Immigration: News NO One Wants To Hear

One of the hot button issues in the 2016 election will be immigration….these people have been demonized and praised….usually at the same time but from different sides of the spectrum…..we have candidates thumping their chests like sex crazed apes telling us that “illegals” are pouring across the border to steal American jobs and get that free ride that they all crave….

And the Right winger talkers spout fact after fact about how these people will destroy this country if something is not done…..the problem with the political rhetoric has overlooked one fact while they are thumping those chests….

This may come as a surprise to anyone calling for a border fence: There are actually more Mexicans exiting the US than arriving here, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis. Between 2009 and 2014, an estimated 870,000 Mexican nationals came to the US from Mexico—but a million Mexicans went back the other way. (Pew admits it’s “challenging” to measure migration flow between the US and Mexico, but explains quite a bit about how it gets the best possible estimates here.) Why? Pew cites a number of reasons:

  • The US economic recovery has been slow, perhaps meaning fewer jobs for Mexican immigrants.
  • US immigration laws have become more strictly enforced, perhaps causing fewer Mexicans to attempt to cross the border. (The number of Mexicans apprehended at the US border was just 230,000 last year, the lowest number since 1971.)
  • There has also been an increase in Mexican deportations since 2005. Even so, most of the million Mexicans who crossed back over the border from the US did so of their own volition, not because they were deported.
  • Interestingly, 48% of adults in Mexico say they think life is better in the US, but 33% say life is neither better nor worse in the US—a 10-percentage-point increase from those who believed life was equivalent in both places in 2007.

The data also show that the number of Mexican immigrants living in the US has declined from a peak of 12.8 million in 2007 (6.9 million of them unauthorized) to 11.7 million last year (5.6 million unauthorized). Read Pew’s full report here.

You can tell when an issue is nothing more than a football for political thinking……when something happens to change the equation….it is ignored!  I realize that this fact shoots a hole, a small hole, in your premise….but ignoring facts does not make one right.

I guess if you want to explain this a way then one could say the Trump’s rhetoric has scared the crap out of people and now they are running back across the border……

Yeah, let’s go with that lie!

The GOP’s Guerrilla Warfare

Before I get into the meat of this post….I would like to thank all my readers that viewed and responded my post over the weekend about my granddaughter and her music…..I appreciate all the kind words and the likes….she is thrilled.

Trump has made a meteoric rise to prominence……and many have jumped on the wagon…..their anger at the government has given the air his blimp needed…..the problem is that trump is not someone the stalwart Repubs want to be their nominee……the RNC and other leaders are trying to figure out how to sideline Trump in favor of a more likable candidate……apparently they will do whatever it takes…..even “guerrilla warfare”……

The Wall Street Journal has an inside look at the “guerrilla campaign” being launched against Donald Trump by the GOP establishment. The Journal states party stalwarts are “increasingly alarmed” by Trump’s continued success and dread seeing him move on to the general election. According to a memo obtained by the newspaper, former RNC online communications director Liz Mair has set up Trump Card LLC to unite donors from various campaigns into a single anti-Donald front. “In the absence of our efforts, Trump is exceedingly unlikely to implode or be forced out of the race,” the memo states. “The stark reality is that unless something dramatic and unconventional is done, Trump will be the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton will become president.”

Mair—who lost her previous gig with the Scott Walker campaign over some social-media posts mocking Iowans—describes Trump Card as “loosely organized and highly confidential,” with financial backers remaining anonymous, the Journal reports. Trump Card’s plans so far include comparing the Republican frontrunner to Rosie O’Donnell in an attempt to goad him into a reaction and hiring a Trump impersonator to insult people. Trump Card’s goal, as stated in the memo, isn’t even to get supporters to switch to another candidate; rather it wants to turn them off voting altogether. The Journal reports “the sense of urgency has mounted in part because Mr. Trump continues at or near the top of GOP polls, even after many predicted that the Paris terror attacks would lead voters to turn to a more seasoned candidate.” Read the full story here.

Now it will be interesting to see how successful this campaign can be……and how his supporters will react….

American politics is great….always room for some humor.

Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy

As I have said on many occasions…..2016 will be the foreign policy election……there are few issues more important than our place in this world.

I have spent a bit of time criticizing the GOP candidates for their outlandish stands when it comes to foreign policy…….so to be fair I will write about the Democratic candidates and their policies concerning the US and the world.

First let us travel to the North African country of Libya…..and the recent “revolt” against the “Madman of the Middle East”, Qaddafi…..

At the time of the revolt Clinton was the Sec. of State of the US and had a hand in the destruction and deaths in Libya.  Few want to admit that the revolt was lead by the CIA through their proxy, Gen. Haftar, who had been on the payroll since the mid 1980’s.

The revolt was never about the “Arab Spring” movement but rather a desire “to get” Qadafi since the days of Reagan…..the Arab Spring just gave the US the opening they needed to finish off the leader.

