Afghanistan: The Clock Is Ticking

Back in the day we ended our major deployment of troops in Afghanistan……they came home……well almost the admin has decided to leave a sizable force behind to help the Afghan Army maintain control of the situation.

I recall when the announcement was made of the date of our almost withdrawal the Right went batcrap crazy yelling that we were giving the Taliban a schedule for their attacks…..remember that?

It appears that the Taliban is not at all intimidated by the presence of US troops…….even with the expanded amount of troops the Taliban has served up the date for their renewed attacks on the government……

The Taliban said today they will start their spring offensive this week, an annual campaign in their war against the Afghan government. In an emailed statement, the group said the offensive—dubbed “Azm” or perseverance in Dari and Arabic—will begin on Friday. The Taliban said their Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is “determined to prolong the ongoing jihad,” or holy war. In past years, spring and the melting of snow on the mountains along the border with Pakistan have marked a significant upsurge in fighting between the Taliban and NATO forces along with their local allies. This fighting season is the first year the insurgents will face just Afghan forces on the battlefield after the withdrawal of most international combat troops at the end of last year.

While a long-term demand of the group has been the withdrawal of international military from Afghanistan, the statement said that under US leadership, the “crusaders” will maintain “control of our land and space” through security agreements with the Afghan government. Attacks across the north and east have intensified in the build-up to the launch of this year’s fighting season. The insurgents can be expected to fight until snow falls on the Hindu Kush. But after more than a decade of war, the Taliban appear no closer to their goal of overthrowing the Kabul government. This has opened up an opportunity for what is perceived to be an Islamic State affiliate to establish a small presence in Afghanistan. But despite the nascent ISIS presence, the Taliban appear to be spreading their influence to areas where they have not had a significant presence.

I think that the war hawks have more to worry about than the timetable.  The Taliban is this bold then they are prepared for whatever the Afghan Army, police and the troops have to throw at them………

Does anyone want to give the Afghan Army a vote of confidence and say they will be able to handle this resurgent threat?  (Think it over)

Smells like a new expansion for the US……

Watch this spot!

Afghanistan: Will US Ever Leave?

The stories have slipped from the headlines……and because of that Americans have moved on from Afghanistan……….but Americans are still fighting in Afghanistan…..yes Obama famously stated that the deploy of American troops was in essence at an end….he lied…..there ill be 10,000 troops left behind with more coming as needed…..but this time they will not be fighting they will be advisers and trainers……(shades of Vietnam?)……

Since the conflict has officially been made “non-existent” the MSM has turned a blind eye to almost everything happening in Afghanistan…..what they should be doing is keeping the American people informed on this war that is not……they need to point out stories like this one I read the other day……a piece written by Jason Ditz…….

Afghanistan’s National Army (ANA) has long struggled with making its recruitment numbers match its desertions. As their role in combat escalates, a newly declassified Pentagon report shows they’re losing ground.

The latest report showed troop totals fell from February of 2014 through November by about 8.5%, cutting over 15,000 troops from the bottom line figure over the 10 month span.

As casualties among Afghan forces rise, the urge to desert grows all the stronger, and with the Afghan military already recruiting as hard as they possibly can in a nation of about 30,000,000 people, they’re just not able to keep up anymore.

This should have been reported…….it is a further indication that the US will have to “fill in the blanks” in the Afghan army…….

Then there was this said by an American general……….

Gen. John F. Campbell told the House Armed Services Committee that he wants to see how new “Train Advise and Assist Commands” (TAACs) do while working with senior Afghan military officials. The commands were established as part of the military support mission established at the beginning of the year as NATO ended its formal combat mission in Afghanistan.

“What I really want to make sure we can do is get through what we call a full fighting season — April through the late-September time frame — focused on train, advise and assist, plus our [counter-terrorism] mission,” Campbell testified. If U.S. troop levels drop to 5,500 by the end of the year, as planned, “that could potentially take our eye off focusing on train, advise and assist when we really need it.”
Sounds like a permanent situation….huh?

