The Reality and Myth of Ukrainian Neutrality | World Affairs Journal

While Americans have been sidetracked with the end of the world by snow……and just how much air is in their balls…..and some random golfer looses a tooth….the Ukraine has been inching closer to all out war.

Both sides are busy throwing as much propaganda as possible to the sharks in the world’s media….but few are talking about Ukraine’s survival……this post is from a think tank, which in my opinion is a bit one sided but it will give my readers a look at Ukraine….that is if they can tear themselves away from the fluff the MSM issues in the disguise of news……

Personally, I feel the West is being played like a cheap flute………..


The Reality and Myth of Ukrainian Neutrality | World Affairs Journal.

ISIS Coalition SITREP #69

Good day…..and if the world does not end thanx to snow in NYC I will continue to keep my readers updated on the situation in the fight against ISIS

Item 1–As reported here in the last briefing Korbane has by won by Kurdish fighters…….

Reports from Kurdish officials say that after 112 days of fighting they have finally expelled ISIS from the contested border city of Kobani (Ayn al-Arab in Arabic), and that the YPG militias are now fully in control.

YPG officials confirmed the takeover, and Idriss Nassan, the city’s deputy foreign minister (because apparently some cities have those) said there will be an official announcement of victory on Tuesday.

Good news that has been pushed aside to bring the reader….WINTER!

Item 2–More good news in the fight……but there may be a new problem arising…….

Tribal leaders and Sunni politicians in the Diyala Province are complaining, in the wake of reports that the Iraqi government has ousted ISIS from the area, Shi’ite militias are carrying out massacres against Sunni tribesmen.

The officials say 70 Sunni civilians were killed in attacks by the Shi’ite militias as part of the three day “anti-ISIS offensive.” Complaints of such massacres have been common where Shi’ite militias have taken Sunni towns.

More victories, at a price, but thew question now is…..Is ISIS back on their heels?

Item 3–Is Canada in the thick of the fight against ISIS?

Canada’s deployment of 69 special forces troops to Iraq has become an intriguing case study in how quickly “advise and assist” operations can get escalated into outright combat.

Last week, it was revealed Canadian troops had engaged in a gunbattle with ISIS. Today, officials confirmed they’ve gotten involved in two more firefights in recent days

Is this an indication of the fight to come?

Item 4–Appears anger has been directed to commercial flights into Baghdad…….

A security and an airport official say a spray of bullets hit the plane as it touched down on Monday night, slightly damaging the aircraft but causing no casualties.

Could this be a new front in this war?

Item 5–CIA’s mission to the ISIS fight is far from a done deal…….

There’ve been stories going around for awhile about how poorly the CIA program to smuggle arms in to various Syrian rebel factions is going, but the Wall Street Journal is offering some of the most stark details of a failed program, which failed to get those so-called moderate rebels any real gains, and indeed has seen a large number of them abandoning the battlefield, or joining ISIS and other Islamist groups outright.

Cash given to the rebel groups is increasingly drying up as well, as the US shifts to the plan of training up a whole new rebel force to fight against ISIS, and leaves the future of their old allies uncertain, at best.

The plan to build a new Syrian rebel force will be met with disaster……

Item 6– Idea for Iraq is a multi-ethnic National Guard……

Details about the National Guard — which Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi acknowledges as providing legal “cover” to assemble armed factions and tribes — are still being discussed in political corridors prior to the passage of legislation on its creation, but Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has posted some general points about the draft law on his Facebook page.

Abdul-Mahdi wrote, “Members of the National Guard are of two types: the permanent section, namely, the professional apparatus, which will be key to this institution and will have the same responsibilities and rights of the army. The other section is temporary, and it will be mobilized whenever the need arises. This section is allocated to serve for a certain period of time and then return to its regular duties. This section will be asked to serve for a month every year to be trained, fit and ready.”

He also stated, “The idea is for the National Guard to be situated in each province, but it can be summoned when needed in other provinces for antiterrorism purposes, in periods of war, emergencies or natural disasters.” Abdul-Mahdi further observed, “It will definitely be possible to organize the Popular Mobilization forces, the Sons of Iraq and the peshmerga under the umbrella of the National Guard, knowing that the main goal of the latter is to prevent the emergence of militias, put all the weapons under the supervision of the state and provide backup forces when needed. This could limit the phenomenon of militias. The National Guard draft law, if approved, will be the alternative to the conscription system that prevailed in Iraq before 2003. In other words, there will be permanent forces with a high level of professionalism as well as backup forces, all under the umbrella of the National Guard.”

Another idea that is good on paper….but will not be effective in reality?

That concludes today’s briefing…….

Thanx for your time and attention……..

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Seriously? DoD Essay Competition?

The US is all over itself with praise for the recently dead Saudi king……at what point is a ruling family that subscribes to punishment like beheading or stoning or lashes worthy of a contest to honor it?  Or a society that does not allow women much lee way….in essence keeps them as 2nd class citizens.

