What Do You Know Of Al Qaeda?

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Al Qaeda–ISIS…..ISIS–Al Qaeda

Lebanon is smouldering…..Palestine is waiting its doom…….Syria is burning out of control and now Iraq has burst into flames before the world’s eyes…….and like everything that-goes wrong in the region it is either Iran’s fault or Al Qaeda’s…….AQ that band of emotionless terrorists that has been a thorn in the side of the west for a couple of decades.   Americans hate what AQ is doing…….but how can you hare something that you are unaware of during your hate?

In recent months there has been a wealth of accusations by the lunatics on the Right that our government is somehow responsible for AQ……sad to say they are right. (Write that down for I will seldom make a comment like that about our right wing brethren)…………AQ was created by the CIA as a part of the larger mujaheddin movement to fight the Russians……or they had to have someone to funnel the cash to and AQ fit the bill perfectly.

What does the world know of Al Qaeda?

I believe that to know your enemy is to win the war…..and there is very little that is told to the world of AQ….we know that they are radical Muslims…..and those use terror to get their way…….and we hate them.

AQ is the creation of the CIA in its battles with the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980’s.  The us brought in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to act as the bankroll for the organization…..both countries contributed originally #3.5 billion ……the quasi charity organizations fronted by the Saudis became the finance center of the rising jihadist movement and the US looked the other way to their operations.

Once the Russians left Afghanistan the movement went on to other desires and situations.

There seems there was a code of conduct at one point…….which has sadly been replaced by more extreme religious fervor…..

Osama bin Laden was, to put it mildly, not a nice guy. But in some ways, he looks like a gentle soul compared to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The group, which al-Qaeda has disowned, breaks all seven of bin Laden’s famed rules for effective terrorists, William Saletan at Slate points out; that’s why Saletan thinks that, despite its current power and wealth, “ISIS is destroying itself.” Here are some examples:

  • Don’t fight civil wars. Bin Laden warned that this would “weigh on [local] people” who “will start to want to stop the fighting” and turn to secular governments. By calling itself a state, ISIS is explicitly seeking civil war.
  • Don’t kill civilians. Yes, bin Laden killed plenty, but he said he regretted it, saying that it alienated people.
  • Don’t show bloodlust, lest you look like “animals and killers,” bin Laden warned. But ISIS exults in its brutality, cutting off people’s heads and promising to wipe out Shiites. “It’s hard to imagine propaganda better designed to repulse the public and galvanize the enemy,” Saletan observes.
  • Don’t rule harshly. Within days of taking Mosul, ISIS said it would put anyone who didn’t repent to death. That kind of thing alienates more moderate potential Sunni allies.
  • Don’t fight your allies. It was the Iraq insurgency that taught bin Laden this lesson, as Sunni fighters turned against al-Qaeda after it attacked civilians. But ISIS has publicly feuded with al-Qaeda and other Syrian rebels, and destroyed the homes of Baathists.

“We’ve been here before,” Saletan concludes. “Eight years ago, jihadists in Iraq made the same mistakes. They alienated the public and were driven out by tribes that had fought alongside them.” That they’ve returned at all is the result of Nouri al-Maliki’s government ruling harshly itself and persecuting Sunnis. For more, read Saletan’s full column.

Do not mistake my post as an approval of anything these jihadist do…it is NOT!  All I am saying is that if ISIS, a supposed splinter group of AQ, were to live by the rules set forth above….there might be a little more acceptance of what they are trying to do…..not the tactics but the ideals…..

Betwen Iraq And A Hard Place (Again)

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Finally!  We are in my element…..the Middle East.  I have been waiting for this moment for years…..I have known that this situation in Iraq was inevitable and have been telling my readers such for many posts……..and now I get to dispel all the crap being spread by our Right wing brethren….and damn is there a shit pot full of it!

Since last week when the situation in Iraq turn to do-do the usual suspect began talking and has not shut the Hell up….one John “the Mouth” McCain.  It was NO surprise that he, McCain, immediately started the war chants for the US to get involved……he even showed his lack of grasp on what has happened in Iraq when he stated…..”we had the ar won” and then we pulled out.  and of course it was all Obama’s fault for the situation…..his only mistake is that we had NO choice…..Maliki refused to sign a status of forces which would have let the US keep a small force in country.

And the a/holes on the Right are calling for more action on our part.  Maliki has asked Iran for help and the US is considering teaming up with Maliki’s forces and Iran…..take a moment and think about that…..(pause for the inevitable head scratching and ass pulling)……

Let me help you dolts!  Iran–Shia….Maliki–Shia………..insurgents of ISIS………Sunni…..does that help your tiny little minds?

