Why Is Bernie So Popular?

For some time now the media has been asking that very same question…..they cannot grasp the reason why someone who fights special interests and refuses PAC money could possibly be getting the crowds he, Bernie, is getting.

The MSM answer to this phenom is that he is the anti-Clinton candidate or that he was just in the right place at the right time for all the anger the voter is having over our political process……there is a wealth of other possible reason for his popularity.  All I can say is that if the journalists had been reading IST this whole time I have answered that exact question with a poll that they were too good to pay attention to when it came out……

What poll would that be?

I did a short post back in 2009 that answers their question…….

Source: Many Americans Prefer Socialism | In Saner Thought

Bernie is talking about the issues that the American people care most about….he is not playing the same game as the GOP with their accusations and blame……

But check it out for yourself……

14 things Bernie Sanders has said about socialism – Michael Kruse – POLITICO.

If the American people stay angry and keeps on message and does not fall prey to the attacks….then the possibility of a better government is just a vote away.

The problem is….the longer Clinton is exposed to the public the more her numbers slide…….

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, took a nosedive in a new Reuters poll released four days before the first Democratic primary debate, the Hill reports. Clinton lost 10 points in just five days, dropping from 51% on Oct. 4 to 41% on Friday. According to Newsweek, Clinton’s loss amounted to gains for Bernie Sanders (28%) and Joe Biden (20%), who has yet to say whether or not he’s even running. The Hill points out Clinton’s slide in the poll comes amid ongoing coverage of her personal email account and Benghazi. But it’s not all bad news for Clinton. Despite dropping 10 points overall last week, her lead over Sanders actually increased over what it was in September, according to Newsweek.

There is a good possibility that her slide is thanks to the news cycle and the fixation on her by the media…..that bids well for Bernie……as long as she is the news story du jour then Bernie’s star will shine.

There are some news sources that paint a better picture of Bernie….the media and the little dictator of the DNC, Wasserman-Shultz and are doing all they can to make Clinton the nominee…..but Bernie is popular where he should not be popular…..

Source: The media’s lying to you about Bernie Sanders: This is why a socialist can win the Fox-loving red states – Salon.com

I wish that I could say that the prospect of Bernie getting the nomination looks good ……….I am not optimistic…….I feel the American people will dumb it down and vote for tweedle dumb or tweedle dumber for prez……sad……we have a chance at some real change and we will blow it….like always.

All said…I still Feel The Bern!

The House Of Drama

At the end of this month (October) the House of Representatives will vote on a new speaker……the present speaker has decided he has had enough of the games and antics of the clowns in the political circus we call the House.

Boehner is out and McCarthy is the heir apparent………or is he?  It seems the Mr. Mac has a problem when speaking into a microphone (and he wants to be speaker….see the irony there?)

Any way Mac has a challenger one sleepy time Rep known as Jason Chaffetz from the state of denial….no wait….Utah, the state of Utah.  After Mac made his now famous comment about Hillary and the Benghazi investigation he got a challenger….I guess the other GOPers are pissed that Mac gave away the secret of the tape…..

But what if Mac is not that popular when the vote comes around and we have a hung trial and the votes go on……

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is the heavy favorite to be the next House speaker, but he’s got a big math problem at the moment: When the full House votes on Oct. 29, he needs 218 ayes—and a group of about 30 conservative Republicans can prevent him from getting there, writes Russell Berman in the Atlantic. That raises the possibility that the House will be unable to elect a speaker and thus could become “institutionally paralyzed” for weeks or even months despite a host of pressing issues. One scenario is that John Boehner will stay on until a new leader is elected, instead of resigning on Oct. 30 as planned, notes the Hill.

That would be a “nightmare scenario” for Republicans and the House, which hasn’t needed multiple ballots to elect a speaker since 1923, writes Berman. Conservative Jason Chaffetz is running a long-shot candidacy against McCarthy, but his prospects of actually winning are all but nil. Berman’s piece suggests a way out of the mess: Conservatives will wring enough concessions out of House leaders—key committee posts, etc.—in exchange for their support of McCarthy’s speakership before the House vote.

(Click to read the full post. McCarthy hasn’t helped his own cause with his Hillary Clinton comments.)

