ISIS Coalition SITREP #67

Good day……the war is still the furthest thing from the minds of Americans….but that does not stop the death and the destruction…..

Item 1–Is this the beginning?

Canadian Brigadier General Michael Rouleau has confirmed Canadian ground troops were involved in the first battle by members of the US-led coalition against ISIS forces.

Details on the clash are still vague, but Canadian troops were said to have been “planning” an Iraqi offensive, and went to the front lines to see the terrain first-hand. That was when they came under fire.

Item 2–A peace deal brewing in Syria?

In a dramatic change in policy that has gone largely unappreciated, the Obama Administration has recently come out in favor of both the UN effort to negotiate a ceasefire in Aleppo and the Russian effort to resume peace talks between Syria and secular rebels.

Giving support to either measure is a shift, as the US has long spurned diplomatic efforts in Syria on the grounds that only a full-scale regime change was acceptable to them. They have long pressed the pro-US rebels not to join such talks

Item 3–The flood of fighters joining ISIS appears to be unstoppable…….

The tide of foreign volunteers crossing from Turkey into Syria to fight for Isis cannot be stopped, the Turkish Prime Minister has warned, with authorities unable to close the porous 510-mile border between the two countries.

Ahmet Davutoglu, whose government has been accused of not doing enough to stop jihadi fighters from Britain and other countries crossing into Syria, told The Independent that Turkey could not put “soldiers everywhere on the border”. He added: “In any case, there isn’t any state on the other side [of the frontier].”

Time for someone to step up and do something to control this situation…..ya think?

Item 4–The battle for Mosul is about to bring….hopefully this is not an indication of the success that will be fleeting…….

Ahead of attempts to recapture Mosul, Kurdish forces launched an operation that reclaimed a large amount of territory. Airstrikes and fighting in that region reportedly left hundreds of militants dead, but there is, so far, no independent confirmation of any casualty figures. Assuming they are correct, however, that would leave 361 dead and 19 wounded across Iraq.

Kurdish forces killed more than 200 militants in a large operation near Mosul that allowed them to gain back a 300-square-mile area and liberate several villages. In the city, militants killed dozens of members of the Gahaish tribe and arrested dozens more.

Item 5–Did VP actually say we need boots on the ground?

Joe Biden inadvertently made the case for boots on the ground in Syria during an interview Wednesday.

Responding to the fact that the Islamic State is gaining ground in Syria, the vice president went where President Obama probably wishes he did not. Biden said the reason Obama’s plan is failing was because there were no troops to combat the Islamic State group.

A scary report….but one that is gaining popularity among the halls of DC….

Item 6–$6 million in tax dollars goes to Syria…….

The opposition Syrian National Coalition (SNC) said on Thursday it had received $6 million from the United States in the first direct US financial support for the rebel body.

Ahmed Tohme, the chief of the SNC’s self-proclaimed interim government, said the money would be divided into two parts, with $4.4 million devoted to reconstruction and the purchase of heavy equipment include generators, water pumps and tankers.

The remaining $1.6 million will be used to strengthen local governance in rebel-controlled areas and for emergency aid response, including food baskets and assistance to bakeries.

Be honest….do you really see this cash going to reconstruction in the middle of a war?

Item 7–We have conflicting reports coming out of the Coalition on just how much damage we are actually doing to ISIS…..State Dept sez we have killed 6,000 fighters……

“We do know that thousands of ISIS fighters have been killed, and we do know that some of ISIS’s leadership have been killed,” Hagel said, saying he hadn’t seen any verification of exact numbers on either.
This kinda reminds me of the bogus body counts back during the Vietnam War……..I do not believe the count either.
Thanx for your time and attention…..that concludes this briefing….. I will return as more news is made available……
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ISIS Coalition SITREP #66

Good day……while you were distracted by a whole lot of BS the war in the Middle East marches on……I will try to keep you informed….after all your children may be fighting this conflict for a long while.

Item 1–One could ask… well are the airstrikes doing at slowing ISIS?

ISIS continues to gain substantial ground in Syria, despite nearly 800 airstrikes in the American-led campaign to break its grip there.

At least one-third of the country’s territory is now under ISIS influence, with recent gains in rural areas that can serve as a conduit to major cities that the so-called Islamic State hopes to eventually claim as part of its caliphate. Meanwhile, the Islamic extremist group does not appear to have suffered any major ground losses since the strikes began. The result is a net ground gain for ISIS, according to information compiled by two groups with on-the-ground sources.

In Syria, ISIS “has not any lost any key terrain,” Jennifer Cafarella, a fellow at the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for the Study of War who studies the Syrian conflict, explained to The Daily Beast.

