Food News For All

Enough with the politics of everything……why not lighten up the posts a bit?  After all the relaxation of the weekend is approaching…..

We Americans love our fads……fads in politics, entertainment, clothing and especially in our food….Kale comes to mind.

I use to have a food blog but it got no traffic and it was a waste of time so from time to time I will post on food…..I would give recipes but Americans would not know good food if it bit them in the ass…..Kale comes mind.

Me….I am a meat eater….I was born a predator…….and high on my list is steak…..a filet is best….no waste….and then second is a really good burger….meat bread little mayo and brown mustard….period.  The greens are for a salad…..Kale comes to mind.

But I read an article that made me step back and go eeewwww……..

A close look at ground beef reveals some pretty disturbing stuff, a Consumer Reports investigation found. Some 300 packages containing 458 pounds of ground beef were bought at stores of all kinds in 26 cities, and every single one “contained bacteria that signified fecal contamination,” per Consumer Reports. That’s more than just gross: It can cause serious illness when beef isn’t cooked to the recommended 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Any meat can make you sick if not cooked properly, Consumer Reports notes, but ground beef is especially risky because cows raised on crowded feedlots tend to have manure on their skin, which contains bacteria that can end up in the meat during processing—and bacteria from one cow can end up mixed with that of many other cows.

The testing also revealed antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” in some of the meat, though they were a lot less prevalent in beef labeled “grass-fed organic,” which tended to have less bacteria overall. Experts advise consumers to buy sustainably raised beef when they can—and always make sure it’s cooked all the way through. “Remember, when it’s ground beef, you’re taking it and grinding the bacteria from the surface of the beef into it,” Consumer Reports‘ director for food safety tells CBS. “So unlike a steak, you’re really moving all that bacteria all around the beef. So it’s especially important for ground beef, to cook it to 160 degrees to be absolutely safe.”

EEEEEWWWW maybe….but will it stop me from my burger……NOT A CHANCE!  I cannot say the same for…….Kale.

Next up….are you a ketchup person?  Some people will put ketchup on just about everything….but it is not made for that….Kale comes to mind.

But there seems to be a controversy brewing in Israel…..and it has nothing to do with the Palestinians…..or even Kale for that matter……

The iconic Heinz tomato ketchup will no longer be called ketchup in Israel after the Ministry of Health there ruled that the product did not contain enough tomato solids to be classified as ketchup.

Instead, it will move a step lower and be sold as tomato seasoning, Ynet News reported, according to the Times of Israel. The ruling however will only affect the Hebrew label version, the newspaper said.

Israeli trade standards require ketchup products to have at least 41% tomato concentrate. Heinz’s competitor in Israel, Osem tested its ketchup and alleged that it contained only 21% concentrate.

The newspaper said the ruling by the ministry was the result of a lobbying campaign by Osem, which controls about two-thirds of the market for ketchup in the country.

In a letter sent to retailers in January, Osem claimed that tests of Heinz ketchup found it only contained 21% tomato concentrate instead of the 61% advertised.

I think it is more to this than the paste content.

I think it is a shot at the Obama administration because it is not as warm to Israel as they would like them to be.

Why do I think this?

You see Obama’s SecState is John Kerry whose wife is a Heinz from the family that the ketchup is named for……come one….Israel could not be that petty, right?  If you think that then you do not know as much as you think about Israel.

So the next time you are in Israel and want some fries (chips) do not forget to ask for “tomato seasoning” if you want the good stuff.

A final thought….is it ketchup or catsup?

Bon Apetite!

Now go and enjoy the start of your weekend….

What everyone gets wrong about “anchor babies” – Vox

The last week has been a wonderful week….the internet went batcrap crazy with immigration again but this time it was about the use of the term “anchor babies”….

There was a back and forth that was ….well…..amusing.

I know we all have our opinions on immigrants both documented and undocumented……..and it is vogue to despise one or the other….but some are taking it too far….like a supporter of Trump that told Jorge Ramos to go back to his country….the problem is he is an American citizen!

It appears that it is getting to the point that if you speak Spanish (for now…..I am sure that will change in the near future…..we will always have someone to mistrust) you are here illegally.

Okay will all that said now I ask….just how much damage do “anchor babies” do to this country?



Source: What everyone gets wrong about “anchor babies” – Vox

Ever Get “That Sinking Feeling”?

