Afghanistan: The Forever War by Rachelle Marshall —

Here’s an idea….let’s talk about America’s longest war…….Afghanistan.

You remember Afghanistan…..that place that the news media has all but forgotten.  There seems to be NO end to this conflict……no matter how hard we try to find a way out……there is NONE!

Maybe if we spent a little more time trying to understand the country we invaded…..maybe then we could find a way to remove our troops and let them spend some time with their families……..


Afghanistan: The Forever War by Rachelle Marshall —

How Many ‘Ghost Schools’ Are There in Afghanistan? – NBC News

Afghanistan like Iraq is a total mess…..nothing we do seems to be helping…….at least there is one area that the US has been promoting that will in the long run make a difference……..that of EDUCATION.

The news coming from Afghanistan is the the cash we pump into the country;s education programs is money well spent…..

But there seems to be a slight problem with all that chest thumping… may NOT be true…….


How Many ‘Ghost Schools’ Are There in Afghanistan? – NBC News.

Afghanistan: An ISIS Foothold?

This post is for all those haters out there that must hate or die……

Recently an attack in North Central Afghanistan has be said to be an Afghan group loyal to ISIS………this is where I have my doubts…….I do not see the Taleban accepting the rivalry from ISIS…..they allowed al-Qaeda to operate for years withing their borders but AQ was of no threat to the rule of the Taleban…..however ISIS will challenge them for the control of the country and region……not something that I feel the Taleban or ISIS is willing to take on at this time…….

Observation by World Affairs Journal……

The Afghanistan-Pakistan region is a natural target for Islamic State expansion not only because the region has limited government and military, but also because of its history as home to mujahedin movements. Indeed, the very name Khorasan is a reference to the historical name of the region, one some associate with a hadith of the Koran heralding an Islamic caliphate. In January, ISK was formally made part of the Islamic State movement, with a former Pakistani Taliban senior leader, Hafiz Khan Saeed, named as its head. The bulk of ISK is thought to be in Pakistan, but the group is trying to make inroads into Afghanistan.


There is no reason to be alarmist about the strength of ISK at this point, and the United States is already doing a great deal to support the Afghan government to manage its security. But the tendency of the international community is to view threats through a security-focused lens, and in this case it may be too narrow. Afghanistan’s balance remains supremely delicate, and the international community must learn to view ISK not simply as a terrorist threat, but as a political spoiler.

The article in its entirety can be read here……..

Helping make the case for US audiences is the president of Afghanistan…….

President Ashraf Ghani has repeatedly raised fears that IS — notorious for their brutal reign of terror in Syria and Iraq — are making steady inroads into Afghanistan, which is already in the grip of a fierce Taliban insurgency.

IS fighters are “supporting the Taliban, training the Taliban, trying to build the capacity of the Taliban for a bigger fight”, provincial governor Mohammed Omar Safi told the BBC.

Recently the Taleban has started its Spring offensive, where it attacks government forces all over the country… it possible that the fighting is more the Taleban and the use of ISIS is an Afghan plan to gain more support out of Washington?

While the post disagrees with my assessment of the situation….I will keep an eye on the situation.  But I will not step back from my assessment……I do not think that ISIS has a snowball’s chance….at this time……..however it also is contingent on the amount of forces left behind by the Western countries to do the heavy lifting and the mere hint of an ISIS in-road will keep forces there and on alert……

The question I ask is whether the US will repeat the mistake of the past and allow this scenario to play out as it did in the 1980’s and 1990’s…….(if confused look it up……you really should more attention to history and maybe you would not so surprised when it happens….just a thought).

Afghanistan: The Next Frontier

Looks like today I will be spending my time trying to debunking some of the fear and misinformation that the media and others are trying to make into some new talking points and spread around like peanut butter…….we have been bombarded with lots of ISIS activity in the last couple of days… not get me wrong….ISIS is a barbaric organization that deserves nothing short of total destruction…..they are miserable enough that we can do away with them on their own actions….no need to make sh*t up.

A  couple of weeks ago a suicide bomb went off in North Afghanistan and before the debris had finished falling from the sky ISIS has been blamed for the attack……

FAIZABAD, Afghanistan (AP) — A motorcycle-riding suicide bomber attacked a line of people waiting outside a bank Saturday in eastern Afghanistan, killing at least 35 and wounding 125 in an assault the country’s president blamed on the Islamic State group.

The accusation by President Ashraf Ghani, following local media reporting the Islamic State group’s Afghan affiliate claiming the attack, would mark a major escalation in the extremists’ nascent campaign of violence in the country.

I said then that it was too easy.  I seriously doubted that it was an ISIS affiliation because most of their affiliates are in North Africa and Middle East, mostly Iraq and Syria and Libya……there are some media sources that want this to be ISIS……..the UK’s Guardian reported……..

Afghanistan is bracing for an upsurge in violence as spring begins with a new maverick force emerging: militants associating themselves with Islamic State.

A statement that is not founded in reality…..there was and is nothing to suggest the ISIS has branched out and into Afghanistan.  Soon, headlines in both Afghan and international media announced that ISIL had just pulled off one of their largest attacks yet outside the Middle East. This came on the back of months of speculation about ISIL’s reach in Afghanistan, with militant groups flying the feared black flag being spotted from Kandahar in the south to Kunduz in the north.

As usual blame everything on ISIS and your wishes will be granted.  Instill fear and your hopes will be fulfilled.  All this speculation was for American audiences….fear buys a lot of help.

Keep in mind….when you need militarism then you invent a threat to justify policies and budgets.  Fear is a money maker.

Wasted Days And Wasted Money

How many times have you heard someone of the Right talk about the way that money is being pissed away……too many to recall?

