Washington, We Have A Problem


Ukraine is going from a simmer to a rolling boil……..troops attacking troops……and now an incident in the Black Sea could be the coming of days……..

A Russian fighter jet made multiple, close-range passes near an American warship in the Black Sea for more than 90 minutes Saturday amid escalating tensions in the region, a US military official said today. In the first public account of the incident, the official said the Russian Fencer flew within 1,000 yards of the USS Donald Cook, a Navy destroyer, at about 500 feet above sea level. Ship commanders considered the actions provocative and in violation of international agreements, prompting the ship to issue several radio queries and warnings. The fighter appeared to be unarmed and never was in danger of coming in contact with the ship, said the official, and the passes, which occurred in the early evening there, ended without incident.

The USS Donald Cook has been conducting routine operations in international waters east of Romania. The ship, which carries helicopters, was deployed to the Black Sea on Thursday, in the wake of the Russian military takeover of Ukraine’s Crimea region and ongoing unrest there. The official also said that a Russian Navy ship, a frigate, has been shadowing the US warship, remaining within visual distance but not close enough to be unsafe. Ukraine’s acting President Oleksandr Turchynov today called for the deployment of United Nations peacekeeping troops in the east of the country, where pro-Russian insurgents have occupied buildings in nearly 10 cities, and EU foreign ministers are meeting today to consider additional sanctions against Russian officials.

This oughta give the ammo needed for a further build up…….does this bring us to the brink?  yet again?

What Cost War?


The situations in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken a back seat to  the search for a plane……a debate on birth certificates and a wealth of spurious conspiracies……but since today is my day to post on war….I will delve into those two wars that people forget…….

Does anyone know what the final cost of the two will be?

The final bill will run at least $3.7 trillion and could reach as high as $4.4 trillion, according to the research project “Costs of War” by Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies. (www.costsofwar.org)

In the 10 years since U.S. troops went into Afghanistan to root out the al Qaeda leaders behind the September 11, 2001, attacks, spending on the conflicts totaled $2.3 trillion to $2.7 trillion.

Those numbers will continue to soar when considering often overlooked costs such as long-term obligations to wounded veterans and projected war spending from 2012 through 2020. The estimates do not include at least $1 trillion more in interest payments coming due and many billions more in expenses that cannot be counted, according to the study.

In human terms, 224,000 to 258,000 people have died directly from warfare, including 125,000 civilians in Iraq. Many more have died indirectly, from the loss of clean drinking water, healthcare, and nutrition. An additional 365,000 have been wounded and 7.8 million people — equal to the combined population of Connecticut and Kentucky — have been displaced.

$3.7 trillion?  That amount could have gone a long way to solve the $5.1 trillion that Ryan wants to carve out of domestic programs…….don’t you think?

But beyond that there are other costs of war…….

The 2.6 million Americans who volunteered to fight on IED-laden battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan have returned home with a panoply of problems borne out of their service. Consider the following from a newly released Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation survey:

  • 18 percent were seriously injured while performing their duties.
  • 34 percent say they have a service-connected disability.
  • 52 percent say their physical or mental health is worse than it was before the wars.
  • 41 percent report experiencing outbursts of anger, at least sometimes.
  • 51 percent know a service member who has attempted or committed suicide.

More from the Post-Kaiser survey:

For recent veterans, a legacy of pride and pain.

Key findings from the poll.

Interactive poll results and how the survey was conducted.

My point is….war is far more expensive than what most people think……who will pay the tab?

Make War Not Love


In these days of political insanity we hear a lot of stuff that seems a bit bizarre……I recall in my younger days while I was protesting there were chants everywhere….”Hell No We Won’t GO”!…..or my fave……..”Make Love Not War”…..there seems to be some that like the idea of America’s young being sent off to fight for whatever issues in en vogue for the day…….and this is one of those people…..

Americans in their 50s and 60s largely understand the positive power of the US military. They saw a military buildup end the Cold War, and witnessed successful interventions in Serbia and Iraq in the 90s, Harvard professor Stephen Peter Rosen—a member of that generation—writes in the Wall Street Journal. But younger Americans see the world very differently. They see the Cold War as unnecessary, and came of age during the Iraq and Afghanistan quagmires. They aren’t blind to the world’s evils, “they just cannot believe that the use of US military power will make things better.”

