The GOP will march to victory in 2016 behind its Benghazi squirrel Blue Nation Review

I like humor.  The GOP is about as humorous as a political party can be…….but their attempts to reach normal humans is just beyond humorous….it is approach ridiculous……at warp speed.

If you need a good chuckle…..please watch the video…….


The GOP will march to victory in 2016 behind its Benghazi squirrel Blue Nation Review.

Republicans Wreck the Vote | The American Conservative

Surprise!  I actually read the American Conservative!  BTW…for you history buffs…today is Bastille Day…..

The GOP could be making a big problem worse…..the young are our future and our future voters…..maybe the GOP should stop trying to marginalize the very voters that could put them over the top…….just a thought!


Republicans Wreck the Vote | The American Conservative.

GOP Needs New Material

The GOP has been pushing the whole tax cuts thing for decades…….kinda in the same vain as the whole trickle down theory, which as we all know is a worthless lie that has never been proven to be accurate….election after election GOP candidates premise tax cuts and the world will be a better place…..if they are allowed to cut taxes then all problems will be solved and the peasants can dance…..

The problem with their solution is that it does nothing but make states broke and poor people in more debt……but they continue to push the dream and we Americans buy it every time……

Let the truth be known…….take Kansas for instance…..the gov promised with more tax cuts the state would prosper…….it was total GOP bullshit!

In 2012, Kansas governor Sam Brownback signed a massive tax cut into law, arguing that it would boost the state’s economy. Eventually, he hoped to eliminate individual income taxes entirely. “Our place, Kansas, will show the path, the difficult path, for America to go in these troubled times,” he said.

Brownback’s tax cut proposal came as Kansas’s revenues were on an upswing. Spending cuts and a one-cent sales tax passed by Brownback’s Democratic predecessor had combined with economic growth to give Kansas a surplus. Now, Brownback argued, his tax cuts would lead to even more success. “I firmly believe these reforms will set the stage for strong economic growth in Kansas,” he said.

The governor proposed to cut income taxes on the state’s highest earners from 6.45 percent to 4.9 percent, to simplify tax brackets, and to eliminate state income taxes on most small business income entirely. In a nod to fiscal responsibility, though, he proposed to end several tax deductions and exemptions, including the well-liked home mortgage interest deduction. This would help pay for the cuts.

Yet it’s now clear that the revenue shortfalls are much worse than expected. “State general fund revenue is down over $700 million from last year,” Duane Goossen, a former state budget director, told me. “That’s a bigger drop than the state had in the whole three years of the recession,” he said — and it’s a huge chunk of the state’s $6 billion budget. Goossen added that the Kansas’s surplus, which had been replenished since the recession, “is now being spent at an alarming, amazing rate.”

In other words the tax cuts did not create jobs or new business or new residents….what they did was bankrupt the state….in case you are interested it is the same with every state that has cut taxes to the bone……and it will get worse.

A noted economist, David Cay Johnston, has tracked the numbers since 2000……..

I calculated that enormous figure by comparing the average income Americans reported on their 2000 tax returns with what they reported each year for 2001 through 2012, adjusting for inflation and the growing population. Add up the income for 12 years and it turns out to be $6.6 trillion less than if we had maintained the prosperity of 2000 for a growing population.

Why use 2000 as a benchmark? Well, first off, it marks the end of one era and the start of another. More important, that very good year economically was when George W. Bush, running for president, said American prosperity would get even better if he was elected and his tax cuts — key aspects of which he kept secret until after the election — would ensure American prosperity.

The results: The prosperity of the prior decade was lost. Job growth fell far behind population growth. The median wage (half make more, half less) has been mired since 1998 at a bit more than $500 per week.

In 10 of the 12 years when the Bush tax cuts were in effect, the average income shown on tax returns was lower than in 2000. In the two upside years, average income rose modestly, up $504 for 2006 and $1,744 for 2007.

Total those 12 years and the net shortfall per taxpayer comes to $48,010.

Consider what $48,000 of additional income over those 12 years would have meant to you. It is the equivalent of $11 appearing in your wallet every morning from the start of 2001 through the end of 2012.

