Why, Big Mac, Why?

Okay…one more for the road…….

Let’s be honest shall we?  The contest for Speaker is about as interesting as watching flies mate……but the people that are dashing in the other direction….now that is a story.

By now we all know that the GOP front runner for Speaker has put his tail between his legs and bowed out of the race for the speakership……which is great….for it gives the media something to do trying to explain his decision…..I mean ….come on!

But why would he give up such a prestigious position?

There might be somebody out there who can unite all 247 House Republicans, but Kevin McCarthy says it definitely isn’t him. The House majority leader tells Politico that his shock decision not to seek the nomination for speaker came after friends said to him: “Why do you want to do it during this time? This time will be the worst time. They’re going to eat you and chew you up.” He says that while he could have won the speakership with around 220 votes, he “was never going to be able to get 247,” which would have left him unable to pass crucial measures like the debt ceiling increase. A big factor was the decision of the House Freedom Caucus to back Rep. Daniel Webster for the job, which could have left McCarthy without enough votes, reports the Washington Post.

There could be murkier factors involved: On Wednesday, Rep. Walter Jones called for candidates who’ve committed “misdeeds” to withdraw from the race, and rumors are circulating that he was referring to an alleged affair between McCarthy and fellow GOP Rep. Renee Ellmers, Gawker reports. Her Wikipedia page was edited on Thursday to say she has allegedly been having an affair since 2011. The edit, which came from a Department of Homeland Security IP address, was quickly reversed to remove the claim, Mediaite reports. Jones says he doesn’t have any proof of misconduct involving McCarthy or any other candidates, the Post reports. (McCarthy’s Benghazi comments didn’t help his cause.)

He bowed out because he was thinking of his next election (nothing else)….I mean how would it look to the voters back home if he could not get the required votes to become Speaker?

Back in the day he was one of the “Young Guns” of the GOP….they all had bright futures with the party and slowly but slowly they became persona non grata……first it was cantor….got his ass handed to him in an election.  Next was McCarthy….do I need to say more?  And last was past VP candidate Ryan who is still in the House but trying to keep a low profile….

But speaking of Ryan……

Senior Republicans are trying to draft Paul Ryan for the job that John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy don’t want. Ryan has repeatedly said that he doesn’t want to be House speaker, either—he announced, “I will not be a candidate” within minutes of McCarthy’s bombshell announcement yesterday, reports the Washington Post—but he’s coming under a lot of pressure from fellow Republicans who see him as the only man left for the job, Politico reports. The House Ways and Means Committee chairman may be starting to crack: Toward the end of Thursday, he went from total denial to telling reporters that he had no comment, reports the Post, which notes that the one-on-one pleas included two calls from Boehner.

Another call came from Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina. “I have spent more time trying to talk him into running than I did my wife into marrying me,” Gowdy tells the New York Times. “Twenty-six years later, she’s still with me. I am just asking Paul for 14 months.” But Ryan, who was Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012, has a long-term plan that does not involve moving up in the House, insiders tell the Post, and taking the speaker job now could end up killing off those ambitions. According to the Post, the last person to retire from the role in “good standing” was Tip O’Neill in 1986.

Ryan is also running scared…..I mean this dude wants to be prez and with the chaos in the House….it would play hard on his chances.

Another coward that is more concerned about image than duty…..

Experts say imposition of Sharia law only 358 votes away from veto-proof majority in Congress | twissblog

I would like to end my publishing day with a little humor….what is life without whimsy?

There has been a wealth of blogs posting on the horror of the possibility of Sharia law being introduced into our governance….personally I think this is just another one of those issues that the morons have gotten the upper hand…..I mean think it over….it would take a Constitutional amendment and do you know how goddamn impossible that is…..if not then just ask those that supported the ERA.

I was going to re-blog this piece from Twissblog, a very good site that injects a little humor into news stories….personally I like that…..it is great to have a good chuckle from time to time…..and this piece gave me that chuckle I needed for the day…..

If you are one of those that is concerned about the creeping Sharia into our government may I suggest you read this….and join me in a good chuckle….