Okay you need a little more…..Shiites and Sunnis have been fighting for about 1000 years, maybe more over who is the true Muslims……..more?  If we side with Iran and Maliki then we will be opening ourselves up to the rest of the religion for the US would have chose one over the other……in other more simple words….it would paint a huge target on our backs.  for those that care….it could make Israel’s position more dangerous as well.

This situation needs more thought than the mindless ramblings of McCain and his butt buddy Graham……….this situation puts the US between Iraq and a very hard place.

Once again our loser leaders show their ignorance on the situation and its consequences….No matter the choice the US makes…it will NOT bode well for us….and then the Right can have a whole new scandal to attach itself to in the future.

Stay tuned….more to come….chuq

What You Sow, You Shall Reap

It is no secret that I think that the foreign policy of the US is antiquated at best…..we have continued to use 19th century tactics to solve emerging problems…….it does not work!

I never thought that I would live long enough to see Americans have a “man crush” on a Russian leader…..the Right has proved me mistaken……oops!  I digress!

I have been fortunate in my life to be able to travel and work in foreign lands…..since those days I keep a close eye on the countries and regions that I have visited.  I was in Iraq a few months before the Iran-Iraq War began in August of 1980…..parts of the country were absolutely beautiful….Baghdad, you could eat off the streets it was so clean…..and then came the US with their promise of democracy and freedom.

I will be honest, the latest trip into Iraq was not for oil…….but it was ABOUT oil.  Why else would the only government offices to be protected were those of the oil ministry?  There rest of the country was allowed tobe destroyed, plundered to include the museums and their irreplaceable artifacts……

But all the promises made to the American people and especially the Iraqis were lies…….we promised with Saddam gone the country would be stable and prosperous….crock of CRAP!

AQ who Saddam did not trust would have hunted them down and disposed of them systematically…….but we could not wait for that we had to find the most spurious reasons to attack and we did and the country has suffered ever sense….stability is a joke.

AQ is much alive in Iraq and is making headway against a government that is about as useless as tits on a boar……Maliki is losing control, especially in the north around Mosul…….

A weekend of bloody fighting in Mosul is going worse than anyone thought for government forces, and the district that is the provincial capital of the Nineveh Province has now fallen to al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).

AQI fighters by the hundreds poured into the capital district, briefly trapping Governor Atheel Nujaifi before he was rescued by police and ferried out of the area.

Gov. Nujaifi seems short on ideas at this point, and issued a televised plea for the civilians of Mosul to take up arms and defend their neighborhoods from the outsiders.

Top security officials were even less circumspect about their prospects, saying that without some major change on the ground Mosul could fall outright in a matter of days.

If that happens, it becomes the biggest city in an AQI-held territory that spans the borders of Iraq and Syria, and which includes seemingly large portions of both countries.

AQI’s territory is already a de facto Islamist state, even if its borders aren’t easily defined. The loss of Mosul to them, however, would mean one of Iraq’s richest and most important cities would be falling into the AQI state.

Once they solidify their control in the North they will then push East and South…….the Kurds will be next……and the Shi’a in the South will be in the cross hairs.

We started this whole scenario in motion….lies brought down Saddam and gave the Iraqi people a miserable existence…….and now Iraq is staring a civil war in the face…..their big Idea to fight AQ is to arm civilians……..

The Iraqi government will provide weapons and equipment to citizens who volunteer to fight against jihadist fighters, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said on Tuesday.

Maliki, in a statement broadcast on state TV, said the cabinet has “created a special crisis cell to follow up on the process of volunteering and equipping and arming.”

The statement came as rebels from the al-Qaeda inspired Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) captured the northern province of Nineveh, which includes the country’s largest city Mosul.

More weapons in the hands of more people…….does that sound like a good policy?

During the writing of this piece……it is now official…….Breaking News!

Fighters believed to be with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria took control of the city of Mosul today, as police and military forces fled their bases, leaving weapons, vehicles, and even their uniforms behind for the taking, the New York Times reports. The militants have seized the provincial governor’s building, the bases, and most of the central and southern parts of the city, while torching police stations and freeing a jail’s population. “They took control of everything, and they are everywhere,” said one fleeing soldier. Residents tell the AP that the militants raised the black flag of ISIS.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki asked parliament to declare a state of emergency in response to the attack, Reuters reports. The speaker of parliament blasted the troops on TV, saying, “When the battle got tough … the troops dropped their weapons and abandoned their posts, making it an easy prey for terrorists. Everything is fallen. It’s crisis.” There are also reports that the airport has been seized, according to the Washington Post. Experts say the attack could shake US support for Iraq’s military. Explains one, “Every time ISIS captures territory, it’s a reminder that it does so using weapons that have fallen into the hands of the forces the US is trying to counter in the first place.”

