Oh My God………Could I Have Ebola?

The media and politicians have turned Americans into hypochondriacs….if they sneeze more than twice they may have the Ebola virus…..

I have tried to calm the fears of people……but alas….it has done NO good……..

Time for Americans to get a grip!  This Ebola situation is an prime example of why if ever there would be an ‘end of life event’ the American public will NOT be told about it.

STOP listening to bullshit and……..

Answer ONE question!  (Maybe this Vox graphic will help)………..



Ebola: Outbreak We Ignored

Yep, another post about Ebola!  I mean why not?  The whole damn country has gone bat shit crazy over the virus and I just did not want to be left out.

The public is borderline psychotic because there are a couple of people that have contracted the disease…….and then there is the media…..it is doing everything possible to keep the public crying for more….more….more…..to the point of offering up live pics of a patient walking in a hazmat suit….now that kept me on the edge of my seat for the 15 minutes it took to walk from ambulance to hospital door……

Back in August the first words of the virus came out of West Africa and from that point forward it has been front page news……and the lead story once an American got the disease and once they came back home it went into bat crap crazy mode from then until now……

There is a funny (in reality not so funny) thing that happened back in July of this year……….

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa shows no signs of slowing, having killed at least 4,447. Elsewhere in Africa, however, another outbreak of the virus is quietly winding down. It’s believed a different strain of Ebola first appeared in the Democratic Republic of Congo in late July: A pregnant woman who likely contracted it while butchering wild game died on Aug. 11 in the village of Ikanamongo, the Guardian reports. Though the virus spread, killing 49 of 69 known patients by the AP’s count, the last known case was reported some three weeks ago. The World Health Organization is now on the verge of declaring the outbreak fully contained—thanks in part to a speedy response.

A team headed by Jean-Jacques Muyembe was first on the scene. Muyembe, who responded to the first known outbreak in the country in 1976, saw the importance of keeping the virus from spreading to urban areas—which it has now done in the West African outbreak. However, as the mostly isolated DRC has seen at least seven Ebola outbreaks since 1976 and genetic testing reveals the latest strain is 99.2% similar to one that appeared in 1995, the country was well-prepared, LiveScience reports. Before this year, an outbreak had never occurred in Guinea, Liberia, or Sierra Leone, where civil conflict, a distrust of government, and well-connected towns and cities have helped Ebola spread

Ebola was a story that stirred some interest but once the American contracted the disease then it became the wrath of God….before that it was just some ‘typical’ tropical disease that only natives would get.

Sadly the first outbreak went unnoticed basically because it did not effect Americans…but once one of our own is so afflicted then it is balls to the walls and be damned if anyone gets in our way.  In other words our typical overreaction.

Ebola: Where Should We Assign Blame?

Okay all you nervous Nellies…..Ebola is here and we have to deal with that……there are a couple of things that need to be touched upon…….

First, the panic over the Ebola death and the rising number of people affected in this country have doubled….we went from one and now we have two…..the horror!

I got a Tweet today and it made an excellent point…….


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There have been lots of finger pointing as to why and how this could happen……how could the ‘best’ country in the world be caught flat footed by the Ebola virus……and there is an answer…the same answer I have been pointing to since this whole thing began……you want to know the culprit?


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The Continuing Saga Of Ebola

Opinion from Chuq’s Desk:


I have been silent on this Ebola story for good reason……the reason is that Americans are not thinking rationally….they are fixated on panic and hysteria.  The media is doing a good job of keeping the conversation a way from what we should be focusing all our attention…….treatment and a cure.  And why the resources were not available.

The media is basically leading the charge on the panic……from the constant reports to the out right lies all to perpetuate the fear.  After all there is an election and the more innuendos that are passed around the more the real issues are ignored.

Americans love to be afraid……..but sadly it seldom equates to action to solve the problem of the fear.  We all have an opinion and we cherish the fact that we can voice it when we feel the need…..it is as if we bitch and moan enough the problem will go away.

Think about it…….( pause here for reflection)……………which problem was solved by bitching and moaning?

We will continue to bite our nails until the story looses its luster and thanks to the media we shall move on for our next fearsome occurrence.

Yes, Ebola is a deadly disease but personally I am more worried about the loss of my country to special interests.  Something else to think about…….more people in this country will die from Enterovirus D68 than Ebola……Or more people in this country have died because of hunger than Ebola……..if you really want to have something to worry about then may suggest that you could be one of those that die from hunger rather than Ebola.

With each passing day it is not about the disease but rather finger pointing at who made the biggest mistake….it is all about “cover your ass”……more so than fighting the disease.

Instead of saying crap or looking for the culprit….the media might should look at the real cause of this…..idiots and their rush for a small government……with spending slashed needed cash for public health was slashed….what did you think the result of that action would be?

Maybe if we cared more about the direction of the country on public health and less of what fearsome thing is under the bed then we might have a country that would not be afraid of our shadows.

Your country is slipping away from you and you prefer to spend your time looking for a boogey man that the media gives you.

MORONS!  This country is run by MORONS!

Calm down and wait!  This too shall pass….then on to the next fear.

Turn the page!



Southern Blacks Are Biggest Victims Of GOP’s Obamacare Obstructionism

I live in the Deep South….so today I would like to post on the region and give those that do not know much about it a little education……

For decades the people of Mississippi, my state, as well as most of the South, been voting conservative…..and for decades those votes have kept the people from having a descent life and services……the sad part is…the voter still does not equate a sucky life with their vote……..


Southern Blacks Are Biggest Victims Of GOP’s Obamacare Obstructionism.

Stop Pretending That Veterans Matter

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

One of the most pressing issues facing the country today is not immigration or impeachment or whatever imaginary issue you choose to rant about….NO it is the treatment of our veterans.  These great men and women are in dire need and deserve treatment for their ills….ills that we as a country gave them.

After the great VA scandal earlier this year everyone was outraged and everyone was offering an opinion and when it came to delivering on these concerns the government fell on its face….a face that is covered with shame.

The American people say they are worried about the vets and their problems but where has that translated into action?  They still back morons that pretend everything will be alright if we just cut spending….that my friends is the dinosaur of economic thought.

I do not see where the American people are that concerned over the treatment of our veterans……they had no problem asking them to sign up for these wars of mass destruction but when they returned needing assistance they turned their backs on them.  Oh, they have No problem running up to a soldier and thanking them for their service but when it comes to seeing that they get the help they need it is another story…..of course they can say that there are many good charities that do good work with the vets….and that is true….my problem is why do they need a charity for that…..WE did this to them…..WE owe them!

Stop pretending to care!

I mean look at Missouri…..a plan was offered to the public…..a lottery with the money, all the money, earmarked for veterans care….it failed!  Missouri is NOT an isolated case……many states are complaining that they just cannot keep up with the needs of the veterans and yet will not do anything to help…..they will promise but when it comes time to deliver they shrink away.

If Americans want a war then they need to finance every part of that war and the veterans health care should be at the top of that list….so far it is not.

To all you so-called “patriots”…..time to pay up……veterans had your back now you have theirs!