Contrary to Hillary Clinton’s statements in the most recent Democratic debate, Muammar Gaddafi was not “deposed.” He was tortured and murdered, very likely by Islamists allied with NATO forces. The “radical elements” that are causing “a lot of turmoil and trouble” in “this arc of instability” are, in fact, Islamists whom Clinton picked as allies in the region, and she has pressed to supply them with arms in Syria as well as Libya. She really rates mention as an American mover of the “instability” in the region second only to Bush and Cheney. The fact that neither candidate opposing Clinton in the primaries had a word to say about any of this — that they were comprehensively uninformed about the NATO action in Libya and its aftermath — points to an enduring weakness in the disposition and political temper of almost all Democratic politicians of any note.

Source: Hillary Clinton’s Libya | David Bromwich

Now the most pressing issue in these days before the election is ISIS…..we have heard what almost every GOP candidate has had to say about the way to handle this barbaric group….but what about the Democrats especially Mrs. Clinton?

Source: Hillary Clinton’s ISIS Strategy is a Warmed-Over Mess But at Least She Wants to *Declare* War… – Hit & Run :

Every candidate that is running for their party’s, no matter then party,  nomination is offering nothing that would stand them out as anything but a neo-liberal.  Not one plan offers anything beyond “doing the some things” we are doing now…..and that has not got us any closer to the promised defeat of ISIS.


2016: And Then There Is Foreign Policy

I believe that the next election, 2016, will be primarily a foreign policy election….I know I have said all this before……but all indications and events are sealing it in stone….

The US is facing ISIS, Russia, China and points too numerous to type here….my fingers get tired just thinking about how many countries I could name…..

Clinton will be a war hawk…..I do not care how much she tries to push back from the label….she will be what she is….a war hawk.  Bernie…I am not sure how he feels about the whole thing….I know he will be anti-war and that will defeat him with American voters…..O’Malley?  Who cares?

Now the GOP candidates……They all will be war hawks… if you are a voter who cares about foreign policy then any candidate will do….that is if your answer to every situation is war….

But let us talk about a couple of the more “popular” of the GOP dudes…..Bush and Carson….

Let’s begin with a “not too popular” Jeb Bush……

In a speech at The Citadel, Jeb Bush on Wednesday called for more ground troops to combat the “brutal savagery” of ISIL, and in the aftermath of last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris, issued a clarion call for new American leadership abroad.

Speaking to more than 100 cadets inside Mark Clark Hall, Bush said that the U.S. and its NATO allies should not delay in taking further action to stop the spread of Islamic State across Iraq and Syria. “Militarily, we need to intensify our efforts in the air – and on the ground,” Bush said. “While air power is essential, it alone cannot bring the results we seek. The United States – in conjunction with our NATO allies and more Arab partners – will need to increase our presence on the ground.”

Bush cautioned that the scope of ground forces should be based on the recommendations of military generals and said that the bulk of them “need to come from local forces that we have built workable relationships with.”

That should remove any doubt about his intentions regarding war….but there is something I need to point out…..He said……”the scope of ground forces should be based on the recommendations of military generals…….”
That is an interesting thing to say when generals are making it clear what they think about more troops for the Middle East…..
Escalations of airstrikes against ISIS targets are so common as to be virtually trivial at this point, but Pentagon officials are expressing growing disquiet about the latest calls for dramatic escalation of the war, saying they don’t believe the political leadership has learned the lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan.
They warn military gains quickly evaporate in the absence of political and diplomatic moves to sustain those gains, and see a similar expectation of a sweeping military victory without any real moves to sustain it coming up once again.
Seems generals are not on the same page as Bush….but that can be remedied….replace the generals with more “yes men”….
Shall we take a look at a on and off front runner for the GOP nomination….Ben Carson?
He has once again slipped behind Trump….time for him to make another platitude that will fire up his support…..but in the meantime some of his team have reservations about the candidate……

Ben Carson is finding it very difficult to get a grasp of foreign policy, according to at least one of the advisers that have been trying to explain it to him. “Nobody has been able to sit down with him and have him get one iota of intelligent information about the Middle East,” former CIA agent Duane R. Clarridge, who has been advising the candidate on terrorism and national security, tells the New York Times. Clarridge and top Carson adviser Armstrong Williams say they were frustrated by the candidate’s appearance on Fox News Sunday, where he failed to name the allies he would contact first for an anti-ISIS coalition.

Clarridge tells the Times that Carson’s claim during last week’s debate that the Chinese are in Syria appears to have come from a US intelligence source in Iraq who “overleaped.” After the unusually frank interview with the 83-year-old Clarridge appeared, a Carson campaign spokesman told Business Insider that it was an “affront to good journalistic practices” for the Times to “take advantage of an elderly gentleman,” adding that the candidate has more than a dozen foreign policy advisers and receives daily briefings. The Times countered that it was “Williams who recommended that we talk to Mr. Clarridge and described Mr. Clarridge as a ‘mentor’ to Mr. Carson on foreign policy.”

He has a dozen foreign policy advisers and gets daily briefings and he still cannot get it right……if I were a Carson supporter I would have concerns over his lack of knowledge about the single most important issue for 2016…..but then again….I am NOT a supporter.