Iraq is looking at a complicated mess that will take on all the appearance of modern day Syria…….we have sowed the seeds of destruction……..we should be so proud!

I will write more on this subject a little later….I am checking with the people I know Iraq about the news and what is actually happening……stay tuned.

There Is Always Syria

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Syria?  Oh yeah that scandal from 2 years ago.  Sadly it has slipped from the headlines basically because there is more political gain out of Benghazi.  There is no more GOP sprinting to the cameras to get in a dig at the president’s manhood….all we have now is just an endless conflict that few care about….at least for now.

Since I do love international relations I spend a lot of time reading and analyzing situations that most avoid……I do it so my readers don’t have to and they can still remain informed……You Are welcome!

Now back to Syria…….there have been a few stories that have good news attached to it….like that about 90% of the chemical weapons are being destroyed as I type.  On the other hand….the government has won some decisive victories all over the country…..leading the US to decide to give missiles to the rebels to try and equalize the sides of the conflict.

Personally, I think it is a horrible idea……when all this is history, how many of those weapons could be used against the US and her interests?  You know kind of like what happened in Afghanistan once we pulled out after the soviets went home.

And then there is the rebels that are affiliated with AQ…………..what about those guys?

Really crappy news has been reported….well not so much here in the good old US of A………….

Rebel-on-rebel fighting in Syria’s oil-rich Deir Ezzor Province continues to escalate, and al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) seems to be getting the better of its rivals overwhelmingly, and making more territorial gains.

Fighting in the province kicked off early this month, with an attack on rival rebel faction Jabhat al-Nusra in Bukamal. That city was particularly important for AQI, because it includes an Iraq border crossing.

AQI’s expanding Deir Ezzor corridor gives them a virtually contiguous territory from Abu Ghraib, just 20 miles from the Baghdad, to the northern Syria province of Aleppo.

AQI seems to be fighting less and less with the Syrian military itself and focusing on the other rebels, who are both closer targets and usually holding more strategic prizes. As the war drags on, it seems AQI is carving out a de facto country of its own in the area.

Well the good news that is in the Eastern part of the country……a minor setback, right?

What’s happening elsewhere?  how about in the South?

Officials with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), one of the US-subsidized moderate rebel factions, warns that al-Qaeda faction Jabhat al-Nusra is gaining major ground in the area around the southern city of Deraa.

The Nusra Front has been directly challenging the FSA in Deraa, along the Jordanian border, capturing an FSA commander who has since confessed to deliberately throwing a battle over a nearby town to the Assad government to prevent Nusra keeping it.

The FSA, of course, sees an easy solution in having the US give them even more money and better weapons to fight Nusra, though since they continue to lose ground to pretty much every other rebel faction the gravy train may be drying up.

The dominant rebel faction early in the civil war, the FSA has since been supplanted by myriad Islamist factions, and Western nations looking to get in on the war have been courting groups like the Islamic Front as more likely proxies in recent days, reflecting their view that Islamist groups that are at the very least not formally al-Qaeda backed are the closest they can get to “usable” allies.

OOPS!  Things are disintegration quicker than we are told…….what to do?  What to do?

Now that is a difficult one to answer…..but I can tell you this……ignoring the problem will NOT make it go away…..we destroyed the AQ sanctuary in Afghanistan……a bad loss for the extremist…..but it looks like they are finding a new one……and as usual we will react after the fact…….we are opening a large can of worms.

Since American politics has become pathetic and silly I will focus on news….not the moronic theatrics of the pundits.


Game Of Drones–Revisited

Remember a couple of years ago we killed some top AQ dude in Pakistan…….the drones killed him at least three times…….that propaganda coup was not so effective…….there was a debate on drones after the three misses……it seems that too many civilians were being killed so it was convenient to kill the same guy a couple of times to make the civilian deaths seem ‘necessary’……..

Last week we had word that we had killed a major AQ bomb maker in Yemen, Ibrahim al-Asiri, and the peasants danced…..another bad guy off the grid….life is good…….but wait for it……..

Early last week, US officials began hyping the potential killing of alleged al-Qaeda bombmaking mastermind Ibrahim al-Asiri, who they identified as having been killed in an ambush by US ground troops in Yemen.

At the time, they claimed a sniffer dog was brought in and positively identified one of the corpses as that of Asiri, but Yemen has finally gotten around to conducting an actual DNA test, and the results show it’s not Asiri.

