The Dangerously Vague Romance of War by Shane Smith —

Let me tell you there is NOTHING glamours about war……but that does not stop the hawks for trying to turn it into some kind of romantic glorious situation…….NOTHING is further from the truth.

Some see it as some sort of righteous endeavor…..I cannot agree……there is nothing righteous about killing for the sake of killing…….sadly the only ones with scars of war are the ones sent to play the game……those that perpetrate war seldom suffer from the scars…..and seldom learn any lesson from the experience.

The American public seems to have the perverse fascination with war that to me borders on the sociopathic…….but why is thsi?


The Dangerously Vague Romance of War by Shane Smith —

Trump: “He’s NO Hero”!

As usual Trump has made headlines for no other reason than he is a wanker……this time he has leveled his attacks against John McCain……now it is no secret that I have my problems with McCain on many levels but mostly on his foreign policy positions……but as bad as I hate his stands I still respect him for his service to this country…….but the hairball that is a presidential candidate has gone a bit far………

John McCain and Donald Trump have been sparring the last few days, with McCain telling the New Yorker that Trump “fired up the crazies” with his immigration comments. Today, Trump shot back in what can only be described as Trump fashion—by attacking the former prisoner of war’s military record, reports the Hill: “He’s a war hero because he got captured,” said Trump during a Q&A at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. “I like people who weren’t captured.”

McCain, of course, spent about six years as a POW in Vietnam after his plane got shot down. Ben Jacobs of the Guardian tweets that Trump says he won’t apologize, and Mediaite can’t resist noting that Trump got draft deferments.

While I may agree that calling him a war hero is a bit too much…….he is a survivor in a painful place and he deserves recognition for making it out……to me the use of “hero” is overdone…….when everyone is called a hero then it lessens the fact of a real hero that does incredible feats…….but that aside…..what has Trump done as a service to his country……

By mocking John McCain’s military record, Donald Trump has put his own record of draft deferments in the spotlight, and he’s being pretty evasive about the last of his five Vietnam-era deferments, Politico reports. The campaign describes the 1968 medical deferment, which Trump says was for bone spurs in his heels, as “minor” and “short-term,” but it appears to have kept him out of the war during the crucial 18 months before he drew a high draft number in December 1969, reports Politico, which notes that the biggest question is whether Trump got the deferment by bringing a letter from his family doctor citing the bone spur problem.

Plenty of people of military age poorer than Trump with “no doctor but health issues bigger than bone spurs” were drafted, Politico notes. The Trump campaign, asked whether there was a doctor’s letter, responded only with a general campaign statement that notes Trump’s role in creating the “Vietnam War Memorial in lower Manhattan, for which he contributed a tremendous sum of money.” Trump has been condemned by nearly all his GOP rivals, but in a USA Today op-ed, he sidesteps the Vietnam issue and continues to attack McCain, accusing him of abandoning veterans and saying he has “failed the state of Arizona and the country.” He also blasts his GOP rivals as “failed politicians or people who would be unable to succeed in the private sector.”

So Donald preferred to stay home and play it safe…….He is a coward!  My feeling.

If he was not willing to stand up for the country when it needed him…..what makes you think he would do any different as president?

What say you?

To Spit In The Face Of Veterans (Metaphorically Speaking)

The whole nation says that it supports our vets with all their might…..a accusation that I dispute…….if they did then the government would be more responsive to the vets needs…..we as a country should to see to it.

In the past warriors were something to be held up to the highest standards….songs were written, poems recited and statues erected…..but now it is a political correct statement you make to appear we actually care…..

Yesterday while doing my normal amount of research I came across a piece that made me furious……….yes it is about VETS!

Former President George W. Bush is under fire for charging $100,000 to speak to a group of veterans wounded in a pair of wars he started when he was in office, just the latest front in a political battle over speaking fees that has hit both sides of the aisle.

Members of the Texas-based Helping a Hero charity told ABC News that Bush charged $100,000 for his 2012 speech at a charity fundraiser for veterans who lost limbs in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. The former president was also given use of a private jet at a cost of $20,000 and former First Lady Laura Bush was paid $50,000 to speak to the group last year.

Seriously?  I mean I am NO fan of GW but this is just tacky.  He charged these vets a fee to speak to them……he, the man would made it necessary that we need these types of charities, charged vets to speak to them.

He should be more than willing to go and speak anywhere he is needed for FREE!  Bush owes the veterans more than he could ever repay.

How can this toad look at the destruction and loss that he created and still charge these people for the glory of his presence?  Apparently some people need a refresher course in RESPECT!

VA to Iraq war vet: ‘We’re not accepting any new patients’

I have been bitching about the treatment of American vets for 40 years…..this country treats our returning vets like a worn out tool to be discarded when broken……this country should be ashamed!

Recently we have heard time and time again that the VA is improving……..there have been propaganda pieces in the media to show these improvements……but my question is……just how improved is the VA system?

VA to Iraq war vet: ‘We’re not accepting any new patients’.

Kinda sounds like the same old system to me……..

Any thoughts?

Nearly half of Texans fear a federal military invasion, poll finds

Since it is my birthday I have decided to give myself the day off…..I will not be posting stuff….just pressing articles I have saved for further reference…….enjoy

Recall a couple of months ago when the Right wing went batcrap craqzy with the news that the military would be carrying out a training operation in Texas?

First of all it is a TRAINING op not a goddam invasion!  The military does this regularly….I participated in one such op when I was stationed at Ft. Hood with the 2nd Armored Division………we had NO intention of invading anything and neither do those today!  I do hope that the concept of TRAINING is not too abstract for some……..

But the noise machine on the Right has a whole lot of normally rationally people running around yelling “the sky is falling”……especially in Texas!


Nearly half of Texans fear a federal military invasion, poll finds.

Ukraine And The World

While most everyone else is watching the carrying ons in the Congress and states I have been watching Ukraine and the situation the West is setting up for itself…..

Russia is playing a talking game……while it positions itself along the borders with NATO…….NATO is sending in troops and equipment to position along the borders with Russia……….

The “spearhead” force was initially meant to forestall a Russian invasion of Europe, something which US officials were constantly predicting was imminent. A year later and with the invasion still looking extremely unlikely, officials just keep doubling down at every opportunity.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has headed to Europe this week to try to convince various European nations, notably Germany, to dramatically increase military spending so they can afford to send a bunch of excess troops to the Russian border. He will also commit US troops and equipment to the plan.

If a full scale invasion seems unlikely…..what is all this troop movement about?

Why is the world playing the Cold war game again?  Is all this weaponry really a good idea?


Why Arming Ukraine Is a Really Bad Idea | The National Interest.

Why the US Military Opposed New Combat Roles in Iraq by Gareth Porter —

There has been a promise by the president that there will be NO combat role in Iraq for US Troops…….many have argued that they have such a role as the conflict stands now.

There has been a multi-facet conversation on this subject……some on the Right are chest thumping about ending the conflict once and for all with US troops…..the Left has not been so bold but secretly are saying that there has to be a way to end this thing in Iraq……..

The Joint Chiefs have voiced an opinion and some will not like or appreciate their thoughts……


Why the US Military Opposed New Combat Roles in Iraq by Gareth Porter —