Where To Die?

My God!  What shall we do?  It is winter and it is snowing in NYC……The HORROR!

Flash!  If it is winter it will snow north of the Mason-Dixon.  This is news to no one but someone that has to navigate in NYC…..so since it is snowing in NYC I will not work today…..because it is just that important to the world and the situations we are ignoring.

Now that I have pointed out the ignorance of the American people…..I shall move on to REAL news…..

My regulars know that I spend a lot of time on the Middle East and war and basic economics with a little history thrown in for good measures……but from time to time I do depart from my norm and post on things that I would like to share with my readers and get their opinions……..this post is one of those times………

There has been a PR blitz when the Obamacare thing was brewing and one of the issues that was used to try and defeat it was the treatment of the elderly……some said that it was a death notice to seniors……basically it was counseling that was at odds…..

I recent read a piece about a new “treatment” for lack of a better word at this hour that is being proposed…….

Seniors had better brace themselves: Some US hospitals are now administering the “death test,” which estimates their chance of dying over the next 30 days. Invented in Australia, the test weighs 29 different criteria—including blood pressure, respiratory rate, and medical history—to determine whether hospitalization is worthwhile or the patient should return home or go to a hospice, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The idea is to prevent needless and expensive procedures while allowing patients to spend their last days with loved ones. “Most terminally ill people want to die at home, but in fact three quarters end up dying in acute hospitals, often after intrusive, expensive and ultimately pointless medical procedures,” says study author Magnolia Cardona-Morrell, the Independent reports.

The test also aims to take pressure off doctors and nurses to prolong patients’ lives “at all costs,” the Telegraph reports. “I had lots of nurses and doctors standing there saying, ‘We have been waiting for a tool like this for years, when can we start using it?'” says Cardona-Morrell, whose work was presented recently at a US medical conference. “To me that is an indication there is a need out there.” She says the test takes just five or ten minutes, and helps doctors have a more “transparent” conversation with patients. Called CriSTAL, it’s now being tested to see if it would have predicted the future of patients who have since died. Then it may be used in more hospitals.

If you have read this then please let me hear your opinions…..may make for a lively dialogue……

Reproductive Rights: Return To Crap!

Now that we have a GOP controlled Congress some old issues will be in the firing field again…….of course if you speak with a Right wing mental titan (that is sarcasm in case you missed it) they will try to dress you down for even considering that there is a major push on the rights of women……and they will be forceful in their condemnation of such an accusation……

Congress will be zeroing in on reproductive rights of women…..and here are the attacks to watch……


Seven Reproductive Rights Issues to Watch in 2015.

Have You Had Your Annual Check-up?

The beginning of another year and most of us will think about that annual physical……as we get older we start considering our own mortality and most of us want to live forever, right?

You may want to read this before you dash to the phone and make that appointment……

(Newser) – It’s a new year, and perhaps you’re thinking about calling your doctor to make an appointment for your annual physical. Don’t, writes oncologist Ezekiel J. Emanuel in the New York Times. “From a health perspective, the annual physical exam is basically worthless,” he says. Studies have found that routine doctor visits—those that are not related to a specific complaint—don’t reduce mortality overall (or from causes like cancer and heart disease), and many experts don’t recommend “checkup”-type exams. As Emanuel explains, it’s rare for doctors to actually pick up on a previously unknown symptom during a routine physical. And even if they do, out of thousands of people going in for annuals, there are “maybe one or two [who] actually gain a health benefit from an early diagnosis,” he writes.

As for the rest, early detection won’t make any difference: Regardless of when it’s caught, a person with thyroid cancer likely won’t die anyway, while a person with esophageal or pancreatic cancer likely won’t see his or her life extended. And in some cases, healthy people “are actually hurt by physicals,” because they end up with complications or pain from unnecessary further screening. Beyond all this, of course, there’s the fact that “the checkups consume billions, although no one is sure exactly how many billions because of the challenge of measuring the additional screenings and follow-up tests.” So keep eating healthily and exercising, and get preventive care like flu shots and colonoscopies, but to reduce health-care costs and free up doctors for patients who really need them, skip the annual physical. Click for Emanuel’s full column. (Or read about why he doesn’t want to live past 75.)

Maybe something to consider…..whatcha think?

Foods NOT For Dogs

I am an animal person…..but I have been blessed with dogs in my life since the beginning…….and of course there are times when eating and your friend is close by waiting for a taste…..but there some foods that can do damage to your friend…..even death……

You may have heard that you shouldn’t give chocolate to your dog—but how about grapes? Or sugar-free gum? Alternet lists eight foods that humans may consume, but pets definitely shouldn’t:

  1. Sugar-free treats like gum, which contain xylitol. The sugar alcohol is extracted from fruits and vegetables to be put in gum, toothpaste, sugarless baked goods, and more. If a 20-pound dog eats a couple of sticks of the gum, it can suffer hypoglycemia and even death.
  2. Chocolate, coffee, and sodas, which contain methylxanthine compounds. They can cause seizures and heart problems in pets, and a single chocolate bar can lead to death.
  1. Avocados, which carry a toxin known as persin. It’s not just dangerous to cats and dogs: Birds, hamsters, and guinea pigs can experience serious health problems from the stuff, too.
  2. Cookies, which could contain macadamia nuts or other dangerous ingredients. Macadamia nuts, or macadamia powder or oil, can make dogs very sick for reasons that are unclear.
  3. Grapes and raisins, which “can lead to acute kidney failure in pets,” says a vet, noting that “we didn’t know about this until a few years ago.”
  4. Onions, garlic, and similar foods, which can make it harder for your pet’s blood to carry oxygen. Watch out for garlic and onion powder in soups, sauces, and elsewhere.

Click for Alternet’s full list.

Please read this and do your friend a favor and fight the urge to give them a taste……

Is Stupid Contagious?

You know for the longest time I thought we could contribute the stupidity of the public to over exposure to FOX News, Alex Jones, Glen Beck, Reality TV other such sources…..I never considered that it could be a virus….a stupidity virus?……NO!  I am not joking or making light……there is a for real Stupid virus!.

US researchers have come across a virus that may make us stupider—and it’s turning up in the throats of otherwise-healthy people, the Independent reports. Some 43% of 92 people in a study were found to have the virus. Those affected scored about 10% lower on tests involving visual processing, Science reports; for instance, it took them comparatively longer to draw a line through a numerical sequence on a page. Their attention spans also appeared to be shorter. “There’s more and more studies showing that microorganisms in your body have a bigger influence than anything anyone would have predicted, and this could be something along those lines,” says a researcher.

Known as chlorovirus ATCV-1, the virus typically affects freshwater algae, Healthline reports. Mice infected with the virus subsequently suffered declining scores on similar cognitive tests. The virus, researchers found, managed to cross the blood-brain barrier and take a toll on genes in the mice’s brains. A few things to note, however: More research is needed to see if the virus exists in people outside the Baltimore study area, and even if it is, an outside expert says its effect seems minimal: “If you ask me if I am worried about the existence of this virus, I am not.”

Personally, I believe it is more serious than the researchers say……just watch the news, any news, stupid is approaching a pandemic …….


Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Ebola That Conservatives Actually Believe | Right Wing Watch

God how I love the way that misinformation makes its way into the national conversation……and the stupidity of those that believe it is even more amusing…….

I have been a critic of this whole Ebola crisis…..I have stated that it is nothing more than the media milking a story for every ounce of crap they can glean from it…….

And there are the total bullshit from the Right on this crisis……..there are those that believe each and every one of these fear statements…..

Read and report!


Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Ebola That Conservatives Actually Believe | Right Wing Watch.