Rubio the Inflexible Hawk | The American Conservative

Okay, everyone sit down!  I admit it…I read the American Conservative….you see I have no problem with conservatism but I do with what neo-liberals pretend to be conservative….they are NOT!

I get the feeling that I could be some sort of anomaly among bloggers……I read all sources of information not just the stuff that will enhance my blog-speak…..

I have heard that Rubio could be the next big thing for the GOP….more so than Cruz, who just about everybody hates and Jeb, who cannot find his ass with both hands and a flashlight……then there are the frontrunners of today, Trump and Carson, they just want attention…..but Rubio is not a conserv and his foreign policy is nothing to be proud of…..that is if you consider yourself a conservative.

As I was reading Evan Osnos’ long profile of Rubio and his “political dexterity,” I was struck by this section near the end:Hillary Clinton favors an activist American foreign policy, and Rubio me

Source: Rubio the Inflexible Hawk | The American Conservative

Since I firmly believe that 2016 will be an election where foreign policy will be the most pressing issue for the next president……Rubio is NOT your man for the presidency.

The GOP’s Guerrilla Warfare

Before I get into the meat of this post….I would like to thank all my readers that viewed and responded my post over the weekend about my granddaughter and her music…..I appreciate all the kind words and the likes….she is thrilled.

Trump has made a meteoric rise to prominence……and many have jumped on the wagon…..their anger at the government has given the air his blimp needed…..the problem is that trump is not someone the stalwart Repubs want to be their nominee……the RNC and other leaders are trying to figure out how to sideline Trump in favor of a more likable candidate……apparently they will do whatever it takes…..even “guerrilla warfare”……

The Wall Street Journal has an inside look at the “guerrilla campaign” being launched against Donald Trump by the GOP establishment. The Journal states party stalwarts are “increasingly alarmed” by Trump’s continued success and dread seeing him move on to the general election. According to a memo obtained by the newspaper, former RNC online communications director Liz Mair has set up Trump Card LLC to unite donors from various campaigns into a single anti-Donald front. “In the absence of our efforts, Trump is exceedingly unlikely to implode or be forced out of the race,” the memo states. “The stark reality is that unless something dramatic and unconventional is done, Trump will be the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton will become president.”

Mair—who lost her previous gig with the Scott Walker campaign over some social-media posts mocking Iowans—describes Trump Card as “loosely organized and highly confidential,” with financial backers remaining anonymous, the Journal reports. Trump Card’s plans so far include comparing the Republican frontrunner to Rosie O’Donnell in an attempt to goad him into a reaction and hiring a Trump impersonator to insult people. Trump Card’s goal, as stated in the memo, isn’t even to get supporters to switch to another candidate; rather it wants to turn them off voting altogether. The Journal reports “the sense of urgency has mounted in part because Mr. Trump continues at or near the top of GOP polls, even after many predicted that the Paris terror attacks would lead voters to turn to a more seasoned candidate.” Read the full story here.

Now it will be interesting to see how successful this campaign can be……and how his supporters will react….

American politics is great….always room for some humor.

GOP: A Shrinking Room

The GOP field for the 2016 election just got a bit smaller….not that anyone will notice that Bobby Jindal has dropped out of the contest for the GOP nomination…..WHO?

You remember him….he was the GOP answer to the Obama State of the Union address back in 2009 (?)…..he looked like a kid lost during Mardi Gras parade……anyway the Kid’s Table debates can say good-bye to another wannabe….

The GOP presidential field just got a little less crowded as Bobby Jindal announced he was giving up his bid for the nomination Tuesday. “I’ve got nobody to blame but myself,” the Washington Post quotes the Louisiana governor as saying. “I’m not going to make any excuses or blame anyone else.” Politico reports the announcement comes after Jindal tried and largely failed to win over evangelical voters in Iowa. He spent more time in the first primary state than any other candidate and thought he would be able to get more attention if he could outlast a few other candidates there, according to the Post. Instead, Politico reports he was frequently polling at less than 1%, had less than $300,000 in the bank, and never got out of the undercard Republican debates.

