Conflict News #1

The US is up to its butt in conflicts….yet the media has no time to report the news from these battlefields…..nope they had rather give the public mind numbing bullsh*t……like Brady’s balls or some hi-speed chase in Stupidville……or what dilettante musician is doing with his/her time……worthless info that Americans crave…..

I guess it is up to me to give the public the news the MSM never has the nuts to deliver…..all the Conflict News you can use……

1–Pentagon has made a momentous decision that should have been made months ago…..

Though an official announcement on the matter has not been made yet, reports are emerging that the Pentagon has suspended the “train and equip” program intended to create a new faction of “pro-US” Syrian rebels, which has been dubbed the New Syrian Forces (NSF).

If the first class was a failure, the second class was embarrassingly so, with the group almost immediately surrendering its weapons and vehicles to al-Qaeda. Centcom today released further details about the chain of events leading to this surrender.

Better late than never….or so they say.

2–Our war in Libya is not going as well as we had anticipated in the beginning…..Libya has sunk into a deep civil war……but after over 2 years of fighting the combatants have possibly found a way to work together…..

The Western-backed Libyan government in Tobruk and the Tripoli-based government are moving closer to some sort of power-sharing agreement, according to UN officials familiar with the ongoing talks, and have reached a basic “consensus” on the main points of how it will work.

Details aren’t being released on this framework agreement, but both sides are to submit a list of names for possible candidates in key positions in the unity government, including a list of prime ministers who would be agreeable to them.

Is it possible that they found a way to end their conflict without the US?  Would be a new trend if they have…….

3–Now Yemen……Saudis and their Gulf monarch buddies have been pounding Yemen for months and NO one cares…..

The Coalition is meant to be the first exercise of a GCC ‘rapid deployment force’ advised discreetly by Israeli and American officers. Such coordination in the attack of an Arab country is novel. How has this been marketed? The rage provoked by the deaths of the invading GCC forces in Mar`ib suggests that Yemen was dreamt of as a training programme for wars modelled on recent Israeli ones – a war to be determined by aerial bombardment, but without the international outrage at war crimes that Israel suffers.

But the real answer for the silence can be put a better way…….”the GCC can buy a lot of media, weapons, and people.”

4–Remember the “Sunni Awakening” in Iraq……we shortened it to the Surge….a way for the US to deal with the expansion of radicals in Anbar province…..but could such a program succeed in Afghanistan?

Source: Is an ‘Afghan Awakening’ the solution? – Al Jazeera English

5–It seems that ISIS is the number enemy at least for now, of the US….if that is true why has this news not been reported more widely……..

Early reports of ISIS trying to establish an affiliate in Afghanistan were mostly downplayed by the US and other Western powers, who believed the group to be little more than a handful of disaffected Taliban commanders trying to get international attention. That the rare ISIS activity was all fighting against Taliban rivals seemed to support that.

………the latest reports suggest that only about 10% of the ISIS force inside Afghanistan is Taliban defectors, and that the group’s parent organization in Iraq and Syria has sent roughly 70 seasoned commanders to serve as the leadership core of this growing branch.

The ability to recruit Taliban defectors might be growing with the latest leadership disputes in that group, but ISIS’ ability to form an almost entirely new group with so little cross-over with a Taliban insurgency that’s been in place for decades suggests they are resonating with a whole new group of peoples, and could be a hugely complicating matter in the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan

6–Finally…..We are failing against ISIS….could it be that our tactics are well known in advance?

Abu Omar al-Shishani, the red-bearded face of ISIS terror lately described in such headlines as ‘Star pupil’: Pied piper of ISIS recruits was trained by U.S. for the fact that he received American military training as part of an elite Georgian army unit in 2006 and after, did not stop playing for “team America” once he left his home country in the Caucuses. He actually enjoyed US backing and American taxpayer largesse as late as 2013, soon after entering Syria with his band of Chechen jihadists.

7–We have conflicts on top of conflicts…..and that is not the bad news…..

#AceNewsReport – Oct.01: The continuing financing of all US military operations by continuing resolution and not through a proper budget is generating a $38 billion deficit, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said in a press briefing on Wednesday.

How many more conflicts can the US afford?


You are welcome……

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The “War And Peace” In Syria

Like Russian novel…….

The really big news of the day yesterday was that Russia would join in the war in Syria……but in case you missed my post….here it is…..

Source: Could Syria be Putin’s Afghanistan? | In Saner Thought

Putin asked for permission to use Russian military in the fight and he got it…….

