Sweet Bird Of Youth

First a little advice from an old fart…..to the young…..go out and live life and make some memories for yourself…..for when you grow old memories are all you have….society will push you aside and you will be left with the memories that you have made…..

I recall my youth…….after my stint in Vietnam…..when I returned I became a steadfast supporter of the anti-war movement……and I watched the youth of the day go from protests to rolling over for conservatism……Nixon signed the 18 year old vote into law and the downhill plunge started and culminated with the election of Reagan….I bring this all up because the young seem to be a bit liberal for now……they have a strong pro-choice slide, pro same sex marriage, etc…..all this is great and I look for them to help this country get back on track…….that is until I read a report the other day and my heart sank…..again.

The Upshot blog of the New York Times has an analysis sure to cheer the hearts of today’s conservatives, and it’s all rooted in one simple fact: The voters of tomorrow are coming of age in a generally lousy time with Democrats in control of the White House, writes David Leonhardt. Forget the “largely useless cliche” that people are liberal when young and turn conservative as they grow older. Generally speaking, generations remain consistent in their politics from youth to old age, and what was happening when they first became aware politically is a big factor in determining whether they’ll lean left or right.

Leonhardt points out that the youngest voters in the next presidential election will have been born in 1998. Millennials might be old enough to remember that some of today’s problems are rooted in the Bush years, but not these younger voters. They’ve become politically conscious in an era when economic growth has been stagnant and the world’s problems ever-growing. “We’re in a period in which the federal government is simply not performing, and that can’t be good for Democrats,” says an analyst with the Pew Research Center. How Obama fares in the remainder of his term will affect more than the 2016 election, writes Leonhardt. The president’s performance will “cast a shadow” over the 2024 campaign and beyond. Click to read the full post.

I pray the study is  mistaken for I do not think that this country can recovery its place in the world on the back of conservative ideology…..

Republicans Wreck the Vote | The American Conservative

Surprise!  I actually read the American Conservative!  BTW…for you history buffs…today is Bastille Day…..

The GOP could be making a big problem worse…..the young are our future and our future voters…..maybe the GOP should stop trying to marginalize the very voters that could put them over the top…….just a thought!


Republicans Wreck the Vote | The American Conservative.

Just Like A Novel

As most of my readers know I live in Mississippi….on the Coast which is a bit more progressive than the rest of the most conservative state in the country……I seldom write about the political life of the state because it is just too predictable to be interesting……but recently it became a nationwide story……..I am talking about the runn0off election for us Senator between the incumbent Cochran and the Tea Party brainless McDaniel…..

In case you missed it….it was about as nasty as two rednecks can get…….accusations, blackmail, break-ins, and voter fraud (well this one is just McDaniel whining over a lost to Cochran)….but there has been a development that would be perfect for a novel…….

Mark Mayfield, a Tea Party official and member of the board of directors for the Central Mississippi Tea Party, was found dead in an apparent suicide Friday morning, TPM reports.

Mayfield was arrested in May and charged with conspiracy after he allegedly directed a political blogger to break into a nursing home in order to photograph Cochran’s ailing wife. The photo was apparently planned to be used in an anti-Cochran video.

Mayfield’s case was scheduled to be held before a grand jury in July.

- - 

Just like a true pundit I first thought of a conspiracy…..he was killed to make sure he did not testify about who ordered the break-in at the hospital where Cochran’s wife is being treated…….I find it hard to believe that this guy was so upset with a McDaniel loss that he had of oft himself……..his day in court he would have been asked pertinent questions and he would have had to place his hand on a Bible and “to tell the truth nothing but the truth so help you god”.  Mississippi is also the most religious state in the country and maybe Mayfield could not lie after his ‘swearing in”…….

Or could another operative have made sure that this person would keep his mouth shut…..shame this will not start a trend….we could be so much better off…..

You guys reading the news…..whatcha you think?

Why Big Business Fears the Tea Party – Michael Lind – POLITICO Magazine

Even though moths ago some pundits were claiming the the Tea party was all but dead……..wishful thinking……as the 2016 election approaches the Tea Party is making some great strives and could very well be a force to contend with…..Cantor’s defeat has reinvigorated the party…..

Personally, I think that Americans need to be afraid….very afraid of the party……and it seems that business is not liking the resurrection of the party either…..


