Personal Experience Matters Not

Finally the weekend has arrived and I can take a much needed break…..but unlike most weekends I want to post something that has me a bit irritated……

Like I say in my “about” section of IST….I am an opinionated SOB.  I try to help people understand what is happening in the world….NO I am not by any means an expert but since I am an old fart there is a wealth of experience in my life from which I can draw…..

My day consist of lots of reading… sites and blogs…..and when I read something that I feel is misinformation or worse I try to tell the writer where I believe that they may be mistaken…

This has come to a halt….for some of the people do not want to hear that their thinking maybe flawed….these people lash out and refuse to understand what I am trying to impart to them.

These people have made up their minds about Muslims or Afro-Americans or the immigrants/refugees…..and anyone that imparts some wisdom on their thinking is wrong or naive or just plain stupid….these people refuse to accept that their thought process maybe erroneous and that the info that they reprint is not gospel….simply because it is what they want it to be……..not one of these people has anything to relate to other than “he said, she said”….and if you do not agree with them you are labeled…basically they are doing what they accuse others of doing…..

Each one of these people will predictably say that someone will call them a racist or something else….and then they use negative words to describe those they write about….words like swarm, pack, etc…….or they use an insult like “The Religion Of Peace” in a derogatory manner….all intended to do just what it does….insults the group that they feel somehow threatens their way of life…….

I have read posts that denigrate Muslims, the poor and entitlement users…..I have in the past set about explaining that I had not witnessed the things that they are accused of doing…..I worked in the Middle East and lived with a Muslim family…..I was treated with the utmost respect….I have also worked with the poor……I was employed by the local state Housing Authority and dealt with people that needed welfare daily… my time I have NOT witnessed any of the stuff that these people have been accused of doing or thinking…..but that matters not……

For these reasons are why that I try not to let too much of my personal experiences appear in blogs….for it matters not what I tell these people… will NEVER get through to them that they are way off base in their accusations.  I will however, share my experiences with anyone that truly wants to know and to learn from what I have experienced.

The insults are nothing new….I have been called all sorts of names in the past…..mostly by people that have no idea what I am like……the same people that insult the crap out of someone they have never met or probably never had a conversation with……

Sorry to be a bummer……this is just something I had to get off my chest….

Now let’s go out and enjoy the weekend….shall we?

Food Nazi Speaks

A few years ago I started a food blog here on WordPress, The Food Nazi,  and found that trying to keep up with more than one blog was a daunting endeavor… I let it go….I do however from time to time invoke the memory of that blog and post something on food…….

First, for all you heat freaks……I know the hot sauce du jour is that crap from (wherever)….Sriracha……but that is for wimps and posers……you really want heat then sack up and try some Harissa…. you will not be disappointed.

These days there seems to be a diet of some sort for every type of eater….no matter if you are a meat eater or vegan or vegetarian or…well whatever you think is the best food to consume…..but for many years there has been one diet that constantly improves a person health both physical and mental……

Hoping to avoid brain shrinkage, cognitive impairment, and dementia? Gobble up lots of fish, veggies, and nuts. A new study shows those who follow the increasingly well-regarded Mediterranean diet have less brain atrophy than those who don’t. Researchers scanned the brains of 674 Manhattan residents over 80 who showed no signs of dementia, and analyzed their diets based on a questionnaire, reports the Guardian. The patients who kept to a Mediterranean diet had a brain volume that was 13.11 milliliters larger than others, their gray matter volume was 5 milliliters larger, and their white brain matter was 6.41 milliliters larger. Since people’s brains shrink with age, researchers say the difference in brain volume is equal to about five years of aging. This doesn’t mean the Mediterranean diet slows brain aging, but it does show an association.

And with greater brain volume comes more brain cells. “The more brain cells you have available, the more likely you are to be protected against illnesses of the brain related to aging, like Alzheimer’s,” a doctor tells CBS News, adding omega-3 fatty acids found in fish may benefit nerve cells, while B vitamins in fruits and veggies may prevent the buildup of plaque in the brain. “These results are exciting, as they raise the possibility that people may potentially prevent brain shrinking and the effects of aging on the brain simply by following a healthy diet,” lead author Yian Gu says. One aspect of the diet stood out, though. “Eating at least three to five ounces of fish weekly or eating no more than 3.5 ounces of meat daily may provide considerable protection against loss of brain cells equal to about three to four years of aging,” Gu adds. (The diet might also add years to your life.)

Then there are foods that we are addicted to for some reason……like chocolate or burgers or ……..for me it is CHEESE!

It matters not what type….they all have their good qualities and some even have a bad one or maybe two……but for me cheese is very addicting……I wonder why?

Pizza is the most problematic food out there, as far as addictive-like qualities go. So report students who completed the Yale Food Addiction Scale as part of a study by researchers at the University of Michigan. Those researchers published their findings in PLoS ONE earlier this year, and wrote that “though evidence of ‘food addiction’ continues to grow, no previous studies have yet examined which foods or food attributes are likely implicated in addictive-like eating.” So they sought to create a sort of “addictive profile,” and ultimately determined that processed foods that are higher in fat and refined carbohydrates, which have a rapid rate of absorption as indicated by glycemic load, tend to be hardest for we mere mortals to resist. “Processing was a large, positive predictor for whether a food was associated with problematic, addictive-like eating behaviors.”

