Food Nazi Speaks

A few years ago I started a food blog here on WordPress, The Food Nazi,  and found that trying to keep up with more than one blog was a daunting endeavor… I let it go….I do however from time to time invoke the memory of that blog and post something on food…….

First, for all you heat freaks……I know the hot sauce du jour is that crap from (wherever)….Sriracha……but that is for wimps and posers……you really want heat then sack up and try some Harissa…. you will not be disappointed.

These days there seems to be a diet of some sort for every type of eater….no matter if you are a meat eater or vegan or vegetarian or…well whatever you think is the best food to consume…..but for many years there has been one diet that constantly improves a person health both physical and mental……

Hoping to avoid brain shrinkage, cognitive impairment, and dementia? Gobble up lots of fish, veggies, and nuts. A new study shows those who follow the increasingly well-regarded Mediterranean diet have less brain atrophy than those who don’t. Researchers scanned the brains of 674 Manhattan residents over 80 who showed no signs of dementia, and analyzed their diets based on a questionnaire, reports the Guardian. The patients who kept to a Mediterranean diet had a brain volume that was 13.11 milliliters larger than others, their gray matter volume was 5 milliliters larger, and their white brain matter was 6.41 milliliters larger. Since people’s brains shrink with age, researchers say the difference in brain volume is equal to about five years of aging. This doesn’t mean the Mediterranean diet slows brain aging, but it does show an association.

And with greater brain volume comes more brain cells. “The more brain cells you have available, the more likely you are to be protected against illnesses of the brain related to aging, like Alzheimer’s,” a doctor tells CBS News, adding omega-3 fatty acids found in fish may benefit nerve cells, while B vitamins in fruits and veggies may prevent the buildup of plaque in the brain. “These results are exciting, as they raise the possibility that people may potentially prevent brain shrinking and the effects of aging on the brain simply by following a healthy diet,” lead author Yian Gu says. One aspect of the diet stood out, though. “Eating at least three to five ounces of fish weekly or eating no more than 3.5 ounces of meat daily may provide considerable protection against loss of brain cells equal to about three to four years of aging,” Gu adds. (The diet might also add years to your life.)

Then there are foods that we are addicted to for some reason……like chocolate or burgers or ……..for me it is CHEESE!

It matters not what type….they all have their good qualities and some even have a bad one or maybe two……but for me cheese is very addicting……I wonder why?

Pizza is the most problematic food out there, as far as addictive-like qualities go. So report students who completed the Yale Food Addiction Scale as part of a study by researchers at the University of Michigan. Those researchers published their findings in PLoS ONE earlier this year, and wrote that “though evidence of ‘food addiction’ continues to grow, no previous studies have yet examined which foods or food attributes are likely implicated in addictive-like eating.” So they sought to create a sort of “addictive profile,” and ultimately determined that processed foods that are higher in fat and refined carbohydrates, which have a rapid rate of absorption as indicated by glycemic load, tend to be hardest for we mere mortals to resist. “Processing was a large, positive predictor for whether a food was associated with problematic, addictive-like eating behaviors.”

The common-sense upshot: salmon and cucumbers aren’t problematic; ice cream and chips are. And with pizza atop our gotta-have-it list, Mic this week looks at what may set cheese apart. Cheese contains the protein casein, which releases opiates called casomorphins as the cheese is digested. “[Casomorphins] really play with the dopamine receptors and trigger that addictive element,” registered dietitian Cameron Wells, who was not part of the study, tells Mic. And while it’s present in all dairy products, it’s far more condensed in cheese because it takes 10 pounds of milk to make about a pound of cheese. When it comes to cheese, we’re certainly eating more of it: Americans tripled their cheese consumption between 1970 and 2010, from about 8 pounds per year to 23 pounds, reports the Center for Science in the Public Interest

I’m addicted and I do not care!  I could eat a bowling ball if it has cheese on it…..

My perfect lunch is cheese, fruit, nuts and a nice wine…..

Do you have an addictive food?

What If Everything Your Doctors Told You About Breast Cancer Was Wrong? | Mother Jones

This post is for my female readers… is of interest to me for my lady just had to deal with breast cancer…… was a scary time for her.

She had been getting her regular mammograms and all appeared okay…there was a slight problem that they were keeping an eye on the situation…… then….BAM!

She is doing fine now….but I wonder if it could not have been caught mush earlier?

Any way since this is a big question for women and I read this article….I wanted to share it with my readers……

For years, scientists have known that mammograms are largely ineffective. Why can’t we get that message across?

Source: What If Everything Your Doctors Told You About Breast Cancer Was Wrong? | Mother Jones

Why Am I Not Surprised?

