Remember Dooms Day?


In 2012 we were suppose to listen to the Maya and wait for the end of the world, 21 December, to be exact….but we found what they were really predicting was the need for a new calendar………then there are other prophets that have predicted the end of the world for a 1000 years, probably more……and then there is the rapture that some of our religious brethren are waiting for to occur……Nostradamus had an encrypted message that some say predicts it also and Issac Newton is supposedly waiting for 2060 as the end…… but so far none of them have been accurate ( we will have to wait awhile for the one from Newton)……is there any one with any knowledge that is predicting our demise?

Funny you should ask……there is this……..

Don’t look now, but industrial society is going the way of the Dodo bird. According to a NASA-funded study, modern societies will self-destruct in the vein of past empires (think Roman, Han, Mesopotamian) because the 1% are consuming too much and we’re bound to run out of resources. “Who’s to blame?” asks Gizmodo. “You. Me. Everyone walking around outside your window.” The study itself gives a more detailed breakdown of how elites will gobble up too many resources and idly ignore impending disaster, the Guardian reports. Led by mathematician Safa Motesharri, the study found that energy, agriculture, water, climate, and population have undermined past empires when resources ran thin and society became overly stratified between haves and have-nots. “Collapse is difficult to avoid” in our society, probably because “elites consume too much” and will create “an inequality-induced famine.” Technology won’t save us, either, because it forces greater resource extraction and consumption. The only solutions? Distribute resources more fairly, use less-intensive renewable resources, and reduce population growth, the study says. “Which is just as difficult and improbable as it sounds,” sighs Gizmodo. (Click to see other theories about how human civilization could end.)

The 1%?  Does that mean we can blame Mitt when it happens?

Who would you like to blame?

I Like History


At last!  The weekend and time for stuff other than the drudgery of politics………decided to let my readers in on what I do other type my ass off……….

I am a member of the Psi Phi Society… it has nothing to do with science fiction….rather it is the

two Greek letters……………

It is a group of people that get together and discuss and debate different subjects….our last meeting we were joined by an archeologist and we decided to discuss the ancient Minoan civilization… usual the discussion turned into a debate and then an all out argument…….I will get you a synopsis of the topic.

I like archeology the study of civilizations long past and since I am by no means an expert in the field I approached the topic, Minoan civilization, from a History point of view…..I had the opportunity to take a couple of courses on ancient civilizations such as Babylon, Sumeria, Hittites and the Minoans………

Since those days I have formed a couple of opinions, theories if you will, pertaining to these civilizations……some of these civilizations built stuff using massive stones….some weighing over 50 tons…..I want some random archeologists to explain to me how they moved and set these stones if they did not have pulleys and such.

Sorry for the digression….back to my point…..What became of the Minoans?

The prevailing theory is that the Minoan civilization was destroyed when Mt. Thera erupted and the island was hit by a massive tsunami……that is one theory…but my acquaintance idea is the more prevailing of the day… seems that according to archeologists the Mycenaean Greeks came about 1450 BCE and slowly the Minoans were absorbed into that culture….let’s step back a bit……

The Minoans were a trading culture…they had extensive dealings with most areas of the Eastern Mediterranean…Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor, ………now that I filled in that little piece of history…I will continue….

About 1425 BCE the culture started to decline and by 1100 BCE it was all but gone……now we come to my assertion……as the Minoans were in decline…the Phoenicians were gaining prominence……around 1200 BCE….and as we know from our word history…the Phoenicians were a strong naval power which reached as fr as the straight of Gibraltar and beyond (not commonly accepted) ….so far a historical perspective….as the Minoans were in decline on the island of Crete they just changed their “home base” and moved their operations to an established outpost in what is today’s Lebanon.

Well our back and forth went on for about 2 hours….and my friend decided that the day was about over and he was tired and said that he must retire for the day…of course I said that means”I won”…he replied….”Nope I am tired”…..I thought for a moment and said….”I win”!

After a few well chosen four letter words and he removed himself from the gathering……..

The moral of this story is……I WON!

IST Op-Ed: Where Is The Conversation?

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From the desk of IST editor:

Almost an eighth of all deaths worldwide last year were caused by air pollution, which is now the world’s biggest environmental health risk, the World Health Organization warns. A new study released by the agency finds that around 3.7 million deaths in 2012 were caused by outdoor air pollution, the Guardian reports, but even more deaths—4.3 million—were caused by indoor air pollution, mainly from coal or dung-powered stoves in some of the world’s poorest countries.

