How to build a better election – The Week

The V (for vote) Day is only days away……I am not confident that the voter will do anything that will help change the downward spiral of this system….I do wish I could be more optimistic….but sadly I cannot.

Almost everybody realizes that the election system needs a major overhaul…..reform will not do it….it needs a change….and before the next election.

This article is a good damn idea….NO!  It is a goddamn excellent idea!


How to build a better election – The Week.

Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Ebola That Conservatives Actually Believe | Right Wing Watch

God how I love the way that misinformation makes its way into the national conversation……and the stupidity of those that believe it is even more amusing…….

I have been a critic of this whole Ebola crisis…..I have stated that it is nothing more than the media milking a story for every ounce of crap they can glean from it…….

And there are the total bullshit from the Right on this crisis……..there are those that believe each and every one of these fear statements…..

Read and report!


Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Ebola That Conservatives Actually Believe | Right Wing Watch.

Will There Be An Ebola Blowback?

The US is taking a moment for a deserved long breath.

Now that the fear of Ebola is lessening with each cured person there is the possibility that there could be another form of fear that will take hold.  The fear of people!  Especially if they are from West Africa or are thought to be from that region.

Think back to the days and weeks after the horrendous attacks on 9/11……..there were many attacks on people of the Muslim religion and even some that were attacked because they may have appeared to be Arabic or Middle Eastern.  There were beatings and even a death of two because of the person’s appearance.

Yep, a form of racial profiling.

Now that the US has moved to limit the areas where people can enter the US to 5 airports, most on the east coast and the central states…….and the Right wing wanting all flights from Africa prevented from landing in the US…..this could set up a scenario of panic and distrust..

God forbid that another outbreak (that is a media term) should show its ugly face….an even uglier face will be that of the people in this society.  The radical Right will immediately start looking for a scapegoat and that will be anyone that appears to be from Africa…. not necessarily West Africa….just anyone that appears to be one of the people that brought the disease to our shores.

Since the death of Mr. Duncan there has already been a minor backlash rumblings against Africans, especially in the Dallas, Texas area.

Then in Rome the fear strikes……..

A woman from Guinea has reportedly been attacked by angry bus passengers who told her she was infected by Ebola and had to get off, according to media reports.

The 26-year-old was allegedly beaten by a group of teenagers after they accused her of having the deadly virus.

 “They told me that I had Ebola and that I had to get off the bus,” said Fataomata Sompare, who has been living in Italy for four years.
How long will it be, if the Ebola outbreak continues, that this could become a norm instead of an isolated occurrence?

We Americans have to seem to always blame others for the problems the country endues….we blame the Chinese back in the 1800’s…..we blamed the Irish in the early 1900’s………we blame the Japanese-Americans for Pearl Harbor, we blamed, as I have pointed out, Arab-Americans for 9/11, thanks to Al-Qaeda Americans are suspicious of every Mosque and now with the Ebola on a tear it is only a matter of time before we blame African-Americans, especially first generation,  for the problems the disease is causing..

With Americans propensity for hate how long will not be before we go in search of a scapegoat?  An Ebola scapegoat.

24 Armed Cops and a Military Truck Dispatched to Take Money from Old Man – Hit & Run :

Since Ferguson and the protests and the reaction of the police America has been told about the militarization of police departments….and of course there are those that feel the police need this military equipment to deal with modern situations……

I for one think that logic is preposterous……but then I read a piece like this and then my feeling is it is unnecessary and pathetic….

After reading this article my only reaction was….,REALLY?


24 Armed Cops and a Military Truck Dispatched to Take Money from Old Man – Hit & Run :

“Kill All The Lawyers”–Redux

A great idea thanx to little Will Shakespeare……I think I am not alone in my dislike of lawyers…..especially those ambulance chasers like John Edwards (remember him?)…..

My grandfather had no love for lawyers either and he use to say…”contrary to popular belief one can get pregnant fro m anal sex……where do you think lawyers come from?”

I read a story last week about a typical occurrence when dealing with an injury lawyer…….

Anthony Warren doesn’t have much to show for his five-year legal battle with police. The Alabama man ran over an officer during a 20-minute high-speed chase back in 2008 before he crashed and was thrown from the vehicle. It was at that point, however, that an officer’s dash cam caught police beating Warren as he lay on the ground. Though he’s now serving 20 years for attempted murder, Warren chose to sue, accusing five Birmingham cops of excessive force, Reuters reports. A settlement in the case was reached last month and the city gave it the thumbs up this week: Warren will receive $1,000 in “nominal damages,” while his lawyers will get $100,000 for expenses and $359,000 in fees.