“The task isn’t to convince them that they must support military action when they believe in their hearts that it cannot work,” Rosen writes. It’s to demonstrate that some things are worth fighting for. Fighting nuclear proliferation makes the world and the US safer. Standing up against territorial incursions like Russia’s Crimea move fosters a more profitable free world—and protects against similar attacks on us. “In short, America must help others defend themselves against tyranny because it is in our national interest to do so.” Click for Rosen’s full column.

I thought we were already doing this with those damn silly video games……..and the glorification of war by Hollywood………

I bet people like McCain and Graham thinks this guy is some sort of sage or something equally moronic………

That call is easy for someone to make if they never had to taste their own fear.  Easy for someone that never had to tell a family that their son/daughter would not be coming home alive.  Easy for someone that never had a friend die in their arms from a sucking chest wound.

I have NO patience for these people at all……..they do a disservice to the country and its people.  PERIOD!

Have Vets Been Screwed Enough?


Apparently the answer is a resounding NO!  I mean it is bad enough to take young men and send them off to war….and even worse sin is to bring the wounded home and then have to deal with a country that cares little for their care…..to the point that charities have to pop up to get the severely wounded the help they need…..the country is way too busy to think seriously about the vets….sorry…they are important enough to be trotted out during campaigns as some sort of prop and then lied to their faces….I hope this country is PROUD of the way it treats veterans.

Like I said they have NOT been screwed enough……Politico is reporting……

Congress and the Pentagon agree that it’s time to tighten the defense belt, including tackling spiraling personnel costs. The question is how and when to do it.

The recent small cuts in pension cost-of-living increases for working-age military retirees have laid bare the divisions on how to appropriately rein in the military’s personnel costs.

Pentagon officials, however, emphasized that reforming the military’s compensation system is unavoidable.

“Secretary [Chuck] Hagel, the Joint Chiefs and the service secretaries agree that we cannot afford to sustain the rate of growth in military compensation that we’ve experienced over the last decade,” said acting Deputy Defense Secretary Christine Fox.

And Vice Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Sandy Winnefeld told the committee the Pentagon “can and probably should gradually place compensation on a more sustainable trajectory.”

Under the recent two-year budget agreement, military retirees under the age of 62 would see their pensions increase at a slower pace, with their cost-of-living adjustments pegged to the rate of inflation minus 1 percentage point. Once they turned 62, they would go back to receiving adjustments pegged to the full rate of inflation.

The pension cuts, set to take effect Dec. 1, 2015, initially extended to all working-age military retirees. But the $1.1 trillion spending bill that cleared Congress earlier this month gave a pass to disabled veterans and surviving families, a move the Pentagon supports.

Pentagon officials, to her knowledge, were not consulted on the details of the budget agreement brokered by Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Fox said. But the department “fully supported” the provision in the omnibus spending bill that restored the cuts for disabled veterans.

Another slap to the face of vets……if the Congress wants to cut anything let these self-righteous morons start with their pay and their benefits….at least the vets did what was asked of them….the Congress is ordered by money not the people…..

The treatment of vets is shameful and as a vet …..DISGUSTING!

Bomb The Bastards!

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One more and then I will let you guys have the rest of the day off……

Hawks have been screaming this for a decade or more…..first it was Iran and their pursuit of nukes and more recently it has been Syria mainly because of the use of CWs on the population…….and most of this rallying around the bomb came from the Right wing….you know the fools like McCain, Graham, et al……but thank God cooler heads prevailed and diplomacy was used in getting Iran to come to the negotiation table and Syria to turn over their stores of CWs…….

But the “Bomb The Bastards” attitude has hung on even with some limited success in diplomacy…..but it is NEVER too far from the conversation…..NEVER!  But there are a couple of reports coming from people and organizations that you would least expect……

Sec. Kerry in a recent interview with an Arabic news channel said when asked about the Iranian deal…..

Like most US diplomats, Secretary of State John Kerry is surely familiar with the formula of angrily condemning Iran and threatening war for perceived or future slights. One might even call it second nature.

But even with Kerry trying to talk up the merits of a nuclear deal with Iran in an al-Arabiya interview, he couldn’t get through the whole thing without threatening “the military option” against Iran.