Is it possible that we could get even more drama out of the House?  More entertainment watching the GOPers act like spoiled rug rats?  Will the Freedom Caucus (new name for the Tea Party) be as moronic as they have been in the past?  Will we get much deserved chuckle from the antics of silly little people?


Average Joe For Prez?

I recall about a year ago the media was pushing Clinton as the Dem nominee…..and then her e-mails became the story and she slowly slid down in the polls and the media was caught flat footed….I am her only rival is Bernie and god forbid that they get behind him for he is a……socialist (said under their breath)……..

The scramble was on…..who to make the story about now that Hillary is becoming more and more unpopular……enter our man in DC…Joe Biden.

The MSM now has a new fave that they can push and push….even though he has not decided one way or the other…..that matters not….the media wants him and they will push him until he decides to make them happy……

Personally, not a big fan of Clinton…..Joe would be my fave if Bernie was no longer present……but does Joe have any advantages if he decides to run?

Let’s go to the tale of the tape…….

Now would be a good time for Joe Biden to enter the 2016 race. Sure, he’d lose the element of surprise come debate time, but he’d pop up as the most popular candidate according to a recent poll. The survey from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, taken from Sept. 20-24, shows 40% of Americans view Biden in a positive light, compared to 28% who see him negatively. That equals a favorability rating of 12. Bernie Sanders is next with 10, followed by Ben Carson with 8, Carly Fiorina at 7, Hillary Clinton at -8, and Donald Trump with -33. Biden would also have the upper hand in a match against Trump, besting him by 19 points. Sanders would defeat him with a 16-point advantage, while Clinton would be up 10 points. When it comes to all other GOP candidates, however, Clinton is plus or minus one point, the poll shows.

Biden, meanwhile, would defeat Jeb Bush and Carson each by eight points and Fiorina by six points. Of course, things would likely change if he chooses to run. A pollster notes “history has shown that the public has a much harsher filter when people become candidates,” and most of the focus on Biden is currently on his decision to run after the tragic death of his son, which draws sympathy. Biden now has the support of 17% of Democratic primary voters, compared to 35% for Sanders and 42% for Clinton, and he appears to take support almost entirely from Clinton. With Biden out of the race, Clinton would improve to 53% over Sanders’ 38%. The poll also shows support for Bush as the top pick for the GOP nomination has fallen from 22% in June to 7%, per the Journal. Half of GOP primary voters name Fiorina, Carson, or Trump as their top choice.

If Joe runs….how will he do?  My guess is pretty good considering the front runners of the GOP……


2016: “Will They Miss Me When I’m Gone?”

Wrong!  This is not about Boehner and his decision to cut and run…….

2016 is getting interesting instead of just plain pathetic…..the GOP field was expanded to 17 candidates in the beginning and now they are slowly but slowly fading away from the election….first Perry an early fave….then Walker also an early fave….what does that say about the front runners?

Anyway……we know that there can be only ONE….(great Highlander (a movie) reference)…..so of the remaining mind fuckers who will be the next to go?

Rick Perry and Scott Walker have already dropped out of the GOP presidential race; who will be the next to go? Politico takes a “bipartisan survey of the top activists, operatives, and strategists in Iowa and New Hampshire” each week, and the latest thinking among Republicans is that Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, and Rand Paul will drop out next. In Iowa, 25% of Republicans predicted Jindal (“He’s become desperate,” says one, “and has nothing going on here in Iowa”) while in New Hampshire, 27% predicted Pataki (“The Spice Girls were big in the 1990s, too, but no one wants to see them on a reunion tour”). In both states, Paul “won” the second-place slot of who is most likely to drop out.

So where would Democrats place their bets? 40% of Iowa Democrats predicted Paul will be next to drop out and 34% of New Hampshire Democrats predicted Jindal. Earlier this week, CNN was also predicting the next drop-outs, using the Political Prediction Market, a “game that factors polls and other elements and invites users to predict where the election will go.” The most recent one found that Lindsey Graham is the most likely to drop out, with 85% odds, followed by Rick Santorum with 83% and Jindal with 80%.

We have what insiders think…..now how about you?

Please if you have a prediction let it fly…..we are listening.


Leave Poor Ben Alone!

Before I go on about Ben let me post this about something another GOP d/bag has had to say…..

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who is part of Boehner’s close-knit circle, attempted to turn the tables on members of the conservative Freedom Caucus, denouncing them as “right-wing Marxists” who have empowered House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) by undermining Boehner.

