Make Way For The Morality Police

We all have seen the reports out of the Middle East about the “morality police”…..those little pricks that prance around deciding if what you do is moral or not…..

They are scoffed, laughed at and totally looked down upon…..but there is not a issue solely in the Middle East that is mocked more….the very thought of a “Morality Police”…….an absurd reality, right?

If some of the religious d/bags have their way then we could see a “morality police” in this country……think not?

Welcome to the America of the Religious Right!

Read on!


Morality Police.

General Petraeus: Too Big to Jail « Blog

My how the high have fallen…….the savior of the US strategy in Iraq, the hero of the “Surge”….has moved from Afghanistan to CIA and that is where his illustrious career hit a bit of a snag…..

It appears that Petraeus after mishandling top secret documents will get a misdemeanor and a wrist slap.  If it had been a regular trooper he would be having tea with Manning in a Military stockade……but nope….he gets to go through life as of nothing important had happened.


General Petraeus: Too Big to Jail « Blog.

“From Russia With Love”

By now all so-called patriots have spent their time going on and on about the death of Nemtsov, the opposition leader in Russia……some even have a valid opinion….but Russia has come through, at least that is what we are told, and arrested a couple of thugs that they say committed the murder…….

Five suspects in the killing of prominent Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov have been delivered to the court for arraignment, the spokeswoman for a Moscow court said today. The statement by Anna Fedeeva to reporters outside the courthouse came one day after the Federal Security service said two suspects had been detained. Those two, Anzor Gubashev and Zaur Dadayev, have been charged and are of Chechen origin, per the BBC. Russian news agencies late yesterday reported that two others had been detained, and Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said today there was a fifth suspect. Security service director Alexander Bortnikov gave no details of how Gubashev and Dadayev were detained or specifics on how they were connected to the killings. President Vladimir Putin, who had dubbed Nemtsov’s killing a “provocation,” made no comment on the detentions.

However, state news agencies Tass and RIA Novosti said they were detained in Ingushetia, a republic bordering Chechnya, citing Ingush Security Council chief Albert Barakhoev. Dadaev served in a battalion of Interior Ministry troops in Chechnya, Barakhoev was quoted as saying. He said Gubashev had worked in a private security company in Moscow. Barakhoev also was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying two others were seized at the same time as the suspects. But there has been no official announcement of their detention. Dadaev’s mother was quoted by Interfax as saying the two others were her nephews. Many believe that Nemtsov’s death in a tightly secured area near the Kremlin wouldn’t have been possible without official involvement, and could be an attempt to scare other government foes.

Then over the weekend came more news about the others that were still at large…..the Russian authorities swooped down and arrested 2 more suspects with one left…….when they arrived to take the man into custody they were greeted in a highly suspect way… least in my mind……

Well, that seems settled: Not only has Russia charged two and detained three others in the murder of opposition figure Boris Nemtsov, but one of those charged has apparently confessed. And a sixth suspect blew himself up last night when police approached his apartment in Chechnya, reports Interfax via the New York Times. A judge announced in a Moscow court today that suspect Zaur Dadayev, a Chechen police officer who battled Islamic militants, had confessed that he helped kill the Vladimir Putin critic. But the second charged suspect, Chechen security guard Anzor Gubashev, pleaded not guilty. Russian authorities are yet to explain how the plot unfolded or what motivations lay behind it.

The guy who blew himself up is said to be Beslan Shavanov, 30, who holed up in his Grozny apartment when police came to grab him, Russia 24 reports via CNN. With his building surrounded, Shavanov apparently tried to flee, tossing a grenade at police and blowing himself up. Russia’s Sputnik News says that another suspect claims to have an alibi for the night Nemtsov was gunned down on a Moscow bridge: “At the time of the murder, I was at work as I usually am every day,” says Tamerlan Eskerkhanov. “There are many people, my colleagues, who will confirm this.” Nemtsov’s daughter says she’s not surprised that two of the suspects are from the Caucasus region, which has rebelled against Moscow for years: “It was predictable,” she says. (See what Nemtsov was working on at the time of his murder.)

I am pleased to see the Russian police act with such precision apprehend the suspects….and then there is the bomb thing……I guess we will have to watch how this thing plays out…..I am a bit dubious at this time.

READ: DOJ Report on Civil Rights Violations in Ferguson, Criminal Probe of Officer Darren Wilson | Democracy Now!

Since last August and the protests in Ferguson…all eyes and ears have been on just what will happen in Ferguson……will the cop be charged…..will there be an investigation into the PD…..have there been civil rights violations?

Like I have said……….. questions.

DOJ has released their report on the situation….the report is here… it and make your own conclusions….do not let others form them for you!


READ: DOJ Report on Civil Rights Violations in Ferguson, Criminal Probe of Officer Darren Wilson | Democracy Now!.

Who Killed Boris Nemtsov? by Justin Raimondo —

Sorry my friends but today is my day in the barrel with my doctor……depends on findings I may be missing for awhile………..but never fear……I will escape and make my way back to the internet…..

By now we have heard that the Russian opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov, has been killed in Moscow during a rally against Putin.

The stories run a wide gambit of who dunnits……from the most obvious Putin had him murdered to some whacky m,ember of his opposition killed him to turn him into martyr……

I am sure that speculation will go on and on until the culprit is caught and then it will be in question if everything was truly done to find his killer.


Who Killed Boris Nemtsov? by Justin Raimondo —

Demoted Catholic cardinal blames “feminized” church for priest pedophilia –

We have all heard the stories of pedophilia among some in the church…..and there has been a wealth of jokes along those lines as well…..but I have heard few within the church really address this crime……

Read this and comment….please I would like to everyone’s opinion.


Demoted Catholic cardinal blames “feminized” church for priest pedophilia –


I was leafing through BBC site and came across a term that I am unaware of…..SEXTORTION!  My first reaction was….”what the “f”?

Of course having a curious mind I just had to follow up on my curiosity.

This is what I read at first…….

Hundreds of thousands of men around the world are falling victim every year to a pernicious form of online crime.

It has been nicknamed “sextortion” and is a form of blackmail.

Victims are normally lured in through social media sites; the blackmailers are criminal gangs operating in countries like the Philippines.

Okay I have an idea of what it is but further investigation is needed…….

Sextortion - Last year, Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf became one of the nation’s most high-profile cases of “sextortion,” an increasingly common crime in which a hacker steals a person’s photos or videos (usually by hacking a computer, phone or webcam) and then demands some form of payment not to distribute them online. There are several different ways individuals can lose their private images to a hacker: an ex-partner can send shared images to a third party; the victim can be enticed or threatened into sharing them; the hacker can hijack an online account that stores these sensitive images; or the victim’s computer or mobile device can be infected by a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) that allows the attacker inside access. RATs allow the hacker to remotely enable the victim’s webcam to clandestinely capture images of them.

Let see….some hot little thing cons me into having some racy chat….then she records it and threatens to expose my dalliance unless I compensate her monetarily……that about it?

What to do…what to do?

Personally, I would get a good chuckle and tell her to knock herself out….even if I was married……why would I do that?

Simple….Kim Kardashian.  She is famous for nothing more than making a sex tape….it is worth a try.  I could use a few bucks more and I would call the National Enquirer myself….save her the charge.

You want to stop this sort of thing….then my answer….do not do it….you moron!