The List: Are We Checking It Twice?

You know that I am highly critical of a lot of programs of the US government……and I know I am not alone….the difference is that I try to give an alternative to the paths that we pursue….and terrorism is no different.

The Paris attacks of last week have Americans as well as the rest of the world trying to re-think their security procedures.

The attacks last week has brought up a wealth of questions….like how did the terrorist stay in France or Belgium if he was a known terrorist on that list that gets passed around with the names of those that should be considered dangerous.  How did this person come and go without knowledge of the authorities?

If you would like a better perspective of how the French approach counter-terrorism…..then read on…..

Source: The French Approach to Counterterrorism | Combating Terrorism Center at West Point

Personally, I think that the approach of the “home team” needs a new direction.  These days it is about massive surveillance out on the street and the infiltration of possible groups that want to do harm…..the problem is that the government is spending massive amounts of cash to be able to film you peeing behind a dumpster on Main Street or infiltrating some group of mentally starved youths so they can be conned into wanting to buy C4…..

Maybe the government could spend more time on those at the top of the list and not worry about where I pee….just a thought.

The List?  Yep, there is a list.

There is a Terror List…..and on that list there are 325,000 names of people of interests…..

The National Counterterrorism Center maintains a central repository of 325,000 names of international terrorism suspects or people who allegedly aid them, a number that has more than quadrupled since the fall of 2003, according to counterterrorism officials.

The list kept by the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) — created in 2004 to be the primary U.S. terrorism intelligence agency — contains a far greater number of international terrorism suspects and associated names in a single government database than has previously been disclosed. Because the same person may appear under different spellings or aliases, the true number of people is estimated to be more than 200,000, according to NCTC officials.

……..central database is the hub of an elaborate network of terrorism-related databases throughout the federal bureaucracy. Terrorism-related names and other data are sent to the NCTC under standards set by Homeland Security Presidential Directive 6, signed by President Bush in September 2003, according to a senior NCTC official. The directive calls upon agencies to supply data only about people who are “known or appropriately suspected to be . . . engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to terrorism.”

You know because I person reads Arabic newspapers does not make them a “terrorist”…..but somehow that person is probably on this list…..

Washington has decided to act in the shadow of Paris……

I know that many are afraid of losing their 2nd amendment rights….usually it it the same people that would deny 1st amendment rights to some Americans……there is a bill coming up that many may not know about…..I can help…..

A significant gap in current federal law allows suspected or known terrorists in the United States to legally buy guns. Since 2001, lone-wolf terrorists have increasingly turned to high-powered guns as their weapon of choice. An investigation found that between Feb. 2004 and Dec. 2014, suspected terrorists attempted to purchase guns at least 2,233 times. In 2,043 of those cases, over 90 percent of the time, individuals on the consolidated terror watch list passed a background check and were legally able to purchase a firearm.

The Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act, or S. 551 / H.R. 1076, would close the terror gap and prevent suspected terrorists from easily buying guns.

Learn how the bill would keep guns out of the hands of terror suspects.

Okay….I await the attacks and the craziness……

What Happens When Idiots Are Elected?

Since his election to the US Senate from the state of Arkansas I have been anything but supportive of this moron…..I am speaking of Tom Cotton…..

This babbling buffoon came of the public eye because he took it upon himself to write a letter on the Iran nuke deal….and he even got more of his GOP butt buddies to go along with his break of esprit de corps……

All GOP d/bags love to use the Constitution as a political prop and then spend every waking hour trying to find ways to violate the document……Cotton is NO different!

Sen. Cotton has stolen Jeb’s thunder with his bill…….

 “I will fight to restore the Patriot Act’s metadata program to ensure we have the ability to connect the dots between known foreign terrorists and potential operatives here in the United States,” former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), another White House contender, said in a speech at The Citadel in Charleston, S.C., on Wednesday.

Jeb will have to find a new tagline to show his chops.

Do you like your privacy?  Kiss it good-bye if this mental midget gets his way….

The freshman senator runs roughshod over the Constitution after a horrific terror attack. Sound familiar?

Source: Tom Cotton’s repugnant Paris fear-mongering: Why his new surveillance legislation should have you outraged –

It will be interesting to see how many on the Right that were upset at past attempts to infringe on our privacy will support his idiots lame attempt to look relevant…….

Has The Social Contract Run It’s Course?

I have been writing about American politics almost as long as I have been writing on international stuff and all that time I have not seen the level of apathy from the American voter as we are witnessing these days.

