Bernie! About Damn Time!

It’s Thursday and a day to celebrate!  Hump Day is behind us and the end of the week approaches…….

As boring as I am finding the early days of the 2016 election it is about to get more interesting.

No secret that I like Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders and have been hoping he would do the right thing and run against Hillary……..and as they say hope springs eternal…….

Today is the day!

Hillary Clinton will have at least one challenger over her left shoulder for the Democratic nomination: Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent who describes himself as a democratic socialist, will announce his candidacy on Thursday, reports Vermont Public Radio. The 73-year-old will focus on three main issues: income inequality, climate change, and campaign finance reform, a longtime adviser tells Politico. The plan is for a low-key announcement, followed by a splashier kickoff in Vermont in a few weeks, and then trips to the early-voting states.

“Sanders’ basic message will be that the middle class in America has been decimated in the past two decades while wealthy people and corporations have flourished,” writes VPR. Expect him to press Clinton on where she stands on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a proposed trade pact that he opposes as bad for working-class America. Sanders should have company soon in nudging Clinton leftward: Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is expected to join the race in May, reports Reuters.

My guess is that this will keep Warren from a trip to the primaries…….and the Dems need someone who is truly on the Left….plus will wait and see the “dirty” the scared Right digs up on Bernie….I know the first place they will go…..but I will remain silent to see if they are as smart as they think they are…….

Go Bernie!

Lincoln Chafee’s Clinton Critique Is Actually Compelling | The American Conservative

The fun has begun!

The fun that is the 2016 election season.

In case you were unaware the presumptive Dem nominee does have at least one opponent……at least for now…..

Chafee was the sole GOP “NO” vote for war in Iraq in 2002……he has since changed parties and is now a Dem…….we could chastise him for not staying in his party and fighting for change…..or we could read about his critique of Clinton…..

Me?  I prefer to read something interesting… should you………


Lincoln Chafee’s Clinton Critique Is Actually Compelling | The American Conservative.

6 Surprising Ways Progressives Are Actually Kicking Butt in Congress | Alternet

Please stop using ‘progressive’ to describe Democrats……

When Bill Clinton was elected I told anyone that would listen that the country was in for a good thumping…..but as usual NO one listened.

My problem was is popularly called a “centrist” Democrat…..what crap!  Look what that type of politics has done to the country and now they are asking for another shot at governing…….I say NO way!

But the American people are so scared at being labeled that they will turn a blind eye to the crap that has happened in the last 20 years.

Yes a Repub would be worse but why do Americans have to settle for Bad or Worse?  Progressives are coming on……..they are leading the way…..


6 Surprising Ways Progressives Are Actually Kicking Butt in Congress | Alternet.

Say Good-Bye To Harry

The story of the day…..will not be that the US is dangerously close to yet another conflict in the Middle East…….or that the battle for Tikrit is getting weirder and weirder……..nope none of that will matter….the gigantic news is that Harry Reid will not go for re-election in 2016……

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid announced this morning he won’t be seeking re-election in 2016, the New York Times reports. The Nevada senator, who reveals he’s been thinking about retiring “for months,” per the Times, says he’s not ending his nearly 30 years in the Senate because he lost his seat as majority leader in November or because of the injuries he suffered during a Jan. 1 exercise session. But in a press release titled “Thank You,” he acknowledges that the “accident has caused us for the first time to have a little down time. I have had time to ponder and to think.” And the result of that thinking was the determination that it’s time to go. “I want to be able to go out at the top of my game,” he tells the Times. “I don’t want to be a 42-year-old trying to become a designated hitter.”

He also acknowledged he doesn’t want to siphon campaign funds that could be used to help Democrats in hotly contested states take back Senate control from the GOP. “I think it is unfair for me to be soaking up all the money to be re-elected with what we are doing in Maryland, in Pennsylvania, in Missouri, in Florida,” he tells the paper. “These are big, expensive states.” Not that Reid plans on simply coasting by during his lame-duck period. “My friend, Senator McConnell, don’t be too elated. I am going to be here for 22 months, and you know what I’m going to be doing? The same thing I’ve done since I first came to the Senate,” he says in the release.

What will the Dems do without their fearless leader?

