Are You Ready For Some Football?

I know it is Sunday and all eyes will be on the TV screen…… I do not post much that is too complicated….but I found this and since today is  a day of football…..I thought some might find this piece a bit interesting….and possibly a little frightening….or at the very least disturbing.

Are you a sports fan?  Cool!

How about football?  Me?  I am not a fan, yes I watch a game or two but it is not all consuming… me I think football is a diversion that the media wants people to fixate on so that real news will not be that important to them.

I mean look at your news…..always reports on this team, that player or that scandal…..none of which plays a very big part of the grand scheme of the universe…..sports is a way to control the news and in doing so to control people’s responses.

I mean what does Brady’s balls have to do with the grand scheme of the world?

Now let’s move on shall we?  Remember when you went batcrap crazy over the NSA and its collection of your personal data?

This article reports on many aspects of the game….from the ball to players to spectators……how long before the government or corporations use this data in one fashion or another……

Source: How the NFL—not the NSA—is impacting data gathering well beyond the gridiron | Ars Technica

While you spend all your spare time working on your fantasy team….the government and business will be spending all their time using your data against you……

Still a sports fan?

Does Your Internet Suck?

The weekend and I usually post on something different from my normal postings… I want to talk about the internet service.

We all have had problems with our service and/or our providers, right?  For me it is a slow service at times usually in the early morning hours or a loss of service at critical times in my postings…….usually it comes with me ranting and swearing profusely…..and my blood pressure going through the roof…..after I calm down I try to look at it rationally which usually makes the blood pressure rise again…….

But what could be causing the problems that I and many others have to deal with….regularly?  There may be a good answer to that question……

Thanks to new FCC rules put out this year to ensure net neutrality and keep all online data equal, major Internet service providers (think Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner) aren’t supposed to hold our Internet speeds hostage. But that’s exactly what’s happening, per a study by an Internet activist group, causing a hefty slowdown to 75% of wireline businesses and residences, the Guardian reports. Battle for the Net’s study, which checked out results from 300,000 Internet users, found what the paper calls “significant degradations” on the networks of the five largest ISPs, which means we’re paying for traffic speed we’re just not getting. “There is widespread and systemic abuse across the network,” says a rep from one of the groups that comprises Battle for the Net.

The ISPs are already being forced to react to these net neutrality rules: AT&T was hit with a $100 million fine last week for slowing down Internet speeds of customers with supposedly unlimited data plans, per the Washington Post, while Sprint cut out its “data-throttling” procedure of slowing down speeds of customers also believed to be using an excessive amount of data, CNET notes. But the ISPs don’t think they should be regulated as public utilities are, which is effectively what the FCC decided back in February, and AT&T in particular is fighting back against the “unprecedented” and “unjustified” rules it says is damaging its business, CBS Washington reports. (“Radical” changes are needed to fix our antiquated Internet, a Gizmodo writer says.)

CRAP!  There goes my pressure again!


The Pacific trade deal has all kinds of protections for businesses — but not for workers | GlobalPost

Obama’s newest fight with Congress is the trade agreement that he supports, the TPP…….we are told all about how good it will be for this country……Obama and his conservative supports are pulling out all stops to make this thing happen……..

The problem is, at least for me, that all the promises and talk has all  been said before……that time by Bubba Clinton and his abortion, NAFTA……for all the good they told us it would do just somehow did not help any body but business…..the workers were screwed….as always……the TPP will be NO different.

If this is such a superb deal for the country then why is it a secret?  Why is it not possible for us to see the agreement before it is finalized?

TPP will be nothing but a con to promote and protect business…..workers will be left at the curb… they always are in these “good” deals……..


The Pacific trade deal has all kinds of protections for businesses — but not for workers | GlobalPost.

Charter Schools Threaten a Cornerstone of American Democracy – US News

Most people know that I am not a fan of Charter schools….to me it sounds like education by lottery.  I also think it is moronic to make education a source for profit.

But these schools are the darling of the media….almost all of them do series on the attributes of them…….few approach it as an eduction issue……instead they go on and on about their success rates and such……most of it is pure propaganda…….

These charter schools may be doing more damage than just to education…….


Charter Schools Threaten a Cornerstone of American Democracy – US News.

Why saving money won’t help the American economy

To continue boring the crap out of my visitors…..I will remain on the economics thing…..sorry must feel it must be said……

Whenever some economists get together they put out a call for more Americans to save so that there will be an increase of investing and that way the economy will get into high gear and we all will benefit……

Not so fast…..that is just a pipe dream sold to those uninformed…….it is at best propaganda ……at worst Bullsh*t!


Why saving money won’t help the American economy.

France May Criminally Indict a Big Bank, Why Can’t the US?

Think back to 2008……you will recall the panic that set in because banks were about to crap all over the economy……and then we elected a new prez and he set about making banks “too big to fail”…..they got massive influxes of cash and we saved to go about their business of rigging the economy.

Does any of that sound familiar?

And the next question is how did these thieves manage to avoid prosecution?

Personally, I want these people to either do time or commit suicide for what they have done.

What kind of sick society rewards people that did that much damage to the economy?

Europe is trying to hold these people accountable……why cannot the US?


France May Criminally Indict a Big Bank, Why Can’t the US?.


As long as we are talking about France sand laws…..the are setr to possibly make mews again….this time in the Fashion world……..

France is expected to pass legislation to outlaw ultra-skinny fashion models, reports the CBC. The legislation now being debated would set up minimum weights based on body-mass index, a formula that would require a woman 5-foot-7 to weigh 120 pounds. And the measure wouldn’t just bar such models from runways, it would make it a criminal offense for fashion houses and agents to use them in ad campaigns or in any professional capacity. Those in violation would face six months in prison and fines of up to $79,000.

“This is an important message to young women, young women who see these models as an aesthetic ideal,” says the French health minister, Marisol Touraine, as quoted at France24. The lawmaker who wrote the legislation is a doctor who estimates that up to 40,000 people in France have anorexia, most of them teens. Israel, Italy, and Spain already have similar laws on the books, but the New York Times notes that France’s legislation would likely be far more influential. “It would almost certainly raise the debate to a new level, especially in Paris, the spiritual capital of the fashion world,” writes Alissa Rubin.

BRILLIANT!  Looks like models may once again have shape……..I could not be more pleased.

What say you?