There Is A Fungus Among Us

It is a few days to step away from the lunacy that we call news and report on some other form of news…..but there are times when stupid gets in the way…….this is one of those times……..

I read a lot of garbage and most of it comes from the Right……not so much their ideology just their mental incompetency……

Here’s the problem……As an elected official…..people tend to think you know what you’re talking about.

So when you say you can just “flush out cancer”, it’s not just a lie it’s dangerous because people will believe you.

“If you have cancer, which I believe is a fungus, and we can put a pic line into your body and we’re flushing, let’s say, salt water, sodium cardonate [sic], through that line, and flushing out the fungus… These are some procedures that are not FDA-approved in America that are very inexpensive, cost-effective.”

‘Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R) wants to reform the rules of end-of-life medical care so that more cancer patients can simply flush out their disease using baking soda’.

‘Fiore, who is also CEO of a healthcare company, told listeners to her weekly radio show on Saturday, that she will soon introduce a “terminally ill bill,” to allow more non-FDA-approved treatments for those diagnosed as having terminal illnesses’.

From :

See what I mean?  Stupid!

Is this How We “Honor” Our Veterans?

The Prez has signed the veterans suicide bill into law……a great thing that our government came together to do something good for the vets……my worry is that the funding will be subject to whatever “crisis” the idiots come up with or that it will get watered down by a Congress that has scored its point for the next election….

And then I read this piece and once again I got sick to my stomach at the treatment that vets are getting from the very country that made them a vet……the very country that continues to pretend that veteran’s lives matter……NOTHING has changed since 1968……

All they, the vets, get is lots of lip service….few give a crap about their problems or their treatment……in short the vets are just a “feel good” moment for people to latch onto…..nothing changes……the public crapped on Viet vets and it has continued for 40+ years…….

Is this how we honor those people that protect your freedom?


Wounded Warriors Treated as ‘Slackers’ at Hood, Bliss and Brooke |

Could It Lead To Designer Babies?

There is a movement to use a woman’s eggs to rid the fetuses of impurities…….but could all this lead to a shadow industry of designer babies?

British lawmakers in the House of Commons voted today to allow scientists to create babies from the DNA of three people—a move that could prevent some children from inheriting potentially fatal diseases from their mothers. The vote in the House of Commons was 382-128 in favor. The bill must next be approved by the House of Lords before becoming law. If so, it would make Britain the first country in the world to allow embryos to be genetically modified. The controversial techniques involve altering a human egg or embryo before transferring it into the mother. British law currently forbids any such modification and critics say approving the techniques could lead to the creation of “designer babies.”

Defects in the mitochondria can result in diseases including muscular dystrophy; heart, kidney, and liver failure; and severe muscle weakness. The techniques would likely only be used in about a dozen British women every year who have faulty mitochondria, the energy-producing structures outside a cell’s nucleus. To fix that, scientists remove the nucleus DNA from the egg of a prospective mother and insert it into a donor egg from which the nucleus DNA has been removed. This can be done either before or after fertilization. The resulting embryo would end up with the nucleus DNA from its parents but the mitochondrial DNA from the donor. Scientists say the DNA from the donor egg amounts to less than 1% of the resulting embryo’s genes. Last year, the US FDA held a meeting to discuss the techniques and scientists warned it could take decades to determine if they are safe.

Am I just worrying for nothing or is this a possibility?  Knowing the scruples are in short supply in the medical profession and are non-existent in the research realm…..what are the chances of a designer baby coming from this issue?

Could this violate some religious tenet?  I mean altering an egg should be a crime against God’s intention, right?  Would not this be tantamount to killing the child that God “gave” the parents?  I really would like a religious person to step up and go on record by answering those question for everyone.

Thoughts please………


If you want to live a long life…..then exercise.

But should you?  If so, then to what point?

It’s common knowledge that a healthy person shouldn’t sit around all day, but new research on running is emphasizing the opposite danger. Running too much can be just as bad for you as being sedentary, the study suggests. Researchers tracked some 1,100 healthy runners and 413 sedentary folks over a period of more than 12 years, HealthDay reports via Medical Xpress. People ranged in age from 20 to 95. The risk of dying during the study turned out to be approximately the same among heavy runners—those who ran quickly more than three days a week for a total of more than four hours—and sedentary people who rarely exercised, Time reports.

The best plan, according to the study, was to run lightly: The group that had the best results ran at a slow-ish pace (about 5mph) less than three times each week, going for an hour to 2.4 hours total. Even a group that ran a bit more often and longer saw a slight increase in death risk, Time notes. The findings could perhaps relate to cardiovascular problems previously observed in the most die-hard runners and cyclists. “If you want to do something good for yourself, you don’t have to be extreme,” says a study author. But another researcher points to a number of possible flaws in the findings, including the fact that the hardest-running group was quite small. (Another recent study has a warning on exercise: It could hurt your teeth.)