The report found that pollution-caused deaths, especially from heart disease and strokes, are soaring in fast-developing Asian nations like China. The WHO’s public health chief says he hopes the report, by exposing the “astronomical costs” of air pollution, will spur governments to do more about dirty air. “What’s needed is collective action,” he tells the New York Times. “The air you are polluting is the same air you breathe.”

I do not think that there are many of us that truly know what will actually happen with climate change or when.  We all stand on one side or the other…..that makes NO difference…..we actually have NO idea.

How long can we continue to debate the situation….when the debate is spurious at best……so far there has been NO serious discussion…instead we throw one liners, slogans and BS at each other………how far are we willing to push the situation?

No one seems to care about these deaths….where are the signs, the protests, the pundits to condemn this situation?  It seems if we are suppose to be a “pro-life” nation….then ALL life should be of some concern….but so far all we have are insults…..all talk….NO action….the true American Way!

We Americans use to be problem solvers….today we are whiners and bullies…..the problems get worse…there will be a point of no return….are you willing to do nothing….but wait and see?

2014 Babbling Buffoons Of Babylon #6


So far it has been an interesting year……lots of crap going on while we were otherwise distracted……and in those days the Babbling…….. Buffoons have not given their mouths a rest….they just cannot shut up and here is Chuq to let you know what you have missed….

1–The Ukraine is about to explode and of course everyone has an opinion on what we should do…..and that includes presidential hopeful Rand Paul……

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said that if he were president, he would not let Russian President Vladimir Putin get away with his invasion into Ukraine.

Paul on Monday described the movement of Russian troops into the Crimean Peninsula as a gross violation of Ukrainian sovereignty, and argued it is the United States’ responsibility to take the lead in condemning it.

May I remind Sen. Paul of one thing…”if worms had machine guns, birds would not f*ck with them”…….

2–And then there is this Arkansas judge…….

If you have gay sex, then it is just a “small step” to sex with a dog. “Sluts are just whores in training.” Women shouldn’t make an “emotional decision to divorce because the husband stepped out” if he was a “good provider.” And, whatever you do, don’t go to Disney World during “gay/lesbian week.”

Those are just some of the gems uncovered after the Arkansas blog Blue Hog Report discovered that an pseudonymous commenter on a message board for Louisiana State University fans was sitting Arkansas state Judge Mike Maggio. Judge Maggio, who posted under the username “geauxjudge” offered questionable views on race, sexuality, women and many other issues.

The comment about sex with dogs arose in a discussion thread about a “Vegas woman arrested for sex with pit bull.” Maggio suggested that “TGGLBS sex” — an apparent reference to “transgender, gay, lesbian or bisexual sex” — is a gateway to copulating with canines:

Stupidity has a voice and he lives in Arkansas….

3–First there are the commies….then there were the socialists and then there were Nazis……all about the same person….you know I understand that Obama may not be too damn popular but please people make up your little minds…….read this…..

Given that End Times radio host Rick Wiles is a sane and reasonable man with a long history of being right about a vast number of things, it is only logical for us to be alarmed when we learned from him today that America has been overthrown by Nazis.

As Wiles was preparing to interview John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, on his radio program yesterday, he furiously declared that America has been taken over by a Nazi dictatorship as the culmination of a plot set in motion following World War II. This same Nazi movement is also behind the events in Ukraine, which will lead to World War III where America and other Western nations will be the evil Axis Powers while Russia and China will be the good guys:

One would think that these mental midgets would pick one disastrous political system and stick with it……maybe the Right should form a “coordinating committee” to get their people all on the same page….just a thought.

4–It is that socialism thingy…….it seems anything that Obama talks about is somehow socialism……and guess what?  Minimum wage is NO different…….and good old louie Gohmert speaks……….

I have to first note that when Gohmert was asked about income inequality, his immediate response was to start talking about socialism. When he was asked about “entitlement programs,” he said they give people incentives not to work. If you look at the DeLay video, there is the same kind of sentiment expressed- in fact, for Delay, it isn’t only socialism – the minimum wage and “welfare” are unconstitutional. (One must assume from the context that he is talking about all government programs, like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps).

5–At the recent CPAC….good old Tom DeLay had so much to say….and as usual it is all so much MANURE!

