Is The M-IC Taking Over?

M-IC?  Military-Industrial Complex, that multi-billion dollar business that has turned the world into one big battlefield…..all in the name of profit.  It was bad enough that they were buying politicians like cheap candy….but now they have branched out into our system of law enforcement……turning our police forces into an extension of the military……and it is not getting better…..not by a long shot!

(Newser) – Critics such as Sen. Claire McCaskill say the initial police response in Ferguson, Mo., actually made things worse because cops were equipped like soldiers of war. No wonder, write Elizabeth Beavers and Michael Shank in the New York Times. The Pentagon and Homeland Security Department are keeping police forces across the nation awash in surplus military gear and vehicles. Under something called the 1033 program enacted in 1997, the defense department has provided $4 billion worth of military equipment to law enforcement agencies over that span. Homeland Security, meanwhile, has doled out $34 billion in “terrorism grants” so police departments can armor up.

The problem? Police departments have begun sending out officers with such gear for routine operations such as drug raids or to serve search warrants, the authors write. “As Ferguson shows, this militarizing of routine police work exacerbates tensions and increases the likelihood of disorder. This, in turn, appears to justify a militarized police response, and so the cycle continues.” Solution? Kill the 1033 program and tell Homeland Security to stop those grants. “Police militarization is a growing national threat,” they write. “If the federal government doesn’t act to stop it, the future of law enforcement everywhere will look a lot like Ferguson.” Click for the full column.

Is this necessary?  Is this what all those conspiracy freaks have been warning against for decades?  How long will this go on?  What can us mere mortals do to stop this slide?

Protests have picked up……and of course the narrative the police want to spin is that it is all “outside agitators”……..there have been many “celebs” that are jumping on this bandwagon….but the one that impresses me most is that of a Holocaust survivor……..

Earlier yesterday, 90-year-old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, a political activist and St. Louis resident, was one of nine protesters arrested for blocking the entrance to a building where Gov. Jay Nixon has offices. “I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager. I didn’t think I would have to do it when I was 90,” she told the Nation. “We need to stand up today so that people won’t have to do this when they’re 90.” She was among a group of more than 100 protesters calling for the arrest of the officer who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown and the removal of the National Guard from the situation.

Here is a person that has first hand knowledge of what human rights abuses look like……she is a person that needs to be heard…..but sadly she may never get her chance…..the narrative is about criminals and agitators…..not the abuse of power or the committing of abuses against humanity.

Sadly, the M-IC will win this fight…..and Ferguson will be the loser big time.

If you are interested there is a live stream on VOX………

Some Things Last Forever

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

This op-ed will not make me many friends….for you see some wounds last a long, long time…….and there are some wrongs that not even time will heal.

It is well known that I think what the country and the government is doing to our veterans…..there is so much support and then those same supporters will vote against the benefit of our vets……most support is nothing more than lip service and a bit of guilt that these “patriots” are trying to soothe.

I take this lack of concern for the veterans personally.  I am a veteran of the Vietnam War…I was a grunt and on my return I was treated like a social outcast…..once people knew that I was in that war I was avoided like the plague….so forgive me if I sound a bit bitter and there is a good reason for it….I Am Bitter…..STILL!

Ten years after the Fall of Saigon this country decided to do the “right thing” and have a welcome home parade for the Vietnam vet….I was asked to participate but declined….when asked why… I told them what I felt….first, it is too late…second I would not be part of their lame attempt to cleanse their conscience.

I bring this up for a good reason…..we have a chance today to do the right thing for our vets from Iraq and Afghanistan and so far I have seen NOTHING that would lead me to believe that their problems will be treated and once again the country will crap on those that gave their all to do their duty to their country.  Their problems will NOT go away no matter how much spurious concern we show……why would I say something so negative?

Glad you ask!

(Newser) – Post-traumatic stress doesn’t fizzle away after a few years—or perhaps even a lifetime. About 11% of Vietnam War veterans still suffer from the disorder today, according to a new VA study, reports USA Today. It builds off landmark PTSD research conducted in the 1980s and finds that about one-third also battle major depression. The study also found that 18% of vets who suffered from the disorder had died before retirement age, twice the percentage of those without PTSD, reports the New York Times. Minorities, those who enlisted before high school graduation, and those who killed multiple times were also found to be at a higher risk.

“This study shows us what the road ahead is going to look like,” says one of its authors, a psychiatry professor at NYU. “A significant number of veterans are going to have PTSD for a lifetime unless we do something radically different,” he adds, referring to vets from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Along those lines, a doctor at King’s College London finds it “striking” that most of the Vietnam vets with PTSD had discussed their mental health in recent VA visits. “Clearly it doesn’t seem to have done much good.”

That is right……40 years later and the problems remain…..a job well done for an uncaring nation!

As things are today our recent vets have NO reason to feel like the country is going to come to their rescue…..but there is always those charities that help the vets…..that is true and most do excellent work….but then I ask….why should people that did the bidding of their country when called have to depend on charity?  Where is their country?

I am sick of all these bloated toads that we elect screaming about people NOT taking responsibility for their actions and they are the worse perpetrators….and then there are those that run up and thank a soldier for his service……nice gesture but if you want to help make DAMN sure they are not forgotten as were the Viet vet.

Stop Pretending That Veterans Matter

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

One of the most pressing issues facing the country today is not immigration or impeachment or whatever imaginary issue you choose to rant about….NO it is the treatment of our veterans.  These great men and women are in dire need and deserve treatment for their ills….ills that we as a country gave them.

After the great VA scandal earlier this year everyone was outraged and everyone was offering an opinion and when it came to delivering on these concerns the government fell on its face….a face that is covered with shame.

