Consequences Are A Bitch!

By now the national outrage is at fever pitch…..ISIS has released the names and addresses of military members and called on supporters to do something to them for their part in the war against ISIS….As they say (whoever ‘they’ happen to be) that “actions have their consequences”…….

Their attempt to control the information on the wars being fought….information that would be positive………they inadvertently gave information to the enemy….information that can be used to harm……..

In its rush to gain public support for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan the government turned our serving veterans into propaganda tools to make their case for support…..and thanx to their thoughtlessness they have put members of the military at risk…..

A group calling itself the “Islamic State Hacking Division” posted the names, addresses, and photos of 100 U.S. service members on Saturday, claiming it had obtained the information by breaching military security.As it turns out, the group didn’t need to hack the Pentagon. At least two-thirds of the troops on the ISIS “hit list” had been featured on public Defense Department websites designed to promote the military, The Daily Beast has learned.Many service members were quoted or photographed in promotional stories talking about their work, often in the Middle East. Others were featured in news videos or in holiday messages to their families. Some were photographed after they returned home from long missions. Others were spokespeople or official photographers for the U.S. military.
Thank God these people were not in control during World War 2 or we would have readily gave info and comfort to the enemy……Is it just me or does anyone else see the culpability of the government in this situation?  This is a prime example of how NOT to use propaganda.  The really big news is that all the people on the list have been notified and told to take precautions when using social media….and that the government will NOT offer any protection for named families.
TMI……there is the problem!
 Consequences are a BITCH!

How Long, Mr. President, How Long?

For over 6 months the US has been playing tag with ISIS and its allies…….and all the reports I see states that it will be a long, long war……I know “doom and gloom”….but what else could be be when there is NO recognizable plan for dealing for ISIS other bomb the crap out of them

There has been part of a plan……..

The Pentagon has issued a statement regarding it’s ongoing air war against ISIS today, reporting 2,320 airstrikes, and claiming the direct costs of the attacks so far were $1.83 billion.

Conspicuously absent in the war, however, is any meaningful territory gained in either Syria or Iraq, despite thousands of airstrikes. The Pentagon is rather trying to change the focus to just the stuff they blew up.

Really?  Has anyone heard a bright optimistic assessment of this conflict?

How about a few of those “in the know”?

U.S. counterterrorism officials and experts, never known for their sunny dispositions, have entered a period of particular gloom.

In congressional testimony recently, Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. went beyond the usual litany of threats to say that terrorism trend lines were worse “than at any other point in history.”

Maj. Gen. Michael Nagata, commander of U.S. Special Operations forces in the Middle East, told participants on a counter­terrorism strategy call that he regarded the Islamic State as a greater menace than al-Qaeda ever was.

Speaking at a New York police terrorism conference, Michael Morell, former deputy director of the CIA, said he had come to doubt that he would live to see the end of al-Qaeda and its spawn. “This is long term,” he said. “My children’s generation and my grandchildren’s generation will still be fighting this fight.”

Yep all that gives me an extreme feeling of confidence (that is called SARCASM)….

Is anyone looking beyond Iraq and Syria?

Since the consensus by many military leaders predict a long trudge against extremism… if true….where will we be in 10 years?  Who or what land will US troops be forced to deploy?

Libya is kicking becoming a failed state….even though we have successfully installed a CIA operative as the military leader….extremism is on the rise as well as ISIS affiliates.  The atrocities have begun.

If not Libya how about Yemen?  Yemen has always been a hot bed of AQ….and now ISIS is gaining a foothold.  The recent coup by Houthis has set the country into a downward spiral…..the economy is in the crapper and violence is becoming a daily occurrence.  Will US troops be asked to become the referee in this situation?  If so, that will take troops and that will increase the chances of violence and death…..which in return will heat the situation up to a boil.

The one that few are talking about is Lebanon…….ISIS has made rumblings toward Lebanon…..the political situation is delicate and is always on the verge of collapse…..this will empower ISIS as soon as they decide that it would be in their favor to start work on Lebanon.

This one question needs answering and soon……How far are you willing to go, Mr. President?

A (Sen.) Cotton Picking Moron

Correction:  Recently in a post I referred to Cotton as a Representative….he is in fact a Senator from Arkansas…..I apologize for my mistake…..all else is pretty accurate!

I see that the junior twat from Arkansas has not learn to shut his idiotic mouth……this yahoo was the one that started the whole Iran Letter debacle……he decided that he would get his time in the spotlight by acting like a fool……and he succeeded.

It is bad enough that this tool with NO experience tried to undermine a treaty negotiation….but the 47 others knew what they were doing and signed the letter anyway….knowing that it was a bone headed move.

