Syria-to-Ukraine Wars Send U.S. Defense Stocks to Records – Bloomberg

We Americans have been programmed to understand only winners and losers….could explain the lack of interest in soccer (futbol)…….

The say there are no winners in any war….I beg to differ and this article makes the case.

I remember back in my protest days…..there was a saying…..”War is good business, invest your sons”….


Syria-to-Ukraine Wars Send U.S. Defense Stocks to Records – Bloomberg.

How American businessmen are ruining American business — and the U.S. economy – The Week

Many Americans have blamed business for the slow rate of jobs growth…..and for me they deserve all the criticism……it is all about their bottom line…..screw the country and especially screw the people……

Americans, all Americans, need to wake up to the fact they they, corporations, are NOT on the side of the people……they fund crap like the GOP and all the time they get corporate welfare….

we need to take this country back from sleazy politicians and fat cat bankers……who’s with me?


How American businessmen are ruining American business — and the U.S. economy – The Week.

American CEOs Should Learn A Lesson

I am not much one for keeping an eye on Asia….my international interests are more of the Middle East and North Africa……but a recent article I read made me stop and think…..

We take a step back…….our most recent economic crisis was caused by corporations and banks…..and as usual the CEOs went before Congress and blamed everyone and everything but themselves for the crash…..just once I would like to hear one of these thieves admit to bad decisions and take responsibility for their actions……of course that is a pipe dream of mine that will NEVER happen for the government is owned by these toads and they will be allowed to get away with wholesale thief….corporate money well spent, right?

But I read an article the other day and made me think…….

(Newser) – A decaying body found in a plum field is that of the fugitive billionaire who owned a ferry that sank in April, South Korean cops have confirmed. Yoo Byung-un, patriarch of the family that owned the ferry operator, went on the run soon after the Sewol sank and had been the subject of the country’s biggest-ever manhunt, reports the Guardian. Police say DNA and fingerprints have confirmed the identity of the body that was found last month, soon after police raided a compound belonging to a Christian splinter group, of which Yoo was a leading member.

The 73-year-old was wanted for questioning on charges including embezzlement and criminal negligence, and many of his family members have already been arrested, including his wife, the BBC reports. His eldest son is still on the run. The number of dead from the Sewol disaster stands at 294—most of them high school students—and 10 people are still listed as missing. After the sinking, investigators found that the ferry was routinely and severely overloaded. Company officials are now on trial—a separate trial than that of the ferry captain and crew members, who were charged with murder.

Not a bad idea…..if you f*ck up take responsibility and commit suicide……at least the Asian, for the most part, take responsibility for the disasters they cause…..maybe the CEOs should take a page out of this play book and do the honorable thing and fall on their sword.


Why Do Right-Wing Christians Think ‘Religious Freedom’ Means Forcing Their Faith on You? | Alternet

Personally, I am sick and tired of all this ‘religious freedom’ crap!

It is more about running rough shod over peoples lives than some vague religious belief… corporations have the rights and humans do not……how much further are these twats going to go?

“Religious Freedom” has become a damn smoke screen for taking what few rights we Americans have away….they use this ‘religious persecution’ bullsh*t for all it is worth…..the truly sad part is they get away with it!


Why Do Right-Wing Christians Think ‘Religious Freedom’ Means Forcing Their Faith on You? | Alternet.

Corporations Are Better Than Humans!

SCOTUS has made it official!

The Supreme Court today dealt a decisive victory to Hobby Lobby, ruling in a 5-4 decision that closely held companies can refuse the ObamaCare mandate to provide birth control for employees. Chief Justice John Roberts, the swing vote that upheld ObamaCare two years ago, this time crossed over to side with the court’s conservative justices, notes the AP. But the justices stressed that the ruling applied only to contraceptives specifically, and only to companies under the control of just a few people. “Our decision should not be understood to hold that an insurance-coverage mandate must necessarily fall if it conflicts with an employer’s religious beliefs,” wrote Samuel Alito in the majority opinion.

“The Court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield,” countered Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the dissent. The justices had earlier appeared poised to rule in favor of Hobby Lobby. In a separate decision today, the court ruled that home health aides cannot be forced to pay union dues, reports the AP. That ruling was also a 5-4 split along ideological lines, and held that forcing the dues payments was a First Amendment violation.

Now all you have to do is claim some vague bullshit like “religious beliefs”……..this is the type of stuff that happens when you let conservatives make laws……corporations will always take the lead over humans.

Just makes me so proud to be an American!

IST Op-Ed: The Personhood Trap

Opinion from the desk of IST Editor

This could be a post about the issues that conservs tried to get on a couple of votes but were soundly defeated……but alas that is NOT what this one is all about…..

I am sure that many of us know full well what the hoopla is all about in SCOTUS… case you do not….a couple of corporations are suing Obamacare because they do not want to pay for employees contraceptives on religious grounds.  It is a personhood question.  Are corporations the same as the person?

We know that SCOTUS has said that corporations are persons when it comes to political campaign contributions……that would have been the “Citizens United” ruling….and now a similar question is before the court…..can corporations violate a law on the grounds of the owners religious beliefs?

Before I begin….I would like to say that I may get some grief on what I think…..but I am willing to take it……my conclusion is logical and well thought out….at least I think so and since I am the author of this post….it must be true.

I have mixed emotions about the upcoming ruling by SCOTUS in June…….will they find that a corporation can dictate an individual’s choices or will they do the right thing and end all this speculation?

Like I said…I am torn….on the one hand I do not think corporations should be treated as a person…….and on the other…..I would like to see them rule in favor of Hobby Lobby and the other in the lawsuit…..I know….why on earth would I wish for that?

It would make the corporations on the same footing as a person and if so should be treated like a person when a crime is committed….instead of letting them off with impotent fines they would be sentenced as a person…..jail time and fines….restitution………etc………whatever the penalty is for us mere mortals they in turn would be charged and treated as such…… is beyond time for these entities to be held responsible for their actions and crimes.

If I get that wish then many women will be screwed….that part I do not like……..and the fact that a corporation could force its employees to buy into their religious beliefs………. just sucks.

I wish I could venture a guess on the ruling……..but it is too close to call…..will women retain their right to personal decisions or will the corporation become a person?

June will hold the answer.