The settlement was reached in part “to save taxpayer dollars,” the officers’ lawyer tells The video shows officers hitting Warren for less than 10 seconds after he had hit a school bus, a police car, and the officer, who was setting up a spike strip during the chase. The lawyer explains that Warren got just $1,000 because the city was able to show his injuries stemmed from his car crash, not police brutality. Warren claimed the opposite. reports city officials said “deadly force was warranted at various points during the chase,” though officers were acting “to preserve Mr. Warren’s life and the lives of innocent bystanders.” Both sides agreed not to appeal.

This is a typical story, at least from all I have heard when talking to people I know…….but don’t worry “they get paid only if you win”….a great slogan huh?

Some Do The Right Thing

I am sure that many Americans remember that horrific ferry disaster in South Korea that cost many many children their lives….of course the Korean government has arrested many that worked for the ill fated ferry and its parent company……

I wrote awhile back that the CEO of the ferry company took responsibility for the disaster and immediately went out and wrote and note and killed himself…….after reading that news I wrote that unlike the US people in other countries, especially Asian, that take their responsibility seriously to the point that they would kill themselves because of the embarrassment they have caused the country and their families.

I wrote that it was a shame that American business people cannot do something similar… take responsibility for their actions that cause a disaster, ie the 2008 crash……

I bring all this up again…because it has happened again…….

A South Korean man involved in planning an outdoor pop concert where 16 people were killed after falling through a ventilation grate was found dead today in an apparent suicide. The man, 37, an employee of the Gyeonggi Institute of Science and Technology Promotion, was found dead at around 7am in Seongnam, the city south of Seoul where yesterday’s accident occurred, said city spokesman Kim Nam-jun. The site of his death was not far from where 16 people watching a performance by 4Minute, a girls’ band that is popular across Asia, were killed when the ventilation grate they were standing on collapsed. Eleven other people were seriously injured.

It was believed that the man, who was questioned by police last night over the accident, leaped from the top of a 10-story building. In a televised briefing today, Kim said the death toll could rise. Of the 11 people treated at hospitals, eight had life-threatening injuries to the abdomens or lungs, he said. Most of those who were killed were men in their 30s and 40s, while five were women in their 20s and 30s, fire officials said. The collapse came as South Korea is still struggling with the aftermath of a ferry disaster in April that left more than 300 people dead or missing.

I say again…..American business people should be so serious about their actions……..but NOPE!  These parasites like Jaime Dimon will continue their fleecing of the American consumer and any harm they do they will get the Federal government to pass a law that will protect them and possibly allow them to do the same thing all over again without any consequences…..

Personally, I like the idea of these bastards taking dull responsibility for their actions and even suicide if that is what it takes to eliminate these butt monkeys….the American consumer means NOTHING to these capitalist slugs……NO one protects the people from the exploitation.

If them committing suicide drives the point home…..then I say…Let the Bastards Die!

Will The Country Suffer Depression?

The markets go up…..the markets go down……a continuous yo-yo ride……

I know….very few Americans want to talk or learned about economics… is just all too hard.

We all have a fleeting knowledge of what happened in 1929, right?  But our minds are fresher in the events in 2008 when the markets dropped like a lead toilet in Lake Michigan.

But since that day the markets have steadily gone up and up and up……seemingly without any possibility of a return to the days of losing funds……but is there a possibility that we could see another loss of funds and value………..

A CIA analyst known for his dire economic predictions is speaking up again, warning that the next Great Depression may be right around the corner. Jim Rickards, a “financial threat and asymmetric warfare adviser” for the CIA, tells Money Morning that Americans should be preparing for a $100 trillion financial catastrophe. “Everybody knows we have a dangerous level of debt,” he says. “Everybody knows the Fed has recklessly printed trillions of dollars. … But all signs are now flashing bright red that our chickens are about to come home to roost.” Another reason for gloom: According to Rickards, the so-called Misery Index maintained by the Federal Reserve contains far worse data than most people believe.

The Misery Index adds the true unemployment rate with the true inflation rate, but Rickards contends that the Fed has altered the index’s calculations in order to hide the truth—that “the Misery Index has reached more dangerous levels than we saw prior to the Great Depression,” he says. “This is a signal of a complex system that’s about to collapse.” His prediction? A “70% stock market crash” followed by a 25-year depression, possibly sparked by a “major credit collapse” in China, he tells Reuters. His advice? Invest in “hard assets” like railroads, coal, wheat, or gold. Again, he’s not known for mild predictions:

Whatcha think?  Is this guy onto something or is he just giving Americans what they crave….a good dose of fear?