Sen. Warren: Her Time Is Now!

2016 will become an all consuming debate next year……the media needs this to look as relevant as possible…..the pundits need it because they have nothing else going for them…….and we bloggers need her so that it is not a Hillary dominated diatribe.

There is lots of speculation whether she will run or not in 2016… thought is…….. please run!  But what are the odds that she will throw her hat?

Elizabeth Warren has come out swinging against her own party on two contentious issues in recent weeks—and it could be a sign she’s moving closer to a presidential run, writes Danny Vinik at the New Republic. First, the senator opposed President Obama’s nomination of investment banker Antonio Weiss for the number-three position at the Treasury department, arguing in the Huffington Post that his nomination contributed to a message “that whatever goes wrong in this economy, the Wall Street banks will be protected first.”

This week, Warren took on the new spending bill, slamming a rider that derailed part of Dodd-Frank financial reform. The measure, she said on the Senate floor, “would let derivatives traders on Wall Street gamble with taxpayer money and get bailed out by the government when their risky bets threaten to blow up our financial system.” Once again, she was going against President Obama, who supported the bill, which eventually passed the House. Both these issues “hold significant appeal for the Democratic base that believes Obama has grown too close to Wall Street and worries that (Hillary) Clinton will be more of the same,” Vinik writes. Warren’s press secretary still says she “isn’t running for president,” but that doesn’t mean she won’t. Click for the full piece.

I can tell you that the true Left is been wanting since Bubba ran…….he tapped into a more liberal Repub base more than you would think…….Hil is going after that same base when she decides to run……once again the Left will be wanting and that is where Warren comes into the picture…….

Progressives dearly want Elizabeth Warren to run for president, even if conventional wisdom suggests that as a populist candidate, she doesn’t stand much of a chance of beating Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. But “something is in the air,” observes David Brooks in the New York Times. The Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases have raised anger on the left, and Democrats in general are moving into “opposition status” ahead of the next Congress, writes Brooks. He expects that “this aggressive outsider spirit” will only grow.

Warren taps into this combative mood perfectly. “Clinton is obviously tough, but she just can’t speak with a clear voice against Wall Street and Washington insiders,” writes Brooks. In an interview with NPR yesterday, Warren repeated the phrase, “I am not running for president” three times, but she’s got plenty of time to change her mind. “The fundamental truth is that every structural and historical advantage favors Clinton, but every day more Democrats embrace the emotion and view defined by Warren,” writes Brooks. Click for his full column.

The big question is….if she runs can she win?  In my mind…YES….but I am not a typical Democratic voter…….regardless she should run to keep Clinton from being crowned the “leader” per-maturily.

The Horror! A Plus Size Model

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about what happen to real women…..I admit it….I am an old fart and enjoy girl watching……but these days women seem to think they need NO curves and are a caricature of a stick person…….

I ask again what is so damn wrong with having curves?

There is debate going on about a “plus size” model……..

Sports Illustrated’s vaunted Swimsuit Issue hits newsstands Monday, and there’s a whole lot of buzz being generated about one of the bikini-clad models who appears in it: Ashley Graham, who happens to be a size 16. She marks the first inclusion of a plus-size model in the edition, though it’s important to note that Graham isn’t part of the editorial but stars in an ad for swimwear brand swimsuitsforall (whose website features plenty more shots). As Marissa Payne puts it at the Washington Post, “Hey, small steps lead to big steps sometimes.”

“I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone else to know that theirs are too,” the 27-year-old tells Us Weekly, which reports Graham is no stranger to big-name magazines: She’s appeared in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Latina. A 2013 Forbes article sheds some light on what a moneymaker the issue has become. Launched in 1964, it brings in $1 billion (yes, billion) in revenue generated by everything from ad sales to sales of a namesake calendar.

Okay sports fans…..tell me what is so “plus” about this young lady?

Sorry she is far more sexy than some twig that has the same measurements from top to bottom……that has to stand up twice to make a shadow….or that if turn sideways and sticks out her tongue then she looks like a zipper……

Am I wrong?

Joining the military doesn’t make you a hero – Opinion – The Boston Globe

All this back and forth over a movie….”American Sniper”…….some say the story is about an American hero…….I will not subject my readers to a re-hash of what I had to say about the movie…..just go to yesterday’s posts and read it for yourself……

My regular readers know I have a problem with the term “hero”…….there have been some truly heroic situations but to use the term as some generic label is just wrong… diminishes the acts of a true hero

Side Note:  We now have an “American Hero Channel”….but when did gunslingers and gangsters fall into the hero category?  And that makes my point for me….and I thank them……


Joining the military doesn’t make you a hero – Opinion – The Boston Globe.

The Left’s Ignorant Islam Critics | The American Conservative

I know what you are thinking….WTF?  While I do not necessarily agree with conservative thought….I do find some interesting articles in the American Conservative…….of course it is a conservative site….so they will take every opportunity to embarrass the Left as much as possible…..please take that into consideration…….

This article is a pretty interesting read……check it out and let me know what you think…..


The Left’s Ignorant Islam Critics | The American Conservative.

2015–A New Year


Today we enter into a new year……it will most likely be filled with lots of crap and I do mean CRAP about the 2016 elections……should present people like me with a wealth of subjects on which to mock and to laugh…..and inform.

I started this blog in 2006 while recovering from an injury I got while working in an area devastated by Hurricane Katrina….an injury that left me unable to work and this blog became my outlet.  Originally it was for me to cut and paste stuff that I enjoyed reading to expand my knowledge….but shortly I went back to writing my thoughts on stuff that I found interesting…..and as they say “the rest is history”.

Since the beginning I have 1030 followers which is not ground breaking but it is good for a blog that has done nothing to promote itself other than finding people with like mind or those that take exception to my views.  This blog has 19,021 comments……people expressing their views on a wide array of subjects…….and during this time IST has gotten 187,00 hits….again not ground breaking but those that chose to come and read my stuff and for that I am very grateful.  During this time I have blocked 1.3 million unwanted comments.  Finally in those years I have written 7637 post and that comes to about 2.7 million words for the average post contains 350 words….short?  Yes… grandfather said “why write a novel when a paragraph will do?”

As we begin a new year I want to express my gratitude to all my followers and regular readers and commenters….writing a blog everyday is a daunting task but my followers make it a labor of love….THANK YOU.

I will stop now and wish everyone a Happy New Year….now go enjoy your day filled with family, fun, food and football.  We will be back at it in full force tomorrow.


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