There is a simple equation that I try to follow…… and exercise wisely………

“Live long and prosper”……sorry had get my geek on.

Where To Die?

My God!  What shall we do?  It is winter and it is snowing in NYC……The HORROR!

Flash!  If it is winter it will snow north of the Mason-Dixon.  This is news to no one but someone that has to navigate in NYC… since it is snowing in NYC I will not work today…..because it is just that important to the world and the situations we are ignoring.

Now that I have pointed out the ignorance of the American people…..I shall move on to REAL news…..

My regulars know that I spend a lot of time on the Middle East and war and basic economics with a little history thrown in for good measures……but from time to time I do depart from my norm and post on things that I would like to share with my readers and get their opinions……..this post is one of those times………

There has been a PR blitz when the Obamacare thing was brewing and one of the issues that was used to try and defeat it was the treatment of the elderly……some said that it was a death notice to seniors……basically it was counseling that was at odds…..

I recent read a piece about a new “treatment” for lack of a better word at this hour that is being proposed…….

Seniors had better brace themselves: Some US hospitals are now administering the “death test,” which estimates their chance of dying over the next 30 days. Invented in Australia, the test weighs 29 different criteria—including blood pressure, respiratory rate, and medical history—to determine whether hospitalization is worthwhile or the patient should return home or go to a hospice, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The idea is to prevent needless and expensive procedures while allowing patients to spend their last days with loved ones. “Most terminally ill people want to die at home, but in fact three quarters end up dying in acute hospitals, often after intrusive, expensive and ultimately pointless medical procedures,” says study author Magnolia Cardona-Morrell, the Independent reports.

The test also aims to take pressure off doctors and nurses to prolong patients’ lives “at all costs,” the Telegraph reports. “I had lots of nurses and doctors standing there saying, ‘We have been waiting for a tool like this for years, when can we start using it?'” says Cardona-Morrell, whose work was presented recently at a US medical conference. “To me that is an indication there is a need out there.” She says the test takes just five or ten minutes, and helps doctors have a more “transparent” conversation with patients. Called CriSTAL, it’s now being tested to see if it would have predicted the future of patients who have since died. Then it may be used in more hospitals.

If you have read this then please let me hear your opinions…..may make for a lively dialogue……

Reproductive Rights: Return To Crap!

Now that we have a GOP controlled Congress some old issues will be in the firing field again…….of course if you speak with a Right wing mental titan (that is sarcasm in case you missed it) they will try to dress you down for even considering that there is a major push on the rights of women……and they will be forceful in their condemnation of such an accusation……

Congress will be zeroing in on reproductive rights of women…..and here are the attacks to watch……


Seven Reproductive Rights Issues to Watch in 2015.

Have You Had Your Annual Check-up?

The beginning of another year and most of us will think about that annual physical……as we get older we start considering our own mortality and most of us want to live forever, right?

You may want to read this before you dash to the phone and make that appointment……

(Newser) – It’s a new year, and perhaps you’re thinking about calling your doctor to make an appointment for your annual physical. Don’t, writes oncologist Ezekiel J. Emanuel in the New York Times. “From a health perspective, the annual physical exam is basically worthless,” he says. Studies have found that routine doctor visits—those that are not related to a specific complaint—don’t reduce mortality overall (or from causes like cancer and heart disease), and many experts don’t recommend “checkup”-type exams. As Emanuel explains, it’s rare for doctors to actually pick up on a previously unknown symptom during a routine physical. And even if they do, out of thousands of people going in for annuals, there are “maybe one or two [who] actually gain a health benefit from an early diagnosis,” he writes.

As for the rest, early detection won’t make any difference: Regardless of when it’s caught, a person with thyroid cancer likely won’t die anyway, while a person with esophageal or pancreatic cancer likely won’t see his or her life extended. And in some cases, healthy people “are actually hurt by physicals,” because they end up with complications or pain from unnecessary further screening. Beyond all this, of course, there’s the fact that “the checkups consume billions, although no one is sure exactly how many billions because of the challenge of measuring the additional screenings and follow-up tests.” So keep eating healthily and exercising, and get preventive care like flu shots and colonoscopies, but to reduce health-care costs and free up doctors for patients who really need them, skip the annual physical. Click for Emanuel’s full column. (Or read about why he doesn’t want to live past 75.)

Maybe something to consider…..whatcha think?