Economics Lesson

for those that find economics mind numbing…..this little illustrations goes a long way in providing the information needed to understand the plans our parties make….to help the people…..


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The Inevitability Of Hillary

It seems that ALL political pundits are crowning Hillary for 2016…….even FOX News is doing so….only there tactics are a bit different from the rest of the MSM……I personally am not a Hillary supporter……you see I think she will be NO different from Bubba boy and i think that he did more harm to the country than some of his predecessors….

I thought that i was alone, especially on the Left, because everyone seems to be praying and working for Hillary to carry the mantel of democrat into the general election of 2016…….like I said I thought I was about the only one……

The “Does Hillary Clinton have brain damage?” kerfuffle seems to have faded. Next up: A few—but not many—Democrats fear she’ll suffer politically for being considered a shoo-in candidate, Politico reports under the headline “The ‘Wary of Hillary’ Democrats.” Among the concerns: The average voter may be put off by her “inevitability” (Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick), or her status will enable her to abandon the party’s progressive wing in a push for the center (unnamed party operatives). Others nervously recall her “inevitable” status in 2008, and we all know how that worked out. Meanwhile, from the around the Web:

  • “That doesn’t exactly sound like a tidal wave of opposition—or even wariness,” writes Paul Waldman in the Washington Post. “But in the months to come, we’re going to see a lot of articles like this one. … because political news needs conflict.”
  • “Hillary Clinton is in a pickle,” writes Jonah Goldberg in the Baltimore Sun. “She’s a shoo-in for her party’s presidential nomination because of Barack Obama’s failures. But those failures might keep her from getting the job.”
  • The press “recycles talking points concerning her hypothetical campaign while casting about desperately for something new,” writes Ken Auletta at the New Yorker. “…Meanwhile, Clinton’s old nemesis the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ has begun declaring her not only politically but also clinically moribund.”
  • Hillary hasn’t, ahem, declared her candidacy yet—but she has agreed to promote her new book, Hard Choices, in a World News special with Diane Sawyer on June 9. Could that be the big day? “Let the breath-holding begin,” writes Nikki Gloudeman at The Moderate Voice.

I do not like having a dynastic political family….if we are gonna have that then let’s start calling a coronation instead of inauguration….

Hillary In 2016

I know the GOP is gearing up to fight Hillary…they seem to be convinced that she will run and eventually become the nominee….so they are firing up the propaganda machine (check post Propaganda 2.0) to get a jump on her and her hubby’s political machine.

Now some Dems are echoing the belief that Hillary will run and will have the best chance for the nomination….that is if she desires it.

I want to talk a bit about the possibility of Hillary and her run for the finish line, the presidency.

I can hear the rattlings now.  I will not be a Hillary supporter and I shall pay dearly for not being a fan……..but I have a good reason for my dislike of Hillary……Bubba!  I feel that Bill did more damage to America’s social programs than most Repubs have done.  NAFTA screwed the American worker unmercifully…..his repeal of Glass-Steagall set up the economy for the crash in 2008…..and his attacks on entitlements will never heal…..just to mention a few of the distasteful things Bubba was champion of in his years at the helm.  And all these programs are the stepchild of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), the pro business wing of the party and the bane of the American middle class.

Hillary is a member of the DLC and she will be just an extension of good old Bubba and his policies and it will put him back in the White House….a place he should be only allowed to visit, never to live there again.

The only bright spot in 2016, well two bright spots… will be the antics of the GOP and the array of morons that will be jockeying for leadership….it will be interesting and most likely very amusing.  Two, Hillary my get a challenge to her inevitable nomination from the worker wing of the Democratic Party…….some of the challengers may be Sen. Bernie Sanders or possibly Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

A lot can change between today and the beginning of the process in 2016….new players can pop up anywhere……Left or Right……..but from where I am sitting today….these are the things I see.

Hey Big Spender!

We all know what some people think about Obama and the Dems….they are all about spending cash….they are Big Spenders….Am I right?

We also know, why because we are beat about the head with it everyday, that the deficit is the highest it has been in centuries….am I right?

I know that the big spender tag and the so-called growing deficit are great campaign slogans and bumper stickers…….but the next time you hear such drivel ask one simple question……

If the prez is such a spender, how can we explain this turn of the screw?

The federal budget deficit for fiscal 2013 has plunged by more than $400 billion, the biggest drop since the end of World War II, the Treasury Department says. It comes in at $680 billion—not exactly pocket change, but a lot better than the trillion-plus deficits of the last five years. The deficit is now at its smallest level since 2008, and while growing tax revenues from the healthier economy account for most of the drops, budget cuts and tax rises also helped, the New York Times reports. Revenue jumped by $324 billion to $2.8 trillion, the Treasury says, while government spending edged up to $3.9 trillion from $3.8 trillion. “Thanks to the tenacity of the American people and the determination of the private sector we are moving in the right direction,” says Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew. “The United States has recovered faster than any other advanced economy, and our deficit today is less than half of what it was when President Obama first took office.” The Senate Budget Committee says the outlook for future deficit reduction is good, with an estimated reduction of $3.3 trillion over the next decade because of the cuts and tax rises that came from the fiscal-cliff battles, the Washington Post finds.

I realize the truth hurts….but sometime in history one must let go of BS and return to reality…..but how long will it shrink if we keep giving away billions every time there is a situation that we get nervous about…….throw money at it and it will go away…..just like the surplus we had back in the day……our politicians will find a way to solve that problem…..

Run Hillary Run?

All of us political junkies know that there is an election in 2014, what some call the mid-terms and then the bigger will be just 2 years away….the 2016 presidential election.  We still do not have a clear picture of who will be running from each of the two parties…we have our faves like Cruz, Paul, Bush, Biden, Warren and of course the ever present Clinton……

If you are a liberal you know what is being said about Hillary and of course her hubby, Big Bubba……if you are a conserv you have your ideas and beliefs about her and her hubby…….and the wild accusations will fly rampant if she decides to run…….but there is ammo for the GOP and its spin doctors……

Now that the journals of Hillary Clinton’s late best friend, Diane Blair, have come to light, is there anything about the former secretary of state we don’t know? That’s the question on Frank Bruni’s mind. He’s not saying the Washington Free Beacon shouldn’t have printed the information it found in the journals. But, he writes in the New York Times, he wonders: “How many decent, gifted people who contemplate public office look at what someone like Hillary endures and step away? And the people who aren’t scared off: How cold and hard are they, or how cold and hard do they become?” Bruni likens Clinton to “a carcass” that “with a tireless zest, we pick … clean.” But in the Washington Examiner, Byron York says all of this is fair game. If Clinton runs for president in 2016, some voters will be people who weren’t even born when Bill Clinton took his first oath of office. They need to be educated about Hillary Clinton’s past, just as voters learned about Mitt Romney’s 1980s business deals, John Kerry’s Vietnam war record, or George W. Bush’s military service controversy from the 1960s. Clinton’s actions from the 1970s onward reveal “something about who Clinton was and still is,” and examining those actions “will help define Mrs. Clinton for millions of voters who weren’t around or weren’t paying attention in the 1990s.” His full column here, Bruni’s here.

I can imagine that this will give ammo to her opponents and that they will begin using it as soon as possible….even though there is NO clear indication that she will run……..

Come on people…..let the opinions fly….I am Listening……