Iberia Parish: Where’s Al?

We all know all  about Ferguson thanx to the media and thanx to people like Al Sharpton…..I find it uplifting that there are those ‘leaders’ that feel it necessary to force the public to address such injustice……but there is a problem at least form my point of view………the problem is selective concern……

(Newser) – Louisiana State Police say Victor White III died after shooting himself while handcuffed in the back of a police car in March, an assertion backed up by the Iberia Parish coroner’s office, reports NBC News. But White’s family isn’t buying the suicide story—mainly, they say, because White had a new baby with his longtime girlfriend, a steady job, and possible college plans, and because details in the recently released coroner’s report contradict the police report. “You can’t make me understand how my son took his left hand, when he was handcuffed behind the back, and shot himself,” Rev. Victor White II tells NBC. “I don’t believe a thing they’re saying at this point.”

White and a friend were reportedly picked up by the police after reports of a fight outside a local gas station; the station manager says the two were inside the store when the fight broke out. Cops let White’s friend go, but what happened next is where the story gets murky. A police statement said an “uncooperative,” handcuffed White “produced a handgun” and shot himself in the back while in custody, even though cops said no weapon was found on White during two recorded searches before the shooting. The coroner agrees that White shot himself but says the 22-year-old was shot in the front, that there were scratches on White’s face (the police said there was no physical altercation with officers), and that the bullet went through his right chest and out his left armpit—White’s family says he was left-handed, making the suggested scenario hard for them to believe. Click for more details.

Where are the activists that thought Ferguson needed to be brought to the forefront…..where are they for this incident?

Full Disclosure:  I do not watch the Rev’s show…..to me he is still a preacher and delivers a sermon every night not a news show……I am sure he has covered this issue on his MSNBC show….but where is he in person?  He had NO problem flying into Ferguson to help lead the opposition…….

I recently read a piece about Al Sharpton that I tend to agree with……check it out……..


Give me your thoughts on the piece or the post in general……Me?  I am beginning to think that Al goes where the ratings will be greater not necessarily the most pressing of stories….I may be wrong……but that is yet to be seen.

Commies Are Coming And They’re Carrying Fluoride!

I’m an old fart so I remember the days when there were those people that were convinced that the commies were coming and they were poisoning us Americans with the fluoride that was being added to our water supply….there were books about it, protests about it and probably a movie or two about it……and so far fluoride is still added to our water and the commies have yet to take over because of it……a big sigh of relief….that is untoil I read a piece the other day and it all came rushing back……..

(Newser) – The CDC applauds the adding of fluoride to our water supply as one of the biggest public health triumphs of the 20th century. But it seems too much fluoride can do a lot of damage. Not only can it actually damage our teeth and weaken our bones—studies in China and Iran appear to link excessive fluoride to a seven-point reduction in children’s IQs, Scientific American reports. Those studies may not control for other health risks, but they could signal a problem—one which is particularly worrying in states like Maine. Much of the state gets its drinking water from private wells, and that water isn’t held to federal or state standards.

In a voluntary study that included about a quarter of Maine’s towns, wells in about 10 communities were shown to contain risky amounts of fluoride—sometimes more than twice the EPA’s limit. Fluoride’s presence is boosted by the granite under the state, which is packed with the chemical; there’s plenty of granite in other New England states as well. An expert tells the Portland Press-Herald that residents should have their water tested, but people only do it “when they buy a house or if they get sick.” If there’s too much fluoride, reverse osmosis systems can help, but they cost between $1,000 and $2,000.

I have been saying that Americans seem to be getting dumber by the generation and now could there be proof that they are?

Where Do We Draw a Line?

There have been a wealth of reports about people shooting themselves for various reasons….trying to take a selfie, cleaning a loaded weapon, showing off for girlfriend and on and on…….but I read a story this morning that just made me sit and shake my head………

(Newser) – A shooting range instructor in Arizona is dead after letting a 9-year-old girl fire an Uzi set to fully automatic. Police, who have released a video of the girl taking her first shots, say she safely fired the weapon in “single-shot” mode, but she lost control of the weapon as it recoiled in automatic mode and the instructor was hit by at least one stray bullet as it went over her head, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Instructor Charles Vacca, 39, was “very conscientious and very professional,” the manager of the Last Stop outdoor shooting range tells NBC, asking “everybody to pray for Charlie, and pray for the client, she’s going to have a hard time.” The “practice at most shooting ranges is 8 years old and up with parental supervision,” he says.

The girl was on vacation from New Jersey and her parents were present during the incident on Monday. A firearms safety expert tells the AP that instructors usually keep their hands on the weapon when children fire powerful guns. “You can’t give a 9-year-old an Uzi and expect her to control it,” he says. A sheriff’s office spokesman says no charges will be filed. “It’s so easy for us to go back and look at something that’s very tragic and say, ‘Boy! Why did that occur? That should not have happened because of,'” he tells KVUU. “Well, maybe from now on, that ‘because of’ will be in place.”

I am sorry but you can be a gun nut all you like but there needs to be line drawn as to when a child is exposed to a firearm……especially these days…….

I cannot wait for my gun nut readers to appear and defend……

If Only In America!

By now everybody with a half brain knows that our Congress is about as worthless as tits on a boar.  Their approval rating is damn near zero and in some circles it is zero……and with that bad news for them….they change nothing….they keep playing the same game they have been playing for over 5 years….my opinion and yours means NOTHING to them.

The only way we can change this is by voting them out of office and guess what….we are not capable of doing that!  We have had numerous elections for the voter to change things and we just cannot bring ourselves to do that one simple task….replace the spineless Congress and try to start over…..it is beyond SAD!

The news of the day is that France president Hollande has basically thrown the present government out of office……..ahhhhh now there is a choice we could use….

France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls presented the resignation of his government to the president on Monday, Francois Hollande’s office said in a statement.

The statement said a new government would be formed on Tuesday in line with the “direction he (the president) has defined for our country.”

Valls’ resignation gives him Hollande,  the power to set up a new cabinet.

Now there is an idea whose time has come in America.  There is something to be said for the parliamentary style of governance.

Since the voter cannot work up enough courage to do the right thing….then take it out of their hands….dissolve Congress and tell the voter to try again……I know it sounds a bit harsh but something has got to give for this country to move forward….if not we will be stuck in this cycle of stupid.

America can NO longer wait for the perfect statesman….we need action and we need it NOW!

Police often provoke protest violence, UC researchers find – SFGate

After the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson there were a few contentious nights between protesters and police…..there has been a blame going on about the violence……cops blame it on “outside agitators”….the protesters blame the cops for attacking like an occupying force……

Now some research has been done that could explain who’s fault possibly contributed to the violence on those streets of Ferguson……..


Police often provoke protest violence, UC researchers find – SFGate.