They Don’t Need No Stinking Law

I have told the world what I think of our worthless politicians……most are do-nothing turds…..or cowards in political clothing……..or felons…….Awhile back there was an investigation into the Congress and their staffs might be diddling in insider trading…….and now they have made sure that they can continue to commit felonies without having to pay the price……

The U.S. House Ways and Means Committee is refusing to cooperate with an insider trading investigation, saying its employees are “absolutely immune” from having to comply with subpoenas from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

U.S. District Court Judge Paul Gardephe ordered the committee last week to explain why it hadn’t responded to the SEC’s year-long request for documents, phone records and the testimony of staff director Brian Sutter, as part of a probe into whether he or other House members leaked private information about health care policy to insurance companies.

The SEC began its investigation after a series of red flags in April 2013, a year after Congress adopted the STOCK Act. According to the filings, Sutter spoke with a lobbyist for law firm Greenberg Traurig just minutes before the lobbyist emailed a brokerage firm with information from “very credible sources” about a change in Medicare policy. The firm then sent out an alert about the upcoming change to clients, including large insurance companies like Humana, and share prices of several immediately jumped.

At the time, Sutter told federal investigators that he did not recall speaking with the lobbyist, but a few days later, a House lawyer said that “time for reflection” may have helped stir Sutter’s memory.

But the committee has since refused to answer the SEC’s requests for information. The closest it has come is asking the commission for a “substantial narrowing” of its demands and a “firm commitment that the Committee’s making available to [the] agency of certain documents would end the Committee’s and Mr. Sutter’s involvement in this matter.”

If the investigation goes to court, it will be the first securities violation case since Congress adopted the STOCK Act.

My guess is that the Congress will slither out from under this in some way…..we know it is more important to keep the “scandals” than obeying the law…..

Sad part is this is nothing new…..we have been electing crooks since this whole experiment began…….we NEVER learn!

Just Like A Novel

As most of my readers know I live in Mississippi….on the Coast which is a bit more progressive than the rest of the most conservative state in the country……I seldom write about the political life of the state because it is just too predictable to be interesting……but recently it became a nationwide story……..I am talking about the runn0off election for us Senator between the incumbent Cochran and the Tea Party brainless McDaniel…..

In case you missed it….it was about as nasty as two rednecks can get…….accusations, blackmail, break-ins, and voter fraud (well this one is just McDaniel whining over a lost to Cochran)….but there has been a development that would be perfect for a novel…….

Mark Mayfield, a Tea Party official and member of the board of directors for the Central Mississippi Tea Party, was found dead in an apparent suicide Friday morning, TPM reports.

Mayfield was arrested in May and charged with conspiracy after he allegedly directed a political blogger to break into a nursing home in order to photograph Cochran’s ailing wife. The photo was apparently planned to be used in an anti-Cochran video.

Mayfield’s case was scheduled to be held before a grand jury in July.

- - 

Just like a true pundit I first thought of a conspiracy…..he was killed to make sure he did not testify about who ordered the break-in at the hospital where Cochran’s wife is being treated…….I find it hard to believe that this guy was so upset with a McDaniel loss that he had of oft himself……..his day in court he would have been asked pertinent questions and he would have had to place his hand on a Bible and “to tell the truth nothing but the truth so help you god”.  Mississippi is also the most religious state in the country and maybe Mayfield could not lie after his ‘swearing in”…….

Or could another operative have made sure that this person would keep his mouth shut…..shame this will not start a trend….we could be so much better off…..

You guys reading the news…..whatcha you think?

When Did Rape Become Popular?

One of the consequences of war is rape……there seems little we can do about it….but recently there seems to be an outbreak of rapes for the sake of rape…..there seems to be a growing sickness in this world….I mean there is always a report off and on about this person being raped, usually during some time of turmoil……but today it seems to be just the “thing to do”…….

Recently in India there was a gang rape and the world was shocked and then there was the report of a rape and killing……cousins in the north of India had been raped killed and hung from a tree….sick right?  The crime were committed by men from the higher caste in the region and the girls were from a lower caste……the police chief in the area said that rape is a trivial case and should not be overblown by the media….How sick is that?

