Southern Blacks Are Biggest Victims Of GOP’s Obamacare Obstructionism

I live in the Deep South….so today I would like to post on the region and give those that do not know much about it a little education……

For decades the people of Mississippi, my state, as well as most of the South, been voting conservative…..and for decades those votes have kept the people from having a descent life and services……the sad part is…the voter still does not equate a sucky life with their vote……..


Southern Blacks Are Biggest Victims Of GOP’s Obamacare Obstructionism.

Stop Pretending That Veterans Matter

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

One of the most pressing issues facing the country today is not immigration or impeachment or whatever imaginary issue you choose to rant about….NO it is the treatment of our veterans.  These great men and women are in dire need and deserve treatment for their ills….ills that we as a country gave them.

After the great VA scandal earlier this year everyone was outraged and everyone was offering an opinion and when it came to delivering on these concerns the government fell on its face….a face that is covered with shame.

The American people say they are worried about the vets and their problems but where has that translated into action?  They still back morons that pretend everything will be alright if we just cut spending….that my friends is the dinosaur of economic thought.

I do not see where the American people are that concerned over the treatment of our veterans……they had no problem asking them to sign up for these wars of mass destruction but when they returned needing assistance they turned their backs on them.  Oh, they have No problem running up to a soldier and thanking them for their service but when it comes to seeing that they get the help they need it is another story…..of course they can say that there are many good charities that do good work with the vets….and that is true….my problem is why do they need a charity for that…..WE did this to them…..WE owe them!

Stop pretending to care!

I mean look at Missouri…..a plan was offered to the public…..a lottery with the money, all the money, earmarked for veterans care….it failed!  Missouri is NOT an isolated case……many states are complaining that they just cannot keep up with the needs of the veterans and yet will not do anything to help…..they will promise but when it comes time to deliver they shrink away.

If Americans want a war then they need to finance every part of that war and the veterans health care should be at the top of that list….so far it is not.

To all you so-called “patriots”…..time to pay up……veterans had your back now you have theirs!

Ebola Comes To The US

One of the most dreaded diseases has arisen yet again…..that of the Ebola virus…….it is running rampant in west Africa and two Americans have contracted the disease…..these individuals were helping in the African countries that are suffering from this resurgence……and now those people have been returned to the US for treatment……a survival rate of about 10% it is not looking good for the people that have the disease….

Even the Mighty Donald has had his say….but as usual….NO one is listening.

I have seen and read a few opinion about the disease and even some are worried that the disease will get a foothold in this country…..but you know instead of worrying about these people there is another problem that should be of more concern that these people of have returned home basically to die…..the problem I am speaking of is another disease that is making its debut here in the good old US of A…….

Newser) – Antibiotic-resistant bacteria that are “just about as bad as it gets,” as one study author puts it, are spreading quickly in the Southeast, with a fivefold increase in detected cases between 2008 and 2012, a new study warns. The carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, can defeat even last-resort antibiotics and have been dubbed “nightmare bacteria” by the CDC. The study’s authors say they are “trying to sound the alarm,” and experts say the findings are especially worrying because it appears some of the cases were not connected to a hospital setting, the Smithsonian reports.

Maryn McKenna at Wired explains another alarming note: Many cases were found at community hospitals instead of the academic medical centers where the sickest patients are, which “is a signal that it is probably moving through what medicine calls ‘the community,’ which is to say, anywhere outside health care. Or, you know, everyday life,” she writes. Experts blame overuse of antibiotics and infection control lapses for the spread of CRE. If the spread can’t be stopped, “we’ll be in a post-antibiotic era,” an infection-control activist tells USA Today. “And the danger is not going to go away unless we change the course of how we do things.” (In an ominous first, last month the CDC said antibiotic-resistant bacteria had been found in food for the first time.)

I believe this disease is a bigger problem to us here than the Ebola outbreak…..maybe instead of looking for some non-existent conspiracy our time would be better spent on this more pressing disease…….

Whatcha think?

Edible Taboos

Keeping with the theme of this weekend….our choices of dietary consumption……there are a wealth of items to eat and then there are those that we should not eat…….one that comes to mind first is the old Donner Party BBQ……yep I am talking about chowing down on your fellow human……

(Newser) – Have you ever wondered if would be OK—healthwise, not morally speaking—to feast on a fellow human? If so, Gizmodo has some answers. The strongest case against cannibalism is a version of mad cow disease or Creutzfeld-Jacob disease known as kuru to the Fore people of Papua New Guinea. For 20 years starting in the 1950s, more than 2,500 women and children died from the so-called “shaking death” after eating their relatives’ body parts. This practice was part of a funeral ritual meant to show respect; the Fore believe a person’s soul isn’t free until their flesh is eaten. But because of the ritual, many contracted the fatal prion malady, which prevents brain cells from working and can take up to a year to kill the victim after the symptoms first appear.

