Plan B From Planet X

The war on ISIS is about as clear as the plot line of the famous Bela Lugosi SciFi classic, Plan 9 From Outer Space…………..

The nightly news is sometimes full of the atrocities committed by that dastardly group….ISIS.  The US and its buds have responded by airstrikes and training and equipment…… far it is pretty much a draw……some successes and some failures…..but absolutely nothing that would resemble a winning strategy……

So with all that said….is there a plan B?…..plan A is not a winning one!


What If There Is No Plan B for Iraq? by Tom Engelhardt —

Five things that won’t work in Iraq | Middle East Eye

Many of my friends have asked why I am so concerned with what is happening in Iraq and Syria…….after all it is no more than a chunk of sand.

The answer is simple… the early 1980’s I worked in Syria first and then Iraq… Iraq I found a warm people that loved life, of course they were looking over their shoulder to be sure that the secret police were not knocking at their door……most had a strong sense of history….in those days it was a beautiful country especially along the two rivers……..but all that came to an end in 1991.

As I analyze the situation I see the countries of Syria and Iraq gone forever……no matter the outcome of this war with ISIS they will never be the same countries ever again.

The US and its allies have tried so many different tactics and so far NONE have worked in securing the nation……but we keep trying the same five (5) things over and over…..and it keeps failing over and over……..

What’s that old saying?  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”…………..


Five things that won’t work in Iraq | Middle East Eye.

What Price Peace?

From the confusion within the mind of Chuq

Since about 1948 there has been a hope from most of the world that the Israelis and the Palestinians would find a way to solve their problems and live in peace.

And for the last 70 years there has been one type of peace process or another……neither side wants to admit to the problem and find a way to live side by side in peace.

Land, water, etc have been at the center of the situation……the right of return for Palestinians that fled decades ago……all have met with nothing but lip service……in other words lots of talk with NO action……

Since the beginning of hostilities the price of war has been the civilians….governments talk, civilians die…….but there has got to be a way that a peace can be agreed to that makes both sides happy and prosperous…….right?

Actually there has been a study done that shows both sides would benefit monetarily from a peace deal……….

A new study by the RAND corporation, however has put a straightforward dollar amount on what Israel could expect in economic growth simply from not being the ultra-paranoid Sparta in the Levant engaged in an endless series of pointless wars with its impoverished neighbors.

If Israel made peace right now, the study concluded they could expect their economy to grow by an additional $123 billion over the next 10 years, with much of the growth coming simply from reducing the perceived instability of the country among international investors.

Since Israel’s GDP is about $300 million that would expand their GDP by a third…….which would benefit their citizens immensely……..

More Rand study findings……..

  • A two-state solution provides by far the best economic outcomes for both Israelis and Palestinians. Israelis would gain over two times more than the Palestinians in absolute terms — $123 billion versus $50 billion over ten years.
  • But the Palestinians would gain more proportionately, with average per capita income increasing by approximately 36 percent over what it would have been in 2024, versus 5 percent for the average Israeli.
  • A return to violence would have profoundly negative economic consequences for both Palestinians and Israelis; per capita gross domestic product would fall by 46 percent in the West Bank and Gaza and by 10 percent in Israel by 2024.
  • In most scenarios, the value of economic opportunities gained or lost by both parties is much larger than expected changes in direct costs.
  • Unilateral withdrawal by Israel from the West Bank would impose large economic costs on Israelis unless the international community shoulders a substantial portion of the costs of relocating settlers.
  • Intangible factors, such as each party’s security and sovereignty aspirations, are critical considerations in understanding and resolving the impasse.
  • Taking advantage of the economic opportunities of a two-state solution would require substantial investments from the public and private sectors of the international community and from both parties.

Peace would benefit everyone involved in the conflict……so why is it being ignored?  Is some silly religious BS more important than the well being of the people you claim to represent?

Rulers who put war over economic growth and prosperity should be eliminated………the people need to pull their heads out of their asses and see what is being done to them in their name…….

It is pathetic that people are so complacent that they would allow this madness to continue and forgo any economic benefits…..if this is the price of faith then I prefer to live without it.

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ISIS Declares Governorate in Russia’s North Caucasus Region | Institute for the Study of War

Remember about 10 years ago when Russia was having a helluva time with the rebels in Chechnya?  It seems these Muslims from the Caucus region of  Southern Europe want their independence and have spent much time blowing things up and being a pain in Russia’s ass…….but for a couple of years now the region has been quiet and calm……of course there is still a simmering hatred but that could soon change thanx to ISIS……….

It seems the ISIS has injected itself into the region and things are about to get a bit more troublesome for Russia and in the end….the rest of the world.

An analysis from the Institute for the Study of War has broken down the problems and the situation quite nicely……….

This may not interest most Americans but it needs to be watched…….eventually it will involve the US and its NATO cover…….


ISIS Declares Governorate in Russia’s North Caucasus Region | Institute for the Study of War.

Former Bush officials teaching course on Iraq War ‘decision-making’ | TheHill

When I saw the title of this piece my first thought was….REALLY?  Could colleges really be that hard up for teachers that they must turn to these dicks?

My have times have changed!  When I was at university we were taught the pursuit of truth was the only calling……

Now we have a group teaching our young about the lies that was the 2003 invasion of Iraq……maybe it will illustrate how NOT to start a war…..we can only hope that students will see through their blatant attempts to re-write history and the lies they told to get Americans killed.

I wish I was younger…..I would be their worst nightmare in class…….pathetic what they are offering as TRUTH!


Former Bush officials teaching course on Iraq War ‘decision-making’ | TheHill.

The Islamic State Is Here to Stay | VICE News

Today is the one year anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic State…….since the US wading ass deep into this situation we have been told that we can defeat ISIS and send them packing to whatever hole they crawled out of……..

I have been analyzing the conflict and the situation from the beginning and to tell you the truth …..the if the US does not change its strategy then I fear that ISIS will be part of the world for some time…….nothing we are doing is actually leading to the defeat of this vicious machine…

We may have to learn to live with ISIS……..


The Islamic State Is Here to Stay | VICE News.

Isis: A year of the caliphate – The Unz Review

In for a recent history lesson…….

Today, 29 June 2015, is the one year anniversary of the proclamation of the establishment of the Islamic State…….so what has really happened in the spans of that year?

We have had it all….all out war, humanitarian crisis, successes, failures, sectarian violence and death and destruction…..but read it for yourself.

Hopefully Americans will care enough to educate themselves…..but I am NOT holding my breath!


Isis: A year of the caliphate – The Unz Review.