We all have heard the horror stories of our vets and their ordeal to get into the program to get treatment for the diseases they encountered while in service to the country….or the needed rehab work to learn to use artificial limbs…..we know the Congress is a do nothing pack of whores that work the hardest for those with the most cash……

But there is another group that Congress is turning its back on….yet again……the 9/11 first responders…….

A law that provides medical monitoring and treatment for Sept. 11 first responders expired at midnight Wednesday due to the failure of Congress to act. For now, first responders who rushed to the World Trade Center after the 2001 terrorist attacks, worked for weeks, and now suffer from illnesses like pulmonary disease and cancers will still be able to get their health care. But in a letter to the Senate, CDC Director Tom Frieden said if the law isn’t extended, the WTC Health Program “will begin to face significant operational challenges” by February. By next summer, the program’s 72,000 enrolled beneficiaries will have to be notified that they may not receive health care beyond September 2016 and the program will have to start to shut down, a process Frieden says could cause patients additional stress.

The Zadroga Act, named for a responder who died after working at Ground Zero, first became law in 2010 after a debate over the cost. Proponents seek the law’s permanent extension in part because some illnesses may not manifest until years later, after the statute of limitations for worker’s comp or certain state laws may have run out. House Republicans have been supportive of the program but oppose its permanent extension because they want to be able to periodically review it and make sure it’s operating soundly; the Senate hasn’t moved a bill. Letting the program expire creates “enormous anxieties and fears in the minds of very sick people,” says Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, who’s been lobbying to make the program permanent and recently was joined by comedian Jon Stewart. “People are dying and suffering, and Congress can easily close this wound,” says one leading advocate. “But they continue to add salt to it.”

Why am I surprised that the pigs in DC let this benefit expire?

They use these people as political props but refuse to do anything that would compensate them for the work they did on that faithful day…..these people did their part now it is time for Congress to do theirs……

It does not surprise me that the American people turn their back on these brave souls…..if they would do it to our valiant vets…..these guys/gals were not safe.

Mister, Can You Spare A Butt?

Sunday my last day of no world affairs that can really make me cranky…..

For centuries man has searched high and low for a way to extend his/her life span……I even heard of one Chinese dude who drank pure mercury because it was thought it would make him immortal….I would put that one in the category as a bit extreme……

There is a new study (there is always a study) about a possible link to long life and a habit that some of us cannot seem to break…..

If you smoke for most of your life and still live to a ripe, old age, you might have more than luck on your side. Though smokers can generally expect to live 10 years less than non-smokers, this is by no means a hard and fast rule. Jeanne Calment, for example, smoked every day from the age of 21, yet was the oldest person in the world when she died at age 122 in 1997, reports the Washington Post. To understand such cases, scientists at UCLA carried out a study on long-lived smokers, comparing 90 smokers who lived past 80 with 730 who died before 70. They identified genetic markers that allows some to endure damage from stressors such as cigarette smoke better than the rest of us. In fact, the markers “seem to promote longevity,” study author Morgan Levine says in a release.

“Many of these markers are in pathways that were discovered to be important for aging and lifespan in animal models,” says Levine, noting the genes “may facilitate lifespan extension by increasing cellular maintenance and repair.” When researchers compared those with the gene variants to 6,447 non-smokers, they found the former group was 22% more likely to survive into their 90s, and three times more likely to reach 100, reports UPI. They also had a lesser risk of cancer. Genetic tests might someday allow people to easily learn whether they are among this “biologically distinct” group. Just don’t bet on good news: Levine notes it’s “extremely small,” and “even among those who are genetically predisposed to longevity, smoking cessation is likely still one of the best things they can do for their health.” (Want to live longer? You might try chili peppers.)

I am almost 70 now…maybe there is hope for me yet…..LOL


News Of Tomorrow……Today


One last post before I shut down for the weekend…….I gave you the news of today back in January 2015….that of the Syrian refugees……I have found some news of tomorrow and I will pass it on…

I have not written much From The VOMITORIUM is a long time…..I guess I need to re-start the series…..after all there is so much puke being passed off as news….it needs to be given the disdain that it deserves.

Our borders are porous at best…..and candidates and bloggers and pundits and just plain d/bags have said that so many things are coming across our borders…..terrorists, rapists, gangsters, disease etc…..I recall about a year ago when the conversation was all about the “illegals” there were people like Beck and Jones that even went so far as to “report” that leprosy was coming in on the backs of these “illegals” and possibly other diseases to infect the population in one way or the other….

I suspect that if we do get some of the Middle East refugees then we will most likely here more of these wild accusations…..

