Western Sahara–Will Violence Return?

We all have places that mean more top us than others……mine is Western Sahara…..,..for haters the desert is a hot, unforgiven landscape of muted brown colors…..but for me it is a wealth of colors……tans, purples, light blues…..it is a fascinating place that the sand and dunes talk at night and even sings at times……a place I still miss to this day.

This post may not be that interesting to most but since my time in the region I keep an eye on the doings and report what I find..Western Sahara holds a special place in my heart and memories…..I am pleased to see the rest of the world see the damage Morocco is doing by their heavy handed actions against the country…….Today I will post several articles on Western Sahara to help my readers understand the situation.

For my new followers let me explain…..in the late 70′s and early 80′s I worked in the Middle East and North Africa….I was employed by a Spanish newspaper as a researcher/analyst.

During this time I was sent to Western Sahara after the annexation by Morocco after Spain pulled out of its former colony……a war, a guerrilla war broke out because the people of Western Sahara wanted their independence. I was sent to try an establish contact with the Polisario, the group leading the opposition to Morocco.  I was to try and get their side of the story.

What I found was a people that were warm, friendly, giving and most of all determined.

For years there has been a ceasefire while both sides try to hammer out a solution……and that is where I pick it up today….as reported in Middle East Monitor…….

The Polisario Front yesterday threatened to “return to the armed struggle” against Morocco, in reaction to the Moroccan King Mohammed VI’s statement that the Western Sahara will remain under his sovereignty.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Polisario Front separatist movement, Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, issued a statement in Algeria which confirmed: “The Polisario Front’s commitment to peaceful resolution to this issue despite the Sahrawi pressure to return to armed resistance in the struggle for freedom and independence.

“In the event that international community and Morocco fail to comply with international regulations and legitimate resolutions, the Saharawi people will have no option but to return to armed struggle,” Salek confirmed.

King Mohammed VI warned on Thursday that the Western Sahara will remain under Moroccan sovereignty “until God inherits the earth and everything within it”, stressing that “the autonomy initiative is the most that Morocco can provide” to resolve this conflict.

This tension could reignite hostilities that have been smoldering for years……

The Saharawis, the people of Western Sahara,  want independence and not some self-governing region of Morocco…..this situation could get ugly quick…..my feeling is that they deserve their independence and the world should be behind their fight 100%.

Please check out the country profile….it will give you an excellent look at the history and conditions…..and help explain what the situation is all about…..


BBC News – Western Sahara profile.


Western Sahara has my support and I will do what I must to help them in the struggle for independence.

Why Do We Trust Israel?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


How about a change of pace?  By now most Americans are so confused that they will turn to snack food as a diversion………and the war goes on.

The other day I was doing what I always do…….reading the international news looking for info that would make good posts for this site……and I came across a story about Israel and the US Congress……

I know that Israel is pulling out all stops to try and prevent any actions for their devastating assault on Gaza…..there has even been rumblings of taking them in front of the international courts for their actions.  The story I reads was a letter sent by that Israel owned senator Kelley Ayotte….it seems this broad has put together a letter and got a wealth of her buds to sign on and mailed it to John Kerry…..but my fave part was this line…….

U.S. Senators Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Bob Casey (D-PA), a member of the National Security Working Group, announced that they’ve led a letter signed by 88 senators to Secretary of State John Kerry urging the Administration to take steps to ensure that no assistance is diverted to Hamas, support the Palestinian Authority’s effort to govern in Gaza, and discourage Palestinian unilateral measures at the United Nations and International Criminal Court that bypass direct negotiations and undermine the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

You can read the rest of this con job here……

Sounds like they are running scared and are begging the US to pull their butts out of an international fire……after all Israel pays good money for these Americans to do their bidding.

This got me to thinking of past incidents that would make anyone suspicious of their intentions……..

The first incident that I question is the unprovoked attack on a Navy ship, the USS Liberty…..Israel attack the American sigint ship in 1967 killing 34 American sailors and wounding 171……and they got away with it….basically a “oops, my bad”…….Strike One

Next was the Beirut bombing of the Marine barracks in 1983……..the Marines were sent to Beirut by the Reagan admin as a peacekeeping force…….two truck bombs were detonated by a group calling itself “Islamic Jihad” killing 299 soldiers, American and French.

