Equal Access?


Equal Access?

Republican voter suppression rationales: Why “voter integrity” is nonsense.

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Another piece on the ‘necessity’ to stem the rampant voter fraud (that is sarcasm, in case you missed it)…….and excellent piece by Mr. Bouie….

Please let me know what you think…..


Republican voter suppression rationales: Why “voter integrity” is nonsense..

No, You Can’t Vote: The GOP and Their “15% Solution”

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I understand voter fraud…..what I cannot understand is how limiting voting hours or early voting or registration or…..will stop voter fraud……

I ran across this piece the other day and thought it made some good points……whatcha think?


No, You Can’t Vote: The GOP and Their “15% Solution”.

Wizards Of Ooze


Wizards of Ooze

Buying Free Speech

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All You Can Buy Free Speech

Afghan presidential election provokes over 3,000 complaints – Al Arabiya News


Of course there is…….what is an election without the bitching?

Why do elections have to be so contentious?


Afghan presidential election provokes over 3,000 complaints – Al Arabiya News.

A New Hope


Well I could go into my rendition of the 1st Star Wars movie….but that has been done to death by now……the New Hope of which I speak is Afghanistan.

yes, the Afghan people have gone to the polls this past weekend and voted in greater numbers than ever before……7+ million.

First, I would like to correct my prediction….I predicted that the buddy of Karzai would win the election, Rassoul…..I felt that there would be a massive amount of voter fraud and that Karzi would not want to lose his influence in the running of the country……..appears I was mistaken (gladly)……

Afghans flocked to polling stations nationwide today, defying a threat of violence by the Taliban to cast ballots in what promises to be the nation’s first democratic transfer of power. The turnout was so high that some polling centers ran out of ballots and others took the unprecedented step of extending hours, reports the New York Times. The day has been “surprisingly peaceful,” says Reuters, with only a handful of isolated attacks reported. The excitement over choosing a new leader for the first time appeared to overwhelm the fear of bloodshed in many areas, as Afghans embarked on a major transition nearly 13 years after the US-led invasion toppled the rule of the Taliban.

The vote is the first for Afghans in which the outcome is uncertain. Voters are choosing from a field of eight presidential candidates, as well as selecting provincial council members. With three front-runners in the presidential race—former foreign ministers Abdullah Abdullah and Zalmay Rassoul, and former Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani—a runoff seemed likely instead of an outright victory victory by one. President Hamid Karzai, the only leader the country has known since the Taliban fell, is constitutionally barred from a third term.

The votes are not all in but as it is today there will be a run-off between Abdullah Abdullah and Ghani……Karzai’s mole Rassoul finished a distant third…….at least as far as we know now.

I am proud of the Afghan people….they showed up in massive numbers even with the threats from the Taleban…….they deserve some respect for taking their voting seriously……they have mine.

Unfortunately, I am not positive that any of these candidates will have the support or the guts to take on the Taleban when the time comes…….while the people voted and have voted in massive numbers…..they will not be in control when the Taleban comes to town……

All we can do is take a wait and see attitude…….

Want to cut the rich’s influence? Take away their money! – Salon.com


Americans, well sane Americans, are concerned that SCOTUS is doing more to harm our electoral system……we as a country need to find a way to put the process back into the hands of the people…or we can continue this path and lead us to ruin….your choice.


Want to cut the rich’s influence? Take away their money! – Salon.com.

Hillary In 2016


I know the GOP is gearing up to fight Hillary…they seem to be convinced that she will run and eventually become the nominee….so they are firing up the propaganda machine (check post Propaganda 2.0) to get a jump on her and her hubby’s political machine.

Now some Dems are echoing the belief that Hillary will run and will have the best chance for the nomination….that is if she desires it.

I want to talk a bit about the possibility of Hillary and her run for the finish line, the presidency.

I can hear the rattlings now.  I will not be a Hillary supporter and I shall pay dearly for not being a fan……..but I have a good reason for my dislike of Hillary……Bubba!  I feel that Bill did more damage to America’s social programs than most Repubs have done.  NAFTA screwed the American worker unmercifully…..his repeal of Glass-Steagall set up the economy for the crash in 2008…..and his attacks on entitlements will never heal…..just to mention a few of the distasteful things Bubba was champion of in his years at the helm.  And all these programs are the stepchild of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), the pro business wing of the party and the bane of the American middle class.

Hillary is a member of the DLC and she will be just an extension of good old Bubba and his policies and it will put him back in the White House….a place he should be only allowed to visit, never to live there again.

The only bright spot in 2016, well two bright spots…..one will be the antics of the GOP and the array of morons that will be jockeying for leadership….it will be interesting and most likely very amusing.  Two, Hillary my get a challenge to her inevitable nomination from the worker wing of the Democratic Party…….some of the challengers may be Sen. Bernie Sanders or possibly Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

A lot can change between today and the beginning of the process in 2016….new players can pop up anywhere……Left or Right……..but from where I am sitting today….these are the things I see.

Rancid Prius Speaks!

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Allow me to catch you up…..Ukraine is still a head scratcher…..the plane is still missing with NO actual facts to report but the media will not let it go………

First, let me say I apologize for the title…..when I hear the chairman of the RNC’s name….that is all I can think….,funny how the mind works, huh?

Let’s move on….shall we?

It seems that for the first time in many years I find myself in agreement with the chairman of the RNC and the BS he tries to pass off as facts…….

Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus Tuesday didn’t merely predict that 2014 would be a wave election for Republican candidates. He predicted a political tsunami.

Speaking to reporters at a breakfast hosted by The Christian Science Monitor, Priebus said ‘I think we’re in for a tsunami-type election in 20014′ powered largely by Republicans winning six Senate seats to regain control of that chamber.

‘My belief is, it’s going to be a very big win, especially at the U.S. Senate level, and we may add some seats in congressional races,’ he told reporters. ‘But I need to and we need to at the RNC level make sure that we can capture the positives and the benefits we’ve been able to provide in 2014 and build on that to have success in 2016, which is a very different type of election.’

It is not looking good, at this point in the cycle, for the Dems in Congress…..they will have to deal with high debt, the failed rollout of Obamacare and the general wimpiness of the candidates that grows more and more with each session.

But how can this be explained?  All too many are asking this question…..and I believe there is a simple answer……..

Forgot who said this but it rings true…..”Never underestimate the power of human stupidity”…..if you do not like that answer then let me leave you with the words of Martin Luther King, Jr……”Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”

And that my friends is….Enough Said!

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