Social Security: A Public Service Message

I try to keep my readers up-to-date on things that I think will effect them…….NOTHING is more important to us seniors than Social Security……

We old farts when the subject of Social Security is mentioned our ears perk up and we take notice…….I mean the GOP has got more ideas how to screw the elderly than I have hairs on my butt.

Unfortunately senior citizens seem to get the worst screwing every election……the really sad part is most of them vote for the very people that bend them over……apparently we are slow learners…….

I read an article that predicted a cut of possibly 19% to Social Security and just had to see where it lead……..

Our annual report on the state of Social Security and Medicare was issued yesterday, and from a 30,000-foot view, the AP sees Social Security’s financial health as having grown no worse in the past year. In fact, the program’s retirement trust fund is projected to be able to pay full benefits through 2034; in last year’s checkup, the prediction was 2033. But for 11 million Americans, there was bad news: Unless the dwindling disability trust fund is replenished in short order, their benefits will automatically be cut 19% late next year. That’s because as of Q4 of 2016, revenues would cover only the remaining 81%, reports the New York Times. What that looks like: Instead of an average $1,017 monthly check, disabled workers would get $824, reports the AP. That’s $9,888 per year; the Times notes that beneficiaries’ average salary before disability was $42,000.

The looming insolvency sets the stage for a potential battle between President Obama and the GOP. The president would like to see a portion of the payroll tax revenue earmarked for the retirement trust fund shifted to the disability one. That adjustment has happened before (in both directions), but only with congressional approval. Congress has indicated it’s unwilling to repeat the move without some changes, such as adjustments to the program to cut down on fraud and help the disabled re-enter the workforce. Program trustees painted the “reallocation” as needed but not a long-term solution. The report also indicated there would not be an annual cost-of-living adjustment at year’s end, though that could change. If it doesn’t come to pass, it’ll be only the third year without one since 1975.

All we can do is keep our chin up and vote for those that will protect what little benefits we seniors receive……

Feel The Bern!

It’s About The Guns

This last weekend was full of stuff that I missed until this morning……oh well even Chuq needs a break……BTW…..Texas is still in the hands of its elected officials…….but it is early into the Jade Helm thing…….

While the NRA was out thump its chest and bad mouthing everyone that opposes them……there was a sneak attack that they missed completely…………….

This policy oughta get the gun nuts writing and bitching…….Obama has made a move to control who gets to purchase guns……..

A new plan to issue background checks on millions of potential gun-buyers has caught the NRA off guard, the Los Angeles Times reports. Responding to an executive order from President Obama, the Social Security Administration is devising a policy that could add millions of its beneficiaries to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). In this scenario, people mentally incapable of handling their own disability payments, and those receiving payments for mental-health issues, will be reported to the NICS—which exists to stop illegal immigrants, convicted drug offenders, felons, and others from buying guns. The move could add 4.7 million Americans to the system and put Social Security in line with other federal agencies, including Department of Veterans Affairs, which already report to NICS.

Told of the plan, head NRA lobbyist Chris Cox issued a statement opposing the “executive fiat” and saying “the NRA stands ready to pursue all available avenues to stop them in their tracks.” The National Council on Disability also appears poised to oppose the move. The policy is fallout from the Sandy Hook killings, where six school employees and 20 children were massacred at a Connecticut elementary school in 2012. Congress later dismissed President Obama’s push for gun-control legislation, so the president issued 23 executive orders on gun control, including one to put federal agencies in line with laws about NICS reporting. “We need a change in attitude,” said Obama after the Charleston church massacre, per CNN. “We have to feel a sense of urgency. Ultimately Congress will follow the people.”

Whatcha think?  Good or bad?

Hawks hate the Iran nuclear deal – Vox

Does anyone remember Nixon’s trip to China in 1972?  Let me refresh your memory…..when it was announced that he would make the trip the Congress went batcrap crazy…..condemning the trip because the US would be doomed and that the Commies had won the Cold War……doom and gloom…….reminds me of the hoopla coming from the GOP today over the Iran Deal……The GOP was wrong then…..they are wrong today!

Since the announcement, to be honest from the beginning, of the Iranian deal the war hawks have been against the thing…….they predict doom and gloom if it is passed.  I was expecting that from that dweeb in Israel but I would think that there would be some back slapping (I know I was being delusional).

Every hawk in Congress has been in front of the cameras and crapped on the deal…….and at the same time few I have even read the document….I mean it is 159 pages….cannot be that hard to acquaint oneself with it………I understand that most of them have the reading capability of a 10 year old…..but seriously.

They hate the deal……which is okay but why do they hate the deal?  Not one has made a cogent argument against it.

Can we ever get the honest story of why the hate?


Hawks hate the Iran nuclear deal and can’t be honest about why – Vox.

A Thought On Democracy

From the beginning no one thought democracy and wealth could co-exist…… has taken a long time but they are proving that theory out………….today we are living proof.

Our democracy is slowing circling the toilet and NO one cares.


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Scott Walker Wants To Run The Country. Here Is How He Ran Wisconsin. | ThinkProgress

Poor Scott Walker……he chose the wrong day to come out…….his day for massive coverage of his announcement to seek the nomination has been crapped all over by the Iran nuke deal…….poor Scott.

But of course Walker like all other governors that run for national office use his time in the state as a experience in government…….they think they can govern………. they tell us they can run the country……..NOT LIKELY!

We have heard how he fought the unions and won, his success on voting elimination, his defunding of planned parenthood etc….the problem is that does not help explain how he did for the economy or the people of his state…….

So to help Poor Scott out I have found such an article….this is how he ran his state……



Scott Walker Wants To Run The Country. Here Is How He Ran Wisconsin. | ThinkProgress.