Hide In Plain Sight

If you watch the Hitler Channel…..my bad…..the History Channel then you would have seen the atrocities that were committed by the Nazis…..but at the end of the war many of those that committed these crimes escaped to live here in the US and other countries….some of them were here with the knowledge of the US government……people like scientists and any one else that could have benefited the country in some way…….and then there were those that came here changed the names and went about hiding in plain sight.

Fast forward now to the 90’s and the wars in the Balkans……during this conflict there were many “crimes against humanity” committed by all sides….basically a lot of genocidal thinking.  I bring this up because there is a new report that says we may have people who committed these crimes right here….hiding in plain sight……

A Virginia soccer coach, Vegas casino workers, a dozen Phoenix residents: Hundreds of Bosnians living in the US may be guilty of war crimes, say American officials, and authorities are working to deport at least 150 of them, the New York Times reports. That number could climb past 600, officials tell the Times: “The more we dig, the more documents we find.” The effort was spawned by the 2004 arrest of a construction worker in Boston who was eventually convicted of crimes against humanity; that prompted officials to recognize that many with ties to war crimes during the 1990s were living in the US and doing little to hide themselves, the Times reports.

During that decade, some 120,000 Bosnian refugees sought US visas. Their applications required them to divulge their military histories—but officials didn’t do much to investigate the claims. This month, the US asked members of the global Bosnian community to offer up anything they knew about war crimes, the Times reports. Now, there are about 300 suspects, about half of whom may have been involved in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, which saw Bosnian Serbs execute thousands of unarmed Muslims. Click for the Timesfull report.

It seems that the US is a prime place for criminals to come and do what they do best…..survive…..or to hide in plain sight.


Gertrude of Arabia and Other British Arabists | World Affairs Journal

As we celebrate Women’s History Month….I would like to show that women had more to do with the creation of modern Middle East than people realize…….

Gertrude Bell is a fascinating character…..that in my opinion was a more capable person than good old T.E. Lawrence……but since at that time was a woman and therefore not as important as the lying traitor Lawrence…..this woman’s story would make an excellent historical movie….but alas she will go down unappreciated by an ignorant world…..


Gertrude of Arabia and Other British Arabists | World Affairs Journal.

No, no, no! Victorians didn’t invent the vibrator | Fern Riddell | Comment is free | The Guardian

So begins the weekend and what better way to enter the days of relaxation than to write about everyone’s fave subject…..SEX!

Since the release of the soft porn movie, 50 shades of grey, there has been a run on…..how shall I say this……sex toys.

A little reminder…….

Of course there were going to be product tie-ins to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie premiering Valentine’s weekend—and of course those products were going to veer into adults-only territory, considering the steaminess of EL James’ book trilogy on which the film is based. But the sex-toy industry is really banking on the movie to drive sales, which in turn is spurring retailers to order plenty of inventory and redesign current products to fit the Fifty Shades theme, the New York Times reports. “I would say that every single person has jumped on the bandwagon in terms of making toys around Fifty Shades,” says Sara Ramirez, a publisher at porn trade publication XBIZ. Even mainstream retailers like Target are on board, though one Oklahoma consumer complained that Fifty Shades merchandise was being sold next to kids’ dental care products, Consumerist reports. The sale of blindfolds, whips, and other fetish-inspired items is already big business: A conservative estimate by IBISWorld puts 2013 sales of sex toys in the US at $613 million (Ramirez estimates it’s really between $1 billion and $2 billion). Experts cited by the Times note that erotic products sold like nuts after Fifty Shades came out as an e-book in 2011; IBISWorld says the debut prompted a 7.5% jump in sex toys, books, and videos in 2013. But while some companies have boosted supply orders, others are preparing more cautiously, saying they don’t want to be stuck with extra vibrators and feather-adorned handcuffs—or oversell sexual nirvana to their customers. “Using Kegel balls is not too much fun, it’s actually hard work to do it right,” the CEO of a sex-toy manufacturer tells the Times.

That is good for the sex toy industry……and that brings up the question…..where did sex toys originate?


No, no, no! Victorians didn’t invent the vibrator | Fern Riddell | Comment is free | The Guardian.

When America behaved like ISIS: Jesse Washington and the Bible Belt’s dark history of public lynchings – Salon.com

I live in the Deep South or the Bible Belt, if you like…..we have a dark and sick history when dealing with Blacks……

It is time that American especially Southerns face the music for their twisted sense of justice toward African-Americans………


When America behaved like ISIS: Jesse Washington and the Bible Belt’s dark history of public lynchings – Salon.com.

What’s New In Religion?

It is the weekend and a Sunday so what better time to post on religion?

There is always news about religion….sad part is that much of it is hoaxes or fake……and then there are those mental midgets that call themselves Christian and yet they lie, name call, accuse, show NO compassion or tolerance…..sounds like a complete disregard of the teachings of their deity………

Anyway there have been some discoveries that need to be mentioned……

Ancients apparently used various papyrus documents to create mummy masks—including what may be the earliest known fragment of a New Testament gospel, LiveScience reports. Confirming information that leaked in 2012, professor Craig Evans says he’s among the researchers who peeled apart the glued layers of a mummy mask and discovered a Gospel of Mark fragment dating to 90AD or earlier. That’s at least a decade older than any known gospel copy, so the fragment could potentially show how the gospel was changed over time. The find will be published this year, but Evans won’t say more because he’s signed a non-disclosure agreement. In fact, he says, he’s only talking now because another researcher already blabbed about it. “[We] have to honor the [privacy] request of the museums, universities, private owners, so forth,” says Evans.

