Mid-Terms: It Is Just Embarrassing

For way too many years the American voter has been staying away from the mid-term elections……fewer and fewer people are turning out to vote…..some say that the people are starting to realize that the vote is just a way to legitimize the the state…..that nothing is   changing no matter how much the people want it….and then some say that the voter is just getting lazy…..whatever the reason this past election is just damn disgusting…….

Turnout is usually off in non-presidential elections, but this year’s numbers were “abysmally low,” carps the New York Times in an editorial. In fact, they were very nearly historically low. You have to go back 72 years to find a worse percentage for national turnout—this year’s figure was 36.3% vs. 33.9% in 1942. The editors blame “apathy, anger, and frustration at the relentlessly negative tone of the campaigns,” but they also see one big area ripe for improvement.

Generally speaking, states that made the voting process easier for residents had better turnout. Colorado, for instance, allowed people to vote by mail for the first time and ended up No. 4 in the nation. Early voting also seems to help. The formula for better turnout, then, is easy to state if not execute: “Politicians need to stop suppressing the vote, make the process of voting as easy as possible, and run campaigns that stand for something.” Click for the full editorial.

Personally, I just think that Americans could care less…..they do not feel that voting is as important as we pretend it is……

Opinion?  What do you think the problem is with the American voter?

Obama’s Scheme to Regulate U.S. Into ‘Net Neutrality’ Nirvana Could Kill Broadband – Hit & Run : Reason.com

There is a battle going on for net neutrality…several plans….none of which I am convinced will protect that neutrality.

The prez has been praised, by some, for his plan…..but will it be the answer all seem to be searching for or will it crap all over the neutrality?

Questions……I have questions……


Obama’s Scheme to Regulate U.S. Into ‘Net Neutrality’ Nirvana Could Kill Broadband – Hit & Run : Reason.com.

Veterans Day: A Musical Tribute

Veterans Day when the country should take time to reflect on the contributions and sacrifices that our veterans have endured in the name of America.

This will be my only post today………NOTHING is more important than those brave souls that served this country, especially in a time of war……

I would like to wish all my fellow vets a good day.

And for my fellow Viet vets I wish to share the music of our day and our war……



This one I play because I never want to forget those that fought with me and my squad……I miss you guys!



Finally, anyone who served in Vietnam will recognize this tune……..always brings a tear when I hear………..



Enjoy your day and thanx to all those who served proudly…..please take a moment for remembrance of those who did not return……..Thank you!

2014 Mid-Terms: A Comedy Of Errors

In just days…..Americans will go vote…….if you can call it that…….

I would like to give my opinion of the 2014 mid-terms……I searched for the most appropriate word that could sum up what I think of the election…..after many minutes of thinking I finally came up with the one word that could do justice to this election…..then BAM!  It came to me in a vision……..YAWN!

The truth is I find the whole process this time around to be as boring and as disgusting as any in recent memory…….and I am NOT alone……

The consensus heading into crunch time of the midterm elections is that they’re … boring. (See here and here, or check out a recent Pew poll showing the anemic level of interest among Americans—only about 15% are closely following things.) Midterms always lack the punch of a presidential election, of course, but this year seems worse than any recent one, writes Peter Beinart at the Atlantic. The problem, he argues, is that while 2014 has a number of dramatic races on the local level, nothing is grabbing people in more of a big-picture sense. “There’s no big national issue on which voters feel that they can change the country’s course.”

Go back to 1998, for instance, when the possibility of Bill Clinton’s impeachment hung over the election. In 2002, the nation fretted about invading Iraq, and four years later, it fretted about leaving. In 2010, the economic collapse overshadowed all. But this year, “Americans just don’t believe that as much hinges on their vote.” Control of the Senate? Sure, “Democrats want to win, but they’re not too worried about losing,” writes Ezra Klein at Vox. Even if they do, “they’re likely to take it back in 2016. And it’s not as if much is going to get done in the meantime.” People right now are worried about Ebola and ISIS, he adds, and that gets to heart of the problem of the 2014 election: “It doesn’t seem likely to really change anything anyone cares about.” Click for Klein’s full column, or Beinart’s.

The media has done this with their incessant polls, sometimes hourly, and their wild speculation and their lack of concern for the damage they are doing to the election process.