Does that answer the question?

Item 2–Is that a troop build up?

The US has been sending ever-growing numbers of ground troops to Iraq, and positioning them deeper and deeper into ISIS territory, for months, and officials said today that the plan is for ground operations to begin sometime in the spring.
Officials say the program is going to involve around 1,000 troops, split between Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar. 400 troops are said to be heading for Qatar to begin the training.
The steady build-up of US Troops continues…..(watch this space)………
Item 3–ISIS is planning a further venture into the propaganda field…..
The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, is about to launch an online TV channel, according to the Vocativ website.A “teaser” for the new channel was published this week on a popular ISIS online forum with a link to the page that will host the 24/7 propaganda channel.The new channel is expected to feature a new video series by British captive John Cantlie, who has already made several videos for ISIS, and a daily news program.Also scheduled is a program called “Time to Recruit,” which is expected to deal with the recruitment of young Muslims to the ranks of the jihadist organization. The program will be broadcast on Wednesdays at 5 P.M. Islamic State Time (GMT+3.)

Item 4–Not everyone is thrilled with the US training of ‘moderate’ rebels……
(Reuters) – The Syrian state news agency on Friday attacked U.S. military plans to train and equip Syrian rebels, saying they amounted to support for terrorists.

The insurgency is today dominated by hardline Islamist groups including Islamic State and the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front. The non-jihadist opposition has little presence.

The United States has not yet said exactly which elements of the opposition it plans to train, though it says the support will go to moderates.

This is NO surprise….Assad has never been on board with the training of rebels that he would have to fight…

This concludes today’s briefing….updates will be made as news becomes available…….

Thanx for your time and attention………

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The U.S.-Israel Politics Gap | The American Conservative

The ICC has agreed to look into Israel’s attack on Gaza……of course, as predicted, the US came running to Israel’s rescue and the media is planning to boost popular support for Israel by airing “Schindler’s List”….that should generate enough sympathy for Israel to regain any lost support…….

Anyone who knows me will know that I am NOT a conservative by any stretch of the imagination……I read this piece (twice)…I could not believe that a Conservative publication would publish such an article…..although it is true….still a surprise to me…..

Read it and let me know what you think…..


The U.S.-Israel Politics Gap | The American Conservative.

Why I Won’t Serve Israel –

One big story during the Israeli attack on Gaza was the IDF soldiers that refused to serve and kill innocent civilians……their story was big news in Europe and Israel……but few were interviewed other than some passing comments……This piece is a good look at why some chose to face desertion charges than be part of the attacks on Gaza….

Please read……it explains the thinking behind some of the refusals….

I appreciate a person that is true to their convictions.


Why I Won’t Serve Israel –

ISIS Coalition SITREP #65

Good day and welcome to the briefing…….

Item 1–I have long said that airstrikes and supplies will not be enough to defeat the advance of ISIS……..

Iraqi officials have told US special envoy to the ISIS war General John Allen that they don’t believe the US-led coalition is doing enough in that war, and that their support is “not convincing.”

With the US not wanting to directly coordinate with Iran on the war, despite having virtually identical interests, this is putting the two nations into competition with each other for buying the support of the Abadi government in Baghdad, a question which will likely be more important as the war winds down and the territories of the respective powers become more stationary.

The problem is that any minor successes will be short lived without a constant state of war from the Us and the Coalition.

Item 2–US training troops continue to face enemy fire……

The 300 US soldiers and Marines at al Asad air base in Iraq’s Anbar province continue to see mortar fire directed at their positions, with six more mortar rounds landing on the sprawling complex last week.

Item 3–When will Iraq be ready for a massive offensive?  Good question, huh?

A statement from Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s office said the alliance should “increase the tempo of the effective air strikes on Islamic State positions,” while also calling for an expansion of the training program for Iraqi security forces.

Speaking with Reuters on Jan. 11, Abadi predicted that the US-led training program would take three years, and that “the most difficult thing is to restructure and build the Army while you are in a state of war. … Our aim is to create a balance between both, restructuring the Army in a way that will not impact the fighting.”

Item 4–Remember Korbane?

It is a stunning reversal for the Islamic State group, which just months ago stood poised to conquer the entire town — and could pierce a carefully crafted image of military strength that helped attract foreign fighters and spread horror across the Middle East.

“An IS defeat in Kobani would quite visibly undermine the perception of unstoppable momentum and inevitable victory that IS managed to project, particularly after it captured Mosul,” said Faysal Itani, a fellow at the Atlantic Council, referring to the militants’ seizure of Iraq’s second-largest city during its blitz into Iraq from Syria last summer.

