Who Dropped The Shoe?

The drama swirling around the election of the Speaker of the House has a new twist for all you political geeks…….

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped a political bombshell on his Republican colleagues Thursday morning by dropping out of the race for House speaker. McCarthy was the heavy favorite to succeed John Boehner at the end of the month, though he faced long-shot challenges from Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Daniel Webster, the latter being the chosen nominee of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, reports the Hill. Republicans were supposed to pick their nominee Thursday, but McCarthy’s announcement forced the vote to be postponed. Even had he won this vote, it was unclear whether McCarthy would be able to get the necessary 218 votes when the full House voted on Oct. 29—thanks to the conservative opposition to him from within his own party.

The GOP cannot do anything without some sort of drama.

Now that big Mac is gone…who oh who will get the leadership roll?

Surely someone has an opinion……here is your chance….take it!

The House Of Drama

At the end of this month (October) the House of Representatives will vote on a new speaker……the present speaker has decided he has had enough of the games and antics of the clowns in the political circus we call the House.

Boehner is out and McCarthy is the heir apparent………or is he?  It seems the Mr. Mac has a problem when speaking into a microphone (and he wants to be speaker….see the irony there?)

Any way Mac has a challenger one sleepy time Rep known as Jason Chaffetz from the state of denial….no wait….Utah, the state of Utah.  After Mac made his now famous comment about Hillary and the Benghazi investigation he got a challenger….I guess the other GOPers are pissed that Mac gave away the secret of the tape…..

But what if Mac is not that popular when the vote comes around and we have a hung trial and the votes go on……

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is the heavy favorite to be the next House speaker, but he’s got a big math problem at the moment: When the full House votes on Oct. 29, he needs 218 ayes—and a group of about 30 conservative Republicans can prevent him from getting there, writes Russell Berman in the Atlantic. That raises the possibility that the House will be unable to elect a speaker and thus could become “institutionally paralyzed” for weeks or even months despite a host of pressing issues. One scenario is that John Boehner will stay on until a new leader is elected, instead of resigning on Oct. 30 as planned, notes the Hill.

That would be a “nightmare scenario” for Republicans and the House, which hasn’t needed multiple ballots to elect a speaker since 1923, writes Berman. Conservative Jason Chaffetz is running a long-shot candidacy against McCarthy, but his prospects of actually winning are all but nil. Berman’s piece suggests a way out of the mess: Conservatives will wring enough concessions out of House leaders—key committee posts, etc.—in exchange for their support of McCarthy’s speakership before the House vote.

(Click to read the full post. McCarthy hasn’t helped his own cause with his Hillary Clinton comments.)

Is it possible that we could get even more drama out of the House?  More entertainment watching the GOPers act like spoiled rug rats?  Will the Freedom Caucus (new name for the Tea Party) be as moronic as they have been in the past?  Will we get much deserved chuckle from the antics of silly little people?


A brief history of the term RINO, from Roosevelt to Boehner – Vox

It is election time and the GOP field is as nutty as it has ever been…..and at anytime now someone will use the RINO taunt…..a painful insult to a conservative…….

One of my fave terms in all of politics, well American politics is….RINO (Republican In Name Only)…..when conservatives want to insult their colleagues they call them RINOs……

The latest attack by a Repub on his fellow Repubs is Ted Cruz…….

Cruz took to the Senate well on Monday–to speak before what was effectively an empty chamber–and criticized fellow Republicans Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and his Texas colleague in the Senate John Cornyn. Nominally, Cruz was slamming his colleagues–for an hour– because they did not back him in the fights over the Iran deal and Planned Parenthood.

Though Cruz did not specially use the term RINO….we all know what he was thinking…….RINO?…….A good term….but is there a history that we should know about the term?

Yes there is…..read on……learn the history (you guys knew that was coming, right?)

Source: A brief history of the term RINO, from Roosevelt to Boehner – Vox

Boehner has decided to cut and run…..now the GOP has its eyes on Senate leader……..

Several influential Republicans have called for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to resign. Pressure for the Kentucky congressman to step aside follows House Speaker John Boehner’s announcement that he is resigning at the end of October.

According to Business Insider, Republicans who are frustrated with McConnell’s leadership want him to change the Senate rules to enable conservative legislation to pass without needing the required 60-vote super-majority. McConnell’s refusal to use obstruction methods was also a source of Republican frustration, according to The Washington Times.

GOP is trying to rid itself of all RINOs……is this a purity thing?  If I were a conservative I would wear the title like a badge of courage….but that is me…..

See what we can learn by using history…….you will thank me later……


Did you know that the Benghazi investigation is the longest in US history?

he House committee investigating the Benghazi attacks “is now the longest congressional investigation in history,” ABC News reports.

