Will The 2016 GOP Parade Ever End?

Today number 16 or 17 candidate will enter into the comedic parade known as the GOP dash to the nomination.  Today Ohio governor, John Kasich has jumped in and this may be the last “serious” candidate for the nomination…….I am sure there are others that want to pad their resume to gain a bigger share of the cash on the rubber chicken circuit of politics.

 Good news for Republican voters who aren’t wild about Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, George Pataki, Rick Santorum, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, or Marco Rubio: John Kasich is running for president. The second-term governor of Ohio and former congressman is returning to the Ohio State University campus in Columbus where he became an aspiring politician to announce his 2016 bid for president.

Kasich is known for his unfiltered style and policies that are not always in line with his party. Moreover, he’s been one of the few Republican contenders to resist going after the chief Democratic prospect, Hillary Clinton, or President Obama. He says if he has to trash people to win, count him out. Kasich is the 16th notable Republican to get into the race. He’s hoping his 18 years in Congress, near-decade as a Lehman Brothers managing director, and two terms as a swing-state governor will help him stand out.

Is it all in?  The next landmark in this election cycle will be the first debate on FOX…..the problem there is the way it is set up there will be only about 2 serious candidates in that debate….if anything it will be sideshow to the circus…….full of softball questions and answer that generate applause…..nothing of a serious nature will be mentioned……

I do not see Kasich generating much enthusiasm among the rank and file……he will definitely not be a fave of the Teat Party ……so what does he hope to accomplish?  A bigger paycheck on the speech circuit of conservatism……is the best he will do.

2016: Finally Some Sanity

There are way too many normally rational people that are taking Trump seriously……..he has done nothing to lead me to believe that he is anything but a self-promoting toad.

It is people like this douche that is destroying the American political system and turning it into a joke around the world.

I cannot believe the number of people that are taking Trump’s immigration BS as some sort of truth…….all he does is throw grenades with the hope that one will land and get him the attention that he cannot live without……

Even the media is treating him like he is some sort of candidate that has a chance at the nomination…….he does NOT!

At least one news source has come to its mind and and has shown that there is some sanity left in news reporting……..

Donald Trump may be at or near the top in the latest GOP polls, but you’ll no longer find him in the Huffington Post’s political section. The site announced today that coverage of the Trump campaign is moving to the entertainment section. “Our reason is simple: Trump’s campaign is a sideshow. We won’t take the bait. If you are interested in what The Donald has to say, you’ll find it next to our stories on the Kardashians and The Bachelorette.” The decision, however, doesn’t seem to be going over well:

  • Wrong: At the journalism site Poynter.org, James Warren thinks the move is “especially dubious in an era where the nexus of entertainment and politics is often quite obvious and growing.” Buffoon or not, Trump has clearly “touched some nerve of dissatisfaction” among voters. He wonders, too, whether HuffPo has heard of other celebs-turned-politicians like Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. And how on earth will it cover the debates?
  • Ditto: “Cute but shortsighted,” writes Allahpundit at Hot Air. “Do they really want to end up stuck running their stories about President Trump’s inauguration in the sideboob vertical?” More seriously, the post notes that the “Trump boomlet” is a “real, fascinating thing” worth covering.
  • Hypocritical: “Huffington Post is taking the bait, because they’re continuing to cover Trump and will continue to benefit from the clicks,” writes Dylan Byers at Politico. In fact, “one might conclude that Huffington Post’s announcement amounts to the same Trump-style grandstanding they claim to condemn.”
  • But what if…:Business Insider asked HuffPo’s Ryan Grim what the site will do if Trump wins. No problem: “He will not,” says Grim. “I’m as likely to get it as he is.”

Byers adds that hours after its announcement, HuffPo sent out a clarifying email acknowledging Trump’s impact on the GOP and the immigration debate “is itself a real thing” and will be covered “as substance, but anything that tumbles out of his mouth will land on the Entertainment page.”