“Going forward, I believe we have to be the party of growth and we can never stop being the party that believes in opportunity,” Jindal said. “We have to be the party that says everyone in this country—no matter the circumstances of their birth or who their parents are—can succeed in America.” The Post reports Jindal blames a “crazy, unpredictable” year for his inability to get traction with his detailed policies. “This is not my time,” he said. Jindal added that he hasn’t thought about which of the remaining candidates to endorse, but the country “better elect the right president so that we can restore the American dream before it’s too late.” He is the third Republican candidate—following Rick Perry and Scott Walker—to drop out of the race.

I liked this guy for where else but the GOP could you find an immigrants son that is a hater on immigrants… gotta love these d/bags……

Who will be the next to take a dive?

GOP Debate: If you Carve A Good Yawn

My last post of the day……after dealing with doctors and the stream of mindless questions…..I need a stiff drink……

Yep, that time again…..yet another GOP debate….but this will should prove especially a huge waste of time…..why?  It is moderated by FOX Business Channel……that means softball, worthless questions and even more ignorant answers……but if you must watch then there is a few things that could be worth the wasted time……

The Republican candidates are back at it Tuesday night, with the undercard debate starting at 7pm Eastern and the main event at 9pm on the Fox Business Network. Here’s a look at some key things to watch:

  • Ben Carson a big target? Donald Trump has been taking potshots at Carson all week as questions have surfaced about the details of Carson’s life story, suggesting that Trump—or others—might make him a key target tonight. “Carson would most likely respond by reprising his attacks on the news media, but many primary voters will be eager to see how he responds under a level of pressure he has not yet faced,” observes the New York Times.
  • All eyes on Jeb: All the previews point out that he can’t afford yet another bad to mediocre debate performance and thus faces perhaps the biggest pressure of any candidate Tuesday night. Will he be aggressive or statesmanlike? He may have hinted at a new strategy: “It’s not a debate. It’s a chance to be able to say what you think. I’ll take advantage of that.”
  • Debate alliance? Politico floats the possibility of Bush and Ted Cruz forming an unlikely alliance against Marco Rubio. The theory is that Rubio represents a big obstacle to both, Bush with the establishment vote and Cruz with the conservative base. Rubio’s personal finances in particular could be a target.
  • Actual policy: Moderators at the last debate took lots of flak, at least from the candidates, for veering off the supposed topic of the economy. Given that this one is sponsored by the Fox Business Network and the Wall Street Journal, it could be a chance for the candidates to challenge each other on topics such as tax policy, jobs, and entitlement programs, notes USA Today.

There you are……all the useless news you cannot possibly use……enjoy

Clowns, Morons, Imbeciles And Immature Twats

The best entertainment there is on the news these days is the games the GOP and the candidates are playing with each other……the candidates are pouting about their performance on CNBC debate and of course it is the media’s fault that they are clueless toads….

I have tried to put together a post about the games being played over the future debates and it is a daunting task…first, I cannot get through the research without laughing so hard I damn near pee and second…where to begin?

The last GOP debate was a debacle….the candidates were pouting , the moderators of CNBC were mean and the network has issued a statement to not pile on CNBC…..all in all it was a hilarious 2 hours of one liners and insults….just what the candidates ordered….it accomplished nothing….no ideas were offered and definitely nothing new was had by the viewers…..

The candidates have stood together to get what they want (or did they?)….the debate (that is after the FOX Business debate) will be what they want to talk about and nothing else……but what can we expect in the next debate later this month?

The debate about the GOP debates looks set to rumble on. Reps from at least 11 campaigns met at a hotel in the DC suburbs for a strategy meeting on Sunday night and emerged with a list of changes they want made after last week’s widely criticized CNBC debate. The New York Times reports that the campaigns have agreed to demand 30-second or longer opening and closing statements for all candidates, an even distribution of both speaking time and the “parity and integrity” of questions asked, and vetting of any on-screen graphics about the candidates to be aired during the debates.

The campaigns agreed that they, not the Republican National Committee, should take charge of negotiating terms with the networks, the Hill reports. “They’ll continue to do logistics and all that kind of stuff. But they’re a partner. They’re not our boss,” says Ben Carson’s campaign manager. The campaigns were split on several issues, including reinstating the next NBC debate, which Jeb Bush’s people wanted and Donald Trump’s team didn’t, and doing away with “undercard” debates, which reps from the Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham, and Rick Santorum campaigns called for, the Times reports. A source tells the Washington Post that the campaigns agreed early on that any changes can wait until after next week’s Fox Business Network debate.