Other scholars are fuming over the practice of ungluing the ancient papyri, saying it destroys bona fide mummy masks. Evans is “totally oblivious to the destruction of archaeological material,” writes an archaeologist in what LiveScience calls a “scathing blog post.” (But Evans says the masks are just ordinary people’s “low-end,” papyrus-and-glue fare—not the Pharaohs’ magnificent gold versions.) Another blogger contends that Josh McDowell, “a Christian evangelical apologist with no scholarly credentials,” is part of the project and admits in a video “that he doesn’t know what he is doing.” Evans, however, says the team will recover hundreds “if not thousands” of papyri from the first three centuries AD, including Christian documents, “classical Greek texts, business papers … personal letters” and copies of stories by Homer.

There is more many……….

Some ancient Egyptians apparently used a tiny “gospel,” believing it could tell their future—even though its oracles were rather vague. Princeton University professor Marie Luijendijk discovered a 1,500-year-old book called the “Gospel of the Lots of Mary” and figured it would tell Jesus’ life story or collect his sayings, LiveScience reports. Then she read its 37 oracles, a few of which mention Jesus, and realized “gospel” was used in the original sense of “good news.” And like other “lot books,” it was designed to predict the future. The book’s title “is very significant,” says Luijendijk. It indicates the importance of predictions “being [seen] as good news. Nobody who wants to know the future wants to hear bad news in a sense.” She says the book’s owner randomly selected oracles and interpreted them to predict the future.

The text is inspired by Mary, “the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, she to whom Gabriel the Archangel brought the good news,” the book says. Written in the Egyptian language of Coptic, the oracles include material from Matthew, Luke, Proverbs, Job, and Psalms, and are “Christian in nature,” the Daily Mail reports. They include advice like, “If you are patient a little, the matter will prosper through the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,” and “Go forward immediately. This is a thing from God.” Remarkably, the book is just 3 inches by 2.7 inches, possibly to conceal it from church leaders who frowned on divination. The book was also inexpensive to produce, New Historian notes, and appears much used, with ancient fingerprints still in the margins.

People are running all over the Middle East trying to find historical fact to make their points…….

Curious to see the possible site of Jesus’ trial? The Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem has begun offering tours to the suspected remains of Herod’s palace, where some say Jesus was tried and sentenced to death, the Washington Post reports. “There is, of course, no inscription stating it happened here, but everything—archaeological, historical, and gospel accounts—all falls into place and makes sense,” says a US archaeology professor. The Gospel of John, for example, describes the trial as occurring on uneven stone pavement close to a gate, details that jibe with earlier discoveries near the tower. A minister who runs a nearby Anglican congregation (including heritage center and guesthouse) says the discovery confirms “what everyone expected all along.” The tour costs about $11.40 for adults and $8.90 for students, the International Business Times reports.

The finding began 15 years ago with a plan to expand the Tower of David Museum, and started digging under the floor in an adjacent building that had been a prison under the Ottoman Turks and British rule. Archaeologists found suspected remains of Herod’s palace, where some believe Jesus stood trial. Others debate the location, which is described in the Gospels as Pontius Pilate’s “praetorium,” a Latin word meaning a general’s tent in a Roman camp. Whether Pontius had his praetorium in a military barracks or Herod’s palace seems open to dispute. So will the old prison become a new Christian holy site? “I don’t think that will happen anytime soon,” says the Anglican minister, who adds that places only become holy after people “have gone there for hundreds of years, prayed, cried, and even celebrated there.” (Archaeologists may also have recently found a site where Jesus preached.)

On stolen land the Israelis have possibly found where Jesus preached…….in a historical sweep of the land before settlements are built……..

Israel requires that archaeologists perform a sweep of any historically significant land where construction is planned, and they were surprised to find a 20-acre parcel of land along the western side of the Sea of Galilee may have ties to Jesus. Haaretz revisits a story that has the Rev. Juan Solana at its root. The Catholic priest set out a decade ago to purchase four plots near the Israeli town of Migdal. Solana’s goal: to build a resort for Christian pilgrims there. In anticipation of that, in 2009 architects with the Israel Antiquities Authority began to dig, expecting to find nothing of note. Instead, they found the remnants of a synagogue that experts believe was originally constructed in the year 1AD. The Wall Street Journal earlier this year described it as the only known one from the period in Galilee; the Bible describes Jesus as “teaching in [Galilee’s] synagogues, preaching the good news.”

In terms of its location, Migdal was named for the ancient town of Magdala, where Mary Magdalene is believed to have hailed from, and the dig revealed the site in question “was not just near Magdala; this was Magdala,” as the Journal puts it. In Haaretz’s telling, experts say it’s probable that Jesus preached there. Dina Gorni, one of the archaeologists who worked on the dig, was a bit more cautious in a 2012 interview with the Global Mail. Gorni notes the synagogue was likely built to hold 120, though thousands lived in Magdala. “We believe, we suggest, that this was a special community, not large, that put itself at the edge of the main Jewish village,” said Gorni. “They may be connected to Jesus and Mary Magdalene. We know that Jesus was not involved in the main Jewish community and preferred to live aside. Perhaps he was the leader around whom this synagogue was built.”

A tour of the religious news of the year so far……….just in case you were interested…..keep in mind that there is a wealth of hoaxes coming out of Israel……Biblical artifacts are big business……..


Religion And The Constitution

The religious Right has been blowing smoke up Americans butts for years…..especially about the Constitution and other historical events…..but most of the things they, the religious Right, say that were the principles that this country was founded on are…..well…..LIES!

I got this on Twitter yesterday and wanted to pass it along…..