ISIS Coalition SITREP #76

Welcome my friends….shall we begin?

Most of the news is bout the same…..airstrikes………killed terrorists……….but then there are the propaganda points…….Christians kidnapped….then there is the report of ISIS burning books (shades of Germany in the 30’s)….like I said good quality propaganda……

Item 1–As we sit and wait to see if Congress will give Obama his request to use force wherever necessary……..there is something to consider….yep it will be used to fight ISIS….but will it stop there?

Does anyone else see the danger in this?

Item 2–Continuing the thought from Item 1……….thanx to Jason Ditz and his reporting………………

The language of the nominal ban on ground combat only applies to “enduring offensive combat operations,” which includes so many exclusions that almost anything could be allowed.

Kerry insisted that “enduring” combat only meant “weeks and weeks of combat,” and wouldn’t cover any operations which are meant to assist Iraqi or other forces on the ground.

If one thinks about this turn….then Ukraine should immediately come to mind.

Item 3–It is possible that ISIS and its AQ ally are prepping for a push into Lebanon…..

BEIRUT: Syria-based jihadi groups are gearing up for a major offensive deep into Lebanese territory along the eastern border with Syria to achieve two main goals: securing new supply routes and establishing a foothold as a prelude to setting up an Islamic emirate in Lebanon, analysts and military experts said.

According to retired Lebanese Army generals, ISIS and the Nusra Front, entrenched on the outskirts of the northeastern town of Arsal, have long been preparing for such an attack, but have been hampered by bad weather conditions, particularly the severe blizzards that hit Lebanon in recent months.

“The two militant groups are just waiting for favorable weather conditions to launch their attack, which could happen in the second half of March,” they said.

It is possible this is a propaganda ploy to gain more aid from the West……if accurate then this campaign will expand and get a lot uglier.

Item 4–All the news is about the upcoming “Spring Offensive”…..lots of spin and lots of double talk….but there are those that do not see this move as a good one……

The Army general who oversaw training of Iraqi troops says the rushed mission to retake Mosul from the Islamic State this spring is doomed.

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Barbero said Mosul is booby-trapped with explosives and controlled by thousands of suicidal fighters. Evicting them will take a coordinated ground and air campaign with precise intelligence on enemy locations. It is a combat mix that Iraqis simply lack the ability to execute in accordance with an announced U.S. Central Command timeline to attack Mosul in April or May.

“They could be ready to attack. I doubt they’d be successful,” Mr. Barbero told The Washington Times. “Two months is clearly inadequate to think that they could start offensive operations of any effect in Mosul.”

“Urban fighting is the most sophisticated, complex fight there is,” Mr. Barbero said. “Multidimensional. It’s direct fire. Indirect fire. Precision fires. If you want to gain support from the occupants, the Sunnis, you can’t go in there and just run with it. So it has to be a very, very precise application of firepower against an enemy that has no regard for the population and will indiscriminately use violence to hold on. There’s no way the Iraqi Security Forces will be ready for this kind of fighting.”

Item 5–Iraqi minorities seem to be in the gun sights of ISIS……..

– Islamic State militants have abducted, injured and killed thousands of civilians across northern Iraq and uprooted millions from their homes in a bid to eradicate the country’s ethnic and religious minorities, rights groups said on Friday.

Several minority communities, including Christians, Yazidis and Turkmen, have been subjected to killings, rape and sexual enslavement, and women and children have been targeted in particular, a report by four human rights organizations said.

Item 6–ISIS is about to control the important province of Anbar in Iraq…….

The strategically important Anbar Province town of al-Baghdadi is entirely under ISIS control as of Thursday evening, according to provincial officials who say the last Iraqi troops withdrew from a residential compound in the town.

Various estimates in the Anbar Province has said ISIS controls roughly 80% of the territory. The Sunni-dominated province first began losing territory to ISIS over a year ago, and Iraqi forces have been unable to reverse the momentum so far.

Control here is a sign that they are about to consolidate the influence…..and US troops are relatively close to this fighting…..something to watch.

Item 7–Iraq has opened another front against ISIS…….

Backed by allied Shiite and Sunni fighters, Iraqi security forces began a large-scale military operation today to recapture Saddam Hussein’s hometown from ISIS in a major step in a campaign to reclaim a large swath of territory in northern Iraq controlled by the militants, according to state TV. The city of Tikrit, 80 miles north of Baghdad, fell into the hands of ISIS last summer along with Mosul—the country’s second-largest city—and other areas in the country’s Sunni heartland after the collapse of national security forces. Tikrit is one of the largest cities held by ISIS and sits on the road to Mosul—and any attempt to take Mosul likely would require Iraq to seize Tikrit first because of its strategic location for military enforcements.

The cooperation between Shiite and Sunni fighters is an important development in the battle against ISIS, though the presence of Shiite forces in the Sunni area risks prompting a backlash in the future. Hours ahead of the operation, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a Shiite, called on Sunni tribal fighters to abandon the extremist group, offering what he described as “the last chance” and promising them a pardon. “I call upon those who have been misled or committed a mistake to lay down arms and join their people and security forces in order to liberate their cities,” he said, adding that the “city will soon return to its people.”

This concludes today’s briefing…..thanx for your attention and your time……

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CPAC hawks defeat ISIS with lots of angry hand-waving –

I watched the CPAC show last week and came to an epiphany……any credible candidate for the GOP will be emphasizing foreign policy……which is a good play for they have pretty much shown that they have NO real domestic policy that could improve this country.

The problem is those that are thumping their chests on foreign policy have NO idea what that policy is all about…..they basically have NO policy there either but ….defeat ISIS….but when asked how that can be accomplished…..they are at a loss for words……

None of the big dollar headliners have NO idea…..not Christie or Cruz or Rubio or Bush….etc etc……none have any foreign policy experience……so what is this magical strategy to defeat ISIS?