It would also rob the group of a “psychological edge that both facilitated recruitment and intimidated actual and potential rivals, as well as the populations IS controlled,” Itani said.

Events are unfolding and the American public is more concerned with the antics of some big butt broad or a group of adrenalin junkies climbing a rock….eventually this war will slap them in the face and they, public, will clamor to know why they were uninformed of the turn in the war……

I shall continue as often as good news is available……

Thanx for your time and attention……..

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ISIS Coalition SITREP #64

Good day…..I apologize for the lessening number of briefings but world events have kicked a WAR off the radar of the media and the people’s thoughts….I will return to a more constant update as events permit……

Item 1–It appears that Iran’s involvement in the war on ISIS is more positive than few will admit…….

Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Jan. 8 that Iran’s influence in Iraq could be “positive.”

Dempsey, who spoke with reporters following a meeting at the Pentagon with Lt. Gen. Benjamin Gatz, chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, said, “If it is a path that ties the two countries [Iran and Iraq] more closely together economically or even politically, as long as the Iraqi government remains committed to inclusivity of all the various groups inside the country, then I think Iranian influence will be positive. But what really matters is where it all goes, and we’re watching that very carefully.”

Item 2–And then there is this report on Iran……

In the eyes of most Iraqis, their country’s best ally in the war against the Islamic State group is not the United States and the coalition air campaign against the militants. It’s Iran, which is credited with stopping the extremists’ march on Baghdad.

Shiite, non-Arab Iran has effectively taken charge of Iraq’s defense against the Sunni radical group, meeting the Iraqi government’s need for immediate help on the ground.

Two to three Iranian military aircraft a day land at Baghdad airport, bringing in weapons and ammunition. Iran’s most potent military force and best known general — the Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds Force and its commander Gen. Ghasem Soleimani — are organizing Iraqi forces and have become the de facto leaders of Iraqi Shiite militias that are the backbone of the fight. Iran carried out airstrikes to help push militants from an Iraqi province on its border.

US interests could be in danger……someone needs to watch this closely.

Item 3–ISIS is gaining a foothold in Afghanistan…….

In the wake of a video showing regional ISIS supporters beheading a Pakistani soldier, Afghan officials confirmed that ISIS is not only active in Afghanistan, but increasingly so in the southern Helmand Province.

Gen. Mahmoud Khan admitted that ISIS fighters are openly recruiting in Helmand, and that a religious leader named Mullah Abdul Rauf has been trying to bring tribal leaders on board.

Mullah Rauf was a commander for the Taliban years ago, but now seems to be on the ISIS bandwagon. This could be problematic not just for the Afghan government, but for the Taliban as well.

Sad… sad……more thorns in the world’s butt.

Item 4–A short report on Coalition airstrikes……..

In Syria, military forces conducted 11 airstrikes, including nine near the long-contested city of Kobani, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials said in a statement. The air raids obliterated ISIS fighting positions and buildings, officials said.

In Iraq, an assortment of attack aircraft, fighter jets and drones executed 16 strikes. They destroyed some of the terror group’s fighting positions, vehicles, an artillery system, rocket launcher and buildings, officials said.

Coalition forces hit targets near a slew of Iraqi cities, including Baiji, Taji, Al Qaim, Ramadi, Tal Afar, Al Asad, Sinjar and Mosul.

Item 5–There is more from the Iranians……….

/ The Deputy of Iran’s Interior Ministry , Hossein Ali Amiri said on Tuesday, that his country’s security forces are monitoring the movements of ISIS terrorist organization

in Iraq, stressing that the organization does not constitute any threat to Iran.

Amiri said at a news conference seen by “Shafaq News”, that “ISIS terrorist organization is at a distance far from the borders of Iran, noting that the western border enjoy full security and the necessary actions have been taken on the eastern border as well.

He added that ISIS will not pose a threat to us and our forces are able to ensure the security of the border in the best possible shape, noting that the security and military services are monitoring ISIS movements accurately.

If true….maybe then it is time for a closer relationship with Iran on this issue….at least……..

That concludes today’s briefing…….

Thanx for your time and attention……..

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Pakistani Taliban vow support for ISIS fighters – Al Arabiya News

The war in Afghanistan is over!…..pause here for raucous laughter……it will NEVER be over.

There is a story that most have missed and could be a major developing problem for any force left behind and for the country as a whole…….Afghanistan will not be the most stable country in the region and developing events will do nothing to assist the stability.


Pakistani Taliban vow support for ISIS fighters – Al Arabiya News.