This person (I use the term very loosely) is from the party that is always throwing the Constitution around every time they need a political prop…..let me refresh this mental midget on the Constitution……

Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, includes the Treaty Clause, which empowers the President of the United States to propose and chiefly negotiate agreements, which must be confirmed by the Senate, between the United States and other countries…….

Sorry to piss on your shit parade but….you f*cked up, Bubba!

But did he learn a lesson?  Oh Hell NO!

In his first speech to his esteemed gathering….Sen. Cotton once again showed that he has NO grasp of what he is doing…….his speech was about the military and it was a doozey….

“An alarm should be sounding in our ears,” Cotton said. “Our enemies, sensing weakness and hence opportunity, have become steadily more aggressive. Our allies, uncertain of our commitment and capability, have begun to conclude that they must look out for themselves, even where it is unhelpful to stability and order. Our military, suffering from years of neglect, has seen its relative strength decline to historic levels.”

Cotton was clear: America must have “such hegemonic strength that no sane adversary would ever imagine challenging the United States. ‘Good enough’ is not and will never be good enough.”  That strength, he said, should come at whatever the necessary costs. While the budget must be slashed, it should not be balanced on the backs of the military.

“Our enemies and allies alike must know that aggressors will pay an unspeakable price for challenging the United States,” Cotton said. “The best way to impose that price is global military dominance.”

Looks like he wants to be in line to take over from the other two yahoos in the Senate….McCain and Graham…..when they are no longer capable of leading……which some say is about now.

Defense contractors will be paying lots for this clown’s words and support……should keep him in campaign cash for awhile.


Ten reasons to vote against the use of military force | Fox News

We are waiting to see how the AUMF vote will go….the problem is that the Congress in their limited mental capacity can only do one thing at a time and right now they are all twitchy about Clinton’s e-mails……maybe after that investigation they will actually worry about something that matters…..the e-mails are just a diversion from doing real Congressional work.

I am opposed to the AUMF because I feel that a lot more thought ought to go into sending Americans to die than politicians are willing to give it…..

This article list some pretty good reasons for voting against the AUMF…..some I agree with and others not so much… for yourself and say what you think……


Ten reasons to vote against the use of military force | Fox News.

Lindsey Graham………..Comedian

Before I start I want to say that Lindsey Graham is a douche!  (I feel better!)

We have all heard about that letter that 47 d/bag Congresspeople decided to sign then send to Iran…..and now with all the backlash staffers are saying that it was a “light-hearted” attempt to amuse……may I please see the hands of the pea brains that buy this excuse?

Continuing on the comedy tact….Graham, who has an eye on running for president,  has made a funny….at least according to staffers………

Lindsey Graham is still talking. His latest headline-worthy quote: If he becomes our next president, the very first thing he will do is deploy the military. Against … Congress. “I wouldn’t let Congress leave town until we fix this,” he said yesterday at New Hampshire’s “politics and pies” forum, referring to the budget. “I would literally use the military to keep them in if I had to. We’re not leaving town until we restore these defense cuts. We are not leaving town until we restore the intel cuts.”

As Vox notes, the quote implies Graham would use the military to force Congress to actually pass a bill, not simply to vote on one, since his stated goal is to “restore” the cuts. Sounds like a “coup” if taken literally, writes Amanda Taub. And though Graham did, indeed, use the word “literally,” his office later clarified to Mediaite that the senator “was employing over-the-top humor to win over his audience.”

BTW, some are calling Rep. Cotton a traitor for his letter…….but Graham’s tongue is more traitorous than anything Cotton did.

All these funny guys in Congress should maybe QUIT their day jobs and start on the stand-up circuit.

Sorry this is not something humorous that a possible presidential candidate should be saying in public…….am I wrong?  At every turn Graham shows there is NO way he can be “A Man of the People”.  After that comment would you trust this a/hole to safeguard the Constitution?

How long do I need to keep pointing out that these d/bags in Congress are unworthy of calling themselves Americans, much less a representative of the people?

This also illustrates that NONE of these morons are capable of governing….they are in it for the ego rush…..PERIOD!

General Petraeus: Too Big to Jail « Blog

My how the high have fallen…….the savior of the US strategy in Iraq, the hero of the “Surge”….has moved from Afghanistan to CIA and that is where his illustrious career hit a bit of a snag…..

It appears that Petraeus after mishandling top secret documents will get a misdemeanor and a wrist slap.  If it had been a regular trooper he would be having tea with Manning in a Military stockade……but nope….he gets to go through life as of nothing important had happened.


General Petraeus: Too Big to Jail « Blog.