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The ICC has agreed to look into Israel’s attack on Gaza……of course, as predicted, the US came running to Israel’s rescue and the media is planning to boost popular support for Israel by airing “Schindler’s List”….that should generate enough sympathy for Israel to regain any lost support…….

Anyone who knows me will know that I am NOT a conservative by any stretch of the imagination……I read this piece (twice)…I could not believe that a Conservative publication would publish such an article…..although it is true….still a surprise to me…..

Read it and let me know what you think…..


The U.S.-Israel Politics Gap | The American Conservative.

Where Is The Condemnation?

Americans are quick to condemn…..we condemn those that burn the flag, that are Muslims, countries that target our people, etc……that is all but Israel.

Okay before some Israeli troll starts in  I will explain……Israeli troops killed American on the USS Liberty in the 60’s, Israeli intel had us attempt to assassinate the wrong person in Lebanon in the 80’s and Israeli intel was wrong on Qaddafi in our first attempt to kill him….and let’s not forget all the spies that have been caught spying for Israel……and lastly the American teenager that was attacked by the IDF when he was visiting relatives.

But why do I rehash all these events?

Staff from the US Consulate at Jerusalem attempted to investigate reports of Israeli settlers uprooting olive trees at a Palestinian village, and found themselves attacked by armed settlers en route.

The settlers didn’t fire on the consular vehicles, but threw stones at them, forcing them out of their cars. Reports are that consular security officials drew their weapons, though they didn’t fire either.

The State Department confirmed the incident, but denied the US forces drew their guns, and said they were “deeply concerned” by the attack on US consular personnel.

This was little reported by the MSM and we know why……but normally caring Americans will let this go because of some misplaced loyalty to a country that cares little but us……

I am sick of all the blind eye support for a terrorists nation…,yes, terrorists….look up the definition and then look at the acts of our “friend” and then tell me what is a terrorist and what is not.

Israel depends on the stupidity of the American people and the level of corruption of the politicians and media… is time to take away ALL leverage the Israelis have over this country.

They want to be a state then it is time for them to either stand or fall on their own….and time to start acting like the democracy they pretend to be..


Cuba: What To Do, What To Do?

The surprise of 2014 was the announcement that the US would resume relations with the island nation of Cuba.  Of course, this news sent the GOP into a batcrap crazy rage…..they babbled….they whined….and they warned…….and as usual they threatened..

There is a minor battle going on between Rubio and Paul……it is silly theatrics…….but I am sure that there are those that will be very vocal on all this……

So I ask Congress….whatcha going to do?

They will do whatever it takes…at least that is their promise……a hollow promise at best…….why?

Not likely, according to experts, who say that President Obama has considerable leeway to curb the embargo against Cuba unilaterally, and Congress has limited options as far as stopping him.
All they can do is make lots of noise, which they excel at, and in the end…..cry in their beer.

ABC and NBC Ignore Announcement of Murder Charges for Benghazi Suspect | Media Research Center

I know we Americans are more focused on the newest fodder for conspiracy nuts…Ebola and we do not have much time for those of the past…like immigrants and of course the big one for the Right…Benghazi……

So for those who missed it….I’m pretty sure that is most of you……read on!

This illustrates just how silly all that fake outrage really is….and we Americans buy into it every time!


ABC and NBC Ignore Announcement of Murder Charges for Benghazi Suspect | Media Research Center.

The Two-State Solution Is Dead by Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett —

Since 1967 the Us has been searching for a way to have peace in the Middle East….we have tried to make both sides of the argument happy……and because of that we have failed miserably….

The most popular solution is the two state one……we have been trying to push that since the beginning….but is it a doable solution?


The Two-State Solution Is Dead by Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett —

Iraq: It Will Come Out In The Wash

Inkwell Institute

Middle East Desk

Yes, Iraq is a bloody mess!  And as usual there is a wealth of people that have opinions on how to handle the situation…..people like the two media whores of Perry and Paul……the real problem is that neither have any idea of what it is like other than what they are told or read and as typical of those type of people they are like that puppy chasing a ball whenever it is tossed regardless of what it is doing at the time.  NO ONE should give either of these two any acknowledgement of authority on the subject.

When one studies international relations that deals with conflict management or conflict resolution……it deals mostly with situations that devolve into a shooting war and when it does in ,most cases it is too late for management and then the next step is to try and resolve the issue and that is going to take time and cost many lives in the process.

While watching the Middle East and the turmoil get deeper and deeper….I thought of the Reformation (yes, I look for a historical perspective in my writings on the Middle East)…….back in the 16th century many religious types started questioning the Papacy and the Church….this lead to Martin Luther and his famous list tacked to the door of a church….then others followed…Calvin, the Puritans, Henry VIII, the Huguenots to mention a few and these schisms lead to violence……Charles persecution of the Puritans, the 30 years War, all of which were sectarian violence…Christian against Christian….silly right?