The real shame is that a right that Americans feel strongly about is taken so nonchalantly.  Some thing as important as the direction of this country is boiled down to a popularity contest.

I weep for this country for if this lunacy continues there is little hope we can survive.even though we have a right to vote.

Sad that this right that we Americans are so proud of has turned into a joke for late night comics.

How to build a better election – The Week

The V (for vote) Day is only days away……I am not confident that the voter will do anything that will help change the downward spiral of this system….I do wish I could be more optimistic….but sadly I cannot.

Almost everybody realizes that the election system needs a major overhaul…..reform will not do it….it needs a change….and before the next election.

This article is a good damn idea….NO!  It is a goddamn excellent idea!


How to build a better election – The Week.

“Kill All The Lawyers”–Redux

A great idea thanx to little Will Shakespeare……I think I am not alone in my dislike of lawyers…..especially those ambulance chasers like John Edwards (remember him?)…..

My grandfather had no love for lawyers either and he use to say…”contrary to popular belief one can get pregnant fro m anal sex……where do you think lawyers come from?”

I read a story last week about a typical occurrence when dealing with an injury lawyer…….

Anthony Warren doesn’t have much to show for his five-year legal battle with police. The Alabama man ran over an officer during a 20-minute high-speed chase back in 2008 before he crashed and was thrown from the vehicle. It was at that point, however, that an officer’s dash cam caught police beating Warren as he lay on the ground. Though he’s now serving 20 years for attempted murder, Warren chose to sue, accusing five Birmingham cops of excessive force, Reuters reports. A settlement in the case was reached last month and the city gave it the thumbs up this week: Warren will receive $1,000 in “nominal damages,” while his lawyers will get $100,000 for expenses and $359,000 in fees.

The settlement was reached in part “to save taxpayer dollars,” the officers’ lawyer tells AL.com. The video shows officers hitting Warren for less than 10 seconds after he had hit a school bus, a police car, and the officer, who was setting up a spike strip during the chase. The lawyer explains that Warren got just $1,000 because the city was able to show his injuries stemmed from his car crash, not police brutality. Warren claimed the opposite. AL.com reports city officials said “deadly force was warranted at various points during the chase,” though officers were acting “to preserve Mr. Warren’s life and the lives of innocent bystanders.” Both sides agreed not to appeal.

This is a typical story, at least from all I have heard when talking to people I know…….but don’t worry “they get paid only if you win”….a great slogan huh?

Will The Country Suffer Depression?

The markets go up…..the markets go down……a continuous yo-yo ride……

I know….very few Americans want to talk or learned about economics…..it is just all too hard.

We all have a fleeting knowledge of what happened in 1929, right?  But our minds are fresher in the events in 2008 when the markets dropped like a lead toilet in Lake Michigan.

But since that day the markets have steadily gone up and up and up……seemingly without any possibility of a return to the days of losing funds……but is there a possibility that we could see another loss of funds and value………..

A CIA analyst known for his dire economic predictions is speaking up again, warning that the next Great Depression may be right around the corner. Jim Rickards, a “financial threat and asymmetric warfare adviser” for the CIA, tells Money Morning that Americans should be preparing for a $100 trillion financial catastrophe. “Everybody knows we have a dangerous level of debt,” he says. “Everybody knows the Fed has recklessly printed trillions of dollars. … But all signs are now flashing bright red that our chickens are about to come home to roost.” Another reason for gloom: According to Rickards, the so-called Misery Index maintained by the Federal Reserve contains far worse data than most people believe.

The Misery Index adds the true unemployment rate with the true inflation rate, but Rickards contends that the Fed has altered the index’s calculations in order to hide the truth—that “the Misery Index has reached more dangerous levels than we saw prior to the Great Depression,” he says. “This is a signal of a complex system that’s about to collapse.” His prediction? A “70% stock market crash” followed by a 25-year depression, possibly sparked by a “major credit collapse” in China, he tells Reuters. His advice? Invest in “hard assets” like railroads, coal, wheat, or gold. Again, he’s not known for mild predictions:

Whatcha think?  Is this guy onto something or is he just giving Americans what they crave….a good dose of fear?