Report Obscures Extent of Combat-Related Traumatic Brain Injuries |

Anybody that visits this blog will know that I am always pissed off at the country for the way it treats its veterans……….the VA is not doing an adequate job protected our vets……some of the problem is funding and some is just the stupidity of Congress as well as the people, who seems to care less until there is a holiday then vets are all on their minds……..

One of the worst injuries a vet can suffer is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)…..unfortunately it is one of the most difficult to diagnose and treat……and the fact that medical people are not handling the problem adequately is another problem……

And it looks like it will get NO better in the near future……


Report Obscures Extent of Combat-Related Traumatic Brain Injuries |

The Paranoia Was For Naught

Think back to last month and the attack on the Navy reserve office……4 people died at scene and one died later…….I know a lot has happened since then but does anyone remember this incident?

About a week later a warning was issued that there were threats to other military installations and the military went on alert……the report said there was nothing specific but that chatter had been picked up and it was not good……….recall that?

At the time that the warning was issued I was suspicious of the timing of the warning…….a little too coincidental for my liking.  I recall that there was at least one person that thought I was a bit too cynical…..and I got a tongue lashing……

A news report has come out about the incident……..

MARIETTA, Ga — A National Guard soldier was arrested for filing a false report of a threat that took social media by storm and created fear among local military personnel.

Cobb County police said the threat to the lives of soldiers was a hoax.

Brett Downing, 23, of Cumming, filed the alleged report of a terroristic threat against American soldiers on July 21, 2015. Two weeks later he admitted he made it up.

Downing is an information technology specialist with the National Guard.

He claimed he found a note underneath his windshield wiper after he left work at a private company in Marietta. He told police he believed he was targeted in the parking lot of the business because his car has Army Reservist plates.

The type-written note said this:

dear american soldier,

death to you coward women child killer and all of the american military. mohammed will show no mercy on you

attacks will come full force

death is to come to you

According to an arrest warrant obtained by 11 Alive News, Downing was re-interviewed on August 4th. According to the warrant “during the interview he admitted to manufacturing the letter/note and falsely reporting a crime.”

Yep…….a HOAX!

It is stupidity like this that keeps Americans lathered up and spouting crap they have NO idea about……….so I will utter the three most beautiful words in the English language……..TOLD YOU SO!

Something To Think About

As I watch the country and its society change it makes me think that none of these changes seem to be leading us down a righteous path…….and the next election will NOT make it any better.

There is so much that leads me to that conclusion……….the loss of rights is only one of them………growing dangerous nationalism is another…….and the list grows…..but instead of listing each incident I found a better way to make the point……….


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May be now is the best time to start thinking about your next vote…….the country is in trouble and you are concerned about some do nothing and his worthless mouth…..the country needs you to start paying attention.

Iran Deal: What Price Opposition?

Since the announcement of the deal come to by US (P5+1) and Iran…..there has been a concerted effort to kill the deal and move the country to a more war footing…….neocons and their handlers, Israel are working overtime……and the cash is being spread around like peanut butter……

The Senator next in line for the leadership of the Dems is earning the cash advance from Israel……..

In a move seen as a major blow to the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D – NY), one of the most influential “undecided” votes in the Senate, has announced that he has decided to oppose the deal, and will encourage other Democrats to do the same.

Sen. Schumer had been a major target of Israel Lobby pressure in recent days to vote against the deal, and his broad influence was seen as a potential inducement to other Democrats to go along. Schumer insisted his position was the result of “considerable soul-searching.”

“Soul searching”?  Is that code for checking to see if the money is in his account yet?

Sorry this should disqualify him from a leadership roll….if he can be manipulated by foreign powers this easily….do you really want him in control?

You know there is an election coming……..and that could be the deciding factor………

With powerful lobbying groups threatening to make hay of the issue in the next election, many in Congress are facing a tough decision on how to vote, knowing that there is big money that is likely to be turned against them if they don’t go along in trying to block the pact.

Once again it comes down to cash and re-election………the backbone of what was once an American democracy.

Here’s an idea…..why not get these types to register as paid agents for a foreign government…..since AIPAC gets cash from the “homeland” to fight these fight……

Flash!  Democracy in America is DEAD!  God has been replaced by money!  All this is becoming more and more disgusting with every election!


Huckabee: Driving The Clown Car (For Now)

There are 17 GOP candidates for the party nomination……and it looks like a few of them want to be in the drivers seat……at least for the first couple of debates……and the biggest GOP blow hard of the week has got to be Huckabee……..

First he rattled on about the Iran nuke deal…….first he said that if it was approved it would be leading Israel to the oven door…….poor taste at best….then he had to go further on the deal……he then stated that it the deal is approved there would be a mushroom cloud over Israel…….that has NO taste….just plain bullshit!  Is there not something in his religion about “bearing false witness”?

But one of his best came just the other day…..he has moved on from Israel and Iran… he is harping on abortion……..

Donald Trump isn’t the only candidate to raise eyebrows with his comments. Mike Huckabee this week promised to get aggressive against abortion as president, and he didn’t rule out using federal troops or the FBI to do so, reports the Topeka Capital-Journal. The remarks came in two public appearances: At the first, he said he would “invoke the Fifth and 14th Amendments for the protection of every human being,” including unborn babies. At the second event, a reporter asked if that meant using troops or the FBI, and he said, “We’ll see, if get to be president.”

Salon notes that the reporter was none other than Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, who tweetedabout the exchange. And what about Roe v. Wade? Huckabee told the crowd that Abraham Lincoln defied the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision, which denied African-Americans the right to citizenship, when he freed the slaves. The Topeka newspaper, though, quotes a Berkeley law professor who thinks Huckabee is “off base,” adding, “I think he’d better more carefully examine what he’s saying, because it is totally unprecedented.”

Does this mental midget know anything about “federal law”?  Does this “person” mean that he would prevent Americans from having the freedom of choice?  And these types accuse Obama of being a Nazi……..go figure.

This douche bag is doing what ALL politicians do at election time…..tell the voter what they want to hear……no matter whether it is the truth of not……..does this Israeli hooker realize that his BS on religion is NO better than the Muslims that want to force their beliefs on others……..

Is this guy for real?  NO he is not….and he will NEVER be president!

“What They Do Not Know…….”

After 14 years I am sure that most Americans have an opinion on what actually happened on 9/11…….there is a wealth of conspiracies on who was behind it all…….from someone in the government to some world order trying to incite chaos……to the UN……to …..well you have your opinion and I have mine.

Since that faithful day there have been rumblings that Saudi Arabia is somehow behind the attack in one manner or another……many articles have been published on this subject…..but the one publication that has not been allowed for release was a report issued by the government……..28 pages to be exact……

Several people in the Congress have NOT read these pages for what they say will influence policy… ignorance is bliss…..if that is the case then the US Congress is the most blissful place on earth……

Please read and join the call for the release of these 28 pages…….the American people have a right to the truth about the attack of 9/11…

Lindsey Graham’s Admission: “I Have Not Read the 28 Pages” |

Local Governments Increasingly Poking Through Your Garbage

Do you have this feeling of creeping paranoia?  It could be because they ARE out to get you!

We are all concerned with the NSA listening to our phones or sneaking a peek at our e-mails….but garbage?

I am not sure if all this is kosher but this story just make me feel a bit ill at ease… I know why I shred every damn thing that enters or leaves my house……

How about you?


Local Governments Increasingly Poking Through Your Garbage.