“The right-wing Marxists have teamed up with Pelosi. They’re the ones who always team up with Pelosi. They are the Pelosi Republicans,” an infuriated Nunes said in an interview. “The Freedom Caucus is an arm of Pelosi.”

A Right-wing Marxist?  Maybe this idiot should not be on a committee called the “intelligence” committee.

Onward march the Christian soldier, Ben……..

It appears that Carson has out “Donald” the “Donald”!

I have been told this by a couple of people that are on-board with the radical Rights bullshit positions.

It seems Carson is catching flak and some are upset with that attention….saying stuff like…”he is only saying what all Americans are thinking”…..first of all……I do not think all Americans are that bigoted…..only people that prefer slogans to issues and solutions.

Ben is striking back at all his detractors…….

Ben Carson today blamed “PC culture” for the political fallout over his statement against electing a Muslim president. Carson told reporters in Ohio that his view is that anyone wanting to be president must embrace the Constitution and American principles. He added that he would oppose a Christian for president who wanted to establish a theocracy. Asked how his campaign can recover from the controversy, the retired neurosurgeon replied: “The only way we fix that is fix the PC culture in our country,” referring to political correctness. “We fix America, and we get people who actually start listening … and stop trying to fit everything into a PC model,” he said.

Carson’s remarks came amid a backlash over his comments last weekend that Muslims shouldn’t serve in the presidency. In an interview with Fox News, Carson then retreated slightly, saying he would be open to a moderate Muslim who denounced radical Islam as a White House candidate. But he also said he stood by his original comments, saying the country cannot elect people “whose faith might interfere with carrying out the duties of the Constitution.” Today, Carson called the Muslim president question “a theoretical issue” that’s distracting from important national and international problems, from US income inequality to the Syrian refugee crisis.

The “political correct” argument are only for those that have no excuse for their words or actions……they do not want to face what they have said or done so they blame everyone else for their fuck up….So political correctness is the perfect excuse.

Finally, GOP faithful are a fickle bunch!  They will jump around to whichever candidate has the most outrageous and bigoted statement….it appears that support depends on that and that alone.

Maybe if we are to ignore what Carson said…then we should ignore all outrageous diatribes by all candidates……and we know that will NOT happen, right?

But did this lift Ben beyond the “Donald”…..probably not….but it will send him higher in the polls…..after all that is what is needed to rise….feed the fear!

Clinton Flips Off Keystone (Finally)

Finally……word has come from the “Ivory Tower”…….

The raging battle for the last year or so in climate change and the environment has been the debate on the Keystone XL pipeline…..us Left leaning people have been against this stupidity from the start….even Bernie has been an outspoken opponent of this lunatic plan…..

The one silent Nellie has been Hillary Clinton….maybe it was because she was part of Obama’s team or maybe something else….anyway she has come out swinging after a long silence….

Take a step back from the general election, but take two steps forward toward the Democratic primary. That seems to be the strategy behind Hillary Clinton’s announcement yesterday that she opposed the Keystone XL pipeline, writes Philip Bump for the Washington Post, asserting that Clinton may have purposely timed her anti-pipeline statements to lure liberal Democrats who’ve been more amenable to competitor Bernie Sanders, per CNN/ORC polling—even if those Dems may not be the ones to push her over the top in November 2016. “The politics explain themselves,” Bump writes. “Clinton is now willing to make her November case slightly more difficult if she can make her spring fight easier.”

According to a Gallup poll cited by the Post, while only 67% of moderate and conservative Democrats believe global warming is caused by human activity, a more substantial number—81%—of liberal Democrats think that’s the case. And because of environmental concerns swirling around the pipeline, it may make political sense for Clinton to bring that up now to pull liberal Democrats in—even though polls from late last year and earlier this year show that support among Americans overall for the Keystone project is strong, Bump notes. And Sanders knows what’s the what, he adds, welcoming her to the opposition party yesterday in a tweet. “Clinton is late to the party on Keystone, but she’s clearly interested in being where the party is,” Bump writes. Click for his full column

Personally it sounds like a personal political prop…..she knew she had to make some sort of statement in opposition if she is to win the nomination…..and viola!  We have her thoughts on Keystone.

I wish I could believe her……do you?