Who Should Americans Fear Most?

The government and the media is traveling a road hand in hand……almost daily we are told of some situation that can fan the fires of fear.  The obvious is ISIS….but there have been many many others like Ebola, vaccinations, lone wolves, illegal immigrants and the beat goes on…….never fear……. (no pun intended)…….. there will be others depending on the news that is chosen to be reported. My question is, since we will be scared into submission, who should we fear the most? Should we fear ISIS?  How about Russia?  Maybe it should be the “Lone Wolf”?  Let’s look beyond the obvious news and think of others……should it be immigrants?  How about the president? It is maybe same sex marriage…….. No, no, wait…..maybe it should be the government?  We Americans are told to fear a lot……and we do. The answer to the question is simple…..they will fear whatever their news source tells them to fear……besides that is what they, the people, want…..they want to be afraid……of something. What they should fear most is that they seldom get the whole truth from the media.  The news is no longer for the information they can provide but rather whatever dialog the government and corporate world wants them to push. It is solely a tool of propaganda. If a person truly wants the truth or at least an unbiased version then they must go hunting for it……the real problem is that the American people do not want the truth but rather news that will validate any view they may have. But they will continue to be fed fearsome stuff that they can lap up and their concerns for safety will change weekly if not daily. We thump our chests and tell everyone that we are afraid of nothing…….but blogs tell a different story…..if you put any faith in them then we as a country are afraid of just about everything. What will be the driving fear of tomorrow?

DHS: Pulling Out All Stops

Yep……the country waits on abetted breath….will we be or will we not be protected by DHS?  Will Congress do the right thing or will it play its usual game?

To prove how much we need DHS and its multi-billion dollar payroll…..we have had new arrests around people wanting to go over to the dark side–ISIS……and now this comes to light……..

US prosecutors yesterday presented declassified al-Qaeda documents obtained after the 2011 raid of Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound at the trial of a man charged in a British terrorism plot. The al-Qaeda documents, read by the FBI linguist who translated them from Arabic, were presented at the trial of Abid Naseer and discussed terror attacks in Britain and Russia, including plans to bomb a pipeline or the US embassy in the latter country. Naseer, who’s from Pakistan, has pleaded not guilty and is defending himself in federal court in Brooklyn. Naseer headed a British al-Qaeda terror cell that in 2009 was part of a broader conspiracy to commit attacks in the United Kingdom, New York, and Denmark, prosecutors have charged.

The documents discuss a range of al-Qaeda business, from operational tactics to training methods and suggestions on how to avoid detection by law enforcement. One letter suggests that attacking the continental US “in its heartland … has the most significance” and “cannot be compared” to an attack outside the country. The goal of an attack would be “to pressure 300 million Americans” to make their elected officials end the US war against al-Qaeda and its goal of establishing an Islamic state, the letters said. None of the letters mentioned Naseer by name. Also yesterday, top FBI counterterror official Alexander Otte testified that he traveled to Afghanistan and managed the handling of evidence recovered after the bin Laden raid, saying that he saw bin Laden’s body after it was returned to a military hangar. “I knew who he was, and I recognized him immediately,” he said.

Our need is great and our dependency is greater…….

Funny how all this is just now coming to light….just when the fate of DHS is on the chopping block………I do not believe in coincidence…..

What say you?

FCC Votes On Net Neutrality Today

All of us bloggers are concerned with the net neutrality thingy……most of us are worried that the government will take control of it and in doing so eliminate those that are a voice of reason…..I am talking about Left and Right……the media will be fine since they own the FCC….but what about the rest of us?

The Federal Communications Commission will vote on net neutrality today, after lengthy debate. Though the topic seems destined for the courts, the FCC’s decision “is going to be a benchmark,” a researcher tells USA Today. The board is expected to approve chairman Tom Wheeler’s guidelines to regulate the Internet like a utility, as President Obama suggested. His proposal also labels broadband providers as “common carriers” under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, which means the FCC could prohibit paid prioritization for “fast lanes,” NBC News reports. What does that mean for you?

  • “All this ruling means is that there will be FCC jurisdiction to examine practices and hear complaints,” a legal professor explains. He bats down claims that this is “an all-or-nothing decision that will transform the Internet,” suggesting much is still to be determined. “Your broadband will still cost the same amount as it did before.”
  • Essentially Wheeler’s rules would mean Internet service providers must treat all traffic equally, which is why Netflix—which claims almost 35% of peak traffic in the US—supports the move. It can’t be charged more for the bandwidth it uses. Companies like Etsy, Kickstarter, Tumblr, and Vimeo support rules similar to Wheeler’s.
  • In the past, so did Google. But nearly a decade after Google and Facebook first pushed for new rules, the search giant has urged the FCC to draft rules boosting investment in broadband Internet networks, as have net neutrality opponents AT&T and Comcast, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • An expert predicts the “public utility-style regulations” will “create a tremendous amount of chaos” for cable and Internet companies, particularly when it comes to addressing congestion. They would have to ensure their practices of freeing up bandwidth are “reasonable,” NPR reports.
  • The rules also include what’s called “zero-rating,” which is when an app or group of apps—for example T-Mobile’s Music Freedom plan—isn’t counted against a user’s data cap. Sounds like a bonus, right? “That distorts competition,” says one expert.
  • Republicans generally consider Wheeler’s rules a government power grab. Congress could respond with legislation that undercuts Wheeler’s guidelines, but Obama would likely veto.