Unless Dick Durbin makes a stink about it, it appears that Chuck Schumer will replace Harry Reid as the Senate’s Democratic leader come 2016. In an interview after announcing that he would not run for re-election, Reid tells the Washington Post that the New York senator is his pick. “I think Schumer should be able to succeed me,” he says. Schumer is currently the No. 3 Democrat, with Illinois’ Durbin ahead of him as minority whip. But Reid spoke to Durbin today by phone and tells the Post that Durbin will step aside for Schumer.

Neither Schumer nor Durbin has made an official comment on succession plans, but Schumer’s team has long made it known that he would try to replace Reid whenever he stepped down, reports the Hill. One other name being mentioned frequently as a contender is the fourth-ranking Democrat, Patty Murray of Washington state. Even before Reid’s endorsement, however, Schumer was the heavy favorite, notes the Hill.

Oh goody…..a Clinton Dem will lead the Congress……it is NO secret that I do not approve of much that Reid has done….but at least he had the guts to do it….does anyone really think that Schumer has those guts?

I do not….I see him going back to the Blue Dog politics of Clinton…..if so the poor will suffer the most just like they did under Bubba……..

Any thoughts?

Sen. Warren: Her Time Is Now!

2016 will become an all consuming debate next year……the media needs this to look as relevant as possible…..the pundits need it because they have nothing else going for them…….and we bloggers need her so that it is not a Hillary dominated diatribe.

There is lots of speculation whether she will run or not in 2016… thought is…….. please run!  But what are the odds that she will throw her hat?

Elizabeth Warren has come out swinging against her own party on two contentious issues in recent weeks—and it could be a sign she’s moving closer to a presidential run, writes Danny Vinik at the New Republic. First, the senator opposed President Obama’s nomination of investment banker Antonio Weiss for the number-three position at the Treasury department, arguing in the Huffington Post that his nomination contributed to a message “that whatever goes wrong in this economy, the Wall Street banks will be protected first.”

This week, Warren took on the new spending bill, slamming a rider that derailed part of Dodd-Frank financial reform. The measure, she said on the Senate floor, “would let derivatives traders on Wall Street gamble with taxpayer money and get bailed out by the government when their risky bets threaten to blow up our financial system.” Once again, she was going against President Obama, who supported the bill, which eventually passed the House. Both these issues “hold significant appeal for the Democratic base that believes Obama has grown too close to Wall Street and worries that (Hillary) Clinton will be more of the same,” Vinik writes. Warren’s press secretary still says she “isn’t running for president,” but that doesn’t mean she won’t. Click for the full piece.

I can tell you that the true Left is been wanting since Bubba ran…….he tapped into a more liberal Repub base more than you would think…….Hil is going after that same base when she decides to run……once again the Left will be wanting and that is where Warren comes into the picture…….

Progressives dearly want Elizabeth Warren to run for president, even if conventional wisdom suggests that as a populist candidate, she doesn’t stand much of a chance of beating Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. But “something is in the air,” observes David Brooks in the New York Times. The Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases have raised anger on the left, and Democrats in general are moving into “opposition status” ahead of the next Congress, writes Brooks. He expects that “this aggressive outsider spirit” will only grow.

Warren taps into this combative mood perfectly. “Clinton is obviously tough, but she just can’t speak with a clear voice against Wall Street and Washington insiders,” writes Brooks. In an interview with NPR yesterday, Warren repeated the phrase, “I am not running for president” three times, but she’s got plenty of time to change her mind. “The fundamental truth is that every structural and historical advantage favors Clinton, but every day more Democrats embrace the emotion and view defined by Warren,” writes Brooks. Click for his full column.

The big question is….if she runs can she win?  In my mind…YES….but I am not a typical Democratic voter…….regardless she should run to keep Clinton from being crowned the “leader” per-maturily.

Democrats Need an Elizabeth Warren for Foreign Policy | The Nation

The Dems need to find a real expert on international relations… they have a bunch of policy wonks that will find the narrative of their party and play the role……few are willing to give sage advice…

There is a major election in about 18 months!

The Middle Class has Warren……foreign policy has……(pause here for thought)……well NO body!  I see absolutely NO one that I would trust on foreign policy at this point.  Lots of opinions but none of them sound enough to become policy.

May I suggest that if they are looking for someone that will be brutally honest then look no further than Dr. Bueno De Mesquita…..the man is a genius….and a genius making foreign policy is just what the doctor ordered……

Read and weep…..the Dems have a hole in their policy sector…..a hole that needs a cork….and soon!


Democrats Need an Elizabeth Warren for Foreign Policy | The Nation.