It is painful to see people repeat the utter crap that Trump spouts…….hopefully the rest of you will come to your senses…….please treta Trump like the piece of crap he is……..he deserves nothing but ridicule.

I would not even give him the entertainment thing……the comics is a better place to cover his “campaign”…….or perhaps in the “Help Wanted” section……

Scott Walker Wants To Run The Country. Here Is How He Ran Wisconsin. | ThinkProgress

Poor Scott Walker……he chose the wrong day to come out…….his day for massive coverage of his announcement to seek the nomination has been crapped all over by the Iran nuke deal…….poor Scott.

But of course Walker like all other governors that run for national office use his time in the state as a experience in government…….they think they can govern………. they tell us they can run the country……..NOT LIKELY!

We have heard how he fought the unions and won, his success on voting elimination, his defunding of planned parenthood etc….the problem is that does not help explain how he did for the economy or the people of his state…….

So to help Poor Scott out I have found such an article….this is how he ran his state……



Scott Walker Wants To Run The Country. Here Is How He Ran Wisconsin. | ThinkProgress.

Walker in 2016–The Parade Continues

(Enter “Pretty Boy Floyd”…..stage right)

Everyone interested in politics knows that Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker is running for the GOP nomination in 2016……but today he said it out loud and made it official…………….

In my opinion the last serious candidate to enter……..there will be others but they will be marginalized by the hand grenades thrown…….issues means nothing at this stage…..it is all about the theater……..

Our man in Madison is now a legal candidate…..I guess that could change if there is news about his legal problems….in the beginning he had a great starting position but now he is just another face in the crowd………but for now…..here he is…….

Make room, GOPers: Scott Walker is running for president. “I’m in. I’m running for president because Americans deserve a leader who will fight and win for them,” he tweeted (this time for real) today. But for the Wisconsin governor—who dropped a “barn-burner of a speech” on February’s CPAC and boasted he can take on ISIS—there are, as the Hill puts it, both “high expectations and doubts.” What could boost his run: his record in Wisconsin on cutting taxes and unemployment, his strong stance against organized labor, and the potential to win Iowa’s caucuses based on “high polling numbers and plenty of grassroots enthusiasm,” per the Hill. He’s not a shoe-in, though. “He’s clearly the frontrunner and there’s a lot of interest in him here,” a former Iowa Republican Party official tells the paper. “But he still has a lot of work to do.”

Part of that work will involve breaking away from what the Hill calls his image “as a vanilla candidate from the Midwest who lacks the ‘wow’ factor” to compete with more engaging candidates. Other issues: The Hill notes that critics will go after his foreign policy weaknesses, as well as lob accusations that he’s “flip-flopped” on immigration. He’ll also have to defend fiscal problems back in Wisconsin, adds Washington Post, including an embarrassingly late budget and financing for a new stadium for the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks—a deal that’s been called a “hot mess.” Finally, Walker may need to break from what some see as a one-platform campaign focused on unions. “You can’t run solely on your biography, and so far, he’s been almost solely focused on that,” the ex-IRP official tells the Hill.

His lack of a college degree will  most likely be a sticking point against him…….personally I think that is bullshit!  Some of the most well informed people I know are without degrees……..but it will be in his “con” column……….(Then there’s Walker’s lack of a college degree.)

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Jindal’s ‘Ask Bobby’ Hashtag

Since Jindal announced he was running for the GOP nomination he has not got much love in the polls or from the media……..

He decided to change all that and went on Twitter to connect with his peeps…….

This brilliant idea, like so many of his brilliant ideas, turned on him and bit him in the ass!

Read and laugh…..I could not stop chuckling for about an hour……..might not be one of his best outings……whatcha think?


Jindal’s ‘Ask Bobby’ Hashtag Totally Backfires On Him.

2016: Enter GOP’s Mr. Personality

I heard some random GOP pundit say that the large number of candidates in 2016 shows the strength of the party…….now that is putting lipstick on a pig!

