There Is No Right Or Wrong

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


Let’s return today to that magical land of Gaza.  In war there is NO right or wrong……just death and destruction.  WQe were fortunate that we had a couple of days when the violence and destruction was at a minimum but all that has been taken to the crapper….it is on again!

Let me pause here and insert…..before some well meaning troll tries to jump down my throat….may I suggest you read the whole piece before you attempt that jump.

Onward and upward!

I have looked at both sides of the conflict…..and yes I am sympathetic to the Palestinians…….for reasons that are personal and I shared once and will never do that again……but since I do analyze situations I want to talk about the reasons for the conflict.


First, MSM lets the Israeli government have pretty much a free platform to sell their response to the issues at hand….my problem is they are given softball questions to answer that let their talking points fill the airways.  Not once have I heard a journalist ask these people a few pertinent questions.  Like….you say the tunnels are used to attack Israeli civilians….then if so how many attacks have been carried out in the past 5 years?  Or you justify the deaths in Gaza saying it is in response to the rockets fired….how many Israeli civilians have been killed by these rockets in the past 5 years?  Soldiers killed in the commission of a military operation are not civilians.  I would like to hear a good honest answer to those two questions….but of course there is NO way they will answer them.

The Israeli government spokespeople always come back to the tunnels and their intended use……the problem is it is all BS….as proven by CNN and NYT…..

The Israeli site +972 has blown that propaganda completely out of the water. A well-researched article in Hebrew that it translated from an educational worker near Gaza states that the tunnels do not appear to be targeted at civilians and they come out more than a mile from any kibbutz, let alone the kindergartens.

In short, the tunnels fear was hysteria, drummed up by the Israeli government to heighten war fever, and then purveyed by the New York Times and CNN.

The piece at +972 — which is headlined in part, “In reality, every tunnel so far has been used against military targets alone” — was published in Hebrew on “Local Call,” and written by Emanual Yelin, who lives in Be’er Sheva and is said to work near the Gaza border. Yelin is a full-on Israeli patriot, but he has no truck with the lies and propaganda disseminated around the tunnels.

The disgusting thing is that the MSM continues to allow this lie to be told and used as a justification of killing civilians.  As late as today on BBC America an Israeli government official used the lie again.

Now the Palestinians…..whoever is firing the missiles into Israel are cowards….I will agree with the Israeli government on that point.  Hamas needs to get a grip on the factions that are doing this if Hamas statement that they do not know who it is….they want to govern then they need to take control of that one situation.  Once they do that then there is NO excuse for the killing and the destruction.

Now let’s look at the destruction…….is it truly in search of Hamas leadership?

I have been watching and reading most everything I can get on the war and I have made my analysis…….in my thoughts it is all about the destruction of the Palestinian infrastructur3e of a would be Palestinian state…..look at the targets…hospitals, schools, power generation, roads, water supply and sanitation……all aspects of a state’s infrastructure.  Let’s not forget the terror that the constant threat of attack brings.  And how about the attacks on fishermen or the lack of food through the Gazan wall…..another attempt to hurt the economy and the infrastructure.

Personally, I think Israel is shooting themselves in the butt with their constant attacks on Gaza.  Why?  I will let journalist Dan Glazebrook tell my readers……

………………as many commentators have noted, even if Israel were successful in its stated aim of destroying or weakening Hamas, this would only result in even more militant groups emerging, perhaps even Al Qaeda type groups such as ISIS, gaining support from a traumatised population by promising revenge attacks and uncompromising armed jihad. Whilst many have argued that this would somehow be against Israel’s interests, the reverse is likely to be true. Groups such as ISIS have played a key role in facilitating US and British policies in the Middle East in recent years, by weakening independent regional powers (or potential regional powers) such as Libya, Syria and now Iraq. They would likely have the same effect on Palestine, and would certainly set back the prospects for the emergence of a Palestinian state: they would never countenance, for example, unity with Fatah, and would rather serve to provide a permanent pretext for savage Israeli attacks which Western Europe and North America would be obliged to support. Moreover, if Gaza became an ungoverned and ungovernable disaster zone – which is what Israel is in the process of creating – there would of course be no question of its gaining sovereignty over its territory, and even less over its waters and gas reserves. Israel would remain free to bomb at will, just as the US and Britain remain free to bomb at will in the failed states they have created in Somalia, Libya, Yemen and Iraq.

This constant warfare in the name of security is not going to end well for either side of the conflict….the Palestinians need to tighten their control over the actions of the fringe groups…..and Israel needs to be more forthcoming with their reasons for their ever present attacks…….

To me the Israelis are using every attempt to destroy and part of the area that could be the corner stone of a Palestinians state….so any commitment to a two state solution is disingenuous at best.. and at its worse…..a LIE!


Which Way Did They Go?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


Yes Irene the country of Iraq is suffering through a time of change……the establishment of the Islamic State has hit everyone for a loop.  Now the world is scrambling around trying to find someone anyone that can take the battle to IS and stop reacting to their attacks.  But where to look for the possibility of leadership in this coming battle without using American troops on the ground?

Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat—The Iraqi military is seeking the assistance of Saddam Hussein-era military officials in a bid to stem the advance of “terrorist” groups, particularly the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) which continues its advance in central and northern parts of the country.

In comments to Asharq Al-Awsat Iraqi Ministry of Defense adviser Lt. Gen. Thamer bin Sultan Al-Tikriti said former officials who served in the military establishment during the era of Saddam Hussein will be able to find a place in the present Iraqi army. They will be organized into military units affiliated with the Iraqi army to help eradicate ISIS and similar-minded groups, the official said.

This comes after Saddam-era military and political officials have been marginalized in post-Saddam Iraq, part of the controversial de-Ba’athification process instituted following the fall of the dictator.

You see in there infinite wisdom the US decided the only way to get Iraq to submit to their occupation was to get rid of the generals and other officers that had served in the Iraqi army of Saddam.

The recent defeats of the present day Iraqi army has shown the powers that they, the Iraqi troops, needed experienced leadership.

You see in 2004 while the country was in the midst of a de-Baathification process an Iraqi general warned that it might not be a good idea……

A general with 32 years of military service at the time of Hussein’s fall, today he is governor of the former dictator’s home, Tikrit, a job handed to him by the U.S.-led occupation authority.

He believes there is a danger in banning former soldiers who were high-ranking Baath Party members from government positions,

So far he has been proven right…….there might not have been a rapid advance of IS if there had been battle hardened generals and officers to take command of the army when it is needed.

Yet another failed policy of the US occupation of Iraq.  In our rush to save the oil industry we overlooked yet another possibility……the return to violence and the possibility of the rise of a more extreme form of foe, aka Islamic State.

America Helped Make the Islamic State | VICE United States

There has been much discussion on who did what, when and why……some of it is good discourse and some of it is manure wrapped in news reporting…..there have been oh so many people that have an opinion on what we should have done and when….but so far not one of those has been any where near the fighting….so their opinion is worthless.

I read this piece yesterday and think my readers that are interested in the rise of ISIS might find interesting……nothing is as cut and dry as the MSM wants us to believe……


America Helped Make the Islamic State | VICE United States.

The Silence Of The Sand

Inkwell Institute

Middle East Desk

I have noticed that the Arab League is suspiciously silent on the Gaza violence….and I got to thinking why would they be so passive?

You would think that Arabs would stick together in this time of conflict….but not this time….what could be so toxic that the League would basically look the other way while Israel destroys so many lives, both physically and materially?

Then I ran across a piece that tries to explain this muteness……

(Newser) – As Palestinian bodies pile up in Gaza, where is the outrage from Arab leaders? Unlike during previous Israeli offensives, countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan have failed to condemn Israel and push for an end to the fighting, and fear of the political Islam that Hamas represents appears to be the reason why, the New York Times reports. “The Arab states’ loathing and fear of political Islam is so strong that it outweighs their allergy to” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, says former Middle East negotiator Aaron David Miller.

“I have never seen a situation like it, where you have so many Arab states acquiescing in the death and destruction in Gaza and the pummeling of Hamas,” Miller says. “The silence is deafening.” Egypt has continued to blame Hamas for Palestinian deaths, and it and other Arab states now find themselves on Israel’s side not just against political Islamic movements, but against Iran, analysts note. Meanwhile, the commissioner-general of the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees calls the Israeli shelling of a UN school yesterday a “serious violation of international law,” the Guardian reports. “Children killed in their sleep—this is an affront to all of us, a source of universal shame,” he says. “Today the world stands disgraced.”

Basically, the League will forgo so many decades to struggle of the Palestinian people because they are worried about their own little power base.  Apparently change is not on the agenda of countries like Jordan, Saudi and others.  When they do break their silence and condemn the atrocities they seldom name the perpetrator.

The rise of radical Islam has driven these regimes into the arms of the West and most notably Israel……..for the fear of losing their stranglehold on power has made them make a decision that will ultimately be their downfall…….

Jewish Survivors and Descendants of Survivors of Nazi Genocide Condemn Gaza Massacre – International Middle East Media Center

When it comes to war I prefer to see the opinions from people that have experienced the obscenity……if they have NO idea then their opinion is as worthless as tits on a boar…….and that is why I pressed this letter…..these people know what is happening in Gaza…



A group of Holocaust survivors and their descendants from the U.S. and Europe have signed onto a letter challenging a letter published in the New York Times by fellow Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, who they contend promoted “blatant falsehoods to justify the unjustifiable”. They argue that their experience of surviving the Nazi genocide has led them to believe that “Never Again” should apply to everyone, including Palestinians.

via Jewish Survivors and Descendants of Survivors of Nazi Genocide Condemn Gaza Massacre – International Middle East Media Center.

Iraq: Why O Why?

By now every red blooded neocon is sitting in the corner and jerking off on his iPhone and by now we all know that we will return to Iraq….at least from the air….now now.