Yesterday I read a report about Egypt and the election they just had……..

As crowds in Cairo’s Tahrir Square yesterday celebrated the election victory of Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, things turned ugly: Mobs sexually assaulted at least five women, CNN reports. Graphic video of one attack shows a woman stripped and bloodied, facing continued attacks even as police take her to their vehicle. Seven men have been arrested following the video’s appearance online, al Arabiya reports. A security official tells AFP the victim was a 19-year-old student. Those arrested were also accused of three additional cases of sexual harassment. The news comes days after Egypt’s outgoing president outlawed sexual harassment in the country for the first time, CNN notes.

The attacks have prompted an outcry, not least from the “I Saw Harassment” campaign tracking sexual violence in the country: “It is shameful that the security leaders of the Ministry of Interior did not take into account any security measures or plans to prevent such incidents,” the campaign says in a statement. Local media is also under fire; one reporter describing harassment on the scene apologized after remarking, “They are happy, huh?” Such an amused response isn’t unusual, the New York Times reports, and mob assaults aren’t new in Tahrir Square (CBS reporter Lara Logan was assaulted in 2011). A state-affiliated group, the National Council of Women, blames a conspiracy of “unknown entities” aiming to “taint the image of (Egypt’s) democratic celebration.”

The world seems to have gone rape happy…….we can thank God that the US is being spared from this insanity……….or have we?

There might be a reason that college sexual assaults make the news more often these days. A new Department of Education report has found that reports of “forcible” campus sexual assaults shot up 50% between 2001 and 2011, jumping from 2,200 to 3,300, Time reports. At the same time, every other category of college crime decreased. The numbers mean that 2.2 out of every 10,000 college students in 2011 reported an assault, Business Insider points out.

Still, the spike doesn’t necessarily mean that more assaults are occurring; it might just mean that victims have become more comfortable coming forward. “It’s a good thing that more victims are reporting,” one advocate told NPR in response to a similar finding in April. “For far too long, they’ve been left on their own. And now they’re getting the help they need.”

It seems hat the whole world has gone rape happy…..a truly disgusting trend……..and now it has spread to Pakistan, that lovely country that had a young girl shot in the face for wanting an education….great bunch of people……and now a gang rape and death……..

Police are investigating yet another gang rape and hanging of a young woman, this time in Pakistan instead of India. Authorities in the Punjab province area of Layyah say 20-year-old Muzammil Bibi was assaulted by three men in a field, reports Reuters. Her parents found her body hanging from a tree the next morning, and, based on her injuries, police think she fought back against her rapists. Three men have confessed, say police. “This is the first time in my 22 years of service in the police that I have seen such a case, where a girl was raped in this way and found hanging from a tree,” says a senior officer.

The case bears a resemblance to the gang rape and hanging of two teen cousins in India in May, which was followed by two similar attacks in that country. It also follows attacks in Pakistan in which a pregnant woman was stoned to death and another woman was shot and thrown in a canal. Family members are blamed in the latter two. Violence against women in the region is so prevalent that it barely registers as a crime, one rights activist tells India’s Zee News. “It is a mindset that has to change.”

These are just a few of the cases of rape…..but they point to a disturbing trend……..what the Hell is this world becoming?

I realize that we live in a 24 hour news cycle and organizations need to fill all their airtime and rape is becoming reported than in the past……..but why is rape so popular?  If that is the best word to use……..




Size Does Matter

The weekend and in my search for something clever or silly or just plain weird…..I came across this piece…….and after I read it I just sat there shaking my head………see whatcha think………

– In Russia’s criminal justice system, size matters. And unfortunately, that means exactly what you think it means. A poor lad named Tomas discovered this after he moved from Ukraine to Moscow to live with his aunt and was soon accused of stealing a cell phone, reports UPI. The kid claims to be 13, but a skeptical court ordered a physical exam that included a look at his private parts. Doctors then estimated his age to be 16 or 17. The distinction matters, because the courts can now treat him as an adult, explains the Moscow Times. A judge promptly threw Tomas in jail.