Time to mobilize!

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Mandatory Military Service for Congress by Chad Nelson — Antiwar.com

As long as I am posting on war today……some ideas are better than others……

What can I say…..but this is the best idea yet!

In my youth I was a grunt in Vietnam…no I did not get drafted….I volunteered……but the days of that war if you were fortunate enough to be from a wealthy family then your chances of NOT going off to fight in Vietnam were very good.

And along that line of thinking…….our Congress makes knee jerk decisions that constantly put our troops in harms way…… (please they are individuals….so be respectful and STOP calling these people “boots on the ground”…it is demeaning.) ……..maybe it is time for them to step up and actually serve in the military before they run for office.  after all such things as foreign aid, war, weapons sales, etc are in their hands…..maybe with service they would be a bit more responsible in their decisions……

I have NO problem asking these cowards to serve their country as a military member…..maybe then our injured vets could get some justice from the government.


Mandatory Military Service for Congress by Chad Nelson — Antiwar.com.

2014 Autopsy: Dem Style

Remember the GOP autopsy after they were handed their ass in the 2012 general election…..they went about saying that they had mucked it up and that they would have more outreach to women, Hispanics, African-American, youth, on and on…..and so far they have done NOTHING but double down on the losing issues from the past…..like abortions, trickle down economics, voting, immigration….nothing new just the same stale policies from the pst….some of them from the ’50’s.

Now after the Dems were handed their ass in 2014 they also have set about issuing an autopsy of things they got wrong……..

Remember after the 2012 election when the Republican Party released its “autopsy” to diagnose what went wrong? Well, now, it’s the Democrats’ turn, and the consensus from the task force findings thus far is that the party needs to do a much better job at “reconnecting.”

And not just reconnecting to all voters, but specifically to certain kinds of voters. The autopsy reads, “In order to win elections, the Democratic Party must reclaim voters that we’ve lost including white Southern voters.” They also want to study “barriers” that keep people from supporting Democratic candidates, like they did last year when their party was crushed in the midterms.

Most of the autopsy is about standing on principle and reaffirming Democratic commitments to issues like voting rights and economic opportunity. In fact, one of their key recommendations is to “create a values-based narrative” for the party.

You can read the full autopsy here:

Democratic Victory Task Force Preliminary Findings by Zeke Miller

A noble plan….to reconnect with the people.  Just how will that be accomplished from a party that works more for the wealthy than the average person?

Let’s say they hold true to that autopsy report…..is Clinton, the front runner at this time, the right person to do that reconnection?  I mean in 2008 she was shown to not know where to put the gas in her car on the campaign trail.

The Dems need someone who can tap into the populist message….I do not think that Hillary is that person…..I just do not see her as a surrogate for local candidates.

If not Clinton….then who?

I Like Ike!

Today the GOP is about as useful as sandpaper for TP…….there was a time when they stood for good government and a prosperous country….but those days are long gone.

I know most GOP types think that Reagan was some sort of magician…..but if they are looking for a role model….they could do NO better than Ike……


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VA: Time For This “Yutz” To Go!

My regulars know that I spend a lot of time writing about the Middle East….well for good reason….it is what I went to school for….but I also post many articles about our veterans and their treatment.

This country owes EVERYTHING to our vets and we give them squat.  Oh we talk a good game and we buy cheap little trinkets and we even occasionally say thanx…..when it comes down to it…we do Not support our veterans….and when we do some little thing it is out of guilt and NO genuine concern.

But this asshat is the leader of our vets and their policies and then he goes off on a rant and a pack of lies……..

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald last year took over a department facing no small amount of scandal—and now he’s stirred up controversy of his own. It started when he was being taped by CBS while speaking with a homeless veteran in Los Angeles, the Huffington Post reports. The man said he’d been in special forces, to which the former Procter & Gamble CEO, who is a military veteran himself, said: “Special forces? What years? I was in special forces!” But he wasn’t; he spent most of his service in the 82nd Airborne Division. “I have no excuse,” McDonald tells the Huffington Post. “I was not in special forces.”

In a statement to the Military Times, McDonald notes that the comment was “inaccurate, and I apologize to anyone that was offended by my misstatement. I have great respect for those who have served our nation in special forces.” He explained the situation to the Huffington Post: “I reacted spontaneously and I reacted wrongly” to the man saying he had been in special forces. He says he had “no intent in any way to describe my record any different than it is.” The White House says it takes McDonald “at his word.” But just last week, the Military Times notes, McDonald said on Meet the Press that 60 VA employees had recently been let go over the hospital scandal; he then walked back the claim, saying just eight had been fired.

Time for this ‘yutz’ to do the right thing and resign……….our vets deserve better representation than some liar and fraud.