Why Big Business Fears the Tea Party – Michael Lind – POLITICO Magazine.

Eric To Jeb–Run Away!

I would like to say congrats to the no name dude that beat Cantor……could not happen to a more worthy person.  Yeah, that’s right i do not like cantor….I do not trust anyone that looks like a weasel or anyone who smiles while discussing pressing problems.

By now everyone and I do mean….EVERYONE has heard about the sound beating that the GOP’s majority leader, Eric cantor took in the primary, right?  Some are happy….some not so much…..if you support the Tea Party then you are hiding in the corner tossing your jolly and counting the days for the next primary and praying for a repeat……and are starting to dream of the 2016 elections with a small twinkle in your eye….am I right?

Cantor was beat by a constant brow beating o his immigration stands…everything he ever said was used against him….and in the end it was his downfall….and the peasants danced.

Let’s fast forward to the 2016 election which the field should start to coalesce in the mid year of 2015….there are some I the GOP that think that another Bush should throw his hat in the ring…….that Bush would be Jeb……..but you know after the stomping Cantor took he might want to rethink that choice.

Bush’s vulnerabilities in a Republican primary would be remarkably similar to those Cantor faced. Bush is an unapologetic supporter of comprehensive immigration reform, famously calling illegal immigrants’ attempts to come to this country “an act of love.” Last Friday, Cantor stirred the pot before his primary by suggesting he could work with President Obama to allow a path to citizenship for some children of illegal immigrants already in the country. On education, Bush has championed the Common Core educational standards, which have become a litmus-test issue for conservatives, who view them as usurping local control of schools. In the congressional campaign, David Brat criticized Cantor for supporting centralized educational reforms, including Common Core.

Jeb has made a few statements on immigration that will no doubt come back time and time again and bite him on the ass……..since the South has become a white bastion of politics he may want to consider the chances that he will be about as welcome down there as a rattlesnake in church.  Much could change between now and the primaries for 2016……but right now Immigration is looking like a good topic of contention.

Cantor’s defeat has made Jeb a less attractive prospect for the GOP……and since immigration is being set up as a major issue in the 2016 race….he has shot himself in the foot  with his past statements on the subject…….I think Jeb is dead as the GOP nominee.

Any thoughts from my readers?

The Inevitability Of Hillary

It seems that ALL political pundits are crowning Hillary for 2016…….even FOX News is doing so….only there tactics are a bit different from the rest of the MSM……I personally am not a Hillary supporter……you see I think she will be NO different from Bubba boy and i think that he did more harm to the country than some of his predecessors….

I thought that i was alone, especially on the Left, because everyone seems to be praying and working for Hillary to carry the mantel of democrat into the general election of 2016…….like I said I thought I was about the only one……

The “Does Hillary Clinton have brain damage?” kerfuffle seems to have faded. Next up: A few—but not many—Democrats fear she’ll suffer politically for being considered a shoo-in candidate, Politico reports under the headline “The ‘Wary of Hillary’ Democrats.” Among the concerns: The average voter may be put off by her “inevitability” (Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick), or her status will enable her to abandon the party’s progressive wing in a push for the center (unnamed party operatives). Others nervously recall her “inevitable” status in 2008, and we all know how that worked out. Meanwhile, from the around the Web:

  • “That doesn’t exactly sound like a tidal wave of opposition—or even wariness,” writes Paul Waldman in the Washington Post. “But in the months to come, we’re going to see a lot of articles like this one. … because political news needs conflict.”
  • “Hillary Clinton is in a pickle,” writes Jonah Goldberg in the Baltimore Sun. “She’s a shoo-in for her party’s presidential nomination because of Barack Obama’s failures. But those failures might keep her from getting the job.”
  • The press “recycles talking points concerning her hypothetical campaign while casting about desperately for something new,” writes Ken Auletta at the New Yorker. “…Meanwhile, Clinton’s old nemesis the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ has begun declaring her not only politically but also clinically moribund.”
  • Hillary hasn’t, ahem, declared her candidacy yet—but she has agreed to promote her new book, Hard Choices, in a World News special with Diane Sawyer on June 9. Could that be the big day? “Let the breath-holding begin,” writes Nikki Gloudeman at The Moderate Voice.

I do not like having a dynastic political family….if we are gonna have that then let’s start calling a coronation instead of inauguration….