Kerry said the US military is poised to attack Iran at any moment if they try to continue enrichment of uranium beyond permitted levels, a threat which would’ve made a lot more sense if the IAEA hadn’t already confirmed days ago that Iran has halted that enrichment and is complying with the deal.

Kerry went on to demand Iran stop all support for Hezbollah, saying they were prepared to “engage with Iran on other issues,” but that attacking Iran will always remain a possibility.  (thanx to antiwar.com)

This from our head of diplomacy…..what was he thinking…..this could scuttle the talks and the deal….maybe that is his intention….after all he gets money from the Israeli PACs….

Iran is not the only threat out there….this one from the WaPo….you know that bastion of liberal reporting (at least that is the line the whack-a-dooles want to pass on)…….

An editorial in yesterday’s Washington Post urges President Obama to use the threat of a U.S. bombing campaign to achieve political ends on a transition deal in the Syria talks.

Obama “could force” a diplomatic agreement for a transition government in Syria “by presenting Mr. Assad with the choice of accepting them or enduring U.S. airstrikes.” With what must be Martian logic, the Post argues that Obama’s refusal to use the threat of violence is why atrocities continue to be committed in Syria.

The United Nations Charter, to which the United States is a high contracting party, prohibits “all members” from “the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.” The 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, to which the U.S. is also a signatory, establishes the principle that if a country threatens to use force during diplomatic negotiations, then all resulting treaties are invalid. “A treaty is void if its conclusion has been procured by the threat or use of force in violation of the principles of international law embodied in the Charter of the United Nations,” it states.

Back in August, the New York Times was even more blatant in its advocacy of criminal government when it published an Op-Ed titled, “Bomb Syria, Even If It Is Illegal.”

Just consider for a moment how corrupted the political dialogue in this country has to be for mainstream voices to openly and proudly call for their own government to commit war crimes.

This scares me!  Just when you thought that US was thinking with a calmer head….we get these douche bags fanning the flames of military intervention……

Speaking Of The NSA


We all have been outraged by the NSA’s program of violating our right to privacy…..we all have our reasons…none of us will agree….but we are all that much more miffed…..miffed even though retail businesses have been invading our privacy for decades…but that is somehow okay as long as they do it on the up and up……and that defies definition, BTW…….

This Snowden dude to some he is a hero and to others he is a traitor…..does not matter which camp you fall in…….anyway I have heard people talk and ask the question ….how could this happen?

Well to answer that question let us look at the company that vetted this person……

If giving a thumbs up to Edward Snowden and US Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis didn’t get US Investigations Services kicked off the federal government’s Christmas card list, it’s definitely off now. The Justice Department yesterday accused the contractor, which handles roughly 45% of federal background checks, of fraudulently submitting more than 660,000 investigations, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times report. That’s roughly 40% of all the work it did for the government over a four-year stretch—and doesn’t even appear to include Snowden or Alexis. In a practice known as “flushing,” the company would simply mark investigations as complete when they weren’t, according to the feds. “Flushed everything like a dead goldfish,” one USIS official is quoted as saying in the complaint. In another email, an employee wrote, “Have a bit of a backlog building, but fortunately, most people are off this week, so no one will notice!” The Justice Department is accusing former executives of encouraging these practices, which, according to whistleblowers, were designed to meet financial quotas. The company was paid per investigation it completed. The allegations first came to light in a 2011 whistleblower suit, which the government yesterday joined. The company says it has “acted decisively to reinforce our processes” in the years since.

It happened because of privatization!  You can thank the God of the Right, Reagan, for starting down this path…….his big idea was to save money by letting the private sector do some of the chores of the government……the vetting process is one of those sectors.

Privatization has done more harm than good….the only good thing is making lots of cash for the contractors.

9/11 Made Us Do It!

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Since that day in infamy, 9/11, there seems to be an endless supply of articles, scandals, analysis and some total BS…..you know we have a wealth of opinions and a real pile of condemnations….and those actions of that faithful day made the NSA scandal possible….but that is for another post (check back at a channel near you)……..

But I want to touch on the words that were uttered directly after the attack……words to and from Congress…..now no matter what your opinion of the attacks are we all can agree that those actions were cowardly and devastating at the same time….but the result of those attacks are that we are engaged in a war without end….there is absolutely NO way this perceived war can ever be won……

The attacks started the process and our prez and Congress put the finishing nails in the coffins…..

