Use Iceland As An Example

Surely everybody remembers the economic crisis of 2008………can you remember all the debate of whether to let the thieving banks to go bust of not?  There was also a debate on whether the CEOs of said banks should be held responsible…….how about the term “too big too fail”?

I have written about what Iceland decided to do in the past……and today it looks like their plan was far superior to any plan we had here in the states……

Maybe we should take a good long look at what Iceland did…….and learn from their example…..


Three charts that show Iceland’s economy recovered after it imprisoned bankers and let banks go bust – instead of bailing them out – Business News – Business – The Independent.

Is This Fiscal Responsibility?

Every time a Repub gets in front of a microphone we hear just how bad our national debt is……or just how bad our out of control spending is getting…….or how we must spend our way to victory over ISIS…….all of which is a bit confusing.

Do we control our spending…..unless we are invading some country or another?  Where is the line of spending constraints?

For instance……just what are we spending fighting ISIS?

Glad you asked!

The US has spent more than $2.7 billion on the war against ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria since bombings began last August, and the average daily cost is now more than $9 million, the Pentagon said yesterday. Releasing a detailed breakdown of the costs for the first time, the Defense Department showed that the Air Force has borne two-thirds of the total spending, or more than $1.8 billion. The daily combat, reconnaissance, and other flights eat up more than $5 million a day. The data also provided a rare look into the often secret special operations costs, which totaled more than $200 million since August.

Other total costs include $438 million for the Navy, including fighters and other ship support; $274 million for the Army, which has trainers and special forces troops on the ground; $16 million for military pay; $646 million for munitions; and $21 million for intelligence and surveillance operations. The release of the spending totals came as Congress debated and rejected legislation yesterday that would have banned spending on the combat operations until lawmakers passed a new war powers resolution.

The US has spent  $2.7 billion fighting ISIS……..and just what has the money accomplished?  No, really, what?

Has it stopped the spread of radical Islam?  Is ISIS near defeat?  Is Iraq a better place?  Is Syria moving in the right direction?

Someone, anyone……please let me know just what you think we have accomplished for the money spent……..ANYONE?

Here is a thought……… case you were wondering…….

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Can you think of better uses for a trillion dollars?  I can think of several and war is NOT one of them…….but please you tell me……

Republican Misrule | The American Conservative

Every time I hear a politician tell me how great my state will be if only conservatives ran everything……well my state has been run by cowardly conservs for a long time…..then I tell people to go to a stat site on economics and social issues and look at Mississippi…..we are always on the top of a worse list and the bottom of a best list….that is what conserv rule will do to your state….

While surfing the other day I found a piece in the American Conservative (that;s right…I read conservative stuff also)….it goes along with what I am saying about one party rule at the state level……

Read it and LEARN!


Republican Misrule | The American Conservative.

Take Action: Oppose $96 Billion Slush Fund for War

As the train wreck diminishes in its importance the media will move and so should you……..

Get Involved!  If you do not appreciate the continuous war that we have found ourselves fighting….LET SOMEONE KNOW!

This madness must end!   Please Do your part!

Do not be one of those bitching cowards that picks his bitches from the day’s headlines…….if your privacy is truly a concern….then…….

Send a message for all to see and hear!


Take Action: Oppose $96 Billion Slush Fund for War.

How Elizabeth Warren Made Expanding Social Security Cool | Mother Jones

Sen. Warren is quickly impressing us progressives……she has turned her position into something we have not had for a very long time…….a voice for the voiceless….in other words us citizens that the rest of the political machine takes for granted……YOU!

I read this article and it just made my love for this person greater……especially since I am one of those that depends on Social Security to eat…….

She is truly a states person over being politician……

Read and see what she is doing…..then let me know what you think…….


How Elizabeth Warren Made Expanding Social Security Cool | Mother Jones.

Do We Need the DHS? | Cato Institute

During the recent cock-up about funding of DHS….many questions were asked and few actually answered……but the one BIG question that needs an answwer urgently is……do we really need DHS?

This is a white paper from the CATO Institute……with whom I seldom agree…..but they asked and answered that one burning question…

Check it out and let me know what you think about the question…….


Do We Need the DHS? | Cato Institute.

How About Social Security?

There has been a debate for decades on Social Security, especially from the Right that is pulling out all stops to have the program privatized…….there are those that push the con that it is going broke…..and even those that blame the program for much of the national debt…….every word of it is POLITICS!  And by POLITICS I mean……LIES!

There is an election quickly approaching and I look for the Social Security system to become a major story and a major issue……the GOP will be trying to hone their message on privatizing the program…..

Check it out and move on to something that will truly be a ground breaking program……


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There is an easier way to help the system and do the right thing at the same time……..


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