Will The Cowardice Ever End?

I have been bitching about the gutless, worthless Congress for years now…..these lazy do-nothings have work little in this past year…..they spend most of their time on their knees with donors (take that any way you choose…..both are equally valid)…….you would think these people would care what the people think….oh wait!  That is a joke in itself……..why can’t these people just do some work like the past Congresses………

When you crunch the numbers, Congress looks pretty lazy. The Washington Post finds that both chambers have been in session only about 40% of the time since 1978—the first year for which online records are available—and they’ve both worked full weeks simultaneously a measly 14% of the time. Taken individually, the Senate has spent 42% of the past 37 years in session, while the House has been in session 39% of the time.

That period covers 1,917 weeks, 601 of which the Senate worked Monday through Friday. As for the House? Just 362 weeks. This year so far, both chambers have been in session all week together … four times. They tend to avoid working on Fridays, Philip Bump notes. Meanwhile, the longest period both chambers remained in session was 13 days, while the longest time neither chamber worked was “several months,” Bump writes. But he does point out that just because Congresspeople aren’t meeting on the floor doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not working. See the graphs and check individual dates here.

Crap!  My bad!  These twats have worked little in the last 37 years……..could explain why this country is sliding down the drain, well the Middle Class that is…..it is disappearing and we can in part thank the Congress…….and yet we will re-elect a good portion of these thieves.

This is one of th4e reason that I stopped being an analyst of American politics…….it is boring…..it is shameful……it is pathetic.  There is not one person in Congress that is worth listening to for any reason…….most of them have voices that just irritate me……..they are just not worthy of me to spend much time analyzing their actions and words……gutless needs no explanation.

How bad does the country have to get before we wake up and retire these gutless individuals?

‘F*ck You and Your False Patriotism’ – YouTube

Brilliant!  A more brilliant take down can not be found!  I love this guy!

We are at WAR!  And the mouthpiece of the American Moron Party is working double time to condemn war…..yes you heard me right…CONDEMN!

I have always thought Jon Stewart was good at his job….but recently he proved to me that the man is a flipping GENIUS!

One click shopping!

Watch the video and you tell me!


▶ Jon Stewart on Fox News’s ‘Latte Salute’ Coverage: ‘F*ck You and Your False Patriotism’ – YouTube.

Am I Being Too Hard On Americans?

The military-industrial complex has got what it desired the most….all out war !  The fun…..has begun!

I have been hard on my state because of their inconsistency in their patterns of voting……they are always voting against their best interests…..something I cannot understand…..either it is stupidity or they just do not acre enough to keep up with the issues of the day………I am thinking the later……

Then after bitching about Mississippi voters I read several pieces that illustrate the Mississippi is not an isolated example…..it appears Americans, in general, are not that sharp either…….

Annenberg Public Policy Center released a survey on Constitution Day that reveals Americans know very little about their government.

Some of the findings are:

• While little more than a third of respondents (36 percent) could name all three branches of the U.S. government, just as many (35 percent) could not name a single one.

• Just over a quarter of Americans (27 percent) know it takes a two-thirds vote of the House and Senate to override a presidential veto.

• One in five Americans (21 percent) incorrectly thinks that a 5-4 Supreme Court decision is sent back to Congress for reconsideration.

And it gets worse…

Read more

I do believe that education should emphasize Civics more than it does today…….the American voter is ill-informed and it shows in their voting habits……

Then there is Scotland…..it recently voted against independence….in other words they were trying to secede from the United kingdom………what do Americans think of secession……..

Could the US see a Scotland-like secession vote of its own? Nearly a quarter of Americans wouldn’t have a problem with that, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. Some 23.9% of us strongly or somewhat support secession for our states, Reuters reports. That’s compared to 53.3% who strongly oppose, or tend to oppose, the idea. The idea of leaving the country is most popular among Republicans and rural Americans in the Western US, and President Obama’s policies are a major reason for it. But plenty of Democrats—some 21%—would also lean toward seceding.

“When I say secede, I’m not like (ex-NRA head) Charlton Heston with my gun up in the air … It’s more like we could do it if we had to,” and it’s a way of getting Washington to listen up, says a Texas Democrat. Some 29% of Republicans, meanwhile, back the idea. “I have totally, completely lost faith in the federal government, the people running it, whether Republican, Democrat, independent, whatever,” notes one. Geographically, Americans in the Southwest are most supportive of the idea, with some 34.1% of people backing it; New England is least supportive, at 17.4%.

Do Americans think about the consequences?