The boy’s relatives are protesting, saying that he got into the country with Ukraine documents that prove he’s not lying, and the case is reportedly under review by the regional prison service. Tomas insists he’s innocent of the theft, too, which, if true, would mean that he’s in jail for a really, really bad reason. (To be fair, doctors also examined his teeth, so the decision might not have rested on genitals alone.) “Could it be a case of Russia trying to flex its muscles and make an example of the boy amid its ongoing conflict with Ukraine?” asks a post at Death and Taxes. “Or is Russia’s legal system really this backward? Either way, things don’t look great for Tomas.” (Of course, the US legal system has its share of weird moments, too.)

Don’t let anyone tell you that size does not matter……..

Violence For The Sake Of Violence

The weekend and a time of relaxation and reflection…….for months now there have been almost daily reports of some sort of violence mostly involving children or teenagers……but this one is just sick and not the good kind of sick…….

A 16-year-old in Virginia has confessed to murdering his parents with a knife, a crowbar, and a baseball bat because of punishments that including taking his iPod away. Honor roll student Vincent Parker killed his mother first then lay in wait for his father, who was able to call 911 after being stabbed multiple times and beaten with a crowbar; he died in the hospital, reports the New York Daily News. “I just remember getting mad,” Parker told police.”It’s all from my dad. All this stuff like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff.”

Parker pleaded guilty in adult court to two counts of second-degree murder and could face decades in prison when he is sentenced this fall. His maternal grandfather says he hopes the boy doesn’t receive the maximum sentence. “I want him to get some type of counseling,” he tells WTKR. “Help him to grow up and be an understanding man. Be sorry for what he did do. I told him to ask God to forgive him for what he did.” Asked if he had forgiven his grandson, he said, “Well, yes, I have. Because if I don’t forgive him, who will?”

This type of violence is beyond the pale… is disturbing to know that this is the direction our society seems to be headed……..

Nail The “Robber Barons”!

Thanx to Clinton and his DLC a/holes we are stuck in this vicious cycle of banks dictating to the society……..the repeal of Glass-Steagall made it possible for banks to gamble with others money and not face any charges for their complicity in the fraudulent practices of a few big banks in the schemes……

Oh yeah the Obama admin passed a reform bill and some toothless regulations to make us think that we are safe to return to the “markets”……I disagree….I believe that this will happen again and the banks will be more covert in their operations…..but at least the present admin is trying to do something….JP Morgan has been hit with a little fine and Bank Of America as well….but they continue their fraudulent practices……

The FDIC has tried to change stuff………

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp sued 16 of the world’s largest banks on Friday, accusing them of cheating dozens of other now defunct banks by manipulating the Libor interest rate.

The global financial institutions broke certain swaps contracts they had entered into with the now-closed banks, by separately colluding to rig the Libor rate to which the contracts were tied, the FDIC said.

They have also been sued by investors and others who claim they lost money due to the manipulation. A federal judge last March dismissed many of those claims that were based on antitrust law, but has yet to rule on cases that rely on the “breach of contract” theory used by the FDIC.

The lawsuit also accused the British Bankers’ Association, the U.K. trade organization that during the period at issue administered Libor, of participating in the scheme.

The BBA had said it independently monitored the banks’ Libor submissions, and represented that Libor was a “transparent” benchmark, even though it knew those statements were false, the FDIC said. A representative of the BBA declined comment.

The banks named as defendants include Bank of America Corp, Citigroup Inc, Credit Suisse Group AG, Deutsche Bank AG, HSBC Holdings PLC, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC.

Other defendants in the lawsuit are Rabobank, Lloyds Banking Group plc, Societe Generale, Norinchukin Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and WestLB AG.

Everybody wants me to be responsible for the stuff I do then corporations, who are people now, should be held to the standard that the rest of us are held……..if they commit a crime it is time for jail time and total restitution.

Good That We Have Laws

We are a nation of laws and every American likes to think of themselves as law abiding citizens…for we, as I have said, are a nation of laws.  Some laws are good and others not so.  We Americans want laws that protect the innocent from criminals but do not want laws that protect those innocents from gun violence.  We have laws that protect our right to free speech…..even when the speech is lies.  We have laws that grant us freedom of religion and there are those that would like to make a religious belief mandatory.  We have laws that protect us citizens from cruel and unusual punishment while condone it.  We have laws…….well you get the idea………. laws at times are contradictory.

