WAIT! Did We Not Do This Already?

News came across the wires yesterday that the US was sending more troops to Iraq to protect the embassy and its staff…..I may be nit-picking here but….did we not already do this?  I mean a month or so ago we sent about 500 troops to Iraq to protect our embassy and its staff….and now this……

(Newser) – The US is adding 350 more troops to help protect the American Embassy in Baghdad and its support facilities in the Iraqi capital, raising the number of US forces in the country to over 1,000, officials say. President Obama approved the additional troops for protection of American personnel following a request by the State Department and a review and recommendation by the Department of Defense, the White House said in a statement.

The additional troops will not serve in a combat role, the White House said. Most are from the Army and some are Marines. Around 820 troops have now been assigned to augment diplomatic security in Iraq, the Pentagon says, and the US has carried out 124 airstrikes against ISIS militants, the latest taking place near Mosul Dam on Monday. The strike involved fighters and attack aircraft that damaged or destroyed 16 armed vehicles, according to Central Command.

Sounds like a pretense for adding more and more troops, all under the guise of ‘protecting’ Americans…….after Benghazi it seems to be the perfect excuse to use more and more American troops…..

Another issue to be aware of is that the US is spending about $75 million a day right now and that figure will continue to rise as we become more and more involved………..

Americans need to be aware of what is happening under their very noses and they are being compliant……yes, you are allowing the war hawks to do it again…..involve US Troops in the Middle East.

How far are you willing to let the war hawks go?

Older Vets Committing Suicide at Alarming Rate | Military.com

I have been writing about the plight of American veterans for many years….I started because I was one of those returning vets that the country ignored because we were an inconvenient truth……

So far this country has done LITTLE for the people they asked to sacrifice for their country…..the US owes a debt that it needs to pay………. even if it must be done by FORCE!

For 40 years suicide has been a major problem for vets and now it is hitting in an older sector of the vets…..


Older Vets Committing Suicide at Alarming Rate | Military.com.


Americans need to pull their heads out of the celebs asses and do the RIGHT thing!  Vets should NOT have to depend on charity for their needs.  Americans response so far to the needs of the veterans is disgusting and pathetic.

Obama’s No-Win War on ISIS by Shamus Cooke — Antiwar.com

I have been watching and analyzing the Middle East for a long time……and there has never been a time, when we were involved in the region, that I could ever see a clear cut victory….sadly I am NOT seeing one with our newest enemy….ISIS…..

A well thought out article that my readers need to see and understand…..


Obama’s No-Win War on ISIS by Shamus Cooke — Antiwar.com.

Is The M-IC Taking Over?

M-IC?  Military-Industrial Complex, that multi-billion dollar business that has turned the world into one big battlefield…..all in the name of profit.  It was bad enough that they were buying politicians like cheap candy….but now they have branched out into our system of law enforcement……turning our police forces into an extension of the military……and it is not getting better…..not by a long shot!

(Newser) – Critics such as Sen. Claire McCaskill say the initial police response in Ferguson, Mo., actually made things worse because cops were equipped like soldiers of war. No wonder, write Elizabeth Beavers and Michael Shank in the New York Times. The Pentagon and Homeland Security Department are keeping police forces across the nation awash in surplus military gear and vehicles. Under something called the 1033 program enacted in 1997, the defense department has provided $4 billion worth of military equipment to law enforcement agencies over that span. Homeland Security, meanwhile, has doled out $34 billion in “terrorism grants” so police departments can armor up.

The problem? Police departments have begun sending out officers with such gear for routine operations such as drug raids or to serve search warrants, the authors write. “As Ferguson shows, this militarizing of routine police work exacerbates tensions and increases the likelihood of disorder. This, in turn, appears to justify a militarized police response, and so the cycle continues.” Solution? Kill the 1033 program and tell Homeland Security to stop those grants. “Police militarization is a growing national threat,” they write. “If the federal government doesn’t act to stop it, the future of law enforcement everywhere will look a lot like Ferguson.” Click for the full column.

Is this necessary?  Is this what all those conspiracy freaks have been warning against for decades?  How long will this go on?  What can us mere mortals do to stop this slide?

Protests have picked up……and of course the narrative the police want to spin is that it is all “outside agitators”……..there have been many “celebs” that are jumping on this bandwagon….but the one that impresses me most is that of a Holocaust survivor……..

Earlier yesterday, 90-year-old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, a political activist and St. Louis resident, was one of nine protesters arrested for blocking the entrance to a building where Gov. Jay Nixon has offices. “I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager. I didn’t think I would have to do it when I was 90,” she told the Nation. “We need to stand up today so that people won’t have to do this when they’re 90.” She was among a group of more than 100 protesters calling for the arrest of the officer who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown and the removal of the National Guard from the situation.

Here is a person that has first hand knowledge of what human rights abuses look like……she is a person that needs to be heard…..but sadly she may never get her chance…..the narrative is about criminals and agitators…..not the abuse of power or the committing of abuses against humanity.

Sadly, the M-IC will win this fight…..and Ferguson will be the loser big time.

If you are interested there is a live stream on VOX………