The Great Purge

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My regular readers (I love you guys) know that from time to time I like to connect today’s news with something historic…….I admit it I love my history….there is so much cool stuff in history that if you do not know it then you are missing so much…….

Recently I did a post about the firings of on-air personalities for MSNBC………I believe that this is a purge of on-air truly progressive voices by ComCast…….what started off as an experiment has turned into an ugly corporate purge…….

And now for that historic perspective……..

Throughout history there have been purges…..that is the elimination of people that are not on the prescribed page…….people that could bring down any given paradigm that is being groomed for the people…….

The first purge I want to use as an example is the Night of the Long Knives…….the year is 1934 and Hitler orders the arrest and deaths of Ernst Rohm the leader of the SA (Brown shirts)…….after he was killed the upper leadership was like arrest and executed…..after that was accomplished Hitler and the SS went after academics, writers, anyone that was in opposition to the Nazi Party……the official total was 85 deaths although the count was much higher…..the killing spree lasted from 30 June through 3 July 1934…….

The next purge was that of Stalin in the USSR……..this purge lasted from 1935 through 1938………

It involved a large-scale purge of the Communist Party and government officials, repression of peasants and the Red Army leadership, and widespread police surveillance, suspicion of “saboteurs”, imprisonment, and arbitrary executions……..It involved a large-scale purge of the Communist Party and government officials, repression of peasants and the Red Army leadership, and widespread police surveillance, suspicion of “saboteurs”, imprisonment, and arbitrary executions……..over a million were imprisoned and about 680,000 were executed…….

These are extremes to what is capable when power mad dicks “clean house”………there is a purge going on now in the MSM……..the leadership at MSNBC is purging all progressive voices from their show line-up……

Recently it was announced that MSNBC would be cancelling the Ed Show and Now with Alex Wagner…..also they have axed the Cycle, their roundtable discussion show that has seldom issued any progressive views, I think that it was just too boring even for the toads at corporate morons at ComCast…….

This is sad for Ed Show was a true voice of the working person and Alex Wagner was a true voice of feminism and progressive thought….sad to see them go…..but I do not think that ComCast is finished…..there is still Rev Al Sharpton whose voice for black America is needed and Chris Hayes who was a writer for the Nation a progressive voice then there is Lawrence O’Donnell, a Left leaning pundit and Melissa Harris-Perry another voice of progressive thought…….

On MSNBC no one with a progressive voice will be safe… may take awhile but ComCast will find a way to silence the progressives in favor of psuedo-intelligent thought like Morning Joe and that woman (trying to be nice here) Mika…..

Granted MSNBC’s purge will not be as messy or violent as those of Hitler and Stalin….but the result will be the same……silence dissident voices.

How long will it take MSNBC to make a clean sweep?

The Long, Repressed History of Black Leftism | Al Jazeera America

It is 0400 hours, 29July2015……today’s lead story on the news was Tom Brady and “deflate-gate”……that is pathetic especially after a major escalation in the war against ISIS and they lead with this mind numbing bullshit!

I am an aging hippie that was ass deep into the protests of the 60 and 70’s…….I was in Oakland years ago, at the height of the Black Panthers hey day, and witnessed the positive influence they had on the community………I was amazed at what they had done in several neighborhoods…..they had set up free daycare, free clinics, free lunches for homeless, programs for addiction, etc…….and yet the only thing most Americans know about them, the Panthers, is what the media force fed them in their nightly news…….

Yes they were revolutionaries but they did more good than they were given credit……the MSM did everything possible to assassinate their legacy and unfortunately they were successful……….

Where has that sense of “community” gone?


The Long, Repressed History of Black Leftism | Al Jazeera America.


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The Rosenberg Affair

You know me I will interject a little history in posts wherever I can.  I have been writing from a Left perspective for many decades……..and I do like the history of this country especially the Left movements and personalities….

