Will The Country Suffer Depression?

The markets go up…..the markets go down……a continuous yo-yo ride……

I know….very few Americans want to talk or learned about economics…..it is just all too hard.

We all have a fleeting knowledge of what happened in 1929, right?  But our minds are fresher in the events in 2008 when the markets dropped like a lead toilet in Lake Michigan.

But since that day the markets have steadily gone up and up and up……seemingly without any possibility of a return to the days of losing funds……but is there a possibility that we could see another loss of funds and value………..

A CIA analyst known for his dire economic predictions is speaking up again, warning that the next Great Depression may be right around the corner. Jim Rickards, a “financial threat and asymmetric warfare adviser” for the CIA, tells Money Morning that Americans should be preparing for a $100 trillion financial catastrophe. “Everybody knows we have a dangerous level of debt,” he says. “Everybody knows the Fed has recklessly printed trillions of dollars. … But all signs are now flashing bright red that our chickens are about to come home to roost.” Another reason for gloom: According to Rickards, the so-called Misery Index maintained by the Federal Reserve contains far worse data than most people believe.

The Misery Index adds the true unemployment rate with the true inflation rate, but Rickards contends that the Fed has altered the index’s calculations in order to hide the truth—that “the Misery Index has reached more dangerous levels than we saw prior to the Great Depression,” he says. “This is a signal of a complex system that’s about to collapse.” His prediction? A “70% stock market crash” followed by a 25-year depression, possibly sparked by a “major credit collapse” in China, he tells Reuters. His advice? Invest in “hard assets” like railroads, coal, wheat, or gold. Again, he’s not known for mild predictions:

Whatcha think?  Is this guy onto something or is he just giving Americans what they crave….a good dose of fear?

Ebola: Why Not Ask Real Questions?

Opinion from Chuq’s Desk:


Okay, enough is enough!  We have been bombarded with everything Ebola and most of it is worthless full and fodder.  America’s paranoia is running at a fever’s pitch.

I will bow to social convention and join the Ebola conversation….most will probably appreciate my direction of this post…..but hey….they can just get over it, right?

Now everyone can take a deep breath…..Nigeria is damn near Ebola free (for now…..Senegal is getting pretty damn close and now for the US…….we had some cases….nothing like West Africa but if you listened to your butt monkeys that you elected …we had an epidemic……

To what purpose is the MSM fixation on the Ebola outbreak?  I mean really?  We get lots of horror stories but little useful information.  We got every little political toad that ever wanted to be on TV got to say something of which little was accurate……but we Americans listened and we panicked….it is what we do……

Is what the media is doing a public service?  To me it is bordering on sensationalism.  At what point will it be considered fanning the flames of hysteria?  Is there a saturation point?  Just what is the point of this overreaction? Or would it be over-reporting?

Yes, Ebola is a horrific disease and yes there is a necessity for accurate information…usable information……but do we really need all this filler that is bordering on the psychotic?

So far I have seen little on the control and the cure and a whole bunch of typical bullsh*t that serves NO purpose other than to increase the panic.  Oh wait!  We have a new Ebola Czar……a position that may not be needed…..but what the Hell….it gives politicos something to use in their election ads.

Apparently the public carves a good dose of fear…….and this situation is feeding that hunger even though it appears the worst of this situation may be behind us………..

When will this end?

My guess it will lessen around November 5th…..or shortly after the votes are counted the situation will NO longer be needed..

Finally, just what is this Ebola overkill really accomplishing?

Questions………..  Answers needed.

If anyone was a good answer please share………

I am listening!

US Whitewashed History

It’s happening everywhere…..revisionists are trying to re-write American history to fit their distorted knowledge of history.

If they succeed then American history will be used to indoctrinate students unto a wrong interpretation……………Kinda like all those accusations against the Obama admin or the camps in so-called communist countries…..too many states are trying to revise history to fit in some paradigm of political BS………….

There is only ONE interpretation of history….THE TRUTH!


US Whitewashed History.

Army Vet Gets The Treatment

It is Sunday and on the weekends I try to give my readers something a little different….science or astronomy or humor or…..well anything but political crap we focus on every week day…….but I read a piece about the treatment of an American vet I got outraged and this post is a result of that rage.

All those that know me know how pissed I get when people act in a disrespectfully way to a veteran……any vet deserves respect……we have enough faux patriotism……..people that know me know how much I hate people that buy a flag or a ribbon or some such ‘patriotic’ paraphernalia……that does nothing but put money in some greedy f*cks pocket……of these people really want to show respect then force your elected official to get up off their donors genitalia and force them to act in the name of America’s veterans.

I have NO sympathy for anyone that belittles or embarrass a veteran for whatever reason they want to give…..there is NO excuse for disrespect….and my feelings lead me to this piece of crap from US Air…they will NEVER see a dime of my money!

US Airways is trying to contain a PR mess over what passengers on a flight saw as a flagrant insult to an Army vet. As WSOC-TV in Charlotte, NC, reports, it started simply enough when First Sgt. Albert Marle asked a flight attendant if he could hang his heavily decorated military jacket in a closet during the flight. The attendant told him the closet was only for first-class passengers, and he went back to his seat. It might have ended there had nearby passengers not overhead and raised a ruckus on Twitter. Sample: “USAirways is it really in your policy to disrespect brave men such as Sergeant Marle?” tweeted first-class passenger Laura Kirby.

That tweet and others like it explaining what happened quickly went viral, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Soon, the airline issued an apology: “We apologize for the situation and are reviewing the incident internally. We have a long and proud history of serving our military members and hold the men and women who serve our country in the highest regard.” The airline says the closet was full and the flight attendant had no choice, but passengers say if that was the case, she didn’t say so at the time. “I was really appalled at not only the way she looked at him but the way she spoke to him in an angry type of attitude,” Kirby’s husband, Brian, tells the Charlotte TV station. Marle himself hasn’t joined in the criticism.

This country owes these people, the vets, more than they could ever repay……the sad thing America does not even try to make things right….they have not cared for 40 years….there are Viet vets that are still waiting for this country to show them the respect they deserve……and I cannot see Americans doing much more for the most recent vets……

No one cares…they think a simple thank you is enough…it might be if vets did not know that it is only soothing a guilty conscience…….It is disgusting….and everyone should be ashamed of themselves for the treatment vets are subjected to in this society…..


Oh My God………Could I Have Ebola?

The media and politicians have turned Americans into hypochondriacs….if they sneeze more than twice they may have the Ebola virus…..

I have tried to calm the fears of people……but alas….it has done NO good……..

Time for Americans to get a grip!  This Ebola situation is an prime example of why if ever there would be an ‘end of life event’ the American public will NOT be told about it.

STOP listening to bullshit and……..

Answer ONE question!  (Maybe this Vox graphic will help)………..