DeLay not only said that welfare and the minimum wage were unconstitutional; he had a whole list of wild and crazy pronouncements, including:

  • that for the first time in a hundred years, progressives have completely taken over the government and that’s why things are so terrible right now. Um, Tom, FDR passed Social Security and the minimum wage; broke up the big Wall Street banks; instituted stiff regulations on all kinds of big businesses; passed an income tax with a top rate of 90%; made it far easier for workers to join unions; and got the biggest expansion of student financial aid in history. Truman got the biggest foreign aid package ever passed; pushed hard for national health care; and railed against “a return of the Wall Street dictatorship.” In the JFK and LBJ years, government created the Peace Corps, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, Medicare, Medicaid, the Fair Housing Act, immigration liberalization, Legal Aid, Head Start, the Pell Grant, and the War on Poverty. All those things you bitterly oppose, except for Obamacare, were passed by past progressives who ran the government.
  • that under Republican passed welfare reform, single moms started marrying the fathers and everything got better than things are now with all this wild food stamp usage. There are so many things wrong with that statement it makes one’s head spin, but let’s stick with the big two. First, more and more people are staying unmarried longer and longer (or never getting married at all), and that includes mothers. Second, welfare reform passed during the biggest economic boom in this country in the last 50 years, the last six years of the Clinton era– of course when there is full employment, less people will be on food stamps than in the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression!
  • that the progressive philosophy itself is unconstitutional. That would have been a big surprise to the writers of the first amendment to our constitution, who said that the freedom of speech and conscience was part of being an American. It would have been a big surprise to Lincoln, TR, FDR, Truman, the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Jr, and all the other great progressives in American history. According to Tom DeLay, “Income inequality is a code word for redistribution of wealth, a Socialist mentality. The progressives don’t believe in the Constitution.”

This from the mot corrupt Speaker we have ever had….but the truly sad thing about him is that the TP gives him way too much credit………all this is so much silliness.

6–I love doublespeak……..

Paul Ryan: “I didn’t mean that black people are lazy, I just meant that in areas where a lot of black people live, a lot of people are lazy”

Now that explains……NOTHING!

7–Of course this missing airplane has Obama written all over it…….

right-wing conspiracy theorist Jim Garrow — a notorious con man who now claims to be a former CIA agent — believes that President Obama blew up the missing Malaysia Airlines plane as part of a “jihad” against China.

He said the military forced the plane to “land by wire” at a base in Diego Garcia and interrogated the “nerds” aboard the jet who are working “for China designing ‘classified’ leading edge computer/internet control software and are carrying the matching hardware with them on the plane.”

Lots of theories and as usual only an idiot would believe them……..

Edition 6 is in the can….that’s a wrap…….stay tuned….

Gonna Be Hot As Hell!


I am sure that this post should get all those juices flowing and the flurry of BS will ensue……cool, huh?

For decades there has been a raging debate, no, an argument, argument has been blowing in the wind…….emotions run high and some billionaires have spent a butt load of cash to stifle the debate on climate change.  I mean the mindless argument that because there is snow there can be NO climate change or should I use global warming?

The debate has gotten sillier by the year…now the entire debate has come down to the exchange of stats and links and when that gets old they trot out a so-called “expert” to insult the other side of the argument…….and in the end nothing is accomplished with the exception of some hurt feelings and the situation gets worse.

But for some the argument is accomplishing the very aim of the debate… obfuscate the issue until NO one has any idea of what is being said and the lack of action…….

Heatwave summers will be the norm in Europe by the 2040s as a result of climate change, the Met Office has said.

Average temperatures across Europe will exceed those seen in 2003 – when Britain recorded its highest ever temperature of 38.5C (101.3F) – in more than half the summers that decade.

While the prospect of warmer weather may bring cheer to many, the hot summer of 2003 saw more than 2,000 excess deaths in the UK as pensioners in particular struggled to cope with the heat. More than 20,000 people died as a result of the heat across Europe.

Scientists also warned that climate change was likely to have a series of negative effects for the UK, including food price spikes, increased incidence of asthma and allergies, and more flooding.

Of course this post will ignite a flurry of well meaning comments….the endless array of links and hearsay will be the norm…….and while we spend our time disputing all views the change goes on and people will die……but that is somehow okay….as long as we do not have to face the music….that is until it is too late….and then it will be….just that….TOO LATE!

Missing Plane Editorial


Opinion from the desk of IST editor

I have resisted conventional wisdom and stayed away from the whole affair of the missing plane…….there have been a wealth of opinions, analysis and speculation on what happened to make this plane veer off course.

It is official as of yesterday……the plane went down in a remote section of the South Indian Ocean with all hands…….it is time to move on and let the families deal with this situation in their own way.  Rehashing what everyone thinks happened is of no use to anyone.

At this point in the ‘investigation” and the story the media is doing NO one any good….they are allowing “experts” that profit from this situation drive the story.  These people are fear mongering and that equals profits……they are using any and all scenarios to keep the other plane carriers worried that something like this could happen to them….and that is good for business.