Back in the days of the Cold War especially what was to be called “the Rd Scare”…..we Americans saw Commies behind every tree and even accused some of our citizens of being agents for the USSR for even uttering anything like acceptance of socialism in any form…..and in the 1950’s that was brought out into the light with the arrest of the Rosenbergs as Russian spies.

………a lengthy and controversial espionage case. In 1950, the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Julius Rosenberg (1918–53), an electrical engineer who had worked (1940–45) for the U.S. army signal corps, and his wife Ethel (1916–53); they were indicted for conspiracy to transmit classified military information to the Soviet Union. In the trial that followed (Mar., 1951), the government charged that in 1944 and 1945 the Rosenbergs had persuaded Ethel’s brother, David Greenglass—an employee at the Los Alamos atomic bomb project—to provide them and a third person, Harry Gold, with top-secret data on nuclear weapons. The chief evidence against the Rosenbergs came from Greenglass and his wife, Ruth.

Both Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were found guilty (1951) and received the death sentence; Morton Sobell, a codefendant, received a 30-year prison term, as did Harry Gold; and David Greenglass was later sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Despite many court appeals and pleas for executive clemency, the Rosenbergs were executed on June 19, 1953. They became the first U.S. civilians to suffer the death penalty in an espionage trial.

The case aroused much controversy. Many claimed that the political climate made a fair trial impossible and that the only seriously incriminating evidence had come from a confessed spy; others questioned the value of the information transmitted to the Soviet Union and argued that the death penalty was too severe. Communists in the United States and abroad organized a campaign to save the Rosenbergs and received the support of many liberals and religious leaders.

I have read many sources of the trial over the years and in my mind some of the “evidence” was a bit hinkey, at best……..but now there is some new news on Ethel Rosenberg…….

The newly released 1950 grand jury testimony of David Greenglass, who helped cement the executions of his brother-in-law and sister Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, offers new evidence that Ethel was innocent in the most intense spying case of the Cold War. Both Rosenbergs were convicted of conspiring to steal atomic secrets for the Soviet Union in 1951 after Greenglass said he saw Ethel transcribing information he gave the Rosenbergs—gained while serving as an Army machinist at the Manhattan Project HQ—on a typewriter in 1945. Both Rosenbergs were sent to the electric chair in 1953, though Greenglass, who spent almost 10 years in prison as a co-conspirator, later admitted he lied. In the 46-page transcript of testimony given six months before Greenglass implicated Ethel, her brother said he never spoke about the data with Ethel, only with Julius and his own wife, Ruth, reports the Guardian.

Greenglass’ testimony, ordered released after his death last year and unsealed yesterday, doesn’t disprove his later claim, reports the New York Times. He actually noted Ethel was present at key meetings, reports Politico. However, after he described Julius receiving a silver Omega watch from Russian agents and was asked if Ethel ever mentioned commendations, he said, “My sister has never spoken to me about this subject.” He said Julius discussed Greenglass staying in the Army to pass on more information, but added, “Honestly, this is a fact: I never spoke to my sister about this at all.” “There was never really any solid evidence that she had been involved in any part of espionage,” says an author on the subject. “It just confirms this idea that the government was using her, imprisoning her to get at Julius Rosenberg.” Some say it was Ruth Greenglass who typed notes for Julius to forward to the Soviets, and her husband lied to protect her.

The execution of an innocent person is nothing new in this country……


A Short History Of America

South Carolina did the right thing last week…….the resigned the Confederate Flag to its place in history and put it in the ONLY place there should be room for it…..A  MUSEUM!

There is still much work to be done…..I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and over the weekend there were cars and trucks running all over the roads flying the Rebel Flag…….Mississippi, the one place the flag has found a home and will be nothing short of miracle for it to be placed in a museum.

I am really sick of the HERITAGE thing………if that is truly the real reason then where better to put it than in a place where heritage is the only subject….A MUSEUM?

There comes a time when IDIOTS must face reality…….this country was built on two types of people……..


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Enough Said!

