800 Hundred Years Ago!

It is the weekend and how about a little history that you probably never heard?

This year the world is celebrating the signing of the Magna Carta, 800 years ago…..we all have learned that simple date and fact in every world history class and political science class we have ever taken, right?

But do you know what happened after that famous, ground breaking signing?

Hint….not what you would think!

King John Butchered Authors of Magna Carta « Antiwar.com Blog.

The Confederacy Debate

Being a hard Leftist over the years I have had many debates with Southerners about the Civil War and its causes and results…..about 20 years ago I was arguing with a guy from Louisiana about what the war was all about……of course I brought up slavery and he brought up states rights, the traditional argument of racists, and finally he said the Civil War was an economic war….that it was all about economics nothing else…….

I had to agree with him and said it was that the South did NOT want to pay the help…….needless to say that lead to more heated debate intertwined with insults and insults…….

Now the debate is what does the “Stars and Bars” really stand for….heritage or racism…….and now that question has been answered….


This paragraph should leave no doubt that the Civil War was about slavery – Vox.

Texas Rising?

From the bewildered fingers of Chuq

It is another weekend and another day of trying to put last week behind me…..today I want to touch on some US history…..

Nope this is not about some silliness that is occurring in the great state of Texas…..I am referring to a program being aired on the History Channel (or as it was called years ago…the Hitler Channel) about the history of the state and its run up to statehood from independence…….a well worn subject that any yahoo that attended a American History class knows all too well….from the Mexicans to the Alamo to Quanah Parker, and so on……is it a good story?  Sure it is.  And Hollywood will throw some total BS in there to make it more entertaining.  But there are equally good stories that most Americans do not know.  Why not take the opportunity to educate the viewers on some missed American History?

The one that most readily comes to my mind is the Republic of West Florida……a story that began about 1804 and until it declared itself independent in 1810……more history can be found here in a post I did about 3 years ago…….


This is history that should be told…it may not be all the glamor of swashbuckling daredevils but it is an important part of US history that needs to be told……..it has everything that Americans crave……….action, intrigue, deception and games played by politicians.

USS Liberty: End Of The Day

Today I have chosen to remind my readers that there are moments in our history that too few care to remember……mainly because it will change the paradigm that has been constructed in their minds.  It may seem like I was hitting everyone around the head…..but sometimes redundancy is the best way to get a thing remembered……

First I would like to thank all my readers that helped get the story out……..the more that know the story the sooner these veterans can get the justice they richly deserve.

The Israelis attacked and killed and maimed a total of 205 American sailors and few care…….but let 4 people die in Libya and they go batcrap crazy……..these people should be ashamed of the cowardly act of not holding Israel responsible for American deaths and injuries……

I have given my readers six articles on the incident and I suggest that they check it out for themselves……all the Googling can be done and in the end there is but one conclusion……Israel murdered American sailors…..call it what you like but this country has done a major disservice to our serving troops by sweeping this attack under the closest rug.

I hope that you, my reader, have gotten a perspective on this attack  and you join with me in remembering our fallen comrades.

This will not be the last time you hear from me on this incident……..for I refuse to let these men die in vain and unremembered…….hopefully you will also.

Thanx for your time and attention………

Leaving the USS Liberty Crew Behind by Ray McGovern — Antiwar.com

Today is the anniversary of the deaths of American sailors in 1967…….killed by an attack by the Israelis on the USS Liberty.

Please help keep their memories alive and help American confront an ugly story that NO one wants to hear…..

These men need to be remembered and the country needs to hear their story…..American is proud of their saying “leave no man behind”…….but by ignoring the crime of murder committed by Israel they are leaving them behind by ignoring their memory……

I am SICK of the BLIND loyalty that Americans feel they owe Israel, for whatever reason, to the point of looking the other way when they MURDER American service people…..why is that?


Leaving the USS Liberty Crew Behind by Ray McGovern — Antiwar.com.

The case of the USS Liberty: anatomy of an Israeli provocation – World Socialist Web Site

I continue my crusade to get as much information as I can out about the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and the murder of American sailors.

For too long Americans have had their heads up their butts on anything Israel…..time for them to be seen for what they are……murderers and thugs……

Time for America to face reality…..they pretend to be so patriotic and yet have forgotten what it means to be patriotic…….it is not a car magnet or a flag that makes one patriotic….today it is a buzz word for applause………. a word used as a political prop……the USS Liberty incident illustrate how little Americans care.


The case of the USS Liberty: anatomy of an Israeli provocation – World Socialist Web Site.

USS Liberty – Israeli Pilot Speaks Up

48 years ago today…..Israeli jets and gunboats attacked an American ship, USS Liberty, and to this day the US has ignored or forgiven the attack…….why?

There is a hand full of Americans that every year try to get the message out to try and force

I am trying to give as much information as I can about this incident…..this piece is about the Israeli side, well so to speak……..

Apparently one may kill and maim Americans for a price………that part alone is disgusting.

Read this and please respond to it……..


USS Liberty – Israeli Pilot Speaks Up.