Moving on.  Okay you guys remember back in the day when there was this idea to put a mirror on your shoe and walk up to a group of girls and try to get a look under their skirts….you probably have to be an old fart to remember……….and this situation brings me to my point….I read an article the other day that made me shake my head…….

Women who ride the Boston subway will not be pleased to hear that the state’s highest court says it’s legal for someone to take “upskirt” photos of their privates. The state Supreme Judicial Court thinks it should be illegal, but the justices say current laws don’t cover it, reports the Springfield Republican. The problem is that the Peeping Tom law in question was written to protect people who are nude or partially nude—someone in a changing room, for instance—not riders on the subway who are fully clothed, reports AP. “A female passenger on a MBTA trolley who is wearing a skirt, dress, or the like covering [private] parts of her body is not a person who is ‘partially nude,’ no matter what is or is not underneath the skirt by way of underwear or other clothing,” says the court ruling. It’s good news for Michael Robertson, who was arrested in a police sting in 2010. He didn’t dispute that he took upskirt photos but argued that it’s not a crime. The justices agreed today, but state lawmakers vowed afterward to quickly close the loophole, reports the Boston Globe.

Yeah you read that right.

Basically, if she is wearing underwear it is not illegal……but if she is going ‘commando’ then you are a pervert………I must be missing something.

Sometimes the lack of logic just amazes me.

And then…after writing this a new report has come out……..I want to be fair……..

If you were outraged by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling that deemed “upskirt” photos legal, you can turn that frown upside down. Just a day after the decision, state lawmakers voted yesterday to outlaw the snapped photos of “sexual or intimate parts” in public in an “unusually swift action,” USA Today reports. The bill, which flew through the House and Senate, carries a maximum penalty of two years in jail and a $5,000 fine if the victim is 18 or older, and five years in jail and a $10,000 fine if underage. Gov. Deval Patrick said he would sign the bill into law, the AP notes. “It is sexual harassment,” Senate President Therese Murray said after the bill’s unanimous approval. “Woman and children should be able to go to public places without feeling that they are not protected by the law.” (Though good news, gentlemen: It applies to male victims, too.) The state’s Peeping Tom law only protects people who are nude or partially nude, like someone in a changing room; the new bill applies to anyone who “photographs, videotapes or electronically surveils” a person’s private parts without consent. “Not only did we get it done quickly, but I think there was a feeling that we did it right,” the House speaker said. “We wanted to make sure that this would be a law that would pass all legal questions that could arise.”

Any thoughts?

It’s A FAKE!

I realize that there are many that absolutely hate Muslims……for whatever reason, my guess is 9/11 but I could be mistaken……the other day while I was surfing some sites I ran across the story of the Syria girl that was stoned to death for using Facebook…….it was a horrible story so I Googled the subject and here is what I found…..iCNNThe Daily Mail, Breitbart, Tundra Tabloids, Examiner, India Today, Global Times, Israel Hayom, Daily Bashkar, FrontPageRag and numerous other news sites and blogs reported the story.


I received the following from a friend that I contacted to see how accurate the story had been…..

It is ironic because the still that was used to claim that Syrian rebels were stoning a woman for having a Facebook account was originally about a supposed “true-story” recounting of the stoning of “Soraya M.” in an Iranian village in the 80s.

Iran’s government castigated the movie as false and Orientalist but apparently years later their news agency has no quibbles in pushing their own Orientalist style fear-mongering that eventually played into essentialized characterizations of Islam and Muslims.

The story appears to have originally been reported in English by Iran’s Fars News Agency, which doesn’t always have the best track record for reliability. For example, it reported last month on the alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda driving U.S. policy, which bizarrely linked President Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler and space aliens.

Fars attributed its report on the alleged Syrian stoning incident to the Arabic-language Al-Rai Al-Youm.

The story is a HOAX and too many people will believe a lie without verifying the information….and that is the tragedy…people too willing to believe a lie to feed their hate…..truly sad.