The US spent a couple of years trying to identify the culprits…..we were having little success and the US turned to its only ‘friend’ in the region, Israel.  Their intel service, the Moussad, had people in the region and provided intel to the US…..they said that a shi’a cleric named sheikh Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah was the head of Hezbollah and authorized the bombs.  The CIA formed a plan to kill this person with a truck bomb……which was detonated killing 80 people and injuring about 200 and none of them was the target……shortly there after the CIA learned the Fadlallah had little to no connection to Hezbollah what so ever.  Strike two

The next occasion to use Israeli intel was after the Berlin bombing of the bar La Belle in 1986…..a Libyan agent detonated a bomb in the night club killing and wounding Americans…once again the CIA was tasked into taking out Qaddafi who they identified as the person ordering the hit on Americans.  The US came up with a plan to take out the leader at the same time as it was punishing the country for the attack……again the problem was that the CIA had no assets on the ground in Tripoli and they once again turning to their buds at Moussad for help.  The day of the attack the Israelis were watching Qaddafi’s compound to make sure he would be working when the hit came….they reported that Qaddafi was working in his tent….with confirmation 3 minutes later the bombs landed on his compound.  The raid was a success but Qaddafi was not in his tent at the time.  Strike Three.

Those are three strikes against Israel for being a ‘friend’ and ally to the US.  Also there have been numerous spies that were Americans working for Israel……

Their, Israel’s, biggest bullshit situation is the one of Iranian nukes……since the early 80′s according to Israeli intel Iran has been from a couple of months to as much as 3 years away from acquiring a nuke weapon…..and so far they still do not have such a weapon.  But that does not stop Israel from spreading fear…..recently at the UN BiBi said that Iran was more threatening that ISIS….same old tired lament.

I do not understand the utter acceptance by Americans of Israel….they have proven over and over that they care less about us as a people…….it is time for the US to break its addiction to all things Israeli.

Israel is NO friend…all they see is a wallet stuffed with cash when they look at the US.

Why to we Americans continue to trust a country with a proven track record contrary actions.  But America like the good little lap dog that we are and do whatever master Israel wants us to do……..they are GUILTY to crimes against humanity in their war on Gaza.

Americans demanded action for the death of two Americans at the hands of ISIS….but gave Israel a pass for killing 34 Americans….where is the logic there?

The United States needs to STOP trusting anything that Israel says….their contempt for the US is well documented…….


Wassup South of The Border?

Saturday and my mind is free of the manure left in it by the mainstream media….all the crap that they want us to believe blindly……..oh well, today and tomorrow I can post on things that interest me…….

I like history and archeology helps to make history more alive…….I have always found the Maya to be extraordinary people….the pyramids, the astronomy……..the cities that are some of the greatest features of the New World…..scientists say that a very small percentage of the Mayan culture has bee uncovered and from time to time a new find is discovered…….

Archaeologists have long known of a “lost” Mayan city boasting an incredible “earth monster” facade—and now someone has found it. Slovenian explorer Ivan Sprajc came out of the Yucatan jungle in Mexico with photos of the city, Lagunita, and a second, previously unknown city he’s calling Tamchen, the Washington Post reports. Both were apparently abandoned around 1,000 AD along with other cities in the area. But only Lagunita has the “profusely decorated facade with a monster-mouth doorway,” as the Slovenia Academy of Sciences and Arts puts it. The facade depicts “the gaping maws of the earth and fertility diety.”

Which diety is that, again? “A Maya earth deity related with fertility,” Sprajc tells Discovery News. “These doorways symbolize the entrance to a cave and, in general, to the watery underworld, place of mythologized origin of maize and abode of ancestors.” An American explorer spotted the city (and its famous mouth) in the 1970s, but no one had been able to retrace his steps in the dense jungle. Now we have Lagunita, with its “monumental buildings,” game court for Maya ball, and roughly 65-foot-high pyramid, the Yucatan Times reports. Judging by its buildings and inscriptions on monuments, “Lagunita must have been the seat of a relatively powerful polity,” says an expert on the project

That is just cool….but let’s continue South….to the magical land of the Inca….Peru.