I realize that this is more about geopolitics than the truth……the US has never been one for the truth if it gets in the way of BS foreign policy……

To what purpose is this competition?

Sorry, but I have a large problem with type of pure BS and propaganda…… News Article: Dempsey Sponsors Essay Competition to Honor Saudi King.

The Epochal Consequences Of Woodrow Wilson’s War | David Stockman’s Contra Corner

Since August of 2014 we have been celebrating the beginning of World War one…..and most historians will agree that the war began the world of today….there are so many things that happened during and after the war that the world would never be the same…..

this article by Stockman defines how Pres, Wilson contributed to that change……


The Epochal Consequences Of Woodrow Wilson’s War | David Stockman’s Contra Corner.

ISIS Coalition SITREP #68

Good day and welcome to the briefing.  Events are still not important enough for the MSM to pre-empt the SAG awards because we Americans need to know…..we cannot live without such knowledge…..SAD but true!

Item 1–New US base opens in Iraq……..

The fourth US military training camp has become “operational” in Erbil, Kurdistan Region to train 100 Peshmerga troops, Pentagon Press Secretary said Friday.

“But the fourth one (military site), which became active today, was in Irbil, and there’s about 100 Peshmerga forces right now there that are beginning — just beginning to do some training,” Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby told reporters.

The US has three other military training camps, including Ein al-Asad in Anbar province, Camp Taji and Bismayah near Baghdad where American military experts train Iraqi security and Sunni tribal forces to counter the Islamic State (ISIS).

Our involvement becomes more and more entangled in the future of Iraq…..yet again.

Item 2–US continues to taunt the successes in Iraq and Syria…..but they seem to ignore the elephant in the room……

Five months and 1,800-plus strikes into the U.S. air campaign against ISIS, and not a single civilian has been killed, officially. But Pentagon officials concede that they really have no way of telling for sure who has died in their attacks‚—and admit that no one will ever know how many have been slain.

“It’s impossible for us to know definitively if civilians are killed in a strike. We do everything we can to investigate. We don’t do strikes if we think civilians could be there. But we can’t have a perfect picture on what’s going on,” one Pentagon official explained to The Daily Beast.

Stuart Jones, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, told al Arabiya that U.S. and coalition strikes in Iraq and Syria have killed 6,000 ISIS fighters. That no civilians could be among that figure strikes observers and even military officials as all but impossible.

Why ignore civilian deaths……the propaganda war is in full swing…..cannot keep support if there are reports of women and children being killed…..ask Israel!

Item 3–More US troops to Iraq…….
This week, 1,000 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne will be sent to Iraq on what is being called a “training mission” for the Iraqi Army. The troops will join 250 from the same brigade already there.
This deployment was announced back in December as part of the 1,500 additional troops President Obama approved for the ISIS war at the time. Officials have refused to say where these troops will exactly deploy.
More to come….watch this page!
Item 4–US Senator call for special forces ops in Middle East………
SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN: The American people do not want another war. There’s been two Iraq Wars, one Afghan war, they don’t see it, it is in a foreign land, it is far and apart from them, so this is very difficult. I do think that we need to look more deeply and into what we’re doing and how we are doing it…I don’t know whether 6,000 ISIS people have been killed or not, but that is the figure that has been floating around, but that isn’t going to do it. So where McCain is right, I do think we need some special operations in these countries on the ground, more than just advisers. I think we need to protect our allies: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan. And be more pronounced about it.
Her main concern is the protection of Israel…..the others are for show…….
Item 5–Finally some good news from the battle front……Initial reports coming out of Syria is the the Kurds fighting in Korbane have taken control of the city and pushed out the last remaining ISIS fighters……
Thanx for your time and attention….
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ISIS Coalition SITREP #67

Good day……the war is still the furthest thing from the minds of Americans….but that does not stop the death and the destruction…..

Item 1–Is this the beginning?

Canadian Brigadier General Michael Rouleau has confirmed Canadian ground troops were involved in the first battle by members of the US-led coalition against ISIS forces.

Details on the clash are still vague, but Canadian troops were said to have been “planning” an Iraqi offensive, and went to the front lines to see the terrain first-hand. That was when they came under fire.

Item 2–A peace deal brewing in Syria?

In a dramatic change in policy that has gone largely unappreciated, the Obama Administration has recently come out in favor of both the UN effort to negotiate a ceasefire in Aleppo and the Russian effort to resume peace talks between Syria and secular rebels.

Giving support to either measure is a shift, as the US has long spurned diplomatic efforts in Syria on the grounds that only a full-scale regime change was acceptable to them. They have long pressed the pro-US rebels not to join such talks

Item 3–The flood of fighters joining ISIS appears to be unstoppable…….

