Saudi Arabia, US Strongest Ally!

The official statement coming from the State Department is ….”Saudi is America’s strongest ally and the strongest supporter of the fight against ISIS”…….seriously?

There has been much in the media of just how important Saudi Arabia is to the US…..endless reporting for what reason?

The American people need to know that the facts on TV have little to do with reality…Few realize that the atrocities committed by ISIS are NO different than the “justice” handed out in Saudi Arabia…………Let’s look at the differences in Saudi Arabia and ISIS….Can you find the differences?


Crime and punishment: Islamic State vs Saudi Arabia | Middle East Eye.

Boehner, Netanyahu and George Washington’s Farewell Warning | Nomadic Politics

BiBi the puppet master will come to DC and get to lie and bang around to our Congress, hopefully they will stay awake long enough to get in the cash line after the speech…..

Ike warned about the power of the Military-Industrial Complex   (M-IC) and NO one heeded his words……and then there is Washington, the man not the town, that all Americans, especially the Right wing, loves and adores as a Founding Father…..but he made some predictions that hold true today…..and NO one heeds his words either……

Why is that?

Please check out this piece and comment….I want to hear your thoughts.


Boehner, Netanyahu and George Washington’s Farewell Warning | Nomadic Politics.

Cuba: What To Do, What To Do?

The surprise of 2014 was the announcement that the US would resume relations with the island nation of Cuba.  Of course, this news sent the GOP into a batcrap crazy rage…..they babbled….they whined….and they warned…….and as usual they threatened..

There is a minor battle going on between Rubio and Paul……it is silly theatrics…….but I am sure that there are those that will be very vocal on all this……

So I ask Congress….whatcha going to do?

They will do whatever it takes…at least that is their promise……a hollow promise at best…….why?

Not likely, according to experts, who say that President Obama has considerable leeway to curb the embargo against Cuba unilaterally, and Congress has limited options as far as stopping him.
All they can do is make lots of noise, which they excel at, and in the end…..cry in their beer.

Does The US Have A Foreign Policy?

It’s a curse… interest in international situations….but Hell someone has to have an opinion other than the ‘approved’ ones we get daily from our slumbering media….

I have been a critic of Obama and his foreign policy….in short, from my perspective, it SUCKS!

Other critics will fixate on the Syrian line in the sand thing but that would be short sighted and requires no thought what so ever.  After all his back up from the line is not new…..even Bush1 drew a line in the sand in the Balkans and never acted it took a new president, Clinton, to move to more aggression.  I guess selective memory is a contagious disease.-

Let’s look at few situations…….Obama will bring the troops home this year….not new that was the plan all along….but some of the usual suspects will try to make political hay out of the withdrawal and it will be nothing more than political posturing.  His, Obama’s, team got Egypt wrong….all wrong.  They have done NOTHING creative in dealing with Russia.  And their ME plan sucks!  Not all of it will be their fault, Israel needs to man up and accept that they do not want a peaceful conclusion to the conflict.

I can little that I would consider a successful foreign policy…..wait!  There is China.  They have called  China out on their cyber attacks, help maintain calm in any of their disputes and of course they were handled with kid gloves….would not want to piss them off, eh?  And then there is the Iranian deal………..I think that this deal would have eventually happen regardless who was prez….but I will give them a passing grade for the deal.  That is about it….other than a couple of pretty good speeches but that is NOT a foreign policy.

While the prez and his posse have not been what I would call successful it is not their fault completely……The Congress has tied their hands on numerous occasions and after they attacked the deficit with a meat clever no one’s policies can work without the support of the nation and the Congress

The US top diplomat, John Kerry, has been talking……..

Speaking to reporters, Kerry inveighed against what he sees as a tendency within the United States to retreat from the world even as he defended the Obama administration’s diplomatic efforts from Syria to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“There’s a new isolationism,” Kerry said during a nearly one-hour discussion with a small group of reporters.

“We are beginning to behave like a poor nation,” he added, saying some Americans do not perceive the connection between US engagement abroad and the US economy, their own jobs and wider US interests.

In speaking of what he called the “new isolationism,” Kerry cited the limited support in the US Congress to back Obama’s plan to launch an air strike against Syria last year because of its suspected use of chemical weapons against civilians.

Obama, in a decision criticised by some allies in the Gulf and elsewhere, asked Congress to vote on a strike. With limited congressional backing, he ultimately abandoned a strike and pursued a deal to get Syria to give up its chemical weapons.

I realize that foreign policy is a game of juggling relationships to achieve an overall peaceful existence……some where some one has dropped one of the pins….we can blame Congress or the Prez… matters not….a lousy foreign policy helps NO ONE!

And now with the Ukrainian crisis we are back to some thinking big spending on the M-IC is the only answer to this situation……all politics and lame talking points……..that is where our foreign policy is at this time in history.

Clowns, asshats and morons……..but they say we get the foreign policy we deserve……Merry Christmas…a little early.

John Kerry’s Diplomacy May Be Failing in the Peace Process | New Republic

Continuing with my focus of the day….foreign policy…….

Peace is a diminishing return as long as all concerned will not give an inch…..the institution of war precludes a viable peace.

Every prez comes to power with a plan to stop the killing and maiming in the Middle East…..and every prez fails…..John Kerry and Pres. Obama will meet the same fate as their predecessors….

John Kerry’s Diplomacy May Be Failing in the Peace Process | New Republic.

Could Syria Be A Stalemate?

While the sillies in DC are playing this shutdown game… goes in in other parts of the world….and since my interests is the Middle East…let’s talk that……

We hear a lot these days about everything but what is really happening in Syria….we know about the chem weapons being used….we also know about the thousands of Syrians that have died….and we hear just how powerful Iran is getting in the region….almost daily. m  We hear a report here and there about the actual war… I did a little research to see if I could find a more up-to-date picture of the situation…..

Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil was quoted Thursday suggesting that neither side in the country’s civil war is capable of military victory and that the government of Bashar al-Assad may seek a cease-fire.

“Neither the armed opposition nor the regime is capable of defeating the other side,” Jamil told the Guardian newspaper in an interview published Thursday.

“This zero balance of forces will not change for a while,” he added.

Could that be possible….that both sides or should I say all sides have hit a no advance stage of the conflict?  I found some of what I was searching for on

Jamil also said his government was supportive of the idea of UN ceasefire monitors being deployed to Syria to keep the rebels and military from fighting, so long as the troops were from “neutral or friendly countries.”

Incredibly, Jamil also confirmed that “for all practical purposes the regime in its previous form has ended,” and that the government is resigned to dramatic reforms and thinks it would be easier if the West would stop threatening them.

The Geneva II conference, agreed to by US and Russian officials and to be organized with the help of UN official Lakhdar Brahimi, was supposed to take place in June, then got bumped back to July.

A ceasefire?  Could we be looking at an end to all the bloodshed?  Personally, I say NO…..what we are looking at is an off the cuff attempt to find time to re-group for a further conflict…….this a delaying tactic to sure up its forces and weapons……it will beginning again…..unless Assad is somehow stopped….and that would involve some sort of direct intrusion into the politics of the country… the US willing to be that overt?