I know let’s lighten up the mood……God knows I would not want anyone to stroke out….well not before they comment that is……

Once again I made through another week without threatening to kill some dough head that has the mental capacity of pond scum…… to celebrate I will find some of my world famous unusual stuff to amuse my loyal readers……..

Ever use “that sinking feeling” when you are confronted with something that is uncomfortable?

If you live in DC you may be feeling an actual event……

It sounds like a metaphor but is geological reality: Washington, DC, is sinking. In fact, researchers led by a team at the University of Vermont predict that the ground will drop another six inches by the end of the century, reports UPI. The cause isn’t man-made: It’s the result of an age-old geologic process that will continue to unfold for thousands of years. But it’s presenting the DC region with a dangerous double-whammy—the ground is sinking at the same time that sea levels are rising because of warming temperatures, say the UV researchers. The study confirms a long-held theory on why sea levels around DC are rising faster than any other stretch along the coast, reports the Washington Post.

“Right now is the time to start making preparations,” says lead study author Ben DeJong. “Six extra inches of water really matters in this part of the world.” He and his team drilled dozens of boreholes around the Chesapeake Bay to figure out what’s happening. The culprit is an ancient ice sheet that covered much of North America, then retreated, and the land is oh-so-slowly settling back into place. DC was actually in an area just outside the sheet and “bulged upward,” as the Post puts it. “It’s a bit like sitting on one side of a water bed filled with very thick honey,” says DeJong. “Then the other side goes up. But when you stand, the bulge comes down again.”

About here we could debate whether this is a good thing or not…..some would say “good riddance”…..I would be one of them.  With any luck when it goes it will take all the lobbyists with it… can hope.

It was an unusual story and I thought it would make good fun of our nation’s capitol….then I read another piece……..

Researchers say that while there’s no need for residents of Phoenix to panic, parts of their city are slowly and unstoppably sinking into the ground. Land subsidence caused by the extraction of huge quantities of groundwater over the decades is to blame, and the Arizona State University researchers say it’s causing some parts of the metropolitan area to sink by roughly 0.75 inches a year, Sonoran News reports. Residents may not notice much change year to year, the researchers say, but over time, the problem will affect things like canals, utility lines, and sewers and, eventually, the foundations of buildings. The depletion of groundwater has changed the sediment under the area, so the drop is irreversible.

The lead researcher tells the Arizona Republic that the subsidence has “the potential to cause costly structural damages, and is something to keep an eye on.” The sinking is happening at an uneven rate—with some areas actually rising a little—meaning floodwaters could cause major problems in affected areas. Another problem, the lead researcher warns, is that the sediment changes have left the ground unable to store as much water as it used to. “We live in a desert, and our underground canteen is getting smaller,” she tells the News. The Republic notes that the problem is widespread across the US, with Denver, parts of California, and the New Jersey coast among the many areas starting to sink.

Interesting…….parts of the country are sinking…..but wait….it gets better.

After I saved this in draft for the weekend I ran upon yet another sinking story……..

Vast areas of California’s Central Valley are sinking faster than in the past as massive amounts of groundwater are pumped during the historic drought, state officials say, citing new research by NASA scientists. The data shows the ground is sinking nearly 2 inches each month in some places, putting roads, bridges, and vital canals that deliver water throughout the state at growing risk of damage. Sinking land has occurred for decades in California—and in cities like Phoenix—because of excessive groundwater pumping during dry years, but the new data shows it’s happening faster as the state endures its fourth year of drought.

The NASA data shows land near the city of Corcoran sank 13 inches in eight months, and part of the California Aqueduct dropped 8 inches in four months last year. The aqueduct spans hundreds of miles and provides water to millions of people and vast areas of farmland. “We are pumping at historic levels,” says Mark Cowin, the head of the California Department of Water Resources. He adds that groundwater levels are dropping to record levels—up to 100 feet lower than previously recorded. Gov. Jerry Brown signed historic legislation last year that requires monitoring of groundwater pumping, but local officials have until 2020 to write their management plans, so it could take another decade or two before California has a handle on groundwater use, Cowin says

Okay, what the hell is going on?  Can we somehow blame this phenomena on climate change? Maybe fracking?   All this is just a little unsettling don’t you think?  East coast, West Coast and middle America… the whole country slowly sinking?

Any explanations you would like to share?

Trump: Did I Miss Something?

Dammit!  I do wish there was more to write about than Trump…..unfortunately he is the only candidate that is making news these days……

I have been following the doings with the 2016 election and of course it would be difficult to follow it without having to be exposed to the ramblings of Donald Trump.

