What Would Universal Healthcare Look Like in the U.S.?

Repeal Obamacare…..GOP fav rallying call…I say please do….for there is a better way……

Personally, I think universal health care is the only way to be sure that Americans have a healthy and productive life…..

This is a very informative conversation on the issue of universal health care…..please let me know your thoughts…..chuq

What Would Universal Healthcare Look Like in the U.S.?.

Hacked Or Not?

I tried to stay away from the regurgitation of the pros and cons of the Obamacare debacle…..but recently a reader (John Z.) of IST (this blog) asked if I had heard anything about the official website having been hacked by the right wing……I had heard the story but could not confirm that it actually had occurred…..and then I ran across this piece of info concerning the website……

Newser) – Imitation isn’t any form of flattery in this case. California Republicans are taking flak for a website (coveringhealthcareca.com) that highlights downsides of health care reform—but resembles an official site and has a URL similar to that of the state’s health care exchange (www.coveredca.com). Critics say the site, which was paid for by taxpayer dollars and publicized by Republican members of the state assembly, is a deliberate attempt to mislead people looking for the real thing, much like 10 other imitation sites that have already been shut down, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

“Republicans in Sacramento have wasted taxpayer dollars building a fake website in an attempt to sow confusion and fear, in a futile attempt to discredit the law,” charges the chairman of the progressive Courage Campaign group. After an outcry, the GOP site was updated to include direct links to California’s state insurance exchange, reports the Los Angeles Times. Republicans say the site was merely an effort to keep their constituents informed about ObamaCare, and note that traffic has increased tenfold since it first made the news.

This is the best answer I have for the question at this time………I do not doubt that the website could have been hacked….but until I have confirmation I will NOT speculate…….something we all should live by in this age of innuendos…..

What Is In The Mandate?

Oh God!  The ballet has begun again…….the debate on the law called Obamacare.  Silliness and absurdity are the chorus…….we are hearing all the crap over and over….kinda like the House votes on repealing the Law, 39 times I believe and yet it is still the LAW!  GOP has its head firmly placed in their anus…….before we go on let me say something clever to the Right wing….Obamacare is LAW!  Get over it you twats!

The taxes and the fines and lastly that damn pesky MANDATE.  But wait what is the mandate?  Can you describe it without dashing to the Google machine?  (pause here for the clicking of keys in search of mandate on Google).

Ezra Klein has attempted to explain the mandate……..

The individual mandate is a requirement that all individuals who can afford health-care insurance purchase some minimally comprehensive policy. For the purposes of the law, “individuals who can afford health-care insurance” is defined as people for whom the minimum policy will not cost more than 8 percent of their monthly income, and who make more than the poverty line. So if coverage would cost more than 8 percent of your monthly income, or you’re making very little, you’re not on the hook to buy insurance (and, because of other provisions in the law, you’re getting subsidies that make insurance virtually costless anyway).

The theory behind the mandate is simple: It’s there to protect against an insurance death spiral. Now that insurers can’t discriminate based on preexisting conditions, it would be entirely possible for people to forgo insurance until, well, they develop a medical condition. In that world, the bulk of the people buying insurance on the exchanges are sick, and that makes the average premiums terrifically expensive. The mandate is there to bring healthy people into the pool, which keeps average costs down and also ensures that people aren’t riding free on the system by letting society pay when they get hit by a bus.

The irony of the mandate is that it’s been presented as a terribly onerous tax on decent, hardworking people who don’t want to purchase insurance. In reality, it’s the best deal in the bill: A cynical consumer would be smart to pay the modest penalty rather than pay thousands of dollars a year for insurance. In the current system, that’s a bad idea because insurers won’t let them buy insurance if they get sick later. In the reformed system, there’s no consequence for that behavior. You could pay the penalty for five years and then buy insurance the day you felt a lump.

The Right is fighting the law and in particular the mandate as a TAX….and we know how Americans have been brainwashed into a “no taxation” mode……now we can debate the legitimacy of the argument that it is a tax but it will always depend on your political ideology……..I want to believe that the consumer is smarter than the GOP gives them credit………(I say that and I live in a state where I question the mental capacity of 75% of the voters….so I could be mistaken)……..

Actually the law is too weak….more so than too punitive to the taxpayer……personally, it does not go far enough…..but I can live with it….for now….

Now you have an idea what the mandate is……there is so much more to the law but the mandate seems to be what most are focusing on….at least for this week……

Hey! It’s Working!

I wish the twats on the Right would shut up and let the facts drive the conversation…..but that is probably too much to ask for in these times, huh?

We all know just how the Right feels about Obamacare, right?  They are always telling us what a dismal failure it is and will be…..and of course the Prez gave them more ammo when in postponed the small business part of the law……let me interrupt the mindless clowns and telling of the successes……..but first let’s look at the action taken by the House (again)………

(AP) – House Republicans voted today to delay core provisions of ObamaCare, emboldened by the administration’s concession that requiring companies to provide coverage for their workers next year may be too complicated. After a day of heated rhetoric, the House voted largely along party lines, 264-161, to delay by one year the so-called employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act. It voted 251-174 to extend a similar grace period to virtually all Americans who will be required to obtain coverage beginning Jan. 1, the linchpin of the law. The House legislation stands no chance in the Democratic-run Senate. Even if it somehow did, the White House promised two vetoes.

