The Epochal Consequences Of Woodrow Wilson’s War | David Stockman’s Contra Corner

Since August of 2014 we have been celebrating the beginning of World War one…..and most historians will agree that the war began the world of today….there are so many things that happened during and after the war that the world would never be the same…..

this article by Stockman defines how Pres, Wilson contributed to that change……


The Epochal Consequences Of Woodrow Wilson’s War | David Stockman’s Contra Corner.

The U.S.-Israel Politics Gap | The American Conservative

The ICC has agreed to look into Israel’s attack on Gaza……of course, as predicted, the US came running to Israel’s rescue and the media is planning to boost popular support for Israel by airing “Schindler’s List”….that should generate enough sympathy for Israel to regain any lost support…….

Anyone who knows me will know that I am NOT a conservative by any stretch of the imagination……I read this piece (twice)…I could not believe that a Conservative publication would publish such an article…..although it is true….still a surprise to me…..

Read it and let me know what you think…..


The U.S.-Israel Politics Gap | The American Conservative.

Where Is The Condemnation?

Americans are quick to condemn…..we condemn those that burn the flag, that are Muslims, countries that target our people, etc……that is all but Israel.

Okay before some Israeli troll starts in  I will explain……Israeli troops killed American on the USS Liberty in the 60’s, Israeli intel had us attempt to assassinate the wrong person in Lebanon in the 80’s and Israeli intel was wrong on Qaddafi in our first attempt to kill him….and let’s not forget all the spies that have been caught spying for Israel……and lastly the American teenager that was attacked by the IDF when he was visiting relatives.

But why do I rehash all these events?

Staff from the US Consulate at Jerusalem attempted to investigate reports of Israeli settlers uprooting olive trees at a Palestinian village, and found themselves attacked by armed settlers en route.

The settlers didn’t fire on the consular vehicles, but threw stones at them, forcing them out of their cars. Reports are that consular security officials drew their weapons, though they didn’t fire either.

The State Department confirmed the incident, but denied the US forces drew their guns, and said they were “deeply concerned” by the attack on US consular personnel.

This was little reported by the MSM and we know why……but normally caring Americans will let this go because of some misplaced loyalty to a country that cares little but us……

I am sick of all the blind eye support for a terrorists nation…,yes, terrorists….look up the definition and then look at the acts of our “friend” and then tell me what is a terrorist and what is not.

Israel depends on the stupidity of the American people and the level of corruption of the politicians and media… is time to take away ALL leverage the Israelis have over this country.

They want to be a state then it is time for them to either stand or fall on their own….and time to start acting like the democracy they pretend to be..


Cuba: What To Do, What To Do?

The surprise of 2014 was the announcement that the US would resume relations with the island nation of Cuba.  Of course, this news sent the GOP into a batcrap crazy rage…..they babbled….they whined….and they warned…….and as usual they threatened..

There is a minor battle going on between Rubio and Paul……it is silly theatrics…….but I am sure that there are those that will be very vocal on all this……

So I ask Congress….whatcha going to do?

They will do whatever it takes…at least that is their promise……a hollow promise at best…….why?

Not likely, according to experts, who say that President Obama has considerable leeway to curb the embargo against Cuba unilaterally, and Congress has limited options as far as stopping him.
All they can do is make lots of noise, which they excel at, and in the end…..cry in their beer.

ABC and NBC Ignore Announcement of Murder Charges for Benghazi Suspect | Media Research Center

I know we Americans are more focused on the newest fodder for conspiracy nuts…Ebola and we do not have much time for those of the past…like immigrants and of course the big one for the Right…Benghazi……

So for those who missed it….I’m pretty sure that is most of you……read on!

This illustrates just how silly all that fake outrage really is….and we Americans buy into it every time!


ABC and NBC Ignore Announcement of Murder Charges for Benghazi Suspect | Media Research Center.

The Two-State Solution Is Dead by Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett —

Since 1967 the Us has been searching for a way to have peace in the Middle East….we have tried to make both sides of the argument happy……and because of that we have failed miserably….

The most popular solution is the two state one……we have been trying to push that since the beginning….but is it a doable solution?


The Two-State Solution Is Dead by Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett —