Racism 101: The Apology

The Univ of Oklahoma’s frat,  SAE,  on a day trip was taped singing a very racist song, basically about lynching a black person……the vid was leaked and a scandal was afoot.

Fter a couple of weeks of coverage and the media attempting to have the “Race” conversation……one of the song leaders has stepped forward with an apology…..his name is Levi Pettit….this person was surrounded by local reps, NAACP and a batch of preachers…….and his disingenuous apology began……..

“There are no excuses for my behavior. I never thought of myself as a racist. I never considered it a possibility,” Pettit, flanked by clergy and black civic leaders, told reporters at an Oklahoma City church. “But the bottom line is that the words that were said in that chant were mean, hateful and racist.

“I will be deeply sorry and deeply ashamed of what I’ve done for the rest of my life,” he said.

“I knew they were wrong but I never knew how or why they were wrong and the people I’ve met with … have opened my eyes to really put meaning behind those words,” he said as a community leader standing behind him patted him on the back. “Meeting with a few people does not change what I did, but it has begun to change me.”

This yutz was reading from a script and his tome was so disingenuous that it was pathetic….my thought was….would this a/hole apologize if he had not been caught on tape?  And just how much did Daddy pay for all that support the community was giving this guy…..they said that they accepted his apology……..must have been a mountain of money…….then ask….why would these people forgive him….what is their motivation?

Now the biggest piece of crap in his little speech was when he said……….””I knew they were wrong but I never knew how or why they were wrong and the people I’ve met with … have opened my eyes to really put meaning behind those words,”…..are you telling me that this 20 year old did not know that it was hurtful, wrong and outright racist?

Was this bigot home schooled?  Where has he been for the last couple of years with all the hate speak that has made the news?

I hope that the African-American community does NOT accept his apology……his speech was, as I have said, disingenuous, cold and aloof….he made it to get daddy off his back……he was a racist when he lead the song and I bet that he is still a racist…..this illustrates why we CANNOT have an adequate conversation on race….too many settle for crap!


Georgia ‘patriot’ reportedly planted pipe bombs in park to sow fear of Muslims

I would like to point out that there are more important issues than Jolie’s ovaries…..

I am beginning to despise the word “PATRIOT”…….it is a word being batted around by cowards that want to use the concept to feed hatred.

There is NOTHING patriotic about these gutless mental midgets……but today we will be told all about the American patriots that are fighting for our rights……most of them a cowards that have NOTHING to offer this country but their hate…..

The word “patriot” and “hero” are being used so much that their concept NO longer holds the traditions of the past……

Like this worthless lump of patriotic  crap………..


Georgia ‘patriot’ reportedly planted pipe bombs in park to sow fear of Muslims.

Fools And Their Idiotic Thoughts

Sen Cotton of Arkansas made history by his unthoughtful attempt at foreign policy….I am talking about his letter to Iran….but that is not the only place that he opened his mouth and inserted at least one foot…….the more he talks the more he shows his ignorance…..”Can’t Fix Stupid”!

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Make Way For The Morality Police

We all have seen the reports out of the Middle East about the “morality police”…..those little pricks that prance around deciding if what you do is moral or not…..

They are scoffed, laughed at and totally looked down upon…..but there is not a issue solely in the Middle East that is mocked more….the very thought of a “Morality Police”…….an absurd reality, right?

If some of the religious d/bags have their way then we could see a “morality police” in this country……think not?

Welcome to the America of the Religious Right!

Read on!


Morality Police.

The Homeopathic Way Of Life

Last weekend I wrote about farmers markets may not be all that organic or any different from your local grocery……this weekend let’s look at Homeopathy.

Some of us feel that the earth will provide all we need as far as our health goes…….ande we believe that we can treat ourselves homeopathic way…………you know with white willow or sassafras or pine needles or ginko……on and on…..

But are we doing our bodies a favor or not?

I read a piece this past week that covers these questions and the practice…….

Homeopathy—the idea that one can heal oneself with illness-inducing substances in tiny quantities—is basically a bunch of quackery practiced by delusional people who take their own lives in their hands and might just as well take a sugar pill instead, according to Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council. “There are no health conditions for which there is reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective,” declares the fairly blunt report, which also recommends that health insurers stop subsidizing homeopathic remedies and that pharmacies not stock them. “People who choose homeopathy may put their health at risk if they reject or delay treatments for which there is good evidence for safety and effectiveness.” The report reviewed hundreds of studies on homeopathy, notes CBS News, and found no evidence that it’s more effective than a placebo.

“I have no problems with private colleges wanting to run courses on crystal-ball gazing, iridology, and homeopathy, and if people are crazy enough to pay for it, it’s their decision,” one doctor tells the Guardian, but he thinks governments shouldn’t approve them. The Australian Homeopathic Association, not to be deterred, urged the NHMRC to find an approach that “respects and advocates patient choice.” It’s not the only blow to homeopathy of late: A Canadian study on homeopathic treatment for kids with ADHD came under heavy fire earlier this month from the scientific community for, as the Toronto Star puts it, “legitimiz(ing) a pseudoscience.”

Any one care to respond?