Hope Solo and the domestic violence case no one is talking about – The Washington Post

The NFL is running around trying to salvage its rep….after all it is a multi-billion dollar enterprise…..repeat…MULTI-BILLION Dollar…….

It seems that the big story is the domestic violence is killing the NFL……but why does it not matter elsewhere?


Hope Solo and the domestic violence case no one is talking about – The Washington Post.

The Old College Try

My days at college was when students were leading the way to social justice and cultural change and along the way we were faced down by police and national guard and sometimes a few campus security were part of the coalition of the willing to beat down the students.

Today we have students that are willing to protest to the point of arrest and jail…….but are they willing to demostrate and face down the federal government?  Or at least a militarized campus security?

It’s not just municipal police forces that have obtained military-style weaponry through a federal program: Modified grenade launchers and M-16 rifles are on college campuses, too, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports. The publication finds that 117 colleges have received equipment thanks to a federal system called the 1033 program. The program, which lawmakers and President Obama are reassessing following events in Ferguson, Mo., provides the equipment to colleges for free; the educational institutions just have to pay the shipping costs, the Chronicle notes.

The University of Central Florida has a modified grenade launcher intended to shoot tear-gas canisters; Hinds Community College, in Mississippi, also has a grenade launcher. At least 60 schools have M-16 assault rifles, and Ohio State has an armored vehicle. The 1033 program “is a force multiplier for us,” says the head of both Florida State’s police and an international campus police group, citing understaffing. “We are not given budgets comparable to some large cities and municipalities, so we need to find ways to make it reach.” But other campus figures question the system; click for the Chronicle‘s full report.

Granted we have a few whackos that want to shoot up the campus or a few that go on some crime spree like smoking dope…..but does any of that justify the need for military equipment on our campuses and institutions of higher learning?

Rice And The Gossipy Crap

It is the last day of my well deserved break and the perfect time for me to break one of my commandments….”thou shalt not post on gossip”……but what the Hell?  It is the weekend and I need something to say and post…….

I cannot for the life of me think of any reason I should care about the lives of celebs….overpaid brats that think their sh*t don’t stink.  I could care less about Brad or Kanye and his wife and the life of Beyonce means NOTHING to me.

I go about breaking my commandment for the NFL and the Ray Rice story of him punching his wife into oblivion.

It appears that the NFL has basically fired Rice over the incident in an elevator where he sucker punched his then fiancee….knocking her out cold.

Everybody has jumped on the condemnation bandwagon for his action….that is except for his wife who has taken to social media blasting the media for covering this story ad nauseum…….she is blaming the media for making the NFL fire lover boy.

The public is now confused by her actions…..the MSM is running around hiring every shrink with a diploma and profiler to try and explain her indifference to being attacked……we are bombarded hourly with the same report over and over and the ‘experts’ keep talking smack…..

I will put it as simple as possible……if she is over the attack why is not the media?  If she does not care….why should we?

My analysis may sound callous and unfeeling…..but if it were anybody else in average-ville we would not be having a needed conversation on domestic violence…..that is the upside….

That aside everybody is looking for an answer…..I will give you the answer, in my opinion, in a short poem…

The Bling

Is Everything.

Enough said…..Move on!

UpDate:  Since I wrote this draft the story has gone from a wife hitter to the survival of the CEO of the NFL…….what did he know and when…..so the spotlight is off the dude that bitch punched his wife and her denial to the the game.

The latest game that the Ravens played the fans turned out in force in support of Rice……the game is everything to these mental midgets and anything that upsets their sensibilities is not acceptable….I was originally pissed at the wife for I thought she was worried about losing the lifestyle…..now it is those that cannot live without their game.

And now it is no longer about domestic abuse but rather what is the damage to the NFL…….and that is pathetic.

How one man destroyed the Food Network: Guy Fieri has made culinary TV into a viewer’s hell – Salon.com

The weekend and time for a change of pace…..you are welcome!

In 2005 when I was recovering from 2 surgeries I use to live on the Food Network…..as a chef in a past life I am always looking for new cooking techniques and good recipes….I spent hours enjoying the different chefs and their techniques…..and then this twat with spiky hair won their Next Chef” contest and the network went down the toilet…….

The Food Network was a delight until spikey boy wins that damn contest and almost overnight it became a reality show Hell….mind numbing stupidity……..gone were the days of actual people cooking and teaching others the joys of cooking

I have despised this a/hole….he would not know good food if it gave him oral sex…….his only concern is seeing himself on the tube…..he has killed the food Network….so when I read this article I felt I needed to press it for my readers……


How one man destroyed the Food Network: Guy Fieri has made culinary TV into a viewer’s hell – Salon.com.