Do white people really know how to have more than one black friend? | Rebecca Carroll | Comment is free |

Thanx to the tragic death of Michael brown the country is having that awkward race conversation.  Don’t get me wrong I believe we have needed an honest conversation on race for decades and so far all we have done is talk and the crap still carries on and on……

News media has 3 white guys debating race….kinda like 3 men debating birth control…….we Americans truly want to have this conversation but none of us know how to have it……where to start……

I read a piece in the UK’s Guardian and thought it asked some interesting questions…I think we all need to read it…….and please let me know what you think……


Do white people really know how to have more than one black friend? | Rebecca Carroll | Comment is free |

BP Oil Spill UpDate

Just over 4 years ago the Gulf was the site of the world’s worse oil spill….that is right the BP debacle….I live on the gulf Coast and had to live with the horrible pics of the day….my state was a bit luckier than the others because we have a chain of barrier islands that sort of protected our beaches from the gunk………but thanx to the spill the economy was crashed into the Gulf and it is slowly coming back….still not a 100% but it is trying……..

I bring this up because BP is still fighting the penalties that have been leveled at them……and new info has been reported……..

A federal judge has ruled that BP’s reckless conduct resulted in the nation’s worst offshore oil spill, leaving the company open to billions of dollars in penalties. US District Judge Carl Barbier’s ruling today could nearly quadruple the amount of civil penalties BP could face for polluting the Gulf of Mexico with its Macondo well blowout. Barbier presided over a trial in 2013 to apportion blame for the spill that spewed oil from April 20 to mid-July 2010. Eleven men died in the explosion; BP already has agreed to billions of dollars in criminal fines. Barbier says BP bears 67% of the blame for the spill, drilling rig owner Transocean Ltd. takes 30% of the blame, and cement contractor Halliburton Energy Services takes 3%.

I have said all along that BP will some how get out of these fines and penalties….why would I think that?  look at the Exxon Valdez spill from the 80’s…..Exxon has never paid what they were ordered to pay and BP will slither out of their responsibility somehow.

I will be watching this to see if I am predicting correctly or not……..what is your guess?

2014 Babbling Buffoons Of Babylon #16

Edition #16 begins and the moronic chatter just keeps coming…….morons and their mouths……it makes it all too easy to make fun of them….they are so stupid that they just cannot shut the Hell up….and for that…I THANK THEM!

1–First up in this edition is that lady running for office in Iowa that is proud of her ability to de-nut pigs……

The argument, made by Ernst in April, was flagged by The Plum Line’s Greg Sargent on Friday. It was part of Ernst laying out her opposition to Iowa expanding Medicaid. Here’s the key passage:

Participation in the broken Medicaid program has doubled over the past decade. Iowa has nearly 500,000 Medicaid enrollees. If the program is expanded, it is estimated the Medicaid population will grow by an additional 110,000 to 181,000 recipients who have no personal responsibility for their health and no accountability for the care provided.

I see she is on board with the GOP talking point of blaming the poor for being poor……what a great gal!

2–CNN’s wolf Blitzer asked a question that needed NOT to be asked…….

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked guest Jeffrey Toobin on Thursday why police weren’t instructed to “shoot to injure,” instead of kill.

“They often shoot to kill,” Blitzer said of police. “Why do they have to shoot to kill? Why can’t they shoot a warning shot in the air, scare someone off if they think they’re in danger. Why can’t they shoot to, injure, shall we say? Why do they have to shoot to kill?”

It might sound like a logical question…..but should not the question be….Does the PD have to shoot all the time?  Just my thought on this.

3–The actions of ISIS is bringing the right wing slugs out into the daylight… the guy from American Family Association…..families everywhere should be ashamed that they use that tag for their bullshit.

in Horowitz’s world, Obama is cheering on ISIS because he’s a Muslim who hates America.

“Obama is an anti-American radical and I’m actually sure he’s a Muslim, he certainly isn’t a Christian,” Horowitz said. “He’s a pretend Christian in the same way he’s a pretend American. It really is disgraceful. He’s inviting the terrorists to behead more Americans when he should be attacking them with our military. His whole agenda in office has been to defeat America, he lost the war in Iraq deliberately, he created a vacuum which ISIS has filled.”