Now fast forward to present day………sounds a lot like the Reformation when people fought over religion…in Iraq it is basically Sunni versus Shi’a…….not much different from Protestant versus Catholic of the 16th century……

My point is that maybe the Western world should step back and allow the Iraqis sort this out for themselves.  If the US gets involved it will be seen as us taking sides in a religious war and that cannot work well for us.

Iraq needs to work this out between the different factions…….that is the only way there will ever be stability in the country….without it then a dictator will return…..and we can start this play all over again.

Then there is ISIS or ISIL or IS which ever you prefer…….they are acting like they are together and capable of ruling the region….that is delusional…..why?  The Sunni tribes.  We needed them for the “surge’ to succeed and ISIS will need them for their “caliphate” to succeed.  Unfortunately the Sunni tribes will never allow ISIS to be the law of the land……True that the Iraqi government is in shambles and at best a joke……

America needs to keep our noses out of this situation……our intervention will help NO one but those corporate interests that are scalping the Iraqi economy……I mean think about it….have you heard of any plans to bomb Switzerland?  They are neutral, in case the geography eludes you.

Yep, we are probably looking at the division of Iraq into 3 separate states… know kinda like what Joe Biden suggested back in 2008 and was laughed at and call naive……Iraq needs to handle their own problems and not go screaming for help every time they are challenged from within…….this is a religious dispute and it should be handled by the players not the watchers…… will come out in the wash and not a single additional American life has to be sacrificed.

But here is a prevailing opinion that Iraq should be allowed to break up……..and for good reason……Prof. JK Choksy…..Iraq is really three separate geographical regions, now contested by Kurds and Arabs ethnically, Arabic and Kurdish speakers linguistically, and Sunni and Shiite Muslims religiously. Ethnically Iraqis are approximately 75 percent Arabs, 20 percent Kurds, and 5 percent Turkmen and Assyrians. Religiously they are 65 percent Shiite Muslims, 30 percent Sunni Muslims, and 5 percent Christians and Mandeans. Monarchs and dictators held the tripartite configuration together for nine decades as modern Iraq. Without their iron fists enforcing coexistence, bloody fault lines are sundering the artificial nation back into its customary divisions.

Iraq’s current national boundaries arose from British action through a League of Nations mandate in 1920. It was also the British who, influenced by notions that Shiites were fanatical and uncultured, vested authority in the new nation’s Sunni minority. The colonial masters bequeathed rule to the Hashemite prince Faisal of Mecca and Istanbul, who had previously ruled for less than five months in Syria before being forced out by the French. Several attempted and one successful coups d’état, followed by another British occupation, quickly demonstrated how unstable Iraq really was.

History should have warned of the horrors to come when colonials are allowed to make the borders….for they set up the region for turmoil….it took almost 100 years but ….”you asked for got it”.

Personally, No matter which decision the US makes…….and BTW, everyone needs to stop accusing the prez of inaction and for good reason…….the Middle East will change.

As the US debates its future in Iraq, all eyes are on President Obama—but where we should be looking is Capitol Hill. Yes, congressional leaders recently said Obama needed no new authorization for further military action in Iraq. “But they’re wrong,” writes Rachel Maddow in the Washington Post. The Founding Fathers gave “the responsibility for war and peace to the clamorous Congress.” The War Powers Act puts power in Obama’s hands for 60 days; after that, it’s up to lawmakers to decide whether to authorize additional troops.

The Constitution puts Congress in charge “so that decisions about war and peace would be made not on one person’s say-so but only after vigorous national debate,” and we need that debate on Iraq. There is a precedent here: A year and a half after the US departure from Vietnam, North Vietnam planned a new offensive, and President Ford sought $700 million “to stabilize the military situation.” Lawmakers’ views on the matter were clear: “Congress knew that it was in its power to say no, and it said no. There would be no second coming of America’s war in Vietnam.” Click for Maddow’s full piece.

Now what about ISIS……..eventually the Sunni tribes will take on ISIS and destroy it.  At present they are using the militants as a hammer against Maliki…..once they exact their revenge on Maliki for treating the Sunnis like crap….they will turn on ISIS and set them on the lamb.

One final question….how many Americans are we willing to throw at a problem that we CANNOT fix?

America’s Middle East Delusions | The National Interest

If you are at all interested and we should all be watching the game play out in Iraq……I have been writing for years that the US has an outdated foreign policy……..and that it would eventually come back and bite us in the ass.

Can you feel the hot breath of a snapping beast about now?

Then wake up and smell the manure gathering about our collective feet……


America’s Middle East Delusions | The National Interest.