ISIS: Take Me To Your Leader

About a month ago I wrote that the head honcho of ISIS, a dude named al-Baghdadi, had been seriously injured in an airstrike.  I did also comment that it was not a confirmed report and that I would watch for confirmation.

Last week I got that conformation……UK’s Guardian was reporting that al-Baghdadi was not doing well and that he was suffering serious spinal injuries from a coalition airstrike……and again I stated that the full report was not confirmed and may be hearsay or wishful thinking…..

But over the weekend this report came through…….reported by an Israeli source…..(their info is not as trustworthy as one would expect.)…….

Abu Alaa al-Afri, who is said to be the acting leader of the Islamic State after leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was reportedly gravely wounded in an assassination attempt, is a mysterious figure on whom very little credible information is available.

He was al-Baghdadi’s second-in-command, and even before al-Baghdadi’s reported incapacitating injury, al-Afri had a dominant role in the terror organization’s leadership. But beyond that – very little is known about him.

Al-Afri, a former physics teacher whose age is unknown, was born in the city al-Khidr, some 80 km south of Mosul, the strategic Iraqi city under Islamic State control since last summer.

Like al-Baghdadi, al-Afri has been a member of al-Qaeda – the organization that later spawned the Islamic State – for years. In 1998 he went to Afghanistan, and later made his way up the ranks of al-Qaeda. He was loyal to the organizations’ Iraqi branch leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Okay if report is accurate…..we have a new leader of ISIS who is smarter, and with good charisma which will make him more dangerous than his predecessor…..

Watch this site for further updates.

The U.N. at 70: Impressive Successes and Monumental Failures | Inter Press Service

This month we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Untied Nations…….I know most Americans hate the UN because they are somehow the “New World Order” that has been predicted to scare the crap out of morons……

Actually they have had some successes and some failures like any other organization…….personally, I think it is a good idea the problem is they need to make some changes for the better……the first one would be eliminate the domination of the Security Council by 3 or 4 countries that have the power to say NO to any idea that is not political expedient……

But read it for yourself……


The U.N. at 70: Impressive Successes and Monumental Failures | Inter Press Service.

From the Fall of Saigon to Our Fallen Empire by Tom Engelhardt —

40 years ago this year Saigon fell to the advancing North Vietnamese along with its allies the Viet Cong……I case you were unaware…….

As a Vietnam vet I hate to see the US return to doing stupid stuff as it did in my war……from the beginning I compared the wars, Vietnam and Iraq, both wars smelled the same…..we went there under false pretenses…death is the only thing that has come out of Iraq as it was in Vietnam.

This is an interest piece that kind of follows along my thinking back in 2004……please give it a read and comment…….


From the Fall of Saigon to Our Fallen Empire by Tom Engelhardt —

ISIS Coalition SITREP #82

The war against ISIS has fallen victim to the normal media tactic……make it mundane and the viewer will stop tuning in and they can move on top less important issues……this is still a WAR!

The battle against ISIS continues…..although the situation in Yemen has suck the life out of news from Iraq and Syria…….but the battle continues.

The battle for Tikrit went well……the combined forces of Iraqi army and Shi’a militias and airstrikes helped the enemy to be driven from the town……

1–ISIS is now attacking on several fronts in Anbar province…….

In a surprise assault, Islamic State fighters captured three villages outside Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province 100 miles south of Tikrit, and pushed to within 500 yards of a key government center in the northeastern section of the city, one of the few population centers in Anbar still under government control.

2–A week ago ISIS attacked and overran the refugee camp of Yarmouk in Syria……

The ISIS takeover of the Yarmouk Refugee Camp in metro Damascus lasted only a little over a week. They are now said to have lost most of the camp, withdrawing to neighboring Hajar al-Aswad, amid repeated skirmishes with Aknaf al-Maqdis, a Hamas ally.

However the camp is not out of danger yet…..ISIS has been replaced by an AQ ally and may be just as harsh as ISIS.

3–There are reports that the success against ISIS are all true and they may be losing the war……….

