Will Syria become a ‘new Afghanistan’?

Russia has jumped into the fray in Syria with both feet….the last time they did such a thing was 1979……in a magical land called……Afghanistan.

For you youngsters that have NO idea what I am speaking about……a little historical perspective……..

On December 27, 1979, under cover of an ongoing Soviet military buildup, heavily-armed elements of a Soviet airborne brigade were airlifted into Kabul, Afghanistan, to violently overthrow the regime of President Hafizollah Amin. Within hours after the beginning of this Trojan Horse-type operation, Soviet troops had overwhelmed the elite presidential guard, captured Amin, executed him along with several members of his family for crimes against the people and seized control of the capital.

After about 10 years of sporadic fighting and a major draw on Russian resources troops began a withdrawal and on 15 February 1989 the last of the troops crossed the border into the USSR.

Russia is once again flexing its international muscle by coming to the aid of Syrian president Assad…….the thoughts of Afghanistan return to the minds of the Russian people.

As Russia escalates Syria bombing, the 1980s war that killed 15,000 Soviet soldiers weighs heavy on the minds of many.

Source: Russian fears of Syria becoming a ‘new Afghanistan’ – Al Jazeera English

Now hope will this end?  Will Russia overextend itself yet again?  Is this yet another confrontation with the US using surrogates as was Afghanistan in the 8o’s?

What Do You Get for $766 Million in Afghanistan?

The US in all our wisdom decided that we need to stimulate the economy of Afghanistan…..and we then decided that we would invest $766 million to help in this stimulation…..sound like a good plan?

DoD has stated that they are not sure exactly what we got for the cash spent.

Source: What Do You Get for $766 Million in Afghanistan? DoD Isn’t Sure | Military.com

This is a typical DoD program…you know kinda along the lines of $600 toilet seats and $400 hammers…..or a new attack plane that costs billions and still cannot be flown without the risk of death……

I say it is about time that the DoD be held accountable for the money they throw in the toilet……we will get promises of more controls but that is then flushed down along with the cash…..

What say you?

Should We Stick A Fork In The Taliban?

Since we went to Afghanistan in 2001 as a response to the attacks of 9/11…. we have been fighting AQ and the Taleban……we have fought them tooth and nail and still not much has happened to change things in Afghanistan….

The US and its allies have made head way only to lose that to the change of seasons…..in the winter months we take it to the max and then in Spring the Taleban returns as ferocious as before….it is a back and forth conflict….and neither side has been able to establish victory although many have predicted so…..not much would substantiate the claims….

And while we concentrate on stopping the Taleban AQ and ISIS factions are making in-roads into the country and its people……there have been some amazing Taleban victories in the north of the country this year…..it is far from over….

The Taleban almost look invincible….they appear to be able to survive no matter what we throw at them……but is that observation correct?

There is an opinion that the Taleban is on life support and that their end is near….Despite their recent military gain in Kunduz, the Taliban’s demise has already begun.

Source: The Taliban’s days are almost over – Al Jazeera English

Is this a fact or is it creative journalism?

Or maybe….just wishful thinking……..

Afghanistan: The Ignored War

Our longest war is just about to get a bit longer……after going on 15 years and we still cannot find a way to extract our troops from this country…..

President Obama is scrapping a big goal of his presidency—to leave office with only a token force of troops in Afghanistan. Instead, in what the Wall Street Journal calls a “major reversal,” Obama has decided to scrap the current withdrawal plan. About 10,000 US troops are in the country now, and the original plan was to gradually reduce that number through 2016, until about 1,000 were left at the US Embassy in the country by early 2017. Under the new plan, no reduction will take place through most of next year, and a force of 5,500 will still be in place when Obama leaves the White House. He’s expected to formally make the announcement Thursday morning.

“Obama appears to be acknowledging that Afghan security forces are still not near ready to hold off the Taliban on their own,” observes the New York Times. Remaining troops were supposed to be stationed only in Kabul, but now they’ll be scattered elsewhere around the country as well, including in Jalalabad, Kandahar, and the Bagram Airfield. The cost will be $14.6 billion a year, about $5 billion higher than the original embassy-only plan, reports NBC News. For context, the network notes that the US had 100,000 troops in Afghanistan as recently as 2010. Administration officials say the review has been underway for months, but headlines about Taliban gains in cities such as Kunduz surely didn’t help.

