100 Years Ago Today

Bombs falling in Gaza…..shells falling in Ukraine……

Today is 28 July 2014……..100 years ago today the world stood still and it would NEVER be the same again…..today was the start of the Great War or as it is called these days World War 1……..

The year is 1914….it is a warm day in Sarajevo in Serbia…..the Arch Duke Ferdinand of the Austria-Hungarian Empire,  is on a state visit and a group of “anarchists” shoot and kill the Duke….it is June 28, 1914…….

Lots of whys and whats and whens….lots of backs and forths……and on July 28, 1914 one month after the assassination of the Archduke, Austria-Hungarian Empire declares war on Serbia….and with that declaration a whole series of events and alliances began forming ……

  • August 1 – Germany declares war on Russia.
  • August 3 – Germany declares war on France.
  • August 4 – The United Kingdom declares war on Germany, after Germany invades Belgium
  • August 6 – Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia and Serbia declares war on Germany.
  • August 26 – The Battle of Tannenberg begins.

In less than a month just about every “kingdom” on the European continent had chose a side and the blood letting began……the only “power” that stayed out of the fray was the US…..but that was short lived for in 1917 the US declares war on Germany…..and off we go to fight in a war to end all wars (at least that is what most thought….silly of them)…..and in 5 years of war there were in the neighborhood of 39,000,000 casualties, that is KIA, WIA and MIA……

New technology was introduced to the battlefield during this war….chemical weapons, tanks, a flame thrower, machine guns…..all in all a proving ground for wars to come…..and we have certainly learned our lessons well…….

Mercifully the Great War ended officially on June 28, 1919 with the Treaty of Versailles…….and there was a call of “never again”…..which lasted about 20 years before the world started lining up again and once that started it was only a matter of time……and a little over 20 years we were at it again…….another waste of human life.

Take a little time out of your busy schedule and think about the men who went to war 100 years ago today….and pray that we are never that stupid again!  But sadly….we were!



The Vanishing Army

It is Sunday my last day of mental clarity…..my regular readers know that I am a history buff…..especially when it is history on or about the Middle East…..I have always been interested in the army sent into the desert by a persian king to put down a revolt and the army was lost…..some say a massive sandstorm swallowed them….but people have looked for remains of this army since around 600BCE…..and some say they found the object of their search…..

An expert on Egyptian history thinks he’s figured out what happened to an army of 50,000 men that seemingly vanished in the Egyptian desert around 524 BC, reports Nature World News. Legend has it that the “lost army of Cambyses” got swallowed up in a sandstorm, an account passed on by none other than Greek historian Herodotus. But if so, then why hasn’t any trace of the men turned up despite scores of archaeological expeditions? Because there was no sandstorm, says professor Olaf Kaper at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Instead, he argues via a university news release, the soldiers suffered a far more conventional fate: They got whupped by a rebel army.

“Since the 19th century, people have been looking for this army: amateurs, as well as professional archaeologists,” says Kaper. “Some expect to find somewhere under the ground an entire army, fully equipped.” By his account, Persian King Cambyses sent the troops into the desert toward a place called the Dachla Oasis to put down a revolt, but a rebel leader named Petubastis III ambushed and defeated them, then named himself pharaoh. Two years later, Persian King Darius I put an end to the revolt and, according to Kaper’s theory, practiced some spin control. He made up the story about the sandstorm because he figured it would be better for people to think that natural elements, not a military foes, were responsible. Kaper says he pieced all this together based on inscriptions of ancient temple blocks unearthed in the Dachla Oasis, reports Sci-News. He was to present his theory at an international conference, and there’s no word yet whether other Egyptologists are on board

If  true then a mystery of the ages has been solved…….any thoughts from the peanut gallery?

Sex Is Where You Find It

It is no secret that I am a history buff……since it is the start of my weekend I think I will dedicate it to historical stuff…….when I was traveling I got to go to the ruins in Pompeii…..a very interesting tour by the way……I especially was fascinated by the erotic graffiti that was found in the ruins…..I have also seen what some call the Porno Scroll, a piece of Egyptian papyrus with some explicit drawings……I bring all this up because of a report I read last week……..

Think phallic graffiti art exclusively belongs to the baseless present? Think again. An archaeologist has uncovered what the Guardian touts as the earliest erotic graffiti on the planet, found in Greece—and predating, in one case, even Athens’ Acropolis. Since 2011, Dr. Andreas Vlachopoulos has been directing fieldwork on the Aegean island of Astypalaia, and the professor may have given the students working with him a little more insight than he’d at first intended when he happened upon extremely explicit erotica chiseled into the limestone rocks that line the cape. In one instance, dating back to 5th century BC, two gigantic penises are etched next to the name Dion; in another, dating to 6th century BC, one man boasted: “Nikasitimos was here mounting Timiona.”