If you absolutely must eat a body part, you may want to avoid the brain, spinal cord, bone marrow, and small intestine, which are the ones most likely to be infected. As for the Fore, they mostly stopped the practice known as “transumption” in the mid-1950s; but nowadays, as Mark Griffiths points out in the Independent, “sexual cannibalism” has been in the news quite a bit, particularly thanks to Dale Bolinger, a UK nurse recently convicted of grooming a teenage girl with the ultimate intention of eating her. The gruesome fetish is typically considered a psychosexual disorder. But if you’re just curious what human flesh might taste like, 1930s adventurer William Buehler Seabrook once tried it and revealed that it tastes very much like veal, Slate notes. While there’s technically no law in the US banning cannibalism, Cornell University Law School notes that it would likely violate laws against corpse desecration—or murder. (If you did eat a human, here’s how many calories you’d probably consume.)

My first question is……is what kind of person would even consider this?  Next would be…… what kind of person does the research?

Was this an option for consumption?

Okay, I know someone out there is just dying to throw their opinion in here… go ahead….fire away!


You Are What You Eat

The weekend and I get a chance to look into other aspects of life and death….other than war and armed conflicts……as an old fart I have realized that if I want to live a bit longer that I need to watch what I eat…….most of us old farts are doing similar activities……..

They say, whoever “they” are, that we need to replace some of the meat we eat with veggies, especially leafy veggies……I am a carnivore and the thought of eating without meat is just scary………but could it be that being a carnivore may not be all that bad after all?

(Newser) – An apple a day keeps the doctor away—unless, of course, it’s carrying a disease. Turns out that vegetables and fruits are actually worse than beef and pork when it comes to making people sick, reports Bloomberg, based on a CDC paper from last year. Experts looked at illnesses and hospitalizations from various kinds of foods between 1998 and 2008. Healthy stuff, including fruits and vegetables, accounted for some 46% of illnesses.

Leafy vegetables were responsible for the most illnesses, while dairy was responsible for the most hospitalizations. Beef ranked sixth in numbers of illnesses caused, behind fruits and nuts, and various vegetables; it ranked seventh in hospitalizations. Pork ranked even lower in both cases. But don’t think the CDC is giving you an excuse to opt for a burger over broccoli: “Other factors, such as the health benefits of consuming a diet high in fruits and vegetables, must also be considered,” the researchers say.

Oh great!  Something else to worry about in my daily life!

Anything you would like to add?

Silent But Healthy

The last day of mental clarity and I would like to talk about a thing that we all do…..most of us pretend we don’t but….we do.

To What function do you think I refer?

The breaking of wind….the passing of gas…….flatulence……yes….that is right!………. a FART!

There seems to be some new scientific evidence has been discovered….

To put it one way, small doses of hydrogen sulfide help keep cells healthy and thus help ward off maladies such as dementia, diabetes, and even cancer. To put it another way, “smelling farts could be the best thing you do today,” as per CNET. As the Independent explains, researchers at the University of Exeter discovered that while hydrogen sulfide—the stuff produced in the gut that causes gas—is toxic in large doses, it’s actually quite beneficial in smaller ones. Specifically, it preserves mitochondria, which are vital to cell life.

“Although hydrogen sulfide is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence, it is naturally produced in the body and could in fact be a health care hero with significant implications for future therapies for a variety of diseases,” say the Exeter scientists. They’re not asking people to sniff appropriately. Rather, they’ve developed a compound called AP39 designed to deliver just the right dose of the stuff to cells. Studies on actual humans come next, but in the meantime, it might pay to thank that guy in the elevator for saving your life, writes Laura Stamper at Time. “Or not.” (In related news, an opera singer’s ill-timed flatulence led to a lawsuit.)

Okay, I want to know….how do you convince people to give you money to do a scientific study on farting?  I gotta get my name on that damn list.

Any feed back from my millions of readers?

A Victory For Vets?

We all are well aware of the veterans and their plight….the government has failed them in so many ways…..but we need to point out right here that the Obama admin is not alone…..both parties have been beyond negligent……….

And the the Congress got involved with their photo ops they call hearings……they have even voted on a few bills that effect the vets……most of them have been defeated in the House….but then one magical day a miracle may have happened……

Are you sitting down? Good. Because the House just passed a high-profile bill unanimously. The bill allows veterans to seek treatment outside the Veterans Affairs system using government funds, Politico reports. It closely resembles a bipartisan Senate deal struck between Bernie Sanders and John McCain. The final vote tally was 421-0.

“I cannot state it strongly enough—this is a national disgrace,” said the bill’s chief sponsor, Republican Jeff Miller of Florida, according to the Modesto Bee. He is chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee. “We often hear that the care that veterans receive at the VA facilities is second to none,” added the committee’s top Democrat, Mike Michaud of Maine. But “as we have recently learned, tens of thousands of veterans are not getting in.”

Personally I will be cautiously happy with the vote….but these guys do not do things that are right….but rather those that are political expedient……

There is another shoe in this vote….I just have not figured it out just yet…..I am working on it!