Source: Experts say imposition of Sharia law only 358 votes away from veto-proof majority in Congress | twissblog

Of all the things to worry about in life….this one is a low priority…..I am more worried about the possibility that crickets will become a major food stable…….

If you have a limited sense of humor then move on…….this will not tickle your funny bone……for me…….it is just goddamn funny!

Who Dropped The Shoe?

The drama swirling around the election of the Speaker of the House has a new twist for all you political geeks…….

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped a political bombshell on his Republican colleagues Thursday morning by dropping out of the race for House speaker. McCarthy was the heavy favorite to succeed John Boehner at the end of the month, though he faced long-shot challenges from Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Daniel Webster, the latter being the chosen nominee of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, reports the Hill. Republicans were supposed to pick their nominee Thursday, but McCarthy’s announcement forced the vote to be postponed. Even had he won this vote, it was unclear whether McCarthy would be able to get the necessary 218 votes when the full House voted on Oct. 29—thanks to the conservative opposition to him from within his own party.

The GOP cannot do anything without some sort of drama.

Now that big Mac is gone…who oh who will get the leadership roll?

Surely someone has an opinion……here is your chance….take it!

The House Of Drama

At the end of this month (October) the House of Representatives will vote on a new speaker……the present speaker has decided he has had enough of the games and antics of the clowns in the political circus we call the House.

Boehner is out and McCarthy is the heir apparent………or is he?  It seems the Mr. Mac has a problem when speaking into a microphone (and he wants to be speaker….see the irony there?)

Any way Mac has a challenger one sleepy time Rep known as Jason Chaffetz from the state of denial….no wait….Utah, the state of Utah.  After Mac made his now famous comment about Hillary and the Benghazi investigation he got a challenger….I guess the other GOPers are pissed that Mac gave away the secret of the tape…..

But what if Mac is not that popular when the vote comes around and we have a hung trial and the votes go on……

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is the heavy favorite to be the next House speaker, but he’s got a big math problem at the moment: When the full House votes on Oct. 29, he needs 218 ayes—and a group of about 30 conservative Republicans can prevent him from getting there, writes Russell Berman in the Atlantic. That raises the possibility that the House will be unable to elect a speaker and thus could become “institutionally paralyzed” for weeks or even months despite a host of pressing issues. One scenario is that John Boehner will stay on until a new leader is elected, instead of resigning on Oct. 30 as planned, notes the Hill.

That would be a “nightmare scenario” for Republicans and the House, which hasn’t needed multiple ballots to elect a speaker since 1923, writes Berman. Conservative Jason Chaffetz is running a long-shot candidacy against McCarthy, but his prospects of actually winning are all but nil. Berman’s piece suggests a way out of the mess: Conservatives will wring enough concessions out of House leaders—key committee posts, etc.—in exchange for their support of McCarthy’s speakership before the House vote.

(Click to read the full post. McCarthy hasn’t helped his own cause with his Hillary Clinton comments.)

Is it possible that we could get even more drama out of the House?  More entertainment watching the GOPers act like spoiled rug rats?  Will the Freedom Caucus (new name for the Tea Party) be as moronic as they have been in the past?  Will we get much deserved chuckle from the antics of silly little people?


If It’s Fall….It Must Be SCOTUS Time

We all remember the last session of SCOTUS…..same sex marriage and the Obamacare rulings…..the Right went batcrap crazy because the court seem to be a bit liberal in its rulings…….a couple of good wins for liberals and a few back steps for conservatives…….but all that could change.

It is now Fall and the next session will be starting soon……what does that mean?