Is anyone else just tickled at the way the GOP is handling this issue?  I mean come on….these toads look like a bunch of 4th graders on the playground trying to out stupid each other…..

And what in their demands means that they will appear more professional?

Plus the next debate is a FOX debate…..what will be earth shattering about a channel that will hand them softball questions……just what the clowns ordered…….

To me these people are acting like 4th graders at the playground when things do not go their way……prima donas……

With all the rebellion there seems to be a rebellion within the rebellion…..and of course our boy from Manhattan leads the way…….

The Republican campaigns’ joint effort to change upcoming GOP debates has cracked. After a meeting Sunday, the campaigns issued a three-page letter calling for no “lightning round” and the temperature in debate halls to be “below 67 degrees.” But as New York puts it, “the revolt against the RNC was fun while it lasted.” Donald Trump has announced that he’ll negotiate with TV networks on his own, while Chris Christie, John Kasich, and Carly Fiorina each say they won’t sign the letter. Trump’s campaign manager says he can “negotiate the best deals … which will ultimately help all of the candidates,” per the Washington Post. But Ben Carson’s camp says his undertaking is all for show. “Trump’s basically asking for the same thing” as the other candidates, a rep says. “He’s just going to do it with his own letterhead.”

Still, Trump’s move is a blow that “would undercut the leverage that the Republican campaigns have in pressing the networks to meet their demands,” reports the New York Times. An RNC rep says the candidates “will be and always should be determining the best format for them.” However, network execs are obviously frustrated. “We agreed to this and now you’re saying you’re not agreeing?” says one. “Do you want Ben Carson deciding who your moderators are? The answer is no,” adds another. Fiorina’s campaign, which didn’t send a rep to Sunday’s meeting, says she doesn’t care “whether it’s 67 degrees or our green room isn’t as plush as another candidate.” Likewise, Christie says his rivals should “stop complaining. Do me a favor, set up a stage, put podiums up there and let’s just go. Okay?”

One of the best summaries of what is going on in the GOP is found on MSNBC’s Maddow’s show…….check out the link and her handling the chaos that idiots built……..

Source: The Republicans’ debate debate: ‘chaos with a side of chaos’ | MSNBC

The RNC is scrambling around trying to appear to have a handle on all this craziness…..personally I think they are an epic failure…..

Does anyone in the RNC or the GOP have any idea of what is happening?  Right now they all look like a deer caught in the headlights…..

Can my readers of anything more humorous than the games these toads are playing?

Art Of War–GOP Style

Let us change the tone of the posts… about the battling Floridians?

The 2016 election has its characters……some are amusing while others are just tedious…..and others that just plain batcrap crazy….and the GOP has at least one in each category…..

But in all reality there are two candidates that can save GOP on a national stage….the problem is that they both are boring and ill informed……Rubio and Bush……

The Bush campaign has fired the first salvo of an inter-party battle…..

The Jeb Bush campaign threw some major shade at opponent Marco Rubio in a PowerPoint presentation for donors obtained by US News & World Report. The campaign met with donors Monday in Houston hoping to reassure them that Bush isn’t as doomed as he may appear. (That perception got worse with Wednesday’s debate.) Afterward, the campaign released a 45-page copy of the PowerPoint presentation it gave to donors to a handful of reporters. But US News managed to obtain the full 112-page version. “The document provides a rare behind-the-curtain look at the gritty details of a campaign at a crucial inflection point,” US News states.

The presentation released to reporters already called Rubio “the GOP’s Barack Obama,” but US News reports the full version includes some even more pointed and specific jabs at the senator’s character and ethics. In fact, there’s an entire slide devoted to Rubio with the title “Marco is a Risky Bet.” Bullet points on the slide refer to Rubio’s “misuse of state party credit cards, taxpayer funds,” and links to “scandal-scarred former Congressman David Rivera” and a billionaire auto dealer Norman Braman, who is a major benefactor. The latter relationship “raises major ethical questions.” The juiciest bullet point reads: “Those who have looked into Marco’s background in the past have been concerned with what they have found.” A Bush aide tells US News that refers to worries cited by Mitt Romney’s team while vetting Rubio for vice president in 2012. Read the full leaked document here.

All the info may be privy but what does Jeb offer in his place?

In my opinion not very much!