How much better off you would be if your income had been $48,000 higher over those 12 years? To be sure, you would have owed taxes on that money. If you were not in the top 1 percent, federal income tax would have taken on average about 10 percent of that, leaving you with $43,200. (The top 1 percent would have paid 23.5 percent in tax.) In addition, if the extra income was all in wages, then Social Security and Medicare taxes also would have taken a bite, leaving you with about $39,500.

So how much better off would you be right now if you had another $39,050? And remember that is just the extra after-tax income you would have enjoyed had the prosperity of 2000 been maintained, while then-Gov. Bush promised greater and more widespread prosperity.

I know economics can make your brain melt but the truth is that Americans are worse off because of all the tax cuts…..that is the average working stiff….the wealthy made out lioke bandits which in some sense is exactly what they are….BANDITS!

The GOP needs new material…..their bullshit about tax cuts is nothing but LIES on top of LIES!

Immigration: “A Katrina Moment”

The situation du jour is the immigration problem with the children coming across the border……and as usual the GOP is turning it into something that can drive up their campaign donations…..when talking about the problem Texas governor Perry said that the situation was Obama’s Katrina…..and then another GOP lackey used the same term when describing the same incident…..talking points are a wonderful thing but at least try to use them in a way that you do not sound like a flipping minor bird……

Any way I got to thinking that I had heard the Katrina reference before when the GOP talks about Obama and whatever situation they are fixating on at the time…….so I decided to do a little research to see what I could find……..and HOLY CRAP!

Katrina Moment No. 1: The financial crisis. The initial Obama response to the financial crisis was framed as Katrina-ish in an encouraging sort of way. Seriously! “Unless and until Barack Obama addresses the full depth of Americans’ anger with his full arsenal of policy smarts and political gifts,” wrote Frank Rich in the NYT, “his presidency and, worse, our economy will be paralyzed.” Honestly, this doesn’t sound wrong.

Katrina Moment No. 2: Swine flu. The swine flu outbreak of April 2009! Sure, you may have forgotten it, but at the time Hugh Hewitt asked whether a botched response would destroy the Obama presidency. “A death toll is a death toll, and if one begins to pile up in the U.S. the at least four-day delay in moving decisively to control legal entry into the country from Mexico will be entered in President Obama’s account.”

Katrina Moment No. 3: The Underwear Bomber. Then-DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano responded to the lucky apprehension of a dim terrorist by saying “the system worked,” inspiring a NYT news analysis about how every flailing administration official was in danger of being compared to Michael “Brownie” Brown. “Hurricane Katrina was a crisis on a different order of magnitude than this event,” wrote Peter Baker, “certainly, but the politics of attack and parry do not dwell on context or proportionality.”

Katrina Moment No. 4: The Haiti earthquake. Opinions were mixed on this one. In early January 2010, Dan Kennedy argued that Haiti was not “Obama’s Katrina,” as Haiti is not part of the United States. (I just checked, and this is still true.) But later in the month, the Wall Street Journal cleared that up with a guest op-ed titled “Haiti: Obama’s Katrina,” and pointing out that “the death toll from Katrina was under 2,000 people” while “deaths in Haiti as of yesterday are at least 150,000.”

Katrina Moment No. 5: The BP oil spill. In the summer of 2010, polling showed the public even more critical of the government response there than it had been toward the Katrina response. “This was, of course, New Orleans’ Katrina and Mississippi’s Katrina,” said Brian Williams during an interview with the president. “And you’re familiar now that it’s getting baked in a little bit in the media that BP was President Obama’s Katrina. And it’s also getting baked in that the administration was slow off the mark. Is that unfair?” Spoiler: He did think it was unfair.

Katrina Moment No. 6: Hurricane Sandy. To be fair, it was mostly just Sean Hannity saying this. “With the horrifying images of Sandy’s devastation now contrasted with the president’s constant campaigning,” he said on Nov. 1, 2012, “this is starting to look like, in my opinion, Obama’s Katrina.” This was before the administration’s response to Sandy, and Chris Christie’s praise for it, helped make New York and New Jersey two of the only states where the Obama vote increased from 2008 to 2012. (The others? Mississippi and Louisiana.)

