The Gospel Of Jesus’ Wife

It is a Sunday and since I do not post much on religious subjects….what better day to break that streak that on a Sunday?  Amen and pass the news!

In the past 50 years or so there have been many little known “gospels” being located in isolated places around the world…….stuff like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library of scriptures that have all but been forgotten…..

We have found the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Truth and on and on….but the one that has caused the most violent of responses to its content is the one that gives an alternative to the story we are told in Sunday school…….the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife……

Since Harvard University professor Karen King first reported in 2012 her discovery of what appears to be an ancient papyrus in which Jesus is suggested to have a wife, the authenticity of the so-called “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” has been the subject of much claim and counterclaim. Even the very ink is hard to test because the papyrus scrap is so small. But now LiveScience is reporting that new ink research conducted at Columbia University suggests the document is not a forgery and could indeed date back to ancient times, though researchers aren’t revealing more until their peer-reviewed findings are published. King isn’t saying much, either, though she did write in a letter in the Biblical Archaeological Review that “when discussions and research are ongoing, I think it is important, however difficult, to stay open regarding the possible dates of the inscription and other matters of interpretation.”

Meanwhile, new documents have surfaced perhaps countering the argument that the person who sold the Coptic-language papyrus to the anonymous person who passed it on to King wasn’t in fact in possession of it. King said last year that the anonymous owner provided her with a photocopy of the contract for the sale of six “Coptic papyrus fragments, one believed to be a Gospel,” from the German in question, Hans-Ulrich Laukamp, dated Nov. 12, 1999, and signed by both parties. A LiveScience reporter has since found seven signatures on five publicly available and notarized documents belonging to Laukamp, which at least provides the opportunity to verify the authenticity of his signature. The British Museum, meanwhile, is in possession of a Syriac-language manuscript dating from AD570 that is said to be a copy of an older document suggesting Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ wife, reports (This book claims Jesus had two kids with Mary Magdalene.)

I am sure that this will be debated until the cows come home……with no real accurate conclusion…..personally, I cannot see a Jewish guy in his 30s back in the day that was unmarried…..would have been a source of friction in the society……of course what do I know….I was not there…..and neither was anyone else I know……

Will we ever know the truth?

Pres. Harding Could Not Keep It In His Pants!

Yep that time again!  A history lesson to keep you informed and educated…..I love some history………history makes everything fun………you are welcome.

Warren G. Harding the 29th president of the United States…..served as prez 19221-1923…….he has the dubious distinction as being one of the worse presidents (yes, even worse than Obama) in our short history.

His presidency was choke full of scandals from the Teapot Dome to the Veterans Department……..but his most ‘wicked’ scandal was that of an extramarital affair which produced a daughter……the affair came to light after his death in a biography…….of course most of the allegations were disputed….that is until recently…….

Her 1927 tell-all book describing an affair with America’s 29th president—and claiming him as the father of her child—propelled Nan Britton to the title of Warren G. Harding’s most famous mistress. But as Britton only revealed the relationship after Harding’s death and said she’d destroyed their correspondence according to his wishes, the love affair has remained only rumor for almost a century. Now, genealogists say rumor has finally been cemented into truth: President Harding was the father of Britton’s daughter, Elizabeth Ann Blaesing, reports the New York Times. The truth unraveled when Harding’s grandnephew and grandniece, Peter and Abigail Harding, contacted Blaesing’s son, James. They agreed to DNA testing through AncestryDNA, which returned what an executive calls a “definitive answer”: James Blaesing was the Hardings’ second cousin, meaning his mother must have been the president’s child.

“It’s sort of Shakespearean and operatic,” says Peter Harding. “This story hangs over the whole presidential history because it was an unsolved mystery.” But not all of Harding’s descendants are convinced by the new evidence. A grandnephew tells the Times “it’s still in my mind still to be proven”; Peter Harding notes his own father maintained the relationship was a lie as family members believed President Harding was sterile. James Blaesing, who notes people broke into his home as child looking for evidence to disprove the affair rumor, says the DNA tests finally verify his grandmother’s claims. “I wanted to prove who she was and prove everyone wrong,” he says, adding, “She loved (Harding) until the day she died.” Writing at the Washington Post, researcher James Robenalt says Harding’s reputation as a womanizer sadly overpowers his accomplishments as president, including overseeing the first arms limitation treaty. (Click for more on Harding’s many other mistresses.)

See Bubba Clinton was not an original….but Harding was a Republican I guess that is something……huh?

And now you know the rest of the story……AIN’T HISTORY GRAND?

That my friends ends another day of posting and ranting…..sleep well….study hard…..I will return!

Class Dismissed!

I Like Ike!

I recall the election of 1950’s….that was the slogan du jour for the GOP nominee……I do like Ike he was a soldier that was honest about what war is and what war does…..

He also warned the country about a growing Military-Industrial Complex…..the drawbacks of such an industry….but I appreciate his thoughts on war…..most of all.

Shame that money has replaced common sense in the GOP………only a moron would prefer war to a peaceful solution…….Listen to IKE….he was a smart man!


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An interesting thought by one of Ike’s contemporaries……we may not appreciate the speaker but the words are powerful……


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Race in the US: Know your history

Last summer the question of race once again crept into the dialog of America… began with the killing of Mr. Brown by a police officer……

The situation spilled out of control as more and more killings were reported…..