The media has talked to everybody that has ever seen a 777….the only ones left are the vultures that want to turn this tragedy into profits…..they are acting as enablers………

An official statement has been issued…the story is dead with the single exception if they find the black box……which will do nothing to explain the trip…all it will do is tell what the last 2 hours were…..that is it.  The media needs to let it go.

It is time for the families to deal with their loss and they need their privacy……..

This is NO longer a major story……..MSM needs to back off and do what they pretend they are about….reporting the news.

Asshole Of The Day, Is Andrea Kieffer Asshole of the Day?


There are many conversations we as a society should be having…….education, race, inequality…..what we need is less talk more action….maybe idiots will drive the nation into action…

Maybe this lady can help……..

Asshole Of The Day, Is Andrea Kieffer Asshole of the Day?.

I Am So Sick Of Morons!


I guess the title says it all….but I would like to explain it a little better…….I am sick to the Right lumping all liberals together and making moronic even STUPID statements that they think makes their case…..we may disagree but I do not think all Righties are idiots….and that makes me think of the quote by Mill on conservs…if you do not know it then put that lazy Google finger to work and check it out…..

Liberals are being accused of so much more than they are capable of at this time…….some of it could be true…..but to say that all are somehow connected is just propaganda…..look it up in IST’s “Propaganda 2.0″  Like I said liberals are being assaulted verbally….I guess they want retaliation for the Bush years when they were called all sorts of names…..I have said….if I call an individual an insulting name then I email them a copy of my post and ivite them to respond and I will post their response……

But idiots that make sweeping statements are doing NO one any good, especially the country……and then there are people, I use the term loosely, like this douche bag………

Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt, who previously claimed that liberals were happy about the Boston Marathon bombing, said in an interview last week that the “gun control crowd” “privately rejoice” at events like the Sandy Hook massacre.

When a caller told Pratt, who was a guest on VCY America’s Crosstalk on Thursday, that he thought the Sandy Hook shooting “stinks of a conspiracy,” Pratt responded that “the gun control crowd” are “opportunistic.”

“My guess is that privately they rejoice when something like this happens,” he added. “Because they immediately go to their buddies in the media and they immediately start shedding their crocodile tears, pushing for more gun control.”

I was going to include this mental midget in the next edition of Babbling Buffoons but decided he needed his own post……it is a/holes like this one that give so many Conservs bad names…….this ‘person’ is doing nothing but trying to increase his membership base so he can more money…..and the sick part is too many listen to this type of mindless bullshit….

Pratt is an opportunistic mentally deranged douche bag…….and yes a copy will be emailed to him and he is free to respond and have it posted…….

Asshole Of The Day, Is Ralph Reed Asshole of the Day?


There are those on the Right that listen to this douche bag….he is a FELON….but yet he is somehow more moral that the rest of us mere mortals…….and he gets interviewed on otherwise reputable news outlets…leads me to believe they are as corrupt as this toad…..

If anyone deserves the title it is this “person”

Asshole Of The Day, Is Ralph Reed Asshole of the Day?.

Rancid Prius Speaks!

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Allow me to catch you up…..Ukraine is still a head scratcher…..the plane is still missing with NO actual facts to report but the media will not let it go………

First, let me say I apologize for the title…..when I hear the chairman of the RNC’s name….that is all I can think….,funny how the mind works, huh?

Let’s move on….shall we?

It seems that for the first time in many years I find myself in agreement with the chairman of the RNC and the BS he tries to pass off as facts…….

Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus Tuesday didn’t merely predict that 2014 would be a wave election for Republican candidates. He predicted a political tsunami.

Speaking to reporters at a breakfast hosted by The Christian Science Monitor, Priebus said ‘I think we’re in for a tsunami-type election in 20014′ powered largely by Republicans winning six Senate seats to regain control of that chamber.

‘My belief is, it’s going to be a very big win, especially at the U.S. Senate level, and we may add some seats in congressional races,’ he told reporters. ‘But I need to and we need to at the RNC level make sure that we can capture the positives and the benefits we’ve been able to provide in 2014 and build on that to have success in 2016, which is a very different type of election.’

It is not looking good, at this point in the cycle, for the Dems in Congress…..they will have to deal with high debt, the failed rollout of Obamacare and the general wimpiness of the candidates that grows more and more with each session.

But how can this be explained?  All too many are asking this question…..and I believe there is a simple answer……..

Forgot who said this but it rings true…..”Never underestimate the power of human stupidity”…..if you do not like that answer then let me leave you with the words of Martin Luther King, Jr……”Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”

And that my friends is….Enough Said!

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