The common-sense upshot: salmon and cucumbers aren’t problematic; ice cream and chips are. And with pizza atop our gotta-have-it list, Mic this week looks at what may set cheese apart. Cheese contains the protein casein, which releases opiates called casomorphins as the cheese is digested. “[Casomorphins] really play with the dopamine receptors and trigger that addictive element,” registered dietitian Cameron Wells, who was not part of the study, tells Mic. And while it’s present in all dairy products, it’s far more condensed in cheese because it takes 10 pounds of milk to make about a pound of cheese. When it comes to cheese, we’re certainly eating more of it: Americans tripled their cheese consumption between 1970 and 2010, from about 8 pounds per year to 23 pounds, reports the Center for Science in the Public Interest

I’m addicted and I do not care!  I could eat a bowling ball if it has cheese on it…..

My perfect lunch is cheese, fruit, nuts and a nice wine…..

Do you have an addictive food?

Psi Phi Society–2015

Sunday and I am in one of my many relaxation modes……a little something different….hope you enjoy it……

Awhile back I introduced my readers to the Psi Phi Society… has NOTHING to do with science fiction or the channel that pretends to air such programming……it is a discussion group that meets once a year sometimes more to have a good dinner and discuss things… the past we have discussed, debated and/or exchanged ideas on Evolution of man and Atlantis…..the group consist of a minister, 2 teachers, a journalist, an artist and myself……

At the beginning of the dinner we each present a subject for discussion we then vote on it an the winner gets all the attention…..this last discussion was “Sacred Artifacts”……things like the Spear of Destiny, Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant……this was chosen because there had been a wealth of TV programs , book, articles and movies about the 3 items and the teachers were interested how to approach the subject with their students…….

The subject became……Sacred Artifacts:  Real Or Myth?

I will present my side of the discussion… argument was that they are myth and legend……from the point of view….LOGIC!

The Spear of Destiny is said to be the spear that the Roman soldier used to pierce the side of Christ hanging on the cross….the Spear is said to be in a museum in Austria (I believe)…….the tale is that since the spear was used in the way it was it now has “magical” powers…..

This is the Spear of Destiny as we know it…….

In the first century AD the average Roman soldier was equipped with several weapons….the gladius, a short sword and the javelin called a pilum……so if the story is true then the soldier would have used his pilum to pierce the side of Christ…..and a pilum is this…..

Now compare spear points…..not the same… is a myth.

Next is the Holy Grail or the Cup of Christ……everybody knows what this is supposed to be….that drinking vessel that Christ used at the Last Supper……so many books, articles, movies, TV shows, etc have been done in pursuit of this sacred artifact… is it fact or fiction?

First, why would anyone think of keeping a cup from a dinner party?

This is the common thought of what the Grail looks like…..

Think about that for a minute…..we are talking about a itinerant preacher and his flock that depended on the kindness of others for their existence… you really believe they would wander around with a jewel encrusted gold goblet?

A wandering band of religious types would have had something along this line……small either clay or wood vessels…..

If there is a Holy Grail what is it?  A person, a cup, a place….so many theories and so little time…….

Sorry but again….to my way of thinking another myth.

Finally there is the Ark of the Covenant….that special case to hold the tablets that the 10 commandments were written on….it is written that when the Israelites carried the Ark before their army that they were invincible.

This is the common conception of the Ark……

This one I cannot say it did not exist with any authority but there are inconsistencies in the tale that have bothered me for a long time…..

Let me take this opportunity to say that I do not doubt there was an Ark…..just that it is now as it has been portrayed……

For instance made of hard wood and covered with gold and whatever other precious metals and jewels that is has been said to have…..then there is the part about the Ark as a weapon to be used in war….it is said that if the Ark went before the army then they were unbeatable……

Lets look at history for a moment….it is written that the Babylonians attacked and destroyed Jerusalem in 586BCE…..burned the city and took Israelite into captivity…..

Here is my problem…..the Ark was housed in the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem when the Babylonians attacked….if so then why did not the Israelites not use the Ark to defeat the Babylonians?

Instead it is said that it was whisked off and put into hiding….and Biblical scholars have been searching for it ever since….

Because it was not used to defend the Israelites from destruction then I am saying that it is a MYTH!  (At least the part about it being a weapon of some sort)

Please if you would like to weigh in….be my guest…..



Immigrants: A Personal Observation

I know that the subject of immigration is not so important right now….you see since Oregon the mental midgets have moved on to the gun reform issue….apparently they can only handle one issue at a time.