Ever heard of the Nazca lines?  Lines etched in the top of a mountain that cannot be identified until one is up in the air and then there are spiders, whales, birds, etc…..some people say that aliens made these as beacons for other space travelers….it seems that the ones discovered back in the 20th century are not the only ones….

Sandstorms in Peru have revealed mysterious designs believed to have been etched into the desert thousands of years ago. The newly exposed geoglyphs, discovered last week by a pilot flying over the region, include a snake nearly 200 feet long as well as a bird and some llama-like creatures, reports the Independent. Other designs, known as the Nazca Lines, were first spotted in the desert region from the air in 1939, the Daily Mail notes, and archaeologists are now working to confirm that the new lines are genuine.

The Nazca Lines—described by UNESCO as “a unique and magnificent artistic achievement that is unrivaled” elsewhere in the prehistoric world—are thought to have been etched into the desert by the Nazca people sometime before 500AD, and they include long lines and geometric shapes as well the shapes of animals and plants. Many scholars believe they were used for astronomic rituals, but one of Peru’s top experts tells El Comercio that the new finds confirm the relationship between “the ancient people who occupied this arid desert with rain and worship of water.”

There is the round-up of recent archeological discoveries…..

Anyone got anything to add?

Digging Up The Past

My weekend and all I can say is thank you for the days of calm reflection……I have studied archeology while in school and I like the history behind the field….so today I will post on a couple of archeological finds recently………

Iraq has been in the news a lot in the last couple of months and not in a good way…..but with all the death and destruction there has been an archeological find……..

An archaeologist is closing in on the location of an ancient temple so venerated that when it was sacked in 714 BC, its king tore off his crown, “pulled out his hair, pounded his chest with both hands”—then killed himself, according to an early account. The long-lost temple in question was in the city of Musasir, and Dutch doctoral student Dlshad Marf Zamua thinks he’s found its column bases in Kurdistan, in modern day Iraq, LiveScience reports. The temple was dedicated to Haldi, the supreme god of the Uratu kingdom, and its bases were found by villagers and date back 2,500 years to the Iron Age, when several groups competed for control of the region. The aforementioned drama king was the Urartu king Rusa I, after the Assyrians looted it.

Discovery of the column bases isn’t the end of the story. Marf Zamua has found a bronze statuette of a wild goat with cuneiform inscriptions that need decoding, and several 7 1/2-foot-tall statues of bearded men that were once raised above burial sites. An ancient carving of Musasir also revealed architecture similar to that found in modern villages, Marf Zamua says. His discoveries in Kurdistan have been made under the growing cloud of ISIS. LiveScience has photos of the finds here, but it’s not the only Iron Age story in the news today.

Have you seen the terracotta soldiers that were found in the tomb of the first emperor of China…..each one is unique in facial expression, size, etc…….now the mystery of these statues may have been solved……

Every member of First Emperor Qin Shihuang’s Terracotta Army—thousands of replicas of Chinese imperial guards rendered in clay around 221 BC—is unique and incredibly realistic, which is why they’ve fascinated researchers since they were discovered in 1974. Now, scientists in China say they’ve peeled back another layer of mystery—they’ve figured out the binding media used to paint the more than 8,000 soldiers, chariots, and horses, Science China Press announces. The army was covered with a couple layers of lacquer; layers of pigment and binding media went on top of this. The pigment was identified, but the binding media was a mystery, making it difficult to conserve or restore the figures—until now. By comparing “artificially aged” replica samples to the historical samples, researchers pinpointed the binding material as animal glue.

