It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s A ‘War Hawk’

Today I will say something that I will not ever repeat again.  For once I agree with Rand Paul!

Listen closely and you can hear many of my readers grabbing their chests and falling to the ground in disbelief.  There is not much that I would ever agree with Paul, either Daddy or son, about for any reason.

Recently during an interview rand Paul called Hillary a ‘war hawk’…….

Calling Hillary Rodham Clinton “a war hawk,” Sen. Rand Paul says that if the former secretary of state seeks the presidency, some voters will worry that she will get the U.S. involved in another Mideast war.

Paul is a leading anti-interventionist in the GOP and is considering running for president. Last year he opposed President Barack Obama’s call for military action in Syria.

“I think that’s what scares the Democrats the most, is that in a general election, were I to run, there’s gonna be a lot of independents and even some Democrats who say, ‘You know what? We are tired of war,'” Paul said. “We’re worried that Hillary Clinton will get us involved in another Middle Eastern war, because she’s so gung-ho.”

I know this post will not win me many new fans but….I agree with Paul on this one.  She was a staunch supporter of the policy that got us in Iraq in 2003 even though she tried to worm her way out of that vote….she is still a war hawk.

Paul is setting up the narrative so that he can attract those in the anti-war movement…….and the best way to do that is put the most likely Dem candidate, Hillary in the box of pro-war.  Paul is just getting the jump on his competition for the 2016 election.

Florida Replaces Gerrymandered Congressional Maps With Nearly Identical Gerrymandered Maps | ThinkProgress

Ever have one of those days where the chaos around you keeps you from focusing?  That is my day!

Today I am pressing articles that I have found and well I am too lazy to turn them into a post (honesty)…..there has been a wealth of accusations of the different GOP organizations that are trying to pick their voters and gerrymandering has been one of the tools used to gain unfair advantage at the polls……

Florida was recently told to redraw their maps….and this is what they came up with in their attempt….


Florida Replaces Gerrymandered Congressional Maps With Nearly Identical Gerrymandered Maps | ThinkProgress.


And the courts in Florida accepted the re-draw…….go figure.

This Will Be Our Life Under President Cruz Blue Nation Review

Back in 2008 I thought Sarah Palin was a joke and that has not really changed much in 6 years……and then a Senator named Cruz shows up in Washington and the jokes just got worse……

I saw this piece on Twitter and just had to press it for my readers……I cannot think of anything that could be worse than a Cruz presidency…..


This Will Be Our Life Under President Cruz Blue Nation Review.

Nate Silver: GOP Has 60 Percent Chance Of Winning The Senate

You want to ruin your lunch?  try this one on for size.

Nate Silver is one sharp political geek….his stats and calculations are usually dead on…..he was so accurate in the 2012 election that most media outlets did not want him on to talk……he would blow holes all in their “expert” analysis.

I like him!

But liberals will be praying heavily that he is mistaken…..but his track record to date is pretty impressive…..

Whatcha think?


Nate Silver: GOP Has 60 Percent Chance Of Winning The Senate.

It’s About All They Have

2016 is approaching and can anyone tell me what the burning issues will be?  Benghazi is not going anywhere…..immigration will be discussed but nothing substantial……ACA will always be there and around for criticism… what will the pressing issue be for the next general election?


The GOP and Impeachment


Sad to say that it will not much matter but the talking points will be there and ever present…….

It’s Voter Fraud! Or Is it?

How long have we heard the GOP talking point about voter fraud?  And where they are in charge they have done deals to curb the non-existent fraud…….but about the only fraud I know of is the fraud committed by GOP operatives….like the guy that registered people and threw away the ones that registered as Dems…..or the massive amount of gerrymandering where the candidates get to pick their voters not voice versa……speaking of gerrymandering……..

Republicans “made a mockery” of recent Florida constitutional amendments requiring lawmakers to draw fair political districts, a state judge ruled yesterday, ordering that two particularly egregious districts be redrawn—and with them, probably all districts that touch them. “Republican political consultants or operatives did, in fact, conspire to manipulate and influence the redistricting process,” Judge Terry P. Lewis wrote in a scathing 41-page ruling. He noted that lawmakers had destroyed a suspicious number of documents related to the redistricting process, and even quoted George Washington’s admonition to beware “cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men,” the New York Times reports.

Florida voted in 2010 in favor of two amendments requiring districts to be drawn in an impartial, non-partisan fashion. The judge ruled that the GOP-controlled legislature failed to do that. Republicans currently hold 17 of Florida’s House seats to the Democrats’ 10, even though Democrats have an edge in overall voter registration. The judge didn’t specify if the districts have to be redrawn by this year’s midterms, Politico points out, and the state is likely to appeal. “Everyone in Florida is holding their breath,” one redistricting consultant said, predicting that the changes would ultimately wait until 2016.

What are the chances that the GOP will not mention this form of voter fraud?

How Can Parties Be Made Stronger?

We have a national election coming soon……but first we must go through the mind numbing 2014 election…..we have a wealth of babbling idiots that are running for office……the sitcom will be complete very soon…..only a couple of months before we see just how stupid the American people can be.

But let’s talk about the 2016 election shall we……we are pretty sure that Hillary will run barring some disaster……the GOP has NO front runner…..they however have a wealth of idiots that want to be in charge……but so far there is NO one that we can point to and say he may have a chance against Hillary.

There have been some rumblings that Hillary needs a viable opponent to help her hone her message for the general……some have suggested that Elizabeth Warren should be that candidate……let say she does run….what does she bring to the table….

Newser) – No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you should root for Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2016, writes John Dickerson at Slate. She can’t win, but she can make both parties stronger with a bid against Hillary Clinton, he argues. Start with left: Liberals should encourage her because even though she’d have almost no chance of winning the primary, she might wring some promises out of Clinton. More moderate Democrats should recognize that Warren would make Clinton a better candidate, force her to “draw clear lines about what she believes,” and shape her up for the general election.

So why should conservatives want Warren to run? The primary might “expose Democrats for the socialist one-worlders they are,” writes Dickerson. But more importantly: A Warren candidacy would ensure that the central debate would be about the middle class, and as she and Clinton duke it out, that would “give conservatives a chance to offer their alternatives” to the same crucial constituency. If Warren “believes in the ideas she says she does, one of which is that the system is rigged in favor of those with money and power, a place to demonstrate her commitment to changing such arrangements would be to announce her candidacy for the highest office in the land,” writes Dickerson. Click for his full column.

Some interesting points…..would anyone like to add a thought or two?