Media Shouldn’t Be Fooled By Fake Neutrality Bill Backed By Broadband Industry | Research | Media Matters for America

There have been many a post about the attempt to control the internet……but there is a new attack and the claims that it will protect the internet are BS!…..most of them are put forward by the broadband industry like Comcast, the owner of NBC/MSNBC/CNBC…….funny I have not heard much reporting by those on this new attempt to control the internet….I wonder why?


Media Shouldn’t Be Fooled By Fake Neutrality Bill Backed By Broadband Industry | Research | Media Matters for America.

GOP: Is The Game Afoot?

Holy crap!  Did I somehow step through “the Looking Glass”?   Is the GOP trying to re-define itself ahead of the 2016 election?

First we have news that there is a push back on the opposition to immigration reform….then the ladies pull their support for an anti-abortion bill in essence killing the bill (for now)……and then I got word that there was another vote that shocked me…….

I got this piece of news from Ace news group for whom I write op-eds from time to time……..

#AceWorldNews – WASHINGTON:Jan.22: Sometimes snippets of news just have to be published and this snippet is just one of those and is just as The Hill reported.

The Senate on Wednesday voted that “climate change is real and is not a hoax” as Democrats used the Keystone XL pipeline debate to force votes on the politically charged issue ahead of the 2016 elections.

The Senate on Wednesday voted 98-1 in favor of a an amendment stating that “climate change is real and is not a hoax.”

The provision offered by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) to put Republicans on record about climate change ahead of the 2016 election passed with near unanimous support, with only Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), the chairman of the campaign committee for Senate Republicans, voting no.

First, Wicker is my Senator and I would expect nothing different from this big business crony……

Okay, what the Hell is going on with the GOP?

I thought is that they are playing a game to make them look like a real party and not some group of bumbling morons……all this is to look good to the groups that they have lost in the past….women, environmentalists, immigrants……it is all a game, in my mind, a well thought out game…..but a game none the less.

The GOP is moving at record speed in this redefining operation…..but will it last?

Even the d/bags in the Tea Party seem to be playing along with this dice roll……it is all about 2016……nothing to do with the reality of things….just to win an election and have TOTAL power…..this may not last long…..until the gamers get tired of playing.

So whatcha think?  Is A Game Afoot?

Reproductive Rights: Return To Crap!

Now that we have a GOP controlled Congress some old issues will be in the firing field again…….of course if you speak with a Right wing mental titan (that is sarcasm in case you missed it) they will try to dress you down for even considering that there is a major push on the rights of women……and they will be forceful in their condemnation of such an accusation……

Congress will be zeroing in on reproductive rights of women…..and here are the attacks to watch……


Seven Reproductive Rights Issues to Watch in 2015.

SCOTUS: Hard At Work (?)

I have been very critical of the Supreme Court in the past couple of years…..It looks like it is becoming as worthless as our elected officials… SCOTUS is nothing but a right wing controlled group that does nothing legal and everything ideological……and then they hear cases that are as stupid as they are humorous…….

The Supreme Court was unanimous today in a decision that will allow an Arkansas inmate to grow a half-inch beard. The state’s rule specified that beard length must be kept to a quarter inch; Gregory Holt, a Muslim man also known as Abdul Maalik Muhammad, had sought permission to grow the slightly longer beard in a compromise: He believes his faith demands a full beard, but was willing to accept the half-inch length in keeping with what California prison policy afford Muslim inmates there. In what NBC News terms a “handwritten plea,” he noted that Arkansas’ restriction put inmates in a catch-22: grow the full beard he sees as required by his religion and be disciplined, or give in and violate his faith.

Arkansas argued that contraband smuggling would become a concern with the longer beard. Wrote Justice Samuel Alito in the opinion, that “argument … is hard to take seriously. An item of contraband would have to be very small indeed to be concealed by” such a beard, and the inmate would have to devise a way to keep the item in there to boot. Further, “Since the Department does not demand that inmates have shaved heads or short crew cuts, it is hard to see why an inmate would seek to hide contraband in a half-inch beard rather than in the longer hair on his head.” The AP notes that more than 40 states allow inmates to keep beards, and NBC frames Arkansas as “virtually alone in having such a restrictive rule.” Holt has previously served time for threatening President Bush’s daughters; he’s now serving a life sentence for a brutal assault on his girlfriend.

The length of a prisoners beard?  Seriously?  Is this what the court was designed to do?  What’s next for this band of corporate owned flunkies?

Is anyone else getting really disgusted with this whole ball of lunacy?