Did you know in 2014 that only 36% of the registered voters exercised their right?  That my friends is an abysmal fact.

So is the social contract nearing an end?

But first do you know what is meant by the social contract?

In case you are not clear…..I will give the simplest definition I could think of on the spot……A usually implicit agreement among the members of an organized society or between the governed and the government defining and limiting the rights and duties of each.

This country has lost its national identity….we are nothing than a collection of people that sees ‘enemies’ at every turn…..even to our neighbors who we cherish in the good times and belittle if they run into problems and needs government assistance….then our neighbors are “freeloaders”.

That is NOT what this country is suppose to be……this country has gone from a country of Americans…….. it has become “us against them” attitude….even when it involves our neighbors…..some have the idea that the American Dream is only for people that agree with their convoluted idea of what this country is all about……

If the trend continues we will be lucky to get 30% of the voting population to show up….and then any unity this country has had will be gone.

Americans need to stop worshiping at the heels of morons!  If they cannot find a way to regain the national unity we once had as a country then Ben Franklin’s cartoon becomes more profound than it was in his day……

If we want to retain what little democratic traditions we have left then it is time to put all this infantile bickering behind us….if we cannot then kiss this country GOOD-BYE!

Knee-jerk reactions and comments is helping NO one….especially the psyche of the nation.  We have become a nation of knee-jerk reactions and look how successful we have become at alienating the citizens of our nation.

Think about that while pointing your finger at your neighbor for whatever reason.  Without national unity we got NOTHING!

I hope you people are pleased with yourselves!  This nation is losing the fight with apathy

I think it is a national embarrassment.


What Happens With Knee-jerk Reactions?

I do love me some drama!

The horrific attacks in Paris last week has the “Red Web” burning up the internet…..calls for the most severe of actions must be instituted right away…..and again like every attack that has been featured on the evening news the talk is for a whole host of knee-jerk reactions……

The “Red Web” is calling Obama ineffective and he may well be so but he is called that with every issue that is featured….I personally agree that he is ineffective but for a whole host of reasons and if you are a follower of IST then you already know where I stand on his foreign policy…….but one of the tactics that is being passed around is a better way to contain ISIS and its effectiveness….but is that the best idea?

When President Obama said, just one day before the Paris terror attacks, that ISIS had been “contained,” he wasn’t wrong. On Vox, Zack Beauchamp lays out a solid case explaining that the terror group’s “march across Syria and Iraq … has in fact been stalled and in many places even turned back.” The problem is, as the Paris attacks devastatingly prove, this isn’t necessarily cause for immediate celebration. “As ISIS weakens as a state by losing territory, it may actually become more dangerous as a terrorist organization,” Beauchamp writes. Until now, ISIS was mainly focused on attacking targets in the Middle East. But some experts think Paris marks the start of the terror group staging more “dramatic attacks outside its territory—perhaps in part to compensate for its territorial losses.”

ISIS recruits a lot of foreigners, including Westerners, and its “narrative of victory” is a big reason why, Beauchamp writes. “It sells itself as the prophesied Islamic caliphate: that its victories are inevitable and divinely inspired. If it’s losing territory, then it needs to sell this narrative through other means. That means claiming ‘victory’ over the West by hitting it with terrorist attacks.” And then, of course, there’s the possibility that ISIS believes that such attacks are a fitting “punishment” for Western attacks against ISIS. All of this is a scary prospect, as the experts to whom Beauchamp spoke make clear, because ISIS has millions of dollars at its disposal. “We’re not talking about al-Qaeda hiding out in Pakistan,” warns one. Click for the full piece.

Okay before you decide that I am some sort of….whatever insult you have in your bag of insults…..keep in mind that this is NOT my opinion….I am just passing it along to my readers as an informational piece… please save the attacks for when you think I deserve them…

After the attacks last week France has instituted a state of emergency…..closed its borders (sort of)…..there is an opinion that that may not be the best of ideas…..

Source: Why States of Emergency and Extreme Security Measures Won’t Stop ISIS | Alternet

Again…….informational…..just presenting an alternative point of view….if you cannot handle that then you are probably in the wrong place.

Stop Ya Belly Achin’!

Thinking back a couple of years I recall that the web was batcrap crazy over a person’s on-line privacy….that was a couple of crises ago and now it does not seem to be that damn important….we just move on to the next crisis that the media has for us……

I know how most of the people that I follow feel about the threat we are facing from ISIS…..some are all for sending in the troops and make short work of them…..and others are less aggressive, shall we say……

For those that are of the aggressive mind let me ask you… do you feel about your privacy?