Yemen apparently sent the DNA to Saudi Arabia, where they had the DNA on file of Ibrahim’s brother, who died in a suicide bomb attack. There was no match between the two, however.

Officials say they were unable to get a DNA confirmation of either Asiri or Nasser al-Wuhayshi from any of the scores of slain “suspects” from the US attacks, a disappointment for them. Completely ignored in this is the fact that the US killed those scores of people on the assumption Asiri was one of them, and not a single one has ever been identified.

It seems we are back to making wild claims in an effort to lessen the effect of civilian deaths………….is it not about time to reconsider all these deaths thanks to the use of drones?  Is it possible that civilians are considered ‘collateral damage’ in out War on terror?  Is that acceptable?


And There Is ISIS!

How many of you have heard of ISIS?

My guess is….NOT MANY!  Why would you?  I mean there the Beebs and his childish antics or some game or another to fixate on……..

NO!  Not the wife of Osiris…the brother of Set…..the diety that invented the concept of mummification……..not her!  See you learned something today and did not have to open a book……You Are Welcome!

The ISIS I am speaking of is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)……..

Okay since NO one cares enough to grasp this….I will help……you have read the problems that they are facing in Syria and now Iraq….I would imagine that you have heard McCain lay the blame for Iraqi violence in the lap of the prez……that is bullsh*t….we can blame a lot on Obama but this one is on Iraqi president Maliki and his actions…..and then there is Syria….we have heard about all the fighting, well at least we have heard some of the reports, and that AQ is in it up to its eyes….and this is where the two meet……An AQ sub-sect…ISIS is fighting to combine the two countries into ISIS……

And the other day a report came through that is unexpected….at best…….

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is “not a branch of al-Qaeda,” Ayman al-Zawahiri declared in a statement posted online yesterday. “Al-Qaeda is not responsible for ISIS’ actions,” and has “no connection” to it, al-Qaeda General Command said, according to the BBC. It added that al-Qaeda “was not pleased” with the group’s creation. It also decried the increasingly intense infighting between Islamist factions in Syria and the “shedding of protected blood.” But this weekend ISIS fighters assassinated two rival rebel leaders in a series of bomb attacks, al-Jazeera reports, in an apparent shift in tactics. A double suicide bombing took out the leader of Liwa al-Tawhid on Saturday in Aleppo, while another attack in Hama killed the leader of the powerful Suqour al-Sham. Al-Qaeda was opposed to the group that became ISIS ever entering the Syrian conflict, with Zawahiri ordering it to return to Iraq in May, Aryn Baker at Time points out. But ISIS’ leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, defied him, saying, “I have to choose between the rule of God and the rule of Zawahiri, and I choose the rule of God.”

There you have the amazing news of the day….is it for real?  Is it just a way for AQ to distance itself from the carnage in Syria and Iraq?

My readers are some of the best informed on the blogosphere on the Middle East….would they like to weigh in on this news?

Remember The Surge?

All Middle East……All day!

I bet you are asking……which one?  The Afghan or the Iraqi surge?  Am I right?

For the sake of this post I am speaking of the Iraqi surge……the one that made Patreus a household name.  The one that was really more about the Sunni tribal members that sided with the US forces in the west and north of the country in the battle against militants……how about now?

The ‘surge’ was a complete success….at least that was story line that the media and the admin wanted to be told…….regardless, we are looking at another incident where the Sunnis are being asked to contribute to the security of the country of Iraq………

As Iraqi forces struggle to retake Anbar from al-Qaeda affiliated militants, the government is turning to the same tactic the US used to end the Iraq war: Allying itself with local Sunni tribal militias. The US is urging Nouri al-Maliki to pass the guns it’s shipping him to the militants, and Maliki is obliging, while promising the militias permanent jobs, pensions, and death benefits for their trouble, the New York Times reports. But the militias say the US made the same promises, only to have Maliki’s government abandon them, and Sunni cooperation in general. They say they’re fighting because they feel obligated to drive al-Qaeda from their cities. “This is our war,” one tribal leader says, “and we don’t want to be accused of working for the government.” Tribesmen also tell the Washington Post that weapons shipments have been sluggish. “If the government was serious about wanting to support the tribes, they could clean up in three days,” said one government official. “All [the tribes] need is fuel, ammunition, and medium-sized weapons.”

Funny how when all starts going to shit the powers that be always turn to the Sunni tribes for help.  But the Sunnis are not a happy group especially with the PM al-Maliki……..