Katrina Moment No. 7: Benghazi/IRS/NSA. The trinity of scandals that broke out in the late spring 2013 were widely Katrina-fied. “If the president does not soon regain control of the narrative,” wrote Todd Eberly, “he is likely to suffer the same fate as his predecessor — a collapse in public confidence and a vastly diminished second term.”

Katrina Moment No. 8: Obamacare. In November 2013 this meme took on more force and popularity than any that preceded it, especially after progressives fumed at a media conflating a natural disaster with a website delay. Ron Fournier even argued that the website crisis might be Obama’s Katrina and Iraq. “The crises came after a series of unrelated events that had already caused doubt among voters about the presidents,” explained Fournier. “To borrow a cliché, Katrina was the last straw.”

Geez!  The mental midgets in the GOP and the media really need to find new material…….they are really getting desperate…..

Am I the only one that is sick of these word games?  What will it be next week?  Wanna venture a guess?

Ok, Whack His Pee-Pee

Looks like today is going to be a day that I post on legal stuff.  The SCOTUS is handed down their rulings and I cannot see any surprises in their findings… about you?

First, our cel phones are considered holy and cannot be searched for minor infractions…..but of course the word…”TERRORISM” can be used and all bets are off.

I wrote about Boehner’s plan earlier……he’s gonna sue the Prez over executive orders……

If the following post is any indication of the court’s feelings on the matter then the ruling over EO should be NO surprise either when it comes down……..

The Supreme Court has just limited a president’s power to make temporary appointments to fill high-level government jobs. The court ruled today that President Obama exceeded his authority when he invoked the Constitution’s provision on recess appointments to fill slots on the National Labor Relations Board in 2012. Problem is, the court said, the Senate was not actually in a formal recess when Obama acted. In the court’s first-ever look at the Constitution’s recess appointments clause, the justices ruled that Congress gets to decide when it is in recess and that there was no recess when Obama acted.

Obama had argued that the Senate was on an extended holiday break and that the brief sessions it held every three days were a sham that was intended to prevent him from filling seats on the NLRB. The justices rejected that argument, but the outcome was the least significant loss possible for the administration. The justices, by a 5-4 vote, rejected a sweeping lower court ruling against the administration that would have made it virtually impossible for any future president to make recess appointments. The lower court held that the only recess recognized by the Constitution is the once-a-year break between sessions of Congress, and that only vacancies that came up during that recess could be filled.

Surprise!  Did anyone really think that there would be any other ruling from the Robert’s Court?

Do the GOP morons realize that if they find in their favor that they could be peeing all over the next GOP prez?  Blind hatred makes men stupid and losing two elections to a black Dem have made GOPers “blind ass stupid”!

When In Doubt–Sue!

I love Washington!  Well that is a lie!  I think Washington is one of the most disgusting places on the planet.  And it gets worse every year.  The newest game being played and have no doubt, it is a game……is the one the GOP wants to play….that of executive orders.  Never mind that it has been a way of life in DC since Grover Cleveland was president…….but now it is somehow a no-no……….

In case you are not sure of which I speak………

John Boehner thinks President Obama has abused his executive authority so much that he plans to sue the White House, reports Fox News. Asked today whether he intended to pursue such a lawsuit, as has been rumored, the House speaker responded, “I am.” He added, “This is not about impeachment—it’s about him faithfully executing the laws of this country.” Assuming other House leaders go along with the move, a suit to curb the president’s powers could be filed in a few weeks on behalf of the entire House. The Hill ticks off a number of moves the president has made of late to bypass Congress, including his order to extend family leave to gay couples and to raise the minimum wage for federal contractors.

A previous move to defer deportations of young immigrants is another that Republicans mention frequently. “The president has a clear record of ignoring the American people’s elected representatives and exceeding his Constitutional authority, which has dangerous implications for both our system of government and our economy,” says a Boehner spokesman. No word yet from the White House, though Obama has threatened to get even more aggressive with his “pen and a phone” to get around what he views as an incalcitrant Congress. Oddly, Boehner was with Obama yesterday for an event at the White House, but CNN reports that there was no obvious tension between them.

I have heard all the pros and cons…..all the laughter in some quarters and all the seriousness in others…..but the question remains….can the GOP sue over executive orders?