To call this toad a gutless spineless prick is being unfair to gutless spineless pricks…..

4–And then we have all those tiny brain d/bags that are using Ferguson as some sort of soapbox……like Steve Deace………

Steve Deace linked the shooting of Michael Brown and the ensuing protests to what he sees as lax enforcement of immigration laws.

Deace cited the announcement that 22 Iowa county sheriffs are refusing to hold federal immigration detainees without a court order as evidence that local governments are “creating lawlessness.” This, he implied, could cause rioting if a released undocumented immigrant committed a murder, as people “take the law into their own hands,” causing law enforcement to “militarize up.”

What insult is enough to sum up the words of mental midgets like Deace?

5–You gotta love pea brains like Gov Rick “soon to be a felon” Perry…..he is a wealth of bullshit….

It’s a “very real possibility” that individuals with the extremist group ISIS may have crossed into the United States at the southern border, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday, though he added he doesn’t have any evidence.

Because the border is insecure, Perry said that “individuals from ISIS or other terrorist states could be” taking advantage of the situation. “I think it’s a very real possibility that they may have already used that,” he told an audience at the Heritage Foundation in Washington.

Sad Heritage use to be a respected think tank….now it’s white papers are best suited for toilet paper or to line a bird cage……

6–Sad to say that not all the morons on the Right are men….you would think women would be smarter than this………

RNC committeewoman Tamara Scott of Iowawarned that child migrants from Central America may have been “highly trained as warriors” and could “rise up against” U.S. citizens.

“When we see these kids, you and I think young kids, we think maybe 12-year-olds, maybe homeschoolers — excuse me, middle-schoolers,” said Scott, who is also Concerned Women for American’s Iowa state director and works as a lobbyist for the conservative group The Family Leader. “But we know back in our revolution, we had 12-year-olds fighting in our revolution. And for many of these kids, depending on where they’re coming from, they could be coming from other countries and be highly trained as warriors who will meet up with their group here and actually rise up against us as Americans.”

I guess I have found another idiot woman to get in line with Mann Coulter, Malkin and a wealth of FOX News ladies (I use the term loosely)…….

7–Geez, do these religious types know no bounds?  This babbling buffoon is Bryan Fischer……of course ISIS is on everyone’s lips these days…but this twat is just amazing….

Asserting that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah are “just like the Gay Gestapo is today” and that America is celebrating behavior that God calls an abomination while persecuting those who stand for God’s values, Fischer warned that “God eventually is going to run out of patience with the United States.”

And when that day comes, he said, God “will use pagan armies to discipline his people if they turn from him in rebellion and disobedience and descend into debauchery,” pointing to the rise of ISIS to raise the possibility that “God will use the pagan armies of Allah to discipline the United States for our debauchery”:

How do mental midgets like this exist……if he is any indication on how a religious person should talk…then count me OUT!

8–Now for one of the biggest douche bags on the tube….Dinesh D’Souza…..

Filmmaker and President Obama truther, Dinesh D’Souza, likened James Foley’s beheading to protesters in Ferguson, Missouri on Thursday while appearing on NewsMaxTV’s “Steve Malzberg Show.”

“The common thread between ISIS and what’s going in Ferguson is you have these people who basically believe that to correct a perceived injustice, it’s perfectly okay to inflict all types of new injustices,” said D’Souza on NewsMaxTV’s Steve Malzberg Show. “Behead guys who had nothing to do with it. Go and loot shops from business owners who were not part of the original problem whatsoever. And all of this is then licensed by the left and licensed to some degree by the media.”

I cannot find words strong to illustrate my contempt for pricks like this one.

9–There is one person that seems to make every edition of B3…..and that idiot is Louis Gohmert of Texas…..he amazes me constantly with the most mindless comments one person could make….and guess what?  He is at it….again!

