VA to Iraq war vet: ‘We’re not accepting any new patients’

I have been bitching about the treatment of American vets for 40 years…..this country treats our returning vets like a worn out tool to be discarded when broken……this country should be ashamed!

Recently we have heard time and time again that the VA is improving……..there have been propaganda pieces in the media to show these improvements……but my question is……just how improved is the VA system?

VA to Iraq war vet: ‘We’re not accepting any new patients’.

Kinda sounds like the same old system to me……..

Any thoughts?

Nearly half of Texans fear a federal military invasion, poll finds

Since it is my birthday I have decided to give myself the day off…..I will not be posting stuff….just pressing articles I have saved for further reference…….enjoy

Recall a couple of months ago when the Right wing went batcrap craqzy with the news that the military would be carrying out a training operation in Texas?

First of all it is a TRAINING op not a goddam invasion!  The military does this regularly….I participated in one such op when I was stationed at Ft. Hood with the 2nd Armored Division………we had NO intention of invading anything and neither do those today!  I do hope that the concept of TRAINING is not too abstract for some……..

But the noise machine on the Right has a whole lot of normally rationally people running around yelling “the sky is falling”……especially in Texas!


Nearly half of Texans fear a federal military invasion, poll finds.

Ukraine And The World

While most everyone else is watching the carrying ons in the Congress and states I have been watching Ukraine and the situation the West is setting up for itself…..

Russia is playing a talking game……while it positions itself along the borders with NATO…….NATO is sending in troops and equipment to position along the borders with Russia……….

The “spearhead” force was initially meant to forestall a Russian invasion of Europe, something which US officials were constantly predicting was imminent. A year later and with the invasion still looking extremely unlikely, officials just keep doubling down at every opportunity.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has headed to Europe this week to try to convince various European nations, notably Germany, to dramatically increase military spending so they can afford to send a bunch of excess troops to the Russian border. He will also commit US troops and equipment to the plan.

If a full scale invasion seems unlikely…..what is all this troop movement about?

Why is the world playing the Cold war game again?  Is all this weaponry really a good idea?


Why Arming Ukraine Is a Really Bad Idea | The National Interest.

Why the US Military Opposed New Combat Roles in Iraq by Gareth Porter —

There has been a promise by the president that there will be NO combat role in Iraq for US Troops…….many have argued that they have such a role as the conflict stands now.

There has been a multi-facet conversation on this subject……some on the Right are chest thumping about ending the conflict once and for all with US troops…..the Left has not been so bold but secretly are saying that there has to be a way to end this thing in Iraq……..

The Joint Chiefs have voiced an opinion and some will not like or appreciate their thoughts……


Why the US Military Opposed New Combat Roles in Iraq by Gareth Porter —

Veterans Screwed Again!

All too familiar situation in our society.  In the past sagas, songs and poems were written about warriors and now they are an after thought of society……we should be ashamed of ourselves!

If you will recall back about a year ago the stories about the shoddy treatment of the Vets in the VA system…….then the outcry made the VA make drastic changes and once those were in place we were told just how effective the new system was and just how quick the Vets were getting the care they richly deserve,,,,,,any of this familiar?

I am also looking for stuff on the web mostly I am trying to verify stuff that I would like to write about…….and over the weekend I came across this piece and started my blood pressure rise…….

The number of veterans seeking health care but ending up on waiting lists of one month or more is 50% higher now than it was a year ago when a scandal over false records and long wait times wracked the Department of Veterans Affairs, the New York Times reports. The VA also faces a budget shortfall of nearly $3 billion and is considering furloughs, hiring freezes, and other significant moves to reduce the gap. In the last year, the VA has increased capacity by more than 7 million patient visits per year—double what officials originally thought they needed to fix shortcomings—but department officials did not anticipate just how much physician workloads and demand from veterans would continue to soar. At some major veterans hospitals, demand was up by one-fifth.

Citing interviews with department officials and internal department budget documents it had obtained, the Times found that doctors and nurses have handled 2.7 million more appointments than in any previous year, while authorizing 900,000 additional patients to see outside physicians. Meanwhile, there is an intense internal debate at the VA over a proposal to address a shortage of funds for a new, more effective but more costly hepatitis C treatment by possibly rationing new treatments among veterans. Agency officials expect to petition Congress this week to allow them to shift money into programs running short of cash. “Something has to give,” says an agency official. “We can’t leave this as the status quo. We are not meeting the needs of veterans.”

Once again the people that we send into harm’s way are being neglected……the country they serve is turning a blind eye to their needs.  Why Is That?

Being patriotic means that if we must send our sons and daughters to fight and possibly die….when they return they should be given any and ALL assistance they need… do anything else is an insult to the country and people….it is UNPATRIOTIC!  And may I add….COWARDLY!

12 Reasons America Doesn’t Win Its Wars | The American Conservative

Since the victory in 1945 over the Axis powers Americans have been expecting that every action we wade into militarily that we will win and win handily…….

Most seldom think about Korea which at best was a draw, but let their attention go to Vietnam which most believe was a loss……and then they smile at the wins by Reagan in Grenada and the win by Bush1 in Panama and now they are faced with the battle against an enemy of some resilience, ISIS……….

But there is a reason, maybe 12, that we do not necessarily win all our recent wars…..The American Conservative has a good break-down…….


12 Reasons America Doesn’t Win Its Wars | The American Conservative.

A Soldier’s Return

There are big stories then there are stories that mean more than others…….we have people pretending to be something they are not……we have yet another shooting that no wants to talk about, I mean really talk………more sour faced a/holes running for office…..and then there are stories that should be a priority…….

Have any of you ever been to the Tomb of the Unknown in DC?  It is a powerful place and a very moving place….I suggest if you ever get to DC visit the Vietnam Memorial and the Tomb…… will NOT regret it.

I bring all this up because of the work done by the Defense Depart in search of missing soldiers…….finding their identities and returning them to their home so they can be properly honored………

Another missing soldier from WW2 has been identified and return home……..

June 16, 2015

Soldier Missing From WWII Accounted For

The Department of Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) announced today that the remains of a U.S. serviceman, missing since World War II, have been identified and are being returned to his family for burial with full military honors.

U.S. Army Air Forces 2nd Lt. John W. Herb of Cleveland, Ohio, will be buried June 18, in Arlington National Cemetery. On April 13, 1945, Herb was assigned to the 368th Fighter Squadron, 359th Fighter Group, 1st Air Division, as the pilot of an P-51D Mustang. His aircraft sustained damage while strafing German aircraft on the ground. During Herb’s attempted landing in an open field southeast of Hamburg, Germany, his aircraft crashed. Herb’s wingman reported seeing the wreckage burning in the field. Herb was reported killed in action. His remains were not recovered during the war.

In 1950, the American Graves Registration Command (AGRC) investigated Herb’s loss, but was unsuccessful in finding his remains.

In June 2014, a DoD team working in the vicinity of Gudow, Germany, interviewed several locals who recalled a U.S. aircraft striking a tree and burning. The locals also reported that the pilot was severely injured in the crash and had been shot by a German soldier who removed him from the wreckage. The witness also stated that his remains were buried near the crash site. The team excavated the suspected burial site, recovering remains and aircraft wreckage.

To identify Herb’s remains, scientists from DPAA used circumstantial evidence and dental comparison which matched his records.

Of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II, more than 400,000 died. Today, more than 73,000 are unaccounted for from that conflict.

Welcome home…………May he now Rest in Peace!