Syria-to-Ukraine Wars Send U.S. Defense Stocks to Records – Bloomberg

We Americans have been programmed to understand only winners and losers….could explain the lack of interest in soccer (futbol)…….

The say there are no winners in any war….I beg to differ and this article makes the case.

I remember back in my protest days…..there was a saying…..”War is good business, invest your sons”….


Syria-to-Ukraine Wars Send U.S. Defense Stocks to Records – Bloomberg.

How American businessmen are ruining American business — and the U.S. economy – The Week

Many Americans have blamed business for the slow rate of jobs growth…..and for me they deserve all the criticism……it is all about their bottom line…..screw the country and especially screw the people……

Americans, all Americans, need to wake up to the fact they they, corporations, are NOT on the side of the people……they fund crap like the GOP and all the time they get corporate welfare….

we need to take this country back from sleazy politicians and fat cat bankers……who’s with me?


How American businessmen are ruining American business — and the U.S. economy – The Week.

Greedy Little Sh*ts

My readers know I do not post much on sports….for one I think most athletes are spoiled little brats with little redeeming quality other than running….but I read a piece the other day that made me just shake my head in disgust…….so I guess I am the archetypical American….football is a sport that is nothing more than a diversion from daily life not some altar to be worshiped at…..

(Newser) – Coldplay, Katy Perry, and Rihanna: One of them will headline next year’s Super Bowl halftime show, and it might just come down to whoever is willing to shell out for the privilege. Citing “people familiar with the matter,” the Wall Street Journal reports that the NFL, in notifying each act that they’re the finalists under consideration, is also asking if, ahem, they might be willing to toss some post-halftime show income or “some other type of financial contribution” the league’s way. The NFL isn’t commenting on particulars, and a rep would say only that its commitment is only “to put on the best possible show.”

Though the Journal notes that the idea met a “chilly reception,” it’s an interesting gambit: Last year’s show hauled in 115.3 million viewers, and artists such as Bruno Mars and Beyonce have successfully used their performances as a springboard for concert tours—often putting tickets on sale virtually as the curtain goes down. CD and MP3 sales often see a boost, as well, though it’s tough to gauge exactly what that windfall might be. As for who might be inclined to cough up, the Verge notes that all three acts are well-established cash cows and don’t need the exposure the way an up-and-comer might. That said, Rihanna is currently recording her first album since 2012, and, well, if she happened to time its release fortuitously, might have the most to gain.

We all know how strapped the NFL is for cash…..(don’t bother….it was sarcasm)…..I mean look at what they pull in for ads placed during the Super Bowl….but now they are pushing the limits of their profit making apparatus.

But we will see which ‘star’ is truly a entertainer and which are in it for purely egotistical reasons…..

There Is Ignorant Then There Is Stupid

One of my fave quotes is….”Stupidity Is The Deliberate Cultivation Of Ignorance”……and it is proved every damn day.

In the country right now there is a debate, if you will, on the possibility of raising the minimum wage to a level that would allow people to exist without having to ask for help from the government.  lots of yeas and nays…..some states have taking it on themselves to for go the mindless debate and raise the wages for people within their borders.  Minnesota is one of these states that has done the right thing….and one guy decided to make a political statement in opposition to the raise……

But first let me tell you something about the restaurant business…..the success of an established cafe or bistro is the clientele…..without their patronage you gots NOTHING!  So anytime you change things it needs to be done without much hoopla that way your public will continue to visit eat and spend their hard earned money…..

With that said an operator of a cafe in Minnesota was so pissed about having to pay a higher minimum wage that he took it out on his customers…….

A new “minimum wage fee” tacked on to receipts at a Minnesota restaurant is proving hard for customers to stomach.

Facebook users are bombarding Oasis Café, an eatery in Stillwater, Minnesota, with negative reviews, many vowing to never eat there again, after the owners began adding a 35-cent surcharge below the tax on bills this week.

“If you need to raise prices, so be it,” Ryan Stegeman, a University of Minnesota student, wrote in a one-star review hidden by the administrator of the Oasis Café Facebook page. “But to blame it on a fair minimum wage law is petty.”

Take a look at his attempt…….

minimum wage fee


This guy is an idiot!  Because he wanted to be a smart ass he may well have killed his business.  Social media will make the Oasis cafe the place NOT to be seen.  Stupid is destroying your livelihood to make a petty political statement is the height of STUPIDITY!  If you want to cover the extra cost then figure it into the dish and let the patrons know what is being done and why…….but this….A FLAMING MORON!

He has taken his wanker out a slammed it in the front door…..