John Boehner has declared that he wants to sue President Obama for abusing his executive authority, but most legal experts seem to think he’s about as likely to prevail as he is to become the 2016 Democratic nominee. For starters, the House speaker plans to use legislation to gain authorization to sue—legislation that would need to be passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the president, the Christian Science Monitor notes. “Good luck with that,” says a constitutional scholar at Yale Law School. The plaintiff would also need to make specific charges in order to sue, but Boehner accuses the president of doing an end-run around “the American people and their elected legislators on “matters ranging from health care and energy to foreign policy and education.”

Even some conservative scholars believe House lawmakers have no legal standing for the suit—and if they did succeed, President Obama would be out of office long before the case had finished working its way through the courts, notes Dana Milbank at the Washington Post, who believes the real source of the problem with expanding executive power is “congressional dysfunction”—which could be fixed by compromises, not lawsuits. Critics call the threat of a lawsuit political posturing aimed at pleasing the GOP base ahead of midterm elections, NBC notes, and some legal experts agree. “The whole memo is remarkably non-specific. That suggests it’s meant more as political propaganda,” a Georgetown law professor says upon reviewing Boehner’s memo telling members a lawsuit would compel Obama to “faithfully execute the laws of our country.”

There you go……PROPAGANDA!  Let’s say that it makes it through the legal system…..there will be no ruling for years and by that time it is possible, highly unlikely without change, that a Repub would be in the White house……and these morons just tied his/her hands…….shows just how moronic these people are becoming…..they would shoot themselves in the foot to make points in the polity….worthless waste of time…… you idiots!

The War in Iraq Cost $4 Trillion and Enormous Loss of Life: 8 Warmongers Who Would Take Us Back | Alternet

The Hawks are gathering their ilk….they are making a case for a return to Iraq and finish the job we started…..whatever that is…..I am still not sure what the conclusion was suppose to have been in the country……they’re waiting and talking to anyone that will listen to their BS…..

Who will win out in this situation….the Hawks or those with calmer heads?


The War in Iraq Cost $4 Trillion and Enormous Loss of Life: 8 Warmongers Who Would Take Us Back | Alternet.

Eric To Jeb–Run Away!

I would like to say congrats to the no name dude that beat Cantor……could not happen to a more worthy person.  Yeah, that’s right i do not like cantor….I do not trust anyone that looks like a weasel or anyone who smiles while discussing pressing problems.

By now everyone and I do mean….EVERYONE has heard about the sound beating that the GOP’s majority leader, Eric cantor took in the primary, right?  Some are happy….some not so much…..if you support the Tea Party then you are hiding in the corner tossing your jolly and counting the days for the next primary and praying for a repeat……and are starting to dream of the 2016 elections with a small twinkle in your eye….am I right?

Cantor was beat by a constant brow beating o his immigration stands…everything he ever said was used against him….and in the end it was his downfall….and the peasants danced.

Let’s fast forward to the 2016 election which the field should start to coalesce in the mid year of 2015….there are some I the GOP that think that another Bush should throw his hat in the ring…….that Bush would be Jeb……..but you know after the stomping Cantor took he might want to rethink that choice.

Bush’s vulnerabilities in a Republican primary would be remarkably similar to those Cantor faced. Bush is an unapologetic supporter of comprehensive immigration reform, famously calling illegal immigrants’ attempts to come to this country “an act of love.” Last Friday, Cantor stirred the pot before his primary by suggesting he could work with President Obama to allow a path to citizenship for some children of illegal immigrants already in the country. On education, Bush has championed the Common Core educational standards, which have become a litmus-test issue for conservatives, who view them as usurping local control of schools. In the congressional campaign, David Brat criticized Cantor for supporting centralized educational reforms, including Common Core.

Jeb has made a few statements on immigration that will no doubt come back time and time again and bite him on the ass……..since the South has become a white bastion of politics he may want to consider the chances that he will be about as welcome down there as a rattlesnake in church.  Much could change between now and the primaries for 2016……but right now Immigration is looking like a good topic of contention.

Cantor’s defeat has made Jeb a less attractive prospect for the GOP……and since immigration is being set up as a major issue in the 2016 race….he has shot himself in the foot  with his past statements on the subject…….I think Jeb is dead as the GOP nominee.

Any thoughts from my readers?