“We know that in ancient Greece sexual desire between men was not a taboo,” Vlachopoulos tells the Guardian. “But this graffiti … is not just among the earliest ever discovered. By using the verb in the past continuous [tense], it clearly says that these two men were making love over a long period of time, emphasizing the sexual act in a way that is highly unusual in erotic artwork.” One theory is that soldiers were once stationed at this outpost overlooking the bay; other carvings include that of ships, daggers, and wave-symbolizing spirals. Either way Astypalaia, best known for what Archaeology International called “the largest ancient children’s cemetery in the world,” with at least 2,700 infant burials identified in one place, can now add ancient porn among its claims to fame. (Meanwhile, in Italy, art restorers have been accused of scrubbing away the erotic…)

Our ancestors were NO different from us…….they enjoyed the same things we enjoy…….anybody got an opinion they would like to share?

Red Sun Rising? (Again)

I know my interests are usually in the Middle East……but I monitor all international situations and post on issues that I see could be a major incident in the making………and I found a good one that leaves many questions unanswered…….

I have out of school for too many years but I do not know how much of WW2 they actually teach these days…..before the start of WW2 Japan was moving militarily into China mainly for the natural resources that the island nation did not have…then once they had built up their stocks they expanded into more of China, then into SE Asia and the Dutch East Indies….their empire expanded and it became a major military power during WW2.

Then the US nuked them into submission and we took over the island…..we gave them a constitution and we limited their military….kinda like like the allies did to Germany at the end of WW1….but now there seems to be an attitude that Japan has had enough Western interference…….in a piece written by Jason Ditz……….

Reflecting the long-time ambition of the Abe Government, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has announced a “reinterpretation” that effectively spells the end to nearly 70 years of constitutional ban on overseas warfare.

Abe has been outspoken in his desire to turn the Japanese Self-Defense Forces into a proper military, and has cited the “threat” of China in his new policy, while arguing the military buildup would mean the nation is paradoxically “less likely” to go to war.

Yet it seems centered on sending Japanese troops into overseas operations coordinated with the US and other allies, and to more aggressively join “peacekeeping” operations under the UN.

From the start of the Meiji Restoration, Japan’s military buildups have com primarily at the behest of overseas allies hoping to using them as a proxy. The nation fought only a brief war with China over Japan prior to the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, and in fairly short order Japan was fighting British rival Russia in a major war. By World War 1, Japan was sieging German possessions in China at Britain’s behest, before graduating to an aggressive military empire in the wake of that war.

After the massive destruction of World War 2 left much of Japan in ruins, the US sought to prevent them from rebuilding their military. The pacifist constitution served Japan quite well, as not only has the nation not gotten sucked into a single war since, but became a global economic powerhouse with the savings from ending their runaway military spending.

Though the US was the one that pushed the clause on Japan, for years the US has been fighting to get Japan to ditch the concept, and join as a “full partner” in America’s overseas adventures.

While in part this would return Japan to the status of military proxy for a larger power, as it was during the Anglo-Japanese era, America’s status as a massive exporter of military equipment is likely also part of the equation, as President Obama’s determination to increase exports abroad has had US diplomats urging re-militarization the world over.

Is Japan planning to do what Germany did in the 1930′s……..rearm and looking for a fight?

Might be a good idea to keep an eye on Japan….there is more going on there than meets the eye of the media……..

The Western-Imposed Partition of the Middle East Is Dead | Common Dreams

I apologize f or today I will be pressing  several articles bout the history and the causes of the situation in Iraq…..I regret that I have no original insights for today….I am deep in research and need  a day to compile so of the info I have gleamed…..please read and i do hope that it extends your knowledge of the situation…….

Today I will give my readers a little history lesson…..there is a gap in Americans knowledge of what is happening and has happened in the Middle East….if you want to understand what is going on in Iraq then a refresher course would be advised……..

I know….what a bummer having to learn something this early in the week…….try it you may like it.

Present day Middle East is an arbitrarily drawn borders by Anglo at the end of WW1……the Allies cut up the old Ottoman Empire……only concerns were colonization and economic….there was NO consideration of old animosities or loyalties…..Because of this randomness the Middle East is dying as we know it today……..

I wrote about this situation earlier….in case my reader would like to check out what I wrote……..http://lobotero.com/2014/04/14/are-we-still-paying-for-sykes-picot/

Now others are seeing what I saw……..


The Western-Imposed Partition of the Middle East Is Dead | Common Dreams.

Did Someone Drop A Coma?