But if we are going to be honest about the GOP and its future as a viable party then look no further than Rubio and Ryan (I would not vote for either but the party does need an injection of new blood…. reasonable blood)

The last few years haven’t been kind to the Republican party, writes David Brooks in the New York Times, but he thinks the rise of two 40-something leaders is poised to change that. In a column headlined the “Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio Moment,” Brooks labels Rubio the most likely nominee. Coupled with Ryan’s election as House speaker, that would put the pair of them in prominent spots heading into the election—”a pretty excellent outcome for a party that has shown an amazing tendency to inflict self-harm.” Most of the column is spent praising the 44-year-old Rubio, whom Brooks calls a true “child of this century” when contrasted with other candidates spouting stale formulas.

“He understands that it’s no longer enough to cut taxes and say bad things about government to produce widespread prosperity,” writes Brooks, adding that Rubio is focused on problems such as technology putting people out of work and globalization bringing down wages. His anti-poverty programs are his “biggest departure” from traditional GOP beliefs, writes Brooks, including wage subsidies to encourage people to take entry-level jobs. “In a year in which many candidates are all marketing, Rubio is a balance of marketing and product,” writes Brooks. He and Ryan would make “the wonkiest leadership team in our lifetime,” and “that’s a good thing.” Click to read the full column.

I am not endorsing either of these two people only that they seem to possess the chops to help make the GOP a national party once again…..if the party keeps playing these moronic games it will never return to the glory it once had……

Thoughts?  Can the GOP regain some of the reliability they use to possess?

Jeb: Time For An Obit?

Once again the presumptive nominee a couple of months ago is having a horrible time trying to win over the voters…..and the last debate that all said he had to crunch did NOTHING to help his cause….I hear people mock Carson for being too sedate….apparently they have not witnessed the performance of Jeb Bush in the past 3 months….Carson is like a dude on meth next to Jeb…..

After his dismal performance at the CNBC debate there are many in the political world calling him a dead candidate….or at least should consider going home and playing with his wife….for he is DONE as a GOP candidate…

Please do not take my for for it only…there are plenty of critics……

Think Wednesday night was a rough one for Jeb Bush’s candidacy? Consider these assessments:

  • Politico: “It will also likely be remembered as the night the Jeb Bush 2016 deathwatch began,” writes Glenn Thrush. Candidates can recover from the various missteps Bush has previously suffered, “but you can’t do all those things, and then lay an egg in the most important debate of your political career.”
  • Matt Drudge: “Jeb Bush can eat carbs now… #GOPDebate.”
  • Weekly Standard: “Rubio ended Jeb Bush’s campaign with the kind of body shot that buckles your knees,” writes Jonathan V. Last. “That’s on Bush, who never should have come after Rubio in that spot for a host of strategic and tactical reasons.”
  • New Republic: “The whole [Rubio] exchange exemplified my point that Bush just isn’t very good at this, and would help his party by suspending his campaign,” writes Brian Beutler.
  • Five Thirty Eight: “Yeah, Jeb Bush Is Probably Toast,” reads the headline on a Nate Silver post. The “conventional wisdom” is that he’s in trouble, which is a problem in this case because “Bush is running a conventional campaign.” He “maybe” can recover, “but his problem isn’t a mere lack of ‘momentum,'” writes Silver. “Bush has never looked all that electable or all that conservative.”
  • Slate: “It was do or die,” writes Jamelle Bouie. “And Bush died. … Bush might have cash reserves and support from family backers, but after tonight, he’s slipped to the second tier. He may not leave the race, but he’ll struggle to get traction.”
  • Washington Post: “Oh, Jeb. This was a really bad night for someone who needed a good-to-really-good night,” writes Chris Cillizza. “The buzz about whether Jeb is up to this race, which was at a relatively low level before tonight, is going to start getting a lot louder.”
  • And a counterpoint: “Be patient,” says a GOP strategist quoted in Mike Allen’s Playbook blog at Politico. “He has the cash to stay in until he can retool. Let the new frontrunners tear each other apart. Trust his abilities and résumé will give him a path back. Don’t stop fighting.”

Personally, I do not think all the money that he supposedly squirreled away will do any good…..he is on life support….and rich donors are looking for the plug…..he could make it to Iowa….but is there not a city named Waterloo in Iowa?  That would be poetic!

Please let me have your thoughts on the Bush candidacy……