The Srebrenica Precedent | Jacobin

The word genocide gets a lot of airtime these days…..every time there is the deaths of many people we hear about the genocide…….

During the Balkan Wars during the days of Bubba Clinton the one event that deserves the title of genocide…….Srebrenica.  And today any incident of mass killings brings the thoughts of this one event…….

Just in case you have NO idea what I am talking about this piece will give you an insight that most people cannot imagine……..


The Srebrenica Precedent | Jacobin.

When History Is A Surprise

I have lived in the South, Mississippi to be exact, most of my life and in all that time I NEVER thought I would ever see this headline in a newspaper…..

South Carolina senate votes to remove Confederate flag

The South Carolina senate today voted overwhelmingly in favor of removing the Confederate flag from the State House grounds, the Post & Courier reports. In the wake of a racially motivated massacre that left nine black church members dead in Charleston, the Republican-controlled Senate voted 37-3 to have the battle flag taken down. The flag “doesn’t represent all of the people of South Carolina,” says Republican Sen. Larry Martin. “It’s part of our past.” The bipartisan bill will now move to the House of Representatives, where it may face “a tougher road” despite support from Gov. Nikki Haley, NBC News reports. Influential House Republicans, Speaker Jay Lucas included, haven’t yet revealed their position on the flag. Highlights from today, per the Washington Post:

  • State Sen. Vincent Sheheen, a Democrat, read a constituent’s email saying that “it’s not about the Confederate flag. It’s about the entitlement given to minorities.” Sheheen responded that “there’s a quiet bigotry that still exists, and if those of us who are white don’t say anything … then we’re part of the problem.”
  • “When I see a Confederate soldier, I don’t get goosebumps and feel all warm and fuzzy,” says Sen. Darrell Jackson, a Democrat who is black. “I respect the fact that you do. All I’m saying is, you can’t force all of us to have [that same] passion.”
  • Martin says the flag went up over the capitol building in the 1960s for the 100th anniversary of the Civil War—but stayed up to defy the Civil Rights movement. “In my view, that’s the reason the flag stayed up.”
  • “I hate that it took a tragedy like [the Charleston massacre] for me to really, fully understand it,” says Sen. George Campsen, a Republican whose district encompasses Charleston. “But I do fully understand it, and it is utterly amazing. It is one of the greatest testimonies of Christian faith that I have experienced in my life.”

Okay it is not a done deal for it has to make it past the state house of representatives…..but it is a start.

America’s Lost History

In case you are unaware I am a history nut………and I try to sneak in some historical info into many of my posts.  I have a degree in political history so I must educate whenever the need arises.

Today we celebrate the Declaration of Independence……so what better time to give a short history lesson?

We American’s think we know all about the early days of the republic……most of us do not have any idea of the situation in those early days….I am talking about the time between the two wars, 1780-1811.  We are taught about the presidents and some of the legislation in those times but there is so much more going on.

I will attempt to take you back to those days and fill in the blanks that our educational system seems to leave out of the curricula.

We are taught a little about the Louisiana Purchase,  Lewis and Clark or the Sedition Act or Burr killing Hamilton in a duel then we move on to the War of 1812…..but ask yourself….is that it for our history up to the newest war?  Three of the really big stories that we are seldom taught is the Barbary War,  the Burr Conspiracy and the establishment of the Republic of West Florida………

First the Barbary War………….

The year is 1801 and the pirates operating on the North Coast of Africa had been a pain in the US butt for years…..they had hijack ships and kidnap sailors to hold for ransom……Jefferson is elected and he felt like he had to do something……and his decision was the first time the US goes to war on its own (and we are still doing it)…….

The plan was to send an invasion force across the desert and attack the pacha of Tripoli (Libya) from the land while a naval force entered into the bay as a diversion…….

The trek to Tripoli was arduous and after a month of desert walking the Marines come to town.  1805 the Marines along with 500 mercenaries arrive and do battle…..and after a short battle the city was captured making it the first time that an American flag was raised in another country.