Should we jump and allow the government all access to our stuff or shall we be more cautious?

The Director of the CIA has opened up about your privacy issue…….

Civil liberty advocates are worried that a spate of ISIS attacks will bring a renewed push for more-intense government surveillance, and comments by CIA chief John Brennan won’t make them feel any better. Following the downing of Flight 9268, last week’s suicide bombings in Beirut, and Friday’s Paris massacre, Brennan slammed the “hand-wringing” over government spying, the New York Times reports. “I would anticipate that [Paris was] not the only operation ISIL has in the pipeline,” he said at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, per Foreign Policy. And it’s not only just those in the US who want to reinvigorate the NSA-style prying blasted by Edward Snowden: Per the Times, British PM David Cameron is pushing for more aggressive surveillance, while French President Francois Hollande is trying to expand surveillance powers there.

“I do hope that this is going to be a wake-up call, particularly in areas of Europe, where there has been a misrepresentation of what the intelligence and security services are doing, by some quarters that are designed to undercut those capabilities,” said Brennan. The debate has renewed tensions in the Muslim community, where allegations of discrimination are once more bubbling up. “I think all Americans want to be kept safe from violence of any kind,” the director of Muslim Advocates tells the Times. “But we know that blanket surveillance of people based on religion and race doesn’t work.” GOP Rep. Peter King doesn’t think we have a choice when it comes to profiling. “We have to put political correctness aside” and snoop on Muslim communities because “that’s where the threat is coming from.”

“Hand wringing”?  Is that what it is called to be concerned over my right to privacy?

Does this incident warrant the giving up of your right to privacy?

The problem with giving up rights to privacy for the sake of national security is noble but the problem is that government seldom returns a persons right to privacy back to their control once they have had access to it…..even if the threat is abated…..

There has to be a balancing act between the needs of the government and the individual’s right to privacy… far I have seen nothing that shows me the government can be trusted…..on any level.

Please sound off…..

TPP: The Secret Trade Deal

Remember when Congress was about to vote on this deal……they were kept in the dark….the contents of the deal were a secret and we/they were not allowed to read it before the deal was struck……can you recall that?

Now that the deal is a go……it is time for us to see what we were not allowed to see before the vote on the deal……

You can read the full text of the TPP :

Check it out…that is if you are interested… guess is that many will care enough to see just how we are being SCREWED…..that is until they have something to bitch about and then they will not shut the f*ck up.

In case you are still not aware of it….Clinton’s brain child, NAFTA was a disaster for the American worker…..and now we have another disaster in the making….

Try to keep up!

Does Patriotism Have a Price?

Back in May of this year I wrote about a program where the Pentagon was paying pro teams for their patriotic programs…..

In case you do not recall my piece……let me refresh your memory……

Source: Patriotism Has Its Price | In Saner Thought

I bring this up because this scandal has once again been foisted into the national dialog……

You know when you go to a baseball game and invariably during some inning break the team points out a group of soldiers or national guard members in the stands and tries to get a big round of applause going? That doesn’t just happen.

A new report from Sens. John McCain (R – AZ) and Jeff Flake (R – AZ) revealed that the Pentagon has spent over $10 million in recent years to keep those “shows of patriotism” active across sporting events.

Whether it’s paying for special VIP parking for generals or for some team to show the military’s logo on their jumbotron, these programs are overwhelmingly pay-to-play sponsorship schemes. If 20 members of the military are getting the “Richard Petty ride-along experience,” it comes as part of a $1.5 million annual expenditure.

Interestingly, Congressional leaders seem to be of two minds about this heavily subsidized pretense of a pro-military environment, insisting it is a waste of money but largely expecting the teams to continue the programs irrespective of whether they pay for them.

That’s probably not going to be realistic, particularly in the long run, and while it’s certainly a waste of taxpayer money to have the National Guard buying a block of Red Sox tickets, Congress may be about to learn that in the absence of “paid patriotism” there’s going to be a lot less VIP treatment coming the military’s way.


I have been a critic of Americans and their patriotism……

I want to know why the American people are NOT more outraged at this practice…..I mean they are always telling veterans that they are loved and that we appreciate their sacrifice….and yet this seems to be a “not a big deal”… is pathetic that these people need to be paid to show some respect……

Could it be that some form of misplaced loyalty to some team is more important than the integrity of the veterans?….if that is it then I have NO use for you or your moronic loyalty…..and definitely no use for these money grubbing sports teams.

There is absolutely NOTHING important than the well being of our veterans…….

Will anyone else speak up?