Since the US airstrikes started last August, ISIS’s territorial ambitions have been significantly disrupted. The Iraqi army, the Kurdish peshmerga, and Shia militias (which are often sponsored by Iran) have been pushing them back. This is why many analysts are confident ISIS will soon lose it territory in Iraq and once again end up where it started a year ago, a delusional group of hardened warriors festering in the chaos of a Syrian civil war.

4–Off again……On again…….The Saudis ended airstrikes in Yemen on 22 April and restarted it on 23 April……while they pounded the Houthis in the West of the country…..thge US is drone attacking AQ and ISIS in the East…….

5–The battle with ISIS rages in the North and the West of Iraq…….and the bombs still blow up civilians in Baghdad center…….daily death and destruction…..

6–Suicide bombers and IEDs are still the rule of the day across Iraq…..but indications point to a stalemate with ISIS….push here….retreat there…..not much is being accomplished other than the waste of resources…….

Sadly this is the best I can do with the battle against ISIS…..hopefully the focus will once again be on the death and destruction in the Middle East……

Thanx for your time and attention…..I will return when more news is available…..

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Syria: The Next Stroke Out For The GOP

This past week the news has been all about the trade agreement, Loretta is confirmed and a hostage was killed in Pakistan by a drone attack……plus a wealth of political theater for 2016……with all that to confuse the public a small story was reported and few if any noticed…….

The world has been watching the USA and the game that its politicians are playing with the nuke deal that the P5+1 negotiated with Iran.  However it was not a surprise to us political analyst….if anything it was predictable.

Hyper-partisan thinking has eliminated any real progress coming from the Congress….so if the Obama team got a good deal from the Iranians it would not matter for the deal would not be acceptable to the Republicans in Congress and especially not for the conservative media.

While the War Hawks are dashing to cameras to diss the deal and in some cases threaten Iran with military force…..there is another bit of news that has not quite made it to the ears of politicians……that news is that there possibly be some cooperation between the US and Iran on a plan for Syria.


Reuters is reporting that there is a possibility of some form of cooperation in the works…..the US State Department has not ruled out this work for the “stability of the region”…….

The State Department still surprised many, saying they were open to the possibility of talking to Iran about “regional stability” centering on Syria, saying they would allow Iran to participate in Syrian peace talks if they made unnamed policy changes.

The UN already announced last week that they intend to invite Iran to the next round of peace talks, with or without the American imprimatur. That the State Department is willing to countenance this at all, instead of just railing at it, suggests some progress.

I waited after hearing the news…….waited for the proverbial outcry of disapproval……..and waited and still nothing……to say I was disappointed would be an understatement……but then I realized that it was only a comment or a suggestion and no real meetings have occurred……and that is where they are silent.

Now if and when a solution after meeting with Iran for Syria then the kooks from the War Hawk party will come out of the woodwork and once again be on the attack.

From the sidelines the Gulf Nations and Israel will exert all their influence to stop any solution that will include Iran.  I expect them to use the conflict in Yemen to help sell their points.  Since according to the Saudis the Houthi rebels are being supplied and trained by Iran and they will of course want to point out that Iran is responsible for much of the instability in the Middle East……..that is their story they will stick to it!

The US needs to be honest……..they have NO unearthly idea how to handle Syria.  Their plan seems to be to throw lots of manure4 at the wall and see what sticks.

Hillary the Hawk

It is that time of the year again….election time.

And as predicted Hillary Clinton wants to be president……she brings a wealth of experience to the table…..she has more political experience than all the other candidates combined…….and she will bring lots of baggage to the campaign.

But since the media wants to deem this election as the “Foreign Policy Election” she will have the upper hand…….but in my opinion her form of experience in foreign policy is from the Hawk side of the street….I am sure that she will try and sell the idea that she is against US intervention but her past reveals that is just not the case……….keep in mind that reality has very little to do with campaign promises…..I give you Obama as an example…..after all he was the ‘anti-war’ candidate……..enough said?

Here is why……..


Hillary the Hawk by Charles Davis —