The dual political-show votes marked the 38th time the GOP majority has tried to eliminate, defund, or scale back the law since Republicans took control of the House in January 2011. “This administration cannot make its own law work,” said Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, during House debate. Eager to counter the Republican criticism, Obama plans to deliver remarks tomorrow focusing on rebates that consumers are already receiving from insurance companies under the health care law.

And now as promised…..the SUCCESSES!

  • New York: Just today we found out that health insurance premiums for those in the individual market will plummet by 50 percent or more. The New York Times reports that someone who is paying $1,000 a month now will be able to purchase coverage next year for as little as $308 — and that’s not even counting potential Obamacare subsidies that could lower the cost even further.
  • California: The costs for a medium coverage plan are far below predictions. For example, in southern Los Angeles County Health Net is going to charge $242 a month for one of its plans while Blue Shield is charging $287 and Kaiser Permanente $325 for the same coverage. That means that the 5 million uninsured residents of California will now have more access to affordable, higher quality care than is currently available.
  • Montana: The individual and small group health plans sold on the marketplace will be cheaper and offer better coverage. Without the health law, insurance officials predicted the average premium in 2014 to rise by 10 percent to $290. Instead, the average cost for an individual plan will be $273 — about five percent lower than it would have been without the health law’s marketplace. Costs are going down even has insurance companies will now have to cover ten “essential health benefits,” including prescription drug and mental health services, that skimpy individual plans almost never cover.
  • Louisiana: Residents will soon see lower premiums as well. Just last week Louisiana’s largest private health insurer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, estimated that two-thirds of its customers who buy their own policies will pay the same premiums or less for better coverage under the federal health care overhaul.
  • Washington: After warning that premiums would go up by 50-70 percent under Obamacare, Premera Blue Cross released rates for individual plans that are far lower that current levels. Premera currently offers individual plans for 21-year-old non-smokers at a monthly cost of $325, with a deductible of $1,800. In the exchange, that same person in King County could purchase a similar Premera plan with a lower deductible at a rate of $276 — a decrease of 15 percent.

BOTTOM LINE: Obamacare is working. And with 24 million Americans expected to gain coverage through the marketplaces by 2016, that’s great news for Americans’ pocketbooks — as well as their health. It’s time Republicans do their job and make sure their constituents get coverage and the benefits from Obamacare, instead of doing everything in their power to take away those benefits from their constituents.

Okay sports fans here is the ammo we all need to fight the revisionist bullsh*t of the GOP……..make good use of the information at hand………we can beat the pants off the Right when armed with facts…..you have your facts…..GET BUSY!

One Reason Romney Is A Dud

Daily Agitator

Although it is NOT official, Romney will be running for the GOP nomination for the 2012 election……but as with everything about this guy……the many contradictions and he is , so far, the front runner…..let’s pick a subject….health care comes to mind….why?  His health care plan when he was governor of Massachusetts……funny how it looks a lot like the dreadful Dem “Obamacare”…….

Take a look at a few of his flips……..

Back in 2006, as a Republican governor in a deep blue state, Mitt Romney signed into law a health care plan that would insure almost every resident of Massachusetts. At the time, it was praised by supporters of health care reform as a landmark achievement for the then-governor. The lynchpin of “Romneycare” was an insurance mandate that required the people of Massachusetts to get health insurance.”I think there are a number of features in the Massachusetts plan that could inform Washington on ways to improve health care for all Americans,” Romney told CNN. “The fact that we were able to get people insured without a government option is a model I think they can learn from.”

OK, five years ago Mitt-care would have been a good example for the nation….and then we have this said by Romney….

Well, it’s filled with so many defects it’s hard to know where exactly to begin. I’d say from a process standpoint the idea of rushing through a piece of legislation which will define the health care system for this country is a very bad idea. The right approach is one which includes extensive analysis, evaluation of systems that have been implemented in other countries and in other states, a bipartisan effort which includes different perspectives and views, the inputs of physicians, patients, advocacy groups, hospitals, business, and labor. This should be a very inclusive and extensive process, and President Obama, out of an apparent desire to score a victory, is not willing to give health care the deliberative process it deserves.

His justification of this flip is that tired old GOP tactic of state’s rights….Romney is suffering from the same disease as McCain had back ’08…..ideas are only good if they are his ideas….others just don’t get it….

Romney is just getting out ahead of the criticism before he has some serious contenders….this way he has addressed the issue and is trying to lessen any impact that would be coming his way from other GOPers……

But his biggest WTF moment was when he said……

“The nation already has over a thousand private insurance companies, many of the largest of which are not for profit, so his excuse for forming the public government option –that it’s necessary to give people choices — is obviously fallacious.”

1000’s of insurance companies,  many are not for profit……(pause here for some genuine surprise at a completely stupid statement)…..Romney is turning into the typical GOP candidate…..full of crap and lies…..how much is he getting from the insurance industry?  That would explain such a bogus and unthoughtful  response…..keep the donors happy and you will get your just rewards…..you think you have it bad now…then vote for this guy and learn the REAL meaning of misery!