Syria: Bad Guy Vs Bad Guy

Opinion from the tortured fingers of Chuq

Does anyone remember reading MAD Magazine in their youth……especially the cartoon panels entitled “Spy Vs Spy”….one white one black and no one knows who was good or bad……

That cartoon made me think of a situation brewing in Syria as I write this…..Everybody is at war with everybody else and in between are the civilians that NO one, mostly notably the US, cares about….but that is a post for another day.

Let’s look at that war….we have Assad fighting anyone that is not in his army……we have rebels fighting rebels……we have the Coalition fighting ISIS…….and ISIS fighting anyone that gets in their way to gain total control of the region……about here is where I pick up on the post……..

There are many units fighting in Syria on various sides of the conflict….there is of course ISIS and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the AQ affiliate, Nusra Front which is fighting mostly in the Southern part of Syria……..this is where it becomes most interesting……

Both ISIS and Nusra are considered to be extreme fundamentalist which adhere to a very strict interpretation of Islam…..on the surface it would appear that these two entities should be allies…..but that ain’t happening.

The Nusra Front has launched an assault on rival Islamic State positions in the Qalamoun mountains on the Lebanon-Syria border, al-Qaeda’s official representative in Syria said.

According to social media accounts belonging to Nusra, its militants began attacking IS positions on Tuesday and now plan to “eradicate” IS in the region because it has exploited “the vision of an Islamic state”.

While the two groups have clashed throughout much of Syria, they had, until recently, fostered relatively good relations in Qalamoun, a mountain range key to securing supply routes into Syria.

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“Eradicate” ISIS?  Now that should be good news to the ears of our guys in the State department…..but wait!  Nusra is an AQ affiliate how does that fit into the equation?

Now with this break between the two….will the US arm and train an AQ affiliate?  Where does this situation fit into the grand scheme of things (if there is a grand scheme)?
As with everything about the conflict in Syria…….there are questions…… many questions and so little answers.
Well is this good news or not?

The Confusion That Is Yemen

The news for the last month has been the situation in Yemen……(head scratch)……most Americans only know Yemen as the port that the USS Cole was attacked or that there are a multitude of drone strikes going after terrorists.  After that…..NOTHING.

Yemen has a rich history of instability.  There has been one form of conflict or another for decades…….but it became an important ally when AQ attacked NYC on 9/11…..why?  Yemen has been a training ground for AQ for years and the US to flex its geopolitical muscle has been bombarding Yemen with drones targeting AQAP.  The president was an American lackey and the army has been trained by US forces …….that is until recently when a mistreated minority, the Houthis, decided they had had enough and committed themselves to rebellion.

Part of the confusion…..Houthis are a Shi’a sect…..the prez and his army were of the Sunni persuasion……AQAP is a Sunni fundamental group that is at odds with the Yemeni government……as well as the Shi’a Houthis were at odds also…….US attacked AQ…..Yemen attacked AQ…..Houthis attacked government and the tribe is basically armed and trained (supposedly) by Iran, which is of the Shi’a persuasion……then the situation got even more confounding……the Sunni Saudis saw a threat from the Shi’a Houthis and decided to attack the country and do away with the problem…….now after about a month of airstrikes the Saudis have stopped the attack and pronounced a victory…….

While the mini war was raging the Iranians have been accused of sending SAM missiles to the Houthis……and to that accusation the US has sent the Navy to intercept any planned deliveries……

It has been reported that the US talked the Saudis in a stand down because of the large amount of civilians deaths in their campaign against the Houthi……the Saudis declared victory so they must have done significant damage to the rebellion, right?

Not exactly…….even during the airstrike campaign the Houthis made significant advances and while the Saudis were killing civilians……AQAP has solidified its take over of the Eastern part of the country.

