Take Action: Oppose $96 Billion Slush Fund for War

As the train wreck diminishes in its importance the media will move and so should you……..

Get Involved!  If you do not appreciate the continuous war that we have found ourselves fighting….LET SOMEONE KNOW!

This madness must end!   Please Do your part!

Do not be one of those bitching cowards that picks his bitches from the day’s headlines…….if your privacy is truly a concern….then…….

Send a message for all to see and hear!


Take Action: Oppose $96 Billion Slush Fund for War.

How Elizabeth Warren Made Expanding Social Security Cool | Mother Jones

Sen. Warren is quickly impressing us progressives……she has turned her position into something we have not had for a very long time…….a voice for the voiceless….in other words us citizens that the rest of the political machine takes for granted……YOU!

I read this article and it just made my love for this person greater……especially since I am one of those that depends on Social Security to eat…….

She is truly a states person over being politician……

Read and see what she is doing…..then let me know what you think…….


How Elizabeth Warren Made Expanding Social Security Cool | Mother Jones.

Do We Need the DHS? | Cato Institute

During the recent cock-up about funding of DHS….many questions were asked and few actually answered……but the one BIG question that needs an answwer urgently is……do we really need DHS?

This is a white paper from the CATO Institute……with whom I seldom agree…..but they asked and answered that one burning question…

Check it out and let me know what you think about the question…….


Do We Need the DHS? | Cato Institute.

How About Social Security?

There has been a debate for decades on Social Security, especially from the Right that is pulling out all stops to have the program privatized…….there are those that push the con that it is going broke…..and even those that blame the program for much of the national debt…….every word of it is POLITICS!  And by POLITICS I mean……LIES!

There is an election quickly approaching and I look for the Social Security system to become a major story and a major issue……the GOP will be trying to hone their message on privatizing the program…..

Check it out and move on to something that will truly be a ground breaking program……


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There is an easier way to help the system and do the right thing at the same time……..


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Paul Ryan’s sorry invention: The GOP’s self-appointed poverty warrior coins “envy economics” – Salon.com

You want a good chuckle today?

Remember back when Ryan was the VP candidate?  He called people that need help as “TAKERS”…..remember?

Anyway he is the GOP’s point man on the “income equality” issue…..and he has some good, humorous stuff here…..damn!  the GOP has it’s moments….unfortunately….this is NOT one of them.


Paul Ryan’s sorry invention: The GOP’s self-appointed poverty warrior coins “envy economics” – Salon.com.

Rapid Death Of A Tax Plan

Recently Obama proposed that the money in college funds, hencewith called “529”, be taxed at time of withdrawal……and the Right sphere of politics exploded with negativity…..pundits from all persuasions started pissing and moaning……and claiming that it would be devastating to the average American to have their savings for their children taxed.

The typical GOP attack was that it will hurt the Middle Class…..which is their typical smoke screen when taxes are proposed……but there is a hole in their theory………

In reality 97% of us mere mortals have NO such savings account and the 3% that do include those that were the loudest critics like the anchors from MSNBC morning shows…….in essence only the wealthy have these plans.  The rest of us have to depend on grants and scholarship and massive student debt for our children to go to college.

For days the relentless attacks on the manhood of the president was just mind numbing…..and then the news broke………

President Obama has backed away from a plan to end a tax break for “529” college saving plans after meeting a backlash from lawmakers from both parties. The White House, which had presented the plan as a way to end a tax break mainly enjoyed by the wealthy and replace it with a fairer—and much larger—tuition tax credit, now says the issue has become a “distraction” and it will focus on “education tax relief that has bipartisan support,” reports the New York Times. House Speaker John Boehner had urged the president to drop what he called a tax hike, and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was among the Democrats calling for Obama to reconsider the move.

The 529 plan, which is sponsored by all 50 states, is “a pretty good deal, and one that’s been around since 2001,” says NPR‘s Tamara Keith. “But the White House says fewer than 3% of families use these accounts—and 70% of the money in them comes from families earning more than $200,000 a year.” The Wall Street Journal, however, accuses Obama of trying to squeeze middle-class taxpayers, noting that as of last June, there were 11.8 million 529 accounts and the average balance was $20,671.

As usual the wealthy gets their way…….that is how we roll here in the good old US of A……..screw everyone but the wealthy.