Syria: The Next Stroke Out For The GOP

This past week the news has been all about the trade agreement, Loretta is confirmed and a hostage was killed in Pakistan by a drone attack……plus a wealth of political theater for 2016……with all that to confuse the public a small story was reported and few if any noticed…….

The world has been watching the USA and the game that its politicians are playing with the nuke deal that the P5+1 negotiated with Iran.  However it was not a surprise to us political analyst….if anything it was predictable.

Hyper-partisan thinking has eliminated any real progress coming from the Congress….so if the Obama team got a good deal from the Iranians it would not matter for the deal would not be acceptable to the Republicans in Congress and especially not for the conservative media.

While the War Hawks are dashing to cameras to diss the deal and in some cases threaten Iran with military force…..there is another bit of news that has not quite made it to the ears of politicians……that news is that there possibly be some cooperation between the US and Iran on a plan for Syria.


Reuters is reporting that there is a possibility of some form of cooperation in the works…..the US State Department has not ruled out this work for the “stability of the region”…….

The State Department still surprised many, saying they were open to the possibility of talking to Iran about “regional stability” centering on Syria, saying they would allow Iran to participate in Syrian peace talks if they made unnamed policy changes.

The UN already announced last week that they intend to invite Iran to the next round of peace talks, with or without the American imprimatur. That the State Department is willing to countenance this at all, instead of just railing at it, suggests some progress.

I waited after hearing the news…….waited for the proverbial outcry of disapproval……..and waited and still nothing……to say I was disappointed would be an understatement……but then I realized that it was only a comment or a suggestion and no real meetings have occurred……and that is where they are silent.

Now if and when a solution after meeting with Iran for Syria then the kooks from the War Hawk party will come out of the woodwork and once again be on the attack.

From the sidelines the Gulf Nations and Israel will exert all their influence to stop any solution that will include Iran.  I expect them to use the conflict in Yemen to help sell their points.  Since according to the Saudis the Houthi rebels are being supplied and trained by Iran and they will of course want to point out that Iran is responsible for much of the instability in the Middle East……..that is their story they will stick to it!

The US needs to be honest……..they have NO unearthly idea how to handle Syria.  Their plan seems to be to throw lots of manure4 at the wall and see what sticks.

What About The Use Of Force?

HEY!  America please tear yourself away from the Tube and the wondering what gender the Royal will squirt out!  If this is your concern then I weep for my country.

The ink is barely dry on the Iranian compromise and there are some on the Right that are in a panic…..some aka Sen. Cotton are already calling for a limited airstrike at Iran’s nuke facility……I am sure if I kept up with Neocon think tanks they would be all over the use of this type of force… Heritage.

I bring all this up because of the “Authorization for the Use of Military Force” (AUMF)……remember?  That is that request the president has sent to Congress for them to do their duty and either approve the use of force or not….the process is that simple.

When Pres. Obama decided to go after ISIS with airstrikes the GOP went batcrap crazy…….demanding that he stop because he did not have the authorization to use force……all that made for great TV and great e-mails to supporters……Obama then decided that he would play their game and he sent an AUMF to Congress for approval…….and that is where it went to die.

To this day it is still waiting for some sort of action from the Congress…..and while we are waiting the Speaker of the House has brought up a good point…….

Speaker John A. Boehner said Tuesday that American troops in Iraq should move beyond training Iraqi forces to take a more direct role in fighting against the Islamic State.

After returning from a spring trip to the Middle East, Mr. Boehner told a group of reporters that the Obama administration has placed “artificial constraints” on military commanders responsible for 4,500 members of the American military there rather than allowing conditions on the ground to dictate strategy.

Let see……want to expand the use of military force but do not want to go on record authorizing it…is that about it?  The politicians are running scared….it is an election and they do not want something on record that could be used against them in an election.

This brings me back full circle……..without the AUMF how could dickhead Cotton use military force?  All this person is doing is throwing red meat at the base.  A typical American response to a problem….run from it and let someone else do the hard stuff.

Does everyone see why I feel I must keep pounding these people… best they are HYPOCRITICAL…….and at worse…….DANGEROUS!

American lives are at stake…….and NO one seems to care!

The Iran Nuclear Deal: From Both Sides

By now the media is all drooling over the deal struck in the US Senate……they are smiling and jerking off because it is a bi-partisan deal, something sadly missing in today’s DC……

The media is laser focused on this deal and its contents…..this gives them something to fixate on for weeks to come….ad nauseum.  The American people will turn to their fave propaganda outlet to get all the important news on this deal.  They will then make their site the “must go to” site for all the truths and the lies about the deal…..But sadly most Americans will have NO independent opinion of what is happening……all the know is that they hate/love the deal and that is where the opinion will cease.