Fresh off killing scores of civilians in an airstrike on the Yemeni capital city of Sanaa, Saudi Arabia has declared victory in their ongoing war against the Houthis, insisting the military objectives of “Operation Decisive Storm” have all been achieved

For those keeping track, the initially stated goal was to reinstall former President Hadi, who is still living in exile in Riyadh. In the three weeks of strikes, hundreds of civilians have been killed, humanitarian resources are in short supply everywhere, Houthi forces are still contesting Aden with Hadi forces, and al-Qaeda has taken considerable territory in the east.

The declaration of victory and an end to the war doesn’t appear to mean an actual end to the war, however, as officials are announcing “Operation Renewal of Hope,” which will begin immediately, and will include military components. They’re describing it as an anti-terror operation, though the indications are that it will continue to focus on the Shi’ites, and not al-Qaeda.

So now I ask……just what was the reason for the Saudis intervening in the rebellion in Yemen?  I think there were two reasons……one was a PR ploy and the second was to give their ‘cousins’ AQAP a bit of an advantage.  There was never any intention to help the fight against terrorism for the AQAP held Eastern Yemen was never a target for airstrikes.

The US because of the civilian deaths caused by drone strikes turned the population against us……now the Saudis have succeeded in making another enemy and a better recruitment program…….

We have NOT heard the last of Yemen………….This situation is far from over and will get NO less confusing in the future.

Yemen will be a source of great concern……and a source of many long hours of worrisome thought by our foreign policy mavens…….something they richly deserve.


Syria: Land Of Ups And Downs

The war in Syria is not nearly as popular as it was 6 months ago….but we still have as a plan that we should arm the ‘moderate’ rebel groups fight Assad and of course our arch enemy, ISIS.

As I have said we have a plan….but a plan is NO good when events do not cooperate……..and recently few events are cooperating with the US plan….for instance……

Reuters) – The Hazzm movement was once central to a covert CIA operation to arm Syrian rebels, but the group’s collapse last week underlines the failure of efforts to unify Arab and Western support for mainstream insurgents fighting the Syrian military.

A blow to U.S. moves to aid rebels, the dissolution of Hazzm also highlights the risks that a new Department of Defense program could face in training and equipping fighters in Jordan, Turkey and Qatar.

Hazzm’s collapse has shown how such efforts will prove difficult in a country where insurgents often battle each other and arms have fallen into the hands of hardline groups.

An onslaught by al Qaeda’s Syria wing, the Nusra Front, last week forced Hazzm into dissolution, its members swallowed by Jabhat al-Shamiyya, a mainly Islamist alliance. It was the second time in four months that Nusra had crushed a Western-backed rebel group.


How much of a set back this situation will be to the overall plan is yet to be seen….but it should delay any “arming” of rebels….

It appears that there is a quiet plan for the use of military force in Syria…….

With the war against ISIS still in the process of being built up, administration officials are already planning for the post-ISIS war in Syria, and they intend to play a role in that as well.

Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed that right now there is “no higher priority” than disrupting ISIS, but said after that ousting Syrian President Bashar Assad would be “needed.

“When” ISIS is defeated then the use of force against Assad is part of the plan?

The Coalition plan still is to do as little as possible and pray for success…..that is not a plan…..and using US troops in yet another Middle East country should not be part of any plan…….

Israel Working With Al-Qaeda? « LobeLog

I have been reading different sources that claim that the Us is arming ISIS and that Israel is arming and supporting AL-Qaeda in Syria……..I have dismissed most of these claims and then I got an earful from another source…..

I believe tomorrow the Master of the Political Universe, BiBi, will be addressing Congress…..and there is lots of controversy around this speech……

Maybe after the speech someone in the MSM will ask him this question…..HA HA I know NO one will for they prefer to let this lying SOB tell lies and pretend he cares about the US……I resonantly would like an answer to the question… about you guys?


Israel Working With Al-Qaeda? « LobeLog.

Let The Training Begin!

Flash!  Turkey has finally agreed to start training Syrian rebels for their program in opposition to Assad.  The problem is that Turkey is going to be picky on who they train…..why?  They still have a massive amount of angst with the Kurds, who are fighting for a homeland and in opposition to the Turkish government.

