Israel Working With Al-Qaeda? « LobeLog

I have been reading different sources that claim that the Us is arming ISIS and that Israel is arming and supporting AL-Qaeda in Syria……..I have dismissed most of these claims and then I got an earful from another source…..

I believe tomorrow the Master of the Political Universe, BiBi, will be addressing Congress…..and there is lots of controversy around this speech……

Maybe after the speech someone in the MSM will ask him this question…..HA HA I know NO one will for they prefer to let this lying SOB tell lies and pretend he cares about the US……I resonantly would like an answer to the question… about you guys?


Israel Working With Al-Qaeda? « LobeLog.

Spring: The Season Of Rebirth

Spring is approaching and the birds are chirping, the trees are budding and Iraq readies itself for the final push to Mosul.

There has been reports coming out of Iraq that the Iraqi military should be ready for the push to re-take Mosul from the hands of ISIS.  Now the Obama group is echoing the same storyline.  Airstrikes are going good,( according to the admin) and ISIS is being weakened almost daily and soon there has to be some form of success by the Iraqi military if Washington is to stay on board for the duration.

In the same time the admin keeps saying and preaching that NO US troops will be used and if they are it will be solely in a assist mode…..the public will stay in the pocket or in their place as long as there will be NO US troops involved in the re-taking of Mosul……all that is well and good but there may be a problem…….

US officials continue to hype the “spring offensive” during which the Iraqi government will try to retake the largest ISIS-held city, Mosul. Increasingly, they are conceding that US ground troops will be playing a role, though exactly how big of a role is somewhat unclear.

The official plan right now is to deploy five Iraqi brigades, 25,000 troops, against the city where between 1,000 and 2,000 ISIS fighters are setting up defenses.

That would appear to be a broken promise but after the execution of 21 “Christians” by ISIS the public may cut the admin some slack…..depends on how the admin plays it.

Even though the Coalition seems to be prepared to go all out there are some lingering doubts……..

Questions persist about whether the struggling Iraqi military will be ready for the operation to retake the country’s second largest city from Islamic State militants in just a few months.

Iraqi officials continue to insist they haven’t gotten the advanced weapons they need for the operation in the northern city of Mosul, and some question whether they will be ready for a spring offensive. But the Pentagon insists the U.S. has sent tens of thousands of weapons and ammunition and more is in the pipeline

Hakim al-Zamili, the head of the security and defense committee in the Iraqi parliament, told The Associated Press Friday that “any operation would be fruitless” unless the brigades are properly prepared and have the weapons they need.

Is this a true look at Spring Offensive?  Or is it just the usual BS?

The US has NO plan or strategy…..all they have is tactics……the admin needs something that they can use to show success for all our time and money.  And this “offensive” is just such a PR stunt…..since most polls show that the American people are willing to use American troops for the first time since this latest conflict began.

The admin has released what seems to be the schedule and plans for the offensive against ISIS……all this is just icing on a shit cake.  Plus the Iraqis are having a stroke that the info has been released.

Before Americans are too quick on the gun maybe they should tour their closest VA hospital and talk with the vets that have been there……….. and done that.

“What did thousands of dead Americans get us?” Before granting war powers, let’s see where the last two got us –

The Pentagon is waiting for the Congress to act on Pres. Obama’s request for the use of force (AUMF)…..while they wait maybe we should see just how the previous use of force has impacted the US and the World……

You will see that the ONLY benefit is to the M-IC and the defense contractors who need war to preserve their profit margins…….

Unfortunately all the deaths and destruction has not made the world a safer place!

But what the Hell…..why not do it again?


“What did thousands of dead Americans get us?” Before granting war powers, let’s see where the last two got us –

ISIS Coalition SITREP #74

Good day……Let’s get right to it…….

Item 1–Egypt has joined the Coalition….but seems to be focused on the group outside the Levant…….

Egypt says it has launched airstrikes against ISIS targets in Libya after the extremist group released a grisly video showing the beheadings of several Coptic Christians it had held hostage for weeks. A spokesman for the Armed Forces General Command announced the strikes on state radio today, marking the first time Cairo has publicly acknowledged taking military action in neighboring Libya, where extremist groups seen as a threat to both countries have taken root in recent years.

The statement said the warplanes targeted weapons caches and training camps before returning safely. It said the strikes were “to avenge the bloodshed and to seek retribution from the killers.” “Let those far and near know that Egyptians have a shield that protects them,” it said. The militants had been holding 21 Egyptian Coptic Christian laborers rounded up from the Libyan city of Sirte in December and January. It was not clear from the video whether all 21 hostages were killed. Libya’s air force, meanwhile, announced it had launched strikes in the eastern city of Darna, which was taken over by an ISIS affiliate last year.