In the haze of 9/11, lawmakers empowered the US president to fight back—and may have given him more power than they bargained for, writes Gregory Johnsen at BuzzFeed. Congress overwhelmingly approved a 60-word law called the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, which empowered President George W. Bush to retaliate against anyone behind the 9/11 attacks. Interpretation of the law has since expanded to include all military action, including capture and detention, against “associated forces” of the 9/11 attackers. The law “is like a Christmas tree,” said a former Bush administration official. “All sorts of things have been hung off of those 60 words.” Johnsen’s article looks at the AUMF’s tangled history, from its hurried drafting to its 420-1 House vote and its surprising resilience under President Obama—despite his pledge to repeal it. Lawmakers have questioned the AUMF, as Politico reported last year, and now Obama really does plan to kill it off, a top administration official tells the Wall Street Journal. But a dozen years after 9/11, Obama is still ordering drone attacks and secret raids—often against people who were children when the Twin Towers fell. “Let the congressional debate begin,” said Rep. Barbara Lee, the one lawmaker who voted against the AUMF. “If people think it’s worth it, for whatever reason, then let their member of Congress vote for it. That’s the point.” Click for Johnsen’s full article.

Your children and your children’s children will be fighting this so-called “war”……..those words gave the NSA, in essence, the go ahead to do what they have been doing….spying on….well….just about everyone.

Okay, now that I have waxed poetic….I would truly like to hear your views……we all have an opinion……right or wrong…..let yours be heard.

A Master Con Job?

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Keeping with today’s topic, the Middle East…..may I suggest the Chicken Shwarma today’s gastronomical delight….now with lunch ordered let’s move on to the next subject for today’s discussion.

We will talk about KSM….that AQ leader and master mind of 9/11 captured in Iraq during the glory days of our latest Iraq excursion……he was captured in Pakistan…..it seems that he may have had an epiphany………

After more than a decade in American custody, confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed appears to have had second thoughts about the use of violence. The former al-Qaeda propaganda chief suggests Islam should not be spread by violence in a rambling manifesto viewed by Channel 4 News. He also blasts Western society, the US military, and quotes from Richard Nixon and George W. Bush as well as the Koran. He says two further installments of the manifesto will explain the 9/11 attacks and reveal “the truth about the so-called war on terror.” The Koran “forbids us to use force as a means of converting” others, and “truth and reality never comes by muscles and force but by using the mind and wisdom,” writes Mohammed, who is being kept in solitary confinement at Guantanamo Bay. How sincere is he? The manifesto suggest that he either believes he can convert American readers, or is “playing a mind game to attract publicity, feign mental illness, or spare himself the death penalty if convicted in the 2001 attacks,” decides the Los Angeles Times.

Personally, I think it is a big time con…..looking for some easier outcome in his trial….but I could be wrong…..they say that a leopard cannot change his spots….does that seem to fit here?

Okay, break into groups and discuss.

Game Of Drones–Revisited

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Speaking of drones…….

Our dynamite drone program has killed many suspected and actual leaders of both the Taleban and AQ…..but in the same tone it has killed many civilians….and that is where we have the problem.  With every civilian we killed there is a family member that has the need for revenge……and what is the best and most assessable means of revenge?  A terrorist group like the Taleban or AQ……..

The problem is….this program will not stop killing civilians…..some think it is a small pricew to pay to rid the world of terrorist….the rub is it creates more than it eliminates…..as I said….this program will not stop and because of that we have a new incident…..

(AP) – The top US commander in Afghanistan apologized to President Hamid Karzai for a drone strike that killed a child and NATO promised an investigation today as rising tensions threatened efforts to persuade the Afghan leader to sign a long-delayed security agreement. Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford called Karzai late yesterday to express “deep regrets for the incident and any civilian casualties,” the commander’s spokesman said. Karzai condemned the attack, which also wounded two women earlier yesterday, and said all airstrikes and foreign raids on Afghan homes must stop if the United States expects him to sign the pact that would allow thousands of Americans to stay in the country beyond a 2014 withdrawal deadline.