Then I saw a story on the web that made me think that this would be the perfect story to ‘report’ on by these nut cases……

Michigan doctors have an unwanted first on their hands: a patient with bubonic plague. It sounds a lot worse than it is, however. The unidentified patient is recovering and has a form of the plague that isn’t contagious, reports MLive. And Michigan residents will be happy to learn that the person is believed to have picked up the disease not at home but on a recent trip to Colorado, probably from the fleas of an infected animal. This is actually the 14th plague case in the US this year, well above the national average of three, notes the CDC. Four of them have been fatal, and the reason for this year’s uptick isn’t clear.

“Theoretically, the illness can move to bloodstream or to a lung infection, but this (Michigan) individual had localized infection, so there’s no concern about transmission,” the medical director of the Marquette County Health Department tells the Detroit Free Press. Despite its devastation in the Middle Ages, the plague isn’t the dreaded killer it used to be, explains CNN. Antibiotics and antimicrobials can generally conquer it, especially when detected early.

What made me think of this is that Michigan has a large Muslim community and what better way to show your “Christian” love than to blame them for the possible outbreak of the “Black Death”……

So far not much has been said about this situation….but how long will that last with the current attitudes towards the Middle East and Muslims?  And then there is the possibility of thousands of refugees possibly coming to a town near you.

Okay if you are thinking that this is a bit of a stretch…..then I will agree…..but the chattering class has made more out of less.

If you do not like that one…….if it is too far-fetched for you…….. how about the new florist for the White House……

The White House on Thursday named an Iranian-American woman to the position of florist, a job that had been vacant since earlier this year.

Hedieh “Roshan” Ghaffarian will serve as the White House’s new chief floral designer, coming to the job with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, the White House said.

Ghaffarian was born in Tehran and immigrated to California as a young girl with her family following the Iranian Revolution. She started her own flower business in her 20s, the White House said.

This oughta get the haters juices flowing…I can hear the crap now….she is a plant by the Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood (sorry the MB is a Sunni group not Shia)(if that confuses you….then get off your lazy ass and look it up)….this will get the hidden Muslim bullsh*t flowing (it has sort of slowed down in the last year or so)…..etc…etc….etc……..

To my Right wing batcrap crazies……There you go people I have given you ammo for your next crazy bullsh*t conspiracy….try not to screw it up, okay?  You guys know how wrong you can be, right?

Remember!  You heard it here….first!

Go….enjoy your weekend!

Is It Brain Worms?

Brain worms are like a tapeworm……..they demand more food…….but instead of burgers it is information and knowledge……

I often joke about having brain worms and it causes me to be doing research in my sleep…….but all joking aside there is a problem…….I have been reading reports for a month or more about this growing problem………

It started with a headache about two weeks ago. But a 21-year-old California woman soon began vomiting, and after being unable to shake the symptoms within a day, went to the hospital on June 17. Officials say she’s now dead, having succumbed to a rare infection caused by a brain-eating amoeba, reports CBS Sacramento. The unidentified Bishop, Calif., resident was initially diagnosed with meningitis, but was later flown to a hospital in Reno after her condition worsened. Shortly afterward, she went into cardiac arrest and died, prompting testing by the CDC. The cause of death has been established as primary amoebic meningoencephalitis or PAM, the Reno Gazette-Journal reports. The infection is caused by Naegleria fowleri—an amoeba found in warm, still waters that, once in the body, travels to the brain and destroys brain tissue.

Incidents of PAM are extremely rare, with only 35 reported cases in the past 10 years, according to the CDC. Infections typically occur when the amoeba enters a person’s nose through contaminated water, and the fatality rate is dismal: nearly 98%. The CDC notes that there have been just three known survivors out of 133 people reported to have been infected in the US from 1962 to 2014. Officials shared few details about the woman’s exposure to the amoeba beyond saying they believe it occurred on private property and that the public is not at risk. The CDC recommends using distilled or sterile water in neti pots, properly chlorinating pools, and avoiding head submersion in still water to reduce one’s risk of infection. (This girl is the third-known survivor of PAM.)

This is scary stuff!

I apologize for being crude and cold hearted……but could this explain why most Right wing wackos seem to have a diminishing mental activity?  Whatcha think?

VA to Iraq war vet: ‘We’re not accepting any new patients’

I have been bitching about the treatment of American vets for 40 years…..this country treats our returning vets like a worn out tool to be discarded when broken……this country should be ashamed!

Recently we have heard time and time again that the VA is improving……..there have been propaganda pieces in the media to show these improvements……but my question is……just how improved is the VA system?

VA to Iraq war vet: ‘We’re not accepting any new patients’.

Kinda sounds like the same old system to me……..

Any thoughts?