2014 Mid-Terms: A Comedy Of Errors

In just days…..Americans will go vote…….if you can call it that…….

I would like to give my opinion of the 2014 mid-terms……I searched for the most appropriate word that could sum up what I think of the election…..after many minutes of thinking I finally came up with the one word that could do justice to this election…..then BAM!  It came to me in a vision……..YAWN!

The truth is I find the whole process this time around to be as boring and as disgusting as any in recent memory…….and I am NOT alone……

The consensus heading into crunch time of the midterm elections is that they’re … boring. (See here and here, or check out a recent Pew poll showing the anemic level of interest among Americans—only about 15% are closely following things.) Midterms always lack the punch of a presidential election, of course, but this year seems worse than any recent one, writes Peter Beinart at the Atlantic. The problem, he argues, is that while 2014 has a number of dramatic races on the local level, nothing is grabbing people in more of a big-picture sense. “There’s no big national issue on which voters feel that they can change the country’s course.”

Go back to 1998, for instance, when the possibility of Bill Clinton’s impeachment hung over the election. In 2002, the nation fretted about invading Iraq, and four years later, it fretted about leaving. In 2010, the economic collapse overshadowed all. But this year, “Americans just don’t believe that as much hinges on their vote.” Control of the Senate? Sure, “Democrats want to win, but they’re not too worried about losing,” writes Ezra Klein at Vox. Even if they do, “they’re likely to take it back in 2016. And it’s not as if much is going to get done in the meantime.” People right now are worried about Ebola and ISIS, he adds, and that gets to heart of the problem of the 2014 election: “It doesn’t seem likely to really change anything anyone cares about.” Click for Klein’s full column, or Beinart’s.

The media has done this with their incessant polls, sometimes hourly, and their wild speculation and their lack of concern for the damage they are doing to the election process.

The real shame is that a right that Americans feel strongly about is taken so nonchalantly.  Some thing as important as the direction of this country is boiled down to a popularity contest.

I weep for this country for if this lunacy continues there is little hope we can survive.even though we have a right to vote.

Sad that this right that we Americans are so proud of has turned into a joke for late night comics.

How to build a better election – The Week

The V (for vote) Day is only days away……I am not confident that the voter will do anything that will help change the downward spiral of this system….I do wish I could be more optimistic….but sadly I cannot.

Almost everybody realizes that the election system needs a major overhaul…..reform will not do it….it needs a change….and before the next election.

This article is a good damn idea….NO!  It is a goddamn excellent idea!


How to build a better election – The Week.

3 reasons why New Zealand has the best-designed government in the world – Vox

With the election in about a week………… I will be posting articles and posts that address the subject of governance……

The US has been voting since the beginning and with each vote we seem to be moving backwards….at least for the last couple of decades……

I realize that many Americans would not agree with this post…..but consider what the article is saying before dismissing outright……in other words  Do Not fly off The Handle Before It Is Read.

Our system needs some changes…,..and I am not talking about minor tweaks…..it is a major overhaul that is needed.


3 reasons why New Zealand has the best-designed government in the world – Vox.

GOP Policy–2014

The GOP spends so much time belittling Obama and the Democrats that it has little time to develop a good set of issues that would give Americans confidence in their attempts to rule……

This is about the best policy they have for this quickly approaching election……


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The Disease of American Democracy | Perspectives | BillMoyers.com

About 14 days before we Americans go to the polls to make the wrong decision….something we excel at doing………

I have pissed and moan about just how unimportant the American voter really is…..that special interests are the key to moving legislation…..the voter is only important during campaigns and after they are a minor inconvenience that must be tolerated….in short, the people are of NO use to an elected politician…..

Have you noticed that the MSM has all but refused to point out problems in our system?  They feel compelled to analyze it until it makes most of us nauseated….but seldom a word that is negative…..why is that?

An excellent piece with some provocative thoughts……..

Read and sound off!


The Disease of American Democracy | Perspectives | BillMoyers.com.

Best Justice Money Can Buy

Already the interest in the latest war is tarting to wane…..so I will bow to social convention and start posting on stuff other than the Middle East……

I seems that in some states candidates for judge cannot accept campaign funds……some don’t like that and now they are trying to get SCOTUS to weigh in on this issue……and with our court batch of judges on the court….they could possibly get their way…….

Mother Jones is reporting……..

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could overturn 30 states’ bans on judges personally seeking campaign contributions. In Lanell Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar, a county-level judicial candidate was publicly reprimanded by the Florida Supreme Court in May and forced to pay $1,860 in court costs for signing a fundraising letter during the 2009 election, according to her petition. The court also rejected her argument that the decision violated her First Amendment rights, saying that the state’s ban is constitutional “because it promotes … the integrity of the judiciary and [maintains] the public’s confidence in an impartial judiciary.”

As Williams-Yulee notes, this issue is quite common in that there are hundreds of judicial elections each year. In 2011 and 2012 there were high court elections in 35 states that contested 75 open seats, along with an additional 243 intermediate appellate court races in 29 states. These races are becoming increasingly more expensive: During just those two years, state high court, appellate and lower court judicial candidates raised more than $110 million, according to the National Institute On Money In State Politics (state judicial candidates raised just $83 million total in the 1990s). Justice At Stake, a nonpartisan judicial election watchdog group, points out that 20 states have surpassed records for judicial election spending since 2000. Independent spending on judicial elections is also booming, with more than $24 million being spent in the 2011-12 cycle compared to just $2.7 million a decade earlier.

May I suggest the Americans worry more about this turn of events than the questions before the Court now….this will have long lasting consequences if SCOTUS rules the way I thin they will….if this happens all agendas will be open for partisan BS……