The Terracotta Army was built on the emperor’s orders to guard the underground palace where he was buried, to protect him in the afterlife. Just as the palace mirrored the imperial capital, the warriors replicated the imperial guard. The intricately detailed statues were posed as if ready for a fight—and now they look set to join the ranks of movie superheroes, thanks to a planned collaboration between movie companies in the US, UK, and China, the Sunday Express reports. But the plot of the potential movie—which could end up being just the first in a new franchise—is probably not what the First Emperor envisioned. On the silver screen, rather than protecting the emperor, they’ll come alive to protect the modern world from aliens. The movie studios have some pretty awesome-sounding working titles, including Rise of the Terracotta Warriors and Super Terracotta Warriors.

A few of the mysteries in archeology that may have an answer after years of questions……

The Little War That Could

Inkwell Institute

War/Conflict Desk

Since my stint in the army I have studied war and conflicts and their causes and effects…….there is one that I have been watching for many years and it is the one that could push the limits of acceptability…….

While we were watching the antics of the police in Ferguson and the world’s reaction and while we were mouthing our disgust at the actions of ISIS and the death of Foley….a small conflict that has been simmering for decades erupted into a minor skirmish that could turn ugly with a capital “U”………there is so much more to the world than in our little prism…

Let’s return to the year 1947………The partition of the Indian sub-continent along religious lines led to the formation of India and Pakistan. However, there remained the problem of over 650 states, run by princes, existing within the two newly independent countries.

Because of its location, Kashmir could choose to join either India or Pakistan. Maharaja Hari Singh, the ruler of Kashmir, was Hindu while most of his subjects were Muslim.  Unable to decide which nation Kashmir should join, Hari Singh chose to remain neutral.

Indian and Pakistani forces thus fought their first war over Kashmir in 1947-48. India referred the dispute to the United Nations on 1 January.   In a resolution dated August 13, 1948, the UN asked Pakistan to remove its troops, after which India was also to withdraw the bulk of its forces.

In all there have been 3 wars fought over Kashmir region….1947, 1965 and 1999……and during the lulls of actual war there have been many cross border skirmishes between the army of India and Pakistan.

The wars have been over territory but they are also as much about religion as the province of Kashmir……..you know me……there has got to be a reason that I bring up this conflict…a conflict that few seem to care about……

And you would be right in the assumption that there is something going on in the neighborhood of Kashmir…….on 24 August 2014 Reuters reported…….

- Indian and Pakistani troops intensified firing across the border over the weekend killing at least four, an Indian official said on Sunday, straining ties between the arch rivals who recently called off top-level diplomatic talks.

Last week India said its foreign secretary would not meet with her Pakistani counterpart as scheduled on Monday because of plans by Pakistan to consult separatists from the border state of Jammu and Kashmir ahead of the meeting.


According to India’s Defence Ministry, there have been 70 ceasefire violations by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir since Modi took over.


“Pakistani troops violated ceasefire again today and restored to heavy firing targeting 22 Border Security Force (BSF) posts,” BSF Inspector General for Jammu frontier, Rakesh Sharma, told Reuters.

There we have a couple of odd army units firing across some line at each other….what could possibly make this so damn important?

These two countries have fought 3 wars over the region….if that is not bad enough both of these countries are nuclear capable states…….think about that for a couple of minutes.  This region could hold the key to the next ‘great war’.


Forward To The Past

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


Ever get Deja Vu…..all over again?

The other day I awoke at my usual early hour and after looking around I thought I may have stepped through some unforeseen time vortex…….and as usual the first thing I do is turn on the news…..and there is where my mind starting racing around trying to decide what was what…….

There are protests and civil unrest on the streets of America…….the Middle East is on fire……voters are having to fight for the right to vote……hostages being help in the Middle East including journalists…….Russia and the West are in a standoff…..Russian troops have entered into another country to quell anti-Russian sentiments……poor people being disenfranchised……black people confronting police………WTF?

I will admit it….I was and am a Doctor Who fan….but I never thought real time travel was possible….but watching the news that day the only explanation I had was that I had somehow stepped back in time to the 1960′s.

What has happened?  And is it possible that American society can get it right this time?

After looking in a mirror I noticed the grey hair….so logically speaking……either I imagined the time vortex or the grey hair went with me……

My trip….forward to the past.