So much has happened in Iraq in the last couple of months….the rise of ISIS, all the sectarian bloodshed and the Kurds moving loser to independence…..with all that occurring….why did Obama pick this moment to re-start the air war in Iraq?

Good question, right?

Newser) – President Obama gave the green light last night for the US military to launch airstrikes in Iraq, but why now? Some explanations:

  • Two-fold mission: The US has already dropped food and supplies to Iraqis trapped on Mount Sinjar by extremist fighters from the Islamic State, or ISIS, and it may drop more. As for the airstrikes, targeted ones may be necessary near the mountain to “break the siege” there, says Obama, and allow more help to arrive and avert a “genocide.” The bigger reason for the possible airstrikes, however, seems to be to halt the advance of the extremist fighters in the north.
  • ‘Line in the sand': Though the US did not intervene as the Islamic State swept across much of Iraq in recent weeks, the city of Irbil in northern Iraq “appears to be a line in the sand,” writes Dan Lamothe in the Washington Post. It’s the Kurdish capital, and the US has diplomats and military advisers stationed there among the American allies. (The Islamic State also reportedly controls the country’s largest dam, in the northern city of Mosul.)
  • How far? “The question arises: How far is Mr. Obama willing to go?” writes Peter Baker in the New York Times. Obama said “there is ‘no American military solution’ to the Iraqi insurgency, pointing again to the need for a new politically inclusive government in Baghdad. What he might do if that fails he did not say. And while aides stressed this is a narrow mission, they acknowledged scenarios in which it could expand.”
  • Reversal: “The return to military engagement in Iraq is a reversal for Mr. Obama, whose early opposition to the war that toppled Saddam Hussein, and his promise to end it, fueled his long-shot campaign for the White House,” write Carol E. Lee and Felicia Schwartz at the Wall Street Journal. “It also puts a spotlight on what has become a familiar feature of the Obama presidency, in which the leader of the most powerful military in the world has become defined by his reluctance to use it.”
  • Unity after all? “Ironically, ISIS’s campaign against the Kurds may end up helping unify the Iraqi state,” writes Joshua Keating at Slate. The Kurds have long been at odds with Nouri al-Maliki’s government, but now he’s ordering his air force to help them. “Iraq’s various factions, as well as Baghdad’s odd-couple patrons, Iran and the United States, may be forced to work together to confront the most serious threat the country has faced since the worst days of the Iraq war.”
  • Full text: Read the president’s statement here.

Is this the beginning of a whole new chapter in the continuing story of America: Between Iraq and a Hard Place?

Gaza images – Google Search

I know with everyone’s busy life they just do not have the time to pay attention to the world and all its glory….but take some time and see just what is happening in Gaza….



Gaza images – Google Search.

Iraq: Will Yugoslavia Be The Example?

Inkwell Institute

Middle East Desk

I am an old guy and have witnessed a lot of history in my time……and I am always looking for cycles in the international arena….now I think that maybe I found one when it comes to the future of Iraq.

Back in the 80’s the former communist regime of Yugoslavia started disintegration with the death of Tito……each of the federated states within the country started stretching out for freedom and independence and unfortunately it involved years of fighting one faction against another…… erupted into the Yugoslav Wars beginning in 1987 first it was in Croatia and then it moved to a more serious conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina….resulting in  thousands of deaths mostly along ethnic lines….in essence a race war.  Eventually, the US and NATO had to intervene to prevent the ethnic cleansing and by 2000 the region was in relative peace but not before NATO had to bomb it into submission in 1999…….the UN stepped in and administered Kosovo until 2009.

Sorry but that is as simply put as I could without boring you guys into a coma.

My point is that Yugoslavia took a while to sort out it’s differences and yes it was bloody for a time but since those dark days the region is relatively calm.  Could this be a template for Iraq?

If it is it would require the US and its NATO friends to intervene…..but then the question is….on whose side?

But before they make that decision maybe they should spend a little time analyzing the situation…..and I do not mean from some Ivy League educated academic that is a lifer in the US diplomatic corps……these people may be knowledgeable but they lack a comprehension of the region.  Years behind a desk in DC does not mean they have a grasp on the situation other than cables from other Ivy League academics.  Without first hand knowledge any attempt to solve this conflict will be WRONG!

The options are very limited……the Arab states around Iraq will do very little for most of them are having problems of their own and cannot risk making their situation worse.  Without them who does that leave?  UN, NATO and of course the US.  As much as I would like to see the Iraqis work this out for themselves…..I am afraid it is looking more like some sort of intervention will be needed.  And as usual the US will have to lead the way.

The US biggest problem as I see it is that they have this unyielding desire to see countries stay intact even if it means more trouble down the road….in other words what is good for the US……maybe now is a good time to see what is best for the people of Iraq and make a determination from that line of thinking.

The hard truth is Iraq is three separate entities… the problem is to see just how a three can be made peaceful and prosperous.

As much as I may dislike the conclusion….the US may be the key to a stable Region.