Russian lawmakers gave Vladimir Putin the thumbs-up to conduct airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday, and the president didn’t waste any time. Giving the US Embassy in Baghdad just an hour’s notice, Russian military aircraft started the strikes near the city of Homs in western Syria, a senior US official confirmed to ABC News. The advance notice given to the US Embassy came in the form of a senior Russian military official who would only say Russian aircraft would be flying in Syria’s airspace, reportedly keeping mum on exactly where the strikes would take place, ABC notes. Per Russia’s Interfax, Putin said that the strikes were born of a Syrian request and that they were in accordance with international law. What’s not clear: whether he’s targeting ISIS, which doesn’t have a major presence in Homs, or rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad.

“There doesn’t seem to be any operational effect on (ISIS) where they are flying,” says the US official. That conflicts with what a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman told Russian news agencies Wednesday, noting that targeted strikes are being carried out on sites that Russians believe are under the control of ISIS, per the AP. The US official said US operations in Syria would remain unaffected by Putin’s latest move, even though Russia had asked the US to keep its warplanes out of Syrian airspace, CNN reports. It’s not clear what kind of aircraft was used.

The hope of the world was that Russia would join in the fight against ISIS and there was a hint that it would do just that……but as with everything Russian….there is a slight problem…….


All the airstrikes by Russia were against Assad foes not one was that of ISIS and their infrastructure……if he were after ISIS Raqqa should have been high o the list of targets…..not so much as a ripple…..only targets were those of rebels fighting Assad and Assad alone.

The US has issued a statement to Russia…….

State Department officials warn they view Russia’s involvement with “grave concern” and are demanding that Russia not launch any airstrikes against non-ISIS rebel forces.

WTF?  They are already attacking non-ISIS positions…….what purpose is that statement?

I do not think that many people really considered Putin as an ally to anyone but Assad…..but could his intervention be a bad idea?  (that will be a separate post)

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The Syria Russian Roulette | Middle East Briefing

I do a lot of research on the Middle East…..most of it comes from the region…….trying to get accurate information from the Western media is virtually impossible.  Regardless of what these toads have to say the Western media is anything but unbiased.

I get the Middle East Briefing which has some of the best analysis on the region…..

This piece is about the situation in Syria…it is well worth the time it takes to read it……

US and its allies, the Coalition, have been banging away at targets…now it appears the Russia has decided to do more….what will this mean for the region and the conflict?

Source: The Syria Russian Roulette | Middle East Briefing

Afghanistan: It’s Still There

Believe it or not……Afghanistan is still there and still fighting rages……fierce fighting.  I know the media does not seem to care but believe me there is more happening in Afghanistan than you can imagine…….

Did you know or were you told that the Northern city of Kunduz has fallen to the Taleban?  No?

During their annual Spring Offensive, the Taliban set its sights on northern parts of Afghanistan, particularly centering on the Kunduz Province. The fighting continued throughout spring and summer, with Taliban forces seizing several districts. Today, they captured the city of Kunduz itself.

The Afghan Interior Ministry confirmed that defenses in the city had “collapsed” in the face of the latest offensive, and while they’re talking up a counteroffensive to try to retake the city, the Taliban have wasted no time in capturing all the significant buildings in the city, and are moving on the airport.

This is why some observers say the takeover of Kunduz is more a failure of the Afghan state than a victory for the Taliban.

“The Taliban did not come out of nowhere to take over Kunduz. Their fighters had been there for quite some time launching small-scale attacks on the city. This was meant to be a war of attrition against Afghan forces that would in turn pave the way for a full-scale offensive. And that’s exactly what happened,” Michael Kugelman, Afghanistan expert at the Washington-based Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, told DW.

The US has responded by launching the usual airstrikes……and since airstrikes do not retake territory….the US went to plan B….

Special forces from the US-led coalition in Afghanistan, reportedly including US troops, battled Taliban militants on the ground in Kunduz Wednesday in an attempt to retake the city after Afghan forces were overrun Monday. It marks the first time foreign forces have clashed with the Taliban during the conflict in Kunduz, Reuters reports. Coalition rep Col. Brian Tribus says the forces took part in a mission near Kunduz airport where Afghan forces have made a base. “Coalition special forces advisers, while advising and assisting elements of the Afghan Security Forces, encountered an insurgent threat in the vicinity of the Kunduz airport at approximately 1am,” Tribus says. “When they encountered the threat, they defended themselves.”

Tribus wouldn’t provide the nationalities of the coalition fighters, but a senior Afghan security official says 100 members of US special forces were involved. He adds they wore night-vision goggles as they left the airport and returned after eliminating Taliban attackers. Tribus adds US forces also conducted their third airstrike near Kunduz since Tuesday, targeting a spot near the airport Wednesday morning. A rep for the Public Health Ministry says 30 people have been killed and 200 injured in the fighting and “around 90% of them are civilians.” The coalition said Wednesday that a soldier was killed in northern Afghanistan, but from a “non-battle cause,” reports the Washington Post. A US military official says he expects the estimated 500 Taliban fighters to be expelled from Kunduz within weeks.

The fighting continues…..and could this be the beginning of a whole new war?

