shah returns. (strike one)

In 1963 was a major turning point in the rule of the shah……The Shah embarks on a campaign to modernize and westernize the country. He launches the ‘White Revolution’, a program of land reform and social and economic modernization. During the late 1960’s the Shah became increasingly dependent on the secret police (SAVAK) in controlling those opposition movements critical of his reforms.

The secret police became a unit of oppression of the Iranian people and the US was heavily invested in the group……with training and support….(strike two)

Iranian society continued to deteriorate and become more and more oppressive until 1978……The Shah’s policies alienate the clergy and his authoritarian rule leads to riots, strikes and mass demonstrations. Martial law is imposed.   America was viewed as the master of the shah and his oppressive ways. (Strike three)

Until finally in1979……..The Islamic fundamentalist, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, returns to Iran following 14 years of exile in Iraq and France for opposing the regime.  Islamic militants take 52 Americans hostage inside the US embassy in Tehran. They demand the extradition of the Shah, in the US at the time for medical treatment, to face trial in Iran.

And so the hatred begins in earnest.

I wish this was the end of the story ….but nope just about the middle of said tale……

Now enter Saddam and Iraq…….in 1980 the start of Iran-Iraq war which lasts for eight years. During the war years the US is a major benefactor of Saddam to the tune of billions of dollars for supplies and aid and after years of blood shed the war comes to an end……1988 – Iran accepts a ceasefire agreement with Iraq following negotiations in Geneva under the aegis of the UN.

This is where my history lesson of modern Iran ends (a simple and short history at that)…….it is fairly easy to see why from an Iranian point of view that the US has had its hand in trying to control the destiny of the country and its people…..keep in mind that there are relatively few middle aged Iranians, especially men, because so many had been sacrificed during the 8 years of war with Iraq…….about one million Iranians died fighting Iraq.

It is understandable that the Old Guard recalls the US involvement in their country and still resent us for that interference… Americans still resent Iranians for the taking of the hostages in 1979…..

I know this post will change few minds about Iran…..all I hoped to accomplish was to illustrate how the older Iranians see America………

The question was asked and now it has been answered……may not be the answer that some would have wanted…..but it does explain the dislike for the US…….probably will not change any minds but I did what I always do…..try to help people understand a complex issue.

Turn The Page!


Let The Debate Begin!

This week the Congress returns from its month off to raise more funds for their present and future campaigns……high on the agenda is the Iranian nuke deal and the debate should prove interesting…..if not damn right pathetic.

You see two high ranking Dems have come out in opposition to the deal……New Jersey’s Menendez and New York’s Schumer…,.and of course every Repub in Congress is behind the opposition….I mean what would you expect from the pack of neo cons?

In the beginning of the debate I expected Schumer to do his thing in opposition…I mean he owes a lot to the cash of Israel and besides he is a “liberal” neo con who pretends to be otherwise.  But his ideas on the Middle East have always been a bit whacky……(Read more)…..

Source: Schumer’s Troubling Mideast Record | Consortiumnews

All that said there is another toad that will do what it takes to try and defeat the deal…..that toad is the freshman Senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton……the neo cons poster child for endless war……

Since the deal was announced he has been the loudest opponent which in turn has gotten him all sorts of notoriety that he would otherwise not have….and once the media gave him a free reign he has not shut up in his opposition…..(read more about his holy crusade against the deal)……

Source: Tom Cotton’s endless war: What his ongoing crusade against the Iran deal says about the GOP –

All in all Israel and its paid agents in Congress will pull out no stops in opposition to the deal and will try every trick they have to assure its defeat……

But wait!  All their antics and tactics and rhetoric may be for naught…..

President Obama was “on the brink” of wrapping up the Iran nuclear deal after Democratic Sens. Bob Casey and Chris Coons threw their support his way, the Wall Street Journal reports. Now Maryland’s Barbara Mikulski has given her thumbs-up, giving the president the magic number of 34 senators he needs to block a Senate override of his expected veto if the GOP tries to push through a resolution disapproving of the deal next week. “No deal is perfect, especially one negotiated with the Iranian regime,” Mikulski said in a statement, per Roll Call. “[But] I have concluded that this Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the best option available to block Iran from having a nuclear bomb. … However, Congress must also reaffirm our commitment to the safety and security of Israel.”

Two Democrats in the Senate have sided with their GOP counterparts against the deal, while 10 haven’t said where they stand yet, Bloomberg notes. To filibuster the Republican resolution and keep a veto completely out of the picture, a total of 41 senators is needed, and now supporters of Obama’s Iran deal are optimistic they can reach that number, too, the New York Times reports. Coons said yesterday it would be “a very close call” to acquire those 41 votes, adding that conversations he’s had with all of the undecideds gave him no clear picture on whether they’d vote yea or nay, per Bloomberg.

This saga may sound like a happy ending for Obama but do not count the influence of Israel out for a minute……and do not think for a minute that the neo cons will roll over and accept defeat.

While I was writing this post word about the deal came out……..

The Iran nuclear deal appears good to go following announcements of support from three Democratic senators today in what the Hill is calling an “impressive lobbying win” for President Obama and the White House. Those three senators bring the total votes for the deal to 41 in the Senate, meaning Republicans don’t have the numbers to pass a resolution against it. All 54 Senate Republicans were joined by four Democrats—including a West Virginia senator who officially sided with them today—in supporting a resolution to stop the deal, CNN reports. It would have likely been a moot point, anyway, as Obama already had the votes to veto any resolution passed against his deal. Floor debate on the deal begins today.

While today’s announcements were supportive, they weren’t necessarily ringing endorsements of Obama’s plan. “Despite my serious concerns with this agreement, I have unfortunately become convinced that we are faced with no viable alternative,” one of the three senators, Gary Peters of Michigan, tells the Hill. “While this is not the agreement I would have accepted at the negotiating table, it is better than no deal at all,” another of the senators, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, tells CNN. The three senators made their announcements on the same day Dick Cheney called the Iran nuclear deal “madness.” Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are expected to headline a rally against it tomorrow.

Let’s say the neocons lose their fight (which it appears they will)… there a plan B?  Of course there is!

Source: AIPAC’s Plan B? « LobeLog

It will be fascinating to watch this play out…….tactics and the rhetoric ought to be EPIC!

Let The Fun Begin!

As always—-TURN THE PAGE!