A writer for the “American Conservative”, Daniel Larison,  has put it best……

The bigger problem that Carson’s struggles point to is that almost all of the Republican candidates are woefully unprepared and lacking in foreign policy experience, and the few that have some experience don’t have very much. Carson’s lack of preparation on foreign policy is the most obvious in the field, but most of his competitors have the same weakness. That is what happens when a party simultaneously equates hard-line rhetoric with “expertise” and dismisses foreign policy experience as unnecessary for its presidential candidates.

That leaves the Donald whose big idea is exactly what we are doing now…..”bomb the sh*t out of them”……what can I say…..when in doubt ……state the obvious!

Once again the American citizen is being herded into a rush to war…..the latest poll after the Paris attacks show that Americans support the use of US Troops by 65%…..this should feed the political rhetoric until the next attack….and that GOP rhetoric is starting to sound familiar…..think back 80 years.

GOP: A Shrinking Room

The GOP field for the 2016 election just got a bit smaller….not that anyone will notice that Bobby Jindal has dropped out of the contest for the GOP nomination…..WHO?

You remember him….he was the GOP answer to the Obama State of the Union address back in 2009 (?)…..he looked like a kid lost during Mardi Gras parade……anyway the Kid’s Table debates can say good-bye to another wannabe….

The GOP presidential field just got a little less crowded as Bobby Jindal announced he was giving up his bid for the nomination Tuesday. “I’ve got nobody to blame but myself,” the Washington Post quotes the Louisiana governor as saying. “I’m not going to make any excuses or blame anyone else.” Politico reports the announcement comes after Jindal tried and largely failed to win over evangelical voters in Iowa. He spent more time in the first primary state than any other candidate and thought he would be able to get more attention if he could outlast a few other candidates there, according to the Post. Instead, Politico reports he was frequently polling at less than 1%, had less than $300,000 in the bank, and never got out of the undercard Republican debates.

“Going forward, I believe we have to be the party of growth and we can never stop being the party that believes in opportunity,” Jindal said. “We have to be the party that says everyone in this country—no matter the circumstances of their birth or who their parents are—can succeed in America.” The Post reports Jindal blames a “crazy, unpredictable” year for his inability to get traction with his detailed policies. “This is not my time,” he said. Jindal added that he hasn’t thought about which of the remaining candidates to endorse, but the country “better elect the right president so that we can restore the American dream before it’s too late.” He is the third Republican candidate—following Rick Perry and Scott Walker—to drop out of the race.

I liked this guy for where else but the GOP could you find an immigrants son that is a hater on immigrants… gotta love these d/bags……

Who will be the next to take a dive?

Do Democrats Have A Problem?

Let’s be honest…..the Democrats have taken the eyes off the prize…..they spend all their time promoting their candidate for president so much that they have neglected all other races……that explains why they have lost so many state governor races as well as state legislatures and Congressional seats…..but not to fear we have a Democrat as president……lucky us.

The stupidity of the DNC is screaming for new leadership…..even with that it will take a decade or more before they can return to where they were in 2000……the Democrats have NO young leaders left…….all they have is old farts for leadership…..

The Democratic contest seems to have come down to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, two candidates with an average age of 71. The Republicans, meanwhile, have three candidates in their 40s. The contrast has Mark Schmitt lamenting a “lost generation of Democrats” in the New York Times. Sure, there are exceptions—Martin O’Malley and, of course, President Obama—but by and large the Democratic party is devoid of national leaders in their 40s and 50s. “Step into any progressive organization in Washington or the states, and you’ll see the same phenomenon: leadership by baby boomers, an intense and passionate group of 20- and 30-somethings, and nobody else,” writes Schmitt. “The middle generation is largely missing.” So what’s going on? It helps to recall when this group—and Schmitt himself is a member—came of age.

The boomers grew up in tumultuous times, but “the formative experiences of older Generation Xers were in the quiescent Reagan years, when civic life offered neither the sense of affirmative mission of the civil rights era nor the intense protests and passions of the late 1960s,” writes Schmitt. What’s more, the Democratic party as a whole around this time was not “ideologically coherent” and thus not much of a focal point for the young. In time, younger Democrats now in their 20s and 30s will take leadership roles in national politics. “But the missing middle-aged Democrats remind us that the formative assumptions of each generation can cast a long shadow on the future.” Click for the full column.

This is what happens when they neglect one sector in favor of another…..

Yes, a Democrat as president is important but without a support system of state and national leaders….it means very little if anything.

President Rand Paul’s Middle East Policy

Remember back about 6 months ago at the beginning of this election cycle when everybody’s favorite Libertarian announced he was running for the presidency of the United States?

Since then Mr. Rand has become a persona non Grata in the GOP race for the nomination……as they say “his shine has lost its luster”……

Back when he announced Juan Cole wrote a piece about what we, as voters,  could expect of Rand Paul if he were to become our next president on foreign policy….

Source: President Rand Paul’s Middle East Policy | Informed Comment