To answer my original quest…….will the US ever leave Afghanistan?  The answer is obvious…..NO but not only no…but Hell NO!

War in Afghanistan Escalating – Hit & Run :

Still shuttling back and forth to the hospital…..all is well but I may be slack in posting….please bear with me……this should be over in a day or so and I will return to my usual obnoxious self……thanx for your understanding…..

In December we got the news….the US involvement in Afghanistan was over……with the exception of those troops left behind to “train” the Afghan Army.

And then a miracle happened…….a free blessing from heaven……..

This should be a quiet time for US troops in Afghanistan: Not only is the US winding down its mission, but winter traditionally brings a lull in activity. But all that goes out the window when an al-Qaeda laptop turns up. The New York Times reports that the intelligence gleaned from the laptop has “helped fuel a significant increase in night raids” by US special ops forces and Afghan commandos in recent months. That includes some high-profile strikes like this one earlier in the week. The laptop belonged to an al-Qaeda leader named Abu Bara al-Kuwaiti, who was killed in a raid near the Afghan-Pakistan border in October. The newspaper quotes military officials who say the intelligence it contains is on par with info discovered in Osama bin Laden’s possession when he was killed. As for that reduced US military presence: “The official war for the Americans—the part of the war that you could go see—that’s over,” a former Afghan security official tells the Times. “It’s only the secret war that’s still going. But it’s going hard.”

All that intel will make getting out of Afghanistan all that more difficult…..after all we “must” act on intel…if not us….then who?

So will it be home for the holidays or there for the duration?


War in Afghanistan Escalating – Hit & Run :

Pakistani Taliban vow support for ISIS fighters – Al Arabiya News

The war in Afghanistan is over!…..pause here for raucous laughter……it will NEVER be over.

There is a story that most have missed and could be a major developing problem for any force left behind and for the country as a whole…….Afghanistan will not be the most stable country in the region and developing events will do nothing to assist the stability.


Pakistani Taliban vow support for ISIS fighters – Al Arabiya News.

Afghanistan: And The Beat Goes On

2014 the supposed end of the US involvement in Afghanistan…..well that was the plan as with all plans the Pentagon makes it does not seem to work out……about a month ago it was released that the US troops would keep a sizable force in the country until further notice……

It seems that the US as well as the Afghan government is not comfortable holding on to control of the country without the might of the US troops……situations of conflict against the Taleban are on the rise…….

Following the departure of most US forces from Afghanistan, clashes between its security forces and the Taliban have been renewed, with brutal fighting returning to areas that had been comparatively quiet, the New York Times reports. From June to November, some 1,300 members of Afghan security forces were killed in Helmand province alone, and a local hospital remained nearly full even after the customary fighting season ended. Many civilians have also been treated at the hospital, including 940 women and children through October. “This year is much worse than previous years,” says a medical official. Indeed, over the course of the year, the country has seen some 5,000 security-force deaths, a record, the Times reports.

Civilian deaths have also hit a record high, and total civilian casualties are poised to pass 10,000 for the year, Reuters reports. The UN says three-quarters of the 3,188 civilians killed through November were killed by insurgents, a figure the Taliban calls “biased and unfounded,” Reuters notes. Meanwhile, the country has seen increased corruption and declines in government services since the US departed. “Our own commanders sell our bullets to the Taliban instead of giving them to us, and then they buy a nice house in Lashkar Gah and stay there, leaving the little guys out there to do the fighting,” says a wounded police officer. But the Afghan forces are still “holding on,” the Times notes, and an Afghan official says 151 Taliban members have been killed in 12 days of fighting near the Pakistani border, the AP reports.

The prognosis SUCKS!

Yet another country that we will NEVER find a good way to depart and leave the country in the hands of its own population.

Another endless war with endless deployments… every turn US troops will be in danger…..more problems for the veterans that already have a problem getting the help they need.