We as a country need to have the honest racial dialog…..but there is the rub….HONEST….something in short supply in the good old US of A……

Before that conversation can take place we all have to know what it is we are talking about…..ignorance just feeds the hate and the misinformation…..if we understand history then we would be able to see why the killing of Brown became the “boiling” point……..

This article is well written and should be read……and read by everyone……


Race in the US: Know your history – Al Jazeera English.

Whose Idea Was The 2003 Invasion Of Iraq?

We Americans have heard all the horror stories about the lies that lead to the 2003 invasion of Iraq…….all the back door moves and all the misinformation….

The Bushites went to the Hill and made the case that No one could resist for the overthrow of Saddam…..of course there was the infamous WMDs…..that did not exist……then there was the ‘mushroom’ cloud analogy that Repubs are always pushing……all in all a beautiful package of lies……and off the country went to….do or die.  And 14 years later we are still paying for the lies.

But was there more to the invasion than we have been told?  Did AIPAC and Israel have any hand in the decision to invade?

Just a little FYI……………


AIPAC’s 2001-2004 ‘Briefing Book’ Made Case for Regime Change In Iraq « LobeLog.

Jeb And His Revisionist Theory Of History

This post kinda goes with the ‘toon I posted earlier today……

The 2016 election is gaining speed…….we have already had one debate and another is waiting for next month……we have our characters that are present in every election…..those that have ideas and those that have a big mouth and nothing else……and to my liking this election will be a foreign policy election…….the emphasis will be on how the US will interact with the rest of the world after the election…..

We have candidates that have some pretty good ideas for the international stage and then there are the others that have NOTHING or in desperate denial of past history……

The GOP has its “main tier” candidate in Jeb Bush……..and Jeb is one that is in denial of the past…….for instance the legacy of his brother, GW……..

George W. Bush left Iraq in pretty good shape, only for President Obama to mess it all up, according to Jeb Bush. The candidate, speaking at a national security forum in Iowa yesterday, continued to defend his brother’s war record, arguing that “taking out Saddam Hussein turned out to be a pretty good deal,” Bloomberg reports. He blamed the rise of ISIS on Obama’s failure to strike a deal for US troops to stay in the country after 2011 and said that under the Bush administration, the “mission was accomplished” regarding Iraq’s security. “That is a fact,” he said. “You can’t rewrite history in that regard.”

Bush said the 2007 troop surge was a courageous move but that chaos occurred when the next administration “declared success” and washed their hands of the effort, reports Politico, which notes that 17 of his 21 foreign policy advisers served under George W. Bush. The candidate, who admitted months ago that he wouldn’t have invaded Iraq knowing what we know now, said mistakes were made after the invasion and that he and his brother now believe disbanding Iraq’s military was an error. He also refused to rule out lifting Obama’s ban on torture, telling the forum he didn’t want to make a “definitive, blanket kind of statement,” the AP reports

Jeb is plugging out all the stops to protect his brother’s legacy……he is joining the likes of Dick Cheney in a revisionist theory of history……

Jeb has overlooked the fact that Saddam had stayed in power AQ would not exist in Iraq…..for he would have hunted down and eliminated anyone who threatened his authority…..and besides the invasion was GW’s idea and that alone is to blame for the vacuum in Iraq and the rise of Iran as a regional power…..

I agree with Jeb….”you cannot rewrite history in that regard”….no matter how hard Jeb tries to do so……

Found In Last Place They Looked

My readers know that I loves me some history……..history is just damn fascinating…….

There is a mystery from the early years of settlement of this country…….the mystery of Roanoke Island.  Hollywood has made movies about it…..books have been written with all kinds of theories of where and why the residents disappeared…..there has even been some rumblings that Aliens may have had something to do with their disappearance……then there is that “Unearthed” guy who thinks the Holy Grail is here in the US…….lots of speculation little facts……..

But finally there may be a definitive answer………

The mystery of Roanoke Island may be one for the books. Two archaeological teams have dug up new evidence pointing to the fate of English colonists who mysteriously vanished from the North Carolina island 425 years ago, National Geographic reports. One collection of items appears to support the long-held theory that some colonists moved to Hatteras Island, about 50 miles southeast of Roanoke. “The evidence is that they assimilated with the Native Americans but kept their goods,” says chief archaeologist Mark Horton. Among the Hatteras Island finds: a small bit of a slate writing tablet marked by the letter “M,” a rapier hilt likely dating to the late 16th century, and pieces of iron, ingot, and stoneware apparently dating to the same period.

What’s more, the name of a native American settlement on Hatteras Island—”Croatoan”—was found etched into a post in 1590 when all the colonists had vanished. For the second find, archaeologists used a map drawn by colony governor John White in 1585. The map includes an “X” obscured by a patch and may have been a “‘cover-up’ … to keep information from the public and from foreign agents,” a historian told National Geographic two years ago. The “X” marked a site on Albemarle Sound, an estuary in North Carolina, where archaeologists recently discovered dozens of pottery pieces that resemble others found on Roanoke Island. So is this finally proof? Not really, because it’s hard to date items precisely or know how they got there. “What we’ve found is tantalizing,” a volunteer says. “I would love to see some definitive evidence, but what we have is fragmentary.”

May not be the answer we were looking forward…..but we are getting closer…….

And the saga continues……..

Now they can turn all their attention on helping find my lost virginity……Haha

Enjoy the rest of your weekend……..I will.