The US Hand in the Syrian Mess | Consortiumnews

There is a mounting evidence that the troubles in Syria has American hands all over it……

Is it possible that all the suffering that is being lived by the Syrian people could be on the hands of the US?

Of course this is something that will never make it to the MSM………for that would be actually reporting the news instead they prefer to regurgitate whatever the government tells them to do…..

Americans will not ever know the truth of things unless they are willing to do some searching for that truth…….and truth should be our only concern… matter what it reveals……


The US Hand in the Syrian Mess | Consortiumnews.

Preventive Wars: The Antithesis of Realpolitik | The National Interest

In my studies of conflict management there always comes to a situation called “A preventive war”……the term has always fascinated me…….and at the same time confused me.

To me it it is a oxymoron…….2003 Bush used the concept to invade in Iraq to prevent him, Saddam, from achieving his desire for WMDs……it was a lie then….it is a lie now……

Maybe this article will help my readers to grasp the concept of “a preventive war”…….


Preventive Wars: The Antithesis of Realpolitik | The National Interest.

The Dangerously Vague Romance of War by Shane Smith —

Let me tell you there is NOTHING glamours about war……but that does not stop the hawks for trying to turn it into some kind of romantic glorious situation…….NOTHING is further from the truth.

Some see it as some sort of righteous endeavor…..I cannot agree……there is nothing righteous about killing for the sake of killing…….sadly the only ones with scars of war are the ones sent to play the game……those that perpetrate war seldom suffer from the scars…..and seldom learn any lesson from the experience.

The American public seems to have the perverse fascination with war that to me borders on the sociopathic…….but why is thsi?


The Dangerously Vague Romance of War by Shane Smith —

Training Day

Nope not that movie that was popular about a decade ago…..this is about the plan to train “moderate” rebels to fight in Syria against ISIS and Assad……

The original plan was to train about 5000 rebels to act as the hammer against our enemies in the Middle East……..everybody in Washington is on board with this plan of the grand strategy…… began in May of this year and is not the answer to our problem in Syria…….

The United States has only trained approximately 60 Syrian rebel fighters as of July 3, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, saying the number is “much smaller” than the administration hoped to train at this point.

The low numbers are blamed on a strict vetting process that includes ensuring the fighters are committed to combat ISIS, as opposed to the Assad regime, and passing a counter-intelligence screening.

“We make sure that they, for example, aren’t going to pose a green-on-blue threat to their trainers; that they don’t have any history of atrocities,” Carter said.

The military is currently vetting 7,000 volunteers. The goal of the program is to train 3,000 to 5,000 fighters per year, a far cry away from 60 being trained now.

At this rate my 12 year old granddaughter will be having to deal with this war when she is grown…… have said that this is not the best idea to “defeat” ISIS……

The problem is there seems to be NO good idea to defeat ISIS……everything proposed has built in a degree of failure……

While I was putting the finishing touches on this post I got word about the rebels that we have been training in Turkey to fight in Syria……..

New reports out of Turkey are that the struggling US training mission, aimed at creating a new Syrian rebel faction, has borne its first fruit, and the first US-trained rebels have entered Syria, awash in US weapons.

A convoy of vehicles crossed into Syria from neighboring Turkey, and are being called the “New Syrian Force” by Pentagon officials. 30 vehicles strong, the force amounts to 54 fighters with some rudimentary training and some pricey US aid.

Glad to see the program is starting to show some results…..but…..54 rebels?  I do not think that 54 fighters will make much difference against ISIS and/or Assad

Our “plan” to fight in Syria gets more pathetic as the weeks pass…….if we are to do what Obama has promised….that is to “degrade and defeat ISIS”……I believe that 54 fighters may not be the best way to do that…….


One Presidential Candidate Just Promised To Wage War In 4 Different Countries | ThinkProgress

It is a well written point that I disagree with just about everything Lindsey Graham has to say on foreign policy.  I believe if he is elected president we will be in more wars that we can expertly fight.

The military is being forced to eliminate 70,000 troops because of so-called budget cuts…..but Graham is determine to have us fight war after war if he is elected…… that we have a deal with Iran he should be one of the loudest voices of the group…….

Is this what the voters of America want for this country?  If so then by all means elect this asshat and learn to live with perpetual war.


One Presidential Candidate Just Promised To Wage War In 4 Different Countries | ThinkProgress.

Influential tribal leaders hold secret talks

I am of the mind that if there is an answer for the problems in Iraq and Syria then it should be the locals that solve the problem……

The West has been reaching out to tribal leaders in an attempt to find common ground for the fight………my problem is I do not think that the Gulf States can be trusted……they do not have a success track record….their intentions are not for the security of the region but rather their self interests……..

I would warn the tribal leaders to be wary of the Gulf States intentions……


Isis in Syria: Influential tribal leaders hold secret talks with Western powers and Gulf states over possibility of mobilising against militants.

The Srebrenica Precedent | Jacobin

The word genocide gets a lot of airtime these days…..every time there is the deaths of many people we hear about the genocide…….

During the Balkan Wars during the days of Bubba Clinton the one event that deserves the title of genocide…….Srebrenica.  And today any incident of mass killings brings the thoughts of this one event…….

Just in case you have NO idea what I am talking about this piece will give you an insight that most people cannot imagine……..


The Srebrenica Precedent | Jacobin.