Now word has come down that the training will begin of about 1200 rebels…….

Pentagon officials updated the press on their vetting process for training the “new” Syria rebel faction that they’re planning to create, saying they’ve identified “about 1,200″ fighters for it.

1200?  Seriously?  First of all as a Viet vet….1200 trained soldiers will be about as worthless as tits on a bull….okay 1200 well trained troops can make a small difference but who will their enemies be?

Politicians like McCain have been pushing for this from the beginning……it is an excellent talking point or placing blame but there is NOTHING said that points to a successful program.  Another problem is that too many are trying to be well versed in the Middle East, they even visit the area, but a visit does not constitute knowledge….US ambassador to Syria Ford does not see this new program as successful…….

It’s also well short of what former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, once an outspoken support of the program, envisioned. He’s now very critical of the plan, and says too many of the moderate rebels are willing to work with al-Qaeda.

Ford says that the new rebel faction is going to be too small to be relevant, saying that even if they got 10,000 new fighters a year, it wasn’t clear they’d be able to accomplish anything.

Enough said?

The Paris Mystery: Were the Shooters Part of a Global Terrorist Conspiracy? – The Intercept

With the conclusion of the Paris massacre the world’s media has been going ape shit crazy…..trying to put together some kind of worldwide conspiracy and it is at its worse on FOX News……but the real question should is there a  large picture to the whole affair or is it just some whacked out lone wolves that wanted their moment in the spotlight?

This is a good piece written by Scahill….read and let the opinions fly!

The Paris Mystery: Were the Shooters Part of a Global Terrorist Conspiracy? – The Intercept.

Squabbling SEALs

Do you remember what you were doing when you heard the news that the SEALs had removed America’s number one enemy?  Dead is the worst prick of our time….Osama bin laden.

We heard about the raid and even a few docs that tried to explain what happened……and now we have a squabble by 2 SEAL team members over who fired the kill shot…….

Robert O’Neill says his bullet killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad in 2011, but others aren’t so sure. It’s a little confusing, but as Reuters and the New York Times report, there were apparently three SEALs involved: a point man and two other shooters. In a 2013 Esquire article, O’Neill, identified only as “the Shooter,” said the point man saw bin Laden first, but his shot missed; O’Neill then fired two shots into a still-standing bin Laden. Fellow SEALs, however, say “the point man” fired not just the first shot, but possibly the fatal one—certainly one that wounded bin Laden.

A former commander calls O’Neill’s two shots “insurance” rounds that were fired into an already-collapsed bin Laden. In his 2012 bookNo Easy Day, Matt Bissonnette said the point man shot bin Laden in the head, but he “was still twitching and convulsing” when Bissonnette and another SEAL “fired several rounds.” Will the point man ever come forward as O’Neill and Bissonnette have? It sounds unlikely. “You’re never going to hear from him,” a former SEAL Team Six member told ABC News last year. He “doesn’t think he did anything special. He simply pulled the trigger when he was supposed to. That’s why he’ll never go public.” A rep for the US Special Operations Command says it could be at least 20 years before the official report on the raid is declassified.

Like a couple of strutting peacocks.

My thoughts are….what a couple of greedy pricks.  For one, the info on the raid is not declassified and that should put a silence on these two squabbling twats.

This is typical of the American mindset these days… search of fame and fortune….everybody wants to be the hero..

These two money hungry d/bags took an oath to serve this country…but it becomes a journey to fame and fortune….self-promotion becomes more important than the oath they took to serve……a man is only as good as his word……these two are worthless self-promoting douche bags……….

Their actions crap all over the concept of team……..for them it is not about the mission and the their oath….but rather personal gain….the modern day mantra of America.

There is NOTHING heroic about these two or anyone else that puts greed above their duty and their word… is shameful.

But these two will undoubtedly be rewarded for their betrayal……….BUT NOT FROM ME!