And NO one noticed!

ISIS No Longer An Isolated Phenom

For about a year we have heard over and over about ISIS and the need to stop it in its tracks……it did not become a major situation until the beheadings of American citizens……and then we jumped into the conflict with both feet.

But since our involvement ISIS has mover beyond the Levant (Syria and Iraq) in influence  It is gaining influence in Arabian Peninsula, Libya and to a smaller extent Egypt….but that is not the biggest problem of their growing influence with younger jihadis.

A little background first……this year the US is to end its major deployment of troops in Afghanistan…..the president has decided to leave a larger force than first was indicted…….

The US and NATO have ceremonially ended their combat mission in Afghanistan, 13 years after the 9/11 attacks sparked their invasion of the country to topple the Taliban-led government. NATO’s International Security Assistance Force Joint Command, which was in charge of combat operations, lowered its flag today, formally ending its deployment. US Gen. John F. Campbell, commander of NATO and US forces, says the mission will now transition to a training and support role for Afghanistan’s own security forces, which have led the fight against the Taliban insurgents since mid-2013.

“The Afghan security forces are capable,” Campbell says. “They have to make some changes in the leadership, which they’re doing, and they have to hold people accountable.” He says from Jan. 1, the coalition will maintain a force of 13,000 troops in Afghanistan, down from a peak of around 140,000 in 2011. But the mission ends as the Taliban is increasing its attacks. President Obama recently allowed US forces to launch operations against both Taliban and al-Qaeda militants, broadening the mission of the US forces that will remain in the country after the end of the year.

I am sure3 when we depart that the Taleban will once again try to gain control.  But that may not be the trouble they should be concentrating on in the future…….in a piece written by Jason Ditz for……

For young jihad-minded students in Afghanistan, joining the Taliban or one of its associated groups has long been a no-brainer. They are, after all, one of the longest-standing such groups in the world.

But the ISIS bandwagon is growing even in remote Afghanistan, with students seeing the large territory ISIS has carved out in such a short time, and seeing the Taliban as comparatively feckless.

In the near-term, NATO occupation forces may see this as a gain, as it means the Taliban’s recruitment isn’t going as well as it once was. Ultimately, however, it may either force the Taliban into a reformation toward more extreme, ISIS-style doctrines, or simply result in ISIS becoming the dominant faction in yet another nation

This should be checked vigorously….or the US will once again be ass deep in the internal events of Afghanistan.

Money Well Spent (Yet Again And Again)

Yep!  More disgusting waste of the American taxpayer dollar……most Americans have their programs that they want to see cut for whatever misguided reason….but most never think about the waste of money through our so called foreign aid…..

The US and its allies are winding down their mission in Afghanistan and there will be a continuation (of course there will be) of massive foreign aid to help the country come to grips with situations on its own…….

In a piece written by Jason Ditz for…………

A new Senate Foreign Relations Committee report lays out their “roadmap” for continuing to pour billions of dollars in aid into Afghanistan annually

The plan, which Senate Dems say was timed for release after President Karzai’s term in office ended and the troop deal extended, and will keep the $5-$8 billion average outflow of US “aid” into Afghanistan more or less intact.

With the vast majority of that aid being flat out squandered on things Afghans didn’t need or want, the committee’s plan seeks to make the future aid “condition-based” with some vague sustainability requirements.

Details of all the conditions are not yet clear, but indications are that they will mostly been centered on the administration signing off on the Afghan government dubious human rights record, something they’ve been only too willing to do in the past, and will undoubtedly do in the future to keep the gravy train flowing.

I understand the “need” to help Afghanistan….but my bigger question is how many American defense contractors will be feeding at the teat?

I mean we gave the country a TV station for live sports coverage without an audience……we are scrapping equipment worth billions for 60 cents a ton……just who will benefit the most from the foreign aid….Afghanistan or the Military-Industrial Complex?

If you have the answers then by all means…share with the rest of us.


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