Even the USSR had had enough after 10 years of the insanity of Afghanistan….they decided enough was enough and they took their troops and went home…..after that the US had no more use for the country and we took our money and weapons and went home……and because we declared victory over the Soviets the Taleban was able to move into the vacuum created by everyone’s departure and …as they say…..the rest is history…..

The problem is who is fighting who……as of this week the most fearsome fighting is in the North of the country….an area that use to be fairly safe and in the US corner….but since the days of the Northern Alliance and Massoud things have started down the toilet…….

What is the situation in the North?

Source: Who is fighting in northern Afghanistan? | Asia | DW.COM | 07.10.2015

As soon as the State Department gets it sh*t together maybe then there will be some sort of actual policy for this never ending conflict……

Source: AfPak – A New Regional Scenario | New Eastern Outlook

(A good piece that I do not thoroughly agree with in its entirety)

At what point can we say enough?

How many more Americans need to serve and possibly die in a country that cannot get its sh*t together after 15 years of trying?

When will we ever learn?

Echoes of Afghanistan in Syria | The National Interest Blog

Today will be a short day of posting….I have my doctor’s visits and you know how reliable those are, huh?

Syria is smelling a lot like Afghanistan in the ’80’S…..you know that famous proxy war between USSR and the US in the mountains of Afghanistan…..

The long we stay in the Middle East the more the situation will demand that we stay……

The only winner in this newest situation…….is the Military-Industrial Complex and in the end…..it is always about the profit.

Source: Echoes of Afghanistan in Syria | The National Interest Blog

One, Two, Three….Change….One, Two, Three….Change

So goes the game of “musical excuses”…….

The story for this week was not the shooting in Oregon….sad to say that is old news….nope the story is a hospital bombed out of existence……

The blogs have been awash with accusations and innuendos about the airstrike that took out a Doctors Without Borders run hospital in Afghanistan around the embattled city of Kunduz in the North of the country.

The news broke last week that US had called in an airstrike on a hospital…..then the reports was it was the Afghan army that called it in….and the changes continue….

Details continue to emerge about Saturday’s bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, with the US military commander in Afghanistan testifying Tuesday that it was due to US directive. “To be clear, the decision to provide aerial fires was a US decision made within the US chain of command,” Gen. John Campbell told the Senate Armed Services Committee, per the New York Times. “A hospital was mistakenly struck. We would never intentionally target a protected medical facility.” But the nonprofit—also known by its French initials, MSF—wants to know why the official US story has had four incarnations since the airstrike and claims the US is simply trying blame the Afghans, the Guardian reports. “The US military remains responsible for the targets it hits, even though it is part of a coalition,” the MSF director said Tuesday.

First the US claimed it wasn’t sure it had struck the hospital, followed by a statement Sunday that the bombing—which killed at least 22, per the AP—was accidental. On Monday Campbell said it was the Afghans who requested the airstrike, while in Tuesday’s testimony, he said the pilots of the US AC-130 gunship didn’t have direct communication with Afghan forces, but with US special forces on the ground who called in the strike—an admission that has MSF fuming. “Statements from the Afghanistan government have claimed that Taliban forces were using the hospital to fire on coalition forces,” MSF President Joanne Liu said Tuesday, a claim MSF denies. “These statements imply that Afghan and US forces working together decided to raze to the ground a fully functioning hospital, which amounts to an admission of a war crime.” Doctors Without Borders says it wants an impartial probe—i.e., not by the US, Afghanistan, or NATO, the Guardian notes.

This whole farce sounds like the story given in 2o14 by Israel after they attacked a clinic in Gaza……it was their fault…no it was a mistake….no it was……their story was lame our story is lame…..I know wat is Hell….but the GPS coordinates were given for the hospital….a little difficult to believe that a case can be made that no one knew it was a hospital….right?

I do enjoy watching these toads tap dance around the fact that a hospital was attacked and people were killed….

Will we ever know the truth or will some low level officer get whacked as the scapegoat……my money is on the later.

Will someone, anyone make up our minds for us?

Your thoughts?