Is this a return to the days of Egypt doing the US bidding as it was with Mubarak?

Item 2–Our first HATE, AQ, is making its presence known….again!

Al-Qaeda is mobilizing its ranks in Syria and is heading toward the formation of a unified entity, similar to the other factions that have restructured themselves and aligned in a unified front from northern to southern Syria.

This could be the start of a major rivalry……
Item 3–The Sunnis of Anbar are not thrilled about the Shi’a militias in their territory…….
Officials in Iraq’s Anbar province are concerned about the members of popular mobilization forces carrying out sectarian revenge operations against the residents of the province, 80% of which falls under the control of the Islamic State (IS).

The popular mobilization forces formed following the fall of Mosul on June 10, 2014, after supreme Shiite religious authority Ali al-Sistani announced the “righteous jihad” fatwa. The forces brought together a number of Shiite militias, some of which receive direct support from Iran.

Once again ethnic tensions could be the death of any successes against ISIS….something they are depending on as part of their game plan…..
Item 4–“Save the last bullet……..”

SAS soldiers are believed to have been told to “save the last bullet for yourselves” if they fear they are in danger of being taken hostage by the terror group.

The UK’s elite force were flown into the Middle East last summer, as so-called Islamic State extremists began to take control of large swathes of Iraq, adding to their territory in Syria.

Working alongside US Marines, the SAS are understood to have helped thousands of Yazidi refugees escape a massacre, as well as preventing the Islamic State takeover of the key Syrian border town of Kobani.

Reports of an order for SAS troops to “fight to the last man” rather than be taken captive by militants follows the horrifying murder of a Jordanian fighter pilot, who was burned to death by the Islamic State.

Sounds like the SAS is facing reality…….

Item 5–More propaganda coming out of Iraq……It appears that some Iraqi official has told the UN that ISIS is harvesting organs to pay for their battle plan……

On the heels of a report that ISIS burned 45 to death comes yet another claim of brutality. The Iraqi ambassador to the UN is calling for an investigation of reports that the terrorist group has been harvesting organs to fund itself, the AP reports. Ambassador Mohamed Alhakim referred to reported discoveries of bodies marked by incisions. “We have bodies. Come and examine them,” he told the UN. “It is clear they are missing certain parts.” A dozen doctors who have turned down calls to perform the surgeries have been executed, Alhakim said. One report comes from Al-Monitor, a Middle East outlet, Antiviral reports. That report cites a doctor describing organ harvesting among “fallen fighters,” injured and abandoned people, and kidnap victims.

The UN’s outgoing Iraq envoy, Nikolay Mladenov, acknowledged a growing number of such reports. “It’s very clear that the tactics (ISIS) is using expand by the day,” he said. But Antiviral notes that evidence of organ harvesting isn’t “conclusive.” Meanwhile, Alkahim noted that the group’s attacks on specific ethnic groups amount to “crimes of genocide,” with Mladenov adding that he is especially worried by “the increasing number of reports of revenge attacks committed particularly against members of the Sunni community in areas liberated from (ISIS) control.” Mladenov said 790 people were killed last month amid terrorism and fighting, Fox News reports.

I have a problem with this….one, it is too hot to preserve organs and two, oil is still their biggest money maker…..

The briefing is done for the week…..

Thanx for your time and attention……..




How to Get Serious About Ending the ISIS War | The Nation

Just about everyone, including myself, has an opinion on how to handle this new war on an enemy that we do not understand…..

There are as many plans of action as grains on the beach……the big problem is that few have any idea of how to start the plan to end ISIS reign of terror….we all think that it must end……but how?

Check out this piece and let the thoughts out to see daylight……..


How to Get Serious About Ending the ISIS War | The Nation.

Obama’s War Spreads Ever Wider – Bloomberg View

I would like to apologize head of time……I will be at the hospital with a fmily member most of today and have a few presses that I will post…..but sorry no original thoughts unless time allows…..thanx for your understanding…..

After 6 months of actual fighting in Iraq and Syria, the prez has sent his request for an authorization to use force…..and now the battle lines are being drawn and the debate ought to be mind numbing……

I know that most Americans just want to end the reign of tyranny of ISIS but without the use of US troops……that wish is a bit infantile since US forces have been used for the last 6 months…..but while you are debating among yourselves there is a few things that you need to keep in mind…..

This piece has some good things to consider… before you draw an opinion…..


Obama’s War Spreads Ever Wider – Bloomberg View.