“As of Monday, the House Select Committee on Benghazi, has been active for 72 weeks — surpassing the record previously held by the Watergate Committee in the 1970’s.”

And the GOP has NOTHING to show for the waste of time and resources…..

Have you had enough of the Benghazi witch hunt?  It has slid down the order of importance now that the GOP has e-mails to chew on……but it is still in the wings waiting….waiting…….for a rebirth.

I got this image from “It Is What It Is”….who got it from “Last Of The Millennials”


4 people died…..a tragedy and the GOP went batcrap crazy…..and yet the murder of 34 American sailors in 1967, 8 June to be exact,  goes unnoticed for all these years…..why is that?

Enough said?

2016: “Will They Miss Me When I’m Gone?”

Wrong!  This is not about Boehner and his decision to cut and run…….

2016 is getting interesting instead of just plain pathetic…..the GOP field was expanded to 17 candidates in the beginning and now they are slowly but slowly fading away from the election….first Perry an early fave….then Walker also an early fave….what does that say about the front runners?

Anyway……we know that there can be only ONE….(great Highlander (a movie) reference)…..so of the remaining mind fuckers who will be the next to go?

Rick Perry and Scott Walker have already dropped out of the GOP presidential race; who will be the next to go? Politico takes a “bipartisan survey of the top activists, operatives, and strategists in Iowa and New Hampshire” each week, and the latest thinking among Republicans is that Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, and Rand Paul will drop out next. In Iowa, 25% of Republicans predicted Jindal (“He’s become desperate,” says one, “and has nothing going on here in Iowa”) while in New Hampshire, 27% predicted Pataki (“The Spice Girls were big in the 1990s, too, but no one wants to see them on a reunion tour”). In both states, Paul “won” the second-place slot of who is most likely to drop out.

So where would Democrats place their bets? 40% of Iowa Democrats predicted Paul will be next to drop out and 34% of New Hampshire Democrats predicted Jindal. Earlier this week, CNN was also predicting the next drop-outs, using the Political Prediction Market, a “game that factors polls and other elements and invites users to predict where the election will go.” The most recent one found that Lindsey Graham is the most likely to drop out, with 85% odds, followed by Rick Santorum with 83% and Jindal with 80%.

We have what insiders think…..now how about you?

Please if you have a prediction let it fly…..we are listening.


GOP’s New No. 2 (For Now)

I recently wrote a post about the last GOP debate (#2) and wrote that Carly had come out swinging at he Opponents…..some misunderstood my motives as they thought I was somehow defending her and her policies…..let me say now…I WAS NOT!

All I was attempting to do was point out that she had held her own against the guys on the floor…I by no means think she is capable of winning the nomination or the presidency.

Her policies are mostly based on lies and misinformation with the usual slogan thrown in for the red meat eaters that are listening….and apparently her strategy worked!

The last poll (if there is ever a last poll) shows her replacing Carson as the number 2 candidate behind Trump……

Carly Fiorina’s rave reviews in the latest debate are translating to the polls: She now trails only Donald Trump in a new CNN/ORC survey of Republican voters. Trump still leads with 24%, ahead of Fiorina at 15% and Ben Carson at 14%, but her numbers in that trio of outsider-ish candidates are rising while theirs are falling. Trump, for example, is down 8 percentage points from earlier in the month. Marco Rubio rose to fourth place at 11%, followed by Jeb Bush (9%), Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee (6%), and the rest at 4% or less. Of note in the last camp: Scott Walker stands at less that half a percentage point.

The Hill suggests that Fiorina is pleasing the party’s base by shifting to the right on hot-button issues such as abortion and immigration, at least compared to her losing 2010 Senate race. It cites a “noticeable hardening of her rhetoric.” In the debate, for instance, drew loud applause for condemning the Planned Parenthood videos, describing a “fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.” Afterward, she shrugged off criticism that the videos don’t actually depict that scene by calling it an accurate description of what’s happening in that field. “Rest assured that human lives are being aborted, fully formed, in order to harvest body parts,” she said.

The only good news from that poll is that the cretin Scott Walker is losing support as we speak…..

But for now we have a new #2 in the GOP race….ha-zah!

Is the Presidential Race Really Just an Expensive Reality Show?


The GOP gathering of candidates has been called many things…..sideshow, circus, clown act, etc……..

The media has done what they wanted….the popularity of reality TV is a great revenue generator….the MSM has turned the whole GOP election cycle into one large reality show……(Politics be damned)…..

And sadly Americans approve……

What should be a discussion about policy is instead pitched as a prizefight.

Source: Is the Presidential Race Really Just an Expensive Reality Show?