Conflict News #1

The US is up to its butt in conflicts….yet the media has no time to report the news from these battlefields…..nope they had rather give the public mind numbing bullsh*t……like Brady’s balls or some hi-speed chase in Stupidville……or what dilettante musician is doing with his/her time……worthless info that Americans crave…..

I guess it is up to me to give the public the news the MSM never has the nuts to deliver…..all the Conflict News you can use……

1–Pentagon has made a momentous decision that should have been made months ago…..

Though an official announcement on the matter has not been made yet, reports are emerging that the Pentagon has suspended the “train and equip” program intended to create a new faction of “pro-US” Syrian rebels, which has been dubbed the New Syrian Forces (NSF).

If the first class was a failure, the second class was embarrassingly so, with the group almost immediately surrendering its weapons and vehicles to al-Qaeda. Centcom today released further details about the chain of events leading to this surrender.

Better late than never….or so they say.

2–Our war in Libya is not going as well as we had anticipated in the beginning…..Libya has sunk into a deep civil war……but after over 2 years of fighting the combatants have possibly found a way to work together…..

The Western-backed Libyan government in Tobruk and the Tripoli-based government are moving closer to some sort of power-sharing agreement, according to UN officials familiar with the ongoing talks, and have reached a basic “consensus” on the main points of how it will work.

Details aren’t being released on this framework agreement, but both sides are to submit a list of names for possible candidates in key positions in the unity government, including a list of prime ministers who would be agreeable to them.

Is it possible that they found a way to end their conflict without the US?  Would be a new trend if they have…….

3–Now Yemen……Saudis and their Gulf monarch buddies have been pounding Yemen for months and NO one cares…..

The Coalition is meant to be the first exercise of a GCC ‘rapid deployment force’ advised discreetly by Israeli and American officers. Such coordination in the attack of an Arab country is novel. How has this been marketed? The rage provoked by the deaths of the invading GCC forces in Mar`ib suggests that Yemen was dreamt of as a training programme for wars modelled on recent Israeli ones – a war to be determined by aerial bombardment, but without the international outrage at war crimes that Israel suffers.

But the real answer for the silence can be put a better way…….”the GCC can buy a lot of media, weapons, and people.”

4–Remember the “Sunni Awakening” in Iraq……we shortened it to the Surge….a way for the US to deal with the expansion of radicals in Anbar province…..but could such a program succeed in Afghanistan?

Source: Is an ‘Afghan Awakening’ the solution? – Al Jazeera English

5–It seems that ISIS is the number enemy at least for now, of the US….if that is true why has this news not been reported more widely……..

Early reports of ISIS trying to establish an affiliate in Afghanistan were mostly downplayed by the US and other Western powers, who believed the group to be little more than a handful of disaffected Taliban commanders trying to get international attention. That the rare ISIS activity was all fighting against Taliban rivals seemed to support that.

………the latest reports suggest that only about 10% of the ISIS force inside Afghanistan is Taliban defectors, and that the group’s parent organization in Iraq and Syria has sent roughly 70 seasoned commanders to serve as the leadership core of this growing branch.

The ability to recruit Taliban defectors might be growing with the latest leadership disputes in that group, but ISIS’ ability to form an almost entirely new group with so little cross-over with a Taliban insurgency that’s been in place for decades suggests they are resonating with a whole new group of peoples, and could be a hugely complicating matter in the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan

6–Finally…..We are failing against ISIS….could it be that our tactics are well known in advance?

Abu Omar al-Shishani, the red-bearded face of ISIS terror lately described in such headlines as ‘Star pupil’: Pied piper of ISIS recruits was trained by U.S. for the fact that he received American military training as part of an elite Georgian army unit in 2006 and after, did not stop playing for “team America” once he left his home country in the Caucuses. He actually enjoyed US backing and American taxpayer largesse as late as 2013, soon after entering Syria with his band of Chechen jihadists.

7–We have conflicts on top of conflicts…..and that is not the bad news…..

#AceNewsReport – Oct.01: The continuing financing of all US military operations by continuing resolution and not through a proper budget is generating a $38 billion deficit, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said in a press briefing on Wednesday.

How many more conflicts can the US afford?


You are welcome……

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