This will be me breaking from a rule I have had for myself……I have tried to stay away from personal observations because it is usually met with condescension and insulting words…..but this immigrant thing is getting out of hand with all the accusations and such……

First, let me say I am NOT saying this is the norm……because I have NO idea what it is like in your area….this is just observations I made over a 6 month period here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Since 2005 there has been an influx of immigrants coming into the area because of the reconstruction after Hurricane Katrina in 2005……and since 2006 the area has been growing by leaps and bounds……

First I worked for the state housing authority and we were first responders 2 hours after the wind died down we were at work….there was massive amounts of debris and we hired people to remove this debris at $10 an hour…..we hired 15 people…of those 15 5 were immigrants, legal or not do not know…we needed people and we hired them as they came looking for a job.  Anyway after 10 days I had 5 people left for debris removal….the 5 immigrants…the Americans had quite or just walked off the job… even told me that he did not know it would be such hard work…..others never said just cut and run…..I would hire those 5 guys again if I needed them.

While working for the Housing Authority I had 125 units that I was responsible for and of those units none were rented by immigrants…..I worked there for 10 years and none were there in my tenure…..

Next observation is a medical one……a family member had battled cancer, heart attack and major surgery in a 4 month period….I spent a lot of time in emergency rooms over a 3 month period…..there are 3 major medical outlets in my town and I visited all three……after multiple visits I can tell you that not once in any of the ERs was a immigrant waiting to be treated…..granted I was not there 24/7 but the odd times I was there I saw no one that I would point to a call an immigrant.

Lastly is all that “free stuff” that immigrants are stealing from the government….all I can address here is the EBT card abuse that I hear so much about.

I shop in 3 major food chains for my area and usually go on Saturdays or Sundays……one of the stores has a major immigrant consumer base and I have observed the habits of the people when buying their food….and in the six months that I observed the habits I not once saw someone use an EBT card (we do not have food stamps anymore)…….the people are not buying junk but rather traditional food stuffs…..I could not find any abuse……

With the data that I have available to me….my conclusion is there is NO wide spread abuse….at least in my area.  So if there is no abuse the best I can say for the accusations is that they are…….LIES!

I know this is not what most people opposed to the immigrants want to hear… I said…this is my observations…but if you truly want answer for being genuinely concerned then……..Try this simple test research in your area……see if you are being lied to by you fave reporters.  That is if you want to know or if you had rather spend your time believing CRAP!

Once again…I cannot speak to these situations being typical everywhere….I am just telling what I have observed in my area……

Would You Like a Hot Beverage?

So enters the weekend….that magical time when an analytic mind relaxes and enjoys life…….and as usual I will find those unusual topics on which to post…..

I exist on caffeine……coffee keeps the mind going and working at an incredible rate…..I have seen all the studies that say it is bad for a person….also the ones that say it is good and cannot hurt……and now there is a new study……

It’s no news flash that consuming caffeine close to bedtime can interfere with sleep. But scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder report in the journal Science Translational Medicine that caffeine has another physiological impact on sleep by delaying the body’s natural surge in the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which in turn pushes back the body’s circadian clock. “To our surprise, no one had really tested this question,” one of the researchers tells NPR. “What we’re seeing here now is another way that caffeine impacts our physiology that we didn’t know about before in humans.”

The problem in this case is that the circadian clock is “present in cells throughout our entire body,” says the researcher. “It’s in your fat cells; it’s in your muscle cells.” Messing with it appears to play a role in a wide range of health problems, from obesity to cancer. Many studies have recently suggested that bright light at night, especially the blue light emanating from our screens, impedes melatonin production. Caffeine’s effect is about half what scientists found when exposing volunteers to bright light alone; volunteers who drank a double espresso three hours before bedtime experienced a 40-minute delay of the melatonin surge. Now the researchers plan to study whether caffeine consumption five or six hours before bedtime produces a similar effect.

Sleep?  There is plenty of time for sleep when I crap out!

Next the fad….green tea.  You have seen or heard the claims that green tea can do everything from weight loss to sexual prowess……

I bet there is one that you have not heard…….

A 16-year-old girl in England decided she was going to lose weight by drinking green tea, so she ordered two boxes online, the Telegraph reports. Most of the ingredients were written in Chinese, but the girl spent the next three months drinking three cups a day. According to ABC News, she had lost only a few pounds when she started suffering from nausea and joint and abdominal pains. She would eventually develop jaundice. “I was very scared when I was admitted to hospital and had lots of tests,” the girl says in a report published Wednesday in the British Medical Journal Case Reports. “I didn’t fully understand what was going on at the time.” The initial suspicion was a urinary tract infection, but it turns out she had acute hepatitis.

Doctors gave the girl intravenous fluids and medication—and made her stop drinking the tea—and she recovered quickly, ABC reports. According to the Telegraph, green tea has been rumored to be help everything from depression to breast cancer to dementia, thanks to its antioxidants. The report’s authors even “acknowledge that green tea is predominantly a very safe and healthy drink.” And while they didn’t test the girl’s tea, they believe chemical additives or pesticides were likely the cause of her hepatitis. One expert tells ABC that consumers need to be careful when buying herbal supplements or tea over the Internet. It’s a lesson one 16-year-old girl learned the hard way. “I will never buy any online tea again,” she says in the report

Personally I think green tea is an overrated consumer item….and now I know for damn sure I will not bother with it……