We’ll Never Limit Government

It has begun!  The media sideshow…..the media circus that we lovingly call our election process……

If you are a conservative then you will be bombarded with the promise of a “limited government”……that evil brought to you by those no good liberals…..

Guess what!  That “limited government” is a pipe dream….a slogan for the mindless to nod in approval…..as government is today…you will NEVER have that elusive fantasy of a “limited government”…….



We’ll Never Limit Government Unless We Ditch Foreign Intervention by Justin Raimondo — Antiwar.com.

Rand: Paul Not Ayn

Breaking News!  Christie Brinkley has a black eye (still do not know why this is news and besides…..who gives a f*ck?)

The GOP announcements for candidacy are starting to roll in….First there was Ted Cruz, then Rick Perry (not official just yet) and now we have three GOP candidates for the nomination with Rand Paul’s announcement……

Rand Paul will join Ted Cruz in the quest for the Republican nomination today, and he’s armed with a slogan that Politico describes as one “designed to evoke populist, anti-establishment themes”: “Defeat the Washington machine. Unleash the American dream.” But despite the attempts to drum up excitement around his bid, Politico notes today’s announcement “will prove one of the most anticlimactic presidential announcements of modern times,” reporting that Paul’s campaign for the White House began in earnest four years ago. “Within the first year of the Senate term, he really started to focus on it,” a former aide tell Politico, which charts his path in a lengthy piece. It has him revealing his presidential plans to his “brain trust”, a 10-strong group, just days after Mitt Romney’s own imploded.

From there he set out to woo more than the base nurtured by father Ron Paul while still touting his own uniqueness. Politico zeroes in on this moment as key in his effort to do so: His 13-hour filibuster of John Brennan’s nomination as CIA director in May 2013, during which he argued against the use of drones to attack Americans. Moving forward, his advisers say Paul will focus on a flat tax, IRS reform, term limits, privacy, and justice reform, and market himself as a “libertarian-minded conservative.” After revealing his plan to take the White House at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Ky., today—the first of five stops on a so-called announcement tour—Paul will make appearances in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa, and Nevada this week and host a Facebook town hall meeting.

There you have all the info you need for today…..there are 3 candidates from the GOP that are wanting to run for the presidency…..a loudmouth ego-centric prick, an accused felon and now an isolationist……..so far the isolationist has the best chance of actually landing the nomination……the other two will always be the “also rans”……..but first someone explain to me what the American Dream is, please?  A cute little slogan but that is about all it is…..cute.

The one thing that Paul has going for him is he will force the GOP slugs to actually have a debate on foreign policy……….

Unlike the rest of the likely GOP presidential field, Paul is a die-hard true believer in scaling down America’s involvement in conflicts around the world. That pits him against the mainstream, hawks in the Republican party whose ideas are sure to dominate the campaign. By running for president, Paul hopes to inject his ideas into the debate and shift priorities his party’s held for decades.

Paul’s presence alone is a threat to people in the party establishment. The party’s most hawkish voices, fearing exactly this, are mobilizing in force to stop Paul — lobbying internally and even potentially running candidates whose sole purpose would be challenging Paul on foreign policy.

The coming campaign, then, is a major test of where the Republican Party view of foreign policy is heading.

With the entrance of Rand Paul the campaigns are starting to tightening up…….will he or won’t he be the man of the hour in November?

Fools And Their Idiotic Thoughts

Sen Cotton of Arkansas made history by his unthoughtful attempt at foreign policy….I am talking about his letter to Iran….but that is not the only place that he opened his mouth and inserted at least one foot…….the more he talks the more he shows his ignorance…..”Can’t Fix Stupid”!

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GOP: Always Good For A Laugh

I have been a very vocal opponent of the GOP…..not because of ideology but rather that they are a biggest pack of idiots imaginable.

And over the years I have made fun of this group merciless.  They make it so easy by using mental midgets as spokespeople….Trump, Perry, Huckabee, Jindal and the list goes on and on……

The 2016 election is heating up and as predicted the douches are coming out of the woodwork for their minutes of fame in front of the camera…….the first one in this cycle is Ben Carson…..although he is not a candidate yet….he will not stop talking….and most every time they, the GOP, has to spend days if not weeks trying to tamp down his mindless worthless comments……

His newest mindless ramble has me chuckling heavily and glad that I am looking forward to the lunacy that is the GOP candidate field…..but what did he say?

Likely GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson appeared on the American Family Association’s radio network today to promote his book, “You Have a Brain: A Teen’s Guide to Think Big.”

“We live in a culture of heavy indoctrination, it starts in preschool and people try to influence the way people think about things,” Carson told host Ed Vitagliano. “I think it was Stalin who said, ‘Give me the children for a few years and I will have them for life.’ And the point being that it is relatively easy at that inflexion point to indoctrinate people and to change their way of thinking for the rest of their lives.”

GOD I love these people!  Since 2008 the Right has been so concerned with indoctrination….they see it everywhere…..that is every where but where it actually resides…..where would that be?

Preschool?  Seriously?  What the Hell do you Think Sunday School is all about?  Here is a hint……… indoctrination!.

Sadly they cannot see past the fecal matter in their mouths.

Happiness Is NOT A Warm Gun!

(The title alone should draw some TROLLS and the off-topic BS will begin)

The question came up recently….who are the happiest…liberals or conservatives?

You would think because of their love of of Constitution life, guns and religion that they would be the happiest by far, right?

Not necessarily so………

Who’s happier, the left or the right? Years of research would say the latter—but a new series of studies is challenging the notion that conservatives are the more cheerful ones, the New York Times reports. The new research, published in Science, finds that while conservatives say they’re happier, it’s actually liberals who show a little more happiness. Previous findings have been “limited to self-reports of subjective well-being,” Professor Peter Ditto tells the Times. But “if it’s real happiness, it should show up in people’s behavior.” To examine that behavior, researchers looked at posts on social media and the habits of politicians.

They reviewed, for instance, the positive and negative language of 4,000 Twitter users defined as liberal or conservative based on who they followed on the site. They also looked at the language of politicians of both parties, as well as those politicians’ facial expressions. Conservatives, the researchers argue, are more likely to engage in “self-enhancement,” offering an overly positive perception of themselves, the Times reports. But lead researcher Sean Wojcik acknowledges that his own research doesn’t offer the final word any more than earlier studies do, the Washington Post reports. “This does raise more questions than answers,” he says

Surely there is enough infor5mation in this study to keep the TROLLS and Bobble=heads busy for a couple of days trying to counter the findings.

I just cannot wait for them to show up and babble on and on….mostly about something that has little to do with the post.

Surely you can shed some light on this issue.


Evolution Of The GOP

This hilarious cartoon came to me on Twitter…I always get some great stuff from that slice of social media…….

It appears to be accurate…at least to me…..thoughts?


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Oh there is MORE!


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