What Were They Thinking?

First let me state…I am in full support of women serving in all capacities in the military…even in combat….for they are capable of doing any task a man can and sometimes they even do it better…….

But then there are some cases when the military just does not get it.  I do not question women’s capabilities…..I do question the thinking of our so-called leaders…..

They, military leaders, just do not use commonsense in a rush to do the most political things…..one such situation is the serving on submarines and there ignorance is showing…..

A big scandal for the Navy’s submarine integration program: Some of the first women ever to serve on American subs were secretly recorded showering on the USS Wyoming, reports the Navy Times. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating a 24-year-old male officer who is accused of recording the women over the period of about a year on the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine and distributing the videos, officials say. A retired supply officer in touch with one of the victims says a report was first filed on the videos after one of them was received by an officer on another submarine.

The Wyoming was one of the first submarines to have female crew members when they started being assigned to subs in 2011. The retired officer says that on her first day on a sub acting as mentor to younger female submariners, a young sailor asked her, “Where are the females?” She says she “looked at him and said, ‘All right, let’s get one thing straight: They’re not females, they’re junior officers on this boat, they’re division officers, and you will address them as Ensign So-and-So, and you can tell everybody else on the boat.” At least 43 women have served on submarines since the ban was lifted, and the Navy plans to integrate fast-attack submarines for the first time in January, starting with the USS Virginia and USS Minnesota, reports the Washington Post.

I am sorry but…what did they expect?  Self-control?  Young men will be young men and by that I mean….HORNY!

I mean NO disrespect to our women in uniform….just that human nature will be just that…human nature.  This may not be the best time to integrate women into the submariner service…sad part is that the men see them as women first and officers last……sad to say until men can think with the big head….maybe women should be excluded from submarine duty……

Again I mean NO disrespect and will probably get some heat for stating my mind…..the term military intelligence (an oxymoron) does not apply in this situation.

There is a time and a place for everything…….Now is NOT the time and subs are not the place.

Ashton Carter: Yes Man Cometh

By now if you are a bit interested in the direction of the country you know Hagel is departing…..and after much debate on the news shows we have a frontrunner for replacement……..

(Newser) – President Obama has apparently chosen a new candidate for Pentagon chief—a relative unknown on the national stage who worked as former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s “alter ego” for about two years. That candidate is Ashton Carter, whose public profile was boosted by his role in planning the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. He would be Obama’s fourth secretary of defense if nominated—as senior GOP Sen. Jim Inhofe said today he would be—and confirmed. That would thrust Carter out of his comfort zone as a behind-the-scenes confidante and into the center of more defense and foreign policy problems, arguably, than Panetta faced in his 20 months as defense secretary. Carter’s name was among the first to surface after Chuck Hagel abruptly resigned last month.

That is largely because of Carter’s academic and government credentials and his reputation as one of the brightest minds in the national security establishment. During the administration of President Bill Clinton he was assistant secretary of defense for international security policy. Before that he was director of the Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School. He is associated with a concept he helped champion in the 1990s called “preventative defense”—the notion that after the Cold War, the US could forestall major new security threats by forging and strengthening security partnerships with China, Russia, and others. Carter also says America needs to focus on the threat of cyberattacks.

This person is a hawk and that is just what Obama needs now…….someone who can appeal to Repubs and follow the lead of the prez….Hagel was not a ‘yes’ man…….this man is the quintessential YES man.

Look for an escalation of hostilities in the Middle East and possibly beyond.

The A-10 jet will launch airstrikes against the Islamic State – The Washington Post

I have already ranting about the absolutely MORONIC Defense Dept and their intent in retiring the A-10 Warthog……the government will scrap a vital part of the ground soldiers arsenal against the bad guys just to appease some bullsh*t defense contractor…

This airplane has won the admiration and respect of the grunts that actually do the fighting…..and now they want some worthless supersonic piece of crap flown by a “Top Gun” wannabe…..

The A-10 maybe be slow, ugly and it is the grunts best friend in the air……bet not one of the stupid paid agents in the military ever considered what the grunt wanted….NO all that matter was the graft that the “generals” would get to fall in line with the decision to scrape an ICON in close combat operations.

At least, for now, the ‘Hog will return to Iraq to do its part……and it’s part will be flawless.


The A-10 jet will launch airstrikes against the Islamic State – The Washington Post.

Retire The Warthog?

Really?  Whose idea is this?  What mental midget thinks this is a good idea?  Don’t answer…I am sure it is rooted in the defense contract swamp.

Ask a grunt when he is up to his ass in bad guys….who would he want to see come to his rescue…….a Warthog or some jet jockey that thinks he deserves a shot at Top Gun School?  My bet is they will answer the ‘Hog every time.

Sure it is slow…..ugly…….and the absolute best close combat support that the military has ever had.

Retiring the A-10 is NOT a good idea….the worst idea EVER!……..but no one asked the troops which they prefer…..it is all about defense contracts and money….a decision made by those that have NEVER had to fight a day in their lives…..

Retiring the ‘Hog is an injustice to American ground troops…….


The Air Force’s Rationale For Retiring The A-10 Warthog Is Bullshit.