The American people say they are worried about the vets and their problems but where has that translated into action?  They still back morons that pretend everything will be alright if we just cut spending….that my friends is the dinosaur of economic thought.

I do not see where the American people are that concerned over the treatment of our veterans……they had no problem asking them to sign up for these wars of mass destruction but when they returned needing assistance they turned their backs on them.  Oh, they have No problem running up to a soldier and thanking them for their service but when it comes to seeing that they get the help they need it is another story…..of course they can say that there are many good charities that do good work with the vets….and that is true….my problem is why do they need a charity for that…..WE did this to them…..WE owe them!

Stop pretending to care!

I mean look at Missouri…..a plan was offered to the public…..a lottery with the money, all the money, earmarked for veterans care….it failed!  Missouri is NOT an isolated case……many states are complaining that they just cannot keep up with the needs of the veterans and yet will not do anything to help…..they will promise but when it comes time to deliver they shrink away.

If Americans want a war then they need to finance every part of that war and the veterans health care should be at the top of that list….so far it is not.

To all you so-called “patriots”…..time to pay up……veterans had your back now you have theirs!

F-35: America’s White Elephant

There are always reports on how Congress pisses away the taxpayers cash and then there are reports that illustrate just how deep the Congress is in the pockets of special interests……this project was neither wanted or needed by the military….but yet we had to have it……..F-35.

A new setback for the Pentagon’s costliest weapons program: The military’s entire fleet of 97 F-35 fighter jets has been grounded while the military probes a runway fire on one of the jets last month, reports CNN. “Additional inspections of F-35 engines have been ordered, and return to flight will be determined based on inspection results and analysis of engineering data,” a Pentagon official says. Officials in Australia and South Korea say they haven’t changed their plans to buy scores of the single-engine fighters, Reuters reports. The F-35 program, which has cost the military almost $400 billion, was grounded last year when a cracked engine blade was discovered.

That’s right, Irene….the American people spent $400 billion on a plane that the military said they could live without…..and yet the Congress went ahead with the construction of this piece of crap…..

Now you tell me just how representative the Congress really is……..we bought a piece of crap……similar to the “virtual fence” for border security….it was built and never worked and yet we still had to pay for it….now I know why so many companies want those lucrative government contracts……

Unfit: A Bleak Future

There is a bleak future awaiting the US if things do not change…….we could go along with the Right wing and say it is because of liberals……..or we could go in another direction and blame the constant games played by the ea Party and its mentally slow supporters…….but the truth is….it is everyone’s fault….basically because of education…you remember that issue….the one we dedicate weeks and months and seminars and ….stuff….and we still cannot get it right……and since we cannot it will have a far reaching result…….

The Pentagon says that if all 34 million Americans aged 17 to 24 tried to join the military, it would reject more than two-thirds of them for being fat, uneducated, felonious, on drugs, or for assorted other reasons—even before it got around to weeding out the ones with neck tattoos. “The quality of people willing to serve has been declining rapidly,” complains the commanding general of US Army Recruiting Command, which estimates that 71% of today’s young people would fail to qualify for service, not including those turned down because of tattoos, ear gauges, or other cosmetic issues.

Around a quarter of high school graduates don’t have the basic math and reading skills needed to pass the Armed Forces Qualification Test, the military says, but the biggest reason for disqualification is obesity. In the past, a “drill sergeant could literally run the weight off a soldier as part of the regular training program,” a retired major tells the Wall Street Journal, but now, people who are 50 pounds or more overweight turn up at recruiting offices. Military recruiters, aided by enlistment bonuses, have still been meeting their targets in recent years, even though the general in charge of recruiting estimates that only 1% of American youth are both “eligible and inclined to have a conversation with us.”

There you go…..we have an ALL volunteer military and few can serve because we have a suck ass education system…… i wait to see what the right wing has to say….ater all they are the biggest obstacle to a good education for our students……..what will their retort be…..or will they just ignore the findings?  My guess?  They will ignore and ignore hard!

A Victory For Vets?

We all are well aware of the veterans and their plight….the government has failed them in so many ways…..but we need to point out right here that the Obama admin is not alone…..both parties have been beyond negligent……….

And the the Congress got involved with their photo ops they call hearings……they have even voted on a few bills that effect the vets……most of them have been defeated in the House….but then one magical day a miracle may have happened……

Are you sitting down? Good. Because the House just passed a high-profile bill unanimously. The bill allows veterans to seek treatment outside the Veterans Affairs system using government funds, Politico reports. It closely resembles a bipartisan Senate deal struck between Bernie Sanders and John McCain. The final vote tally was 421-0.

“I cannot state it strongly enough—this is a national disgrace,” said the bill’s chief sponsor, Republican Jeff Miller of Florida, according to the Modesto Bee. He is chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee. “We often hear that the care that veterans receive at the VA facilities is second to none,” added the committee’s top Democrat, Mike Michaud of Maine. But “as we have recently learned, tens of thousands of veterans are not getting in.”

Personally I will be cautiously happy with the vote….but these guys do not do things that are right….but rather those that are political expedient……

There is another shoe in this vote….I just have not figured it out just yet…..I am working on it!

News Coverage Misinforms Americans on the Bergdahl Swap The Future of Freedom Foundation

I should be back to normal, if that is possible, tomorrow….thanks for bearing with me…….

I said from the beginning of this situation that the media was not doing anyone any favors….that hey were misinforming the public and they were convicting this man without the benefit of a trial….all in all it is disgusting….every person deserves a fair trial, at east that is what the Constitution says… you people remember that document?


News Coverage Misinforms Americans on the Bergdahl Swap The Future of Freedom Foundation.