What do you know about the nuke deal between Iran and the US?  I mean really kno0w….not what some TV personality tells you you need to know…..then may I suggest that you read it for yourself….then form an opinion…..

The Iran nuclear deal: full text –

That is the full text of the agreement we have with Iran….do you see any problems?

Now I ask….what do you know about the bi-partisan deal reached in the Senate?  We know what the talking heads have to say….but is it a good deal or is it just a smoke screen?

If you want answers…..may I suggest that you take the time to read the text of the bill….then form an opinion…..(probably wishful thinking but I keep hoping that the people will educate themselves)……..

That is what the bill says….now if you have spent some time on this…..what do you think of the deal, the bi-partisan deal?

Is there any way that it can be used to scuttle any of the deal with Iran?

You betcha!  Try Section under Semi- Annual Report….paragraph I……..

“(I) An assessment of—

“(i) whether, and the extent to which, Iran supported acts of terrorism; and

“(ii) whether Iran directly supported, financed, planned, or carried out an act of terrorism against the United States or a United States person anywhere in the world.

There you have it….the smoking gun!  Who will decide the answers to the questions……where will the proof come from?  The US has labeled Iran as a sponsor of terrorism for decades…..that will be the go to section for nullifying the deal……

This is how they can scuttle the deal and still look like they were somehow cooperating… is all a game……a dangerous game….but a game nonetheless……and to expect his deal will have a fighting chance is being very optimistic.

Even if it survives in its original form there will be endless hearings and accusations until the deal collapses……..let’s not forget that Israel will be calling in all its favors to the Congress to fight ratification.

A Really Bad Idea: A ‘Limited’ War with Iran | The National Interest

For some non-understandable reason the media still goes out of its way to interview a proven bonehead on foreign policy……..I am talking about the motor mouth Sen. Cotton of Arkansas.

Recently he thumped his chest like some power crazed primate about the “limited’ attack on Iran’s nuke facility….

Does this yutz get a check from the M-IC every time he opens his uninformed mouth?  Somebody has got to be paying him for his ignorance…..but who?

But putting aside my disdain for this ego centric prick….let’s look at the possibility of a “limited” war with Iran….just for the sake of argument…….


A Really Bad Idea: A ‘Limited’ War with Iran | The National Interest.

(Sen.) Cotton Picking Moron (Again)

Okay I said in the past that I would lay off writing about Arkansas favorite Son, Sen. Tom Cotton, but I lied…..not because I wanted to but rather because this mental midget will not shut up…..he makes it so easy to mock him!

He started by trying to look like a big boy and writing a letter to Iran’s leaders about what would happen if a deal was found for their nuke production….and it was signed by a list of other mental midgets that thought it would be a good idea.  Proving once again that the people that hold the Constitution up as a prop at their campaign events still have NO idea what it says beyond the 1st and 2nd amendment…….

After he made his first faux pas he could sit down and be silent….Nope, he had to rattle on again……he then had to worry that any deal would jeopardize any negotiations with Israel……what negotiations?  Israel has NEVER negotiated in good faith why would they now……

And now Cotton is worried that Iran will have a bomb if the deals is linked……

The Obama administration’s work on a nuclear deal with Iran could lead to a nuclear war, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said in an interview published on Monday.

“If we agreed to the kind of proposal the Obama administration has made, then military confrontation may be further off, but it might also be nuclear,” he said in an interview with The Atlantic.

“Twenty years, 10 years, 12 years, who knows? The proposal puts Iran on the path to being a nuclear-arms state, and I think once Iran becomes a nuclear-arms state, this will lead inevitably to some kind of military confrontation,” he said. “It may not be initially with the United States, but I think that’s virtually inevitable.”

He also noted that one option to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons was to conduct military strikes against the country now.

These asshats just tickle the crap out of me for they are morons and they do not know it….they just keep talking…….think about what this yutz had to say……with a deal Iran would have the bomb soon and we would have a war… stop that from happening we need to bomb Iran’s facilities now…….

So his big plan is to save a war later we need to go to war now……..

Now do you see how outta touch these shitheads really are?  Not yet?  Then read this………

Everything you need to know about ‘Tehran Tom’ is in one paragraph of an interview he gave Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic this week.

Goldberg: Why do you think your general outlook is so disparaged, even in parts of the Republican Party? I don’t mean the Rand Paul wing, even. I mean, I hear from Republicans who are wary of going down a path that would lead to another Middle East war. Or let me put this another way: Do you believe that the country is tired of these sorts of wars and of this kind of engagement?