Should we get involved?  Or should we let the Afghans do the heavy lifting?

This smells like deeper involvement.


Could Syria be Putin’s Afghanistan?

For those of us that watch the Middle East daily we have a new problem in the making.  ISIS is bad……Assad use of CWs bad……..Iraq fighting ineptitude is bad…….the conflict is at a stalemate is again bad……so what could be worse?

I am so glad someone asked an important question…….

Russia’s upper house of parliament has granted President Vladimir Putin authorisation to deploy the country’s air force to Syria, according to the head of presidential administration.

Sergey Ivanov said on Wednesday that the Federation Council backed Putin’s request for approval unanimously.

“The operation’s military goal is exclusively air support of the Syrian armed forces in their fight against ISIL,” he said, referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group fighting against President Bashar al-Assad.

Now there will be yet another fighting force in Syria……it is already difficult to tell the good from the bad and now…….we have another problem with seemingly no solution.

All that said and done….Russia made a monumental mistake in 1979 when it invaded and occupied Afghanistan that eventually lead to a the downfall of the country……what is Putin thinking?

Putin sees the Middle East as another region on his global chessboard that can serve as a spoiler of Western policy.

Source: Could Syria be Putin’s Afghanistan? – Al Jazeera English

Apparently the Cold War never ended at all……just took a breather before restarting the games…..

If Putin is making a mistake then why is the US not making the same one?

Does Waterloo sound familiar?


The female guerilla fighters of the PKK | Middle East Eye

The news a month or so ago was about the 2 female Ranger trainees that made ot to the end and graduated….allowing them to proudly wear the Ranger tab on the uniform……

Even though these young ladies made it through the grueling Ranger process they will still NOT be allowed in combat……women have a way to go before the military is willing to allow them to fight alongside the men……

But across the world there are women fighting and dying alongside men in various conflicts……

If the media wants to celebrate women and their abilities in the military then may I suggest that they look NO further than the women fighting with the Kurds in the Middle East……

MEE meets female Kurdish Workers Party fighters in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan – and finds a diverse group united by a vision of freedom

Source: The female guerilla fighters of the PKK | Middle East Eye

Women are more than capable of handling armed conflict and performing their duties under pressure….then why be so Victorian in thought……let women prove themselves!

What The Hell Are We Doing In Syria?

A question I keep asking and so far I got squat for a good answer.

Our plan was to soften up ISIS with airstrikes then train the moderate rebels to fight on our behalf……well that plan sucks!

The airstrikes are truly killing a lot of people but how many are ISIS combatants and how many are civilians?  Our big strategy of training the rebels to fight has had …..what shall I call it?…..a disastrous beginning…..

Gen. Patraeus, you remember him right?  The hero of the Iraqi Surge that all the neocons like to point to as a success……anyway.his testimony is anything but bright…….

Former CIA Director and retired four-star Army Gen. David Petraeus on Tuesday described progress in the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as “inadequate.”

“An impressive coalition has been assembled, key ISIS leaders have been killed or captured, and support for local forces in Iraq and Syria has helped roll back ISIS in certain areas,” he testified at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

But, he added, “Some elements of the right strategy are in place, but several are under-resourced, while others are missing. We are not where we should be at this point.”

His analysis is a bit optimistic but that is what I would expect from a loyal team player…..he should have said our proxies on the ground are acting like 4th graders and their petty arguments…..or just come out and said……”the US plan is inadequate” for the result everyone wants……but those words will not come from his mouth……maybe he should have said something more substantial about our big plan of training rebels and sending them to fight…..

For instance……..

It’s already been heavily reported how badly the first class of New Syrian Forces (NSF), also known as Division 30, did after being trained by the US and sent into Syria. There were 54 of them to start, and last week Centcom conceded there were only “four or five left.” This may still look like a runaway success compared to the second class.

The second class entered Syria by way of Turkey on Friday, and according to reports there were between 70 and 75 of them in total. Today, reports out of Syria suggest that the group immediately took its weapons and vehicles to al-Qaeda territory and turned them all over to them.

Of course the Pentagon does not see the situation as it may be…..

The Pentagon is firmly denying social media reports that a new group of U.S.-trained Syrian fighters who recently reentered their country to combat the Islamic State have defected to the Nusra Front, al Qaida’s main affiliate in Syria.

“It’s patently false that there have been defections or weapons turned over by them, and we believe the claims to those effect to be untrue,” Davis said. “The folks that are part of the New Syrian Force are accounted for, as are their weapons.”

I would expect no less from the Pentagon.  Who in their right mind would admit to a failure?

I guess we could look on the bright side…..after all Nusrah is fighting ISIS for control and the could win with all the help they are getting from America’s big plan.

Personally, I would fire everyone involved in this plan and find someone who will tell the truth and find a workable plan….God knows these twats cannot do it.