“This attack shows that American forces do not respect the safety of the Afghan people in their homes,” Karzai said in a Dari-language statement on his website. The coalition, known as the International Security Assistance Force, said the airstrike had killed an insurgent on a motorbike in Helmand and also promised to investigate Karzai’s claims that it also killed a child and injured two women. In the phone call, Dunford talked to Karzai directly and “expressed deep regrets for the incident and any civilian casualties assured Karzai that an investigation would be conducted into Thursday’s airstrike, which the Afghan president said was carried out by a drone in southern Helmand province,” Dunford’s spokesman says.

I guess an apology and/or cash is suppose to make things better…..I do not see it as doing so….

I understand the need to the drones…..it keeps many US troops out of harm’s way……which is a good thing….but if we make more bad guys to replace the one bad guy we eliminate….where would this ever end?

I can see both sides of the equation….and like math…the equation has to balance….the problem for me is that I do not see any balance possible.


Do You Really Want A Scandal?


We have scandals daily…some of them have been proven to be crap or a total waste of time…but as long as the radio heads can use them they will remain…..Benghazi is a prime example…….NSA spying……I find this one humorous…they have been doing this for decades but NO one knew so we were safe and our privacy was intact…….ACA rollout is NOT a scandal….if anything it is stupidity personified!

I ask again……do you really want a scandal?

There is a scandal if one wants to really have something to scandalize!  Unfortunately to the scandal mongers this is NOT important……..typical, huh?

I will wait to see just how serious people are about a real scandal not these pussy whipped turds trying to look relevant……that situation is the sexual attacks on the military and how it is pushed under the rug by command……..NO means NO….in the military or not……