Cotton: I think that Americans—and this is not true just now, but over the years—are not fundamentally opposed to war. They’re fundamentally opposed to losing wars. And that’s one reason why President Bush lost support for the Iraq War in the period of 2004 to 2006.

Cotton is digging a hole he will not be able to climb out of……he will always be the moron on on the Right with ZERO foreign policy chops……..

I would like very much to ignore this twat….but as long as he speaks in dangerous language I feel I must spout off…….I have one piece of advice for him…..”A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste”……….

Okay I have been extremely mean to Cotton and my daughter says I should try to say something nice…….so I decided to send him a card……..

Embedded image permalink

Here the deal….if he will shut up so shall I!

You Cannot Fix Stupid!

(A copy of this post has been sent to this person’s office and offer to dispute my assertions which will be printed here if any are received)……..

Iran: Let’s Make A Deal

Since the US and Iran started negotiating a deal on the nuke production the GOP and their masters Israel have been trying to kill that deal…..never forgot the letter written by the mental midget, Sen. Cotton of Arkansas……then there is the Congress that will do anything to keep the Obama admin from accomplishing anything……especially something as important as a nuke deal with Iran…..

Sen. Corker, who I do not trust as far as I can spit him and traitor Dems like Schumer and Menendez have been working together to find a way to look relevant in this deal…….and after a couple of days of jerking each others privates they have what could be called a deal….

“We have reached a bipartisan agreement that keeps the congressional review process absolutely intact, full of integrity.” So said Sen. Bob Corker this morning in revealing that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Republicans and Democrats have arrived at a compromise on a bill that would give Congress the chance to review any Iran nuke deal—setting the stage for a possible veto … and veto override. The White House has long maintained Obama would stop such a bill, but the New York Times reports that Senate Democrats hope an “overwhelming vote” this afternoon leads him to re-examine that decision. The committee will vote on the bill at 2:15pm, reports Politico, and it’s expected to have no trouble passing.

The compromise bill whittles down the congressional review period: Instead of 60 days, there would be a 30-day initial review, plus up to another 22 days, which the Times reports would be divided as follows: 12 days for Obama to decide whether to veto “a resolution of disapproval” should that occur, and 10 days for Congress to decide whether to override his veto. Final agreement on an Iran deal is slated to come by June 30, but if the deal is submitted to Congress after July 9, then the review period would balloon to 60 days.

Since the majority of the people want a deal with Iran over the nukes…..something 60% want a deal…….the Congress had to look like they are doing somethging……and the breath of fresh air with a little bi-partisanship should make these dudes look like they are actually doing something…..

When was the last time that we say this much working together for a common goal?  Now ask….why now?  To what end?

To say that I am skeptical is an understatement…….there is more to this “deal” than some wishful thinking of bi-partisanship…….NOPE!  Do not trust these people to act responsibly.  There is another shoe to fall…..I am just waiting on the thump!

John Kerry, Stand Up Routine

No secret that I feel that our foreign policy mavens are at best comedians……and it would be humorous if it were not so damn ignorant…..

We have a situation in Yemen….in case you missed it while worrying about Jay Z’s new album…..there has been an uprising by the minority Houthis in Yemen against the standing government…….Saudi Arabia did not like how well the Houthi were advancing……so to prevent them from advancing more the Saudis took it upon themselves to strike…..after beginning the strikes they set about proving that Iran was supplying the Houthi rebels……all is not going as planned by the Saudis….the Houthi are still making head way inspite of the constant airstrikes… cover their butts they need Israel to help make the case of the interference of Iran…….apparently they made the case….to the point that John Kerry had to chime in…….

In the most direct American criticism yet of Tehran’s backing for the Shiite Huthi rebels, Secretary of State John Kerry said Washington would not accept foreign interference in Yemen.

“There have been — there are, obviously — flights coming from Iran. Every single week there are flights from Iran and we’ve traced it and know this,” he told PBS television.

“Iran needs to recognise that the United States is not going to stand by while the region is destabilised or while people engage in overt warfare across lines, international boundaries in other countries.”

And there you have Kerry’s stand up routine……..”Iran needs to recognise that the United States is not going to stand by while the region is destabilised or while people engage in overt warfare across lines, international boundaries in other countries.”

Yep and he said it without cracking a smile.  Can you believe the stupidity of these people?

It is amazing that people can even say such blatantly stupid crap!  They never consider that it was the US that destabilized the region to make these actions possible.

This is why I keep harping on the old fart policies of the past will NEVER find solution for the Middle East……time to find people who can think outside of the think tank box we put ourselves into……