I did not intend to post this on the day that there was a buzz on the net about another execution….sometimes things just work out that way……

Okay, I am not a supporter of capital punishment.  It is sanctioned murder…..period!  If abortion is murder….capital punishment is also…..

I bring this up with the hopes that we can have a substantive conversation on the subject….but I am afraid that it will digress into a pro-anti abortion debate…..sad that we cannot focus on the topic and not a random statement….but what will be, will be…..

I bring the topic up because there has been a big stink in the last decade or so on whether the technique of lethal injection…there have been problems with the drug/drugs….there has been a discussion on whether it is cruel and usual punishment…..and that is a subject for a political philosophical conversation.  Of course the gas chamber and electric chair were unacceptable because they were too expensive and the cruel thing also…..if we must have capital punishment what would be an acceptable technique?

Glad you asked.

That there is a shortage of lethal injection drugs is not news, but a Wyoming senator’s response to the situation is. Republican state Sen. Bruce Burns yesterday very simply pointed to state law, which commands a gas chamber to be used if those drugs aren’t accessible. Except Wyoming doesn’t have “an operating gas chamber,” and Burns sees the construction of one as too pricey, so he would like to suggest a Plan C: death by firing squad. “I consider frankly the gas chamber to be cruel and unusual, so I went with firing squad because they also have it in Utah,” said Burns, who adds that he also picked it because it’s such a cheap option. And he’s gone so far as to draft a bill that he intends to present at the start of the legislative session, which the AP reports begins Feb. 10. As for the number of death row inmates the change would affect, the answer is one: The state only has one convict on death row, and last carried out an execution in 1992.

IMO, if we must have sanctioned murder then why not a firing squad?  I mean it is efficient……it is simple and inexpensive…..why not?


Charity Begins At Home

The day after…..are you sick of leftovers yet?

Today’s rant will be the use of the term charity.  Charity?  Yep it is that time of the year when people think about donating…..I wish I could say that most do it out of the kindness in their heart but…..let’s be realistic….it is the end of the year and tax time approaches.  While there are many organizations that do good work there are just as many that are nothing but a scam…..please do not misunderstand I do NOT hate all charities….while I do see them necessary… problem is……..why?  Why are they necessary?

Like the numerous charities that claim to help our returning vets especially those that are in need of rehab and such… problem is that they should NOT be in existence.  Why?  The repair of the returning vets is a debt owed them by the government that since them to their doom and maiming…..there should be NO need for these charities to feed on the guilt of the Americans that did not participate.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

I also do not appreciate those animal rights groups that ask and ask for donations and 80% of the cash goes for administration fees….not to preserve the animals and their habitat…..

Charities can become a scam when they appeal to the guilt that people may have for whatever reason for whatever cause…….

(Newser) – This month, the man behind a $100 million “charity” scam was finally convicted on 23 felony counts. But “the most outrageous aspect of the case is that much of what [John Donald] Cody did was probably legal, or at least not specifically illegal,” writes Ken Stern in the New York Times. Cody’s US Navy Veterans Association purported to help needy Navy vets, but much of the millions raised over eight years stayed with the for-profit telemarketers who brought it in from unsuspecting donors. The rest went to Cody and various lawmakers, and the whole thing unraveled only because two reporters started investigating.

Yet, outrageous though it may seem, “the alleged fraud was not that very, very little money ever went to Navy veterans,” Stern writes. Rather, it stemmed from things like Cody filing registration documents with false information. “The irony is that he could have accomplished virtually his entire enrichment scheme without ever violating the law—and others have figured that out.” The IRS simply doesn’t have enough staff to adequately regulate the charitable sector, and neither do state and local authorities. (Indeed, the IRS actually audited the Navy Veterans charity in 2008 and found nothing amiss.) That’s why donors need to do their homework before giving, by first checking sources like GiveWell to find worthy organizations. Click for Stern’s full column.

There is NOT a penalty stiff enough to hit these con artist with……the problem is they have money and an army of lawyers……and that prevents these parasites from paying dearly for their transgressions….

Please, if you must donate at least check them out and donate to the ones that actually do the work that they promise they would do with your cash…..