Joining the military doesn’t make you a hero – Opinion – The Boston Globe

All this back and forth over a movie….”American Sniper”…….some say the story is about an American hero…….I will not subject my readers to a re-hash of what I had to say about the movie…..just go to yesterday’s posts and read it for yourself……

My regular readers know I have a problem with the term “hero”…….there have been some truly heroic situations but to use the term as some generic label is just wrong… diminishes the acts of a true hero

Side Note:  We now have an “American Hero Channel”….but when did gunslingers and gangsters fall into the hero category?  And that makes my point for me….and I thank them……


Joining the military doesn’t make you a hero – Opinion – The Boston Globe.

PTSD: Silent Killer

I know most Americans have heard of the disease, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)……I have even heard some people accuse soldier of faking such problems as cowards or worse……WW1 had “shell shocked”….WW2 had “combat fatigue….Vietnam forward it has been PTSD or some variation.

PTSD manifest itself in many forms…depression, flashbacks, nerves, suicide etc… matter what it causes in the individual its leading cause is….WAR!

There is historic evidence that PTSD is not a modern disease made up to gather in grant money……….

It’s not uncommon for modern-day soldiers to return from Iraq suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. But now it turns out that soldiers who fought there 3,000 years ago did the same, say UK researchers. They’ve found texts dating back to 1300BC in which warriors in ancient Mesopotamia describe symptoms that sound very much like PTSD, reports the Telegraph. The earliest previous account of PTSD-like symptoms came from the Greek historian Herodotus in 490BC, which would make this the first description of the problem, says one of the lead researchers from Anglia Ruskin University.

“They described hearing and seeing ghosts talking to them, who would be the ghosts of people they’d killed in battle—and that’s exactly the experience of modern-day soldiers who’ve been involved in close hand-to-hand combat,” professor Jamie Hacker Hughes tells the BBC. In that era, men were expected to fight every third year, and they were more likely to die of injuries sustained in battle given the lack of medical know-how, he adds. “The risk of death and the witnessing of the death of fellow soldiers appears to have been a major source of psychological trauma.” (One report suggests that only about half of US vets suffering from PTSD are getting the proper treatment.)

PTSD is a SILENT KILLER and should be a top priority for the military to confront and help treat this affliction……

To anyone that thinks this is some how a made of problem……then I suggest that they get off their ass, grab a gun and go face the trials of WAR……OR SHUT THE HELL UP!

The Rescue: What Happened?

There is No doubt in my mind that we have some of the best most experienced special forces troops in the world…we have the “Hollywood” Seals and the not so known Delta Force which was originally formed for hostage rescue and fighting terrorists…….so my question is a valid one…..why?  Because we always hear about the successes and the failures are under reported to save face…..

What happened in the rescue attempt of the Jordanian pilot captured in Syria?

According to multiple reports from different media outlets, US ground troops failed in at least one and by some accounts two attempted rescues of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh, who last week was shot down over Syria and captured by ISIS.

US Special Forces were said to have been sent on two bids to rescue Kasaesbeh, who was believed to be held on the outskirts of Raqqa, the de facto ISIS capital.

Okay the story is that helicopters came under heavy fire in the attempt and it had to be abandoned…

To me the failed attempt had more to do with shoddy intel more than heavy fire.

With adequate intel the rescue attempt could have been modified to circumvent or destroy the positions that were the problem.

Once again the US comes up short because of little to NO go firsat hand intel from people on the ground.

I have said many times that it is time to re-evaluate the mission and the procedures employed by the agency.

Any thoughts?

Afghanistan: And The Beat Goes On

2014 the supposed end of the US involvement in Afghanistan…..well that was the plan as with all plans the Pentagon makes it does not seem to work out……about a month ago it was released that the US troops would keep a sizable force in the country until further notice……

It seems that the US as well as the Afghan government is not comfortable holding on to control of the country without the might of the US troops……situations of conflict against the Taleban are on the rise…….

Following the departure of most US forces from Afghanistan, clashes between its security forces and the Taliban have been renewed, with brutal fighting returning to areas that had been comparatively quiet, the New York Times reports. From June to November, some 1,300 members of Afghan security forces were killed in Helmand province alone, and a local hospital remained nearly full even after the customary fighting season ended. Many civilians have also been treated at the hospital, including 940 women and children through October. “This year is much worse than previous years,” says a medical official. Indeed, over the course of the year, the country has seen some 5,000 security-force deaths, a record, the Times reports.

Civilian deaths have also hit a record high, and total civilian casualties are poised to pass 10,000 for the year, Reuters reports. The UN says three-quarters of the 3,188 civilians killed through November were killed by insurgents, a figure the Taliban calls “biased and unfounded,” Reuters notes. Meanwhile, the country has seen increased corruption and declines in government services since the US departed. “Our own commanders sell our bullets to the Taliban instead of giving them to us, and then they buy a nice house in Lashkar Gah and stay there, leaving the little guys out there to do the fighting,” says a wounded police officer. But the Afghan forces are still “holding on,” the Times notes, and an Afghan official says 151 Taliban members have been killed in 12 days of fighting near the Pakistani border, the AP reports.

The prognosis SUCKS!

Yet another country that we will NEVER find a good way to depart and leave the country in the hands of its own population.

Another endless war with endless deployments… every turn US troops will be in danger…..more problems for the veterans that already have a problem getting the help they need.

And NO one noticed!

Veterans: Unsung Heroes–LRRP

This post and accompanying video may not win any awards…but it helps me deal with some unresolved issues……

We hear all about the exploits of our special forces…..their bravery in the face of danger makes them heroes.  But in these days the public does not seem to care about our vets only when it is convenient for them.

I know not many will care enough to watch this lengthy video and that will be a shame….for these guys deserve better than that…….

We Americans are famous for labels……and hero is one word that I feel we throw around way too often…..this person or that unit is heroic.  Then there are what I call true heroes…unsung heroes because NO one knows of them and hears nothing of their duty.

For years I have been trying to find away to write about the guys I served with in Vietnam….I never could find the right words….and then I found this video by accident… thought it perfect……

This video is about such a group….true heroes……whose story has seldom been told.

Please take the time to watch this video….yes, it is lengthy…..but these men deserve recognition and respect that few gave them during their service.  Their duty was truly extraordinary and their legacy has been lost…. wrapped up in the mystic of the Rangers.

They deserve your attention and respect…….Their story is one of duty, honor and selfless action…..if anyone deserves the title of HERO it is these men……I miss you guys!

I apologize….I could not get the video to post so I had try a back door solution……..