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Since news of a military take over of Texas is not in the news…..I guess I will have to find other stories of interests…….

Does it seem that the world is topsy turvy?  Well my friend….it is!

For all you ComiCon fans…..remember Bizarro World from the Superman series?  Guess what?  You are living it!


Tides of Unreason by Justin Raimondo — Antiwar.com.

The Rosenberg Affair

You know me I will interject a little history in posts wherever I can.  I have been writing from a Left perspective for many decades……..and I do like the history of this country especially the Left movements and personalities….

Back in the days of the Cold War especially what was to be called “the Rd Scare”…..we Americans saw Commies behind every tree and even accused some of our citizens of being agents for the USSR for even uttering anything like acceptance of socialism in any form…..and in the 1950’s that was brought out into the light with the arrest of the Rosenbergs as Russian spies.

………a lengthy and controversial espionage case. In 1950, the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Julius Rosenberg (1918–53), an electrical engineer who had worked (1940–45) for the U.S. army signal corps, and his wife Ethel (1916–53); they were indicted for conspiracy to transmit classified military information to the Soviet Union. In the trial that followed (Mar., 1951), the government charged that in 1944 and 1945 the Rosenbergs had persuaded Ethel’s brother, David Greenglass—an employee at the Los Alamos atomic bomb project—to provide them and a third person, Harry Gold, with top-secret data on nuclear weapons. The chief evidence against the Rosenbergs came from Greenglass and his wife, Ruth.

Both Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were found guilty (1951) and received the death sentence; Morton Sobell, a codefendant, received a 30-year prison term, as did Harry Gold; and David Greenglass was later sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Despite many court appeals and pleas for executive clemency, the Rosenbergs were executed on June 19, 1953. They became the first U.S. civilians to suffer the death penalty in an espionage trial.

The case aroused much controversy. Many claimed that the political climate made a fair trial impossible and that the only seriously incriminating evidence had come from a confessed spy; others questioned the value of the information transmitted to the Soviet Union and argued that the death penalty was too severe. Communists in the United States and abroad organized a campaign to save the Rosenbergs and received the support of many liberals and religious leaders.

I have read many sources of the trial over the years and in my mind some of the “evidence” was a bit hinkey, at best……..but now there is some new news on Ethel Rosenberg…….

The newly released 1950 grand jury testimony of David Greenglass, who helped cement the executions of his brother-in-law and sister Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, offers new evidence that Ethel was innocent in the most intense spying case of the Cold War. Both Rosenbergs were convicted of conspiring to steal atomic secrets for the Soviet Union in 1951 after Greenglass said he saw Ethel transcribing information he gave the Rosenbergs—gained while serving as an Army machinist at the Manhattan Project HQ—on a typewriter in 1945. Both Rosenbergs were sent to the electric chair in 1953, though Greenglass, who spent almost 10 years in prison as a co-conspirator, later admitted he lied. In the 46-page transcript of testimony given six months before Greenglass implicated Ethel, her brother said he never spoke about the data with Ethel, only with Julius and his own wife, Ruth, reports the Guardian.

Greenglass’ testimony, ordered released after his death last year and unsealed yesterday, doesn’t disprove his later claim, reports the New York Times. He actually noted Ethel was present at key meetings, reports Politico. However, after he described Julius receiving a silver Omega watch from Russian agents and was asked if Ethel ever mentioned commendations, he said, “My sister has never spoken to me about this subject.” He said Julius discussed Greenglass staying in the Army to pass on more information, but added, “Honestly, this is a fact: I never spoke to my sister about this at all.” “There was never really any solid evidence that she had been involved in any part of espionage,” says an author on the subject. “It just confirms this idea that the government was using her, imprisoning her to get at Julius Rosenberg.” Some say it was Ruth Greenglass who typed notes for Julius to forward to the Soviets, and her husband lied to protect her.

The execution of an innocent person is nothing new in this country……


Frightening Proposal to Intern Muslim Citizens | Al Jazeera America

Back during the early days of the 2004 campaigns I was a supporter of Wes Clark for president…..unfortunately his message got lost in the rhetoric of the day……

But recently I read an interview with Clark on the “Lone Wolf” syndrome that is invading the American mindset…….I thoroughly disagree with his assertion…..