The Supreme Court is facing a docket of high-profile political cases that will test whether recent liberal victories were more fluke or firm conviction, the New York Times reports. The court—which is divided 5-4 for conservatives, but saw Justice Roberts vote liberal on Obamacare and same-sex marriage—will look at cases including unions, affirmative action, and possibly abortion. A primer:

  • Unions: Since 1977, unions have been allowed to charge non-union workers for dues that go to collective bargaining efforts, but not political ones. Now California teachers have brought a case saying collective bargaining is itself political. “It could set the stage for a Citizens United-style reconsideration in the area of union dues,” a lawyer says.
  • Affirmative Action: Abigail Fisher says that being white played a role in the University of Texas denying her admission back in 2008. The Supreme Court punted on her case in 2013, and now it’s back on the docket. Like the unions case, this was brought by a conservative group that recruited the plaintiffs.
  • The death penalty: Justices will decide on capital-punishment cases in Pennsylvania, Kansas, Georgia, and Florida, the Wall Street Journal reports. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer have already expressed doubts about whether capital punishment is constitutional.
  • “One person, one vote”: Should state legislative districts be drawn based on their number of people or eligible voters? If justices choose the latter—leaving out immigrants and children—Latinos could lose political clout and rural areas will gain, Politico reports
  • Abortion: Justices may opt to revisit a Texas law that could reduce the state’s abortion clinics from more than 40 to roughly 10. At issue is whether new clinic requirements are an “undue burden” on women’s right to an abortion.

Looks like a couple of really important rulings will be coming our way with this session…..the question is will the liberal swing continue or will the judges see the errors of their ways as pointed out by conservs?


Why Am I Not Surprised?

We all have heard the horror stories of our vets and their ordeal to get into the program to get treatment for the diseases they encountered while in service to the country….or the needed rehab work to learn to use artificial limbs…..we know the Congress is a do nothing pack of whores that work the hardest for those with the most cash……

But there is another group that Congress is turning its back on….yet again……the 9/11 first responders…….

A law that provides medical monitoring and treatment for Sept. 11 first responders expired at midnight Wednesday due to the failure of Congress to act. For now, first responders who rushed to the World Trade Center after the 2001 terrorist attacks, worked for weeks, and now suffer from illnesses like pulmonary disease and cancers will still be able to get their health care. But in a letter to the Senate, CDC Director Tom Frieden said if the law isn’t extended, the WTC Health Program “will begin to face significant operational challenges” by February. By next summer, the program’s 72,000 enrolled beneficiaries will have to be notified that they may not receive health care beyond September 2016 and the program will have to start to shut down, a process Frieden says could cause patients additional stress.

The Zadroga Act, named for a responder who died after working at Ground Zero, first became law in 2010 after a debate over the cost. Proponents seek the law’s permanent extension in part because some illnesses may not manifest until years later, after the statute of limitations for worker’s comp or certain state laws may have run out. House Republicans have been supportive of the program but oppose its permanent extension because they want to be able to periodically review it and make sure it’s operating soundly; the Senate hasn’t moved a bill. Letting the program expire creates “enormous anxieties and fears in the minds of very sick people,” says Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, who’s been lobbying to make the program permanent and recently was joined by comedian Jon Stewart. “People are dying and suffering, and Congress can easily close this wound,” says one leading advocate. “But they continue to add salt to it.”

Why am I surprised that the pigs in DC let this benefit expire?

They use these people as political props but refuse to do anything that would compensate them for the work they did on that faithful day…..these people did their part now it is time for Congress to do theirs……

It does not surprise me that the American people turn their back on these brave souls…..if they would do it to our valiant vets…..these guys/gals were not safe.


Did you know that the Benghazi investigation is the longest in US history?

he House committee investigating the Benghazi attacks “is now the longest congressional investigation in history,” ABC News reports.

“As of Monday, the House Select Committee on Benghazi, has been active for 72 weeks — surpassing the record previously held by the Watergate Committee in the 1970’s.”

And the GOP has NOTHING to show for the waste of time and resources…..

Have you had enough of the Benghazi witch hunt?  It has slid down the order of importance now that the GOP has e-mails to chew on……but it is still in the wings waiting….waiting…….for a rebirth.

I got this image from “It Is What It Is”….who got it from “Last Of The Millennials”


4 people died…..a tragedy and the GOP went batcrap crazy…..and yet the murder of 34 American sailors in 1967, 8 June to be exact,  goes unnoticed for all these years…..why is that?

Enough said?