First, I see the FOX’s Megyn Kelly has returned to work and Trump had nothing good to say about her….the Roger Ailes speaks up and says that Trump owes her an apology…..and back and forth… me this is all just a ratings game….the more crap they throw the more some will tune in to follow the continuing saga….this I understand.  The popularity of Trump eludes me.

Back to the jest of this post…..

I see so many people that take what this person says as the gospel or something equally as sacred……and I have not paid mush attention to all that he has to say……but with all the excitement over him as a candidate I decided to watch one of his outings in Iowa to see if I could get an idea of his popularity.

I listened and all I heard was a person rambling on and on….kinda made me think of the rambling rant of Qaddafi at the UN about 10 years ago (please I am not equating Bush with the Middle East Mad Man just talking about a speech that made little sense)…..I learned the he loves Mexicans and the Chinese people and then belittles them……he is really smart……he knows people……all in all self-promotion.  I realize that all politicians are egotistical wankers but Mr. Trump is taking that egotism to new heights….

He bitches about many things, like most Americans, but he offers nothing in the process that resembles a solution to anything.  Eventually, once the election primaries begin for real, he will have to offer more as a solution then he is really smart, really rich and knows people.

Trump and Sanders are tapping into a populist trend among Americans……most of us are fed up with the idle promises of those we elect and once in Washington they play games and waste time…..Sanders unlike Trump at least talks about issues and even seem to have a few solutions up his sleeve.  I think if Trump wants to be as successful as he seems to think he is…..he will have to offer solutions other than build a really big wall and the people he knows……

For now he, Trump, is telling the conservative voter everything they want to hear……but how long will his ramblings be attractive to these people?  Eventually, I think, they will want to hear how he will achieve all the things he bitches about…….

Or is it possible that I may have missed something?

What the Hell is his problem with Oreos?

Great Balls Of Shade!

Let’s change things up….enough of the BS of daily political life in the US……

About 2 weeks ago was the best news report of the month……involving BALLS!  LOTS OF BALLS!

By now the entire country knows about the massive drought in California……which will effect the cost of food in the future if it has not already done so……everyone is looking for a way to make the water they have now last as long as possible…..conservation, prayer, divining, pulling out all stops……

Also by now the media has reported on the next big idea to conserve the water……..shade balls!

But what kind of idea is it….good, bad or a waste of money and energy?

Los Angeles’ 96 million shade balls are bizarre to say the least—which is partly why the media pounced on the story of their role in conserving water, as officials had hoped, Grist included. Now, the website does a careful walk-through of just why these balls aren’t so hot. Based on an LA Weekly report, Grist finds the city has been using the balls since 2008, before California’s drought, because their main purpose is to prevent the formation of bromate, a carcinogen that develops when sunlight mixes with bromide and chlorine in water. Why do we care about the balls now? Apparently, LA mayor Eric Garcetti correctly thought tying the balls to the drought would help sell them to the public and emphasized they’ll save 300 million gallons of water a year. However, that much water is worth $2 million or $20 million over a decade; LA’s shade balls cost $34.5 million, according to LA Weekly.

In comparison, the Washington Post reported California could save 500 billion gallons if the agriculture industry cut its water use by 5%. Grist notes that marine pollution researcher Max Liboiron has additional concerns. At Discard Studies, he argues “most plastics leach endocrine disrupting chemicals that interfere with animal and human hormone systems.” Some of these disruptors break down in water in weeks or months and most water treatment systems don’t remove them. Then there’s the fact that plastics break down into microplastics and are consumed by humans and marine animals. The “poison pills” also soak up chemicals that then enter animal tissue and food chains, Liboiron says. Apparently the risk is worth the reward for Garcetti, who told the Huffington Post, “It takes bold ingenuity to maximize my goals for water conservation.”

Will these ‘balls’ save the day?  Or just another government program that wasted money with no good outcome?

Thoughts please.

Tell Me Again Who Is The “Smarter” Brother

I recall back in the 2000 election and the rise of GW Bush, a candidate I did not like, when the media was telling the country that Jeb was the smarter brother and could not understand why he was not on the ticket… be honest I bought into the crap as well……I thought that GW was an easily manipulated idiot and his brother would have been a better choice for the GOP……

Fast forward to the 2016 election and Jeb is running……and after about 6 months of his pre-campaign and after has done very little to show that he is tuly the smarter of the brothers…..