Today is the day!  It is official!  Mr. Personality enters the race for the GOP nomination……Chris Christie, the bully of the clown car.

And then there were 14 … on the GOP side only, a presidential field that NJ.com reports was last this big when Abraham Lincoln won in 1860. Chris Christie today threw his hat into the ring by way of an announcement made at Livingston High School, his alma mater and the town where “everything started … for me.” Politico reported that Christie’s announcement would be made telepromter-free, as befitting his “Telling it like it is” campaign slogan. He kicked things off with stories of his roots—hard work, not much money—and what his mother told him: “God’s given you so many gifts. If you just work hard enough, you can be anything.” Ten standout lines from there:

  1. “Both parties have failed our country.”
  2. “I wake up every morning knowing I have the opportunity to do something great. That’s why this job is a great job, and why president of the United States is an even greater job.”
  3. “America is tired of weakness in the Oval Office … and that is why today I’m proud to announce my candidacy.”
  4. “The lying and stealing has already happened. The horse is out of the barn. We’ve got to get it back in and you can only do it by force.”
  5. “After seven years I heard the president say the other day that the world respects” America more “because of his leadership. This is confirmation that Obama lives in his own world, not ours.”
  6. “We better not turn [this world] over to his second mate Hillary Clinton.”
  7. “I am not running for president of the United States as a surrogate for being prom king of America. I mean what I say and I say what I mean and that’s what America needs right now.”
  8. “And unlike some people who will offer themselves for the presidency, you’re not going to have to wonder if I can do it or not.”
  9. He promised a campaign “without focus-group-tested answers. A campaign when I’m asked a question I’m going to give an answer to the question that’s asked, not the answer my political consultants told me to give backstage.”
  10. “We are going to tell it like it is today … the truth will set us free, everybody.”

In case you do not know much about Christie’s record…..here is just a bit of it…….

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Now we wait for another governor with legal troubles…..Scott Walker.  I am sure others will jump into the game but they will be nothing more than footnotes.

The clown car is getting to full capacity……maybe they should upgrade to a bus……….now let the fun begin!

GOP: The Little Dude That Couldn’t

2016 just got a little more silly……..nope not talking about the entry of Trump into the campaign……but rather that silly little governor from Louisiana that has the worse possible rating at home…….and now it is official…….the clown car has truly arrived!

The problem is he should have run 4 years ago when his political capital was at a high…..now he is just a silly little dude trying to make a name for himself and pad his political resume to add more cash to his speaking tours…..

There’s always room for one more: “My name is Bobby Jindal, and I am running for President of the United States of America.” So declared the Louisiana governor today. The 44-year-old Indian-American is low in most polls, however, and faces steep odds. One typical example of coverage: FiveThirtyEight calls him a strong candidate—if this were 2012. NPR, meanwhile, rounds up some odds and ends about him, including:

  • Given name: He was born Piyush Jindal in Louisiana, but asked to be called Bobby at age 4—after Bobby Brady of the Brady Bunch.
  • Rhodes scholar: He turned down Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School to attend Oxford as a Rhodes scholar and study health policy. He then ran his home state’s health department at age 24.
  • Bad impression: He was a given a huge opportunity to make his name by delivering the GOP response to President Obama’s first congressional address in 2009. Instead, he drew comparisons to Kenneth on 30 Rock.

Gov. Bobby Jindal has wrecked the state of Louisiana and now he wants to take the carnage national. Jindal announced on Twitter that he is running for president.

When Jindal took office in 2008, the state had a $900 million budget surplus that the governor managed to turn into a $1.6 billion deficit through trickle-down tax cuts. He has doubled the state’s unemployment rate while refusing to raise taxes. Jindal has become reviled in his state by slashing funding for education and healthcare. Gov. Jindal tried to replace the state tax with a much higher sales tax, but he had to pull the plan after both Democrats and Republican rebelled.

Now that is a record of a true American candidate……..

Only good thing about a Jindal candidacy is that he will be a perfect fit for the clown car……

Stay tuned……more to come…….