Chest thumping is a campaign strategy…..but it will win NO wars without knowledge and a plan…….

I will be honest….the Dems are just as pathetic as the GOP when it comes to an actual plan to fight ISIS…… unless someone on either side becomes a bit more knowledgeable then there will be NO substantial to fight much less win against ISIS……

Meanwhile….back to CPAC………


CPAC hawks defeat ISIS with lots of angry hand-waving –

Israel Working With Al-Qaeda? « LobeLog

I have been reading different sources that claim that the Us is arming ISIS and that Israel is arming and supporting AL-Qaeda in Syria……..I have dismissed most of these claims and then I got an earful from another source…..

I believe tomorrow the Master of the Political Universe, BiBi, will be addressing Congress…..and there is lots of controversy around this speech……

Maybe after the speech someone in the MSM will ask him this question…..HA HA I know NO one will for they prefer to let this lying SOB tell lies and pretend he cares about the US……I resonantly would like an answer to the question… about you guys?


Israel Working With Al-Qaeda? « LobeLog.

“Saudis Are Valued Allies”

If my reader would like….they can file this under…….FYI

The above quote has been uttered by the likes of Obama, Kerry and a whole host of White House big shots….even McCain finds them as such…….

I realize that many Americans want to hate Muslims for the actions of ISIS and AQ…..and that is a shame for they are hating the wrong group……but that bit of information does not stop the fear mongers and the haters……maybe I can help in some small way…..

The big hoop-tee-doo is ISIS…..we Americans are determined to defeat these beasts sent from the pits of Hell…..I know a little melodramatic….but hey everyone else is doing it….thought I would give it a try…..(pause)…..nope .did NOTHING to explain anything…..

When the US put together its Coalition it was with the hopes that Saudi Arabia would be front and center as the pal we pretend they are……

We have heard all the horror stories of the acts that ISIS is capable of doing….like the oppression of women, oppression of minorities, beheadings, religious police, etc, etc, etc…….yes they are religious extremist…….they follow a religious belief known as wahhabi Islamic ideology….The attraction is that Wahhabism and its larger Salafi tradition are in a way surprisingly modern. They offer young urbanites clear boundaries, classifications and, most important, a blueprint for changing the self and the world through action. One cannot get more modern than that. Wahhabi insistence on fixing meaning and resorting to authentic texts offers an antidote to diluted values, hybridity and all the postmodern pastiches characteristic of contemporary life. The majority of Salafi Muslims seek comfort in personal struggles, a form of jihad, to live up to Wahhabi prescriptions amid the prohibited temptations of today’s world. It is only a small minority that is attracted to the branch of Wahhabism that advocates violent struggle, also a kind of jihad, to create a new Muslim first and then a state in which to live according to the strictest interpretations of Islam. Herein lies the appeal of IS and nostalgia for the caliphate and application of Sharia.

The Saudis are just as guilty of atrocities as ISIS….the religious police, beheadings, public floggings, oppression of women….on and on……Acts of violence need justifying in the form of discourses that grant them legitimacy, and Wahhabism appears to be one of those discourses. It is potent because a sacred umbrella of religious texts and interpretations provoke emotional dispositions and provide authenticity and legitimacy beyond any secular source. In the context of the Arab world today, dying for faith seems more popular than dying for country and nation.
The Wahhabi tradition is NO different from the ideology of ISIS… it is a fairly modern invention that has been around since the 1700’s…..while Islam has been around since the 600’s CE.  Now ask if ISIS and the Saudis are so similar.then why do we kiss the ass of the Saudi monarchy?  Or just how much do they contribute to those that share their religious beliefs?
Then why is Saudi a partner in this coalition?  My thought is that ISIS is trying usurp their control and the monarchy will do whatever it takes to retain their “sacred” control over Islam.

Laugh All You Want, but Marie Harf is Basically Right About Jobs and Jihadis « Blog

Do you recall about a week ago or maybe it was two……when the MSM was having a good chuckle over a statement by a State Dept official about jobs are needed to fight ISIS….?

Well do you?  Probably not since we have had about a 100 new mini-crises since her comment…..she was belittled by some of the biggest names in the media……of course she took the most hits from FOX News….but that is expected when someone says something truthful and accurate……

I realize not many will find the time to actually care……But was she accurate in her statement?


Laugh All You Want, but Marie Harf is Basically Right About Jobs and Jihadis « Blog.

The Truth About Root Causes of Terrorism by Ramzy Baroud —

What on Earth has cause the uptick in terrorism in the last decade or so?

Good question and we could debate the reasons for the rising terror group……makes No different your political persuasion you will have an opinion……we could blame the US or the Arab Spring or dictators or…..well there is a wealth of stats on whatever side you have chosen to take…….

This piece is written by a guy that has great insight and has looked at the phenom of terrorism…..


The Truth About Root Causes of Terrorism by Ramzy Baroud —

ISIS SITREP #75—Top 10 Bogus ISIS Stories

Good day…..the news coming out of the Iraq/Syria conflict against ISIS has slowed down….all major news is about the AUMF request that is making its way through Congress…..

I decided to punch a small hole in the propaganda being sold to the public as news…

There is NO doubt that ISIS is a brutal, inhumane and barbaric group that has committed many atrocities against mankind……and there is a wealth of factual news that can be reported….given that I question the necessity to use spurious accounts of atrocities?  Why?

Below is some of the “BREAKING” news that made it around the media,,,,and so far I have seen nothing from these people as far as an apology for spreading lies……

These stories were regurgitated ad nauseum………Please before you assist the propaganda machine check the stories for accuracy……..

Top 10 Bogus ISIS Stories.

Thanx for your time and attention……