The tide of foreign volunteers crossing from Turkey into Syria to fight for Isis cannot be stopped, the Turkish Prime Minister has warned, with authorities unable to close the porous 510-mile border between the two countries.

Ahmet Davutoglu, whose government has been accused of not doing enough to stop jihadi fighters from Britain and other countries crossing into Syria, told The Independent that Turkey could not put “soldiers everywhere on the border”. He added: “In any case, there isn’t any state on the other side [of the frontier].”

Time for someone to step up and do something to control this situation…..ya think?

Item 4–The battle for Mosul is about to bring….hopefully this is not an indication of the success that will be fleeting…….

Ahead of attempts to recapture Mosul, Kurdish forces launched an operation that reclaimed a large amount of territory. Airstrikes and fighting in that region reportedly left hundreds of militants dead, but there is, so far, no independent confirmation of any casualty figures. Assuming they are correct, however, that would leave 361 dead and 19 wounded across Iraq.

Kurdish forces killed more than 200 militants in a large operation near Mosul that allowed them to gain back a 300-square-mile area and liberate several villages. In the city, militants killed dozens of members of the Gahaish tribe and arrested dozens more.

Item 5–Did VP actually say we need boots on the ground?

Joe Biden inadvertently made the case for boots on the ground in Syria during an interview Wednesday.

Responding to the fact that the Islamic State is gaining ground in Syria, the vice president went where President Obama probably wishes he did not. Biden said the reason Obama’s plan is failing was because there were no troops to combat the Islamic State group.

A scary report….but one that is gaining popularity among the halls of DC….

Item 6–$6 million in tax dollars goes to Syria…….

The opposition Syrian National Coalition (SNC) said on Thursday it had received $6 million from the United States in the first direct US financial support for the rebel body.

Ahmed Tohme, the chief of the SNC’s self-proclaimed interim government, said the money would be divided into two parts, with $4.4 million devoted to reconstruction and the purchase of heavy equipment include generators, water pumps and tankers.

The remaining $1.6 million will be used to strengthen local governance in rebel-controlled areas and for emergency aid response, including food baskets and assistance to bakeries.

Be honest….do you really see this cash going to reconstruction in the middle of a war?

Item 7–We have conflicting reports coming out of the Coalition on just how much damage we are actually doing to ISIS…..State Dept sez we have killed 6,000 fighters……

“We do know that thousands of ISIS fighters have been killed, and we do know that some of ISIS’s leadership have been killed,” Hagel said, saying he hadn’t seen any verification of exact numbers on either.
This kinda reminds me of the bogus body counts back during the Vietnam War……..I do not believe the count either.
Thanx for your time and attention…..that concludes this briefing….. I will return as more news is made available……
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Death Of The Saudi King

The news yesterday was that the king of Saudi Arabia has died and ass tradition dictates he will be buried today……and there is a new king who is just as ill as the old one and old to boot…..but what can we expect from this change?

The world’s No. 1 oil exporter has a new ruler in place: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died at about age 90 and was immediately replaced by his brother, Crown Prince Salman. Abdullah, ill with pneumonia of late, had ruled officially as king for the last decade, though he essentially ran the country for a decade before that when his predecessor, King Fahd, suffered a stroke, reports Reuters. Some early assessments:

  • CNN: “In the context of the kingdom’s conservative circles, King Abdullah was seen as a reformer and often came up against more hard-line clerics.”
  • Wall Street Journal: “His death removes a bulwark against the democratic and Islamist movements that have roiled the rest of the Arab world since the uprisings of 2011, though his immediate successors are seen as just as conservative as he was, or more.”
  • Guardian: He “accepted limited change after 2011 in response to the events of the Arab spring. Yet Saudi women are still unable to drive, citizens are unable to vote except in municipal elections and public beheading by sword remains a standard feature of the judicial system. Political parties are banned.”
  • Washington Post: “Combining an avuncular style with a reputation for honesty and a shrewd understanding of the media, he was popular with his subjects, who found him a refreshing corrective to his corrupt and autocratic predecessor, King Fahd.”

Most stories put Salman’s age at 79. He has served as defense minister since 2012, and the Guardian says he is “widely believed” to be in ill health, too.

One of America’s stanchest allies?  Huh?

Keep in mind that Saudi is a hard-line Islamic fundamentalism and has exported these beliefs…. (keep in mind AQ and ISIS)…….a number of the 9/11 attackers were Saudis……they have oil and that makes them important even to the point of lying about their importance…..they have funded extremists groups in the past….will that change?

So the new king……we will see if he is the reformer that US wants us to believe…..or if there will be a palace coup……if new king moves too fast then his days may be numbered…….or he does little to nothing to change things.

UpDate:  I listened to the new king’s speech and I heard nothing that would indicate change……he said that they would continue on the path that has been chosen……so women are still screwed, beheadings will continue and the extreme fundamentalism will continue…in short….same old same old……