Today we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776….it is no secret that I do not submit to the evidence that Jefferson wrote the document…..at best he worked from notes but the ideas were NOT his…..if i had to venture a guess I would say the notes were provided by Thomas Paine……

Sorry, I digress…..there seems to be a mistake in the DoI that is just coming to light……

It’s being hailed as “the battle of the period.” Is a small spec of ink that appears on the Declaration of Independence a period or not? In a draft paper that one historian calls “a remarkably convincing piece of detective work,” Danielle Allen argues that the period found after “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” on the National Archives and Records Administration’s official transcript doesn’t appear on the original (which is now faded nearly to the point of illegibility)—or most other copies—and indicates that the list of self-evident truths ends there. That’s a “serious misunderstanding,” Allen tells the New York Times.

“That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” follows the supposed period, leading most Americans to see the essential role of governments in protecting those rights as subordinate—which is not what Thomas Jefferson intended, Allen says. She began her research two years ago, and has a slew of examples in which the period does not appear: in Jefferson’s draft, in a broadside Congress ordered on July 4, or in Congress’ official records, among others; that said, it does appear in other printings, including the 1823 copperplate that the National Archives has relied on. Writes Allen in her paper, “All the historical and textual evidence points in the direction [that it was] a comma.” A rep for the National Archives says it is now considering changes to the Declaration’s online presentation based on Allen’s research.

And now we go have a BBQ…..think it over……..have a day!

A Brief History of GI Resistance During the Vietnam War | Common Dreams

The war drums are beating slowly and quietly…….but that is gonna change……

The hawks of this country are starting to beat those war drums….again!  That could possibly lead to massive protests……will history repeat itself?

After my return home from Vietnam….I became one of those long hard “hippie commies” and protested the war….unless you are an old fart you probably have NO idea what I am talking about…..if you are one of those that has no idea….then please watch this vid….

We Americans use to know how to protest….not anymore now we start a blog and bitch until we tire and then move on……..


A Brief History of GI Resistance During the Vietnam War | Common Dreams.

Why Senseless Destruction?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor

Before I start I would like to thank my followers….as of today I have 801 official followers.  That number is my important number….some bloggers look for hits to say their blog is a success…..for me it is the number of followers…….why?  I means that every single post goes out to 801 followers and hopefully they read them and appreciate the effort that I try to put into every post.  So thank you my friends….i appreciate your patronage very much.

Now onto the meat of the post…….I recall in those dark days when the extreme fundamentalists of the Taliban came to power….one of their first actions was to dusty a huge statue of Buddha that had been carved into the mountain in Afghanistan……

It was destroyed because that it somehow offended their sensibilities….a totally piece of crap.  they destroyed part of their heritage in Afghanistan for some moronic religious thinking….that is sad…..

And then in Mali, the west African nation that is having a massive outbreak of extreme fundamentalism,  in towns they occupied they have set about destroying the shrines to the Muslim saints of Sufism, a sect of Muslim…..in the 13th century Timbuktu was the center of Muslim learning…..but the Wahhabi, that extreme sect, thought that the shrines were an a front to Allah and must be destroyed…..many were destroyed before they were stopped….

Now in the area of Mosul and the surrounding territory occupied by ISIS….these extremists are at it here too…..

Militant Sunni Islamists who seized swathes of northern Iraq last week have destroyed symbols of Iraq’s heritage in the city of Mosul, including statues of cultural icons and the tomb of a medieval philosopher.

Witnesses said militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) had destroyed a statue of Othman al-Mousuli, a 19th Century Iraqi musician and composer, and the statue of Abu Tammam, an Abbasid-era Arab poet.

The tomb of Ibn al-Athir, an Arab philosopher who travelled with the army of warrior sultan Salahuddin in the 12th century was desecrated after ISIL took the city. Witnesses said the domed shrine had been razed and a park around it dug up.

ISIL and other militants, whose strict Salafi interpretation of Islam deems the veneration of tombs to be idolatrous, have destroyed several tombs and mosques inside Syria and now in neighbouring Iraq where they have seized towns and cities.

I am sorry but there is NO logical reason to destroy one’s heritage in the name of religion……..How long will this type of senseless destruction continue?

Destruction for the sake of destruction is NOT an act to preserve one’s religion or beliefs…..it is senseless and moronic and an act of ignorance!

Leaving the USS Liberty Crew Behind by Ray McGovern — Antiwar.com

I regret that I did not find this on the actual anniversary of the murderous attack by Israel on an American ship, USS Liberty……but it needs to be read……maybe others will take up the mantle of finding for the memories of these fallen American sailors…..


Leaving the USS Liberty Crew Behind by Ray McGovern — Antiwar.com.