……………we’re supporting the Shiite dictator in Baghdad, Nouri al-Maliki, as he tries desperately to crush a lingering insurgency and al-Qaeda’s creeping hold on portions of southern Iraq. This foolishly ignores the fact that Maliki bears considerable responsibility for Iraq’s continuing descent into chaos. The Sunni-Shia violence in Iraq, as the International Crisis Group (ICG) explained months ago, is “as acute and explosive as ever” primarily because “Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has implemented a divide-and-conquer strategy that has neutered any credible Sunni Arab leadership.” Additionally, many ordinary Sunnis have been radicalized into militants after years of being denied basic rights.

This time the Sunnis will not be ignored after they do their part and as normal are pushed back into obscurity…..the Sunnis will demand more and if not treated properly all progress will be for naught….

Deja vu….all over again!

Then There Is Syria

Syria has slipped from the headlines….thanx in part to Christie and his bridge and the egg debacle of the Beebs…..there is so much more going on in the world and these are what mental midget want to focus on……so I guess it is up to me to keep the important people, my readers, up on the international implications going on in this little galactic sphere….

Syria is beginning to look a lot like Greece in late WW2…..various resistance groups started fighting each other and not the Nazis……….and years of chaos followed……something for Syrians to look forward to in the future (yes, that was sarcasm)…….

In case you missed it, and I bet you have, Syria is not going well….the rebels spend more time fighting each other and Assad sits back and claims more and more victories…

Syrian rebels are locked in a bitter and violent struggle—with each other. Hostilities between Syria’s more moderate rebel factions and the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and Syria exploded into open warfare on Friday, and it’s been so costly that the head of another al-Qaeda affiliate, the al-Nusra Front, is calling for an Islamic court to be set up to settle disagreements, the New York Times reports. Abu Mohammed al-Jolani said the fighting was the result of the “incorrect policies” of the ISIS, but that if there wasn’t a ceasefire soon, “the whole battlefield … will pay the price of losing a great jihad.” Other rebels accuse the ISIS—which wants to combine Iraq and Syria into one Sunni-ruled country—of hogging resources, applying strict social codes, and kidnapping and killing its foes. So far at least 300 people have died in the rebel in-fighting since Friday, including dozens of civilians, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, and rebels today captured a hospital-turned-ISIS base in Aleppo, the AP reports. The infighting also highlights a challenge for Saudi Arabia, which is backing the rebels in hopes of ousting Assad’s Shiite, Iran-affiliated regime, but is uneasy about the potential for jihadist spill-over, the Times adds.

Now think about it…..do you think that the Iraqi government’s problems with AQ could be part of the plan to somehow combine the two countries?  (This is your essay question for the day)…….

While the idiots, who once had Assad on the run, continue to fight….the government makes progress…..this from the Global Post……

Syrian troops seized a rebel-held town north of Aleppo on Saturday and pushed toward the second city, taking advantage of fighting between rebels and jihadists elsewhere, activists said.

“Regime forces have taken over the area of Naqarin and are advancing towards the industrial area of Aleppo city,” said the Aleppo Media Centre, a network of activists on the ground.

“This advance is clearly a result of the rebels being busy fighting Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,” activist Nazeer al-Khatib told AFP in a Skype call.

The army’s moves come eight days after Islamist and moderate rebels fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad’s regime launched a major offensive against ISIL.

Syria is becoming a more bloody mess and NO one is watching and NO one cares……and that is WHY I AM HERE!

A Master Con Job?

Keeping with today’s topic, the Middle East…..may I suggest the Chicken Shwarma today’s gastronomical delight….now with lunch ordered let’s move on to the next subject for today’s discussion.

We will talk about KSM….that AQ leader and master mind of 9/11 captured in Iraq during the glory days of our latest Iraq excursion……he was captured in Pakistan…..it seems that he may have had an epiphany………

After more than a decade in American custody, confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed appears to have had second thoughts about the use of violence. The former al-Qaeda propaganda chief suggests Islam should not be spread by violence in a rambling manifesto viewed by Channel 4 News. He also blasts Western society, the US military, and quotes from Richard Nixon and George W. Bush as well as the Koran. He says two further installments of the manifesto will explain the 9/11 attacks and reveal “the truth about the so-called war on terror.” The Koran “forbids us to use force as a means of converting” others, and “truth and reality never comes by muscles and force but by using the mind and wisdom,” writes Mohammed, who is being kept in solitary confinement at Guantanamo Bay. How sincere is he? The manifesto suggest that he either believes he can convert American readers, or is “playing a mind game to attract publicity, feign mental illness, or spare himself the death penalty if convicted in the 2001 attacks,” decides the Los Angeles Times.

Personally, I think it is a big time con…..looking for some easier outcome in his trial….but I could be wrong…..they say that a leopard cannot change his spots….does that seem to fit here?

Okay, break into groups and discuss.