Yeah……except they piss about social programs that have some redeeming qualities……but they say very little about the cash that the Pentagon throws away monthly…….somehow it is acceptable for the waste to keep our country safe from those godless creatures that are doing us in slowly but slowly.

Take the F-35 (please)….an absolute waste of cash……a waste that not many military types actually wanted but the M-IC wanted it so we threw good money after bad on a flying brick.

But at least the country got something for the money even it is a worthless pile of crap…….but what about the money that was lost when we invade Iraq and sent palates of cash to buy their cooperation?  No one wants to talk about that theft, huh?

Now let’s talk about Afghanistan.

From James Rosen of McClatchy

The Defense Department can’t account for $1.3 billion that was shipped to force commanders in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2014 for critical reconstruction projects, 60 percent of all such spending under an emergency program, an internal report released Thursday concludes.

The missing money was part of the relatively small amount of Afghanistan spending that was routed directly to military officers in a bid to bypass bureaucracy and rush the construction of urgently needed roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, water treatment plants and other essential infrastructure. About 70 percent of the $100 billion the United States has spent to rebuild Afghanistan during more than 13 years of war went through the Pentagon, with the rest distributed by the U.S. Agency for International Development and other civilian departments.

The Pentagon is looking for an increase in their buget….think about that……do you really want a group that cannot keep track of the money it has now to get even more money?
Why is it that a hungry kid in Peoria is more wasteful than the Pentagon?
How long will the American people be bind to this theft and make no mistake this cash was stolen……..makes no difference who whether contractors, soldiers, Afghans, whoever………when will we ever learn?

Afghanistan: The Clock Is Ticking

Back in the day we ended our major deployment of troops in Afghanistan……they came home……well almost the admin has decided to leave a sizable force behind to help the Afghan Army maintain control of the situation.

I recall when the announcement was made of the date of our almost withdrawal the Right went batcrap crazy yelling that we were giving the Taliban a schedule for their attacks…..remember that?

It appears that the Taliban is not at all intimidated by the presence of US troops…….even with the expanded amount of troops the Taliban has served up the date for their renewed attacks on the government……

The Taliban said today they will start their spring offensive this week, an annual campaign in their war against the Afghan government. In an emailed statement, the group said the offensive—dubbed “Azm” or perseverance in Dari and Arabic—will begin on Friday. The Taliban said their Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is “determined to prolong the ongoing jihad,” or holy war. In past years, spring and the melting of snow on the mountains along the border with Pakistan have marked a significant upsurge in fighting between the Taliban and NATO forces along with their local allies. This fighting season is the first year the insurgents will face just Afghan forces on the battlefield after the withdrawal of most international combat troops at the end of last year.

While a long-term demand of the group has been the withdrawal of international military from Afghanistan, the statement said that under US leadership, the “crusaders” will maintain “control of our land and space” through security agreements with the Afghan government. Attacks across the north and east have intensified in the build-up to the launch of this year’s fighting season. The insurgents can be expected to fight until snow falls on the Hindu Kush. But after more than a decade of war, the Taliban appear no closer to their goal of overthrowing the Kabul government. This has opened up an opportunity for what is perceived to be an Islamic State affiliate to establish a small presence in Afghanistan. But despite the nascent ISIS presence, the Taliban appear to be spreading their influence to areas where they have not had a significant presence.

I think that the war hawks have more to worry about than the timetable.  The Taliban is this bold then they are prepared for whatever the Afghan Army, police and the troops have to throw at them………

Does anyone want to give the Afghan Army a vote of confidence and say they will be able to handle this resurgent threat?  (Think it over)

Smells like a new expansion for the US……

Watch this spot!

Afghanistan: Will US Ever Leave?

The stories have slipped from the headlines……and because of that Americans have moved on from Afghanistan……….but Americans are still fighting in Afghanistan…..yes Obama famously stated that the deploy of American troops was in essence at an end….he lied…..there ill be 10,000 troops left behind with more coming as needed…..but this time they will not be fighting they will be advisers and trainers……(shades of Vietnam?)……

Since the conflict has officially been made “non-existent” the MSM has turned a blind eye to almost everything happening in Afghanistan…..what they should be doing is keeping the American people informed on this war that is not……they need to point out stories like this one I read the other day……a piece written by Jason Ditz…….

Afghanistan’s National Army (ANA) has long struggled with making its recruitment numbers match its desertions. As their role in combat escalates, a newly declassified Pentagon report shows they’re losing ground.

The latest report showed troop totals fell from February of 2014 through November by about 8.5%, cutting over 15,000 troops from the bottom line figure over the 10 month span.

As casualties among Afghan forces rise, the urge to desert grows all the stronger, and with the Afghan military already recruiting as hard as they possibly can in a nation of about 30,000,000 people, they’re just not able to keep up anymore.

This should have been reported…….it is a further indication that the US will have to “fill in the blanks” in the Afghan army…….

Then there was this said by an American general……….

Gen. John F. Campbell told the House Armed Services Committee that he wants to see how new “Train Advise and Assist Commands” (TAACs) do while working with senior Afghan military officials. The commands were established as part of the military support mission established at the beginning of the year as NATO ended its formal combat mission in Afghanistan.

“What I really want to make sure we can do is get through what we call a full fighting season — April through the late-September time frame — focused on train, advise and assist, plus our [counter-terrorism] mission,” Campbell testified. If U.S. troop levels drop to 5,500 by the end of the year, as planned, “that could potentially take our eye off focusing on train, advise and assist when we really need it.”
Sounds like a permanent situation….huh?

To answer my original quest…….will the US ever leave Afghanistan?  The answer is obvious…..NO but not only no…but Hell NO!


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