Believe it or not….I may have been….mistaken!

Ever since he has become a serious candidate he has put one foot after another into his mouth and has spent more time trying to “clarify” is words than campaign….not the act of a smart brother.

It has been one faux pas after another……it mostly began with him screwing up e-mails that he released from his time as governor of Florida….it seems his campaign released those e-mails with personal and private information on them…..a bit embarrassing……

And the faux pas kept coming……his latest is his words on “anchor babies”…..

Jeb Bush really, really wants to catch up to Donald Trump, and he seems to believe the best way to accomplish that is to become Donald Trump. Bush’s desperation begat a spat between the two candidates over who loves the racist phrase “anchor baby” more.

How do you use an offensive phrase like “anchor babies” without offending Latinos? Bush has one idea: Say you were talking about Asians.

So…….Jeb was not talking about Hispanics but rather Asians……this oughta get his butt in even more hot water……and he started tap dancing as fast as he could…..

“What I’m talking about is the specific case of fraud being committed where there’s organized efforts — frankly it’s more related to Asian people — coming into our country, having children in that organized effort, taking advantage of that noble concept, which is birthright citizenship,” Bush said.

A campaign spokesperson later clarified Bush was referring to widely reported federal probes into “birth tourism.”

Nothing more humorous than watching a politician dance frantically trying to find a way out of an embarrassing moment…..

The more Jeb talks the more I believe we may have already elected the smarter brother………

Tell me again who was the “smarter” brother…….

There’s No Class Like NO Class

For thirty years Jimmy Carter has been a punch line for the no class politicians on the right.  There has not been a gathering of conservs that does not eventually lead to some rancid humor at Jimmy Carter’s expense……since the hostage thing in 1979 and the election in 1980 he, Carter, has been a punching bag and the butt of every lame joke thinkable……..

Recently Carter let it be known that he is battling cancer of the brain…….

Jimmy Carter addressed his recent cancer diagnosis very specifically today, outlining the history of his recent medical condition. A very bad cold in May led him to get an exam; an MRI showed a cancer growth on his liver, and about a tenth of his liver was removed in early August. A biopsy revealed it was melanoma. “They had a very high suspicion that it started somewhere else … only 2% of melanoma is internal. They found there were four spots of melanoma on my brain”; they’re small, about 2 millimeters. He’ll get his first radiation treatment this afternoon and will have four treatments at three-week intervals while also taking a drug for melanoma.

When asked about his reaction to learning about the cancer on the brain, he says, “I just thought I had a few weeks left. But I was surprisingly at ease. I’ve had a wonderful life, thousands of friends, and an exciting, gratifying, and adventurous existence. I was surprisingly at ease, more than my wife is. Now I feel it’s in the hands of God.” He said for a number of years he and his wife thought about reducing their work at the Carter Center; he intends to dramatically cut back now and said the center has a $600 million endowment to support it. “I can’t anticipate how I’ll be feeling honestly and will have to defer to my doctors,” he says. But for now, “I feel good. I haven’t felt any weakness. The pain has been very slight.”

After the announcement the NO Class bunch from the 2016 election field had to show their complete lack of any class…..Christie and Cruz…….

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz both took shots at ailing former president Jimmy Carter on Saturday while on the campaign trail for the 2016 Republican nomination.

Christie said that we have the “weakest” president on foreign policy, and that, “[Obama] makes Jimmy Carter look strong,” while addressing an Iowa State Fair crowd from a soapbox.

Cruz, speaking at the Koch-backed Americans For Prosperity event, Defending the Dream, in Columbus, Ohio, repeated a similar version of an attack he delivered Friday at the Iowa State Fair, when he compared the Obama and Carter administrations’ “same failed domestic policies, same misery, stagnation and malaise, same feckless and naïve foreign policy.”

Instead of showing a little class and dignity they went on the same lame attack they always have……these two d/bags will NEVER be half the man that Jimmy Carter is………neither has any idea what it means to be president……and neither could possibly live the pious life that Carter made for himself……we need more Americans that are cut from the same cloth as Carter…..people that care about humanity, all humanity.  Carter accomplished more as president after his presidency than either of these two clowns will ever accomplish in their lifetimes.

These people demonstrate what is wrong with this country…..the lack of true leadership during sensitive situations.

I wish Jimmy Carter good fortune and a successful completion of his cancer fighting program.