Republican congressman warned Americans that President Obama would not be able to adequately protect the nation from the threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) — the terrorist organization that has taken over large parts of Iraq — because the administration’s policy is being guided and influenced by “Muslim brothers.”

Appearing on SiriusXM’s “The Wilkow Majority,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) argued, “if you’re Commander-in-Chief you can’t be listening to Muslim brother advise on when it’s time to stop destroying Muslim brothers.”

Is there something in the water in Texas that produces screaming morons like Gohmert?

With that Edition #16 comes to an end……but never fear it is not the last…..we still have at least four months of the year left and we know these assholes cannot be silent for very long……

Edition #17 coming to a blog near you…..stay tuned and stay vigilant….

Who You Calling A Racist?

The situation in Ferguson and Staten Island and Louisiana have re-opened the conversation on racism…….of course no one will admit to being a racist, not even the hard core racist..but there is some scientific proof that we all maybe a little on the racist side…….

(Newser) – As America once again examines its race relations, Nicholas Kristof writes that it’s not the guys in white sheets we need to worry about. Instead of “overt racists,” we should instead focus on the “broad swath of people who consider themselves enlightened, who intellectually believe in racial equality, who deplore discrimination, yet who harbor unconscious attitudes that result in discriminatory policies and behavior,” he writes in the New York Times. That’s where the conversation needs to start.

Kristof cites a number of studies to bolster his point—video game players (including Kristof himself) are quicker to fire on a black person than a white person, doctors dole out more pain medication to white patients with a broken leg, etc.—but he stresses that the cause isn’t hopeless. The nation has made huge progress on race over the decades, and good training and smart policies (police cameras, for example) can help. But we must acknowledge that “racial stereotyping remains ubiquitous,” he writes. And the main problem is “people who believe in equality but who act in ways that perpetuate bias and inequality.” Click for his full column.

ME?  I will admit that I am a bit of a racist……but mine is a deep desire to understand what occurred in Vietnam and why…..the racial thing is a side effect of war……….I am not a violent person so I am not going out and commit some crime against those that I do not like or trust……and I try to curb my reactions and in my declining years it has gotten better….I do not want to take anything away from people…….mine is more that I search for the son-of-a-bitch that tortured me in 1968.

Please read the full article and then tell me what you think…is it accurate or not?

To further this line of thought….the HufPo has a great study about race and the media….it is well worth the read ….if you have the time…

Please take the time to read the articles……I think that we need to have a serious conversation on race……..I do not believe that we are having that as of today.


Did Certain Foreign Governments Facilitate the 9/11 Attacks? by Justin Raimondo —

I know there is a wealth of conspiracies out there about 9/11….from the 912ers to Saudis had something to do with it and I am sure if I look hard enough I can find one that blames the attack on Obama….

I read this this morning and feel that I should press the article and see if the comments are interesting or just crazy…….

What do you, my readers, have to say about this piece?


Did Certain Foreign Governments Facilitate the 9/11 Attacks? by Justin Raimondo —

Nine years since Hurricane Katrina: has anything changed? |

My longest day was the 13 hours and 33 minutes that Hurricane Katrina lasted…..I was in the direct path…rode it out with my father and then went to work as a first responder trying to get people help……the day after Xmas 2005 I was thrown off a ladder and hit concrete…broke my right leg in 3 places…and my life will never be the same….constant pain and agony…….

I bring this up because Katrina happened 9 years ago on the 29 August….today!

Many people seem to think that all is right with the world in the devastated area of Katrina……maybe not so….please read….


Nine years since Hurricane Katrina: has anything changed? |.

Secrets of the Right-Wing Brain: New Study Proves Conservatives See a Hostile World | Alternet

I have thought for decades that conservative brains are wired differently than us “common folk”…..and now there seems to be a bit of proof…..I believe that it takes a special kind of thinking that sees danger everywhere and then sets about finding spurious crap to confirm that belief……

There may be an answer all along….read it and weep (or laugh) your choice…..


Secrets of the Right-Wing Brain: New Study Proves Conservatives See a Hostile World | Alternet.