Some have written that this was Jefferson’s attempt to trade without paying to play…….the old “free trade” con.

Next on to the birth of a new republic…….

1806 September-October – Jefferson receives further information from a variety of sources in Pennsylvania and New York, including Generals William Eaton and James Wilkinson, that Aaron Burr is organizing a military expedition against Spanish possessions for the purpose of separating western territories from the United States. Eaton, a veteran of the recent Tripolitan War, claims that Burr tried to recruit him. Wilkinson, commander of United States military forces in the West, provides information about the conspiracy after having been implicated in it himself. He does not specifically name Burr.

November 27. Jefferson issues a proclamation declaring that “sundry persons, citizens of the U.S. or resident within the same, are conspiring & confederating…against the dominions of Spain” and requiring that all military and civil officials of all states and territories of the United States prevent “the carrying on such expedition or enterprise by all lawful means within their power.”

1807 – January 17. Aaron Burr is captured near New Orleans. He escapes but is recaptured and imprisoned. In April, Burr is charged with treason and tried in Richmond in a federal circuit court presided over by John Marshall.   Burr is acquitted. Later, with other charges pending, Burr escapes to England.

There are rumblings that all might not be as they appear ……that Jefferson had a hard on for Burr any way and this was a good excuse to get rid of him.

Then came the death of Meriwether Lewis of the famous team of Lewis and Clark that explored the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase.

The intrigue surrounding the famous explorer’s untimely death has spawned a cottage industry of books and articles, with experts from a variety of fields, including forensics and mental health, weighing in. Scholars have reconstructed lunar cycles to prove that the innkeeper’s wife couldn’t have seen what she said she saw that moonless night. Black powder pistols have been test-fired, forgeries claimed and mitochondrial DNA extracted from living relatives. Yet even now, precious little is known about the events of October 10, 1809, after Lewis – armed with several pistols, a rifle and a tomahawk – stopped at a log cabin lodging house known as Grinder’s Stand.

He and Clark had finished their expedition three years earlier; Lewis, who was by then a governor of the large swath of land that constituted the Upper Louisiana Territory, was on his way to Washington, D.C. to settle financial matters. By some accounts, Lewis arrived at the inn with servants; by others, he arrived alone. That night, Mrs. Grinder, the innkeeper’s wife, heard several shots. She later said she saw a wounded Lewis crawling around, begging for water, but was too afraid to help him. He died, apparently of bullet wounds to the head and abdomen, shortly before sunrise the next day. One of his traveling companions, who arrived later, buried him nearby.

Read more:

Another part of our lost history… that we learn nothing about……and it does not end there………

Next is the Republic of West Florida………

In the early morning hours of September 23, 1810, a group of armed settlers led by Philemon Thomas attacked the Spanish fort at Baton Rouge. After a brief skirmish, the attackers took control of the fort. Three days later, the Republic of West Florida declared its independence.

Three days after West Florida completed the formation of its national government, the United States suddenly acted. On October 27, 1810, President James Madison issued a proclamation claiming the territory for the United States. This was done without the approval of Congress or through negotiation with either the Republic or Spain and its legality was the subject of serious question.

Madison’s actions were very controversial. He had sent military forces into the territory of a friendly nation without the consent of Congress. This was technically an act of war.

Many suspected that Madison had encouraged the revolution in West Florida. The fact that West Florida’s president Fulwar Skipwith had been American diplomat to France and political ally of both Jefferson and Madison seemed to indicate this was the case. In 1811, the western part of West Florida was attached to the Territory of Orleans, which became the State of Louisiana in 1812. The eastern sections became part of present day Mississippi and Alabama.

Just a couple of the events that history has forgotten……..all are full of deception, intrigue and adventure…..these are events that all Americans should be aware of and the historical significance each played in the forming of our nation.

Early American history is fascinating….once you get past the BS that is more about indoctrination than education.

Read a book people!