Look at these stats……

50 Facts About Sexual Assault in the US Military

  1. In 2012, surveyed Active Duty Members of the military anonymously revealed 26,000 instances of unwanted sexual contact.  This included coerced and abusive sexual contact, aggravated sexual assault and rape — all prohibited by military law.
  2. Women make up 15 percent of active-duty forces, but 47 percent of sexual assault victims.
  3. 13,900 of the victims were men.
  4. In one study, 37 percent of female veterans report being raped at least twice.
  5. Additionally, 14 percent of female veterans report experiences of gang rape.
  6. “Gee whiz, the level — the hormone level created by nature sets in place the possibility for these types of things to occur.” –  Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga. on military sexual assaults at a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting.
  7. About 75 percent of women who were assaulted did not report their attacks.
  8. 76 percent of men who were sexually assaulted did not report their attacks.
  9. The Pentagon estimates that 85 percent of sexual assault crimes go unreported.
  10. About 40 percent of victims in one study indicated that the perpetrator was their ranking officer.
  11. One-third of victims indicate that the perpetrator was a ranking officer’s friend.
  12. 43 percent heard about negative experiences from other victims who had reported and 50 percent thought nothing would be done.
  13. During the reported period, only 302 service members faced punishment or dismissal as the result of being charged: Less than 2.5 percent of the total suspected number of acts of sexual assaults and rape.
  14. Fully 20 percent of survivors of sexual assault and Liz Trotta think that rape is “to be expected” in the military.
  15. “I was repeatedly drugged and raped by several of my superior officers over a nine-month period. …There was no one I could turn to because, like so many victims of sexual assault in the military, my attackers were in my chain of command. So I kept my mouth shut.” –  Testimony of Trina McDonald, who was 18 when she was stationed in Alaska and assaulted.
  16. 62 percent of victims who reported sexual assault experienced retaliation.
  17. They gave him the Military Professional of the Year Award during the rape investigation.”
  18. Military victims of violent assault or rape are 6 times more likely to attempt suicide than service members and veterans who have not experienced sexual assault and rape.
  19. Estimated number of pregnancies resulting from rape in the military: Unknown
  20. In the past 25 years, more than 500,000 people have been sexually assaulted in the military.
  21. 22 years (1981-2013): the duration of the law that denied women in the military insurance coverage for abortions while they served.  Jessica Kenyon was allegedly raped while stationed in Korea.  She didn’t report the rape because she was “was trying to ‘soldier on’ and didn’t trust [her] chain of command.” She found out she’d been forcibly impregnated when a doctor told her commanding officer, who called her into his office to say she’d be charged with adultery (she was divorced, so was not charged). She could not get an abortion on base and was discharged.
  22. 79 percent of women serving in the military during the past 40 years report persistent experiences of sexual harassment.
  23. Feel “like a ho?” Question asked by Andrew Weinstein, the lawyer for one of three U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen accused of sexually assaulting a classmate. During 30 hours of grueling questioning she was also asked, “Were you wearing a bra?” “Were you wearing underwear?” and what her oral sex technique is.
  24. The command’s attitude towards rape is why most victims don’t report rapes…The man did not get convicted even though he had raped multiple women in [military] law enforcement.”
  25. The chances of a female veteran developing PTSD are nine times more likely if she has been sexually assaulted.
  26. Veterans with PTSD linked to military sexual trauma are significantly more likely to be denied disability compensation, especially male survivors.
  27. 66: Age of man who still has to sit with his back to a wall after being raped three times, 47 years ago at Lackland Air Force Base.
  28. 48,100 women and 43,700 men who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, responding to a survey, acknowledged suffering from military sexual trauma.
  29. Heath X reported that he was gang raped, told he was lying, threatened, bullied, assaulted again and tried to commit suicide all during his first month in the service. He left, became homeless, was incarcerated and was diagnosed as suffering “intense psychological pain.” He was taken to a Naval jail, and then returned to his post where he had to serve with the “gang of molesters” that had attacked him before. He was violently assaulted before and given the day off. He faced court-martial or dishonorable discharge. He was denied benefits because he was dishonorably discharged. He was 18.
  30. “Take an aspirin and go to bed.” – Response to survivor of assault after being raped by her superior officer.
  31. 90 percent of survivors of sexual assault in the military are involuntarily discharged.
  32. 80 percent of perpetrators and those accused are discharged with honor.
  33. “Rape is part of the job description,” “jokes” a rape survivor when discussing her assaults and the environment in which they took place.
  34. Female veterans become homeless at a rate 3 to 4 times greater than civilian women, according to a 1996 study.
  35. 53 percent of a growing number of homeless female veterans have experienced military sexual trauma.
  36. “You’re probably just a little slut.” – One of many similar responses to Kate Weber’s describing being raped on a fire escape and being then pushed off, falling two stories.
  37. Studies have found that men and women handle combat stress equally well, but that military sexual trauma — avoidable and overwhelmingly inflicted by fellow soldiers — is the only factor increasing the additional risk of PTSD among women. Military Sexual Trauma is the primary source of PTSD for women, whereas combat experience is the strongest contributing factor of PTSD in men.
  38. Black female veterans report that they experience more unwanted sexual attention and sexual coercion. Veterans who are white women report higher incidences of sexual and gender-based harassment.
  39. Enlisted women report higher rates of harassment, coercion and assault than officers do. Because, we all know that rape is about accidents and sex and not entitlement and status and the opportunity they create.
  40. “If you tell anyone, I’ll tell them you’re a dyke.” – What Michelle Jones’ squad leader told her after he sexually attacked her.
  41. “Service members must report rape to their commanders. However, if their commanders take action and prove that rape occurred, they also prove a failure of their own leadership.”- Brian Lewis, who was 20 when he was raped while in the Navy.
  42. Men make up 85.5 percent of the armed forces.
  43. By the terms of the current military legal code of justice system a general’s decision to overturn a jury verdict is the final word.
  44. Men in the military academies have a markedly higher propensity to believe in stereotypical gender roles and rape myths which typically include the ideas that survivors are lying and, if telling the truth, to blame.
  45. Men make up 92.1% of top-ranked military officers.
  46. I have never met one person who has reported a sexual assault offense and kept her career.”
  47. Kori Cioca was serving in the US Coast Guard when she was raped by a commanding officer. He also broke her jaw, leaving her with lifelong pain and serious depression. When she attempted to bring him to justice, she was informed by her commanding officer that she’d be court martial as a liar; the man, who granted that an assault happened, but said it did not include rape was restricted to his base for 30 days without pay for a short time. Maybe a book report would have been more effective.
  48. “It is hard to be a Military Sexual Trauma spouse — not hard to be with a survivor, but hard because at times I feel so helpless to the trauma.” Kori Cioca’s husband.
  49. 55: Number of senators who have not said whether they support the Military Justice Improvement Act or not.
  50. “Sleep it off.”

And there my friends is something that can accurately be labeled a SCANDAL!

Our treatment of the vets is a scandal that NO one wants to talk about….why?

Just once I would like to see a scandal be an actual scandal….not some made up crap that is political advantageous…….


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