With all the Lone Wolf attacks we have been experiencing….people re looking for a solution to the problem and Clark thinks he has the answer……


Frightening Proposal to Intern Muslim Citizens | Al Jazeera America.


If you will recall the Charlie Hedo shooters were radicalized in jail……..if you put these people together and they will become more radicalized than they were before they went in…….and the hardcore will have willing converts to make more radical…….

This is NOT a good idea……I would like to hear what my readers have to say about this situation…..

Please sound off!

Domestic Terrorism Or Hate Crime?

Predictably we have yet another gun related incident……..this time in Tennessee and the FBI is investigating the deaths of 4 Marines as an act of domestic terrorism.

My question is why is the attack in Tennessee domestic terrorism and the attack in South Carolina is being investigated as a hate crime?

The horrific shooting in Tennessee caused the deaths of 4 Marines and 1 sailor is in the hospital (now dead) and the shooter is dead.  The media is in the middle of regurgitated every scrap of information they can find on the shooter…..but his motive is unknown….why?  The shooter is dead……unlike the shooter in South Carolina.

The shooting in South Carolina has been covered from the race angle……which quickly deteriorated into a conversation on the Confederate flag and its place in history……….as I have stated South Carolina shootings and deaths are a hate crime according to the FBI……I have no problem with that but why is it not also an act of domestic violence?  I am sure that there is no law that says the investigation cannot go in two directions……

Meanwhile back to Tennessee, Chattanooga to be exact, the shooter attacked two location and killed 4 people…..now the FBI has decided that it was an act of domestic terrorism.  Unfortunately the killer is dead and we cannot ask him of his motivations….all we have is speculation.

My problem is the domestic terrorism thing…..why is Tennessee domestic terrorism and South Carolina not?  Both attacks were with a gun and people died.

Does it have something to do with race…..race of the attacker?  A boy did the killing in South Carolina and a Kuwaiti did the killing in Tennessee.  Is it that a white boy is incapable of committing an act of terrorism?  So he is a psychopath but not a terrorist, right?

Maybe it is in the name…..if Dylann Roof had been named Daood al-Rauf then he would be a terrorist.

I ask again…..what makes one an act of domestic terrorism and the other a hate crime?

Former International Court of Justice judge: Dick Cheney should face prosecution

For years now there has been a call for some in the Bush admin to face charges, criminal charges, for their actions leading up and during the most recent war being fought in the Middle East….

Most of what these people did to lead the US into another war in Iraq was criminal…..I know I am just an old radical that dislikes people that are conservative……not completely accurate but close enough for government work……

If the American people were conned into supporting a war that has cost too many American lives with NO foreseeable outcome….then those that were part of the con need to face justice……and soon!


Former International Court of Justice judge: Dick Cheney should face prosecution.

The Baltimore 6

I shall bend to social pressure and post on the news du jour…..the announcement of the indictments against those 6 Baltimore police officers…….

All six Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray have been indicted by a grand jury and will be arraigned on July 2. State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby made the announcement today. The charges returned by the grand jury weren’t substantially different than the charges Mosby announced about three weeks ago. Mosby has said Gray’s neck was broken because he was injured while being handcuffed, shackled, and placed head-first into a police van. She says his pleas for medical attention were repeatedly ignored. (The development comes after new video emerged of Gray and the officers.)

I would like to remind everyone that these are indictments and NOT convictions and that the likelihood that all 6 will be convicted is slim.

Now that I have done due diligence I will approach this from the direction that I choose…….the chatter that is to follow the announcement.

It is inevitable that there will be those that will come to the support of the police officers……saying that we should not condemn all cops for the bad actions of a few…..and I will agree with them, on that because there are some absolutely marvelous people wearing the uniform.

But have you ever noticed that those that warn against a quick judgement of cops because of their bad actions are the very same people that spend their time condemning ALL Muslims for the actions of a few?

No this does not surprise me for after many years of analyzing politics and society in the US I have learned one thing that is certain……Americans are nothing if not hypocritical.

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