The Citizens United Decision Turns 5 This Month. Here’s Why You Should Care

Sen. Bernie Sanders has proposed a bill that will gut Citizen’s United……in a GOP controlled Congress it will be short lived…..and the money will win out again… usual.

But the American people need to worry about the effect that cash has on elections……read and become informed….


The Citizens United Decision Turns 5 This Month. Here’s Why You Should Care.

It’s Mitt (Again And Again)

The big news for political pundits is the chance that Mitt (a 2 time loser) may be ready to try for a third attempt at the presidency.

The news has been all over the place…….but the chance of covering Mitt is all consuming for them……

The most common reaction on both the left and right to the news that Mitt Romney is genuinely serious about another White House run seems to be … why? Some examples:

  • Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post: In a blog post headlined “His time has passed,” the onetime Romney backer writes that “he may have been the best of a crummy field in 2012, but in 2016 he’d be a very flawed candidate in a field of more exciting contenders.” Unless he can come up with specific answers to a series of questions (about the 47%, etc), she thinks his friends must explain to him that “we need to find someone who can win—and that person is not you. … Running for personal redemption is a rotten rationale for a presidential campaign.”
  • Jonathan Chait, New York: He swears he won’t believe Romney is running again, even during his oath of office. Among the reasons: Remember when Romney warned of unemployment doomsday under President Obama? No doomsday. “Romney’s sole advantage, his self-styled persona as a business guru who can get under the hood and fix the American economy, would seem to have little remaining credibility.”
  • Jazz Shaw, Hot Air: “I still have all the respect in the world for Mitt, but his time has come and gone. He can still play an important role in the national discussion and will certainly be able to help steer some significant fundraising operations, but I think he should keep his hat out of the ring this time.”
  • Jamelle Bouie, Slate: He is among the few who think Romney could make a strong candidate. Bouie argues that Romney wasn’t a “bad” candidate in 2012, but he was up against an incumbent and an improving economy, and that kind of political math rarely works. “There won’t be an incumbent in 2016, and there’s a good chance Americans will want a different party at the helm,” writes Bouie. “If Romney were the nominee, there’s no doubt that he could win the presidency.”

My personal opinion of the possibility of another Mitt run for the roses……YAWN!

The man is as boring as watching flies f*ck!

Is Jeb The Second Coming? Or Is It The Third?

It is 2015 and the whole world will soon be going bat crap crazy with all the pundits calling this candidate and that as the new “Messiah” for whichever party they represent…….

Hillary is a given but what about the GOP…..Cruz, Rubio, Huckabee, Santorum or maybe Jeb Bush……good question, right?

Seems Jeb maybe getting ready for a hat toss……..

One more sign that when Jeb Bush says he is “actively exploring” a presidential run in 2016, it means the formal announcement is just a matter of time: He has resigned from all his boards and continues to “shed business interests” ahead of a primary fight, reports the Washington Post. “This is a natural next step that will allow him to focus his time on gauging interest for a potential run,” says his spokeswoman.

The Post singles out one business connection in particular that opponents might have seized upon to sully his image as an education reformer: He had been a paid adviser for Academic Partnerships, a for-profit education firm that sells online courses to public universities. As the Post writes, “some faculty members say it siphons money from the schools while asserting too much control over academic decisions.” Meanwhile, Bush also rejected an invitation from Rep. Steve King to speak at the Iowa Freedom Summit later this month. Bush cited a scheduling conflict, though the AP notes it could have been politically dicey: King is a vocal critic of immigration reform, while Bush is an advocate.

What say you….will it be Jeb?